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User Reviews for 10000000

4.92 out of 5
673 Ratings
6 years ago, Alexius6th
Such a great and enjoyable game all the way through. Worth the price. I just wish it were a little longer.
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5 months ago, ggonzalez105
Great Game. Two Glaring Bugs.
I love this game. Very addicting. Has that “just one more run” feel with a good balance on progression and difficulty. Can only rate three stars at this time due to two bugs that have existed for awhile. The Jose achievement refuses to unlock, even after multiple runs completing the objective, and the Potion of Holdfast (lower right hand corner potion, in case I got the name wrong), once activated, cannot be deactivated. I’ve reset the game multiple times and uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times and these issues persist.
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3 years ago, dekilee
Great if it Doesn’t Freeze
I like to play the game but seriously. So far this has been frozen once and I had to download and start all over. You must build a boat.... 4 times at the same place. Would love them both, But can’t you fix the bugs?
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9 months ago, Lotads
Love it!
Played it on steam when it was available for free. Happy to see its mobile now!
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6 years ago, iTeoti
It’s an amazing game. I just wish you would change the wood texture, it feels a bit out of place.
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5 years ago, brjekskwksk
Repetitive grind
The enemy difficulty increases at a rate higher than weapon upgrade and does so each time you upgrade your weapons or defenses. This makes it impossible to see the benefit at your current rank.
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3 years ago, Ice Block Films
A good way to be remembered
I hope at my funeral, people praise my ability to match 3 tiles.
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5 years ago, Frapplegunder
Excellent game
Haven’t played in years. Still one of the finest mobile games ever!
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6 years ago, LupeVasquez
Bug in Game
I can’t deactivate the potion in the third row, third column. Very bottom Very Right. Still 5 stars though!
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4 years ago, chalupa22003
Changed review
Great one you figure game out
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1 year ago, RaygunDoge
Fantastic game great for quick play
One of the best and funnest games on IOS, lived up to my expectations.
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7 months ago, Nick Name is Taken By Someone
This game is beautiful
This game is amazing, no ads, addictive, awesome
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3 years ago, Nickname909
Fun Tile Matcher
Fun game well worth the price. High replay ability.
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1 year ago, kjhunter4
Good honest devs
Pay a fair price for a fair game. Title matching + simple rpg. Great fun
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5 years ago, G u i s e
Original Classic Best Match Champion!
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5 years ago, Lucas Ford
App keeps crashing after playing for sometime. I was really enjoying playing. Please fix
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5 years ago, KYLE.P.MAURER
App crash
App crashes at the same point every time making it unplayable.
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5 years ago, MushaAleste
It’s good.
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5 years ago, skullY Dazed
Not a match 3 game
It looks like a match 3. Everyone says it’s a good match game. It is neither.
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12 years ago, viewtifullink99
Great game, a couple of suggestions
Your game is absolutely amazing. I spent the entire past two days beating it and upgrading everything. It was worth every cent I spent on it and then some. It's everything that makes dungeon raid great but with the added ability to keep everything you've worked so hard earning. Only a few suggestions. The first suggestion is just to polish spelling errors. I noticed that when you poison an enemy the word poision flashes on the screen and in the fancy footwork perk completely is spelled as completley. Not to mention all of the perks that reduce the cost of upgrades are missing the word "of" in all of their descriptions. Second thing is less of a suggestion, more of a question. After I beat the game, it gave me a message saying endless mode was unlocked, but wasn't the game already in endless mode technically speaking. I mean, as long as you don't die, you can go on forever right? I noticed no differences in gameplay or ways to choose to go through endless mode after beating it, so I'm not sure if anything happened at all. Maybe it's an error on my part. Finally, I'd love to see some game center support. That would rule. Sorry if this sounded nitpicky at all, I just love this game and want to make it the best game that it can possibly be. It's one of the top ten games available on the AppStore IMO, and I want it to be even better.
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11 years ago, Wizzykin
Fun game
Entertaining and unique. You're basically aiming to get 10,000,000 points in a single run. This is done by playing a matching game much like any other, however above that is your character running through a dungeon - each match makes your character do certain things such as attack, open a door or chest, or just get further ahead on the screen. Your enemy is time - when the screen catches up with your character, your run is over and you go back to your castle (or run again). At your castle you can use wood and stone to upgrade it, and then you can upgrade your character to make him hit hard, or perhaps make chests have one less lock than normal. The game is fairly fun - but once you've beaten it, there is very little reason to play again. The matching part of the game is no different than any other matching game - and the action isn't all that fun. The excitment mostly come from upgrading your castle and character and getting that 10,000,000 points. Once that's over, the game doesn't have much to offer. For a couple days of entertainment, I'd say give it a purchase.
