1010! Block Puzzle Game

4.2 (17K)
177.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Zynga Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 1010! Block Puzzle Game

4.21 out of 5
17K Ratings
5 years ago, Ca oovoo
Fix this
I’ve loved this game for a love time but I’d had a couple glitches happen over and over again recently. The game would register that I put a piece down in between spaces and like overlay as if it’s there but it’s not. Like it will show I have a full line but it won’t clear. Then the 3 new blocks will appear even if I haven’t finished the other three but all 5 of them will be placable. Some of them will have this weird non clear problem. If I get a real pierce to go in a spot one of the fake pieces occupies it will then clear. Another thing, I’ve lost my backgrounds! I worked for months to get the black background and the night background. I always played the games on those. I got a new phone and download the game and suddenly I don’t have any of those and mysteriously I have the skin for Ice even though I never purchased it. Please fix it because won’t keep playing to get black again. If I’m gonna play it’s gonna be in black or night so fix that.
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3 years ago, Verityyyyyy
the only mobile game I play
When I got my first apple device as a kid, an old iPod touch, I played games like this one constantly. That was really the reason I had it. I’m in college now, and this is the only mobile game that still holds up. It is the only mobile game I play regularly. I think the only thing I dislike about the app is that the themes you can buy with stars are all hideous. The default one is ok. Other than that, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s simple, challenging, and the ads are minimal. In fact, they only appear after you finish a game, so if you close the app immediately and open it again, it’s an add free experience. I’ve played enough, however, that I’m seriously considering purchasing the add free version if only to support the devs. Now, I’m well aware that this app was most likely not coded by the people. It’s one of those games with a million versions of themselves across the App Store with different owners and names and slightly different assets. I’m fairly certain that I could get the files for next to nothing (if not free) and produce my own version of 10!10! Maybe I will. I’ll call it “void blox” and it will have an existential horror theme. Look for it on the App Store a few weeks after this review is written. Anyways, back to the point. This is a great game if you’re looking for simplicity and functionality. 10 out of 10 (pun intended), would recommend.
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1 week ago, Crappy to crappy...
More themes!!
I’ve had 1010 for 4 going on 5 years. It’s been a nice game I’ve always kept during this time for a couple reasons. Originally I got it as more of a fidget app: meaning something I could “play” or do with my hands that didn’t take any brain power nor had any pressure. I can let my mind wander and think while playing, or focus my attention on a movie or lecture or something while I fiddle with the app. Perfect for those that are anxious, get stressed, or need a fidget (ADD/ADHD specifically). It’s a good wind down before bed if that’s your tune, and if you turn on airplane mode you can play it without ads. One thing I’ll say is I got all the available themes within a couple months of getting the app. While there is many to choose from (~10 when I started to 30 when I got all of them), it’s been the same ones for the past four years. While I understand there’s already a lot and it’s easy to make progress in this game (and therefore get the themes pretty easily—which is nice!), I’d like for there to be more regular themes additions with the updates. Sometimes the themes can get boring when you have all of them. After that, there’s no more goals in the game. Other than that, I have no qualms about the game.
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2 years ago, sunnycat19
A 7 year (and counting!) commitment
I never write reviews, but I figured this game warranted one. I’ve been playing this game since 2015, and I still love it. Similar to a low-stakes Tetris, it’s a perfectly addictive game that I could play for hours. Perfect for turning my brain off while listening to music, or a podcast, or talking on the phone. My high score (set in 2019) is currently 124,905, and I’m still hoping to beat it! The only minor complaints I have is that I’ve bought the premium version of this game twice, since for some reason it seemed to rescind the first one after a while? No biggie, since I really don’t mind giving the extra money to the devs for all the hours of gameplay this has provided for me. I’ve spent much more on much less! Also, some of the themes are not accurate to what is shown on the store. You’ll have a perfectly good theme preview, buy it with “stars” (not $$, just points earned while playing), and then when you use it some of the blocks are obnoxiously clashing colors. Again, a minor complaint. Overall, I’d highly recommend it as a go-to “zoning out” game. I’ll hopefully be playing this into my 60s!
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6 years ago, dont get 1010
Spams with ads, makes you fail after a certain point
This game is fun, IF it weren’t for all the glitches and pre planned failures. I got this app a while ago and I used to play it all the time. Lately they’ve been putting a TON of ads. Not only are there too many ads but there’s a glitch where even if you don’t click on anything, it takes you to the app store for a random app. Even when you click to go back to the game, it takes you back to the app store to a different game once again, as an ongoing process and the only way to go back to playin the game is deleting it and re downloading it on your phone. However, it eventually does it again and I’m tired of it so I’m deleting it forever. Also, after a certain amount of time it automatically makes you fail. Let’s say, you have it filled up most of the way. You put down the last block and they give you 3 more. The next three are blocks that can’t fit and it forces you to fail and you have to start over. Not to mention, watch an add. Another problem is that I had previously had many points in the game and bought a ton of backgrounds for the game. When it updated, I had to start all over with no points and I had lost all my backgrounds. I even restored all purchases and everything but it still would not give me back what I bought. So, overall this app is crap. Get a different one. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, BanditTwo47
Great Game!
