2 Minute Football

4.5 (1.6K)
147.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 2 Minute Football

4.48 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, qwesdfcxz
Pretty good
I like the game a lot it’s cool but maybe you could let the user choose between a few sets of routes because some of them I just hate and it makes it a bit luck based but that’s just a suggestion. Also, I was trying to find how to play against friends but couldn’t figure it out, so if it isn’t possible to play against friends please make that a thing, I think playing this against friends could be really fun. Oh, also you should make scoring touchdowns worth a bit more in my opinion because in football the whole point of the two minute drill is to ya know... score. Or maybe make the touch down worth based on a multiplier that depends on how long the drive took as in shorter equals more points. Just some suggestions and my question about it being possible to play with friends cause that would be dope
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3 years ago, aTeE OgEe
The game is fun to play but there’s a lot of non sense it feels like the computer system only lets you win when you are down then as you start to build the software all of a sudden doesn’t recognize your hard earned practice or skill . An example being Hail Mary passes will work in the beginning but towards the middle of the game you will see that what in the beginning was a Hail Mary is now not even though it was the same yardage. Or where you once were able to out run the defense from a significant distance with using the boost now the defense all of a sudden has rocket power and there’s no way to out run them. For my last you will clearly be out of bounds and the game will say 1st down and keep the clock running. Again like I said the game is fun and I do win but it is designed to only let you get so far. So if your cool with putting ten dollars down and just breaking even for a while and then completely going bust after a month I suggest giving it a try. It definitely is entertaining though can’t take that away from the makers I just wouldn’t invest more then 2-10$ in a monthly period.
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4 years ago, Holkugdh5642
Crash Central! Steal your money!
Run away fast! Do not play real money games especially if you are good at the game! I literally got good at this game and played a lot of cash games. If you play cash games be prepared for this game to crash at least 50% of the time if not more. You will literally be in the middle of playing and passing or running the ball to the end zone and the game crashes. At first they will refund you money back but after a while they start blaming you for the crashing. They say to close all back ground apps and make sure you are on a good connection. Also they say you probably are on an old device. I keep all my other apps closed, I have the newest iPhone pro max, and my internet is the best you possibly can have! O ya and I don’t have anything else connected to the internet when I’m playing but guess what it still crashes! They refuse to refund me my games and stole my money. They know it’s their issue but refuse to take responsibility and will send you rude messages blaming you. When you play practice games the game never crashes. Real money games crashes all the time! They also blame it on the replay system... practice has the same thing. Just an excuse for them not to pay you and steal your money!
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3 years ago, fugazi69
Great but could be better
I don't play the cash games, just the coin games for fun. This is a really fun game and a good remake of the classic game that I used to play as a kid on the computer. However, it's a bit inconsistent. I can pass the ball and it be nowhere near the defender, yet it gets batted down. And then the next play I can pass the ball and it'll go right through the defender and I catch it. Or I can pass the ball and it's right in front of my player, yet it's incomplete. And again on the next play I can throw it and it's far away from my player yet it somehow catches it. This is all completely backwards and can get pretty frustrating, especially when you end up losing the match by very few points where that one ridiculous incompletion would've won the match for you. I also don't like how you are penalized for going out of bounds. You lose a lot of time collectively in between plays, and taking points away from the player for trying to be strategic and save time is pretty ridiculous and just stupid honestly. Other than that, being given a few plays to choose from before the snap would be nice. But this game is still fun. Make the catching more consistent and take away the out of bounds penalty and I'd give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, AndieH78
Love this for a quick football game, can play for money without money (minimal *2) and earn money. Can also spend money for bets to win money, or bet Z’s, not monetary, and win Z’s. Also can earn / win tickets to purchase merchandise. Merchandise ticket lowest price starts at purchase of change user name and stickers. In the upper mode of tickets I not sure, haven’t paid much attention but I did see T-shirt’s I believe along with several others. Don’t forget to get your free login Z’s and if you enjoy and want to play with a friend they will give you a cash value added to a cash value you deposit if your friend joins. Bottom line....fast (if you have a short window of time), addictive if you keep playing (in a good way) and fun 😀🙃
