2 Player Games : the Challenge

4.8 (92.9K)
152.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Moreno Maio
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 2 Player Games : the Challenge

4.83 out of 5
92.9K Ratings
1 month ago, HotPuffs~
Creative and entertaining
I really enjoy this game! It is the 1st time that I have ever played something like this where there is a mix of card games and board games in one. I rarely ever feel bored because it’s the app I run to when I want to make use of my time. New games are being added frequent enough where it doesn't feel too early, but instead are shown at the right time. It has many classic games that are fan favorites. And some newer ones that I have come to enjoy learning how to play. I also like that this can be played with two players or a bot if you are a single player. I do wish that a few more games are added into the solo player section such as snake, Pac-Man, etc. (I’m open to any other ideas) The tutorials are a lot of help and I am very grateful they were included for each individual games. I can see the amount of effort put into this game and how easy it is to use. It is so unlike current mobile games where you are constantly unsatisfied by the repetitive sessions and difficulty. Whereas with a bot you can choose from 3 levels! Definitely recommend 😆 I know that me and my younger sibling enjoy this a lot. Especially on-the-go and during car rides!
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11 months ago, bookworm 555
My friend game
This is like my friend game because I can play against bots and I can play against the world I might have to watch some commercials to play some of the games but that is OK because I sometimes enjoy the commercials but I gave this five stars because it gives me games whenever I need them you can get Wi-Fi on on this app you can suggest games for this app it has new games every once in a while you can play rock paper scissors against the robot you can play it against a friend as well you canPlay everything against your friend and you can play everything against you but Rarelyyou can play stuff against the world this game is the best game I’ve ever played because it’s got many different kind of games if you like this and you want more games you should download the free PBS KIDS Games app one thing about it is kind of different from all the other games you can’t play them in real life you can I mean none of the other games on apps we get to play ping-pong or rock paper scissors shoot or hungry hippos there’s endless games on the app they’re still coming
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1 year ago, BananaLu1234
Overall, pretty great!
This is a really fun time consuming app that you can play by yourself, or with a friend! It has probably 25+ games (I didn’t count that’s just an estimate), all pretty fun. There are 2 player options, in which you pick either to play with a friend, or against a bot, and if you pick bot you get to chose the difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard. And, I really like the premium game system. Either pay and get all of them for free every time (and I don’t pay money in games ever so for me this was not an option) or watch an add for every time you play. I don’t think I have ever seen any adds otherwise. However, here are a few suggestions: In “Unfair Fishing”, I have no idea how to cast my lure. I managed once, but I couldn’t figure it out since. I also cannot get the controls in “Spin War” to work. I don’t know if this is just me or if this is happening to others but it gets really frustrating. Also, in “Snakes”, if I put it on hard difficulty, the blue snake mimics my actions, making it impossible to win or lose! Anyway, thank you for reading my review, and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Bye!
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3 years ago, TheOGKing284
Best app for 2 players
Wanted a game that you could play with friends and family and came across this one. I have to say one of the best local 2 player game I’ve seen on the App Store. I really like that you are able to send game ideas and have a chance to watch them come to the game. But what I would really like is if you add some sort of online feature where you can play around with friends or family connected to the same WiFi. Only wanted this because playing two players is pretty difficult on a small screen if you have a iPhone. I’m sure it’s easier on a tablet but just an extra feature for phone users. Just so the two players have their own screen to play on. I see some reviews where there are too much ads but I rarely get any when I play. Controls for the games are kinda difficult to use if you are using a phone but if you use a big screen or solo, it works well and doesn’t glitch. Bots work well and love that you can change the difficultly for it. Overall, well made game and hope my idea is put to the game.
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2 years ago, hitormiss09
One suggestion
This game is amazing and me and my brother have fun playing it together especially when we are on a road trip. We both live this game so much so keep up the good work! There is only one little problem... why did you make some of the games premium? I haven’t played this game in a long time and I opened it for the first time this year. I was excited that there are new games like the hungry hippos game. But I saw the crown at the top of some games and was like “what does that crown mean, does it mean it’s popular?” So I clicked on the game and it showed me that I could watch a video to play the game or be able to unlock the game permanently but I am a tween, so I don’t have the money. Could you please change this having to be a premium member just to play certain games? Other than that it is an amazing game to play with someone when your bored or on a road trip! Definitely a 5 stars and would recommend to everyone! Please just get rid of the premium thing. Also try adding more games like a maze game or something.
