21 Jack - Blackjack Real Money

4.4 (759)
157.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 21 Jack - Blackjack Real Money

4.36 out of 5
759 Ratings
10 months ago, plslose
Legit and no bots
I play so manny game apps already. I am still not profit here yet but at least they do pay whatever I withdraw. Before it take really long but now it started faster now so I appreciate it that . And I do receive my rewards by transfer the stars now I have 2 iPhones and 1 Alexa . I still waiting for another Microsoft computer so please process it faster… it is already over 1 month. The game is addicting and get improvement every time from the time I started. 👍👍👍👍 i wish you guys can answer people quickly in customer service . I understand you guys might don’t have enough people working or something but not that much people can be patient as me . Whatever I love the game so I hope it grow well . Player: pslose
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7 months ago, Steamin25
The Best 21 Game
I have played numerous ( maybe all the existing 21 apps). When I first tried this app last year it was great except I had some issues cashing out and with customer service. I actually stopped playing… I later got an email from them stating the app has been updated and vastly improved so I gave it another try. No issues cashing out now. Awesome bonuses and huge leaderboard payouts. The best!
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3 weeks ago, be thanking
Lack of user privacy and safety
Although my issue is related to an experience on their discord, it is connected to and handled by the company and the same customer service. Among several issues I won’t outline here, one is very concerning. That is posting identifying personal information about other users, a clear violation. When I brought this up to customer service the reply was they were aware of the specific situation and deleted the post. The problem with that is they didn’t bother to ask me what I was referring to or ask for additional information. There were several instances of posting personal information and instead of taking action and investigating, they removed one of many and continue allowing the people doing this on the platform. This shows a lack of taking privacy concerns seriously and an inability or disinterest in following their own guidelines. With so much competition in this market, it’s knowing the company you’re dealing with takes these issues along with fairness seriously that sets one company apart from another. egogames doesn’t fit that criteria and at best it’s hit or miss. Unfortunately I’ve heard similar experiences with withdrawing money and while I haven’t experienced that, the behavior and lack of communication is the exact same problem detailed here.
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6 months ago, Mrclutch420
Please don’t play SKILLZ or Blitz win cash. Both seem to be rigged. I find this app to be most fair. It actually allows you win some money and doesn’t have the most annoying play through bonus or expiring matches.
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2 years ago, -Hestia-
eGoGames is a scam
Not here to complain about rigged games or strange scores. I actually did very well and withdrew a few thousand within a few days. They never paid me, and then suddenly froze my account for an "investigation." They never updated me on their so-called investigation and refuse to respond to any of my emails. It's been about two months, so there's about zero chance they'll follow up now. Don't waste your time on this app! They're scammers. And eGoGames, please don't bother replying to this review telling me to contact your support. Everything I send to that support email gets ignored, since y'all are scammers that don't pay what you owe.
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11 months ago, fairplay6756
Awful customer service. I’ve played this game in multiple apps and the response I received on this one was one of the worst. Lost a significant amount of money to the same player over and over again. I think I beat this person 5% of the time yet continued to get matched. Support gave me a canned response about us being at the same level and refused to look into it in any sort of detail. If you lose to someone 95% of the time , clearly you are not at the same level. Don’t waste your money .
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12 months ago, Cutsofmeat
There seems to be stipulations every time you try to withdraw. At first it's play 40 cash games and make a deposit, which I did. I tried to withdraw again and a new stipulation is I deposit $30 euro. I am positive that if I do that, there will be yet another stipulation coming. And I cannot find any FAQ on how they send withdrawals or any guidelines. The game itself is fine, but like a few other 21 games out there, there's always a catch.
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1 month ago, PepperDust1977
Quick Withdrawals
One of the quickest withdrawals from the apps i play. Typically only takes 2-3 days. They are consistently making changes to make the app more user friendly. Quick responses from support as well.
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1 month ago, baldgray
Finally, fair play
I love playing 21. I’ve tried every platform that is available and this is by far the best one I’ve ever used. I’ll be only using this app in the future. Great customer service too!
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2 years ago, jajaidi
Huge Scam
The first time I played this game I put in $5. Every single time I played a real money game I’d play against the same bot who destroyed me every time. I was like okay well that’s weird but that’s explainable. Then a week later I put in $5 more dollars and guess what… It literally put me up against the bot every time I’d play for real money. Such a scam I recommend no one puts money into this… just play the other blackjack game that’s similar to this one but more well known and trusted.
