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2 weeks ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 2048

4.22 out of 5
22K Ratings
6 years ago, Ben DuMez
Ads. Are. Annoying.
This is easily one of my favorite games of all time. Its so simple to learn, but can still be fun and challenging when trying to reach the highest tiles, scores, and learning new strategies. This game is still a fun game to play and I have been addicted to it for years now, with breaks occasionally. I used to mostly just play on computers but i got annoyed with not being able to keep my high scores, or keep my game going wherever I go. So, my easy solution was to download the mobile version. The gameplay is great, everything is super smooth and I can never recall the game crashing. But, whenever i am on wifi (I turned off mobile data use) the ads are SUPER FRUSTRATING. Every time I open the app I anticipate and ad popping up, but there is often a delay. So as soon as I begin to play out of nowhere an ad pops up. This usually causes me to accidentally click on it and the ad opens the app store page. This is always the most annoying thing. There is also the occasional ad that will pop up out of no where. It always throws me off and I usually will just leave the game because I get so annoyed with the ad.
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3 years ago, i like 2048
Let me explain...
So numero uno prob, I have random friends that I can’t remember adding, like does it not ask your permission? and two, a friend has the game but we couldn’t play together because the multiplayer doesn’t work. I just won’t connect. And I will come into the game, and I swipe and then a random add pops up! Like what? The game is good overall, but it can get a little confusing. Like about your top five scores. So What I got my first game on this version was pretty bad and I showed it up top because it was my first game. But then I beat it and that was the top. Then I didn’t beat my top, but I did beat my original, which was second. But it didn’t get listed on there anywhere. And by now I have played more games than the five scores it says it displays, but only four are up there and the last one is that first one even though it’s been beaten numerous times. You can only get a new score up there if you beat your top score. I wish you would fix this it would really make my game play more enjoyable. Overall it is a non laggy game, and is extremely addicting and fun. But developers, please take this review into your account. I love this game and would recommend it to everybody with some patience. Just one more thing, how do people get TEN MILLION, I mean I’m pretty good at this but are these people bots? I would really like clarification! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Chloe4|\|N
Unpredictability is killing me!
Good game, the app is fine, the adds don't bother me-they don't cause a crash and you just exit out of them. My problem is the unpredictability that only happens when you're right on the verge of getting a higher tile. Once you hit a new tile, that possibly took months or years-then you can hit it almost every try after that. It's not that your skill drastically increased, only that the game FINALLY let you. For instance, I'll only be 1024 away from my goal tile when suddenly I have to swipe up because the game decides to be unpredictable. Then a number (90% of the time) appears under my highest tile. Then it gives me a four instead of a two, which of course doesn't match, and just like that-poof. The game is lost. I don't give up then, but I'm again irritated at the unpredictability. It's not a learning game at that point. It's chance. Or better yet, a sick sense of humor by the developers. It's not poor planning by the player. Okay, most times that is the problem, but a few times-it's not. You'll play perfectly to the strategy that works all up until suddenly the game starts changing it up for no reason, and with no purpose other than to make you loose. I actually like this about the game-but not after a year or more of being stuck on the same tile.
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7 months ago, quarffnif
Meh, it’s ok
So I got this game like about a year ago maybe two and it was fun in the start but now it’s ok I mean it’s not bad, but what I mean by this is that it’s kinda ya know the exact same thing like yeah that’s what happens with every game but ya know it never changes in soon it gets boring and boring. Plus not to mention that you get adds every time you start over like I get the fact that you guys don’t let your players pay money at all by this game but like it’s kinda to much of the adds though. But honestly there’s nothing really wrong with this game at all besides The fact it’s just the same thing and there’s a lot of adds. But honestly if your looking for a game like this then maybe find a different one because this one has a lot of adds in it. So yeah that’s my opinion.
