4 Pics 1 Word

4.7 (126.5K)
152.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 4 Pics 1 Word

4.69 out of 5
126.5K Ratings
7 years ago, GiGi Lolobriggetta
It widens your observational and associative skills.
Challenging at times. But it must be making more creases in the gray matter. When you >>deliberately<< practice this kind of association, as you do in this app, you are doing it in a no pressure setting .. but, over time, practicing this will refine your attention to detail and hopefully improve your ability to see commonalities in things and situations that, in every day life, seem to be unassociated but actually carry a theme. This kind of skill is invaluable - in business, in life .. seeing beyond the obvious and discovering threads of commonality -- or conversely, disassociating things that you have previous seen as possessing a common string. I will put a reminder in my calendar to check back in in 4 weeks and report if I have climbed some abstract mountain or conquered or refined my capabilities in these sorts of affairs. Beside, it is fun - play it together with someone - either 2 person team vs 2 person team -- add a timer for an edge. Or play as a group to see who gets it right first. Or just 2 of you - plainly finding that you end up giggling at 3 am from the things you have to say about it.
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2 years ago, Bighurry
Great game, needs some tweaks!
I been playing this game for many, many years. As another reviewer mentioned, the system runs out of new puzzles frequently! It takes seemingly forever for new puzzles to be released! I’d like to see an effort to generate new puzzles frequently so a continuous supply is available to customers to download and play. Most of the puzzle pictures are relevant but there are many, many pictures that have little to no relevance to the pictures presented. I sometimes scratch my head, look up the word and the dictionary provides no connection to some of the pictures. It’s very frustrating when some of the clues are distracting and detrimental to my puzzle solving efforts! Please seek out these pictures and replace them with appropriate ones. Thank you!
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8 months ago, RPU12
Great Thinking Game. Has Some Kinks to Work Out
This is a great word game for those who like to be challenged! The common word is not always apparent, and you sometimes have to really think beyond the obvious elements of what may be pictured. There have been plenty of sets that had me scratching my head, and sometimes I could figure out the hard ones right away, but overall this game will make you think. My main problem with the game has to do with how quickly the 10 second timer expires when you do the 10 in 10 second challenges. It can be maddening when you absolutely know that you solved a set in 4 seconds, only to not be rewarded the point! Other times, it does count your 9-second response, which comes as a surprise, so there is no consistency. Maybe there needs to be a time bar that reduces in size as the seconds count down, so it keeps it fair? Right now, without fail, I end up doing 14 to 18 puzzles, with one or two that I know took longer, and 3 that I know should have counted :-(. Overall, 4 Pics 1 Word is a fun game!
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3 years ago, LunarAnime
New Use For Coins & American English
I have played “Almost” everyday for several years. Enough so that I had done all puzzles and had to start over. Generally the puzzles are interesting, some easier than others. The problem is that the coins I get for solving I now can rarely use. I may need a joker or two weekly but not often. REQUST: can we please use coins to catch up on the 2nd of the Daily Puzzles so more of my badges move. After all, sometimes life gets in the way of doing daily puzzles. ALSO: can more puzzles include the American English usage of words (at least one of the pictures). [For example we just had the word pastries with a meat pie, a muffin, gummies/jellies and pie dough. Pastries in America are almost always sweets like cinnamon buns and fancy donuts with fruit topping & maybe lemon bars.] Keep going. You have improved with the addition of Daily Puzzles UPDATE: I received a timely and very nice reply to my questions. I have upgraded my rating to 4 and hope to soon see further updates to a wonderful game
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12 months ago, Nd go iobgf Dee d on
What’s the deal with puzzle IQ?
I used to love this game. So many changes later - I’m about done with it. I’d played for so long I had worked my way to get frequent hints when a puzzle sat unsolved for even a day or two - now that feature seems to have nearly disappeared, which felt like losing a status is built up over a few years. The rules governing hints no longer align with indicators that a user actually would benefit from a hint. I sometimes get a hint within minutes of opening a new puzzle, while other puzzles can sit for weeks with no hint given. That change alone really decreased the enjoyment for me - who mostly plays casually in short spurts just to take a mental break from other things. The latest intro of the Puzzle IQ is completely unnecessary and irritating to me. No way to turn it off. What’s the point of this? Were users begging for a chance to track something called IQ points, which of course don’t really reflect a player’s actual IQ at all? Why add these kind of “features”? Very often - simpler is better.