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4 years ago, Clonecole
Really Cool and Fun Game‼️‼️👍👍👍
Reading the reviews to this game made it sound like the game was very finicky with all the crashing issues. My iphone 11 pro has never crashed once nor even had a lag spike as the game runs perfect for me. Invested 2 and won my first bottom tier $1 game. The catch is tho that the entry fee is a whopping $0.60 meaning you only make $0.40 per game if the final reward is $1. So if u loss one game ur loosing more money then you coulda even won which is a questionable concept but whatever. So basically you must win every single game to actually make even just $1 with the bottom tier games. Mayb rethinking that one concept would be beneficial for the app and to help people get started but im sure the developers made it that such way for a reason. Overall great game though👍👍👍
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3 years ago, Hisword210077
Great game
Love the game. Play it about an hour a day. I do wish the play choice was situationally smarter: I don’t need a Hail Mary play at the 2 yard line... jump balls are a little bit of a hack; wish there was a way to reward good football reads better. I’ve noticed I’ve seen a good read on the field but I’m rewarded with more points if I chuck it long, possibly into double coverage, and get the Hail Mary points. It would be cool if the defense could intercept to discourage stupid throws. And I feel like the bonuses for passes in a row are out of proportion. If the other guy gets the 20 in a row bonus and I missed one pass the whole game, he’s probably going to win, even if I am the better player.
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2 years ago, AGamerDude
Pass interference
The game is fun in a lot of ways, however there are quite a bit of pass interference issues that throw the receivers way off their route or stops them completely which takes options off the table if the other receivers are properly blocked. Also out of bounds glitches and the clock continues to run. Other than those two issues the game is fair. You should take a second look at gameplay for these two issues.
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4 years ago, maybeluke18
Terrible update
I used to play this every night before I’d go to bed. It was fun because the more expensive games were normally harder to score (but still can post high scores if you play well) and the less expensive (if I just wanted to try and beat my high score) were pretty easy. But now not only is the gameplay harder, but all price levels are just as hard. The game had fun routes for the wr that you would see in a normal football game but now they are weird and feel like there’s no good player to throw to sometimes so you almost have to just waste a play and valuable time. I’ve also noticed that the tackling is much easier for the defender and when you used to be able to cut up the field along the sideline, you get tackled from pretty far out. I’m gonna keep the game I guess for when I’m really bored, but it’s upsetting as it once was my most used games.
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4 years ago, Coach Bork19
Great game, money aspect is a scam
The game overall is great but the money part is very much a scam. I’ve invested $15 of my own dollars where they gave some bonus cash, when I won $5 i tried to withdraw it so I could gamble my initial investment and bonus cash instead of my winning. When I did it said if I withdrew I would lose all the bonus cash. I then decided to gamble the $5 and my $15 investment in the higher risk stuff to test my theory that no matter what I can’t withdraw without losing my entire account or bonus cash and I was correct. I lost the $5 earnings and $15 investment so the only thing remaining was the bonus cash. I then won another $7 and tried to withdraw to see if I could and it warned again that my bonus cash would disappear if I withdrew my earnings. It’s all a scam and you are not able to withdraw your winnings. I still play but I am sticking to the non money game play.
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4 years ago, John1245684432
Played this game for about a week and I got pretty good. Put 10 in to get 10 bonus. Played for 3 3 times won all three so I was up quite a bit. Played for a 6 dollar won. So I decided why not play for 12 so I play for 12, trying my absolute hardest I get 28k points.. thinking easy win. Then waited for a match and after the match was over I go look on the match results.. other player scored 29k points... Giving the game the benefit of the doubt I thought okay maybe he was really good too. I then play another 12.. get 27k and I thought if this person wins there’s no way this is real.. well opponent scored 28k and I uninstalled. Because there was no way to get any higher points than I had gotten. I had a had a 28 pass streak and scored 8 times. I gave the game a chance that maybe I had gotten somebody good and it happened twice. DO NOT PLAY FOR MONEY!
