1 Second Everyday Diary

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4.8 (37.5K)
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1 Second Everyday, P.B.C.
Last update
10 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for 1 Second Everyday Diary

4.79 out of 5
37.5K Ratings
2 months ago, RoninOtter
An emotional app I literally use every day
With the exception of my photos themselves, this app is probably the single most important app in my phone emotionally. It has been a remarkable change in my life to be able to look back on all of the moments that I want to remember in such a compact format. my memory gets jogged of things that I had momentarily forgotten about, and I smile every single time I playback one of the videos. I know this is one of the more expensive subscriptions as far as a mobile app is concerned, but for me, it is worth the cost. Partially because I know from experience that this team running the app has personal investment in seeing it succeeded. I once had a bug in the app where I was having trouble getting access to my older videos, and their support team responded promptly, and a software fix was issued very shortly afterwards. These folks get it, and this is a service that I am happy to pay for. The app itself is easy to use, and the push notifications are ones I actually find genuinely helpful to remember to record my segment every day. I also love the ability to create ad hoc projects that are specific to a particular trip or event. This is an app that I genuinely wish I had many years ago. Thanks 1SE team. ❤️
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3 years ago, Cam Galla
Horrible UI Update
I’ve been using 1SE pro for almost a year an a half during which they’ve made many updates. In general, I feel the updated trend in the right direction, increasing functionality of the app improving user experience. This update however is incredibly frustrating. The app now opens to a screen that shows all your projects as cards that you need to swipe through. You then need to scroll through until you click on the on the project you want every time you open the app. This makes no sense as I typically will only be working on one project at a time. Previously, switching projects was as simple of tapping ‘My Timeline’ at the top of the screen and selecting from a drop down menu. Now, from a project page, it involves clicking in the top left of the screen and then scrolling though other projects each of which take up the full screen. This must also be done every time the app is opened. The full screen cards that show your projects give no control over the images or colors you can use. I’d much rather look at a grid of my previous week’s 1 second memories than a title page with a colored banner and the thumbnail of the first second in my project. This UI update made icons to control clip settings larger which now makes it makes it necessary to scroll in order to access clip volume control. I appreciate when 1SE is quick and functional to use without excessive scrolling and clicking. This update creates unnecessary steps.
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4 years ago, Ellison K
This app helps me see the joy in everyday life!
It sounds like hyperbole, but this app literally changed my life. I had postpartum depression with my first baby, and every night I cried myself to sleep because of how hard it all was (he was terribly colicky and I felt like he just cried ALL DAY LONG). A friend told me about this app, and I started piecing together positive snippets from each day. When I’d watch the mashed video of multiple months, it helped me start seeing how much happiness my son was bringing to me and how the little things add up. I’ve been using the app for 3 years now, and I LIVE the updates. I was so worried because I had to switch to a new phone, and the backup and redone load process worked flawlessly. The only thing I’d love to see added is the ability to move snippets around. For example, sometimes I’ve already cut a snippet just right, but then later I want to move it to a different date to make room for a different moment in that spot. I’ve hoped to see a “drag and slide over” option to move a snippet from one day to another. Is that possible to add to the next update? Thank you so much for creating this app!
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3 years ago, Rasim_Compton
I’ve been using this app since it was first released in 2013. I’ve seen it grow from a super buggy beta that crashed constantly that first year, to a relatively stable and decently designed app. This latest release has some great features, like the live-photo-to-video feature and being able to crop vertical videos to fit the horizontal frame. Unfortunately, it’s gotten clunky. The save dialogue takes several seconds to save the clip, with no progress indicator. And every few seconds or so, it’ll just crash completely instead of saving. I’m a mobile app designer with hundreds of apps on my phone and none of them are anywhere near this crash-prone. I suspect building all the social sharing features (what? why?) have sapped their development resources from keeping the app running smoothly. I’m also irritated with the subscription model they’re pushing. Why would I pay a subscription for a product I only need to use once per year? I would much rather pay $20 once for a simple app that works, or $5/year at most. Plus... a lot of the “features” like brightness adjustment and removing the 1SE logo from the end of compiled videos, aren’t really features if you can just as easily edit the video in the default photos app and trim off the branding from the end of the clip. Cesar Kuriyama inspired me to start doing this in the first place and I really wanna support his app, but the payment options they’re pushing aren’t great.
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5 years ago, Kapteva
The new update is horrible
I used to love this app, I used it all the time and I was telling about it absolutely everyone. With the new update I actually don’t want to use it anymore. I paid for the app $6 a coupe of years ago so I wasn’t using the free version. The change from horizontal (landscape) orientation to vertical (portrait) made it worse. It is difficult to see the snippets they are crammed. The editing portion of the screen changed - the ribbon where I pick the 1 sec sequences is not detailed and I can’t see or hear how the 1 second snippet will sound/look like. When I pick something, try to play it, it replays the whole video, not that part I chose. The ribbon is not intuitive to navigate (as it used to be) and it is hard to pick the snippets. I can’t pick custom dates to mash videos. It forces me to pick current year, everything. I used to show this app to everyone, I would pick a few custom dates and show them how it works and how great it is. I also can’t replay snippets from prior years (i didn’t save them). With this update actually I don’t enjoy it and I am going to look for a different app with a similar functionality. There is a very aggressive push to the subscription service, but I already paid for the app and actually all the best features were taken away. Find a different app. It has such a great reviews becuse of the older version, but since March 2019 it is crap.