I’ve been playing 1010! since at least my first iPod, so for about 7 years. I’d agree that it is a bit addicting, especially when you beat your high score or are close to it. It may be simple and not coded but for me it doesn’t matter. In my opinion, the point of the game is how long you can play before you mess it up and obviously how high your score is. My high score is a little over 58,000, which made me curious to what the all time high score was. I never really found a for sure answer, but one person said their high score was 124,000 something. I wish there was an official website for an actual high score. I don’t think there are many ads compared to other games I play sometimes. If the ads bother you that much it’s only like .99 cents? to get rid of them. It would be cool if the game had levels.. that sort of thing, but then again I’m very good on how the game is now. I also am a fan of how many different themes there are and of the stars to purchase the themes. Overall, I personally like the simplicity of the game. It’s nice to play to wind down and relax.
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3 years ago, BIRTHDAY-GIRL_March-12
Go read the review of the title “I been playing the game since 2014” READ MY REVIEW!
I agree with him/her. I have been playing this game for a while too. There is only an ad when you lose and that is not often. It is a very addicting game and super fun. My high score is 20,000. Yea I play this game a lot. And yes, it is fun to play when you watch Netflix. It’s a good game. Like you can actually play this game in-front of your family. It’s not a bad game. My dad plays it all the time with me. And I AM NOT A BOT. Just cuz I wrote a good review doesn’t mean that. Like there is no glitches in this game. But you don’t have to download it if you don’t want to but if your 10-15 y/o then yea I would insists your get this game. This game could never end. Sometimes you have to think about it but it’s good. I Hope You Read My Review. All I’m saying is that this game is GREAT! 👍 I will give it 5 star. The people made this game good. I know it may not be a long review but it’s definitely worth it. And I have been playing this game for 2 years and I’m not tired of it either, and I’m only 12. Well bye now! Hope you read this!
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6 years ago, mabluvs2sing
Okay game, but there are some major issues
I used to love playing this game, and it’s a great idea, but especially recently i’ve noticed more and more things about the app that frustrate me, to the point where I actually won’t play this game again until they are fixed. The first is when the game lags. This has been mentioned in several of the reviews I’ve read, and it’s still happening. Seriously, this is so annoying and messes up my whole game. Sometimes the game will even lag when i’m in the middle of placing a piece, so the piece ends up in a really inconvenient place instead of where I intended it to go. The other big issue is the ads in the middle of the game. When I first downloaded this game, the ads popped up at the end of each of the games, and it was a little annoying, but manageable. Now, there are ads that pop up in the middle of the game!! Sometimes I’ll even accidentally click the ad and it takes me all the way to the app store. When this happens, every time I try to close the app store and reopen 1010, it just takes me back to the app store. I’m really fed up with this. you can’t just put ads in every 3 minutes and expect people to keep playing the game. fix these 2 issues, and I would love to keep playing.
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5 years ago, vipercfk
Opens your App Store for a random game in the middle of playing
I’ll start by saying this is the first review I have ever left, that’s how frustrated I have become with this game. I used to really enjoy this game. It was an easy way to pass time and keep yourself occupied. As with any game it has ads, but they used to be just at the end after you lose. It was fine, I didn’t mind that at all. After the last update, it now suddenly opens your App Store and pulls up some app you have never seen before. It’s as if you have clicked on an add despite one not existing. You want to swipe back to your game? Too bad, here’s your App Store opening for a different app. Want to try again? I don’t think so, here’s another app you should download. It will do this constantly with no way to break the cycle other than fully closing the game. But once you restart the game, just give it a minute or two and it starts all over again. If this is some kind of bug/glitch, then the people developing this are incompetent because there is now way this could have made it past QA. It seems like something they intentionally developed that may be occurring more often than they wanted. Regardless, this game has become unplayable. If you still want to download this, don’t complain that you were never warned.
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4 years ago, Disappointed2xd
Potential for greatness
I bought this game so ads aren’t an issue for me. This is a fun and somewhat addictive game but it definitely has some flaws that holds it back. As another reviewer mentioned, there doesn’t appear to be any logic built into it. You could be doing well until a random set of shapes that can never be used is presented. Sometimes a successful game just quits for no reason. It feels unfinished - there is more the developers can do with this - instructions would be good. For instance is there a timer and that’s why the game quits? Warnings about improper shape placement would engage people more, a pop up letting players know they lost instead of leaving them with a “what just happened?” moment. Maybe a continuous stream of shapes to give the player more opportunity to strategize instead of presenting just three at a time. It seems like the developers just stopped working on it once they filled the minimum requirements for an app. If there is no opportunity to win or compete against their own score, players will stop playing.