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1 year ago, just had a kid love my wife
My favorite game! Highly recommend
This is by far my favorite game. It involves puzzles and strategy without feeling like you're being tested. Beating high scores and comparing with friends had become one of my favorite activities. There are a few ads as with any free mobile game, but typically only after playing for a long period of time (I'm talking hours, yes I'll play that long) and one short add when you first open the game. I haven't had any problems with bugs or glitches, while I am a fairly new user I have already "beat the game" or reached the 2048 tile, and am yet to experience any issues. Like I said previously I have beat the game (I am very proud of this accomplishment and it inspired me to write the review) yet the game is still fun challenging and just as amazing as before which will keep it on my phone for the long run. Once again I highly recommend, at least give it a try.
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4 months ago, 2048’s biggest fan
I Worked So Hard For Nothing.
I spent a long time working hard to get good at 2048. It took a long time, but eventually I was able to get good enough that I felt I could beat other players in the multiplayer part of 2048… But my dreams were crushed. When I decided it was finally time to tackle my goals and play multiplayer, it wouldn’t load. I got into a game with someone I knew personally, and no matter how long I waited or how much hope I had, it would not load. I realized I could never beat someone in multiplayer 2048…because I could never play multiplayer 2048. It was the biggest disappointment I had ever experienced. So, I deleted the game and whenever I saw anyone else playing it I made them delete it too. Seeing anything related to 2048 made me emotional. Once, in math class, the answer to a problem was 2048, and I had to go see the school counselor to “work through my trauma.” Thank you for reading this review, especially because it was so hard for me to write mentally. I hope you take the idea of fixing the multiplayer part of your game into consideration—it would mean the world to me.
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2 years ago, Timothy Tucker
One of the top three favorite games on my phone
I’ve spent far too many hours in this game over the years to count. It’s an incredibly relaxing play. It’s my go to for winding down at the end of the night. It’s a pretty straightforward game where you try to get to 2048 by adding the nearby blocks to your count. There’s a bit of strategy involved, and from there it’s just about beating your friends and getting the highest score. About the only cons I can think of are that there isn’t a dark mode (something I’d really love to see in a future release), and that the game, simple as it is to start, can really eat up a lot of your spare time. It’s cathartic and addicting while shockingly not being a cash grab. The only purchable option is the ability to disable ads for a couple dollars which I would say is well worth it.
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2 years ago, jiggymang
Frustrating Bugs and Ads
I’ve played this game for years and loved it. Years ago it was the perfect game. I took a break of several years, and came back to a very different experience. Now the ads are way more annoying. At one point the app was very sluggish, to the point it was disrupting my play. At that point I switched to the other “original” 2048 app. I missed the bragging rights of the Game Center leaderboards of this app, so once the sluggishness was fixed I came back. But now the leaderboard and score tracking doesn’t work!! My high score from months ago still shows up as “today” and new top 5 scores don’t show up in the recent top scores. To avoid risking not getting credit for a new high score, I’m switching back to the other app again. That app is better in so many ways: less ads, more responsive, friendlier 2/4 ratio, no unpredictable tile appearances, etc. If the other app was connected to Game Center leaderboards, I’d never touch this version ever again…
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2 years ago, ziggy2500
Awesome game
I’ve had this game for years. I’ve completed all the challenges, but am still trying to get the 4096 tile, it sometimes gets frustrating, but it’s a fun challenge. For those of you who are bothered by the ads after every game, just turn Wi-Fi/cellular off. The game works fine without it. You’ll only get one ad, then none afterwards until you turn Wi-Fi/cellular back on. Pro tips, keep the biggest tile in the bottom left corner at all times and I mean ALL times. Don’t swipe up unless you absolutely have to, and never give up. New types of challenges would be fun, such as having to merge all the current on-screen tiles into a single tile, or reaching a certain score. Overall, great game and definitely recommend.
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8 years ago, santos.julian.j
Best Mobile Game Since Snake.