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5 years ago, Tilly838
Here one day, gone the next
I had posted this a while back “I absolutely Love this app. I’ve been using the free one for a year now and have been taking videos every day. However, it seems that a lot of the features of the free app are being taken away. We no longer can do 1.5 seconds for a clip and we can now only have one video where as before we could have two for each day. I understand that the free app will need to have limitations compared to the pro, however it seems like pretty soon there’s not going to be anything left on the free app. And the jump to pro is quite big in regards to cost. I’m really bummed that the app has changed so much in literally two days as I had access to all these features Thursday.” Soon after this changes were made to the app and these features we accessible again without the pro and just he initial payment app. However, my phone just updated to the most recent iOS and with it, those few features went away, again I can only have one clip a day, no 1.5 second clips, and now I can’t even create multiple montages. Again, I understand that the free app will need to have limitations compared to the pro, however i’m really bummed that they brought these features back and then removed them again as well as a few more.
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5 years ago, kt800200
Unaffected by what others are complaining about
One of the coolest things about this app they don’t advertise is that the “Live Photo” capability of the iPhone finally comes in handy for something. Every one of those is about a second, so any photo you already have in your phone can become part of a video. It’s cool to see your day-to-day photos turned into live footage, I guess. Many of these reviews complain about a march update that took away features, which confuses me because I didn’t even notice and I’ve been a near-daily user since January. I broke my phone in April and was so bummed to lose the seconds I’d taken since then that I recently upgraded to monthly pro. If people are mad they get only one snippet a day, they can always spend the dollar a week it would cost to get more snippets or even use the freestyle capability. I do dislike the orientation of video since I rarely shoot horizontally but other than that, I enjoy this app completely and it’s one of the few I will pay for.
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5 years ago, Note_Luver
Great idea, horrible UX
K.I.S.S. much? Listen, i have worked in software research and development for over 20 years in. every position from architect to engineer to product manager etc. so this is not a case of me being “non-technical“. However as much as I want to like this application I just cannot understand the workflow it makes zero sense to me I’m simply wanting to record 1+ seconds of video per day and have them mashed together so that I could then replay as hoc. I “think“ this application allows that however I’ve yet to be able to understand how to achieve this. Assuming that is the intent of this application here’s a hint bring in a UX expert and create a next GEN version of this before someone (ahem) beat you to the punch. Seriously I can’t tell which is up and which is down in this app. I *tnink* I’ve recorded some clips during my trial but who knows. Unfortunately I think this application simply out fight itself and was focused on too many bells and whistle‘s and not actual workflow. To that end I seriously doubt I will be continuing my subscription but instead will simply mimic the idea and easily create my own application which will achieve what I am wanting once again to save a small clip each day and have them smashed together so that I could play back whenever I want.
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5 years ago, Loooooses
Vertical version/latest update
I was really pleased with this app and its functionality, and then they had to go and “update” it. In the new version, there’s no longer an option to use the app in landscape (horizontal) mode. They went too far “fixing” the problem, that iOS users couldn’t rotate to vertical. Now it’s even crappier because you have to press about twice as many icons just to view clips and/or take them horizontally. The smart thing to do would’ve been to keep the simpler icons and just add the ability to rotate IF WANTED, not force everything to be one way or the other. It should be as easy as tapping one icon to open up the camera for recording; now users have to go through an entire process and figure out where everything is just to add snippets on the spot. It also doesn’t need the added social media component. People use this app to record seconds, and nothing else. They don’t want ads, or other people’s content, or anything else invading. The entire point of the app is to collect snippets and put them together, and share them on another platform if desired. I’ll likely stop using it if something doesn’t change.
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5 years ago, i want the old version!
New Update - I want to delete the app.
I used to be in love with 1SE. An amazing way to see your life one second a day! It had an amazing layout, very easy and dynamic to work with.. Unfortunately, I can’t say that anymore with the new update. The new update went vertical, which I really don’t enjoy. At all. It seems as if they are trying to cram everything into one little screen, when before everything had an amazing layout. I really don’t think I will ever get used to this new layout. One more thing, perhaps the most annoying thing, the DIFFICULTY and TIME needed to take to record a snippet of your day. Before the new update, there was a red recording button you could press right when you opened the app. Now, with the new update, it takes MUCH longer to record a snippet for that day.. What if you want to capture a moment that is only there for a second, but can’t because it takes 30 seconds to solely get to the camera??? I’m sorry, but they need to go back to the old version. The app is also glitchy. I paid $6 for the app a couple of years ago, and now I feel as if I’m getting the free version, let alone there is now a “pro” version you can pay monthly/yearly for. I’m going to be honest, I don’t enjoy using 1SE anymore. Frankly, not sure if I even will.