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4 years ago, John Wayne Rountree
Very addictive BUT
Very well made game and I’m super addicted only 3 days in, but I do have some issues as well. I have been stuck in matchmaking on a 20$ game for almost a day now and have still not been matched with anyone after playing my turn. It’s upsetting because I feel like I wasted 20$ and if I’m not ever gonna be matched with someone I would at least like my money back! On another note, this game feels more like a casino game than a skill game, more luck based than user experience. If there were more options to control the offense such as qb pocket movement to avoid blitz or maybe a choice between 2 plays each new down, it would very much improve the overall performance as a “skill based game”
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4 years ago, shsususbe whdo yV
Good but...
First off, I would like to say this game is awesome! The game is well put together and very fun and addicting, but I would not play this for the money. Don’t get me wrong the game is fun and a good SINGLE PLAYER game (the multiplayer aspect is most likely fake. But the money part is most likely fake. I haven’t tried this on this game specially but. On a different type of this game I made a PayPal account with 5 dollars one of these type of games had access to, 3 days later my 5 dollars was gone and I was banned for the game for “being stupid and getting my money stolen”. Tl;dr this game is fun but don’t play it for the money
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3 years ago, Krazer1310
Crap system
The game itself is ok and can be fun. Don’t think for a second that you will ever make any money. They have bots that they employ for when you start winning. I had made it to $3 whole dollars after being down to .60. Once they seen I had a 3 win streak all of a sudden I faced the same opponent 4 times in a row and lost everything I had. Magically it was the same person every time and they somehow got over 20k points in every match. Which I had never managed to do. If it wasn’t a bot then their idea of a “fair match” is pitting new players against pro players that have been playing for awhile. At any rate I don’t recommend this game or any game that is run by skillz. They will steal your money 100% guaranteed.
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2 years ago, bombdiggitydan
First review ever
I dont ever do these things but this one was worth it. This game is so well put together....the play, the platform, it’s all phenomenal. This one truly is 5 stars. Honestly i have never had to use cust. support so i don’t know how they are, but the fact i have never had to use them says a lot in and of itself. I guess this rating is for the game alone and it truly is 5 star. Can’t put it down. Too much fun. —hey dev’s, how about a way to choose plays? Just a thought. D/L this one. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Bombdiggity !!!
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2 years ago, GUIngbhdgiuf
Actually a fun game, but the scoring system is terrible.
I actually have a lot of fun playing this game. The biggest downside though, is the ability to play and earn in game credits. There are two ways to play the game, either for real cash or for the games in-game currency. For my part, I’m really talking exclusively about the in-game currency. The way you earn is by essentially betting your currency. If you win, you make about 40% of what you bet, while if you lose you lose 60%. So to play for 100 coins, you are putting 60 coins on the line. You can only earn 40 by winning. I don’t understand why it’s not a straight one for one win/ loss system. For cash, yeah I get it, they are trying to make money. But for the in game currency? It is just frustrating.
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4 years ago, Pbears1319
The latest update has ruined this game for me. When I first got the game it seemed like the game was predictable at times but also required skill to have a perfect game and get a higher score. That being said there were a few issues with defending players having random bursts of speed and making tackles at random proximity to the ball carrier. Now that the game has been updated, the defenders cause a tackle when barely (sometimes not at all) touching the ball carrier. Also, since the update the defenders are now capable of batting down the ball when not even close to where it is going. It’s extremely frustrating because I was close to cashing out and now I’ve lost a large bit of money due to this update and the inconsistent gameplay.
