104.1 KRBE

3.1 (19)
35.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cumulus Media
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 104.1 KRBE

3.05 out of 5
19 Ratings
5 years ago, zillambabwe
Always crashes
I love listening to the Roula & Ryan show podcasts since I can’t listen live. It would be awesome if the app didn’t crash every time I changed apps or received a phone call.
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2 years ago, Tayleezy
Glitchy and too many ads
I love listening to the Roula and Ryan show, but this app is always glitching out. Not to mention you can’t click anywhere without accidentally clicking an ad. The ads jump, which is one of my biggest pet peeves, and sometimes they are in other languages. You have to take a stab in the dark at what button means “close”. The glitches are what really get me though. Way too many times does the app just close right in the middle of my listening or just not open at all. It’s very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Games LLC
An app that has ruined the station
Every revision made to this mobile app has made it worse. I loved listening to Roula and Ryan but this app has made it unenjoyable that I can't wait to delete it off my phone. The navigation keeps getting worse, it's unstable and sooooo unintuitive that they have lost a loyal listener. Update: Tried it again. Deleted it again. It's worse!
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2 years ago, 8662884847474894949
Too many ads and doesn’t work half the time
Way too many ads. Very frustrating to use.
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3 years ago, Meeeeeeeee123456
App won’t even open
It won’t let me accept the terms & conditions because it won’t even load.
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10 years ago, odg13
If you're using the older app it's time to change! This app is so much better and it works great with the new iOS. The music will play when you switch between apps without audio and you can operate the app through the lock screen. It even displays the album artwork as if you were playing the music straight through your iTunes app! Download it or upgrade!
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9 years ago, KA1122334455
Great content, horrible app
KRBE has great content (looking at you, Roula & Ryan show!) - however, the content feels inaccessible due to the ridiculous ads that are embedded in this app via video, pop-up picture, jump to the App Store, etc. It's ridiculous how many times I have to start/restart due to the app crashing from these diversions. Hopefully KRBE is considering some serious updates in the future - including an optional paid fee (one time or monthly subscription) in order to avoid these hassles.
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5 years ago, PJ Parker
No longer works
When I first downloaded this app it worked great and I used it all the time to listen when I could not be close to a radio. Now when I open the app it tells me there is a problem connecting to the network. My phone settings are all the same as before and I even reset every setting on my phone. No reason this error should be occurring but cannot seem to get it fixed. Super disappointed I can’t listen now on this app. Send a fix for this problem.
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7 years ago, CPerla1
Horrible app!
I love this radio station, but I had to buy a transistor radio just to avoid all the problems from this app. Cumulus seems more concerned about loading the ads than delivering content to the listeners. The ads will pop up and if left too long on the screen, it will crash the app. Other ads automatically switch over to the App Store without your permission. This morning, the app was loading for 20 minutes and never actually played the radio station. Garbage app!
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9 years ago, b612heather
Easy to use
I can listen to Roula & Ryan and their raw feed wherever I am in my house while I'm getting ready in the morning! (Sometimes my internet connection drops, but it's my phone service provider... the app works pretty well.)
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7 years ago, Bass1469
Worst app ever
I often miss my favorite segments of royal and Ryan show. So I rely on this app to listen to them. The app crashes so often it's not even worth using. There are constant pop up adds which take you to the App Store, then the app crashes so you have to restart and go all the way back to the segment you were listening to. After watching other adds that you are forced to watch every time you log in. So fed up with this app!
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5 years ago, Chrisflyboi25
App ads
All I want to do is click the app and listen to the station! BUT NO! That can’t be done because there is an ad that plays trying to get you to download an app. Worse is, you have to press done after the ad plays to listen to the station. This is stupid and I don’t have time. Definitely can’t ask Siri to just open the app. You still have to click done to get the ad to go away. Very POOR planning of an app.
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7 years ago, JengerStreak
Used to be decent, but...
But now the app no longer loads. It used to load fine. It would be a minute or two behind the radio with ads galore, but now the app simply won’t load. It stays on the cumulus total page and never plays. Since I get to work so early. It would be nice if I could listen to the morning show with the app at my desk. I missed roses and revenge. Not cool, bruh.
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9 years ago, Eva936
Pretty great
Great app, I just wish it wasn't 3 minutes behind then what comes on the actual radio. Other than this, it works perfectly
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10 years ago, (It's me)
Simply perfect
I constantly listen to 104.1 KRBE and I can't always listen to it because my parents dislike it but this app lets me hear it without problems
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5 years ago, keywork love
Don’t download
This app is the worst app. It never works even with a good WiFi connection. Lately it starts up and never starts playing live radio at all, when I try to leave it playing in the background it stops playing until I get back to the app and even then it has problems playing. Please please please fix this app!
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5 years ago, DrBDDS
Sept 2019 downloaded doesn’t open at all
Fix the bugs. It says it can’t get internet connection? Maybe you should stop name dropping and add dropping your app on air if it doesn’t work. That makes zero sense and makes you guys look bad. Fix it or remove the app until it works - at least stop telling people to download it !
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6 years ago, 😜😬😫fun
Worst App Ever
I don’t know what had happened but I used to be able to listen to the morning show now the stupid app won’t load. What a waste. Does anyone have any suggestions how to make it work it says network error or not able to connect to the internet. I can use all of my other apps except for this one.
