1967: Retro Filters & Effects

Photo & Video
4.5 (33.7K)
176.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maple Media Apps, LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 1967: Retro Filters & Effects

4.49 out of 5
33.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Prisciozu
Best filters app - BUT
This is my favorite app to use when I want to add a cool filter to pictures. There is only one problem and it is a major problem because it keeps me from using this app when I really would like to. When I have decided on a filter and my picture looks perfect, I click on “SAVE” and it blurs out the edges of my photo. This blurring effect does not happen until the “SAVE” button is clicked on. While I’m editing the picture (choosing a filter) this blurring effect is not present on the photo, so I go from really loving the picture, to really not feeling it anymore once I click on save. That means in order to save the picture to my camera roll, the blurring effect on the edges has to be present. Please fix this or at least give us the option to remove that blurring effect. Thank you😊
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5 years ago, mikmikmarie
(No longer) Disappointed
I really dislike the updated filters. It seems a lot of others do to. This USED to be my favorite photo editing app, all of my instagram photos are posted with these filters and now they’re completely gone. I really hate these overly edited filters, bring back the original filters PLEASE. People literally paid to have all the filters and now they’re just gone. Granted it was only .99 all I’m saying is this isn’t what I paid for and I would literally pay more to just have the old filters back. This is super annoying. Update: I had emailed them with my frustration and they emailed me back apologizing and said the original filters are restored back on the app. I looked in the App Store and sure enough, there was an update and they’re there! Thank you thank you! Updated my rating, this has been a long time favorite app for filters. The original filters are under the file name “ORG” some have the dust effect over them, you can toggle it off.
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4 years ago, BNJ124
Awful update
The update has made the app so terrible that it’s unusable. It blurs the edges so much that it looks like the subject was in motion when the pic was taken, which is not the nice subtle effect it had earlier. And there’s no way of making this new adjustment less visible. The texture feature doesn’t help anything, as there is no adjusting the effect, it just completely blurs out the images altogether or doesn’t let you use the filter..I’m super disappointed at the changes made. The app was perfect before this update. I don’t want blurry images that look like my phone needs glasses. Or want photos that look like I have to strain to see them thru the blurry filter. Super bummed as I had loved this app prior. And it has a lot of fun color effects and antiqued photos in the best retro ways. Now it seems more like an app to make your photos so blurry you’ll look like a misty ghost. ☹️ Pleasssse bring back the last version where the blurring effect didn’t exist and the clarity was still there! The new update is soo bad. Really wish it would have just been left as is. The intense blur was unneeded and there’s not even a way to lessen the effect. The adjustment bars just make it worse. Please go back.
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5 years ago, sarahhoward_
loved it until the new update, please go back to the basics
it’s 2019 people want less edited pictures, there is tooooooo much going on in the new update. I loved this photo editing app over the summer over 2018 when I got the app up until this update. it’s over saturated over edited the light leaks are unneeded. you had a beautiful app with beautiful vintage filters. I got sad when you change the name of the filters to acronyms in one of the updates bc they had really cool original names and it was easier to figure out which filters were my favorite and which ones I liked the most but now this app has so much going on it’s so overwhelming. unless you guys get back to the basics and realize people do like vintage and classic like your original model instead of over saturated, super edited, with dust effects covering every inch then you’ll probably lose users who enjoyed how simple and great your app was before this awful update... guess i’ll just have to look for another rare gem to edit my pictures until you guys make some changes to this TERRIBLE update.
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5 years ago, rythima
Not as good
I used to love this app and used to recommend it to everyone! I haven’t been using instagram in a while so I haven’t had the need to edit pictures, I finally opened this app again to edit a picture for someone else and I am extremely disappointed. This used to be the best app for adding filters easily without making pictures look heavily edited and tacky. I’m really sad that I no longer have an app to help post quality pictures like I used to. The new features aren’t as useful as they used to be. The filters are not as cute and you cannot get the right quality like you used to. Pictures using this app now keep looking extremely childish. I don’t quite understand the reason behind this update, I feel like I’m using one of those tacky editing apps that we used to have in the early days of smartphones. This is not an app update you would expect in 2019, especially from an app that used to be fantastic not too long ago.