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2 years ago, RandomDudw
This should be the greatest 2P games above all
This game’s graphic is pretty simple and is easy to play (except few games, such as Mini Soccer, or Dung Battle. For Dung Battle, I guess it’s not that hard but for me it usually it keeps goes back and forth so it takes kind of long to finish it) Also, I’m satisfied how you can choose bot’s level. Because when I play games that are hard for me, I can choose Easy for bot, and for games I’m good at, I can choose Hard, or in games I’m not good but also not bad I can choose Normal. Also there’s 60 games to play, so whenever you get bored on 1 game, you can always pick another, and if you also get bored on that one, you can play another one again. Lastly, you can play all premium games forever with no ads for $1.99. This is pretty cheap especially considering that in most of games it’s usually around 5 dollars or even more. So basically I play this game whenever I’m bored and got nothing to do. I recommend you to play it.
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3 months ago, COCOMELON 🥥🍉
I llloooovvvveeeee this game but…..
I love this game, it’s great for playing with your siblings and your friends. There is a lot of games that you can play and not only with someone else but by yourself. There is a couple of issues. For example, there are a couple of well known games that are in the game but unfortunately those games are premium like Happy hippos, memory and knife thrower. To be able to play does games you either have to watch an add or pay $6.99 to remove them. In a way this bothers me but I get because they want to make money… I mean who wouldn’t. I was reading a 5 star review from a year ago and it said that they loved the game because you only had to pay $1.99 to remove the ads and for other games you had to pay like $7. What happened inflation!? How did you go from $1.99 to $6.99… but if you don’t care wasting 7 dollars then go ahead, no one stopping you. But yeah, that’s all I have to say, great game btw keep up the good work
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1 year ago, TenAndNone
Very fun game!
Thank you for creating this game, it is very fun! I get to play it with by siblings and cousins whenever I’m bored! You should create “3 Player Games.” That will be very fun if an extra person sleeping over or another sibling that wants to play. This game is a great game for 2 players, this game deserves a 5 star from everyone that plays it, I honestly don’t know why this isn’t in the top 10 most fun games, like actually, this game is very fun to play, when your alone or nobody wants to play with you, you could just use the bot! I’m very happy you added a bot because many people don’t have siblings or someone who dosent to play, so they can use the bot! Especially the modes you can put on the mode! Like “Easy, Medium, Hard.” It’s very good for people that don’t have much experience in playing games, Very good work on this game, it has a 4.7 rating and I am sure it will reach 5 in no time because of how fun this game is to play for all ages! Good work!
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2 years ago, big mufin
This is a great game if your have friends over and if you just want to play it by yourself. The amount of games is great too, yes some you have to watch adds but it’s not like other mobile games were they make all of their money of adds, one other way that make their money off of it is because of the feature where you can pay $2 to unlock a few of the other games for example hungry hungry hippos and others. Like I said they have a great amount of games on it so it has good verity. The fact that It is 2 players makes it more fun instead of always having to go against a robot. That is all I have to say for this game/app it is great and I am having an amazing time with it. Ps. I don’t write reviews on things ever this is the second thing I’ve ever wrote a review on so that means that this is a great game to the point I take time out of my day to write a review, sorry if I make some bad grammar or if it was hard to read bye bye :)
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2 years ago, Big fat nugget
Good game
I love this game but I don’t like it how my brother always gets mad because I love money grabber but he doesn’t because I always pick it but anyways I love this game so much I love how it doesn’t require Internet so me and my brother but sometimes whenever I play with the robot it kind of glitches out only sometimes but if you have annoying sibling don’t get it like my brother but it’s still a great game and I love it to this day but yesterday I got bored so I played it but whenever I did a glitch happened or just kicked me out I’m not sure my phone was just buzzing it which it probably was but I still don’t like that glitch i’m not trying to be like a Karen but it was kind of annoying because whenever I joined it again it kept on happening and happening so I just left my phone there to wait until the next day and see what was happening😁😁😁😁😁
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2 years ago, qaaahhhhhh
Okay, so first of all, I think this game is great. The two player games are fun, yes. Just some of them have problems. In basketball, whoever goes first wins. Honestly, make the second person to go have another shot at the end so it’s fair, kinda like golf. Add in a tiebreaker. In chess, it teaches you how to play well, but it’s not how you play it. Idk if it’s different in some countries, but it’s definitely not the way I was taught to play. The premium also stinks. The point of the game is to play in your free time with your friends, not every second of the day. Don’t expect me to spend money on this. The other games, some are too easy like the new hand slapper. I mean, it’s not really fun. Some are real hard like king in the yard. My favorites are ship battle, ping pong, and tanks. The tanks was thought of well, I couldn’t have thought of that myself. You can email the game also if you want to suggest a game. It had a variety of games and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a little fun with their friend.
