420 Singles

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420 Singles
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3 weeks ago
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16.4 or later
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User Reviews for 420 Singles

3.49 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Brittanann71621
Needs more inclusive options.
So I was really excited to try out this app but was a little disappointed at the start, you get two choices boy or girl, I don’t like identifying as either. Then the next two choices transgender or gay, while those two options are necessary that’s pretty limited. Then the exact same choices for who you are looking for and only let you choose one at a time. Which again doesn’t really work best for me. It’s just missing some basic gender and orientation options that other dating apps have. I was just kind of hoping to see those especially from a “content culture” dating app. I understand 420 dating apps are a newer thing so really congratulations on what you’ve guys have done so far but some additions need to be added for inclusion.
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2 months ago, 420Ken420
My review
Well after waiting for who knows how long this site has become useable in function. There are still a few in app functions which can be improved to make it a bit easier when it comes to profile settings. My first available member listings displays a high mileage count when looking for nearby members, so that could better. Don’t want to drive hundreds of mile to meet someone. Otherwise still checking it out.
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5 years ago, Tjusgorjus2
420 Lost & Found
What can I say? The 420 commonality is what lured me, but I had to delete this crap app just as quickly as I downloaded it! As a previous reviewer stated/observed, if I click the RED X it means I’m not interested. So, why do the same people I ‘passed on’ pop up in the search again...and again...and again? AND the few I favorited are not even saved on the favorites list. WTH?! Still trying to give this app a chance, I tried to simply send a quick message and the app only allows you to purchase access. No freebies or trial period here. Why would anybody, with the brains of a rabbit, let alone a higher intellect pay for this crap? I put the distance to search at the maximum distance and still came across the 20 people, of which I swiped most of them and there were even a few that weren’t the right gender. SMH Don’t waste your time on this. I couldn’t even find where I could delete my profile. Why? There isn’t much content or selections, even with changing zip codes. Now, to be fair, of you don’t have subscribers, you can’t have much of a variety🤔🧐. Maybe a better marketing team would help. This is a good concept, it just isn’t ready for the real world. This is more of a concept than an app. Deleted, but still not sure 🤔 what happens to my profile.
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3 years ago, Ashe Raven
They dont even try to hide it. I have gotten the same picture with different names 3 times in a row. Seriously. The cards never change no matter what time of day it is nor how many times you refresh. The Idea is to find someone to date that smokes weed, but if you do manage to find anyone that isnt a scammer or a bot they either only wanna buy weed or sell it to you. So it could be beneficial for finding Bud, but you would probably have better luck asking the kid dumping trash at Mcdonalds. The app is trash period. The developers obviously dont take it seriously with the amount of scammers and bots that populate it. So if you are looking for a smoking buddy with benefits look elsewhere. You have been warned.
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2 years ago, Dammy101
This app is the most worst app I ever downloaded and it’s a scam as well everything is working well not until I did a subscription of $9.99 after I did the subscription they deleted my account my best advice for you if you want to download this make sure you don’t pay for any premium or subscription cause once you do the subscription they’ll delete your account this app is 100% scam painful I wasted my $9.99
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5 years ago, D.Sympathy
Too Early to Tell
I was asked for this review right away. But any app or website that is pro cannabis I can approve. I approve of cannabis even if others do not. Maybe I will find my partner that will help me be the change. I have already personally changed a lot about myself. I would like to find a partner or partners depending on this whole monogamy thing to help be physically with me. Because I want to share my love with someone who wants to share their love with me. And then hopefully we can share our love with everyone.
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5 years ago, vin c punk
Could be good, needs work
This seems like tinder a lot. And I believe it could make for a good dating app for smokers. But maybe because I live in a small town in Florida.... does not seem like there are a lot of people using this app. When I put a 50 mile limit on it I don’t get many people. And when you run out of people in your parameters. They just start you over again. So I’ll be looking at the same array of people I just swiped on five minutes ago. I could swipe the same person 4 times in an hour even though I just swiped them three other times in the same hour. Needs work.