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11 years ago, BlackfootFerret
Already Good, could be so much better..
This game had me addicted all the way to the end.. and then, without any way to reset the game, suddenly it had no purpose. When you win, you get a parade of stats about how much gold you earned, monsters destroyed, etc, but what this game REALLY NEEDS is a TIME ATTACK. Not in time.. but in turns. Most running games make the challenge of how few days can you play, before reaching the ending. 10m seems perfect for this, if you can complete all three quests every day that you go out, you'll level up in no time, where if you don't plan well you'll be stuck hitting your head against the wall, bringing home a paulty amount of resources every day before being defeat. A simple option to reset your game data and try again from the beginning would add so much to this game.. without any major changes. Not that I know how to play and what all the upgrades do, strategic use of the alchemy potions could add a lot of depth.
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12 years ago, Jayisgames
Lots of fun, but sliding mechanic needs improvement
This game is very addictive and very casual, it's easy to pick up and play for quick and short little sessions at a time. I love the rotating objectives it gives you to complete, similar to the way that Jetpack Joyride does it. It's a great way to keep the player engaged. The only problem I found with the game was with the slippery sliding mechanic in a game that's so time dependent. It's very easy to miss the target or, to have the touch screen misinterpret your touch as a slide horizontal when you're trying frantically to slide vertically before time expires. It makes the game unnecessarily difficult and I'm left questioning whether a different match-3 mechanic might have worked better, or perhaps improved by tightening the sliding movement by making it less slippery and loose as it feels in the current version. 4 out of 5 stars due to the sliding frustration I experienced with it. Improve that and this would be a no-brainer 5-star game.
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12 years ago, CTRLSHFT
This game is like crack
Completely awesome. The music has been stuck in my head for weeks, the graphics are retrotastic, the gameplay is surprisingly addictive and rewardingly challenging. Here's what I'd like to see in a future update, and possibly a new game. A new tile or two (All fighting environments don't need to have the same items, maybe you drop your sword or shield or staff at some point, or maybe you're not in a place where there's rocks and wood around in the first place) Several new environments spanning outside of the dungeon, maybe a river to cross, a mountain to climb, a dark forest to traverse. Way more bumps to the total or something that resets it to zero in a different place (better with the title). I feel like the game is fun but you need something more to keep it interesting. The alchemist as a concept is fantastic and I'd love to see this concept fleshed out more. Maybe one of the tiles could be flasks and that goes towards you being able to upgrade to better/weirder/awesomer perks. More enemies, "gang ups" with more enemies, and more ways for time to not run out on you so quickly. Anywho, I love it. Addicted, and sign me up when the next release from this dev comes around. This game rocks!
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11 years ago, Pierre-Richard
Excellent, but lacking one feature.
This game is a ton of fun, the gameplay is entertaining, and the music is addictive as well. The upgrading of items is balanced very well and the in game objectives give a nice incentive to keep playing far more than is probably healthy. There is one major flaw, however, that prevents this from being an easy five stars... There is no restart option once you have completed the game. After you obtain the titular 10,000,000 points, achieve freedom, upgrade all of your options and complete all objectives (ALL of which occur nearly simultaneously, within 15-30 minutes of the endgame), there is little incentive to play as much outside of for a quick round for amusement. Allowing players to restart the campaign would easily remedy this and give an absurd amount of replay value, allowing us to figure out new strategies to upgrade items with certain priorities to reach 10 million the fastest, handicapping ourselves with minimal upgrades to make it to the top, and so on. Without this, however, replay value takes a large hit. All of that being said, the game is most definitely worth the price. It is just a shame that the lack of a very simple option hinders it from near perfection. Please, add this feature!
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12 years ago, RamonLP4
Excellent weird retro puzzler meets dungeon crawl
First let me just give my only beef with the game. Once you reach freedom, you can't reset the game and without the incentive of the improved armor, weapons, etc. or new, cute 8-bit monsters, it truly loses any point and playability. Ideally the makers would let the game be reset for another run but that is missing here. Now as for the game. It's a quirky dungeon crawler with the mechanics of a bejeweled puzzler. The thing is depending on your goal you will want to focus on certain things like wood, experience points, or gold while trying to stay alive. The two are often in conflict as are some of the potions that can boost some resources at the expense of others. Cute graphics, great soundtrack, and clever gameplay. Highly recommended!!'