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1 year ago, Emmarated
Awesome Games! Just one thing…
The games are 100% fun and I’ll be honest I play this game more by myself rather with my friends & family😭The games are really enjoyable and creative, they have unique made up games to all the classics. I definetly recommend trying out this game! The only thing that bothers me is a couple months ago I bought the remove ads for 1.99, and then a few months later I deleted the app for storage. Just recently, I got the app again through iCloud on the same device. I click the restore purchases button and it shows that I restored it at the top saying the creators thank me, yet I still get ads!!! I don’t know if this happened with anybody else but it made me a bit upset how they have the restore purchases button but it doesn’t fully work, 1.99 isn’t bad at all but it was MY money. Please fix this problem!!!! Otherwise…the app is great and new games come out often so it never gets boring.
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2 years ago, flower amd heart
Omg yes yes yeeeeees🤩😍🥰
Ok hi I’m a girl and I’m 14 I just got this game a few hours ago and me and my sis have been playing every single mini game in this game and let me tell you this, IT IS the actual best two player game I’ve ever had!!!! Like ever🤩I really really recommend this game and you can even just play with the phone/tablet if you don’t have someone to play with but I am just blown away of how good this 2 player game is. just woooow🤩😍🥰 I really hope you get this game and like it as much as I do. And if I’m being honest I wish I could do like a 10 star or somthing kinda like ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ instead of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I know you probably think I’m overreacting but I’m serious I really wish I could do ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/10 star. Plsss get this game you will love it (I hope) Thx so much for reading my review hope you have a good day or good night bye 👋
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4 years ago, CooCooPants
This game is super cool!
So I first sow this game when I was just look looking up among us on the App Store then I stated scrolling down then I sow this game and I was thinking “ maybe in the future I should get this game.” Then lasted at least a pretty long time me and my family where on vacation and we where looking for games like besides among us so then I just remembered this game so then me and one of my brothers stated playing this game and I loved it. This game is super cool I love playing this game with my friends on my free time or when ever. Such a creative idea to make this game cause I’ve never seen anything like it, and I really love how you guys have a suggestions button if The people who got this game have a idea for a new Mini game, and if you are one of these people thinking about getting this game you should. I just wanted to say this game is super awesome and have a good day! 😄👍😸😆🥁🥳
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3 years ago, JustAHumanBeingHere
Best 2 player game out there!
First of all, I want to thank the creators for making a game like this. If you are looking for a fun game to play alone or with friends, get this game. I also have a game suggestion which I also put in the suggestion box in game. I think that a pvp game with slapstick fighter controls would be really fun. Basically, you press the back arrow to block and move backwards, and double tap it to do a heavy attack. Front to punch and move, double tap for headbutt. Just try out slapstick fighter on the appstore and get it there. A pac man game where one person is pac man and the other is the ghost would be cool. If you read this, thank you for making such a fun game! Whenever im with my brother or cousins, i always play this game with them and we have a ton of fun. The CPU work is really good too. Keep up the good work!