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3 years ago, Rebel051214
Great App, User Friendly
This app is fun and easy to use it’s customizable to range/ distance and gender type. I have been messaged frequently by a lot of bots, however reporting them Is easy. My only complaint is that you have to wait for a match in order to be able to message or pay a subscription fee. Can’t at least send and introduction message. You can’t always gauge a person by sight, personality and grammar matter too.
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5 years ago, Alisa Rosenbaum
Good, but a major oversight
So I was getting asked the basic questions: was I a boy, girl, trans, etc. So far so good. Then I get asked if I’m gay or straight. I’m bi. However, because I lean towards girls, I picked gay. Then it asks me if I would like to see men or women. Again, I’m bi. I want both. But again, I had to choose between the two. And sure, you can flip between the two. But I’m bi. I want both. And I want ‘bisexual’ as an orientation choice.
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4 years ago, ericriley
Doesn’t Let You See Who You Liked
It lets you know who has liked you if you have a subscription, but it doesn’t show the people that you did like if your now trying to message them without them liking you back. I bought the subscription when I saw this cute girl, and wanted to go ahead and message all the people that I liked prior and I can’t pull them up. Now, all I can see for swiping are those who I didn’t like....
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4 years ago, dreadymike
Silencing the stoners
Good idea for an app, but it would be nice to be able to talk to the people you match with without having to pay. After a day of having the app, I’ve read the reviews and a lot of people don’t like the fact that it recycles the accounts. I think the bigger issue comes to light after you get a match...neither person can talk unless you pay. How can one find someone if you can’t even say hello? Also noticed in the app reviews a response from the developer saying that fake accounts are weeded out quickly, but in 24hrs I’ve noticed several accounts with IG models and pornstars.
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4 years ago, Ed1944
What a joke!
I’d give “0” stars if possible. While I was a registered user, and they sent me two notifications in the past week, when I tried to log on, my email address and password were not known. So I downloaded the App again and re-registered. It showed me 2 pictures. I couldn’t find any information or figure out how to navigate to a profile, location, or anything. In trying to find that, I deleted the pictures. And since it only showed 2 matches in the Washington DC area that has around 13 million people, I can only assume lots of others found it useless too.
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6 months ago, dr. Seuss rhythm and rhymes
Extremely frustrating
I have paid for your service and I don’t know really how to use your App. I don’t know what your icons mean I need some kind of instructions and whenever I want to send a message, it asked me for more money so to open and unlock the full potential of this dating app how much does that cost me a month? I have a pretty good following on social media as far as reviews and I will be doing a review very soon for this dating site so educate me so you’ll get five stars otherwise right now I’m giving you one out of five stars.
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3 years ago, cash album
Your page is bland
You need more community boards where members can enter act with each with out the judge of a cove something like a statues board for post there’s always three kinds world chat,my city,near me if you do that people who likes weed can recommend place if there in the same general area and can message under people status also if you have a messaging please put videos and voice calls in it actually save lives from predators
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3 years ago, Unhappy420User
Your site is not worth the effort.
I have been on the site for close to a week and found that it is quite inept in that it is filled with fake profiles. Also unlike Tinder when you swipe left, that profile is never seen again when continuing. Your website does not react the same way and those profiles continue to appear in new searches. I am forced to block each one that I unmatched previously so that this doesn’t occur. Essentially I am just wasting time and effort while using your app.
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9 months ago, juju minipants
So glitchy, very limited profile questions
Can someone put literally any thought into how this app is set up please😅 Like I know we’re all high but come on, it’s like someone set it up as joke and then forgot all about it. At least make it so the app lets you enter things in your profile without glitching and doesn’t just not show category titles sometimes. And PLEASE you need more gender/looking for categories. Some of us are bisexual over here don’t make me pic just women or men.
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2 years ago, Xwordgal
This website needs help and a lot of it!
I’ve received a couple of emails indicating that someone has left me a message, however when I open up the app, there are no messages whatsoever. Secondly, given some choices of available individuals , I have deleted ones that are not suitable, however when I return to the app a few days later, all of the individuals I deleted have reappeared. Also, there’s a typo…You have “sing out” rather than “sign out”.