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5 years ago, Amber Secola
Good filters
I really love this app and the options for effects it has. It is a little frustrating that some filters you can’t change the opacity, and I really wish that there was a second opacity dial for the underlying filter used. For example if I chose a lens flare option, I can change the opacity of the flare, but not the overall color difference the filter adds. Sometimes I love the way I’ve edited a photo and just need a little something extra, but that’s where I am unable to use this app as it only functions at full opacity for many of the filters and there is no way to control the colorization opacity. I still love the filters, don’t get me wrong, but because of these things I don’t turn to this app as much as I would otherwise.
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6 years ago, Mandybecca
New update is maddening
I have used this app for a couple years and it’s always been fairly intuitive and user friendly. Yet, since the recent update it’s nearly impossible to add a filter to a photo and adjust the filter’a intensity to a finite degree. You still select a filter which will default to 100% intensity, however previously you were able to tap on your photo and move into a kind of “editing mode” where you wouldn’t be able to scroll to the next filter while running your fingers left and right to dial up and down the filter’s intensity. It seems like they’ve tried to integrate the swiping to get to the next filter and the photo adjustment options, and without any benefit to the user. I work in IT in software, networking, end user support, so if played with this app for 15 minutes and can’t get the tricks down since the update I’m presuming there’s not many other people who can either. Lol. I downloaded something else in the meantime. Hopefully they fix it.
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5 years ago, lovely jenna
not a fan (edited)
edit: i’ve never been so happy for an update!! thank you so, so much for restoring the original filters. this app is back to being my all time favorite filter app! i regret updating my app. the filters BEFORE the update were so stunning and beautiful, each had a name that made it easier to remember. this new update has completely changed that. i can’t find any of the filters i’d grown to love. i used to love this app bc the filters were so different and unique compared to other apps.. but not anymore. extremely disappointed in this new update edit: at least add the original folders back into their own separate category please. this was my favorite filter app for so long
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7 years ago, Nick Iceman
Really Nice.
I really do love this app. It’s easy to use. There are only two things I wish were a little different. First, it would be nice if there was always an option to go back — once you get past the cropping stage you can’t go back and switch the cropping. Second, for some reason when I’m in the cropping function and I select a particular crop size/fit, the cropping feature doesn’t fit on the phone screen correctly so you can’t resize the fit of the crop. Does that make sense??? Sorry. I have unloaded and reloaded the app several times to see if that would fix the issue but it didn’t. Other than that, I really like this app 👍🏻
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4 years ago, SauceMilliken
Love these filters, but one small problem
These filters are some of the best vintage filters I’ve come across. I give the app 5 stars because it’s brilliant at what it does, which is putting on old school filters. My only problem is that the max resolution the photos are saved at is 872x872. It’s still relatively big, but in situations where I need a crisp photo that is a high resolution, it doesn't cut it. I’ve had 2048x2048 photos thrown in there and it always reduces to 872x872 when I need it to stay at 2048x2048. If the filters could be compatible with larger photos, that would make the app a million times better. Other than that, I’ll still use this filter app on the regular.
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3 years ago, Jfkkphvdal
thank you 😭❤️
I had left a “bad” review in the past due to an update that completely changed the entire point of why I was in love with the app to begin with. I deleted it and forgot about it for a while. The other day I Decided to download it again , when I had seen it while scrolling through my App Store, Out of curiosity. boy am i glad I downloaded it again. SHES BACK BABY🙏🏽 I could cry. I had to use multiple apps to get the effects I was looking for..... I can finally rest thumbs 😭 also i appreciate them listening to their customers and caring about what they give us .. I can’t believe y’all changed it back to the org. Format
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5 years ago, Fossylstone
Down the drain
I was so sad that you guys updated this app, I loved it due to it it’s simplicity and aesthetic. It was so easy to navigate, and choose the intensity of the filter I wanted. All of the new additions to the app make my pics look like trashy photo booth edits from the 2000s. The original filters are there, but it won’t let me adjust the intensity of the filter. This was my all time FAVORITE app. I would recommend it to all of my friends when they asked me what photo editor I used. But no. Now I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It is such a shame. Something that isn’t broken and has no problems at all, SHOULDN’T BE FIXED. I’m actually so sad that I just paid the six or so dollars it costs to buy all the filters, what a waste of money. There are so many people that share my same thoughts, and so I hope the app goes back to the way it was soon. Ugh come on, you had to go and ruin something amazing.