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2 years ago, B'Shert
So Much Fun!
This game is so much fun it’s addictive! My wife introduced me to it and now we play daily. We have also shared this game with family and friends and many people still play to this day! What’s also cool is that you can message for help through the app and it sends everything you need to solve the puzzle, which makes this game interactive. Eventually, you develop many skills to help you solve the puzzles. If you get stuck, you can ask for help or use your coins to purchase letters. Before long, your network is playing as much as you do, so they are sending puzzles for help. Did I mention that when you solve puzzles that were sent to you for assistance you get bonus coins. Pretty soon your rolling in gold coins!
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6 years ago, DarlingD59
Too easy
I opened up this app for the first time in a long time and was disappointed to find that most of the puzzles are too easy; their answers are too obvious. When I first started playing this app years ago, I really had to think about the answers to most of the puzzles which I don’t need to do now. So disappointing! Also, the transition from one puzzle to the next is too slow. Next, I would like a button that drops all of the letters back down when I get an incorrect answer on one of the few puzzles that is challenging. On those same few challenging puzzles, I don’t want to have to put the letters in the boxes starting with the first letter; I may want to place some vowels in some of the middle boxes first to give me some ideas about the common word. In summary, you may need to change the age range and the puzzles to a higher level in order to keep adults challenged and playing. Why not develop a children’s version; on a game like this, one size does not fit all!
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1 year ago, Sydney Maureen
I like this game a lot, but it hasn’t escaped my notice that there are hardly any people of color represented in any of the pictures. I know they’re stock photos, but it’s frustrating for me to always see the same white/blonde people level after level. Another thing is that I’ve reached this part of the game where a lot of the levels have to do with weight loss, so “diet”, “slim”, “fat”, etc. The words themselves aren’t the problem, but I’m not sure it’s okay for the photos to always have people looking so miserable if they’re the ones in the larger photo of the before and after. I think it pushes a rather dangerous narrative, though I don’t think it’s on purpose. Overall, I do enjoy this game and like playing it with my friends, but I think the next update should be a bit more inclusive.
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1 year ago, therelybare
Puzzle IQ??? Seriously?
I’ve been playing this game off and on since 2016. Just recently, my family spent the evening playing the game together and had a great time. I just opened the game up and was forced to go through a Puzzle IQ demonstration and started to wonder if this is something that players asked for or if it’s something that the developers came up with to junk up the game. Honestly, it aggravates me when a developer takes a simple game and keeps adding junk to it. I used to play one game and it was a simple word game and the developer added one thing after another and the game eventually became unplayable. The additions, used to try to make money, took over. If this is the way this game is going, then I’m glad I’ve used it for this long because I’m less likely to play it now. Hope the changes are more profitable for you because I’m done!
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3 years ago, Petit fromage
Used to be Good
So I’ve had this game for many years and I think the user base is getting tired of the “bug fixes and performance enhancements” updates which are really just adding more advertisements. There is absolutely no need for the giant orange ask a friend for help button at the bottom of the screen. It takes up space and has no function. When you click on it it just highlights the other 3 buttons on the right side of the screen. I have no interest in growing your user base by inviting others to play, and that is essentially why these buttons exist. Instead of saying “Ask a friend” it should say “Ask a friend so they can download the game and spend money on it! We love money! Come on just click it!” The buttons are so intrusive that you’ll end up clicking on them anyway when you don’t intend to. You know what? Just remove the word guessing part of this game and leave the ads. We know that’s the only thing that you care about. Deleted!
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6 years ago, Bunqueen
Years of fun so far but what is Prestige Mode?
I have been playing 4 Pics 1 Word for years. I enjoyed it so much, I bought the premium edition early on to get rid of ads and give the game my vote of support. I’ve finished all of the main game levels and eagerly look forward to the fun themed daily puzzles. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that selecting the main game now asks me if I want to try the Prestige Mode and tells me that won’t be able to reverse my decision. Before I choose Prestige Mode, would it be possible to find out what It is? Thanks for the response! Sounds like a worthwhile challenge - I’m game! I’ll take the plunge and see how far I get. Thanks for the years of enjoyment and for keeping the game fresh and fun!