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2 years ago, Ruppert13
Approved by Jah
You know, one of the main difficulties I have with Tinder and Bumble is that I do not know if the woman is keen to the green lifestyle or if they are just the typical alcoholic that will ultimately lead to a toxic and the utmost negative relationship. With this app, all the woman are living in the year 2022, where cannabis and health rule.
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4 years ago, hotedoggie
Operating functionality of this app Seems Stoned actually - kind of apropos. It will keep repeating/circulating through the same people after I’ve just omitted them. And sometimes when select option to see more photos it brings back a person you’ve previously omitted. I suspect you are all aware of all this
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4 years ago, teeraaww
Awesome idea.
Great idea for an app. Always trying to meet other stoners but your app just needs some maintenance! Can’t see full message from other people. You should let people make their own questions because the questions you make us answer are, I’m sorry, kind of lame. 😕 Great concept for an app though; keep improving!
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2 years ago, Jecca2016
Not able to select both genders for preferences
I want to be seen by men and women and I find the lack of option kind of dejecting. the rest of the app is great, so I’m hoping that feature can catch up to the quality of the rest of it.
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4 years ago, Taurus51183
I cancelled this service 7 months ago and I am still getting charged for it. There is no customer service number to contact because I want a refund for all the months I still got charged. Sounds suspicious to me. What are they hiding? I want to give zero stars but I am forced to give one. Plus when I tried it I got no matches or replies. Oh well because I am very happy with the person I have now but not giving my money away for NOTHING!!
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3 years ago, 420lr
So far so good.
It’s a great app, but very little control of your settings. Haven’t seen any bots yet but I’m waiting for them to start rolling In. I think you should be required to upload a pics of your id and face to make sure it’s a real account.
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4 years ago, Hit4me420
I am just a very good person who has for some reason has been so turned around on who I am. Your website has so many great looking stoned babes. I hope to get the opportunity to see them getting really high.
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1 year ago, just another dude T
Honestly from what I was hoping with this app when I found it on Twitter, I’m pretty disappointed. I know there’s a lot of stoner girls around my area. But there’s no one on this app. Or no one knows about it? Then one day I got a message from a girl, she instantly told me to go onto another platform to chat(Google chat) the girl had to be a scammer. It seems like all these apps are being taken over by bots/scammers now and it’s kinda sad.
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1 year ago, Jfetkin
Pretty good , needs more work
Love the concept, and the basics are here for something great. Still bugs , can’t remove people from your like list , would be nice to be able to go back if you swipe the wrong way.
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5 years ago, darkloudd
People don’t respond to you when you send a message. Also, this app requires you to use the GPS/Location feature to have better accuracy.
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2 years ago, PapiJ510
This is a 420 site. So we look for weed, and maybe a community but having the option of being a boy or girl is simple. Just ask yourself, when I was a born what was I Male or Female. That’s it????
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4 years ago, NickGBR
This app is a total joke
You’d think the 420 community could come up with a decent working app that actually works. Nobody uses this app, idle profiles have been on it for years at a time, and the same profiles pop up over and over again. You can swipe right on someone and see them again 2 swipes later. This app should be scrapped and you should start over with better ideas.
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10 months ago, Waititng
Great site
I wish it came with more instructions like how to save likes, 100% interested, and no ways. Especially hard when you’re high. I keep looking at it not sure what I’m doing.
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4 years ago, Eat no More
New to this site
I am just excited to know a site like this exist! I really look forward to more people in my age range finding it! I’ll do my best to promote it, I’m a good promoter when I find new things I like!
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4 years ago, #1_STUNNA
Doesn't Work
For over a week, I've gotten the same message "Hmmm, we can't seem to find anyone right now. Try updating your discovery settings" We guess what. I tried EVERY SINGLE SETTING THERE IS! I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing works. Not different settings. Not reinstalling app. Nothing. Just the same blank screen and same message for over a week. Don't waste your time downloading.