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2 weeks ago, Livy-3-
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this game! I bought the no ads and it’s so fun and a great way to waste time or challenge a friend! The art style is fun and playful, the games are really fun and original, and I love how you can play with people globally on some games! I also like how there are single player games and bot modes so you don’t always have to play with a friend! However, I have one suggestion! The global games where you can play with someone random is super fun, but I wish you could do that with every game! Maybe if u bought the no ads pack you could make it so every game is global? That’s my only suggestion though, solid and fun game! Also, I love how the ads to get something are short and for your own games instead of just a 1 minute long ad for a brain rot game. Keep up the amazing work!!
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7 months ago, judsgfjshdgfksudh
Perfect! Except for one tiny thing
This game is perfect for when traveling and you’re bored. This game even made me turn into a whole new competitive persons! There are multiple games to choose from, ranging from the class tic-tac-toe to the intense chess. There are also games that I never even heard of, that was perfect for me to explore the app even more. One problem that I have is with chess. The game works perfectly fine but when your king is about to die, the game automatically doesn’t allow you to move it in the way you want. In some cases, this is helpful, but in others, it’s not. The game lasts forever when the game prevents the player to choose the spot that they want, making it harder for the other player to take over the king. Hope you enjoy the game!!
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2 years ago, Gamer insider
Simple but fun
I love this game for the graphics being simple and easy to understand and the selection of fun new games which are always fun and are never boring. I love how they up date it lot more often then other games like giving redesign to the games looks and added I gotta in new games. I do dislike that you have adds sometimes through the games that you play but they don’t make you watch them most of the time and only if you pay for the game you can unlock some other games and adds. But those game that you have to pay for well you can just watch and add to play it once and this game is also offline as well if you want to cheat the system. I love this game and I would say you would have to get it if you have a brother or close friend.
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1 year ago, ssssssssssssdddgjkjdjdjfbf
One problem but really good
The one problem is that when I was playing the game memory and I decided to do the hard mode with the robot the robot kept on getting them all right and he was like the first time he started playing he just got them all right and won the game I feel like that’s kind of cheating or it was rigged but he got it like in a matter of seconds so I’m just saying try to change that up and another thing is that the ads every like for every game I mean you have to pay for which is kind of sad but you know and there’s only one more problem with this game there’s not like a lot of options for like the single player game so if there was more options for that that would be Great overall it’s a four out of five
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12 months ago, hana ❤️🌈💃🏻🥳
The games on this game are so good I cannot take my eyes off of the screen. It is a really fun game for two players. They also have one player games to. I find the games really fun there’s not much ads. I actually don’t even keep count of that. I don’t even know if there is add anyway, I think this is the most game liked on my phone but there is a little bit of problems. Some of the games are actually really hard even if you just put them to normal and also when you play hand slap if you play against the robot on hard mode, the robot gets two points when it slaps your hand and you only get one point that is so not fair so I think the game is still my favorite but don’t really like it as much now that I know that’s why I’m only giving it a four star rating or else it would be a five star rating
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1 year ago, ENDer b0y
Very amazing the best cure for boredom when with friends or alone
Hi devs! I have just on thing I would like to see more of in this game. 1 player games! Maybe something like helix jump or where your a race car on a highway avoiding other cars Also it would be AMAZING if you were to add like a messaging thing that comes with this game when you download it. Like when your in the messaging app and you go to the person you want to talk to and right above the keyboard where the gifs and photos are you would be able to find 2 player games. And you would tap the games icon and would give you a list of the games and you tap the game you want to play and it would be sent to your friend. I think take turn games would be best for this idea
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2 years ago, yo mom..
Love this
I was at an amusement park waiting in 70 minute lines, I didn’t know what to do so I look up “games for 2 people” and this comes up and I’m like nahhhh so I looked a bit longer and then ended up getting other games. I went back and I looked at it and was like okay I’ll try it and honestly it is so fun but if you want ALL the games you have to pay 2$ and that’s not bad at all so I got it and I have some of the greatest games for 2 players or play against a robot with a few different modes Easy, Normal, or Hard! I think it’s amazing. Amazing enough that I spent time to write this! A big thank you to those who made this app!! The line went so much quicker playing this!! Has great games. Enjoy!! :) thanks for taking your time to read this if you got this far!! :) 😅
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3 years ago, Aubre04
Good game but has some flaws
This is an amazing game for any road trip, or if your at a lost of what to do with a friend. Has tons of really fun minigames for everyone to enjoy, but some games has some flaws. First, the Crab Volley and the Ping Pong game are kinda strange with the how it’s hard to tell whether the ball has landed yet. I like how you attempted to fix around the problem of a bouncing ball on a 2d screen but it just doesn’t work too well, and it’s not your fault. Second, the physics on the Pool game are a bit wacky, but that’s not much of a big deal. And the last problem I can think of on the top of my head is how the Chess game and Checkers game are just wrong in general. In Chess you win by capturing the opposing king, and in Checkers your forced to capture a piece if possible. Besides those small flaws, great game and keep up the work!