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4 years ago, maggie castle rock
Ceasar’s Email
Caesar, your email inspired me this morning and I’m taking a minute to tell you how special this app truly is. I’ve used the app since my son was 3; He is now almost 11 and I have managed to do a video from every birthday to his next. He literally wakes up on his birthday, every year, and says mom have you finished my 1 second video? I compile the entire year for him and he loves it. Everyone loves it, it’s a family tradition and I am so grateful for the intuitive updates you’ve made each and every year. This is the kind of time capsule my son will have his entire life (well at least till he goes to college lol). I go back and watch his 3rd year of life video or his 5th year of life video all the time. Thank you for creating a tool that is literally part of the fabric of my family and will last a lifetime. If my computer dies and I loose everything, my yearly 1 second videos will live on forever. Much love and admiration from Castle Rock, Colorado.
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5 years ago, Modge Podge
Update 3.0 wasn’t necessarily
I’ve been using this app for about a year now & have really loved it, but I am really disappointed with update 3.0. The vertical screen was unnecessary, and actually makes it much more difficult to edit videos. I appreciate the push for greater integration of the journal feature (and it’s really cool that it exists), but it feels like you’re kind of shoving down our throats. I started off using leap second which I found to have a better interface & allowed me to add as many videos as I wanted per day (and they could be much longer than a second), but their app had a bug where my timeline was deleted more than once so I switched to 1SE. 1SE has been much more reliable, and I have never had a problem with it, but honestly I am strongly considering switching back after the update and push for subscription services that should really honestly have come with my $6 purchase of the app to begin with. The month by month format leap second offers is really nice & much more intuitive and easy than the side bar month scroll on 1SE, although really genuinely what you had before was much better than what you have now.
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5 years ago, CGraves89
Great concept, disappointing evolution
My sister-in-law purchased this app when it was $5 on our Apple family-share plan, and we have been using it to compile compilations, montages, or whatever 1SE has been branding their videos/slideshows as. We’ve made multiple projects featuring each of our kids, different events, etc. However, now with the most recent update and the rollout of “Pro Membership” these features that we originally paid for now are being held hostage behind their $4/month or $30/year premium membership fees. I can understand their fiscal need to offer membership usages, but revoking pre-existing features from customers who have already paid is an abhorrent practice and I will no longer be recommending this app to friends. I’m still giving the app 3-stars because it’s good at what it does and I enjoyed it before they took away the features we paid for, but they have turned their back on their original paying customers. They should have created some kind of “grandfathered-in” program rather than revoking access. Now I’ll be searching for another similar app service.
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4 years ago, BlairReviews
I never leave reviews but I have to for this app. It takes all of my video clips out of my phone and into something I actually want to watch. I’m kicking myself for having downloaded it years ago when my son was born and not keeping up with it. However, it’s VERY easy to go back. The paid version is completely worth it and I have used it month by month this year (2020, it’s May) and have even started to go back and fill in some videos from previous years. I LOVE it. I love documenting my kids and this app is everything I could want. I love the different projects feature and have one for each family member along with my continuous snippets for my timeline. I do wish I could access it on my computer, but since all my videos are on my phone anyways I really don’t mind that as much. I really love it though. I watch my little videos way more than I should probably admit. But that’s how much I love it.
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4 years ago, ccbugsy
MY Favorite App Of All Time, hands down
As a super busy mom, teacher and person who tries to live each day to the fullest, it is often so hard to not feel that everything is a complete blur. I am a past scrapbooker and avid photo taker, but where is there time for all of that? There isn’t! When I found OneSecondEveryday it was like MAGIC! I can DO this. And especially when I discovered that because of Live Photo on my iPhone, SOOO many of my still photos were already little mini video snippets!! In the three years that I’ve been storing my one seconds, my TEENAGE kids have already changed so much. In the blink of eye, but now I can play my snippets and see just how much I have to be grateful for. I see just how full my life is! Even in the ordinary and small, seemingly insignificant moments. Thank you, one second creators, from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with the world!! You’ve definitely made it a better place. :)
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4 years ago, Chiq711
I’ve used this app everyday for almost 3 years and don’t plan on stopping
I heard about 1SE on a podcast in 2017 and was intrigued - I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but never had the stamina and would burn out quickly. 1SE makes a version this journaling of this possible! I also use the “freestyle” mode to document concerts, vacations, and other unique experiences. My family loves getting those video “mashes”, because they say so much more than photos of the same events would. Watching my videos reminds me of the small, everyday details too that are just as special in their own way. I got the pro subscription just recently, not necessarily because any of the additional features jumped at me, but because this product has been consistently useful, reliable, entertaining, and otherwise part of my life for a relatively long time - I’m quite proud to support this app and show it off as often as I can! That being said, my other main draw to the pro was to have unlimited backup of all my snippets - I’ve been going at this for a long enough time that I would be very sad to lose everything. My one critique is that sometimes when the app mashes long videos, on the order of the last year of snippets or so, the audio will sometimes get out of sync with the video. This is a small bug that I’m sure can be or already has been addressed (just updated my app yesterday). Keep up the good work, y’all!