Although the mechanics may seem simple those that sink their teeth into the game find that it is truly iconic and will stand the test of time. With mobile games that devour upwards of a gigabit of memory for half of the replay ability, 2048 really masters the line of strategy, luck, challenge and accessibility. I've been a fan of this game since it's inception and it has lived a long life on my phone which happens to be longer than some phones. When people refer to the great mobile games of the era, I vision seeing 2048 up there with classics like Snake, Solitaire and Tetris. My hat goes off to the 2048 team for continuing to update their game about 5 years after it's first major debut. I look forward for what lies ahead for 2048 as it continues to live on my phone.
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7 years ago, Liv_loves_to_sing
This game isn't a challenge...
This game is very fun and addicting and I love Ketchapp it is my favorite game company but this happens in a lot of there games like The Floor Is Lava and Color Switch, if you don't update the app it becomes to easy because I play it a lot. This app was sort of a challenge in the beginning and then the more I played the easier it got. Soon I jut started closing my eyes and swiping up and down. Everyone thinks ads and glitching is the problem I just think something simple could make it more complex. JUST ADD SOME MODES!!! You could do a mode where you need to get a certain amount of 4's or 124's or whatever and more that would make playing it burn a lot more time too. Ketchapp please read this and please understand I'm not a hater I love your games which is why I'm trying to help you make them better! 😃
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3 years ago, Austin_TiBITs
This game seems to set out its initial goal very well however…
I wish there was a game-mode separate from the main mode. A mode with it’s own leaderboard etc. However this mode would have a little reverse button that undos my most recent move. If I make a move that would put me in a stalemate and end the game, the button would be highlighted before the game ends for good. Sometimes I play this game while watching a show or on a commute so I don’t pay attention as much because I’m just violently swiping. The reverse button would rewind my ended game and let me remake a few moves. This undoing should be able to go on for every past move. This sort of defeats the main purpose of the game so that’s why I say make it a separate mode. That’s about it!
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4 years ago, Ty0414
ads completely ruin the experience
i’d like to start this review by saying that this developer is not the original creator of the 2048 game and it’s a little off putting to me to see this developer profiting off of a copied idea with not many changes. that said, the amount of ads on this app are ridiculous. every time you open the app, you’re faced with an ad. when you click to close it, it reopens, or another ad is presented. you are also presented with ads when you lose the game. so, not only does the user get frustrated when they lose the game, that frustration is then compounded when the user is presented with an ad that takes many clicks to close. the padding on the X button on the ads is also ridiculously small, and if you click anywhere on the ad, even seemingly ON the X button, it will take you to the app store, or close and reopen the same ad. basically, this is more of an ad platform than a game experience and i will be deleting 👋🏼
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5 years ago, PanzaMom
Almost my favorite
The great: They say it’s fun and relaxing, and it really is. When you get into the zone, and your analytical brain turns off, you swipe and swipe with no interruption for ages. I know some people will complain that the game “won’t” give them what they need when their tiles get high. But working within the increasingly crowded board is the whole point. Going for incredibly high scores is only one goal. Personally, my purpose is to enjoy the game, and I do – every single time. The good: Challenges provide a nice switch from the regular goal of a high score. There are ads, but they are quick and do not pop up during play, just between games and at sign-on. The imperfect: The only reason it’s not my fave is that it doesn’t save my high scores most of the time. Yeah, I know I said I play for the joy, and I do ... but I still want to know my best at a glance. I think the highest score listed is right, but it only holds three, and two are very, very outdated. Still, I love it and recommend it to just about everyone.
