105.7 The Point – St Louis

4.6 (50)
28.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubbard Radio
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 105.7 The Point – St Louis

4.6 out of 5
50 Ratings
6 years ago, Texasman1974
Love it
I just moved for St. Louis and was there for 6 months and the 3 day I found the Rizzuto show and it's been my favorite scents. Now I live back in Texas and I'm spreading the word this way . Let's go weirdoes
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5 years ago, Vinnie Baugh
Recommended changes
So this app is great. I love being able to hear The Point despite not living in St Louis anymore. I do have some requests though. Could you all please change the liked songs page so that it’s more organized? It would be nice to be able to click on album art and see all of the songs and then like or unlike them. The albums could be in order by artist so you could easily find what you’re looking for as opposed to scrolling forever through an unorganized mess.
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4 years ago, Pawlehh
Streaming quality
Is there a way to stream at a lower quality? When my connection is low the radio is constantly stopping to buffer. Also doesn’t hurt to save a bit of data. Other than that love the app and listener rewards.
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7 years ago, Wickedirish78
Stability issues
Since the most recent update I've been experiencing more frequent connection issues and crashing. Still works most of the time so I still love it but this could be improved.
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7 years ago, Rydaw001
Decent app.
It rides right up and does what it's supposed to do. However, it still turns off when my phone hibernates, and the delay over live radio makes going back and forth a pain.
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7 years ago, meggerz17
I love it for the most part - occasionally it will cut in and out and that's a little annoying but, eh, technology. Definitely a great app.
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7 years ago, Sarahjewll
Best morning show
Couldn't imagine my morning without it.
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7 years ago, Michelyn1
In the beginning
I wish I still had my Point Essential 1 CD
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3 years ago, afisch529
Great app but...
This app is great for listening live, but it would be great if I could enter for listener rewards while listening to podcasts as well.
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7 years ago, SC - St. Louis
The Point app is excellent
Thank you
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5 years ago, LuxStLou
You can WIN just for listening!
Love the listener rewards...Rizz Show, Donny, Lux....I’m a weirdo!
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11 years ago, EmmaE79
Absolutely the best
The Point is hands down the best alternative rock station. They play the best of everything alternative, even from way back. Their format is awesome, and their DJs are never boring. In fact, no matter what time of the day or night, it's always a good time for the Point. Woody and Rizzuto's morning show is the only morning show I actually look forward to hearing. And their iPhone app is awesome too. I'd actually pay for it, but I didn't have to. Sweetness!
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3 years ago, Twinks80
App not working with update
The app won’t open with the new iOS update. Please fix this, I love the point!
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6 years ago, Brekke69
This is a terrible app. Don’t waste your time.
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13 years ago, Travis Wis
Needs lots of work
I bought this app because like others I can't get a decent radio signal at work. As soon as I started using this app I was greatly disappointed. This thing constantly skips parts of the broadcast. I usually end up missing the last quarter of a segment when listening to WAR in the morning. Also the app plays songs the actual radio station isn't playing. This wouldn't be so annoying if they would play different songs but they always seem to be the same two freaking songs. Some stupid pot song and some other drug related song. The good thing is this only occurs once an hour or so. The rest of the time it plays the music the radio station plays. Also the app constantly stops streaming and says it can't verify my connection when I have a perfect signal. I can listen to pandora all day without ever having that happen.
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12 years ago, Brando
Awesome app, I never miss any of the shows or music. The app is easy to navigate in and I love being able to see the name/artist of the song playing. The lag time between what's playing on air live and whats streaming could use some improvement. There's about a 2 min difference
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12 years ago, Pattymac99
One über fail of an app
I listen solely to the WAR podcasts and its a pain. You can't do anything else when playing a podcast, if you minimize it stops playing and you have to start over. Also if listening to a podcast and someone calls, once the call ends it does not resume the podcast it requires you to start all over again. Luckily for them I love the show so I'm willing to deal with it. Also the WAR link on the front page doesn't take you to the right page, you have to go to station info then scroll down to the WAR page link to get there.
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11 years ago, Avengers movie rules
Great App!!
I would recommend this app to anyone who is a fan of the point. Love the programming and how it can access the point website while you're listening to the station too!!
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12 years ago, RockPrincess1057
Love it
Love the app..I'm able to listen at work which makes the day so much better..although the delay is a little annoying also,sometimes there's this annoying filler song that sounds too techno for me that makes me wish I was listening to a commercial instead.
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12 years ago, Jaytee314
It's a great app, only .99 but you get what you pay 4, it does stop and says they can't get a signal when I do have great service, there's maybe a 15-30 lag from the real show but that's only a problem when you try to win something...besides the little flaws it plays song!
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11 years ago, Da D.J.
Could be better
Wile I have no complaints about the live broadcast in WAR's regular segments, the app is all too eager to cut them off during the commercials and play the pre-recorded ads. Many times, the funny stuff happens when W and R are trying to push an ad and they get sidetracked by a previous segment or text. Please don't cut them short to air some carpet or jewelry ad I really don't care about.