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6 years ago, ShanJean
This App needs an update!!
I used to love this app, I listen every morning with it while getting ready for work. Lately it constantly cuts out and drops signal, and when it finally starts to play again I have to listen to an ad again (not the regular commercial that is playing on-air). So annoying!
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8 years ago, Al6379431789
Great app!
Love using this app to listen to the Roula and Ryan (Eric, Special K, Krystina) show on weekdays now that I live in Austin!!! I wish there were no ads while the app boots up :) but I understand that's why it's free!
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10 years ago, Emmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
It's alright
There's a lot if commercials and it not in sync with the radio!:( but it's really good sound and it connects pretty fast!(:
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7 years ago, Marselee70
What's wrong with this app?
This app either crashes when opening, jumps me to the App Store and to top it off, I cannot listen to a single podcast. So basically all that works is the radio which I can listen to on my car stereo. Please fix this app! It was halfway decent until the latest update.
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6 years ago, Anytac
Can’t find Internet Connection???
Every time I tried to listen to podcasts it said the connection was not found. I uninstalled and and installed it again, and now it won’t even load the normal radio broadcast for the same reason! It is such a pain!!!!! Please fix ASAP!
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5 years ago, allnicknamesaretakenapparently
It was okay but now...
After this latest update I can no longer listen while using my phone, you have to be in the app to listen. it’s very inconvenient, it looks nicer though.
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6 years ago, ANJ JESS
App Has Gone Down Hill
The App used to load right up, but now it stays stuck on the first screen. It hasn’t been in great working condition in about 2 years. I hate having to miss the show, in the past I could listen to the podcasts at my desk.
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5 years ago, MLJJLJ
Black screen after ads
Of course I can watch the dumb ads but then just a black screen. No way to exit out of the ads. Even after watching it no “X” appears. Press done and just a black screen. Fix plz!!!
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8 years ago, 📱🤗
I get to listen to all of the songs I like . The music 🎶 is the best and you get to listen to the Rula and Ryan show.😎🤗🤗🙈😝
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6 years ago, kking212
Never works
Every time I open it it says it can’t connect. It never works.
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5 years ago, stupid nickname is take
Always Crashes
I love being able to listen to the Roula and Ryan show, but the app is ALWAYS crashing and it’s so frustrating! Takes forever to load it back up... fix the bugs!
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7 years ago, RUNNINGONMT
Constant problems since recent upgrade
Are you reading these comments??? Stop forcing people to upgrade !!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everyone has enough space on their phone to upgrade!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, EdubGreen
App doesn't work
The app will load, but won't stream any of the content. I've deleted and downloaded it 5 times with zero success. Highly disappointed. This is my favorite station.
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7 years ago, sshelby6
Podcasts do not work!!!
I've used this app for a while and I love the show, but since this last update I can not listen to any of the podcasts. It is getting very annoying!!!!!
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10 years ago, Specialk104
Best morning show
Love Roula n Ryan! Now I can listen to what I missed too
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6 years ago, Picolino2002ve
Doesn’t work
Really bad app, the previous worked just fine. I don’t understand why the change if doesn’t work
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5 years ago, AllWaySouthern
Doesn’t Work
Worst app ever. Constantly goes to an ad & then shuts off within 5 minutes Every Time. Tried reloading, closing & reopening. Nothing worked :(
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10 years ago, Anonymous_being21
App not working.
The app loads but does not play. I have deleted and downloaded multiple times but still does not work. Please fix the issue ASAP. Thank you.
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10 years ago, Witato1
Great app
This is a great app better then the old one
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6 years ago, twinzmom1229
Won’t Load
I just updated the app and now I only get the stupid screen “retrieving content”. I loved this app and listened all the time, now I’m going to miss Roula and Ryan every day!!! Please fix this app!!!
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8 years ago, Gigi6864378
Bad for contests
Just wanted to sign up for their daily contests. App has not been developed to do this easily. Don't recommend downloading if that's what you are looking to use this app for.
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6 years ago, Lionelbapt
Fix it!!!!
The app doesn’t work like it’s supposed to when connected via cellular. It’s been like this for over a year now. Fix it!!!
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10 years ago, Horses rock my world
great App to listen to music
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10 years ago, Torres2002
Love the app
My favorite radio station in Houston Texas
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6 years ago, jk2018-70
Never loads
This app just isn’t consistent. Many times it won’t load. I just gave up and deleted it.
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9 years ago, Tealpandas12
Best music with best quality! 😘😝
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6 years ago, Nadia-esta-fresh
App not working
App doesn’t play deleted then reinstalled and still no luck
Show more
6 years ago, krbequeen12
App does not work
Message says url is invalid. Can’t get any of the recent podcasts 😢. Please fix it.
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6 years ago, Ho327
Doesn’t load
I used to love this app, but then all of the sudden it stopped loading.
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5 years ago, Irg80
App doesn’t work
This app won’t open. It says that it can’t connect.
Show more
5 years ago, SAvAgE sPeeD
It is confusing and hard to follow. There is no live tune and CONFUSING.
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5 years ago, Wachel82
Can you please update the app
Can you please update the app
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