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5 years ago, Koi Coyote
Love this game but one problem
So I absolutely love this game, I play it literally all the time and everyday (when I have a bit of time to do something). The only problem I have is the color schemes of the blocks. Like a month ago I was looking around the game and found the store, where you could buy color schemes/themes for your game/blocks. I thought this was really cool, and I decided to save up points to buy them. I saw the coffee one, which looked really nice. Shown as different shades of brown and then a yellow which did look nice with them. I saved up for a while only to purchase it and find out that other than these colors I had assumed would come with it came with other colors that were ugly as hell. Im sorry but I really could not stand how it looked and had to change it back to normal. If you could please use better color palletes that look nice together I would appreciate it. I could recommend some to you if you would like.
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10 months ago, Madgrathorn
Love the new update!
I’ve played this game for years and always loved it, but I finally decided to write a review because of this new update. It is the perfect game to play at any time. I can always come back to a game as there’s no timed anything, and if you do mess up, there’s no pressure to start over fast and to keep playing constantly to build up points. You don’t even need the points if you get one background you really like. It is really a relaxing game and I’d encourage anyone to try it out. For this game though, I always saw the power ups as pointless if you don’t like ads. This new update gives the opportunity to earn those power ups without the ads and has increased the fun of game more than I thought anything could. If you do want a game that is no stress, has power ups that are actually earnable, and the occasional ad, I’d highly recommend downloading this app.
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6 years ago, Leah lalala
I love this game BUT
There’s moments where it’ll lag and the piece I’m holding gets put somewhere I didn’t mean too (and this is an app so yeah there will be mistakes. It happens) but I’ve had this game for a couple years now and I’ve always kind of thought of the idea that it would be SO COOL if Everytime you’d clear the board you’d get a separate tally area of points you can use for a single redo option?? Or to erase a single square on the screen to maybe help your next move out, OR maybe to swap one of your 3 option pieces?? I really enjoy this game, one of my most played games and it would just be nice to be able to beat my high score which always feels impossible because it’s not like getting past the 100K mark happens all the time within the day.. so to be able to fix up a mistake by collecting stars or another point system from clearing the board completely, it would be awesome!!
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4 weeks ago, Emilylonglegs
Loyally used this app for over 9 years, until they started spamming ads
I’ve had this app for 9 years, and it has been my default game app to play when I’m bored, waiting, or just wanting to play something mindless. One of the reasons I’ve had it for so long is the fact that unlike so many other games on the App Store these days, there were rarely ever any ads- only when you failed a game (which could sometimes last me months). Months without seeing a single ad. But since the most recent update, I have received constant back-to-back, long, unskippable ads every time I even leave the app (not close it out, just switching to another application for a brief moment or going to my home screen) or if I set my phone down for a second. I am so disappointed and sad to lose something that I could rely on for so many years, something that I was sure would never succumb to the greed of advertisements, after all these years of not doing so. I am sad to say that I have finally deleted this app from my device, and will not be redownloading.
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6 years ago, CAKCKCCA
Fun But Set Up To Fail
The idea is good, and it is fun, for now. But the developers get paid by advertisers. You see an ad between each game. It's not hard math. Best way for the developers to get paid is to have you lose. If you're doing really well, the game will all of a sudden hit you with an impossible combination of blocks, so that you will lose. Update: I opened the game today, and it tells me it cares about my privacy. Hmm. Then it says it’s been collecting my data and sharing it with 3rd parties but only to help me so that I have the best ad experience. Does anyone actually buy that line? It isn’t possible for them to provide me with the best ad experience because that would be no ad experience. I’m not benefitting. The advertisers are getting the best experience here. So then it tells me I can, of course, delete the data any time I want. How nice of them. So, I do. And it says we’re sorry to see you go.... So, by saying I can delete when I please, they mean I can but they won’t let me play unless I let them gather data on me. Okay. Well, it was just an okay game anyway, and I don’t NEED any game. These guys overestimate their worth.
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6 years ago, Batman200000000000
I realized after an update that the game would randomly lag and so I started analyzing when it would lag and what would make it lag and so I found out that every time the ad changes at the top of the app it lags before it does it and so I started to wonder why that would make it lag and so I had a theory that the reason the game lags is because you guys made it so the app downloads the ads onto the app so even when you don’t have connection there are still ads playing on top, so when they would change, the game would lag which is super irritating and frustrating to the point where I don’t even play anymore and a lot of people I know deleted the game, but I wanted to make sure I was right so I swiped up the app to refresh it but before I opened it I put it on “airplane mode” and to no surprise the ads were still there which there would be no chance of being there unless the game downloaded the ads onto the game, therefore making it lag, fix this because I’m on the urge of deleting this for another app that has the same game except doesn’t lag.