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8 months ago, Crazy pay pay
Two player games
I love this game because if you’re waiting in line or bored, you can play against a robot or a friend. My favorite game to play with a friend is probably tic-tac-toe and tug-of-war I was at Kings Island the other day and use this the whole time I was waiting in line we were in line for over two hours and I was not bored one bit because I was playing this game and if you wanna play by yourself, you can do one player games which is really nice because sometimes I don’t wanna play against a robot or a friend and sometimes I just wanna do it against yourself if you don’t have this app you need to download it it will be a life changer and if you have a little kids or teenagers that get bored in line, get this game.
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11 months ago, Yankees99AaronjudgeBaseball
Pretty good game but a couple problems
This game is pretty good, the games are fun, it’s for 2 players, and there is also a choice if you want an easy, normal, or hard robot. But there are some problems. First of all and the biggest problem is that in bowling, blue pretty much always wins. I once played with my brother and he got 2 spares and the rest strikes and I got one spare and the rest strikes and he still won! How is that fair!!! Also, for snakes, the hard robot always copies all of your movements. It’s so annoying! Another problem is that in in the spin war, I don’t get the movements. It’s so uncontrollable when you are trying to move the spinner. The last problem is that there shouldn’t be premium games. There’s NO point of premium games. Is it for more money?!?! But on the other hand, it’s a decent game. If the game fixes those problems it’s gonna be a 5 star game.
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2 years ago, galvanovar
Good but greedy
The game has a ton of games to play that seem pretty fun, however some of the games are flawed like basketball, the person who goes first wins if they get all their shots. Or like chess when the game isn’t even played how its supposed to and instead of checkmating, you have to capture the king. But thats not my main problem, my main problem is the sheer amount of ads, about every single game theres an ad, which wouldn’t be a problem if you could simply turn internet off, and keep playing, but now it isn’t that simple with “premium games” where you have to watch an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME you play it, and if you dont wanna waste your time watching it, you have to buy no ads. This game is slowly shifting to about most mobile games nowadays, where it has potential, and it just gets flushed away by greediness. Advice, just take out premium games
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1 year ago, kouhvrdde
I paid for the game to have no ads and it claimed for it to have no ads “forever” but after about one or two months, it started to give me advertisements. Two dollars was taken out of my account but its asking me to pay again. This is outrageous. I would be fine with paying two dollars again because its my favorite game except they could continued to give me ads despite the payment. Theres no guarantee that you actually wont have ads which is why im so upset. I refuse to play the game now because not all of the types are unlocked and i keep getting ads. I need to either be refunded or stop getting ads and have all the games unlocked. If I could include pictures in my review, I would show my bank account with 2 dollars being withdrawn for the app but i cant on the app stare. If the developers have an email I can message I will happily provide them with proof of my purchase.
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2 years ago, CJFelix85
Best game ever!
Honestly this is the best game ever originally I only got it for my friends birthday party(no I was not giving it to him we were going to play) also Who wants to buy premium if a kids getting it that kids just gonna pay for it like he doesn’t know what it is(and yes I know that you need a password what is the baby has them print on the iPad don’t ask me how) besides nobody likes premium and I mean nobody yes I know that’s the only way you get money but why don’t you just go I don’t know maybe make the game like a dollar or two i’d be perfect with that if I worked there oh wait it’s not like a giant job or something still I would still make the game a dollar or two besides it’s the best game ever five stars(and five grandma cookies).