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6 years ago, Geekahertz
Crash Happy and missing stuff
When I was using the app before I spent the $1, it seemed to work just fine. I found that not having an easier way to go back when editing a picture to be annoying as heck, a back button or and “X” would be nice. Also, there appears to be no way to send a photo directly into the app from iPhotos, another feature that is missing. Then I bought the extra filters and now the app will not work for me at all. Every time I try to edit a picture the app crashes as it tries to load the image. So either this app is just looking to steal a dollar form you, or there is a bigger issue here that has not been fixed in the last 4 months since the last update according the App Store site.
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5 years ago, k.marie_me
Great filters- photo clarity compromised
After using PicsArt for years for all of my filtered effect photos and being completely turned off by how expensive their pro upgrade is now, I needed to try new apps. This one appealed to me because it offers a great variety of filters and photo effects, for much less than picsart. My only issue, and it ends up being a big one is that even though we can remove the “dust” aspect of the filters, the actual photo quality is shot. It’s so incredibly grainy that many details are lost, so no matter how nice the filters look, I can only use them on photos of objects/landscapes and not on any of the photos I edit of myself and my family/friends. If we could utilize the filters and not lose the clarity of the photos, this app would honestly be perfect.
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7 years ago, cmbenke
Doesn’t work with my phone...
I’m not sure if the app is supported by the new iPhone operating system. I recently upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus and some of the apps on my phone have been glitchy. I downloaded this app after I updated my operating system and it will not pull photos from my gallery. As soon as I try (I’ve attempted to click on every folder, but it doesn’t allow me to scroll far enough to get to the top two folders), the app will just quit. I can take new pictures, but so much for editing any photographs saved to my gallery. Really disappointed. I clicked on the app support link and it just routes you to a godaddy website. I’ve googled to see if you can rectify this problem with no results. So, what do I do now?
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8 years ago, Ruburrito
Was glad to stumble upon
I was about to download the regular app that I had been using when I scrolled down to find this app instead. I was surprised to find so many good rating and reviews and after reading the reviews I learned two sad yet partially true things. First being that if I wanted good filters I would have to pay for them ( which thankfully they weren't all that expensive) and second being that the app was hard somewhat hard to use. I personally had no trouble figuring out how to use the app and found it to be rather simple so for that aspect of the reviews I assume it will vary by person.
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5 years ago, farts!
Great app, but...
I absolutely love this app and use it for every photo I edit. I’ve had it for about two years now and I have always been able to find the perfect filter. However, before the recent update when it was just the original filters I loved how I could adjust the level of filter I wanted to use. Now when using 1967 I find it’s a bit harder to find a filter that doesn’t overpower the photo, but it gives enough filter to where I am satisfied. Please bring back adjustable filters.
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5 years ago, Master-and-Commander
I’m on the fence
I’ve been shooting off and on for 35 years. It’s always been a wish of mine to shoot with something other than a Polaroid camera. As a gift from my wife was my first SLR Cannon AE1. Net net, film, filters, different lens, and serious camera setting allowed be to basically produce any result I wanted. Now we are all shooting with the point and shoot and using software for polishing the results. I found your iPhone app that basically applies filters. So, I purchased B/W filters. While I remain on the fence over your app (good or poor), I am not however over the filters. Besides purchasing an unknown. What’s even worst, only 6 or 7 filters are provided. Depending one the total number of filters, perhaps $30 or $40 for unknown, untested, not sure filters. Perhaps if you could apply the filter just to view (lock it down), until purchase, might take the sting off the grab bag purchase. In addition, providing a small number of grab bag filters (6 maybe 7) doesn’t seem like such a deal.
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4 years ago, Athena Mia
The 1967 filter app is nice IF you don’t mind your photos to be over edited and a bit on the blurry side. On one hand, the retro effects are fun and easy to use with specific types of photos. On the other hand, some of the more basic filters don’t allow you to adjust the style strength to maintain a bit of the original quality. If it had this feature on all of the effects, I would be more inclined to actually use the app. For now, it only seems to be useful for vintage aesthetics. If you are looking for something for portraits and/or landscapes, this probably isn’t the app to purchase.