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7 years ago, Jabal336
Save Progress
This is a very lovely game it deserves a 5 Star rating but I’m taking one out because of a draw back I’ve noticed. Over time I have used about 6 or more iPhones, I loose some and upgrade some. Anytime I change my device I have to start from the begining😤😤😤, this can be very frustrating. First time I got the app, I had to wait for the next update to continue cos I had finished all. Just imagine getting there then starting all over again😤😤😤 bcos I had to upgrade my device!!! This made me loose interest completely. Secondly, what’s with the link to the app when we’re asking a friend for help? It was easier before, now we have to screenshot it! Developers, Please find a way so we can store our progress, probably link it to fb, an email, or we could also create an account with your app too. Please and please
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3 years ago, Ellybelly10
A Brain wake-up
This is the only puzzle I play absolutely every morning - I think of it as my mental calisthenics. The clues are clever, the level of difficulty is varied and in over about 8,000 puzzles I’ve solved, I’ve found very few that didn’t make sense. Also, the number of ads are reasonable. You can buy a letter clue by watching a video (I’ve actually clicked on many to find out more about a product) but other than that, ads are at a minimum. I’ve quit playing many other games because of excessive ads. Thank you and congratulations to the creators/writers of the thousands of clues and for helping keep my brain in decent shape!
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2 years ago, tthoneybear
Difficult for vision impaired; frustrating for a perfectionist
Can’t zoom in on pictures. Yes, I tap them on my iPhone, but they’re not big enough for me to see. One missed day, you get no bonus for the month. Or loss of power before coins are rewarded. Or ads freeze. All these cause me to miss being credited for solving. Do this game religiously every night (Alexa reminds me), but only one month in last year able to get fourth bonus (so all four tokens move). Supposed to fun — but one mistake and the month is blown. And really dislike the changed graphics/sounds (it’s the same and shortened for any number of coins) when coins are rewarded. Really loved the long ones with more coins... boring now and disappointing.
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6 years ago, dipperpines027
Too many ads
I wish they would get rid of the ads!! I know you can buy the thing to get rid of ads, but after every 3 puzzles,BOOM!!!An ad. It gets really annoying and I just want to get rid of the app. The ad that keeps popping up is Toon Blast, so please could you get rid of it. It makes me want to get rid of the app and go play Pictoword, which by the way, is super fun and you should definitely play it. But please, get rid of the ads. It’s my one complaint. But, other than the ads popping up every 3 puzzles, the game is fun, and I definitely recommend it to many people. I’m only ten, so I really enjoy this game. This just proves that it’s fun for any age, and if you’re 5 or 95, you’ll enjoy this. So, please get rid of the ads, but otherwise, the game is miraculously fun, and everyone will have fun and enjoy this game.
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4 years ago, Windy.Skies
Good game with one major flaw
I enjoy the challenge and played it often but discovered the “multi-player” button takes you to a completely separate version of the game. I invited friends to play and now have two versions of the game going with separate scores. That’s one issue but the bigger issue is that I paid to remove adds discovered it only removed them from the app version and not the other one. The only way to access the other one is either from inside Facebook, which doesn’t display correctly on my screen, or from inside FB messenger. There no reason to download or buy the app when I the notifications open the FB version that still has ads and a separate score, and the app version doesn’t let me assist my friends. This game is a real bait and switch, do not spend money to remove ads if you ever play with friends.
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5 years ago, 4pics1star
Need to work on backing up data
Don’t get me wrong, I really love this game, but its inability to backup and restore data is disappointing. I have been playing this game for a while (probably since it started) and unfortunately, every time I install it in a new device, I have to start over. Never bothered me before but in 2017, I started collecting badges from the Daily Puzzles and I haven’t failed in collecting them. My phone broke and alas, I have to start over again, which also meant, I lost all those badges I worked so hard to get. Can there be a way you can restore them?? I’m already too far into the game and honestly, I don’t wanna start over again.