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5 years ago, Chaelmo
Highly addictive!!!
I love this game! It drives me insane because I am constantly trying to beat my own score. I would have given it 5 stars but the backgrounds provided need to be fixed; the pieces blend right in to the grid. If possible, are you able to make the grid a little darker so the pieces stand out more? My favorite background is NIGHT because the pieces are colorful but they are clear to see and there is a sharp contrast between the board and the colors. I love the kids one too but again with the grid the pieces can be hard to see clearly. All-in-all, I play this game at least 30x a day and would love to be able to use the backgrounds I work so hard to achieve each week. Also, I continue to get random pop up adds for Uber but I am never able to click out of them. It now requires me to exit the game completely. Please fix this.
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5 days ago, Zackburger
Fix your ads, it has been years
Ads have created massive performance issues for years. I’ve been playing this game for like a decade now and 99% of the time I keep block this app from the internet so it runs great and very smoothly and I don’t have to deal with many ads. Tried turning them back on a few times and my phone is literally thermal throttling on the little flowers challenge mini game. There are certain ads or something that cause my phone to get hot and the app to run at a few fps and this has been an issue for years now. Great little game, great little updates, but like you can’t be serious with banner ads that cause that much of a performance problem. It has to be a bug at this rate and you really need to fix it. Make your money but otherwise we’ll keep ads off and you’ll make less than you should. I’ll buy premium when the ads are fixed, not going to reward the lack of attention.
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6 years ago, Callitbananas
There are issues with glitching that I have patience for, even when it legit ends the game by lagging a block in the wrong spot, because it is after all just a game. What I do not have patience for however is the adds. These adds aren’t normal adds that pop up between game plays or on the side lines of the game. These adds will pop up in the middle of the game, sometimes being adds you can simply exit out of, some not so much. This app has sent me to apps in the app store (without me clicking anything), sketchy websites on safari (you won $100! Type websites), and worst of all a pornsite mid game without clicking on anything. I was in public playing this game and suddenly I was looking at a very graphic image. (Note I have never watched porn on my phone either so this was extremely uncalled for). I’m not offended by porn but it makes me uncomfortable. Also a child could have been playing the game on my phone and would have seen this. Now before you say my phone has a virus this happened only while playing this game on my old phone and no other time while being on my phone and it happens now with my brand new phone only while playing this game. I never click adds or do anything to get viruses and IT ONLY HAPPENS WHILE ON THIS APP. I still play this game but will never play it around children out of caution.
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4 years ago, Aprilinc
This is the Game You’ve Been Looking For
This is the one mobile game that I’ve played for the longest. Whenever I seem to get bored with it, I put it down, but in a month or two I pick it back up and get obsessed again as I try to beat my high score. The layout and design is simple. Its both puzzling and yet mindless. It’s therapeutic. You can pick it up and play at any time and at any point. On the airplane, in line at the grocery store, while watching tv. There is also a cool “dark mode” that’s easy on the eyes. As someone with a score of 50,000, my advice to players would be, don’t try to arrange things so that you can clear a bunch of rows at one time. When you see the opportunity to complete a row, do it! Also, when you can, always save space for bigger pieces that may throw your game off.
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5 years ago, Carol and Baby David
Fun Game
I always enjoyed Tetris, and it took me awhile to learn to think in different directions and not to freak out too much if there were spaces. I enjoy the challenge of being flexible as to which direction I can get rows. Every once in awhile there is a glitch, but most of the time it runs well. Even on my old phone which didn’t always load properly, it didn’t place a piece unless I really placed it. The piece would revert back to the selection panel when my phone wasn’t running smoothly. But now on my new phone, I lost all the colors/tiles that I had purchased with stars. I had also purchased no ads with real world money, and for some reason that purchase isn’t transferring to my new device. Maybe that’s just how it is with this game? I’d like to find out before I make the purchase, but I really don’t mind paying $2 for this game. It’s a good game.
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6 years ago, UpNorthEMT
Simple, yet addicting
My original review is below. I still stand by it. However, recently the ads have become increasingly annoying and intrusive. Not only have they been giving the game so much lag that blocks fall into the wrong place, but now they are popping up at random in the middle of the game. I don’t know if this is a glitch or intentional, but I do know that it is very irritation. No levels, no goals, just a simple, fun, addicting game. I love that I can start a game and come back hours later and finish. For those saying the game locks you into losing by giving pieces you can't use, I've found that you CAN use the pieces, but you have to figure out the right order in which to use them. It's challenging, and sometimes you still lose, but I've been able to play on many times when I thought I'd lose just by using a little strategy.