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5 years ago, its_unlikely_i__know.u
I love it, but....
Don’t get me wrong, I love this app. I love the concept of having one clip from each day to look back on at the end of the year, and this app makes that very easy. You can simply record a clip in the app or insert your own clip and trim it. It allows for journaling and captions which is also great. The thing that bothers me about this app is that is it is a very simple concept, and when I got it it was $5.00, which seems a little much for such a thing. I got over it because it was worth the memories and the easy navigation. But now, after I have had the app for over a year, they are pushing for a Pro plan, where you have to pay more money? It threatens that you will lose all of your video clips and they won’t be backed up, and tries to push the upgrade to the Pro plan too often. It’s $30 to use basic features users of the app have been asking for for years now. It seems outrageous that they want that much so you can add music to your clips or make them longer. If I had know about this, I would’ve thought twice about getting the app.
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4 years ago, BÜRDŠ
2020 Goals
My New Years resolution was to use this app to make an entire video of 2020. I have seen this app in the past on the App Store, but could never justify paying for it. I believe it used to be $1.99 back then. I think looking back that was a pretty generous price for what this app offers. Even the non-premium version has plenty of useful features without having to upgrade. I love ❤️ the ability to add your Live Photo’s to your memories for each day out of the month for that added level of immersion. The auto-fill feature makes it completely effortless to add your memories for that particular day automatically, and it backs up and syncs with your iCloud Photo Library in the background which is super handy. In the 2 short months I’ve used this app to log 2020, it comes highly recommended. Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself. You literally have nothing to lose now that it’s a free download.
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9 months ago, Seezig72
Yet Another Money Grab
Listen, I understand that apps need to generate income and I absolutely understand that changes come to those of us who want to use a free app. We put up with ads or fewer features. But this app has lost every single feature now, outside of one type of video with one pic a day, if you use the free version. And god forbid you forget to save it at the end of the month because you have to delete it to make the next month’s, since you’re only allowed to have one at a time now. And the price to get the features? $50/year, which may not seem like a lot of money to everyone, but it is to a lot of us. And yeah, they have some monthly options - but those options aren’t the same as the premium version. I use to tell everyone about this app and how cool it was because the free version was pretty good too. It was life-changing for me because it was a simple way to look back and reflect on my month in a more positive way and for those of us with depression, that’s huge. But I guess now it’s time for me to figure out how to make the same kind of video with iMovie, something that is free.
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4 years ago, JohnA2223
First App Review Ever (This App is Worthy of One!)
This app is hands down the best app I ever discovered browsing the App Store in my 10+ years of owning a smart phone. The premium version is worth every penny. As a newer parent (my daughter is two now) and someone that does a lot of traveling, this app has made reminiscing on the past such a beautiful fluid experience. IF YOU HAVE A SMALL CHILD THIS APP IS A MUST HAVE!! The ability for you to make a meaningful and fun video of your child’s formative years is priceless. The music that is available for you to put over the pictures and short video clips makes the watching experience that much more sentimental and impactful. The option to add time stamps to each clip is another great feature, and way to further refresh your memory of a specific event, or even just a normal day in the life of you. Download it right now and make your past and future life experiences more meaningful! - Guy M.
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5 years ago, california danser
Favorite app on my phone
I’ve done 1SE everyday for almost three years. The first year i started one year before our wedding and set it to music and got a projection screen and debuted it to my then fiancé and all our friends the night before our wedding at our rehearsal dinner. The second year i got pregnant. Now I’m almost done with the third year featuring our six month old baby! It’s such a fun thing to have, all our friends know we do it and when we hang out ask if they’ll make it in the second of the day. It’s an amazing way to look back and remember all the amazing seconds big and small that make up life. It’s kept me off instagram and enjoying life. Many friends have said they don’t have time to do it, but I don’t add a second everyday, I usually go back a month later and pick seconds. So if you already take videos most days anyway it’s super easy to go back later and do. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Airika8oh
One of my favorite apps
I love photography and video and collecting and keeping memories. I have tried other types of photo/video projects in the past, but I always end up losing steam, get behind, get overwhelmed, and eventually give up. This app has changed that completely! I started my first 1SE project on January 1, 2020, with NO idea what the year had in store. The year felt long, sad, scary... but at the end of 2020, watching my 6 minute video of my memories and experiences through the year, really helped me appreciate the little things and remember the simple, good moments in the past year. It’s so simple and easy to do. All you have to do is remember, and make a habit to take at least a photo or short snippet of video each day. The app interface makes it SO quick and easy to add your clips, catch up if you get behind, and wrap your final video. I believe I have been so successful in making this work because the app is so seamless and easy to use. So many family and friends have really enjoyed my 2020 video and are now making their own. I am continuing this year, and hope to do this for many more years to come! I’m also thinking about starting some other types of video projects using this app- it’s just so fun and easy. I recommend this to everybody who wants to keep, collect, and share memories!
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1 year ago, ..notinterested..
Used for 3 years, feels like I have no choice.