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5 years ago, Shog88
Pretty Good
I think we all know how this game holds up. It’s basically a classic of phone games and is generally great. But what’s up with those daily challenges? They’re more annoying than anything. Today’s challenge for me was to complete three bonus daily puzzles. I’m not even sure how it’s possible to fit three days worth of bonus challenges into one. Other times I just have to think “I’m not putting that much time into this game today, thank you.” Sometimes you have to pay to unlock missed daily puzzle to be able to complete the daily challenge, which still nets you a loss in gold. I appreciate daily goals as much as the next guy (I love the daily puzzles), but make sure it’s actually worth it.
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1 week ago, Cherylbisme
4 pics, 1 word
4 days since game was updated. Yesterday, I was in a “bonus”? and was receiving double IQ points, for 10 minutes, when the screen went black. I cannot do anything when this happens- this was the 4th or 5th time. Of course, by the time it was resolved, my bonus had timed out. Today, I repeatedly press on a letter (any and all) and the game is frozen- like the old days. I tried clicking on everything there is to click on, but it is indeed frozen. This, too, has happened previously. Used to love this game, except for the ridiculous amount of ads, I found it challenging and fun. Now, it is becoming increasingly frustrating and annoying. I’ll try again, but next time either of these issues presents itself, I will uninstall it and try a different one.
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2 years ago, juses christ
Game of ❤️
I just did this for the first time and I liked it but I’m sure it’s going to get harder and harder the harder it is the better it will be just like a big huge thing of a lot to do with it it is really hard and it’s not even going away I just got to see you in a few hours and I’m going to be like a big one but I’ll let you get it out and get it done right after that you can just get ready for me to be ready to get to do something that would cause a lot of river going on over and over again but I’ll be here alone this couple hours before u get here
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1 year ago, Person2424000
Great game, dishonest ads
I have played this game for years and enjoy it and I am fine to watch ads for points. However recently there are so many ads for the FAKE gummy weight loss pills. Google it and find out Oprah has NEVER endorsed a weight loss gummy yet they are using her image, words and videos and the Shark Tank investors also which is totally false. Please take these ads down that prey on the desperate. ALSO, when I click the X to close the ad, it OPENS a window in a browser that looks like a TIME magazine article or Shark Tank page AND the ad plays music even when my sound is turned off which could create problems for people trying to play quietly! I am done with this game for now
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6 years ago, Wagginpitbull
Some fun, but too easy & too many ads
The game is okay. I felt most of the puzzles were too easy. However, the multiplayer mode adds a time component which makes the puzzles a little more challenging. You compete against another play to solve 5 puzzles, moving up or down in the "leagues" depending on if you solve more puzzles than your opponent. The adds in single player mode are much too frequent. It plays a 15-30 second ad every three puzzles. Since most of the puzzles are easy, I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. In the multiplayer mode the ads come every 5 puzzles. I found the frequency of ads in multiplayer mode more tolerable because they coincide with the end of each round of competition.
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5 years ago, Grammy2 3
This is so fun. And I have been playing for years, but I could give 5 stars if only you could do something about the league play. It is not fair to consistently have players who are ranked in the 1000s and are trying to gain a lower ranking playing ppl with single digit to 200 ranks. The ppl who are ranked that low clearly have an advantage. They have seen the same pics sooooo many times it is obvious. I love the game and I continue playing but it is frustrating. Rather than be ranked 1242 trying to rank down and have to go against the person ranked 2. Seems like the ranking play could be done a bit different.....Just sayin 🥴
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4 years ago, Luckyladycj314
Infested with ads
I used to look forward to playing this game for a while every day. Then the past couple years it has more and more ads popping up than it’s worth to try to play. Ads when you first open it, then click on play and another ad pops up. Then if you go for bonus points, another ad that you HAVE to watch to get the bonus points, then when you get the bonus points and click on the next puzzle yet another ad pops up and you close it and another one pops up. It’s ridiculous.