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12 years ago, GotNate
Battle Chuzzle
The game play mechanics are similar to that of PopCaps less famous match-3 game Chuzzle. This game adds an interesting RPGish twist, not unlike PuzzleQuest does for Bejewled. However, rather than presenting an overworld like PuzzleQuest, you are instead given what I can only call a mashup of Bastion's home zone / upgrades zone and Jetpack Joyride's mission system. Very well done, very fun, very addicting. I played this game until 5 AM last night when I should have been asleep at midnight. That said, there is room for improvement. If I line up attacks and let go before the guy gets to a monster, the attack is used up and is thus ineffective. Perhaps attacks should go into a queue system? Also, the UI on the game board can be frustrating at times. I keep on trying to do my next move but the board is still rearranging itself, so it completely ignores my input until its done, at which point I need to restart my move. In other words it needs tuning. Badly. Ordinarily these flaws would earn a 1 star penalty, but I had so much fun with this game last night, it still gets 5 stars!
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8 years ago, Guapolator
Good, but you can never win.
I played this game a lot and can say I got my money's worth. But it's frustrating for the following reason: Remember the permadeath of arcade games? Going on a dungeon excursion in this game is kind of like that. But I always can only get so far in this game before it gets too hard and die. In arcade games, 'sometimes' you got lucky and were able to get to a really high level. That never happens to me in this game (after I got good at playing). I always get to around the same point in the dungeon and then die, therefore it's kind of pointless because I can never really win. The potions are pretty weak, too. I never used them. I wouldn't buy the sequel to this game because I'm sure it's pretty much the same... Grind and die.
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12 years ago, EvilWillHunting
Suprising treat, more addicting than crack
I originally passed on this game, turned off by its low-res graphics and dubious claim of being an RPG. Bored last night, I thought I'd at least give it a try. It didn't take very long for me to be totally hooked. The game is, at heart, a Bejewelled clone, but with RPG trappings. Your matches make your character act: keys pick locks, swords attack, backpacks give items. So there's a strategy element of WHEN precisely to match them. The game has a genius hook to keep you challenged.... like most RPGs, you can go to the easier, past-conquered levels of the dungeon, but the rewards are so diminished its irresistable to go after the most difficult level. And unlike most RPGs, "dying" has no consequence other than ending your run, while you keep your rewards... and runs take a minute or two to do. So the game is perfect when you are killing time, just a few minutes to hours on end. So while the graphics are definitely subpar, the game more than makes up for it with all the things an iPhone game should be -- quick, portable, able to start and stop at a seconds notice, simple, engrossing yet infuriatingly challenging.
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12 years ago, aaronsullivan
Fantastic and those aren't bugs!
First, this game is super addictive and fun. It DOES have an end, which is refreshing. (There's an endless mode at the end but its not as compelling.) It looks a bit like Dungeon Raid and is similarly addictive, but it's actually VERY different. About the bugs another reviewer posted about. He/she is confused like I was. Your score does NOT continuously rise do it can't get "frozen". The whole goal is to reach 10,000,000 in a SINGLE run. Your score only shows the best you've done so far and the first runs don't give you enough points. That's why you have to keep improving and trying new more dangerous runs. You might feel locked in place because you keep failing to meet your score. I didn't notice I could go back to easier runs to build up my abilities more, which can get you out of a rut. The other non-bug is about running to the far edge of the screen which is actually is a big bonus but simultaneously sets your run back to the left. It's a good thing, not a bug! I highly recommend this game!
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12 years ago, Hoodie78
very special
Surprising that we've never seen a game quite like this before. Incredibly engaging and well-balanced. The retro graphics are really well done. The meta-game of improving your castle (which in turn gives you meaningful upgrades) keeps you hooked. It's a little rough around the edges and could use some instructions outside of the tutorial, but for the first version of a game that the developer probably didn't expect to get much attention, it's really solid. Can't wait to see what the inevitable updates bring. New modes, a better icon, and maybe a more Googleable name? Though the latter two may spoil the charm. Anyway, you must get it!
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12 years ago, Hirohitoe
Amazing game, needs deeper tutorial
I completely disagree with the last reviewer, but understand his/her frustration about the interface. You can tell how much time u have left based on the character's distance away from the left most side if screen. As time runs out, you slowly move to the left, when you are left-most time runs out. Just about every confusing situation like that is not explained and a tutorial would be very helpful, but you will figure out as you play, and trust me, if u are an rpg, dungeon-crawler fan. You will play this to the max. Excellent idea, perfectly executed, with tons of upgrades and challenge.