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2 weeks ago, JustAGirlFromGotham
This Game is Bussing
I originally downloaded this game to try and keep a six year old little boy entertained. I had so much fun playing the game with him, that I eventually started playing against bots. Only then did I find the single player games on the app. I have to say, Match Tap is the most addicting game I will ever play in my entire life. I had to unglue my eyes from the game just to write this review. Do yourself a favor and download 2 Player Games. Yes Match Tap is one player. But your life will change, and you’ll have a fun game to waste time with your friends on. Please play this game. (Edit) Ok what is with the new ads! I used to get none and now I have to PAY for something I used to get for free??? That’s annoying. Are you serious 🧐
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1 year ago, tedsterr05
Tap Match Bug
I love this app and all of the games within it so if you’re looking at this review to decide if you should buy it, you should. The only knock I have against it is that it will show you it’s own built-in adds when it’s offline and has the ever so prevalent in-app purchase of an add-less game. With that being said, one of my favorite games, “tap-match” is having a bug right now where if clear a block, the blocks below ot will appear as if it can be cleared even if it below another block. I noticed this as soon as you guys updated the game last time. It’s not a big deal but it does mess with you a little and can be kind of annoying and unsatisfying. Thanks in advance
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2 months ago, I love my pookys
Its great but…
I love this game! But their r 3 off thing i don't like. When you want to get out of the game while your in the middle of a battle well it keeps playing on its own bcs i have yo slide down and thats a bit annoying. The other thing is that you hace to pay to play some of the games or watch and add before playing it, and I find that disappointing. The last thing is that it has adds, but its the same one ove and over again and thats getting me a little sick. Tho! The fact that their not that often is great! And over all its a really fun game. And i love that you can play with other people, tho i dont really know if your reallyyy playing with someone else because ive won every time so idk abt that🤷‍♀️. But overall great game. Sorry for the long LOL byee! Great day, blessings😁
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3 years ago, Arcticwolfspeed
So fun & simple
This game is so fun & simple! The only problem is the amount of ads, but even those are relatively short. There are so many options of games to choose from and the best thing is that this game is the first game I’ve ever seen that is mainly built for multiplayer! You can play with your friends or family on any device and it’s so simple to download. My FAVORITE thing about this is that it works on no wifi! Imagine your outside somewhere and decide to play a game to pass the time, but none of the games work because there isn’t any nearby WiFi or any immediate range coffee shops, then you can play this game! Either against a friend or a robot. My favorite and most recommended game is Paint Fight.
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5 years ago, DragonFury12
I’m impressed with this app!
I was a bit reluctant to try to find some decent two player games for me and my friend to play on our 2 hour ride to the mountains... typically 2 player games get boring after a little while and the game is usually buggy. However, this app exceeded both of those boundaries! I love how there are so many different games to play so you never get bored! I also really like how you can play with AI, which is something that a lot of 2 player games don’t have! The app layout, design, and controls are all so nice and simple! Me and my friend are addicted to this app and we love it! I highly recommend you (and your friend, if you have one) to try this app out now! It’s very fun with very simple controls!
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1 year ago, player 400
Very good but…
Overall I love this app especially in long Ubers and flights since I travel with friends a lot so I use this app although when I am playing solo to pass the time like in lines it gets a little slow since 1 it only goes up to hard so maybe add harder difficulties 2 there aren’t that many games so maybe look at the suggestions for games for often I personally like the idea of a duck hunt game but that’s me 3 is that maybe make an option that you can change how many rounds it takes to win that certain game 4 the adds are so short why bother making adds at all and just for a few more little games 2 dollars but over all good game
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2 years ago, kfduazhj
Pretty Good Game
This game is pretty good, but I would make one addition. Playing with other people online would be pretty fun on my opinion, so you don’t have to play with a bot when you don’t have someone to play with. You could have a friends list and challenge them to games and tournaments without them having to be with you. You could also add playing with random people that want to play the same thing or play people who want to have a tournament. If you added these features, I would give this game a 10/5 if I could. Also please make the air hockey bot easier. It’s like trying to play air hockey with a brick wall in the middle.
