4 Pics 1 Movie!

3.8 (58)
53.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Game Circus Studios, LLC
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
4.3 or later
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User Reviews for 4 Pics 1 Movie!

3.84 out of 5
58 Ratings
9 years ago, Cinderella9124
So far so good!
This game is fun...so far. Like many other people I only uploaded this app because I was dissatisfied with similar app. (4 pics 1 song) So we'll see how it goes.
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10 years ago, jenwiley1088
Love it but..
I love this app/game but I've been waiting so long for an update I'm thinking of just uninstalling and finding another game... I'm in the 100s now and all I see is "Coming Soon.." When will it be updated??
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8 years ago, Caligirl1973.th
Good Game but annoying ads
I used to love to play this game, recently as I'm trying to solve the movie riddle, the game automatically goes to an ad for an app. It's SOOO ANNOYING! I've tried to close the app it promoting but it's persistent and take you right back there. Something need to be done about it. I'm almost to a point I'm ready to delete the app. Hope it changes soon, if not aidos!
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10 years ago, No 44444444444444444
Love it but...
I like this game but the other games they make are much better like 4 pics 1 song or coin dozer I would recommend getting those game before getting this one
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10 years ago, Simpmc411
I love this game. When is the next update with more puzzles? I have been waiting for a long time. Please hurry up and update before to many people uninstall this game.
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10 years ago, Rons73
Fun but slow updates
I love this app but they are too slow in updating it and when they do, they make you wait 2 more days before you can play again.
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10 years ago, MatthewCWI
Not linked to gamecenter
Needs to be linked to gamecenter. Will not work on two devices. Actually have two separate games playing on two devices! Not good. Game wise? Fun. Some puzzles make me think. Others are WAAaaaay too easy.
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10 years ago, Em(rocks)
I like it!
Fun little time killer and a bit if a challenge!
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9 years ago, Robin_ash
Love this game!!!
I love this game because it gives you a lot of thinking to do. It may not you but it does me so don't judge
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10 years ago, Momcat1369
This is cool. I only downloaded it because I won all the pieces in the coin dozer game along with Paplinko ,horse frenzy, 4 pics 1 song. They are cool games to play.
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9 years ago, Nttanaka
Where's an update!?!?!?
It's a fun game but it's been months and months and months (at the very least 6 months) since there's been an update. All they do is say is "coming soon." Im getting tired of waiting.
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9 years ago, Nanni1974
Just started it, and I really enjoy it!! ❤
Just started it, and I really enjoy it! ❤
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8 years ago, Parks1013
Great game but....
Game is a lot of fun; however, once you reach a certain level, the ads and downloading of apps I would never play keep popping up to the point you can't even play to game. Needs to be fixed!
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5 years ago, Moonulater
Game is better than your review page
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9 years ago, AmBear88
Add more titles! Update update update!
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10 years ago, Magnus2101
Very fun!
Great game I enjoy playing all the time.
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10 years ago, Sandy243$
Movie trivial
Fun Several ways to get coins
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10 years ago, k p h :)
Great game!
Very challenging and entertaining.
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10 years ago, Wulf359
Great game
Pretty good way to kill time.
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9 years ago, Apple Really!!!!!
Waiting waiting and still waiting for a update!
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5 years ago, kaafan10
when are you gonna update this game?
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7 years ago, ballzblaster
This app won’t update
I need an update to be able to play this game on the iPhone or their new updates
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9 years ago, Adoniis78
Adds. If you love ads, you'll love this game. Oh yeah I forgot, the ads also appear in the middle of a round and crash the game, every time.
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10 years ago, Rayray198910
Need update
This game is fun but i have been waiting for 6 months for new levels. Please give us new levels
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10 years ago, DEgit45
Good app
Love the app its a good challenge
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8 years ago, AmishZombieDude
Constant ads
I get that if it's free your going to get ads but the constant interruptions ruined a great game.
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10 years ago, Lady ma'am
Killing time
I have both the movie & music version & these games & they have come in handy when I need to kill time. But like other players I have to agree with disliking having to wait for the next level to open up & I also wish the coins didn't count for 25pts per letter...when I get a-little stuck.