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5 years ago, TaylorPlayer
Most filters are ugly
After trying this app I saw a banner saying 80% off so the cost would be $2.99. I thought sure why not, for three bucks it may be fun. I clicked on the link and the purchase went through not at $2.99 but at $5.99. I contacted the developer and was eventually told something about when you click one banner you unlock all filters but if you click another banner it only unlocks one filter but that is not at all what I saw. It simply said 80% off and that is not what I got. I tried to get a refund from Apple but It was refused. I plan to delete the app because the filters just don’t look good and I don’t like paying more than I expected.
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7 years ago, Little ilana
Simple and worth it - with / without the upgrade
I want to be utterly honest. Never do I write reviews, but it's rare that you discover an app with photo filters that is worth the free download AND the couple dollar upgrade for an extra dozen filters. The free download provides you with about half a dozen filters to start which doesn't sound like a lot, but they really are a fair selection & variety of actual-cute filters. You don't HAVE to upgrade, but if you want, it's totally worth it! Kudos to you, 1967☺️👏🏼
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7 years ago, DN4L
Great looking-please add these features
Great filters and it's totally worth it to buy the rest for only $0.99. I would really love to see a back button in the photo filters mode because it's too complicated to edit a new photo. Also, I would love to see a photo filter "filtering" mode where you can select the filters you like and then remove the rest and pick from the ones you chose because there are a LOT to choose from and sometimes I like more than one filter and it's hard to remember them all.
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7 years ago, Charli Blake
Loading and loading and loading and......
Welp...I wanna try to enjoy this app...like at all, for even a minute. Unfortunately I'm experiencing what it seems many have in that when it sent me to the purchase page it just kept acting like it was loading but never seems to finish. I just downloaded like 20min ago and if I go open the app it's STILL acting as though it's trying to load. I'm huge on photo editing apps and use at least 2 every day so I was excited to check out some new vintage filters. Really disappointed! I'll update my review if it ever stops loading and starts working so I can see how the filters actually look and how user friendly the interface is. Ugh.
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5 years ago, Justin.Raymund
Blurred lines
This app is dope! It usually use it to finish off a design. The recent update is pretty cool. I like the kind of randomness you can get from it. It can be a little frustrating to get reliable results. I like the way the flyers are now grouped, so you can find similar kinds of filters with greater ease. Also, and this is the biggest issue for me... For some reason when you export a photo it comes out unexpectedly blurred now. I hope that can be fixed and soon.
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6 years ago, Dfhhthhgddgd
Beautiful but glitchy
This app provides simple but beautiful filters. Finished product requires A LOT less editing than other apps and photos still turn out great. Not the widest selection for free (only one b&w) but still worth keeping on phone for filters available. Love the simplicity (usually use Enlight which is soo many steps) Deleted app because crashes multiple times a day. Will download again and probably buy extension if fixed.
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7 years ago, Sunshine_Dia
This was a great app with hundreds of filters to choose from, but since they updated to support ios11, they took away the many filter options. And although it’s just .99, there was no warning to this update. The update claimed to be to support ios11, but there was no mention of the new charge which threw me off. It’s not a big deal if you’re a new user, because you are aware from the get go that there will be a purchase, but that was not the case for me, a long time user. Unfortunately I don’t think all the filters are worth the .99, as there are only three filters in this that I especially loved. I would rather use the Instagram filters and customize those for free.
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5 years ago, Qwertyuzasdfghjklpoiuytrewq
Unbelievably disappointed
I can’t put into words how awful a change was made in this latest update. This app is now unusable where it used to be my number one editing tool. All of the filters I’d come to rely on (some of which I paid for) are nowhere to be found. All of the new effects are horrendously outdated and cheap looking. I have no idea how this was allowed to happen, but I’m saddened to have to delete what was once a loved and reliable tool.
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7 years ago, Vintage enthusiast 5
My fave editing app
This has become my go-to filter app for my instagram and blog photos. The filters (which I find work best with natural light) give a very authentic retro look that is way better than the instagram filters. The interface is a little hard to get the hang of, but once you figure it out I find it to be very easy to use. I have had no problems with crashing or slowness, and it's worth paying $.99 to unlock all the filters
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4 years ago, bearakat
Went Bad
I am so sad to write this as I have been using this app for so many years. I paid for the app a long time ago and always found it 100% worth it. I am so disappointed now though because I realized it makes my photos look like crap. The quality is awful. They decrease the quality so much when you save it and I don’t understand why. It never used to do this and I didn’t notice for a while and then I was noticing why all my Instagram photos were so bad and this is why... sadly I’ve had to switch to a new app. I loved it before anyone knew about it and I’m sad to leave.