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9 months ago, Luciest Duck
Great app
Ever since the last few updates, things have boom good. Just a few things. You still have rock paper scissors. What’s the point of having rock paper scissors?? Playing with the bot is obviously rigged. And guess what. YOU CAN PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOUR HANDS. That’s wild. Second of all, I noticed the online thing you added but there’s a few things making me thinks they’re actually bots and not really people. For starters, I tried playing tug of war online and the “person” playing with me was tapping a a constant pace really, REALLY slowly. No person would, in their right mind, play like that. Secondly, almost everyone that I get matched with happens to be in Italy. I would expect people to be from Germany and GB or France. But no I guess not. There is one thing tho. YOU FINALLY MADE THE CHESS BOT GOOD!!! Great job with that.
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1 month ago, Katieahahshxgdgehhshd
Good overall, one complained
I love playing this game but sometimes it can be aggravating. A lot of times I play with a bot and I will play with the easiest one and the bot doesn’t try. It makes it to easy. But I switch it to normal and it’s impossible. For example, I was playing ludo with the normal bot and I kept rolling 1s and 2s and the bot was rolling 5s and 6s. It’s almost rigged. I’m also convinced that the “world” players are bots. Somehow every time I play against them they’re from Mexico first of all, and they also are magically amazing at whatever I’m playing. Realistically, if they were real people by this point I would’ve gotten people who aren’t good at whatever I’m playing. It’s either that or Mexico’s national sport it 4 in a row.
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1 year ago, MusicMan123456
Its great, but need some changes
Overall, 2 Player Games is great. Its great for road trips and enjoyment. I love it and so do the kids! The developers are always added new games. My kids have a great time playing with the tournament feature and so do I! It’s filled with all kinds of classic games such as tic tac toe, chess, and hand slap. But some other games like knife thrower, pop it, and dung battle are new and not talked about often. Instructions on those kinds of games are unclear and Don’t make much sense. Even my kids don’t understand and they have a very wild imagine. Now that’s just my opinion, but I haven’t even heard of happy birds, traffic jam, or money grabber my inter life. I love it, but the instructions need to be more clear.
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2 years ago, droma/deva queen
I love this game it’s really fun and great to play with 2 people every game you play whoever wins it adds up and keeps track there a lot of fun games and if you playing by yourself it’s still fun to with the computer there are like 5 games that you have to watch an add for every time you want to play it or you you can pay money 💵 and also not have adds cause adds do happen like after every 3 games and another cool part is the is tournaments theirs is a thing to have a tournament and you play like 9 games and their all random so yeah really fun game if you thinking about getting it to play with your friends you should get it
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5 days ago, RadJules
I love this game!
Over all I think this is a great game! I love that it’s just a quick, on the go game that you can play anywhere, with your friends and family or just by your self if you play against the game. It’s can be easy and it can be hard, depending on what game it is or how challenging the CPU is. This game is so fun!! I definitely recommend this game if you are just looking for a chill game that’s quick and you can play anywhere. Overall my only complaint is the ads. There is a thing where you can pay 7 dollars to remove all ads but to be honest that is kind of a rip off so you just either have to tolerate them or pay to remove them. But I definitely recommend this game!!
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2 years ago, Jota7779
2 Player Game Rating
I love how there are so many games you can play with someone else. I usually play these with my sister, but since you can play against a robot I play a lot more. I think the robot can make people play more and was a good idea in general. I also like how there’s some single player games. It really raps up the whole app and creates a new alternative for players. I would definitely rate this 4/5. The only bad part of the app is that either you should create a mode where you can play against other people or you should make the levels against the robot harder. Overall this is an amazing game to play when your bored with a friend. You should definitely get this app.
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9 months ago, Gymnastics master 123
2 player games are amazing❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗
I love this game so much it’s amazing when I found out about it i loved It I played with cousins friends and family and sometimes when someone is not available to play with u I play with the bot it’s so nice how u can always play with the bot if u can’t play with a friend and it’s so fun how u can play with another person at the same time this is a really nice good game and I recommend everyone to play it there is so many games in it and when ever I am bored I always play it I also love how it keeps a record of how many wins each team gets this is an amazing game and there’s nothing wrong with this game.
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2 years ago, uthfdndvdjd VI cs
The best!