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2 years ago, voidswirls
Addictive, could use a way to purchase stars.
This game is addictive and I enjoy picking it up and playing whenever I need to kill time or do something simple with my hands, and what comes with that is wanting to switch the visuals out every so often. I play a lot and even then it's really hard to accrue the stars to purchase the visuals, especially when new and interesting ones come out so frequently. I never thought I'd ask an app to add in-app purchases but maybe a way to buy the stars would be nice? If not, maybe increase how many stars you get from ads because I can earn about as many stars from an ad as I can in the time it took to watch the ad. Otherwise the game is simple and enjoyable and there's not much else to report on.
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6 years ago, Dhdfsbsa!@
A couple years in...
A couple years in and this game is still on my phone. I don’t even love this game. I just like it a lot. I’m not crazyyyyy about it. It’s just consistently enjoyable. I don’t really have an advertisement problem. I get ads between games but games usually last hours or days. Lag happens slightly every once in a while. It has messed me up here and there. But it doesn’t destroy my whole game plan and make me angry. It’s really really easy to fix mistakes in this game. This isn’t a hyper precision game. I don’t think I’ve ever been mad or disappointed with this game. It’s a simple game but it never gets old. It’s never been my “main game”. But it’s out lasted my favorite games. I’ve never recommended it but for some reason I realized I should. It’s just a solid game to keep that part of your brain busy.
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4 years ago, DKNC Draw Love
ZERO customer service!
I have written several emails to the developers and nobody has responded in weeks. There was some kind of glitch that caused the game I was playing to lock up and it happened to me when I was at an all-time record-high score. I opened the game as usual, but it was acting odd... It never displayed the customary “welcome back“ message; it just hung! So I shut the app and opened it again and at that point it brought me to a brand new game with zero points!!! This is after I had been playing this one game for several weeks, so you can imagine how disappointed I was! But the worst part was that, after repeated attempts to contact the developers and look for a solution, there has been not one word written back or any form of acknowledgment whatsoever! Prior to this review, I would have given this a five-star review for its elegance, complexity, and yet simplicity, but my one star review now reflects the developers complete lack of commitment to stand behind their product and interact with their customers!! Sad! :-(
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3 days ago, Macaronne4
Disappointed (and now typing on an overheated phone)
I never write reviews for anything but I had to for this one. This probably was my favorite game on my phone until recently. Now there’s SO many ads, every five seconds it feels like there’s an add and they take up SO much power. Also after only a few minutes of playing the app starts glitching and freezing, even crashing. My phone also gets ridiculously hot and it drains my battery faster then anything else on my phone. It also pauses my music or videos playing on my phone randomly so I can’t listen to music when playing. When they updated the app, they changed the achievement gift box thing up top so now when u have a gift, it obnoxiously shakes and you cannot ignore it. If you want to obtain the award you have to watch a long add. Honestly it just annoys me. This game used to be so good, but my battery just can’t take it anymore.
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6 years ago, cegepere
Too many unintended moves ... jumps!
Wow the following was never sent for almost a year or two. It had a rating of one (1) star: “Could be a 5 star game but ... Enough! One is being very careful when placing pieces ... only to ruin the progress by a random "jumping" of the object piece to a different place while lifting the finger. This happens too often, no matter how careful one is. I have been way up into the 20,000 - to - 40,000 only to be forced to end the game by a random "jump" move. FRUSTRATING! FIX IT!” Well,random jumping is gone but the “loose it ALL” scheme still is there, no building levels, no back to a prev level, nothing. Once you screw it, you are dead ... and mad, and frustrated.& tired of having to restart at ZERO! I have built points to 30,000, 45,000, 59,000, multipke times only to loose it all! SUCH A GOOD GAME, BUT sorry, it is SOOOO FRUSTRATING TO END THE GAME so many times. Add levels, bookmarks, whatever; make me download and reload 1010 again. FIX IT!
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7 years ago, clehr99
good idea and aesthetics, but way too many ads + freezes
The idea of the game and the play itself is great. It's a nice puzzle that can be addicting. It gets really annoying, though, to have to deal with ads after each time I lose that are more often than not 30 seconds long. It's ridiculous, and the game is constantly lagging. It's becoming a regular feature of the game for me to drag one of the puzzle pieces onto the board, only to watch it get stuck halfway and freeze on the board. Once it's done glitching out, the puzzle piece will either be back on the selection bar at the bottom of the screen, it'll hover over the puzzle board and I'll be able to move it off the board, or worse, the puzzle piece will end up in a completely random spot on the board and it'll be stuck there. It ruins my score, my progress, and ruins the point of the gameplay.