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12 years ago, Kirt Dankmyer
Pleasant surprise
I am not a fan of match-3 puzzle games or CRPG dungeon crawlers with no plot. Yet I love this game. I think it's because it's so perfectly tuned. Every resource has its place, every challenge has a reason to exist. You're never bored, there is always a reason to do one more run. Because of the timed aspect during "combat", it is less about perfect optimal moves and more about developing good instincts and "good enough" awareness. The gameplay is pretty much perfect, and perfectly addictive. My only complaint is replay value is low: once you beat the game, there is infinite mode, but what is the point without the other tuned elements?
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12 years ago, MoneyMarine
Ridiculously fun, addicting, and rewarding.
All elements that make a game a GREAT game are here. Leveling up, challenges, engrossing gameplay, even decent NES-style music and graphics. Sadly, I wish it would have lasted longer or had more after-game content, however I did spend many hours over the last few days playing it regardless of my real-life priorities. It was a thrill until beating it, it would be awesome if the developers added new content or created a new game much like this one. Even if you aren't a huge fan of puzzler/arcade like games, it has that rpg element that most people enjoy to make this one sink in. GET IT!
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11 years ago, Inapprolarious
Great! A couple suggestions:
This game is exactly the sort of game I would love to develop! Since you've obviously beaten me to that :p I'd like to offer a couple suggestions. First, somehow fit a pause button in so we don't have to exit or lock to pause (easier said than done, I know). Second, once an objective is complete, allow the user to tap it to reveal the next objective, while also showing the 'Run Again' button so the user isn't forced to return to the castle and interrupt the flow of gameplay. Excellent job though, I will be following any other games you put out as well!
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12 years ago, Retr0spective
An Underground Classic!
RPG Hybrids are perhaps my favorite new genre and this game is an excellent addition that deserves far more exposure. It is a basic match-3 with Chuzzle mechanics, Dungeon Raid RPG elements, a Kairosoft-style adventure screen, a Tower of Fortune - esque map and upgrades, retro graphics, and a rocking chiptune theme. In short this game is awesome! It is loaded with upgrades to all items which carry over into all sessions and I am having a tremendous amount of fun with it. Without all of the positive coverage at Touch Arcade, I would have been on the fence about buying it based on the screenshots alone. I am now so very glad that I did.
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9 years ago, Of - One
Good idea but poor execution
I've played a number of puzzle quest games so I decided to give this one a try. After 2 weeks of playing, I am deleting the game and it's a $3 loss for me. There's too much to focus on at one time, which increases the complexity level to people with incredible eye hand coordination. Another flaw is you do not get saved by the cascading tiles -- you just die. Then you get stuck at a level and never progress due to poor game design. Plus there is no pause button. Most of my "runs" are less than 20 seconds. Also, only 1 in 6 runs are worth pursuing as the rest get poor tile drops. The other puzzle quest games allowed the player to focus on the game and let the player to eventually overcome a bottleneck.
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12 years ago, Crawdaddy357
8 bit awesome
What a fantastic little 8 bit matching game! I heard about this from touch arcade and had to check it out. The premise is a mix of tile matching and running through a dungeon fighting enemies, winning loot, and trying to stay alive. It's hard to stay alive for longer than 1 minute, but after a simple tutorial it's so simple, yet hooked me into one more run to unlock a new skill, buy an upgrade, or win some gold. The music is 8 bit fantastic. Simple, fun and highly worth the 1.99. Gaming is so awesome when one guy with a good idea can make a game so utterly unique
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9 years ago, Simplyodd
Excellent Tile Matcher!
Really enjoyed this game. Fun leveling up system and although you do need a lot of luck at the end for drop matches, there is still a lot of strategy and skill involved to win this. I would have liked the leveling up aspect to continue all the way til 10 million though, as once I leveled up everything it was not as fun to just keep playing over and over til everything clicked and I won. Was very satisfying though to finally beat this and I’m anxious to try their sequel, You Must Build a Boat. Kudos to the developer!
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12 years ago, Michael Powell
Could not stop
This game provides a spectacular blend of obstruction and empowerment, letting you upgrade your equipment as you chase challenges to advance. The quick-run sessions are brief enough to be bite sized but the titular victory condition looms above, goading you onward. Match-3 puzzles usually suffer when accumulated trash at the bottom but the rotation model in this game makes it dynamic and open. Time pressure and the momentum of cascading tile matches make a good run feel more satisfying than it has any reason to. I beat it today, so hopefully I'll be able to stop obsessing.
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12 years ago, Sinister Steve
Very Fun!