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5 years ago, lauray72
This used to be awesome
If I was ever in a spot where I needed something to occupy a little bit of time I would choose this game. And then they started messing with it. See, I figured out the trick to it. Getting 2048 is pretty easy. No problem. 4096 is a challenge but I would often get it. Then they messed with it. I’m not sure how and I’m sure they will deny it but it got even HARDER. No biggie right? After all, I’ve gotten 4096. Well, the next step of 8192? has become impossible. The tiles don’t come that u need and the game ends. Crap! And on top of that? They added advertisements. The worst thing for me because I can’t stand them. So every time I loose? Another advertisement comes up. Often times I actually have the game on my phone and I still have to watch them. So it’s come time to part ways. Thanks for the great game. It added hours of enjoyment for me. Wish u didn’t feel the need of changing things.
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5 years ago, #Tweet Tweet
An awesome game, but the Ads!!!
This is such an awesome game, but the ads!! Every time I open the game: ad. Every time I lose: 30 second ad I can’t skip. I want to turn on airplane mode to stop them, but then the app lags and I can’t move the tiles. Now, the good parts of this game: I love the sound of the merging tiles, it is just relaxing. I am bad at this game, and my high score was 512 with some 128s. To the developers: great game, but please cut down on the ads. If not, just make it so you can skip them. To people downloading this app: If I were you, I’d think twice on getting this app. It’s great, but if you don’t want the ads, and you don’t want to turn on airplane mode, then maybe not download this app? But it’s a great game, I recommend it.
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2 years ago, I'mNotLazyIronically225
I’m not bored all the time anymore, even though it’s a very lazy boring game. I love it so much. It’s easy if you know good tactics. You don’t always win because you may want a two and they give you a four or vice-versa when you have only one way to move. Also if your next move only makes it so all the numbers are bigger than four and you can’t merge them together. That’s annoying sometimes but whatever, it’s still a good game. Maybe you should make it so at a certain point the game starts giving you fours and eights, and so on. You could also instead of changing the whole game, add another part to this where it does that. (For beginners? Hmmm???)
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6 years ago, dissapointed12097
Addictive game but developers insult the player
This is a very fun to play and addictive game that would be very enjoyable if the developers didn’t decide to insult the players by shoving the ads down their throats. I mean, I have nothing against ads to support a free game but when players are presented with a full screen add and the option to close it by clicking the x in the corner, it is extremely annoying that developers decided to ignore players decisions. Clicking on the x to close the ad is a well established GUI convention but instead of closing it, the game simply introduces a delay (often enough to start a new game) and then forcibly opens the App Store, showing the app from the add. This behavior is a serious breach of rules and is equal to programming a cancel button to act as an Agree button. As soon as I find a way to do it, I will raise a formal complaint with the App Store.
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2 years ago, DaWaffIe
Not bad, but the ads are a bit much.
It’s 2048. Not really much more that I could ask for from the game. However, there’s definitely too many advertisements for my liking; enough that I end up losing interest in the game from having to deal with them a bare minimum of every 7 minutes. Especially when I’m met with an (sometimes even more than one) ad the moment I open the app, I really find it distracting from the game itself. The game itself, however, is just as I said at the start it was: exactly what I expected. Because of that, I can’t exactly give this a poor review. Rather, I’ll go ahead and give a rating of 3 stars - or what I feel is more or less a neutral rating.
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6 years ago, EMP1987
Ads are the worst!
These ads are the worst I have experienced on any game. It frustrates me so much that this is the only app I have ever bothered to review. I had this game on my phone with a different carrier and it was fine, they would have a silent ad before/after a game, and it was easy to exit out of. However, since I got my new phone on Verizon, the ads keep popping up all the time - before and after, as well as throughout the game. The worst part is that the ads pop up with full volume (despite my game settings being set to silent), and then it freezes with full volume for a sec while I frantically try to stop it. I didn’t have this issue when on TMobile so I am thinking the cell carrier has something to do with it, so I would strongly advise you to skip this game if you have Verizon.