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10 years ago, Mcbass420
Great game!
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11 years ago, biggmatt80
this game is just poorly made. you have to wait hours before another group of pictures can be played. the pictures are either way too easy or have absolutely nothing to do with the movie. the worst problem is that letters required for the correct answer don't always show up. I spent way too much time trying to guess what other possible movie it could be other than "Star Trek" because there was no "K" to choose until I finally bought a letter and it filled I the "K" at the end since I had every letter in there except for that one. there's more apps just like this one that I would rather choose from.
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11 years ago, KAMonte
Wish I didn't have to wait...
Love love the game! Just wish I didn't have to wait for levels. Waiting 11 hours or 24 hours for the next level seems ridiculous. If I want to play all available levels in one day I should be able to.
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10 years ago, Cafesmitty
Challenging and fun
I really like this game. If you have seen lots of movies or know about lots of movies then this is the game for you. This would be an awesome multi-player timed game. Only thing I wish is that you can go back and let's someone else play the rounds.
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10 years ago, The Davy Jones 4812
Broken promise
I turned on my I touch and it said for 4pics 1 movie that I got 100 extra coins to solve my next puzzle but when I opened I had no extra coins I was left with less coins then I had when I played last time and sometimes when I want to watch a video but they won't allow me to.
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10 years ago, SuperG76
So far so fun
The challenge with these 4 pic games is maintaining the quality. It seems over time they run out of ideas and the game gets sketchy. So far this game is fun and the pics actually make sense.
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11 years ago, Keep calm and bro it on
This is awesome if you want to earn coins on 4 pics 1 song this is the game this is amazing you can't stop playing it my sister is stuck on level 32 on 4 pics 1 word please send help
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10 years ago, tatellez
Super Duper Fun
OMG! I love this game! I kept kept having my daughter ask me for help when she played on her phone. I finally down loaded the app on my phone and started playing on my own. I can't stop!
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11 years ago, Bookworm 124
I have nothing bad to say about this app. I gave it 4 stars because I just started playing it so I don't know if I'm far enough in for the bad stuff to start happening. I love it so far though!
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11 years ago, Kkspongyb
I just started and so far it's a little too easy... On 4 pics one song it said downloading the new app would get me more coins, so I got this new app but haven't recieved coins on the first app 😕
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10 years ago, Mean lil broad
4 pics 1 movie
I loved 4 pics 1 song I'm so glad they made a movie one its not so easy at times but what fun is a game if its to easy an not challenging?;)
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10 years ago, Cypresstx26
Need to update game already
I've played all the levels that were open but now waiting for the game to update so I can keep going. Please update it soon.
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11 years ago, Rochelle hiddleston
I like it! Easy though. And I second the other comments,fix us getting stuck. Give us hints and also don't make us wait for levels!!!
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11 years ago, Steve the roommate
Movie fan
Looks to be fun, hope it has more challenge later on, only on the 4th level.
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10 years ago, Merlin Weasley
Great game! Easy for a movie wizard, but can still be challenging. I love it and haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it.
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11 years ago, Monkeygirl679
If you like guessing games, this is for you. The only setback is that you have to wait for the next album to load before you can play again.
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11 years ago, Kiloborri121
Nice game
It's WAY better than 4 pics 1 word for 2 reasons: it uses movies and this app actually loads nicely! Fun game and good work :)
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11 years ago, Unicornluvser
This is a very fun game I like it because it has mostly kid friendly movies I hope you will by this app and enjoy it as much as I do!😉
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10 years ago, Dk re
I like this more than four pics and a word because I'm a movie buff great app if you love moives
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11 years ago, The Real Ehli
Loved it!
I love this app! A lot of the movies are well known and I can always figure them out!:)
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11 years ago, almostsk8r
Just like 4 pics 1 song, this is also time worth it and great trivia game.
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11 years ago, EddyR0384
Great game
Been playing 4 pics 1 song and enjoyed that so here I am
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11 years ago, Keybull
Fun if You Love Movies
Not too difficult and a fun way to guess movies. Like the quotes once you get the title of the movie.
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