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4 years ago, J42Outlaw
They literally steal your money. Scam.
I put $10 in just to see if you could possibly even win anything. I’ve played 3 $1 matches in a row and the game has literally cut out on me and sent me to the home screen. Every single game I lost because of it, also it’s quite interesting in 2 of my 3 games I faced the same guy twice. Almost as if possibly a developer or someone they know making easy cash. It’s quite upsetting, to my knowledge this is the only review I’ve ever had to write for any app. It’s a scam not even because I lost money, but because it won’t even let me finish a game with money involved. Also I tested it out and just played with the Z tokens after being booted from 3 MONEY matches and wouldn’t you know it I was able to play the full game no issues. Hilarious, right?
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4 years ago, RockyRyno42
Awesome Game
This seriously is a dope game. I love playing it while watching real football. It’s really like you’re the QB — you have to read the coverage, find the open man, and hit him in stride. It’s the 2 minute drill, so make sure you get out of bounds to stop the clock and rack up the points. It’s great to play while watching real football. I kinda wish you could choose your own play (out of like 3 options or something) but all-in-all, one of the better football games out there for mobile.
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4 years ago, donk725
Fun game but..
There should only be teams where you know you have time to get a Hail Mary and teams where you know you don’t have time. The teams where you sometimes have enough time on a Hail Mary route and sometimes don’t make this a complete guessing game and becomes more luck than skill. Another thing that needs to change is that when a player blitzes and you throw it over their head they literally back pedal 100 mph and tackle you or sometimes even knock the ball down. In real football when a player blitzes and you throw it over them they are essentially taken out of the play.
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4 years ago, Chucktherater
Fun but...
This game is fun but could be better. We should be able to pick the plays. The receivers down field should block. There should be running plays. We should be able to pick the “real people” that we are playing. We should be able to play against friends. There are a lot of ways this game could be better.
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3 years ago, Rsavona
Games are influenced
It seems to me that the games are influenced so you can’t winning too many games and stay around 50%. The game use to let you watch your opponents game after you played. But now they don’t. I get matched and lose games when I have previous high scoring games “pending, waiting for an opponent”. Those sit overnight until someone has a better score, then they match it. Like Vegas, since they get a cut of every games, it’s best for them if everyone averages .500 - and they ensure that with their behind the scenes cheating! Fun game when they don’t fix the outcome.
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4 years ago, Realistic Person Who
Bad Reviews are Accurate
First off, I don’t think the guys who developed this game ever played football or threw a football. It’s completely inaccurate. Second, the scoring is crazy stupid in regards to football. Third, it’s hilarious on how you score your best score and it’s still not good enough to win. Fourth, my last two games were not against anyone so I’m pretty sure I lost the games. It said awaiting challenger which probably means developer or employees are backed up playing other people. Finally, if you made this legitimate and real. If you actually let non employees or CPU’s play against other non employees or CPU’s, you would probably make a ton more money. You also won’t end up in jail one day...
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4 years ago, jojostljo
Took my money!! Wow
First off I have never written a review on anything. I am infuriated I just lost money for no reason at all. I only put in 2 dollars because I was enjoying the game.. and all three of my games crashed mid game. Open the app back up each time and my .60 cents is gone for each game. What an absolute ripoff.. feels like the makers of this game are having a field day. And they offer a “10 free dollars” when you deposit $10 just to get a bigger lump sum so it can be wasted via a game that only crashes when you play for cash. Wow. What an absolute joke. I wouldn’t even waste your time with this game. Look at the bad reviews and understand they’re not joking.
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4 years ago, 312090
Bug Fix IOS
Fun game but, the app game doesnt fit the IPAD AIR screen, some challenges i cant play, i lost ten Z points because i had to exit the match because after the introduction before game play i cant press the continue button down below, its a bug fix that can hopefully be fixed. UPDATE: Sat, Aug 29, 2020, I tried another match but could not play and lost three dollars because some rounds don’t fit the screen for the IPAD AIR IOS. The gameplay fits barely ther is only one round I can play and it’s only for the one Z. I tried one the limited rounds that has a time limit but can’t pass the “SCOUTING REPORT” because I cant click ok or continue at the bottom to play the game.