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4 years ago, eucharin
Fun with pleasant design but intrusive ads
I really enjoy how intuitively the app works but ads have started to pop up on a lag so you’ll start a game and then mid move the ad pops up and your move will be considered a click that’ll send you to the App Store. It’s a whole mess; I wouldn’t mind ads otherwise cuz like I -get- it, you know? But the way they’re being carried out is really messing up the whole experience for me (I can count the number of reviews I’ve written on one hand but the ads singularly drove me here in this case). Move their location, make ‘em less obstructive/ ‘mandatory viewing’, and/or incentivize watching them for some type of reward and you’ll create a better experience for players.
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1 year ago, jossi1402
Business business
Good afternoon my fellow financiers. Working hard or hardly working am I right? Haha🕴️Anyways, all jokes aside, my business has been booming but recently I’ve noticed a conflict with the placement of my work platform on my screen. It seems to be higher than what is preferred and it feels as if I’m stretching out my entire hand to reach the actual business work when really, I just want to work comfortably. It is causing my business to go 📉when I really need it 📈 if you know what I mean. Not a big issue, but would be appreciated if fixed. Thank you. -You’re fellow businessman📊📋🗄️🗂️
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6 years ago, Beejammie
this how this brilliant, totally awesome game works:
this game is brilliant and really hard to explain, but I’ll give it a shot. when you swipe left, the tiles lock into rows, and all the rows move leftward, sliding against each other until the left-most tile of each entire row butts up against the left wall. any two tiles that touch on their LEADING edges as they move will add together; so if you swipe a 2 and a 2 to the left, they will merge into one 4. every time you move the board, a new tile pops up, a 2 or a 4. same idea for swiping right, as well as for up and down. the goal is to swipe two 1024 tiles together. so every move, you decide which direction to swipe in order to push a tile into another of the same. And, there’s no glitter, bubble-popping sounds, hearts, cutesy animation, or positive reinforcement phrases erupting all over on the screen. have you noticed lately that a-lot of stuff geared toward women is suitable for 5 yo girls? give it a shot, really. DOOO-IIIIT
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3 years ago, Maggie4787
All time fave BUT now freezes all the time!
There is something wrong with the app recently where it completely freezes my entire phone. Can’t play, can’t exit the app, nothing. I have even had to turn off my phone a few times. Not sure what that’s all about. But besides that - something about this game is so addictive, it’s perfect for scratching a mental itch while allowing me to also focus on something else (E.g. tv or movies, lol). It requires the bare minimum of mental investment but just enough to feel rewarded when you win. And it’s great for occupying my hands so I don’t go picking at some scab, lol.
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5 years ago, a thwee yeer owld
It’s a really good game
I’ve been playing since I was nine years old and the game is so addictive. I love the smoothly slidable blocks and creative color. But obviously I like the complication and enjoyment a lot. I recommend buying it if you don’t mind as much ads. It has a bit of ads but quite less compared to the games I’ve played recently. I’d say this game is counted as an older game and is more enjoyable for elders and young children. It Exercises Their young/old brain. Since it is an older game, the “teens” don’t really play it anymore but I think it’s quite fun and I can count myself as a teen I guess. I mean I am 14. Anyways I really recommend it for you!❤️🤗🤗
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6 years ago, r3steg
Loved it until it became prone to crashes
I added this game several years ago when it first came it and recently started playing it again. It’s a great game but when taking a break and returning, the game started crashing thus losing all progress! Twice now I was at 4096 and stopped due to a time constraint. As soon as I opened it back up it crashed and I had to do all that work again! Frustrating to say the least. If this keeps up I’ll be deleting. But I still give it four stars because it can get very challenging the higher you go. Fix the new crashing issues and it gets five stars.
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4 years ago, Play my own gsme
The game is good, but I don’t like noise: music, dinging, men yelling things at me in ads. I don’t mind the ads, but I. Silenced the game for a reason. Not all the ads can be silenced. I dislike that very much. I’m becoming more and more irritated with that. I would rate the game as great, but I can’t because playing it isn’t great with noise. I don’t want to silence the whole phone. I don’t know how much the upgrade is, but I don’t want to upgrade for this reason. I would upgrade because I love the game and don’t want interruptions, not because it is so irritating! Think about it.