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4 years ago, hatePAYPAL!!!
I won real money!!! :)
The game is fun and can be so addictive. When it comes to real money competition, I can truly say that matchmaking is fair, I have my fair share of ups and downs, practice is the key and learn to strategize. I received the money that I won and withdrawn via Paypal after completing the requirement for your first withdrawal. Customer support are very helpful, I have asked a lot of questions regarding some tournaments and prizes, they responded and explained clearly. Thanks EgoGames -DoS4DoS
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4 years ago, AppReviewer-True
Worst game, no support from dev, full of hackers
So this is the game where you play with real money against other players. They have these events where you can participate and win prizes. I participated in an event won the prize (a hacker came and won first.. yes this app is full of them), and it was never given to me. Tried contacting the devs but that functionality is broken in app. Tried by visiting their website, interestingly there also its broken. Not sure if this is a scam to loot people
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1 year ago, rafkaugh
The best version of this game
I love this game and it actually makes you money. The customer support is very helpful and it’s all about your skill. So play wisely.
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2 months ago, ORJONIKIDZE123
Great platform
Highly recomend, fast wothdrawal prosess, professional team and great system to play on real money ✅
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3 years ago, Chenoble5
Do not deposit any money or even play this game. It constantly crashes in the middle of matches and won’t let you cash out until you’ve played 40 cash matches. I’ve played over 40 and they’re telling me I’ve only played 6. I constantly had to delete and reinstall this game because it wouldn’t let me login. Stay away.
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4 years ago, willmill1231
Nice game
They pay real money!
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11 months ago, This is the honest Truth
Scam/Fraud stay away from this app!
They will steal your money. They use fake accounts and bots to steal your money and during there leagues. Also customer service never ever replies back to your messages. There are way better apps out there then this fraudulent one.
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4 years ago, WB2213
Did a withdraw months ago. I replied to their email several times, still no answer. I can’t log into my account. Forgot password link always says error. Every time I try to email support, same thing, error. So lost $300 withdrawal plus my game balance.
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2 years ago, myuana234
Give me my money
Every time I load money on the app they take it and make it seem like I never added money when I’m trying to withdraw money they come up with all these policies of why I can withdraw
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4 years ago, joey 1765
Horrible app/ customer service
Do NOT download this app. It is has numerous bugs and customer service will not address the issue, they just tell you to be patient and are rude about it.
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4 years ago, person21344433
It’s a fun game but for some reason every time I would get a high score I would the person I was up against was it there anymore and I would loose
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2 years ago, Debbie (Calif)
Just like all the games. Never get any real money.
You you you never get any never
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2 years ago, Wasif61
Absolutely horrible support
No response to any question Wait for withdrawal for couple of months
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4 years ago, Wadedapro
This app is a scam. Matchmaking can take weeks and if you win they won’t pay out. Also customer support is broken
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4 years ago, ElBicho10
Genial blackjack
En verdad es como una mezcla de solitario y 21 blackjack. Me ha encantado. Encima puedes ganar dinero real❤️
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4 years ago, shrimplelife
Do not download
This app will steal your money and erase your account settings like it never happened.
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2 years ago, kzzzz1234567890
dont play this game!!! It turned me into a addict and they dont even care. Never give them a dime. They are scamming with bots and other methods. DONT DOWNLOAD!! I RUINED MY LIFE. DONT RUIN YOURS!!!! 0/10
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7 months ago, Abby_46810
This game is a scam.. obviously they wrote the good reviews them selves.. I deposited and it never went on to the account
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1 year ago, cbdtruth
Stay far away from this app!
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8 months ago, JRyanM15
Hardest 21 game, not evenly matched.
You will lose this game no matter what.
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4 years ago, 21isFresh
Steal your money
Dont trust this app
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2 years ago, Renf19
On devrait pouvoir recevoir de l’argent par des bureaux de transfert
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3 years ago, DuoTooTwo
scam scam scam
Do not fall into the rabbit hole! 100% farce. Today a month long tournament with 80,000 euro in prizes. I had been from day 1 top 5. Today Out of the blue - 15 new players surged to the top rankings with massive numbers - equivalent in some cases if they won every game put in over 15000 euros - several of them - all within lets say 5 hours....really?
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