3 Card Poker Casino

4.7 (4.5K)
84.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 3 Card Poker Casino

4.74 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
5 years ago, DWduncan
Best 3 card game I have found. Including the 6 card option makes the game more fun. Only two suggestions this far: (1) could be a little faster, although it is no slower than playing a dealer in the casino. (2) Show a “net” player position on each hand which would begin with a negative number equal to the total of player’s ante, pair+, and six card bets; subtract player’s bet if player elects to play after the deal; and finally show the negative or positive result of the hand. Thanks for a very good game.
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4 years ago, Tab*s
Play action to be a bit faster for my taste.
Pretty good app overall. Keeps you playing in advance as you quickly through the table limits. However the play action is really slow. I understand that they don’t want you to just push buttons they want you to actually enjoy the game but it could be just a bit faster
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6 years ago, Tjhormamn
Predictably a money grab
I played roughly 3,000 hands on this game. At one point on the smaller stake tables I had amassed over $3 million in chips. I bumped up to the higher stakes tables and immediately lost most everything. I got down to $40k in chips and started again. Any time I would raise the ante, I would lose 4-6 hands in a row. I kept the bets small and wound back up to $698k and started betting again and just like before, any bet over $10k and I was losing 90% of the time. For a game that has odds of 50% in real life, a 90% lose rate on high bets is clearly just a cash grab on the part of the developers.
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5 years ago, Alack6
Great game...but...
Great game. I love the different opportunities to collect coins. Good winning odds, but also realistic to what you’d see at a real table. Only complaint is that I was previously connected via Facebook, and now it has disconnected me and tells me that the app doesn’t support that feature yet. That doesn’t make sense since it gives you the option to log in via Facebook or play as guest. Seems like a glitch that needs fixed, but it’s been this way for almost a week now.
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1 year ago, Norton Custom Leather
Good training
This is a good game to play & learn 3 card. Play at your own pace. Multiple levels. Minimum ads & the adds that do show up are short. The hands are show so you can see what wins
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3 years ago, kryptik710
Too many ads & needs more statistics
The game is really fun to play and is a great way to pass time and test the Q64 strategy. I wish I was able to buy in to a game versus playing with my bankroll that is continuously getting chips added when leveling up and completing challenges. It would be nice to have statistics that showed money lost/won during a 500 hand session.
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5 years ago, iLovethreecardpoker.not boomer
Three card poker
I really enjoy the game. I think it’s pretty fun, and if the dealer/ other players wins, it doesn’t fell like you have wasted anything. But as far as I know, you can’t do anything with the chips you win. I think it would be fun if you could customize something. Like the background, or if you could add an avatar and then customize using the chips.
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3 years ago, Pavi CC
Facebook connectivity doesn’t work
Can’t connect with Facebook, says it’s currently in development. Other than that, this game is fantastic.
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5 years ago, cisco-ccie
One Program Error
Pretty realistic game - except for one program error: The 6 Card Bonus bet should stay up when the player folds the hand. The fold should apply to the Ante and Pair Plus bets only. This is most realistic to Three Card Poker in a Casino -Rob Yes - it appears that your app does pay the 6 Card Bonus pay table after a fold. Thank you. It is confusing because the fold action removes the 6 Card Bonus bet chip(s) along with the Ante and Pair Plus bet chip(s). The 6 Card Bonus bet should stay up. A minor nuance - although a bug nonetheless. -Rob
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3 years ago, raymcc85
Ok game but...
Game plays realistically but the chip denominations should include a $5 chip. Also, I really don’t like having only a Facebook auto login, it should include the Apple game login. Lastly, there is an option to pay to turn off ads, but this feature is disabled in the Apple version.
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3 years ago, BoosHound
Live it - buuuuuuut
Love it, buuuut…. Caught a hand 664……dealer caught 446. Paid me for one full house and not two on my 6-card bet. What gives?? I think I should have been paid on the 4s full of 6s, AND the 6s full of 4s. No??? C’mon!!!!
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5 years ago, Wtpag123
Odds on 6 card bet.
I had $10 bet on 6 card. I was dealt 3 A’s, Dealer was dealt 3 K’s. Paid 3 of a kind in amount of $50. Should have paid Full House in amount of $250. Might want to check your program. Thanks
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5 months ago, Idkfrizzman223
Cool game but can't add friends
It doesn't allow me to add friends i like the game i shared it so i could play with my friends but the link only takes them to download the app and it doesn't make them my friends i would love to play with them
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3 years ago, 3Card Ed
Fun game, lots of free chips added as you play. Great entertainment without spending money, if that’s all you want. So much better than any other 3 card game I’ve found.
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5 years ago, julesRU92
Dig it! But...
I would add a total bet/win feature. And make it so you can or subtract bet amounts rather than having to clear and start over. 😎
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4 years ago, props40
Props 2
It takes too long in between each hand
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5 years ago, Schoendog64
Like it.....
