31 - The Card Game

2.6 (19)
50.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
LITE Games GmbH
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for 31 - The Card Game

2.58 out of 5
19 Ratings
5 years ago, sanor5
31 card game lite
This game is fun. Mostly didn’t mind the Ads, except for the Dumb slots. Now the game keeps freezing up on me. Any Body know why? I played quite a bit, but now can’t play but A couple of hand before it freezes
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5 years ago, timmadigan
A 4.5 star game and a 0 star ad problem
The good. This is a different version of 31 than most but highly enjoyable. It’s more playable than traditional 31/blitz and more interesting and challenging. Also, unlike most like free games, there aren’t ads between hands. The okay: a few more adjustments would be nice. Speed adjustments and others. But that’s not really a necessity. The bad: The ads. They only come at startup and between new games. BUT they can crash the app or prevent the game from starting up. Many ads play fine but a few just hang everything (I’m looking at you Golf Clash mini game). Offering ad-free buying option would be helpful but gem more would be auditing the ads to ensure they work. Sometimes it can take multiple tries to open the game. Better or actual oversight and management of the app world move this up to 4-5 stars easily.
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5 years ago, Lindsay Paris
Love it!
My family and I used to play this game with actual cards every summer when we’d get together down the shore! This game is perfect, fun, relaxing and reminds me of the nights spent playing with my family. Does NOT freeze up and operates very smoothly. Glad I found this app!
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4 years ago, BobYourUncle
Ad Mayhem
WOW. I downloaded this game on my iPad to check it out and upon the FIRST time I started the game I got an obnoxious candy crush ad. I couldn’t dismiss it. I restarted the game. Same thing. In order to get rid of the ad (as there’s no close button) i have to switch away from the app and then go back to it. Then there’s an ad at the bottom of the screen. This is just horrible. Deleted.
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1 year ago, Retardthe3rd
Tried to scam me
It has a thing on Friday where you can win a “prize” and you have to give it all of your information including your address and credit card info so they can get your money
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8 years ago, Give me my favor
I like the game, but it keeps freezing
I have had and enjoyed this game over the past few years. However, after the latest update the game keeps freezing every time the full page ad comes up. Sometimes I can get it to work if I just wait for the ad to come up before doing anything in the game, but that does not always work. If they could fix this bug, I would give four stars.
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6 years ago, iammoses1313
Keeps freezing on startup
I enjoy the game but have to force close and restart several times because freezes upon startup.
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5 years ago, H8losing2u
Not Worth It
It would be ok if it didn’t constantly freeze up in the middle of playing. Finally decided to delete it
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5 years ago, as2062001
Doesn’t work
Opened the app and nothing happened. Every time I tapped somewhere on the screen to get it to work an ad popped up.
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5 months ago, Airgirl06
The ads make this game unbearable to play
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3 years ago, MatthewOc
Copying clipboard for no reason
This app copies the contents of the clipboard every time you switch to it.
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6 years ago, bestgaming06
This game is fun AND relaxing recommended :)
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11 years ago, Mr. Beatz
This game is a blast!
A very fun and easy 31 game. The game is evenly matched between computer AI and player. I love the graphics as a player loses - the cards fall off an invisible shelf into oblivion and slowly fade to nothingness as they tumble away. I believe it accurately represents the death we all face and the images and memories of our existence that will soon be forgotten as our friends and families pass on themselves. I stare at those cards falling... A lot.
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11 years ago, Chasedelong
It allows computer to win 98% of the time
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7 years ago, GladeChick
Can't Win
Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble winning? It's almost impossible to beat the computer. I think I've only won twice in about 30 games. The game keeps crashing. Please fix.
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8 years ago, DiamondGamer987
Fun Game
This game is awesome and gets addicting after awhile and I would like to say is that if everyone get 1/2 then no one puts in a match or whatever that thing is on the side. PLZ FIX
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8 years ago, Slendylover19239
It's okay but it needs to be fixed!
When the adds come up the entire game freezes. Makes it hard to play when it keeps freezing.
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12 years ago, Gotfodder
Blitz Lite
Too biased for AI player on the top of the screen and to the left of me. No one is that lucky!! Additionally, my position invariably early in the deal. Poor design to give the purchaser any enjoyment. Your programmer needs to rethink probability and logic, not be so egotistical. The beginning deal is always the same, no rotation. The customer almost always loses. Lousy game.
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9 years ago, vicd25
used to give 4stars but most recent update awful
will not complete download with "bug" improvements. not game is worthless. I have tried to delete, cannot. tried to reinstall, cannot. now it's a worthless app taking up valuable real estate on my tablet. 😔
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14 years ago, sonnyu
don't waste your time
same hands are dealt over and over to all the players resulting in the same exact game. This makes this app boring after the first 3 minutes of playing. Don't waste your time on this one
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8 years ago, mysticroseglow
Every time ads pop up it freezes the phone and can't do anything, have to restart the phone.
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9 years ago, NanerMammaw
This game worked just fine until the "Bug Fix"! Now it won't open at all!! It immediately closes after opening!! I Deleted the game & reinstalled it. Still not loading!! Please fix fast!! This is my favorite game & I MISS IT!!!!!
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7 years ago, poonsnatch
Crashes often but fun to play when it works
Hope it gets fixed soon, I’d probably buy the ad free version if I knew it wouldn’t crash.
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7 years ago, tkpLOL
I love this game. The computer is very good, but so are my drinking buddies so it's time to step my game up. GREAT APP!!
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9 years ago, Motitus007
Zero fun factor. Game wins within a couple of turns. By worth it even for a free game.
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12 years ago, AhBee...
Blitz LITE
This game is very go practice LOVE iit
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13 years ago, Applebalm83
WASTE! Pointless!
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7 years ago, GreenBroncoWT
Froze On First Deal
Lousy App
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