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2 years ago, freqwan_the2048grandwizard
BEST GAME EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is by far the best game I have ever played. After spending over 1000 hours on this game it still has not gotten old. The sheer magnificence that comes from this simple concept is incredible. The complex strategies one must develop rival mainstream games. This game is the closest thing I have to a cure after suffering from post-partem depression. My cat could die tomorrow and I would not care, in part because I do not like cats, but mostly because of this game. Everything I have ever looked for in a game. 100% FIVE STARS - I wish I could give it more.
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6 years ago, XxFluffyPugzxX
Good, but....
The app is fun, more than likely addicting. Me and my buddies at school are always off in the corner playing this game online on our iPads. It is a very challenging and fun game but there’s one thing that makes everyone angry. It’s when you get to the point when you are at a high number. Then you have to swipe because the game is being unpredictable. And when you do swipe, it decides to play a sick little trick on you, making the number not capable of going into another one. Do you do this on purpose? Cuz maybe you shouldn’t. It’s making everyone disappointed and irritated. It’s annoying and you should really address the issue. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, alec heflin
This isn't hard
I love the classic game, 2048. It's fun, relaxing, and overall a good game. So when I download an app to play it I'm not expecting adds every 5 seconds. Jesus Christ, how money hungry do you have to be to have that much ads? Another problem is the sounds. It is not challenging AT ALL to make/find a sound that's nicer then whatever monstrosity you chose. It is so infuriating to hear. If I had to spend five more minutes hearing that sound I would rip off my ears and hang myself. Like why would you add such an unsatisfying sound whenever you move?? One more thing. The colors are so boring. You have access to the entire color spectrum, and you choose the most depressing colors to ever exist. Whoever created this app should delete it immediately and stop embarrassing themselves my God.
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6 months ago, TimeMagixine
App is Frozen
I decided the other day to get this game because I never can find one that keeps me busy and I’ll actually like for a long time. (ADD problems) One day my dad recommended it to me and I finally downloaded it. When I did, it was frozen. I asked my dad to show me what it was like on his phone. He swiped and the numbers moved. Mine did nothing whenever I moved my fingers. I tried hard resetting my phone and deleted and redownloading the app multiple times. It was still frozen.
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2 years ago, Bulqueenie
High scores don’t work
It’s supposed to save the five best scores. It does not. It saves the five times that you beat your old record. If you didn’t beat your current record, it won’t keep the score in the five best, even if it’s a higher score than one if the saved scores. What it *should* do is remove the lowest of the saved five and save the higher score, even if it was lower than the current best score. But no. A second best score just goes away. Annoying. And the ads are ridiculous. You have to watch a full minute of the crap. They don’t call it a time sink for nothing.
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3 years ago, Laine B.
Ads with sound made me delete the game
I love this game and didn’t mind the ads in between games but now the ads in the lower thirds play while i play the game. To the point where if I’m listen to music or a podcast on my phone, the sound on whatever I’m watching cuts out while the ad plays. To make matters worse, if i exit out of the game tab to press play on whatever i was listening to, when i get back to the game tab the ad begins to play again. So it’s a never ending cycle of ads. Really disappointed in this decision to add this ad feature. It’s quite literally unbearable.
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5 years ago, dsimon21
Stop hiding the controls to turn off ads with sounds and to close them
I used to love this game and playing it everyday, but lately the quantity and aggressiveness of the ads have gotten out of control. They hide the control to turn off the sounds and the fade into the background control to close the ad. Offer a paid verse of the app or try to find a balance between the quantity and quality of the ad and make the control visible and accessible. If not, I deleting it off my phone.