I’ve had this app for 3 years and have used it consistently. It often glitches or has issues when taking videos. I have to resort to just taking a video with my camera and uploading it that way. It also will glitch and freeze if you happen to be listening to music at the same time. I have the regular version which allows you to create one project. I had a project for previous years and decided to create a new one for this new year so I deleted my prior one. The app would not let me create a new one unless I upgraded to Pro, because I had already “used” my free project. Pretty ridiculous functioning if you ask me, you should be able to create a new one if you delete your previous! If I had known I couldn’t create a new one, I never would’ve deleted the previous! It feels like they are purposefully making the free version nearly unusable to force you to pay for the upgrade. Since there are few reasonable competitors on the App Store, there is basically no choice.
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2 years ago, culowey
Best app out there
This app is a therapist, journal and fun app all in one. There is so much freedom in how you use the app and what you can do with it. I rarely pay for apps but this one earned it. I have been using it for three years and have 1000+ snippets and journal entries on here. It is a place I can scroll through my memories and get a boost. It also reminds me that not everyday is going to be the best day but that good days are still to come. I have recommended to many people that they get the app and they have all found the same love for it that I do. If you are feeling intimidated but having to remember to take a video or a photo everyday, don’t worry! You can add things at a later date or just leave it blank, no stress<3 I can’t say enough good things about this app. I love it.
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5 years ago, girl with a love for seconds
Ok so let me tell you: I LOVE this app. I use it everyday to take videos of my friends and can’t wait to see how it all turns out at the end of the year. All of my friends want to be in my one second each day, and they have fun deciding on what to do in the second that they have. But recently, something has been different. I’m unable to take a long video, and then chop it down into a second. Rather, the app takes a random portion of the video and puts it in, and it doesn’t let me choose the part of the video that I want. Maybe there’s a step I’m missing or a button I’m supposed to push? But I never had to do anything before and it would just let me do what I had to do to the video. If chopping the video has become a premium thing, I am more than disappointed. And so, even though I love this app and the idea behind it, I cannot give it a full 5 stars. Thank you for your time, hopefully this is a just a lil problem or I’m doing something wrong :)
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6 years ago, PshhItsLauren
I enjoy it but it definitely has drawbacks...
Firstly, I don’t regret buying this app, but the “one second” every day concept is a bit...limited now. This app allows you to increase individual snippets to 1.5 seconds, and you can choose up to two per day. However, there have been many, MANY days when I wished I could add more, slightly longer snippets. At times, I’ve even added snippets from certain days to the WRONG day just so I could have that moment in the compilation, and the inability to remove the date stamp means I’m just lying to everyone. Ultimately, I just end up wishing I had complete control. I would have paid more for the app with the promise of a limitless snippet composer, honestly. Secondly, I personally do not take issue with the location and font of the date stamp, but if I did, I would probably not use the app at all, and this review would be very very different. So please allow people more options there. Lastly, any real video editing software is effectively nonexistent. Thank you for fixing the issues with orientation etc. that you have already, but honestly why can people not put their videos to music? Why can I not add any effects whatsoever within the app itself? It’s just...disappointing. I love the idea behind this app, and the motivation of the person who created it, but...all that innovative creativity has really come to a standstill. I’d just like to see more.
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4 years ago, Hipeople:)
Last update added a huge logo to my videos
I understand that they want to have credit for the content they produce, but the huge logo in the corner has made me not want to continue using the app. I told all of my friends who use the app to not update, and many of them saved their 2019 videos and stopped using the app on 2020 because they also do not want a video with a logo. I, and the rest of my friends, are decent enough to keep the logo that is inserted at the end of each video because it’s a great app and a concept that should be given credit where it’s due. However, $4 per month is not worth any of the other features they offer so I do not have any reason to upgrade. I really hope that this automatic logo will end so I can continue to enjoy the videos I make. In the meantime, I will be using iMovie to compile the rest of my second videos because it is just as simple and actually offers a lot more customizations. Plus, I can be sure that it will be safely backed up to my iCloud in the case that my phone breaks or is lost.
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1 year ago, madisonm09
$50?! 😱
I am heartbroken over this app. First, I do love this app. I’ve used it for four years now and have made four really cool videos. I was happy with the limited functions for the free version and never felt pressured to have to buy the Pro, which I appreciated. But, I just deleted my last video project to start my 2023 project and realized too late that the 1 second video project is no longer free and if I want to use the calendar, I have to pay for the pro version. I know the app response is going to say that the free version still works, and technically it does, but it’s not the original free version. The free version now is the “freestyle” which doesn’t include the calendar for adding video in. So now I would have to keep track on what days I have uploaded videos from instead of the app doing it for me. I feel more and more pressured to have to pay for the pro version and I’m just not going to do it. Maybe if it was $20 but $50! Come on!
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3 years ago, ggdisheheodb
Use to be so good
What the heck? I’ve had this app for 6 years and I used it to make a 1second every day video for every year except 2020. I open it up last month to start to compile what will be my 2021 video and this new update has destroyed the app. I have to close and re open the app once or twice per upload. That means I took about an hour and half chunk of my time to create months January-April. Because with every days upload it froze, close app, reopen, try again , freeze, close, reopen, uploaded! I don’t understand why it’s so glitchy now. And it’s very frustrating. I often don’t even try to select a specific 1 second chunk of a video for the day because I know if I try to scroll over on the video it will freeze. Something that took an hour and half, a year or two years ago would have taken 10 minutes at most. Please fix this app. Still 3 stars because it was so good and is still a great idea.