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5 years ago, American Money
Read This...
i hate seeing people hate on this game for reason “it sets you up to fail” by not giving you the right blocks when people need to understand this is a game where it doesn’t want you to think about what’s right in front of you. it’s a game that wants you to think ahead and problem solve before the problems occur, a game that wants you to be prepared for any of the random block combinations it gives you. this is honestly my favorite game on the app store i’ve had it for almost 2 years now and i don’t even have that high of a score i think my score is somewhere in the 10,000 range and that’s after basically 2 years of playing it’s a great game and it can be difficult but it helps you in other ways too.
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6 years ago, ale1453
Good and Simple Puzzle Game
I’ve been using this app for some time now, past year and change. I love that it’s free of an internet connection so I can play it during my commute with no service while underground. Unfortunately it’s started to lag lately, since I’ve updated. I thought it might be related to the ads as I haven’t paid for the full version but switching airplane mode on hadn’t solved this. I’ve tried to see if other apps lag as well thinking it may be my phone but haven’t been able to observe anything else doing the same. Quite annoying in this app as pieces get placed incorrectly when touching another part of the screen. That’s the only thing I’m holding back a star for actually, hopefully an update resolves the lag. Device is an iPhone 7 if at all relevant.
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5 years ago, snapchat is cheeks
Great game but needs more
I’ve been playing this game for far too long now, and absolutely love it. Something about this game is so satisfying and always makes me wanna come back to try to beat my highs score. As much as I wanna say this game is a 5/5 it needs more of a leaderboard system. We can currently see people’s high scores but most of them have been cheated to ridiculous scores which doesn’t tend to bother me because I never cared to beat the real high score but I think having a leaderboard system for the stars would be awesome. I believe I might be in the top percentage of most stars and would love to see how other people match up... just a thought but would honestly make the game have a lot more value to earning stars then just skins for people like me who just rock the night skin
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4 years ago, aisleseat
I have grown to hate this game.
It is fun. It is addictive. It is simple to play. But don’t ever think it is something that you can ‘win’ or even make a high score on. I had only one session go over 20k points. The secret is simply to be ruthless in making a single row of 10 squares disappear and keeping the board as clean as possible. Don’t try to enjoy it by making pretty patterns or grouping colors or trying to build large areas that will clear when you put in one last object because all of that would actually make the game more fun. The piece you need will not appear at the right time. More likely, the game will toss you a piece that won’t fit anywhere and, game over. Just one little change would make this game so much more interesting; allow pieces to be rotated. Yes, I know that is like Tetris, but with its larger playing board 1010 would be miles better than Tetris. If you like frustration download this game.
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6 years ago, ifsogirl643
I’ve had this game for a few years now and it’s definitely addictive and passes the time, but what I don’t understand is why hasn’t there been any real development to the game? You accumulate stars but what’s the purpose of having them? If we’re collecting them why can’t we use them for something like maybe eliminating a wrong move or swapping one of the 3 block choices for another random tile? I am happy to say that I haven’t experienced any bugs or lagging as I have read in other reviews, but I can only give 3 stars because I feel there should be more. I like the simplicity but where are the incentives or motivation to continue to play? I can leave this app sitting on my phone and not open it for months and when I decide to come back to it, it’s just more of the same. Please try to do more. At least just a little.
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2 years ago, The Really Mad Guy
This game used to be my favorite. Honestly it was the only one I had on my phone for moments when I just needed to waste time. Over the last few months I’ve noticed they changed the gameplay though. There’s now an option when the lose to get 3 single blocks of you watch an ad to keep yourself going. At first I was indifferent to the idea but then I noticed something. I found myself losing way quicker and having to watch the ads more often to keep going. It’s like the game intentionally makes you lose now. Of coarse there’s always a chance that I soundly became significantly stupider over the last few months but I don’t think that’s it. This is my experience and I’m honestly not happy with the game anymore. Considering taking it off my phone as I hardly use it now due to the increase in ads. Hope this helps.
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3 years ago, Alld48
Great puzzle game BUT will purposefully fail you
I love this game it’s the app I play the most honestly, BUT it’s honestly really annoying and frustrating at times cause the game will purposely fail you. I had a score going on like 320,000 just now, my high score is like 680,000, and so I had the board filled up a little and I put in the last of my 3 pieces and cleared up 2 rows. Then the game just instantly fails me. No joke it failed me so quick I wasnt even able to see the next 3 pieces pop up! Didn’t even give me a chance to try and put any of the 3 pieces onto the board, or even see them for that matter! just instantly failed me! I really do love this game, but man when things like that happen it just takes away the fun. It makes me end up not playing it as often and not want to play it as much.
