4' 33" - John Cage

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Larson Associates
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3 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for 4' 33" - John Cage

5 out of 5
9 Ratings
5 months ago, matthamilton72
Brilliant Update of a Concept
This is the next natural step in the evolution of the philosophy behind 4’33”. I would request 2 features be added. 1. Play in background. This way I can let it play continuously if I need to check a message without interruption. Although, philosophically, this may not be true to the spirit of the piece. 2. An option to play all the pieces on the map one after the other in a shuffle mode. So I can hit Play All and it will automatically go to the next recording without me needing to select one. Might be fun.
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3 years ago, Jackson-in-Hanoi
Every now and then an app taps into the true creative potential of these crazy globally connected computers in our hands. This app is one of them.
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5 years ago, Techsture
Awesome app that really embodies the spirit of what John Cage was going for with the original 4'33".
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10 years ago, LilbitOfHarmony
Wonderful teaching tool!
I have been using this in my 3rd through 8th grade music classrooms to have guided discussions about how different "silence" can sound in different parts of the world. Everyday at the beginning of class we listen to a recording. It inspires their imagination as they try to come up with the location of the recording before i tell them. They also pause to think about what is going on in the world at that particular moment in that particular place. The older students extend these thoughts by adding some background information such as: how does the culture influence the sounds within this "silence?" I have been amazed at some of the things they come up with!!!
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10 years ago, BetaDave
It seems like such a simple thing. A four minute and thirty three second musical score with no notes. It sounds like Seinfeld's "show about nothing". But it's more than that. Read the background info to get some context. Listen to one of the recordings. It's like a glimpse into four minutes and thirty three seconds of someone's life. Then make your own recording. That's when it gets interesting. It becomes a meditation, a challenge, a performance. So much nothing. But more.
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10 years ago, asfarasicantell
This app is something I've thought about for years. I even sketched out a similar design at one point but lacked the time to build it. Thank you for making this!
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10 years ago, S.F.Edwards
Unexpected and Clever!
So much joy in listening to people around the world share their lives. Would like to be able to save a list of favourites to a separate library, or some kind of playlist for later listening.
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10 years ago, Ornithopod
It's about time, and listening
A little bit of John Cage genius to carry around with you. Thanks to those who bright this to the world.
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10 years ago, Lrlarson
New version...
This has a lot small improvements. This is a rare work of art....I'm the real sense of the word.
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10 years ago, ledona
Nicely done, only one thing missing
Very nice, simple, well done. Only thing missing is a way to share and listen to recordings outside of the app (e.g. on the website).
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10 years ago, Clovinchy
Won't play in the background
I love the concept and the app works well.. But not being able to play silences in the background makes it very hard to use..
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10 years ago, Saga5467
Best app ever!
I am a huge fan of John cage if your a fan or just like abstract music this is the best app for you.
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10 years ago, MollyM54
great interview on TLDR. thanks for your work on this.
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