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5 years ago, kmbrlymarie01
Great App, Two Drawbacks
I love this app so far! It serves as great a reminder to pause and reflect on the beautiful little moments in your life. My goal is to upload and write an entry each day in 2019. There are only two things that I wish it could do: 1) use in Portrait (upright) setting vs only in Landscape (sideways). I have small hands and never type using both hands on the full keyboard on my iPhone XS. It’s very unnatural and clunky and I end up making a lot of typos that autocorrect doesn’t seem to catch. It makes for constant editing and means it takes much longer to write a quick entry than it should. It’s frustrating. 2) I would love the ability to set a simple notification to be sent at a specific time each day to remind you to upload a picture and jot down an entry. All in all, though, still a great app. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out at the end of the year!
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4 years ago, ItsSoBei
Love it
So this is a little pricey but what’s the price of life definitely priceless. I love this app I love the way it works I love the way it applies itself to platform there are some tweaks that need to be done through an app but it is definitely what it says it is it is a video diary. And also let you link into your Instagram card to keep things up-to-date today this is the second highest rating I have given an app as I’ve been reviewing several self-help apps, journaling apps ,Video diaries, and motivational apps this one is definitely put together beautifully as a video diary I really wish it would team up with Fabulous and Day One I think that be the most mad awesome Calabro but that’s just my opinion. I’m not a writer is always grandma is I love video recording even talk to text so for me this pops! But all in all I love this app I can’t wait to use it with my Instagram is totally awesome and that is Ya buzz with the Bei!
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3 years ago, Flourscence
Three years strong but....
I’ve been using this app consistently since 2018 and I loved using it! But the latest UI update with the swiping right and left photo tabs leave me questioning whether or not I should look elsewhere for my annual project. There are so many new tiny features that I find annoying, like the redesign of the add video pages and the multiple stages you have to go through to save the video to your timeline. The huge vertical thumbnails across the app! The fact that if you’re saving two videos, you have to scroll up to see them. What was wrong with leaving them side-by-side? The app worked better when it was simpler none of the extra bells and whistles. I doubt the dev or UX team will see this, but if anyone does...please change it back. The simple theme before the redesign was fantastic, quick to learn AND use. This makes me not want to use your app anymore because you’ve made it a chore to use.
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5 years ago, Wolfed Up
Will never please some people. At all
I've used this app for a year and a half now. Gives me a great way to simply scroll quickly back through the many memories during that time. Its a great little video diary. I personally have been very pleased with it during that time. I don't pay for the monthly subscription but have never felt that I needed to. It performs well on just the free version and gives me everything I need to create those memories. I can't understand why people want to beat on it. Yes, I do like the vertical format better. I think it's well developed and you'll be hard pressed to find anything that does the job as well, much less better. FOR FREE! I will say this, after a year and a half it will take up some memory on your phone. Cloud backups???? I'd pay for that.
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1 year ago, Pauliss411
This is my favorite app at the moment and honestly even without the notifications I remember to take a picture. What I love most is that you choose the part of your day you want to post and you can put live pictures which is amazing. I downloaded this because of a girl on TikTok who said she has used this app for seven years, I started January 1st and I’ve been in love ever since. The only down side is you have to pay after a year, but tbh atm I’m hooked so I’m down to pay a small fee as of right now. It allows you to see your life from another perspective and it shows you that you do more things than what you think you do, also you wanna post fun stuff so it kind of encourages you to go out and do fun stuff. Overall I love this app so much :))
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1 year ago, SwellCreative
Easiest way to tell a story of your life!
I have used 1SE for 6 years. I love using it cause it’s such an easy tool to track your life and tell a story. I use it for documenting every day of my year, but I also love using it to document trips and experiences for social media sharing (Tiktoks/Reels). The interface makes it so easy to select film clips you took that day and put those moments into a storytelling video! Looking back at a story (especially a year-long view of your life) really shares your highs, lows, and how far you’ve come. For me it’s a great reminder of my favorite people, moments, and experiences - and I can also see my personal growth in the storytelling. Definitely recommend this app. It’s so fun and easy and reminds me to capture the little moments.
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2 years ago, Martinxzkdg
Good app, but do not pay money for it
Fundamentally, this is a great app. I still use it every day and have used it to record the last six years of my life. I do love my 1 Second movies. However, I'm very disappointed by my paid subscription. The app does have serious bugs that make using it almost impossible, and definitely very annoying. These bugs are not being fixed. Two examples are: 1) When moving snippets around in Freestyle mode (on iOS), the screen resets to the bottom of the project after each edit and you have to find your place in the project again. If you have more than a couple dozen snippets, this makes editing all but impossible. I reported this bug over a year ago, their QA (very nicely) acknowledged it, but it still hasn't been fixed. 2) In freestyle mode (on iOS 16), if you want to select only certain snippets to add to your mash, you cannot select snippets by swiping across them (as you can in iOS Photos, for example) but you have to tap each snippet individually. If you have a project with a couple of hundred snippets, this makes composing your mash all but impossible. Their feature suggestion page is a graveyard where bug reports go to die, don't even bother with it. It's a shame (because it's completely fixable), but because of these two serious bug alone you should not pay money for this app.