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2 months ago, Believerofthelamb
Hi! So I don’t know if you need to hear this but if you are struggling right now just know that there is always someone looking out for you. His name is Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sins! No matter how hard you have been broken, hurt, or cheated he will never leave you or forsake you. I know times can be tough, so how about we make a deal? Put your trust on Him for one week, and pray. See what happens! You would be pleasantly surprised. He helped me in hard and he will help you too:).
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3 years ago, ChapmanA1
Good games but ads are a deal breaker
This game is fun and I like it but I’m gonna have to stop playing it. The ads were annoying but understandable at first. There’s that delay people mention so you accidentally are always clicking the ads when you go back to the app, but that’s whatever. HOWEVER, it seems to be recent that the bottom banner ad will begin to play audio WHILE you’re playing. This makes it so that every 15 seconds my music will stop playing so I can hear the ad! That is WHOLLY unnacceptable. If I can’t listen to my podcasts or music while I play this on my metro commute: This. Game. Is. Not. Worth. It. Please change this.
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5 years ago, Helen N.
Crashes and restarts
I love this game, especially since i can play underground on my commute to and from work. But it crashes and starts over the game way too often. I literally beat my high score and got the 16,384 tile with no sign of being close to losing, I go back into the game next day and it restarted. It’s really frustrating when you put all that time and effort and it gets erased. The developers really need to work on this or create a save point. I’m just going to stop playing if it’s just going to delete my progress every time I go back in. Especially since it’s not something you play quickly. It’s one of my favorite games. Please work on this.
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3 years ago, Loud ads= 👎
Unacceptable ads
I have played and loved this game for years. I’ve played it on many different phones and devices and have told other people about it too. But recently the banner ads at the bottom of the screen have started playing songs that you have to mute, even if your phone is on vibrate. It’s ridiculous to essentially have to mute a new “pop up” ad every few seconds when all you want to do is play the game. Ads between games are one thing but this is not the right way to place them and is actively pushing me away from the game.
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5 years ago, makinalnt
Please remove the violent advertising from this game
I really enjoy this game and I have not minded the ads up until today. I realize there are a lot of violent video games out there but I prefer not to watch these violent ads. I'm not interested in seeing human figures fighting and unfortunately I may remove your game from my devise if I continue seeing these types of advertisements. Please keep nonviolent ads with the nonviolent games and remove the "city fighter vs street gang" ad from this game. Thank you for your understanding.
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6 years ago, Cam_Monster5
More Things
I wish they had several different game modes. I would enjoy if one of the game modes moved by one block not the whole thing. I would also like if another moved by each row. One other suggestion is that you had two ways of making high scores; one about how it is now, and the other is the highest number that you got to. The last thing is, is that there should be things to unlock. For example, different colors, tiles, backgrounds, and so on. Besides all of that, this is a really fun game. I enjoy it so much.
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2 years ago, Jermzz_
Battery drainer
DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL NOT THIS DEVELOPER! The original has adds that aren’t anywhere near as intrusive! This app seriously kills your battery. Played for about an hour on a road trip and went from ~90% to 10% with my phone on about a quarter brightness. Plugged in my phone and kept playing and my phone said charging but it was not going up, it actually dropped to 9% after a few minutes. I killed the app and switched to a reading app and my battery climbed back up to 50%. Started playing this again and the battery fell to 47% after 10 minutes. Either this game isn’t optimized or it’s doing all kinds of stuff in the background.
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5 years ago, Smaug95
Great, addictive and strategic game
This game is great. It is a game you try to get your friends to play, and you always can improve. If you are good at the game you can strive for numbers higher than 2048. The only way the game would be better was if there was unlock-able styles for your squared that you can achieve by getting high numbers consistently, also maybe a 1v1 game mode where whoever has a higher score at the end of a timer or who gets to a certain number faster wins
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3 years ago, GhostyGhost101
Ads are too much.