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7 years ago, UmLarissa
Worth it!
This app offers a lot of awesome filters and also allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter you set on the photo, the possibilities are endless and its great! That being said, I have given the app only three stars because its difficult to navigate due to the layout being overly minimalistic. Its a nice aesthetic, but its confusing and there is a tutorial and tips in the beginning, but its hard to remember what each gesture or tap means. That being said, I'm keeping this app and will most likely upgrade to unlock all the filters!
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8 years ago, Charliescen3
Great photo editing app!
I love instagram and photo editing, and have tried many different photo editing/filter apps. This is definitely one of the best, while the layout and controls take some getting used to the filters are excellent and I love how you can customize the look of the filters. I am a fan of the slightly vintage look, and there are so many great filters within this app that achieves the look I love.
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5 years ago, Claire De Witt
Give us back the old filters
Seriously this app is so good and I do love it. I bought it last year, but this new update??? C'mon. I mean you could have added these filters but also given us the option of the old filters. This was the only app that had what I liked in a filter and now the ones I fell in love with are completely gone. Please allow us to have the old filters as well as these new ones?
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7 years ago, Haninhamedl
Needs improvement
The filters in this application are really amazing. The problem in the application is it doesn't allow to view the picture before selecting it for editing. The other problem is when wanting to exit a photo while editing, it doesn't allow choosing a different pic without having to go through the start page again. It should be easier to go through pictures and trying filters through the ones you choose.
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4 years ago, freeze.blink
Opacity Slider for 1967 Filters
For a brief moment, the opacity slider for this app’s “1967” filters returned, and then just as quickly, it was removed again. Is there a reason for this? I read the reviews from many users who utilize this app and almost all of them echo the same thing; where is the opacity slider for the “1967” filters? I love this app, but the tried and true filters in the “1967” group are all I want to use. It’s very hard to want to use those (purchased) filters when the filter is stuck on max opacity with no way of adjusting. Devs, could you please bring that back and stop removing it?
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6 years ago, AlexUB
This App Has Great Filters!
The filters are really nice and it’s an easy to use minimalistic app. You’re able to export it to various social media sites right from the app as well as save it to your own camera roll. There’s plenty of free filters to choose from, but for a low price you can unlock everything the app has to offer and really use it to its full potential. I strongly recommend the app!
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5 years ago, Rell4040
Ruined the app
I use to love using this app daily for my pictures. Now that there’s these gimmicky filters it’s ruined. Not a fan of this new change. At least if you were gonna add those cheesy filters you could have left the others as well for the fans of the more high definition choices of filters. As the young kids say these days “These filters ain’t it chief”🤷🏾‍♂️
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7 years ago, shiloooh
won’t restore purchases :/
i appreciated the bug fix but every time i try to restore my previous purchases it gets stuck loading endlessly until I refresh the app and try again. it happens every single time i try. i love this app i really hope this gets fixed. i tried to find an email to contact someone to fix this for me but there was no way of direct communication listed in the app. please help!! i will fix my rating accordingly!! even tho ratings don’t matter much haha.
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7 years ago, Cghhvcghbvc
UMMM FIX MY APP please!!!
So the app was glitching and wouldn’t let me save any of my pictures... I had bought all the filters a lonnnngggg time ago almost a year ago. And with the same Apple ID I deleted the app and downloaded it again to see if it would fix the glitch... it fixed the glitch but it wants me to pay again!!! If someone from the app site can please look at my history, if they can, and see that I have payed before and give me my filters back that would be really nice thanks
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8 years ago, mikhaela_a
Crash problems
Hi, I have purchased the full version of this app and when I used it the second day, it asked me to unlock the other 64 filters again and when I tap on restore purchases, the app would just crash. I have tried a couple of times after that and still the same problem. Can someone help me and fix this problem, please?