......but why does this app, like so many others, make you play as a ”guest” if you don’t have or want to log i with Farcebook? I want No part of that privacy invading website but am penalized by this app for it!
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4 years ago, JoeT63
Remove ads: Product not found?
When I tap on the $1.99 Remove Ads button, I get a pop-up that says “Product not found”. I’d like to get rid of the ads. Any advice?
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4 months ago, CaD3eRRy
Dewayne Shaw
I’ve been playing this game since 2012 …!
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2 years ago, IBHOOKD
Crashed numerous times & took all purchases & chips earned
Have had numerous problems with the app crashing and most recently it crashed and would not let me sign in my account. Tried to get support, but my message “had an error. Try again later” for hour +
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4 years ago, JJDino52
Guests and friend
Could not edit my profile from Guests. So I had to link my Facebook. That feature needs to be updated. Also I can’t add any friends that play this game. Not everyone uses Facebook and it’s just plan stupid to not be able to friend other players to earn gifts.
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10 months ago, Zakkkkkkkyz
Fun!! But can’t add friends
Greta game, but when I go to add friends there is nothing but a link to have someone download the App. Not sure how to add friends in game so we can share gifts
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2 years ago, Tforeu
Bonus Chips
I never received my bonus chips for watching ads
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7 months ago, SageOftheSubway
Major bug
In 3-card poker, if you win but the dealer doesn’t qualify, you get your bet back, which should result in a net 0. But this game takes the money, so you actually LOSE money even if you win but the dealer doesn’t qualify.
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2 years ago, Chasepeeler
Can’t remove ads
Would give 5 stars if I could remove ads. They are very distracting
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2 years ago, Woodson212121
Fun but scammed
Fun game to play but I paid to remove ads and still receive them. Recommend game but don’t pay for anything!
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3 years ago, Driverdad1
Glad it was free!
Downloaded this a few days ago. This is just about the most rigged game I’ve ever seen. Can’t win when you go 10 hands in a row without a qualifying hand. The only saving grace is the 6 card option. Will be deleting when I run out of chips
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4 years ago, FWB-69
Great but
This app would be so much better if you could shut off the adds. That feature is currently unavailable in the store.
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3 years ago, kb1sln
I have played thousands of hands of 3 card in many real casinos and the average win percentage is about 32 percent. You will be lucky to get 20 percent in this game. Also, never have I seen a dealer at a real casino get as many 3 of a kinds and straight flushes as they do in this game. Is is 100% rigged in the dealers favor on this game.
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4 years ago, DmcBanjoMan71
Great game
While it is a great there needs to be a higher ratio of wins from the bonus spins. Around 6% is horrible & discouraging. Fix it
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5 years ago, CCXLV-
Purchases didn’t work
Bought 5$ worth of chips and it said successful but the chips weren’t in my account 😕
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5 years ago, A5074
Lots of fun
Great game lots of fun just a bit slow for me between games but I love it !
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5 years ago, 5150z
Unlock it please
Why am I suddenly locked out? If it’s can’t play it anymore, I’ll delete it.
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5 years ago, Jugbutt
I watched your free commercial and now I get ads about every 6 hands. Not happy. Won’t watch again
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2 years ago, Maureen006
Fun poker
Enjoying game but can’t synchronize game scoring with iPad and iPhone
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5 years ago, Conman1180
Stats Reset
You need to bring back the option of resetting your stats. I always want to know how I’ve done during a particular group of hands. Otherwise the app isn’t worth playing for me.
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2 years ago, deepswan
Cause changed credit accumulation
That became 5 to 1 star
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5 years ago, Copaco411
Three card poker is fun to play and not filled with a bunch of ads.
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5 years ago, bbc jhon
Really enjoyed playing the game
Really enjoy playing the game
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2 years ago, AIJG1
Did not provide chips purchased
I purchased additional chips. My money was taken but no chips were provided
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4 years ago, StephGH
Refreshing. Just like the casino
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4 years ago, Side by Side 69
Three Card
Absolutely love this game!!
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2 years ago, tigerboy31
Not enough chips
There never enough chips there give you for free in any of the ways they give you -
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2 years ago, MasterOnePoint1
I am 15
I am fifteen and I love this adult game
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4 years ago, Mattsmall1972
Play is very slow, far too many ads.
This game takes forever to play. Ads every 3 minutes.
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5 years ago, moonchie1
3 card poker
Fun game ... BEWARE ... don’t buy chips. Takes your money but no chips put into your account NOWAY to get refunds!!!!
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5 years ago, SunDevil86
Fun game!
Getting ready for Vegas—this seems pretty realistic!
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4 years ago, Hotchef13
Worst game EVER!!!!!
Horrible!!!! I play 3 card in real life and I have never had as many hands in a row without at least a queen as this app game gives out.....so unrealistic it is stupid.....
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5 years ago, dirtybirdls
Good Game
Fun game. Needs to be faster to be faster to next hand.
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2 years ago, clalena83
Did not receive the chips I purchased for $100
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