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4 years ago, fhrett
Login issue
I made a purchase for the first time after the purchase it had me make an account. So I made one but after completing it I didn’t get the deposit so I made another purchase and after the purchase it wanted me to make another account which I don’t want another account. Now every time I try to go on the game it goes straight to make an account and won’t let me do anything else. When I put my login in it says that it already has an account under that email well duhh. I’m stuck and need help. Review stays until then. Was fun until I tried to purchase a deposit.
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4 years ago, CoachL.D.
Needs a few tweaks here and there.
The game play should give the players at least 4 seconds to preview the routes the pass catchers are running. The “pass catchers movement” needs to be near the middle of the screen and not the bottom. Very hard to catch the ball and adjust fingers to the bottom of a bigger phone. I’m not sure where the route combinations come from but I could make them waaaaayy better and realistic for understanding. I would love to hear back.
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4 years ago, bigbear1607
Never download this game
I don’t even understand how this app is allowed to remain in the App Store. It is a total scam, they steal your money and do nothing to make it right. I deposited $10 just to see how the game works. More than 50% of the games I started crashed halfway through forcing an automatic loss of your entry fee. Since the update, now EVERY game crashes. Sure they issue refunds but you have to report every crash and guess what? When you try to pull your money out after realizing it’s a scam, you have to pay a $1.50 fee just to get your money back. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.
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3 years ago, Lime921
New update is fun!
While it may take some adapting to from earlier versions, this new update provides exciting and intense gameplay. It’s fun being able to perform spin moves and get more YAC. The tackle meter is more realistic and allows for more collisions and blocking. I’ve been playing a bunch!
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2 years ago, hillie16
Things that make you go hmmmmm. The fact it matches you with the same “random” person 3 times in a row, and they score JUST enough to beat your three randomly different scores, on of which is super high. The fact that when you get on a good streak your receivers start deviating from their marked routes after you throw the ball. The fact that your player BOUNCES OFF THE OUT OF BOUNDS LINE WITH NO ONE AROUND causing the clock to run out just in time to lose you the game. Don’t waste your time or $$. I did and and dumber for doing so.
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2 years ago, bmarcinojr79
More live competition
Needs more live competition instead of playing bots. Also you should be able to switch between teams instead of being locked in to one team game to game. Have the ability to pick a new team each game
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4 years ago, JPM Financial Advisor
The app is great and loads of fun! The staff is very friendly and quick with responses. Every so often the app will crash and mess up a game but I have never had an issue getting a same day refund for my buy in. Also made it to black tier and they sent me a nice card with this super cool coin. Will be playing for a long time!
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4 years ago, bowser6615
It’s a very fun game
When I first started playing I was a little frustrated that it seemed to be about paying money to play. Now that I’ve been playing for a while I’ve gotten good enough to play big games and win, and periodically play some of the money games it’s a very addictive very fun concept that I thoroughly enjoy!! Well done
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2 years ago, B50/50
More challenging than when I first started playing..
2 minute football (Skillz) is more challenging and more addictive with the update to NFL Edition! Being able to play your favorite team makes for a more interesting game for sure!