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5 years ago, seaforanswers
More ads than filters
I was excited to try a new vintage filter app, especially one that had such a high rating. After downloading it, I saw that only a handful of filters were actually free and the test required a subscription. After clicking on each filter, then clicking out of it, I was forced to watch a tacky 30-second ad that I couldn’t navigate away from. All I did was look at a filter - I didn’t even apply anything to a photo. Every time I looked at a filter - 30 second ad. I deleted the app immediately. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone unless you really love ads.
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7 years ago, Little Esme
Super sad it keeps crashing!
Ever since I updated to iOS 11, the app keeps crashing. When I would try to edit a photo from my camera roll, it doesn’t let me scroll to what folder I want to press on. Once I press on one the app completely crashes. There’s no way to edit photos and I use this app all the time I love it. I would totally give it 5 stars if it gets fixed soon because I love this app☹️☹️☹️
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7 years ago, VendibleScarf
Only rating for the features
I am rating this 5 stars, however it is only for the filters. All the filters are great! But the app is hard to use, some features aren't labeled making it complicated. I also haven't even figured out how to save the photo so I suggest to screenshot the photo with the filter and then crop it in photos. Enjoy the app, but be careful!
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5 years ago, Using this in So Cal
Ughhh good in concept but....
I rarely write reviews, but I felt this one was needed. I would rather have the option to pay for an app after a brief trial or the ability to see edited images as a sample even if I can’t save them. The “ free” menu was limited and not impressive. The next options you had to pay before before you could even see what effect they might add. I understand revenue models but an app that triggers for a review 2 minutes into the first browse is begging for brutal honesty. Good idea but poor on execution and revenue model. Look forward to a revamped better thought out version.
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5 years ago, elizabeth7373
Intensity of the Original Filters Cannot Be Changed
This app was my absolute favorite for editing photos, but the new update changed everything... They did restore the original filters, which I’m very happy about, but you cannot change the intensity of them! All the original filters that everyone loved can only be applied at 100% opacity! It’s very frustrating and I can no longer use the app because being able to change how strong the filters were was a MAJOR part of the app. I’m very disappointed in the update but hopefully they will fix it soon.
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7 years ago, EdnAustin
App Crashes when accessing saved photos
The app crashes when I attempt to open a saved photo in order to apply a filter. Also, the app doesn’t display all my photos correctly as it cuts off All Photos and Moments (hidden beneath “Back”) at the top. The app works fine when taking a new photo and applying filters. When saving the photo it asks for access to my photo library. Maybe that’s why it was crashing? Went back and tried again. Same result, crashes. Reinstalling didn’t help. iOS 11, iPhone 7.
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7 years ago, Huntless Artemis
Cute filters, lovely design
The layout of this app is super minimalistic and easy to use. They give you a few filters to start off with for free and there's a couple useable ones if you don't want to pay for all the filters. Giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because I was looking for something that wouldn't cost money and I was looking for a specific filter type that isn't in the starter pack.
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8 years ago, Swimmer Jazzy
9/10 would recommend
App is relatively intuitive and easy to use. Have had it for about 5 minutes and still cannot figure out how to adjust the intensity although that may be my fault for not looking at the directions lol however the filters are decent and are similar if not better to the ones on instagram and I've been looking for such an app for a long time !!
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7 years ago, LittleDarkDynamite
This is a good app, and the retro/vintage filters are pretty awesome. But, a lot of them are dark. This app would be the bee's knees if it had an option where you could adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. I find myself using another app to up the brightness first, and then edit the photos in this app. I purchased the full pack with all the filters, and the price was amazing for so many different options!
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5 years ago, MC1107
I bought this app so long ago and it has been one of my favorite apps to edit pictures on. But now with this update, it no longer is my go to app. I’m very disappointed. Everything looks too over edited and after I payed for this app you’re going to make me pay for more filters? This is so upsetting! Also, on your updates it says there is an ORG for the original filters but no one where in my app does it have those filters?! have even deleted and re-downloaded the app and still does not show ORG! I will no longer be using this app, very disappointed!
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7 years ago, justinlives
Continuous crashes - Doesn't ask for access to photos properly
Was getting continuous crashes after first install when I tried to access my camera roll. It would show the album's, but tap on any of them and it crashed. Realized it wasnt asking for permission. Checked privacy settings and it wasn't even listed. So I tried taking a photo, knowing it would at least need permission to save the photo, and lo and behold it asked for access. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the problem. Still can't access photos. iPhone 7 plus, iOS 11. Please fix this!
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