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6 years ago, RonCarter618
Not sure if I like I...
I was using another one second app which was free but limited without upgrading to pro. I decided to download this app instead since it’s the original one second app and I like that you can work on separate projects, so I can keep my sons first year separate from our 2018, one of the features the other app lacked. However, I’m not feeling this app that much. First of all, landscape UI is annoying to work with. Second, yes you can rotate your video to portrait mode but the date remains in landscape and is big, bold, and takes over the clip. I understand that the date is kind of the point of the one second every day concept but if we can’t have the option to remove it, it would be nice to at least be able to move it to whichever corner we want and make it smaller so the focus is on the video and not the dates. Anyways, I will give this app another week just to see but I most likely will go back to the other app.
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2 years ago, 🐝🐶
This app is great!
Great app. Simple interface and single premise - capture one second every day of your life. I know it sounds like exaggeration, but this app has truly changed my life. Every day, I am more present and involved in the now thanks to this app. The concept of capturing one second every day forces you to put attention and be mindful enough to find that one second that sums up your day. This is better than other journals for me because you have to be in the moment. I can’t reflect at the end of the night (or brush off reflecting) and take a picture of something that happened earlier that day. This forces me to be in the moment and actively engaged in life so I can find that 1 Second Every Day. It’s amazing!
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8 months ago, artisticaviary
Gets worse over time
When I first started using this at the beginning of 2023, it was really good. The app promised 1 year’s worth of “free storage” for your 1se video clips. Since then, they’ve changed something and now the in-app advertisements for their expensive “pro” version have become completely obnoxious to the point of being off-putting. As of about a month ago, every time you open the app or select your daily video it pops up with the advertisement. It is also telling me I’ve run out of backup for my video clips halfway into the year… even though the “backup” is just your own iCloud account. It’s not even storing the video on their own servers or anything like that. (???) I like your app and would be happy to pay a few dollars for the premium version, but not $50/year! Your pricing is ridiculous and I’ve stopped recommending the app to my friends and family because of this.
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4 years ago, My Name is Jessica
Please change the caption font back!!
I have been using this app since 2018 and always tell my friends about it. Like other reviewers, I am annoyed with the most recent update. There are many things that bother me, but one of the biggest is the caption font on videos. Originally, the font matched the date font (if I remember correctly) and now it is a non-italicized sans serif with an unnecessary amount of letter spacing. Because of the letter spacing, I can’t fit as much info in the caption. It’s also impossible to read on the video itself because there is no longer a shadow on the text. Quite frankly, it was an unnecessary change and has made the caption illegible. I have other qualms with this update that other reviewers have mentioned, but the caption font makes me cringe every time I see it. Please change it back or give users the option to change the font in settings.
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5 years ago, librarygrrrl
Updated 8/28: still vertical-only. Bummed to see it's still a vertical-only app
8/28 update: still not vertical and responses to other reviews indicate that it's "a lot of work" to make it a horizontal app again. Well, yeah. I'm sure it was a lot of effort to un-horizontal it in the first place. But given the number of long-time users who bailed on the app once you did that, I certainly hope you are putting in the effort. Original: Didn't update in April when it went vertical-only because I'm middle-aged and my eyes can't focus on images that small. Sad to see that this July update hasn't addressed that issue. Many of my friends who normally post 1SE videos each month on Instagram haven't since that last update - I'm relieved that I didn't update and can still use it horizontally. Please for the love of my old eyes, allow this app to be vertical OR horizontal! Other than this (deal-breaker) issue, I LOVE this app.
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5 years ago, yoooozipi
Latest update crop proportion issue
Great app overall. This is probably the only app that I am actually sticking with for more than a year now. The latest update messed up the horizontal proportion though, so you’d always crop a bottom portion of the video without knowing how much it’ll crop out. This is consistent either you’re using the phone’s own camera or the one inside the app. I find this very buggy since I am very mindful of the composition when making clips. Also the user interface used to be a lot more simple in the previous version, where you could launch the app and start taking your one second within one click, whereas now it’s annoying to have to click three buttons to start video recording. That precious one second to be recorded can flee in an instant — a bird, a moving train, a sound... Very critical to keep it simple so those moments are captured.
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10 months ago, Toaster223
Started out great but the glitches are unbearable
This app started out amazing I love the idea of taking a video everyday and righting a caption so you never forget. If not for the freezing and glitches it would be five stars. Everytime I open there app their ad pops up and freezes on my screen. So then I click out then click back in and click on the plus button to create my video for the day. I hit record and it doesn’t start so then I try hitting the x. The entire screen is frozen so I have to click out and refresh my phones tabs again. With the freezing and taking forever to load I hate it but I can’t stop using it because I have been using it for so long I don’t want to lose all my memories. This has been going on for 3 months now. I have to refesh and x out at least three times to take a one second video.