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5 years ago, MissyS36
I seen my daughter and my son play this game while on a trip. I didn’t want to be the mom who pushed her way in. I did tell my daughter I would demolish her high score which I have. Once I screens-hotted and showed her. I have not seen her play :( it would be fun to play and beat other high scores and be on leader board and you have to go through the top ten to win the crown. You’re there until that next person rises up. Chat could happen. Gotta play the game right? Just a thought. You can ear. Certain amount of stars to buy different backgrounds/levels making it harder. Then if you win and say the winner for one or two weeks the leaders can make aboard background of your choice their approval and that’s you board.
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2 years ago, marysway1
I’ve been playing this game since about 2017
I love this game. I’ve been playing forever. I’m not even very good at it. But my ADHD and it helps calm my brain. With the last upgrade though, I’m disappointed in the fact that even though I purchased the game that out of the blue a ad pops up and lasts forever. I paid for no ads. Or if my hand rest towards the bottom or I accidentally hit the buttons at the bottom I have to see the ads. Apple tried to fix it with a hard reset on my phone since I bought the game so long ago but after a couple days it started again. It would be nice if you took that feature off for paying customers who chose not to have ads.
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9 months ago, Magnagirl
Glitchy ad ruins the app :(
I’ve been playing this game for over 6 years, it’s basically the only game I actually play on my phone. Ever since the last ad update it’s become absolutely unplayable. An iPhone ad will pop up randomly playing in the middle of my game and then freeze, not allowing me to exit out at all, no matter how long I wait. I have to fully exit out of and close the app to get it to go away. And then if I open the app again, less than 10 seconds later, the same ad will pop up and the cycle begins again. This has literally made the app unusable and the game unplayable. It’s basically an ad spam machine that crashed half way through the ad. It’s absolutely ridiculous and so frustrating. Can’t believe I might have to delete this app after playing this game for so long but if this isn’t fixed then what’s the point of letting it take up space on my phone??
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6 months ago, EpicDive45
My personal opinion after 5+ of gameplay
I’ve been playing 1010! for years now and this game never fails to bring me focus and peace of mind. While throughout the past few years the increase of pop up adds and add related content has been disappointing, 1010! still delivers the same quality of content as it always has in the past. I love the new addition of “power ups” which has caused me to push myself to achieve new high scores and think outside the box using the new features to my advantage. Overall, to anyone considering 1010! I would say that if you like a challenging yet relaxing game, then 1010! is the perfect game for you.
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7 years ago, Augh?!?
Normally a 5 star but...
I have played this game for a year or more and really enjoyed it. Yes, the ads at the end of the game were a little annoying but it gave me an excuse to look away from the screen to rest my eyes. Lately though, there has been a small ad that pops up on the right hand side of the screen that locks up the game and tried to open the game the ad is for (so far it has been the same ad every time and it is for a game I already have). I can't move any pieces and a pop up says that the game wants to open the other app. Even though I hit cancel it takes me to the AppStore page for the game in the ad. When I go back to 1010 the whole process repeats itself. Rather irritating. Bug fix please?
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6 years ago, Trying again.
Read on ..
Oops, NOT a 5-Star, 2 at best. But this wouldn’t be received if I listed it as a “2.” It’s frustrating when your “opponent” picks your tiles to play! Again, I was about to set s record when “it” gives me 4 3x3s in a row! It’s a fun game and addictive, but the tiles we are to place SHOULD BE AT RANDOM! “It” knows what your field of tiles look like, and it gives you some tough plays. But, when you have playedgmnm so well for so long, it piles you up with tiles that are impossible to play. Again, very frustrating! Please, give tv bus RANDOM sets of tiles! You guys should really know better! I know you want “control,” but if you did what I’m requesting, I would have given you a 5; as it is, my “2” appt ntkdscd wis a gift!t
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6 years ago, Instagramlikeneeder
this game is so fun to play and extremely aesthetically pleasing with the colors and sounds but OH MY GOSH THE ADS. they are extremely intrusive and pop up in many different ways. Sometimes the video will pop up from the top and you have to swipe it away but it will still come back 10 seconds later. Sometimes when you're trying to play it will take you to the app store and then you go back to the game and it does it again and wont stop no matter what you do unless you completely close out of the game losing all your progress. And lastly sometimes the ads wont load so you have to wait for the spinning circle of death to pop up and then you wait 10 seconds until youre allowed to skip the ad but then it will happen AGAIN. so freaking annoying. please fix this. I dont mind ads but this is too much and way to intrusive
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1 year ago, Dublas101
Great game, overboard with the adds.