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4 years ago, Radracer41
On life support
When I first started playing, the game had a great flow. Hail Mary passes were fairly easy to pull off and there was a arcade feel to the game. Lately with the updates, sacks are constant and that limits the number Hail Mary attempts. In addition the plays that you are forced to use also takes that away. Overall, in my opinion, the updates have taken away the fun factor for me. Awesome concept but now I feel that developers are trying too hard now
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4 years ago, 59gtFTW
Cool game but some issues
Game is cool, I like the concept. Only problem I have so far is every time I play someone and they don’t submit it the game acts like it’s still in progress and it has me sitting here waiting for results, I played 5 games so far and 3 of them I’m still waiting for a result. And on top of that I’ve played the same person a couple of times as if it’s just certain people playing the game
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4 years ago, Bricerboy1
This game is fun, but i have a question
This game is fun and addictive on the free mode, but i have never played a money game due to people saying that you shouldnt play money games because the game crashes or something like that, my question is, Do i trust those reviews? I once got 2 free dollars and i want to play a money game but im scared that it might crash.
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3 years ago, patmarjahomes
Great but could be perfect
Best game ever I just wish you could keep searching for a player instead of playing a game and waiting for the results. Also please let us pick the plays before hand. Still the best game ever tho
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4 years ago, JimmyJamesSr
Simple, challenging, overall great game
This game is simple, games are quick, but the game still keeps its challenge. I really like the game and I tire of games rather fast. I also like how they structured it to allow them their profits with in app purchases without compromising the level of evenness of the competition.
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2 years ago, Q_Strow
This Game is Legit Awesome !!!!
I’ve been playing this since it first debuted a few years ago but it consistently updates and keeps getting better and now with choosing your favorite NFL Team they’ve outdone themselves !!
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3 years ago, suckfkembdsuw
Pretty fun
I’ve been playing this game for a while and I just say it takes a lot of skill. Many games have a system where you pretty much need luck as well as skill but his isn’t one of them. When I lose I know it’s my fault and I don’t feel cheated so ima give it 5 stars
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4 years ago, Big Hank 3
New Update is TERRIBLE!!!
Why in the world did y’all do this!??!?!?? The game was great!! Now it’s terrible. The players move 4 times as fast. Defenders “bubble “ has increased. Now if your guy isn’t WIDE open it gets batted down all the time. Defense sped to offensive speed ratio is all jacked up. You have taken a game that requires brains and skill and turned into freaking luck... way to go. Out of all the game on here this WAS my favorite! Not only that I was spending money on these games. Didn’t mind loosing it was ok, because the game was fair and balanced now it’s terrible.
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4 years ago, JH Evans
So much fun!
It’s the most fun football game you can play while waiting to do almost anything, because the games are only 2 minutes long AND you only play offense (passes only!). Fun competing against others measuring your progress against others on the leaderboards. Well worth the DL.
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2 years ago, Arabisn
2 minutes football
It is fun but the options are limited. Better than before. But I lost the amount of z without playing the games. Need to know what are my skills. Keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Grinnin'Bear
Great Start Competitive Gaming
Fun, simple but seems like there is a way to get better at each game. Looking forward to seeing how Skillz can up the graphics and fine tune the game play control and sensitivity as well as consistency.
Show more
4 years ago, Jnasty635
Call plays
You guys done a great job on the update. Maybe in the future possibly adding a feature where you can call your own plays would make it much more entertaining. Either way I enjoy it. Thanks for the game
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4 years ago, Al mien minion
Good game!
This is a good game. Just need to be a little better about getting the matchups set. 10 seconds is plenty of time. And they need to get the results figured out a little quicker as well instead of keeping players waiting. But overall quality game that will keep you entertained for a while!
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2 years ago, Tcherner
Fun game
I like the no ads and everything. I think there should be more ways to redeem coins when not betting. Also, some of the new routes aren’t great. It would be nice if you could audible. Overall, fun game, but I only play for Zs, so...
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3 years ago, KingAhern
Fun game, wish it had more people
Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for your score to get played, but still fun and can make money if you’re decent.
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4 years ago, DJ Slix
I’m addicted to this game
DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU THINK IT WILL MAKE YOU RICH. This is a fun football game that allows you to play for money vs other players. There are no “Big Pots” and the biggest ones have thousand of players. If you want to play and make a little bit of money, this game is for you.. see you on the field
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