Im definitely loving this game! Lots of fun! Didn't like it too much in the first five minutes, but I then found that I was hooked on the game. The matching was very fun and it took some time to get used to, but once you realize that if you match over and over again very quickly you become very powerful. The tips in the game are helpful, keep a clean screen you will do well. My one request would be iCloud support so I can play my save file on my phone and on my iPad. Great job for the developer and congrats on being a dad.
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10 years ago, Dat One Random Guy...
This game is great, earning potions, upgrading weapons, completing objects, all with a great puzzle sequence and the addicting rank upgrades and amazing dungeons. Yet most players (Including me and a couple of my friends) finish the game in a matter of hours, it took my only 3 hours to finish the game, while I hadn't even gotten all of the potions and upgrades. If I were in charge of the game I would make a dungeon thing above ground with diffrent weapons and tiles. Making each major group of dungeons 1,000,000 then 10,000,000 then 100,000,000. But hats off to the game creator for making such a great concept.
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12 years ago, Decaf Table
Can't Stop Playing
I'm not sure why I love this game so much. It's Addicting to see how much further you can go after each upgrade. I do however feel the game is a bit too difficult. I often die so early because my brain isn't fast enough. The match 3 system is different and may just need some getting used to. I just wish I could play a little longer before dying. With that said though, this is a quality development for such a low price! I'm going to hit 10,000,000 someday!!
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12 years ago, CastleOrange
Fun little game
I haven't played a sliding game like this before, so it was new and fresh. I liked that the game had a final goal and that goal was achievable in a few hours. I don't need a game to try to drag on forever. For downsides, the sliding mechanic didn't feel quite right to me and I could never be as fast with it as with other types of games. The upgrades and stores were almost all dull and uninteresting, lacking choices and novelty. I wish the different upgrades were actual choices rather than just being a long checklist of minor, hard to perceive upgrades.
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10 years ago, Mmmmmmmmbutter
So much fun
I checked this out after reading stellar reviews from game informer mag. They rated it one of the best mobile games of the year. It takes getting used to the "slot" fighting mechanics. But once you do, you realize how fun the game is. It has depth for upgrading your character and stats. But once you beat it, you'll not likely play it again. That's the ONLY downside to the game. But for the price, you can put tens of hours into the game. This will always be one of my top iPhone games I've ever played.
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9 years ago, TheStrickers
Great, but short
I saw this game on steam recently but thought it would be better to play on phone so I picked it up. This is a fun fast paced game that doesn't slow down when it comes to earning money and buying upgrades. I had a lot of fun with this but it seemed rather short, I completed all the quests and bought every upgrade except for the staff which I am about to finish in about 3 - 4 hours. Over all great game and the sequel is downloading as I type.
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12 years ago, Cheuk Seto
Very addictive
I thought I was tired of match 3 puzzle games before I played this one. The retro video game music is awesom. The rpg elements are straight forward and stupidly simple (compliment). But I think it can definitely improved, like the block sliding gameplay isn't very accurate, especially during the time when I am almost dying. Also, it could be a bug or I am not doing things right, but I have been playing for days, and my rank is still at "Questor". The alchemy room shows that there are at least 5 more ranks to unlock but I am just stuck.
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12 years ago, A Kevin Wilson
Great game, great pace, good challenge
If you're an upgradaholic you will definitely love this game. The upgrades come slow enough that you don't feel like you're flying through the game, yet they're meaningful enough that I never thought they weren't worth it. Very well paced, very interesting and forgiving battle system that doesn't punish you too hard until you get the hang of it. Highly recommended for anyone that likes to slowly upgrade a character.
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12 years ago, Anmorata
Loved it, but would like a 'Replay' option.
I really enjoyed playing this game over the last few days. However, once I got to the end (and realize how much harder I had been making it on myself as I had been using potions that were hindering my ability to gain experience), I realized I would like the option to restart the game. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this is an option. All the reviews were correct though – this was a very fun game and.I would love to play it again.
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12 years ago, oldbenway
Good idea, poor execution
There's a lot of cool ideas floating around in this game. Almost a rogue-like dungeon crawl with cool retro graphics, using a real-time puzzle quest-ish mechanic to get as far as you can before you're pushed off to the left. This was fun for a while, but after 4+hours of playtime being unable to progress to the next level, with no option to decrease difficulty, I'm done with the game. Yes I got a little better, but 4 hours at what amounts to level 1 is not fun or engaging and has little replay value. Especially with a $2 price tag. Hopefully this is addressed in a patch (slow game down with a score multiplier penalty), but i won't hold my breath.
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