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4 months ago, KineticKB
Ads are too long
I choose to play games for free, at least until I’m certain I like the game, and I understand that ads are a part of that, however I will not play a game in which ads are 30 seconds long, especially when play is often less than that. Additionally, some of the ads wouldn’t go away, even after 30 seconds, and you get stuck in a loop. If you block anything, it takes you to the App Store and if you don’t, you just keep having to watch a longer commercial. Strike #1. When you first start playing, you can’t get to the settings to turn off the sound. Strike #2. To remove ads, it is $5.99. That’s too much money, especially when I can’t even determine if I’m going to like the game well enough to pay for it. Strike #3. I played a couple rounds and basically enjoyed the game but I won’t put up with long commercials that trap you and not being able to turn off the sound easily (or having to do it every time you play. But I’m not sure if that’s the case or not.) 3 strikes, you’re out. I’m deleting the game.
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2 years ago, KennySteven
Enjoyed this for years!
This game is challenging enough to keep me interested over time, and is very well-designed. If it seems too easy at first, know they start you off with some very simple puzzles. Some of the picture clues occasionally seem to be too much of a stretch in their connection to the word you’re supposed to guess, and occasionally a clue has pointed to a homonym of the word (unintentionally?), but that doesn’t happen often. I used to play this *a lot* and once reached the end of the clues and had to start over. These days, I play the two Daily Puzzles and that’s enough for me. Another review talks about how this game helps with mental acuity. I am still waiting to become a genius, but at least I have a fun game to play while I wait! One last note: kudos to the developers for responding to feedback when the game design was changed for the worse. It’s much better now!
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6 years ago, ShayStro
Fun, but those pictures....
I like playing this! Sometimes way too easy and many times impossible to get the connection. The word associated with all 4 pics is sometimes a huge stretch in at least one picture. I did not take a star away for that but I did for these 3 flaws, and rated it thusly: Loses a star because you SHOULD be able to click on the individual picture and then click again to enlarge that picture. Sometimes you just can't tell what the picture is supposed to be!! Also loses a star because you should be able to scramble the letters to get different configurations. Loses one last star because you should be able to drag the letters to any position as opposed to only be able to click on them in sequence.
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4 years ago, The_Water_Ninja11
GREAT, But One Concern
I love this game! When I wanted to download some educational games, I chose you as one of them, and I don’t regret it! For someone who is school, I need to keep my brain trained and this is the way to do it! I honestly don’t think there are many ads, but I do see some but not a lot. I only have one concern: Do you think you could lower the price to do the daily puzzle to 100 coins for when you miss that day? Or maybe give a chance to do the bonus puzzle for a day that I missed? Thank you so much for this game, I love it!!!! 😀😁😍😎
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3 years ago, Merlin205
Love but...
I have been playing this game for I don’t know how many many years. I absolutely love playing this every day! My suggestion is the option to “catch up” on the bonus word. That’s a lot of points that are lost when you don’t get the option to play catch-up. I also think having the words fall back to the tray if you get a wrong word would be really nice (I’m being lazy)!!! Other than these couple of things I think this game is absolutely the best one I have ever played. I start my morning every single day playing this
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7 months ago, Marin105
Endless puzzles
This game is really fun! It’s not too easy where you get bored playing. It’s not too hard, and if you do get stuck you can use a hint to keep going. There is never ending puzzles so you can play as much or as little as you’d like. Plus they have daily challenges too. You can skip the adds after only a few seconds which makes it go by quick. The only time you have to watch the full adds is if you click on them to double your rewards.
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2 years ago, 🧠☝️🤘🤞🫳🏻
I inadvertently deleted the app and I signed in with my Apple ID upon starting from now it won’t continue with my progress fortunately I was only playing a game for two days I believe maybe three and my progress was delete it once I really downloaded the app how can you assist me with this is there anyway to get my progress back I havePuzzles where I asked a friend for help if that can gauge it but not many guess with the puzzles were rather stressful hope you can assist me with it have a great day
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6 years ago, HinAAhmed
Very Fun
This game is EXTRAORDINARY! Yet there is a slight problem. The advertisements pop-up EVERYWHERE! And even though you can pay To get no adds, Mom does not have a lot of money in her Apple ID. I’d also like to point out that Some people Are not Christian, So maybe tone it down with the 4 Pics One Word Bible adds. Above that, I like how you’re able to Skip some of the video adds. That helps me get back to the game as soon as possible. I recommend this Highly addicting application to EVERYONE! Thank you for your attention. (And maybe reply this ASAP) :D)
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4 years ago, Dadman50
Xtra points don’t always work
Select double points and wait out the time then press on the X. The screen is locked and you have to close the app and reopen it. Then you don’t get the extra coins and don’t get credit for solving it. Since you have to have the exact number of days solved in that month then you are SOL at the end of the month if you wanted the last surprise gift. The designers need to fix this problem ASAP. It has happened to many times.
