2.1 (115)
31.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
20Q.net Inc.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for 20Q®

2.15 out of 5
115 Ratings
7 years ago, Shiggity S
Evidence of the collective internet doldrums
This game came from a collection of data that a group had carefully input and trained since, if I recall, 1988 and for years the online game was limited to only those folks. When the game launched it was remarkably prescient. I couldn't think of more challenging examples; it would constantly guess right. Then I noticed as time went on, it went from remarkable to above average to ordinary to honestly quite bad. What it took decades to train was ruined over a few months by the ignorance of the netizens, who were so inaccurate with their answers that the neutral net underwent a kind of Flowers for Algernon regression back to its nascency. As for this app, which presumably uses the classification factors or a subset thereof... my object was an "egg" and it couldn't even get that right. The lesson is not to trust the unchecked, uneducated input data of the average human being, unless you want a payload of trash data that doesn't converge on anything.
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7 years ago, TurnLeftGoFast
I am extremely disappointed in this app that "claims" to be 20Q! It's barely even close to even being a game app!🙄 I love my real 20Q, and have enjoyed hours of fun since I bought it several years ago. And, when I saw this "20Q" app, I was so very happy! That is, until I actually downloaded it and played it! You have to pick really, really common objects or it will never "get it"! 🙄🙄 I say that if you love the original 20Q, then, free or not, don't even waste your time downloading it....👎🏼👎🏼
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7 years ago, Wolfy Sherwa
Easy, witty, and fun
Though the graphics may not be up to today's app standards, the game's setup and content are what make it great. The commentary from the supposedly psychic inquirer is hilarious and makes the game more realistic and amusing. The music is lovely. Sometimes the dial (which you use to select Yes or No) freezes, but you can just tap Yes or No to fix this. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for a 20 Questions game.
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5 years ago, Anonymousiguess
I kept winning
When I was younger, I had a little game called 20Q and I figured since it’s new technology now—there’s an app. Using this app, I was thinking of the most basic items and they got it COMPLETELY wrong like way left field. This happened more than once! With different people! That being said, I uninstalled it and will be looking for a different app or just not an app at all. Time to buy some new batteries for my childhood game. Ps. When it first opened, it said “this won’t work on a jailbroken phone” and force closed. My phone is not, nor has it ever been, jailbroken. So....need some spray for that bug.
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6 years ago, SDroo
Better before
I remember when I had a hand held sphere like version of the game back before it was on the internet and it was amazing and could guess almost anything most of the time. When you compare that to this app, it is a lot worse. I tried describing many different things on the app and it got only a couple within 20q. If you are getting the game to guess your thoughts it isn’t great but if you are looking for a mind reading app.
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7 years ago, VinnyW.
Not bad
But not very good at guessing, couldn't guess apple or shark...
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8 years ago, John Bicknell
Lots of fun!
Great fun. A great practical application of analytics; especially explaining the way machine learning algorithms work to youngsters. It would be nice to see the data-driven contradictions like on the website. Also, it would be beneficial to the learning algorithm to provide the answer when 20q fails to supply the right answer after 20+ questions. Otherwise, awesome!!
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3 years ago, Fluttershy222
Give it a try
If it won’t play at first due to a jail broken phone, just try it again. It worked fine and was a fun activity.
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2 years ago, Jaromcs
The most glitchy app I’ve ever used.
I could hardly ever finish a game because the app was so glitchy. Also, it’s always wrong. I made my choices simpler and simpler and it still was getting them wrong. Out of the many times I played, I only finished one or two games where it had the right answer. It’s a shame. I used to love this game.
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6 years ago, shira101
Don’t listen to the other bad comments. This app is awesome!!! The other people are just trying to get into your mind. When you get upset, just say pineapple. I’m serious. Not joking. It actually works!
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5 years ago, JC Jarbi
My Jaw Dropped
Sometimes it takes more than twenty questions but this app is amazing, it guessed I was thinking of amethyst and I still can’t believe it!
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5 years ago, CrypticWizard
Not as good as the original
I had the original electronic 20Q game and almost never could stump it. But this app us nowhere near as “smart.” I win 80% of the time. Was this even programmed by the same developers? I think not l. Still fun to play if you’re bored, though.
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6 years ago, Tyler Oakley Fangirl
When I first opened it, it said something about a jail broken device. Which is dumb because this iPhone SE is brand new. Secondly I am not able to play music in the background while using the app. I downloaded this despite the bad reviews to see what it was like and I was very disappointed. The hand held game or website itself is better than this.
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4 years ago, 33maya00
Works good
After reading reviews I was skeptical; however it has guessed everything I was thinking with very little information related to the topic. Have not beat the game yet!
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2 years ago, Gummo63
It got “screensaver” right
Pretty impressive imo. It’s accuracy depends upon how questions are responded. A single error probably reduces accuracy substantially.
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5 years ago, FanGurl4EVA
Great fun and Good Ol’ Nostalgia!
20Q was one of my favorite games as a kid and when they stopped selling them at toy and game stores I was extremely disappointed. So it’s SUPER awesome getting to play it again!!! =D
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7 years ago, Fidx
Very Poor Version
Years ago I had one of the original 20Q devices. I was impressed with how frequently it would correctly guess what you were thinking. With the advances in technology, I expected this app would be at least as clever if not better. It's surprisingly worse!