It is a great app for 1010, but the constant advertisements are frustrating. Every time you open the app you have to go through two adds, one opens in your browser. This also happens anytime you loose a game, or anytime you pause the game to go to another app. And there is yet another add at the bottom of the game that if you accidentally touch goes to a browser add and then another add when you return. It used to be bearable because the adds were quick, but they have recently been over 30 seconds, which is crazy when you just want to respond to a text and return to the game. In addition, the adds interrupt podcasts at times to the point you can’t listen to a podcast and play the game at the same time. I am very close to deleting this app.
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6 months ago, jag-man
Best iPad Game Ever!
Equally great for keeping your mind sharp as it is for keeping your mind off stress! Been playing this game every day for the past approximately 5 years! I had paid for the ad free version and eventually reached over a million points through trial and error before the format changes/upgrades. While I miss the old format, I still love this game because even though subjected to ads, I can never “crash” because the ads provide the opportunity to build up items and tricks to save a game you’re about to lose. Currently playing the same game that has lasted for months! I love it and highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, CoolMomsRock!
Seems like the ad/App Store issue may be fixed- BUT
Aside from the valid complaints about the super annoying ad/forced App Store issue that seems to have been resolved, my big complaint with the lag is that occasionally a piece gets dropped where it wasn’t intended- which is sometimes ok and sometimes results in an ended game but is aggravating either way. I don't give a rat’s rear end about the backgrounds, so my wish is that the game would allow you to “buy” your last move back for a few stars or points so that if it does happen, there’s a way to recover. Also does anyone know how/why the random stars are earned? And back to the ad complaints-even with the definite annoyance, it’s still better than the annoying 30 second app adverts I get on other game apps.
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6 years ago, Scuba.Cat
160,307 High Score! 1010 is My Go-To Stress Reducer!
I’ve been playing 1010 for years now, having reached a high score of 160,307. I officially declare addiction! The rules & objective have been well planned although there is one aspect I’d like to see considered... Since I’m not a player who cares about themes/colors, I’d enjoy having the option to use some of my collected 15,000 “bonus/star points(?)” to activate a “redo last move” option! I noticed many reviewers have requested a freebie “back button.” This would eliminate any challenge to the game since strategically planning where to place the blocks to avoid losing IS the objective. I think this idea may deserve an email to developers... :) Good Luck 1010 Players!
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7 years ago, •Someone random•
Love it, but some suggestions
I absolutely love this game and the concept, I think this is the app that I have had for the longest time on my phone. It’s so satisfying to fill in the empty spaces and clear out rows and columns. If you are debating getting this game, definitely do it. I love how you don’t get bombarded with pop up ads while you are in the middle of your game. The in game ads are small and not very distracting, and you only get big ads after you lose. Although, you can exit the app and renter pretty fast so you don’t have to watch the video. I am very satisfied with the amount of ads, which doesn’t happen with many other games. I also love that you now have an option to use different themes, but I have purchased a few and then realized I didn’t like them. I wish I could’ve previewed it before buying. Also, I agree with some other reviewers that we should be able to create our own color combos. We should be able to buy colors to add to our palate so we can customize it the way we want. It’s a five star concept, but the themes aren’t quite there yet so four stars for now.
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2 years ago, oliviakidwell
Paid version still has ads…
I have been an almost daily user of this game for YEARS and quickly paid for the ad free version. However, with this new update, there’s an option to flip your pieces but you have to watch an ad to do so. It’s a cool feature, as sometimes I’ve been forced to lose the game because I’m given 3 pieces that just don’t fit… BUT for people who have the paid version there should be an option to turn this off. The button is huge and I’d honestly rather pay more money to have unlimited rotates, or switch off the option completely so the button goes away. This was one of the few games that didn’t shove ads down your throat, but unfortunately that’s no longer the case.
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6 years ago, TanaTorment
Been playing for years..helps with anxiety
So I really don’t get the bad reviews..I have legit no issues with the game what so ever. Does not lag, adds only pop up when I loose. Sometimes not even then. I have a bad habit of getting bored with mobile games. This is the only one I don’t have that issue with. It also is the equivalent of a fidget spinner for me it really helps with my anxiety. The only “flaw” I’ve ever had and I use that term super loosely was in the past it was hard to get stars to get new backgrounds but sense I got my new phone and redownloaded it I’m guessing the forced that because I’ve managed to buy two backgrounds with stars and building up more all the time.
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2 years ago, Elsie N
This is such a fun game
Yea, there are ads, but you don’t get them in the middle of the game, you only get them after you lose, also, the get rid of ads is really cheap and it makes the game so much more enjoyable. It helps you calm down and it’s very addicting, I play it for probably two hours a day!! Other than the ads, there is no other issue. They have really fun shapes and it challenges your brain to work harder. It’s not one of those IQ games but it sure does feel like it!! This is one of my favorite games that I have on my phone, I am so glad I downloaded it and I really think you should too!! ❤️❤️🧇🧇👌🏼👌🏼
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