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3 years ago, Bad Bob 59
Ran out of options pretty quick
This app might have a younger demographic than I need. As an older dude(who chooses not to court women 1/2 his age) I found fewer matches than anticipated. I’ll not delete the app though. I’m willing to give it more time. We shall try again tomorrow…
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4 years ago, WisconsinBearsFan
Just started and already there is so many people to meet.
Like Tinder but for Stoners. Very easy to navigate and extremely user friendly. Gives tutorials that even a pothead can follow 👍🏾!
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4 years ago, odevalech
Welcome back to Tinder, canna-themed. Very little difference; however, Tinder doesn’t repeat the same profiles over and over. When I swipe, regardless of direction, Tinder prevents me from seeing that profile for a period of time; this one has shown the same one, every other one, 4 times in the first twenty minutes. Come on!! Great idea, plagiarized format with piss-poor execution.
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11 months ago, mini_memehur
I like smoking pot (a lot)
It’s less bot-infested than the other apps it seems. No scammy accts asking for 3sums when I just wanna toke, so I’m satisfied so far. Doesn’t mean I’m popular on the app tho 😂
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2 years ago, logic over false fear
Good but has some things to fix
Lots of fake accounts that need to be removed and some more details/info would help. Overall good app and easy to use
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2 years ago, Stoney biker
Nice to not have so much structure
When you click to view more photos it brings up bio and chops off top off pics, usually cutting faces off. I had HIGH hopes for this app. You can’t review past swipes, so you can’t undo accidental swipes
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4 months ago, Disappointed 78941
Very disappointed app is unfunctanal
Unable to respond to any of the people that have liked me. Also, when I tap on save for later. The app doesn’t save the people in the save for later folder. Basically the app only allows you to view people and not actual communicate or connect with anyone. Basically the app is a scam
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4 months ago, Darkgods
Can’t get past the profile building on the sign-up
The title says I can’t get past the profile set up gets the part where he’s asking if a male, female, straight, transgender or gay and there’s no way to move onto the next page it’s almost like half of the page is cut off on the screen and there’s no way to go nextso great app. Let me tell you.
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2 years ago, FrankyD710
High hopes so far so good
This apps cool seems outdated a lil and maybe lots of old profiles that people don’t use to adding a recently active function would benefit but everything else is cool lots of stoners! Who’s trynna smoke?
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1 year ago, FlyguyMike1
Great app
Met some fun people here we ended up becoming all good friends. Now I’m looking for the one to be my best friend for life. Easy to use interface.
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3 months ago, heizenbrain
A fun place for a laugh! To many woman with high body counts! Nobody real enough to converse with! Most lack intelligence so they prey on weakness! Females like wolves now slick their way in disguised to devour your farm! Real woman needed
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3 years ago, Nikkie3018
Why don’t they add a feature so you can put you’re interested in men and women, there’s a lot of people that are into both and it’s kinda hard when you can only choose one and not switch back and forth
Show more
5 years ago, BenitoB23
Needs a little work but at least there is a place for us
Work in progress
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11 months ago, Timmy4753368
Can’t see likes
Great idea, poor execution. I can’t see the many women who would like to meet me on this app. Scam thoughts pop into my mind, then again, so do many others…work out the bugs, please
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2 years ago, anonononnyyyy
Needs better search preferences, should be able to see when a person is online vs offline when liking.
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3 years ago, MsAirie
Not great
Limited profile and can’t see the profile while browsing... not a very useful app. Messaging always hides the last bit of whatever text you send or receive. I’m sure it’ll get better as it goes
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3 years ago, BT-guy
Can't Even Create Account...
Just like many many other reviews I read before downloading, this app unfortunately says an account's already associated w/ my email (not correct) and also won't let me update that account password. I had high hopes for this app ; ) but it's sadly a complete joke. Deleting now...
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4 years ago, Supes81-216
Created a profile, messed around a bit, less than an hour later tried to log back on my profile and message reading “Unknown error occurred, try again in a few minutes”. If I try to create a new profile it claims that email already exists. If I try ‘forgot my password’ it claims that email can’t be found.
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