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12 years ago, KCMasterpiece6767
Keeps Cutting Out
Great station, love the morning show, but this app drives me nuts! I have full bars and 3G and it randomly cuts out and cuts back in to the radio feed. I miss parts of the morning show and there is no pattern to the cutting in and out. My phone is just sitting on my desk, unmoving. It just started doing this for the past month. It seems like this app works great for months and then starts acting up. So frustrating!!!
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13 years ago, Kendrick Wesley
Great radio app
It's just like listening to the radio, it's only a dollar, and it plays 24/7. I don't see why some one wouldn't pay a dollar to listen to all this music.
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12 years ago, Dagda786
Works well over wifi
I just use this in the morning while getting ready for work with no problems.
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11 years ago, Richard rep
Alternative rock
Ever since q101 went off air i stopped listening to alternative rock altogether then the point helped me remembered why i started listening to alternative rock in the first place
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9 years ago, Freser1
Works better than tune in
I use tune in radio just to listen to 105.7 the point. It became unusable when traveling after some update they did. This app works better because it doesn't take long to buffer.
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11 years ago, The point lover
I listen everyday whether I'm at work or at home! Never disappointed! I wouldn't be able to get through the day without the point. Thanks for always entertaining!!
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8 years ago, Vannie31s
Could be 5 stars
Absolutely love being able to get the Rizzshow, but when will they fix the random cut outs that happen on a well connected wifi! Fix this issue and you get 5 stars. Love the station, love the music, LOVE THE Rizzshow!!!🤘🏻
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12 years ago, Lil Rev
Great app except.........
This app is how I start my day with Woody and Rizzuto. It's great except, it would be nice and less annoying if the commercials/show/music would get cut off in the middle. Fix that, and you get the 5th star.
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12 years ago, Sam3481
Awesome. Wish it had more than just the last 10 songs. But still great, keep up the great work!
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12 years ago, Zero intolect
Two thumbs up and another appendage
Favorite radio station since I graduated high school back when the dinosaurs chased me from school
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11 years ago, GrizBear777
Must have for a radio fan
I have mad respect for 105.7, they are my all time #1 favorite radio station that plays all the good stuff. This app is a MUST have for any 105.7 the point fan!!!!!
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12 years ago, JoeCaz405
Woody & Riz make my mornings better!
We can't get a strong radio signal in our building at work so I am grateful I have the 105.7 the Point App on my phone!
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8 years ago, heremy jopke
Do not use unless u do not want to listen to the actual radio station
It will play its own music after a commercial 3-4 songs in a row. I've contacted everyone about it that I can. they say it's fixed but it's not. If u want to hear random songs and not what's being played on the radio then this is the app for u. Other wise find something else.
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14 years ago, Shamefulidentity
Ok this is the exact same app I have on my phone right now that I got for free when it first came out. Why the hell do I have to pay for it now? I assumed it was a different app then the free streaming app released by the point earlier this year but nope, same crap but now it's $1. Tell me radio douches, where is this money going? Way to go douchbags.
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12 years ago, Corp_Richard
Love it been listening to the point since it first became a station nice to be able to listen any where I am.
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11 years ago, 1pizzo77
Good app
Glad I can listen anywhere I want. I am barely out of range to hear it but have the app. Highly recommend it
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11 years ago, KellyA1108
Great app
Some connection issues but overall great! Love being able to listen to WAR wherever I am!
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12 years ago, Chase Bleu
Best app I own
This is one of the best app's I've ever had. I couldn't find the point on tunein radio or on iHeart radio. Then I heard about it one day. And I'd have to say best $0.99 I have ever spent
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11 years ago, mindie_smith
Love it
It's great being able to listen where ever but the alarm don't work at all I would really love for it to.
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12 years ago, Bob138538063
Very nice!
Plays the station and has other convenient links as well.
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8 years ago, Beamer010191
Awesome app!
The app is awesome. It doesn't crash all the time. I wish the webcams were available on it though ;)
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12 years ago, DNAFiremonkey
I live too far away to get this station on my receiver :( Thanks for putting this app out there for everyone.
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9 years ago, Lanney220
Cuts out
The previous app worked way better. This was loses connection and cuts out all the time. Very annoying. These bugs need to be fixed.
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12 years ago, Tph093s
Great App
Love being able to listen to my favorite station anywhere!
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9 years ago, Tlp3
Unless you have a radio
If i were an advertiser on the Point, i'd be po'd. Their App and online streaming RARELY works. And when it does it will play the same songs over and over. Like several other reviews mentioned, trying to get help is useless. Used to be a KShe fan and they are just as bad if not worse.
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7 years ago, CelticVengeance
Love the point! I am currently living in Georgia and this app lets me stay connected with the shows and personalities that I love. Best music in radio!
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11 years ago, Moriarty093
I have been all over this country and no station compares to the point
Show more
12 years ago, Arthur wickham
The best app
I like the point app a lot i can listen to it anywhere i am.
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12 years ago, TheThingy007
Works wonderfully. 0 problems. Highly recommend for listening to Woody and Rizz in the morning.
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