The ads, like many people have said in the reviews- are a lot. Where my problem was, is where I purchased the ‘no ads’ that a lot of apps have. I played another round, and at the end I got an ad. Like every other time. It ruined by experience, not only do I feel scammed, but the interface itself to find the no ads purchase was weird. When you lose or finish a game there’s a Facebook like button, to take you to their page: except it’s broken, the font is all jumbled up, and it’s hard to read. I like this puzzle. Not how it was made to fit into an app.
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8 years ago, HardKover
Great game, but staring over stinks!
I've gotten to 4096 and it stinks to have to start from the beginning when I make a mistake! I would love if, once you've hit a certain level, you could start at that level the next time you play--perhaps start back one level from you last best game? Maybe have an "undo" butting that allows you to undo one move? Maybe you can earn and extra "undo" every time you add a certain number of points? Thanks for making a fun game with an easy interface.
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10 months ago, Mina Evermore
The best game for almost anyone!!
This game can be used as a math problem for kids and adults. It has great graphics, NO ADS!!, and nothing standing in your way from getting 2048!!!! Me and my family found this game on a airplane to Paris soon enough my whole family was playing happily on a plane!! When we were at ride in Disneyland Paris my mom and dad FINALLY downloaded the game. When we got back from a week of Paris we got the game on the iPads to!!!
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4 years ago, j.blackwood
Great game.
Love this game. Been playing it for years. It’s not too challenging until you really get up there in the numbers. I’ve turned all of my friends on to this game and they’re all as addicted as I am. I’m a little disappointed though because recently it quit saving my most recent high scores. It says swipe to see your most recent high scores but they don’t update anymore. It’s a bit frustrating. That being said, I still love the game. So simple but challenging.
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7 years ago, awk0cait
This is so not cool bro . I LOVE THIS FREAKIN GAME !!!! BUT of course I went to go sign in AND it shows only face book how ridiculous is this?? Like only old people use Facebook like at least but Snapchat or insta or even better your email like who do you think you are thinking I’m old .... HONESTLY I’m legit a tween soon I will be old and that’s when I will have Facebook but I might not be playing this game because I know young people that were my age was just criticize. So like ya I’m just saying social medial apps.
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3 years ago, Maddy Mell-Heere
Great Game, Don’t Listen to the Other Reviews
I absolutely adore this game, and I think you will too. If you don’t mind a couple ads and a mental challenge, you’ll love this game. I saw one review say they didn’t like the unpredictability of the game, despite that being what the games about. If you don’t like a challenge This game isn’t for you, but other than that it’s an almost perfect game. If I could give 6 stars I would. 😘✨
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3 years ago, Minecraft121212
Please cool it with the ads
The game is a lot of fun, but oh my gosh the ads on this game are so incredibly obnoxious. Every time you lose, there's an ad that's unskippable for thirty seconds, and there is no option to even pay for an ad free version. Every time you load the game there is an ad that doesn't load and freezes the game until you tap on the screen, which then pulls you into an app store loading screen, where you have to tap the X, and it'll load the ad which you have to get rid of again. Please, at least offer an ad free option. Without the ads I would give this app 5 stars.
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4 years ago, ArataTakú
Needs Polish, Undo and Dark Mode!!!
This is a very simple and addicting game but it has very annoying shortfalls. I‘ll update my rating upon any developer response. This 2048 version can be endlessly frustrating given the lack of a few a few features. I’d happily pay again if the following options were added… 1. Swipe anywhere mode -Allow swiping both on and off the board to control movement. -More empty space would help (#5 below) -Would help keep hands/fingers out of gameplay view 2. Undo! (single step is sufficient) 3. Dark mode!! -Allow for more comfortable use at night, in dark rooms -Current white-only design is jolting!! 4. Landscape view (especially on iPad) -iPhone: use while relaxing, resting -iPad: use while connected to keyboard case (ie. Magic Keyboard) 5. More empty space -Smaller board (little on iPhone, much more on iPad) -Minimize design of top menu/score/logo area -Would aid gameplay view while swiping (#1 above) -Would aid new landscape view UI (#4 above)
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