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3 years ago, Jtspeer
Great Concept! Not Challenging Enough :/
I really like this concept! However (and I’m not sure what the target age range is for this game), I found it far too simple to be fun for me. The majority of picture sets were simply 4 pictures of exactly what the answer was. For example: A baseball bat A flying bat A cricket bat A bat hanging upside down ….the answer was “BAT.” I figured the difficulty would increase after the first few puzzles, but it hasn’t gotten any more challenging after roughly 30-40 puzzles. I wish there was an option for Easy, Medium, and Hard mode. In the 30-40 puzzles I played, I’d say 2 or 3 were on the challenging side - which still only took about 30 seconds to solve. If the puzzles DO get more challenging over time, it hasn’t happened quickly enough for me to want to keep playing. Maybe I’m not the intended audience, but if not, maybe a version could be made with a bit more sustenance - a bit like the New York Times crossword! :)
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2 years ago, pappasbike
Updating My Review to 5 Stars
The tracking request upon initial launch of the game has been removed. That was the only thing keeping this from being an excellent and fun game to play everyday as i do. Previous review: As so many other reviewers I am also getting the accept tracking screen upon first launch every day. There is no response to tapping either option. You can only tap continue. This began with the current update but should not be continued.
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5 years ago, [:]<><[:]
My mind has melted within the 1st 5 minutes.
I think I found a game that actually can destroy your mind. On puzzle 3 it took me literally 5 minutes to find the word. I had a drum chime, a girl getting hit in the face by an apple, a singer and a car crash. It took me 5 minutes for it to hit me (OK FINE, I went for the pun!). Question 6 took me an hour and a half xD I love how totally unrelated the pics are but all share at least one minuscule detail. This game can be used on that dude you know is stupid and waste their time for wasting yours. I love it :]
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6 years ago, afognak
The best!
I’m not one to play games on my phone. I’m a grandmother. I started playing this with a grandchild several years ago, got pretty far, changed phones and had to start over, and have just reached level 3000. I find this game relaxing, challenging, and a great mental workout. The only glitch I’ve found is that whenever the screen pops up and asks if you want to rate the app, I hit “rate” and it just brings me back to the game. I came to the App Store to leave this feedback. It’s a wonderful app. Good work!
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6 years ago, Catcatcar
Same puzzles
I have already completed over 220 4 pics and a word puzzles and had almost 1000 coins accumulated. I had trouble with my phone and had to get it reset. When I put your app back on my phone from my purchased apps in the App Store, it started me all over again with the same puzzles. I would like to continue using the app but refuse to redo all 220 of those same puzzles again. How can I start from where I left off or at least get all new puzzles? Cathy
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6 years ago, XxJaysanxX
I remembered when me and my mom would solve these problems together, and it was so fun. We would think together what they could mean. Years later, I came across this app again and thought it would be fun too try it again, I guess my little brains years ago didn’t really care about the ads. It gets ridiculous, some people say it’s after every 3 puzzles, but for me, it’s almost after every single one. AND THE ADS ARE THE SAME, THERE AREN’T ANY OTHER ADS EXCEPT FOR THAT STUPID CUBE PUZZLE GAME. Now, I’m never gonna play this, GET RID OF THE ADS, OR ATLEAST CHANGE THE ADS FROM TIME TO TIME, ITS ANNOYING TO THE POINT THAT I WANT TO THROW THIS GAME ACROSS THE ROOM, SERIOUSLY.I hate it, after level 30, I deleted it, ugh. 😑 only if I could giv this no stars, but I wanted to giv it a review, fix the ads and I might reconsider.