This is one of the best games I have ever played in my life it is so fun and addictive and exciting you should try it and if you want to play with your friends on one device this game is for you or if you just wanna play alone have nobody over and play with the robot he or she is very challenging this game is the best game so if you can’t find my game for you I suggest trying this one people that made this if you’re reading this thank you this game is perfect for me and for the people that wanna play with me people that are reading this to bless all y’all have an amazing life and always believe in yourself God is always by your side God bless you👍❤️😇😁
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2 years ago, Apr1lsn0w
Good game if you have a brother Or a cousin or sister or brother away I just said that never mind
It’s basically like a game that has two player stuff and if you’re bored you could just download this app and just play with two players and your mother won’t have to deal with your sassy and think self even though you always cry over the phone when your brother or sister or cousin has it and you guys both wanna play this is a good game for playing if you guys only have one phone and that’s all I have to say and I give this a five and if there was 1000 I’ll give you 1002 but for real I’ll give it 1 trillion
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3 years ago, ToasterGang
Insanely Good App
I just got this game, and I am already having tons of fun. I bought the cheap ad-free purchase, and am very satisfied with these minigames. I am also quite appreciative of the very clean design and artstyle of this app. I’ve played only 4 different games, and I am very excited to try the many, MANY, other games. This game is practice flawless, aside from the fact that the screen can’t rotate, forcing you to hold your device a certain way. The game would be absolutely perfect if you could flip your screen the other way. I also appreciate the computer player options. Very nice app, 100% download this.
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11 months ago, Kitty cat, Liz, 33
The best game ever
When I downloaded this game I thought I had nobody to play with but then I realize there was a one player section and it was the best day of my life and I just love this game. It has like zero there’s like 3 yards per five minutes. It’s literally the best game ever sure I have seen some awesome games but this is one of the best but I had to read them I would say from 1 to 3 my first would probably be Braindom puzzles, then it would be two player games then probably Royal match. I love this game so much. It’s awesome. If you haven’t already download it I really recommend you doing it. It’s awesome not joking. I love it.
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11 months ago, Enaya.s.10
I Love it sm!
Me and my brothers are always playing this game if we’re bored or on a long car trip. But one suggestion is to remove the red spots on the chess game because in the end the queens are just moving around the board because you cant go on the red spots or else they will die by the other player. Then, the game will never end unless you exit! I suggest that the red spots be removed and just let the queen die if they make the wrong move, its also a learning experience to get better at the game if they keep letting their queens die. Thanks! Once again i love this game its really good, keeping adding more games!
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8 months ago, MineCreator658
Pls download. No Wi-Fi needed and no long ads
This game is amazing and it’s an offline game which means you don’t need Wi-Fi and yes it is for one person only, too. This game is for 1-2 players, and the two player games on here you can also play even if you’re playing by yourself. You just need to click “Play with bot” and you can adjust your “Easy”, to “Medium,” to “Hard.” There are ads but not common and the max for the time is like 12 seconds but the ads aren’t those ones that you usually get when you play things like those usual mobile games you play. Pls get no regrets!
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4 weeks ago, -_-yay ok
The only game I actually use and enjoy is chess on this app. There is a red and a blue team on this chess board. When your on the blue side the king is in the wrong place. It’s on the brown space when it’s supposed to be on the blue space. This makes it strategically impossible to castle. This is a move where the pawns form a wall for the king and the rook blocks the only way to the king. This really messes my whole strategy up when playing against my friends even though most of them don’t usually know how to play chess as good as me. Because chess is the only game I play on this app, it really changes my opinion on the whole game. Bye hope this helps you. BTW I’m 14
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1 year ago, eeeeeeeeeeeeekshark
Problem with checkers and pool
I NEVER play checkers at all or play pool against bots because in checkers if you can jump it makes you jump so you can’t be strategic if you don’t get what I’m saying I’ll explain so let’s say you could jump the other player but if you jump they could double jump you so you wouldn’t jump but the game makes you jump so you’d be losing. If you play pool against a bot you LITERALLY CAN’T LOSE like there’s been one ball for the bot left to hit in and he would just randomly hit the ball somewhere I don’t know if something is wrong with my phone or whoever programmed the pool bot is a completely crazy. Other than that games AMAZING 😁😁😁🥞(I put pancakes because pancakes are also amazing)!!!!!!!!!!!!
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