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2 years ago, BigMaLlama
Couldn’t guess simple, everyday objects
I started out with the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign hoping to stump this app. Turns out it couldn’t even get “pillow” or “trash can” correct. Someone needs to make a good version of this app.
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5 years ago, Unwaxed
Good, but
Over the years, it seemed to lose some of the accuracy the handheld version had
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3 years ago, Dancytm
My phone is not jailbroken. Yet, upon opening the game, I get a large pop up saying “Sorry, this will not play on a jailbroken device” and shuts down. Ok. Guess I’m deleting that.
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1 year ago, AlieDaw
I downloaded this app, opened it for the first time, and a message popped up saying something like “this cannot be played on jailbroken device.” What? Immediate delete.
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3 years ago, phriend2spin
Skip this app
As of September 2021 this app has not been updated in 5 years. Layout is broken on modern iPhones. Gives you a weird warnings.
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4 years ago, Overki1155
Broken, not even worth downloading
It is physically unplayable because it says cannot run on jailbroken devices, my device has never been jailbroken before
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5 years ago, Rogue Won
Dumber than bricks
I downloaded thinking it was like the toy but not even close questions it’s asks there’s no way it could guess anything. Not worth the minute wasted to download.
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5 years ago, tomeym
Can’t even try it. I get a message that says “cannot run on jail broken devices.” Problem is, my phone is not jail broken, nor has it ever been
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2 years ago, wah2319
Old app doesn’t work on new operating systems
App told me it wouldn’t work with a jailbroken phone but my phone is not jailbroken. Then it crashed.
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6 years ago, M L I R 13
Not user-friendly!!!
I am visually impaired so I use voice over. This game is not compatible with voice over. The yes? No? etc. buttons just say button they don't say yes or no
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4 years ago, Futurestroup
Wouldn’t let me open the app
I wanted to play this game with my kid. Wouldn’t open said the app could only be opened on phones that weren’t Jail broken.. 😪 My phone was not NOT Jail broken
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3 years ago, skymelmar
It took me most the time figuring out how to go to the next question! It’s pretty crappy! It made me give them at least one star!
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4 years ago, JJMMRR145
Awesome 😎😱👍👏
This game is the best! There are no problems at all! This game is very fun and 😜 (that means silly)
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3 years ago, KingMufasaXXL
I gave it a chance…asked the STUPIDEST questions. Contradicted itself. Asked if an animal was bright…??? After 25 questions, it couldn’t guess a GD lobster.
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5 years ago, whitefoxyme223
Instantly deleted this as it kicked me out after a statement reading “will not run on jailbroken devices”. Idk what this means. My phone is brand new.
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5 years ago, Taylor Kay Lee
Won’t work
My phone is not jail broke. It won’t let me play because it says “app will not run on a jailbroken device”.
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7 years ago, mrgnome
Turned it on got message
Will not run on jail broken devices.. my phone is stock iPhone SE latest up date...
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3 years ago, futhfgijvh
Needs better questions
I had a picked a cow, and it asked me “can you use it in the bathroom?” Like I picked a animal at the start
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7 years ago, July_Jadan
Its alright
Probably 3 or 4 stars kinda fun
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8 years ago, The1337n00b
Eh. It works, but poorly.
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9 years ago, 📍Joystick 📍
Not very good..
If you have to have it on your iPhone, it's okay. But the PC version is a lot better and has many categories too. Also, the setup of the app is rather tacky. The way you select your answers, home screen, music, etc. If you want good game of 20Q, just search it up on the web and you'll find it.
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6 years ago, MrGreatDane
Best game ever
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2 years ago, Areeswewwwtyui
It is fake
Fake appo
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10 years ago, Stivensky
Almost as fun. . .
Almost as fun as it used to be. Not quite as accurate as I remember it but still fun nonetheless! Graphics could use some updating, but I'm happy the ads are not glaring and annoying. Thanks for making this fun app
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9 years ago, Akb Awesome
I absolutely love this game the first time I played it it actually guessed it right I do think though that it should make different levels like easy medium hard extra hard etc besides that it's a great game and totally recommend it👍👌
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9 years ago, TsAubrieTaylor
Just bad
This is no where close to the web browser version. So far it couldn't answer correctly out of ten questions. The real version will get it everytime. This is a waste of space and like someone else said really tacky on how it's design and with the wordings. Sigh just another app in need to be deleted.
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8 years ago, Newmanph
I like it. I just hope they update it from user input obtained from their website's version.
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10 years ago, Dznyfrk
I have an iPad Air and the app doesn't allow you to select the answers to the questions! I uninstalled and reinstalled still the same issue. In app support link goes to the website with no way to contact them!
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10 years ago, CCCee
Doesn't Work
The game will not work on my iPad Air. It asks a question, animal, mineral or plant, but there's no place to enter an answer. Just a blank box, and that's how it stays. Already tried resetting and even re downloaded it. No change.
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9 years ago, SnickerKC
Poor Imitation
This app is bad at guessing correctly, especially when compared with the original physical version of the game. Nice try.
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9 years ago, Mamahunter9
Worst app ever!!!!!😡
It doesn't let you say anything but YES!!!!!!😡
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