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3 years ago, dhbdkgd j h
4 pic 1 word
I think that this game is so fun but it need a little fun to it like if you finish a level you get to open a chest and pick a card and whatever you pick you get that reward. But I think that it is a fun learning experience for young kids like me. So if your kid has a phone of any sort I would highly recommend this game for your kid but I have to admit that there are some hard problems so you might need help. But in other words it is one of the best games I have. Hope you like and have fun with it!!!
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8 months ago, DebSac71
Great until playing the same puzzles over and over
I really enjoyed this game and for the most part I still do but it is no longer a challenge when all of the puzzles keep repeating. I have over 47K tokens and you cannot use them to solve daily bonus puzzles that I had missed only daily puzzles. I appreciate all of the app updates but perhaps we can receive new puzzles rather than intelligence points that are unimportant and do not have any impact on your score / level.
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5 years ago, No,no,Zoe
What happened?
What happened to my years of playing this app? The app started disappearing while I was playing the game and I would have to close the app and restart it every time I played. This would happen numerous times. So, I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now everything's gone! All my history's gone. I have done this with other apps and never had this happen. Just be aware of this before you delete this app. Otherwise, I would give this app 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Goingbad
Bonus points daily puzzle
For the last three days I have completed the daily puzzle and hit the 2X button it goes to an ad that just does nothing. I have waited up to 3 minutes before I close out then restart. The last 2 days the bonus puzzle gave me the 2X bonus. But today it went to the ad and nothing. I went to the AP Store and saw that there was an update a few days ago.
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4 years ago, Proverbs 3:5,6
What happened to my points?
I have played this game of 4 Pics 1 Word for a number of years now. I play consistently every day. I had amassed thousands of points. One day recently there were only a couple hundred points, and then I was told I would have to buy some. My points had disappeared! I did NOT use all of the ones I had accumulated. I do not know why they were removed. I would appreciate an explanation! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Essential4Him
A year of badges! Level 1250!
This is a fun and rewarding game. Within the game itself you can play four different challenges. Daily Thematic. Level Up. Multiplayer with a stranger. Multiplayer with a friend. I’ve been playing all four. I do have a question though. I have one multiplayer friend I am playing currently. Now a relative has just started playing. He has reached level 50 (or higher possibly) and I cannot see where I can send him a challenge. Can you help me? PLEASE BRING BAVK MULTIPLAYER 🥰🙏🏼❤️💙
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7 years ago, 87ksbucki
I love this game!
This game makes me want to think a lot and I love spelling but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to spell the words I love the pictures that gives you a clue. If you are new at this then I hope you do good. Because when I did it it was really fun to play this game. I think this is one if my favorite games. I see this game a lot and I am like I want this game so bad and my dad is always deleting this same game and I keep getting it back so I can play on it!!😍👍❤️😎💕😘👅
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3 months ago, Granny Patti
Sound even when the sound is turned off
Love this App however sometimes disappointed Been using this app since 2013. I have the sound off for a reason. Now I'm afraid to even open the app with others around because of the noise at an inappropriate time so I have to wait till alone But it really does help me develop my word skills. So plan to keep on going after over 11 years.!
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2 years ago, pepperword
Enjoyable Challenge
I have enjoyed 4 Pics 1 Word since I got my IPad in 2015. The challenge and different levels of difficulty help to keep my brain sharper than it would be otherwise. The older version, where you gave free letters after a few days was, in my opinion, a better version. I just hate having to ask for a letter. It’s not the cost in points...I have lots of points. it’s a matter of pride. Lol. Rita Porter
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7 years ago, Jamakinmecrazy2
Wish it was some on all my devices
I absolutely love this app but upsets me that if I load it in all my devices, they aren’t all on the same puzzle. I recently got a new phone and so I lost the one on my old phone so I went from level 1200 +\- to level 1, makes me want to remove the app in my new phone and stop playing. I had it at one time on my kindle and phone but sine they didn’t sync with each it was just not worth playing on both
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6 years ago, Cluckenfeld
Good brain exercise
If you don't read and just watch tv, etc., then you need to be exercising your brain! This puzzle game (among others) is good to help do that! No problems yet, except last night when I tried to turn it off on my iPhone, it didn't want to turn off, and once I did get it to turn off, the sound kept playing in the background, lol! All it took was a reset of the phone and it went back to normal.
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