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6 years ago, Lifeanyone?
The best app I’ve ever had
I’ve been using one second every day for almost 3 years now. At this point I honestly can’t see myself not doing it. The experience of watching back your year is so cathartic and fantastic to relieve experiences and remember the contexts that I would recommend everyone to get this app. From a technical standpoint it’s very easy to use and is very user-friendly, plus the staff who have created this app are very helpful and very good at connecting with their users over social media. They say the best camera is the one you have with you and with the prevalence of smart phones nowadays it’s never been easier to record a little slice of your life that you and your family will have to look back on whenever you’d like.
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5 years ago, Fhgvsdgilcdgjg
Horrible update
First time I’ve ever written a review for an app. I bought this app around three years ago and used it faithfully for the past three years. Within the last few months, the developer has been pushing an aggressive subscription campaign that I feel hinders the app. As many people of Artie said another reviews this was a paid app in which many of us purchased. I do not appreciate this push towards a subscription-based model. Secondly, with the new update, mashing your one second videos has become a pain. The vertical alignment crams many of the features into a small space which makes it incredibly difficult to properly select your one second. An app that used to be very intuitive and allowed you to quickly journal the events for the day has become a laborious process. If changes are not made to the app within the year I plan to move on and find another video journaling app.
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2 years ago, MamaR!a
Great until…
A friend introduced me to this app 3 years ago…loved it! I used it everyday. Even paid to subscribe. This year I’ve a lot of changes and didn’t keep up with it. I’m in a place where I can finally catch up and load all my pics BUT…my app started acting up. Checked updates, removed, reinstalled, created new log in. Nothing works. I don’t know what update has been pushed out. I reached out to support. That’s even worse. They only contact you with a single question, every 24 hrs. The email back and forth was so frustrating. I ended up canceling my subscription and looking for a new app. 1SE, I really loved you guys. I loved creating my daily snippet and seeing it all come together at the end of the year. Brought me such joy, but it’s heartbreaking that we must part ways. I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t access any settings or even try to restore on the app. I hope you fix whatever is happening. You WERE great!
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4 years ago, SneakingMagpie
My favorite app
I absolutely adore this app- so much so that I paid for the pro version (I almost never do this for anything!) I love being able to watch my year go by and relive small moments that may otherwise have been forgotten. As for previous complaints, I haven’t had any issues with the functionality and find it completely user friendly- and I’m terrible with tech. Like the absolute worse. Maybe a previous update had some glitches but I haven’t experienced a single one and I’ve been using the app regularly since June now. I also love that the app works with Live Photos like a previous user mentioned. You can also now choose the orientation of the videos. I highly recommend it to all of my family and friends.
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1 year ago, daniel28461
Excellent app made worse with subscriptions
I’ve been using this app nearly everyday since 2015. Back then it was simple and effective, the best second a day app out there. Slowly they’ve been locking features behind subscription paywalls and at first it was no big deal- a few optional but useful features that you could get for a few bucks a month, nothing wrong with that. I’d even buy it every now and then because it was such a great deal But today I tried to export and now they’re CHARGING to export your video in HD??? Ok, no big deal, I’m happy to pay 10 bucks this month so I can export my video. But you can’t do that anymore. You have to pay 50 DOLLARS for the entire year upfront. I’m not doing that. Today I’m exporting my last second a day video in 720p and immediately switching to another 1SE app. Nearly 8 years of daily use and today you’ve lost me.
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3 years ago, 48938564825782028557292058
doesn’t work with higher resolution/fps videos
I’ve been using this app since the beginning of 2020 and the recent updates have made it much better to use. I have been taking short videos every day on my iPhone and once every few months spent an hour uploading them all to the app. Recently, I’ve gotten even more behind and it’s been about 6 months since I’ve uploaded videos. ***Somewhere during those 6 months, i changed my camera settings so that the resolution and frames per second were higher on my photos and videos. all my videos taken after that make the app crash when i try to upload them*** it’s a really great app, but it’s super disappointing that i might not be able to have a finished product because my phone/the app or whatever can’t handle higher quality videos. otherwise 10/10 would recommend. if this could get fixed i’d give a 5 star rating
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1 year ago, ybfree
Developer Sold Out
This used to be a great app that I paid for many times. I told quite a few people about it on Facebook actually. But sadly, the developer took what was a great inspirational story that he invented with this app, and turn it into a money making machine. Like I said, I’ve paid for this many times, and I have no problems with people wanting to make money off of their app, but $50 is ridiculous and you know darn well it is. I know why you went to a yearly subscription instead of monthly. It’s because most people, or a lot of people, use this app for recording vacations. And they don’t need it all year long. So they come and they go. I understand that. but I think it would be smart of you to add a 30 day plan for say $20? People that use it for vacations don’t need this $50 app. Anyway, I’ll know never know if you responded to this because I just deleted it all together. Goodbye. Too bad you let PR and corporate run your life.
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