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User Reviews for 500px – Photography Community

4.56 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Chjsbny
Almost perfect
I really like this app and the photographic community that supports it. Compared to some other similar apps (e.g., Flickr), it is much easier to build connections to interesting photographers and receive feedback quickly. Also unlike Flickr, nobody on 500px seems to use their ‘board’ as a dump for long series of repetitive unedited smartphone pictures. The actual upload process for pictures could be a little easier, especially for keywords - although the app suggests keywords, most are either repeated variations or just irrelevant, while it does not seem to recall your past often-used keywords from your galleries. Still, overall this is a great app and an enthusiastic, welcoming and discerning photographic community!
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3 months ago, Photog189
500px has lost its way
I am a 10 year+ user of 500px app and website. I liked it as a site for serious photographers, an alternative to places to view teenyboppers’ latest selfies and pictures of cats. Recently it updated its app and its website service. Both “improvements” were disastrous. First the app. Previously the app was simple, clean, and displayed one’s work in an attractive and intuitive manner. Now the app displays ones work in a wide, heavily cropped, landscape format, destroying the frame and composition of the original work. One has to question the sanity and competence of the individuals responsible for this change, as if photographers don’t care about framing and composition. Moreover, it has added new ‘functionality’ which pushes crap into your feed you have never liked and will never like, as well as work you have already liked. Duh. The new search function uses “AI” which in this case stands for ‘artificial insipidity’, delivering results that are downright bizarre, even if you name the photographer or subject matter precisely. Most of this applies to the web version too, though so far the severe cropping has not been implemented. Users should just skip this app and go straight to the web until 500px regains their sanity.
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5 years ago, RadicalSci
Best photos
As a painter, I use this app to find the most compelling images for subject material. Keyword searches and the ability to see all the work by a particular photographer are pluses, although I wish I could figure out how to set up my feed so that I see the work of photographers I follow. Also allows you to post your own images and to create customized galleries of your own work or simply photos you like. I use it to stash images I like for future painting projects. The ability to “like” and comment on images is another feature I like.
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5 years ago, dbvapor
Would be 5 stars IF..
I could only figure out how to create Galleries. I had to go to the website on mobile to do it. Also I can’t add any of my photos to a gallery in the app, on the web I can.. why? Those annoyances aside I LOVE this app! Way nicer looking than Flickr, I don’t know why Flickr doesn’t have a dark mode (if they do it should be default). I also love that my photos got exposure much quicker than on Instagram. And I feel like these are actual photographers not influencers and bots. So far so great! Just NEED the option to create galleries and add our own photos to them. Weird that that’s not an option it’s as if we are missing the icon for it. It’s easy to find on their mobile website so it’s a very odd omission. PLEASE FIX THIS YOU GUYS! It will make a world of difference.
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5 years ago, Kylie Spence
Things need to be fixed, and it’s confusing.
I like the app, and it is a great way to share photos, but it’s confusing. For an example, I just made an account and I’ve had trouble figuring out how to do many things such as uploading photos. When I click on the “Upload” button, it takes me to my photo album on my iPhone and when I try to click on one of the albums it won’t do anything. When I try to exit from the upload photo page it won’t let me so, I have to exit the app completely and go back on. Also, I have been struggling to add a photo onto the backdrop. Whatever picture I choose, a message pops up saying that the “Cover Upload failed”. Other than those few things the app is okay and I think that those few things should be fixed immediately.
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4 years ago, neemopaice
I want to like it.
I do. It like the fact that you can not upload into “Quests” from mobile. Also one of my market submissions was declined and no reason is given. On the FAQ page it says there is a declined section but After con online via computer that section doesn’t exist or show up for me in the are it’s suppose to be. So I have no way of knowing. And it’s a shame considering I only took the photo last week and already sold it several times on other sites. I find these markets interesting as I am a professional with highly regarded images and I find that when I sell under my usual selling name, my images sell fairly quickly, however when using a pseudo name the same images don’t sell. It tells me that there is a huge bias on some markets. What a pitty.
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3 years ago, Rick Frisco
Neat site, buggy app
At first, I was excited by 500px. Then I downloaded the app. I’m surprised at how poorly it works. I can’t get rid of the data privacy warning that covers the bottom 20% of the screen — even reinstalling the app won’t clear it — and the app won’t let me upload jpegs created by exporting files from Adobe Lightroom on my iPhone (and yes, they’re jpegs, not some weird Apple format). The only way I can interact consistently with the service is via the website on my laptop. I’d like to participate and become a better photographer — but this app makes 500px too inconvenient. I won’t become a paid member, and will probably abandon my account. Unfortunately, I get a more convenient sharing and feedback experience on Facebook/Instagram — and I’m not a fan of that company.
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12 months ago, Staskor15
The community is good, the tech support is poor
The iOS app will keep logging you out every other day. In addition, from time to time it will "forget" that you've purchased a premium subscription and will restrict your features to the basic free plan while also annoyingly prompting you to upgrade. If you reach out requesting a refund for these technical issues persisting for over 4 months, you'll be told that their policy allows for refunds only within 60 days from purchase, and that you are stuck with the deficient subscription for the whole period. If you want to try it, I'd recommend staying with a monthly subscription to be able to toss it if you get tired of constantly having to log in when you open the iOS app.
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6 years ago, iMonkglen
500px Violated User Trust
Removal of courses, and destruction of archive of courses, leads me to believe that you do not value use input and that your organization has chosen to precipitously dispose of one of the major reasons I joined. However, the courses were poor in quality and I do not think you should be getting any credit for having had them in the first place. Violated my trust the way you cancelled courses and didn’t honor my membership agreement. I ask for a refund.
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5 years ago, ellusionx112
Needs serious fixing
This app is so broken is needs a major update. You can only upload one image at a time from the main screen. Once you upload the photos, your profile page says there are no photos uploaded. When you click on the big blue “Upload Photos” button, it brings up your phones gallery of photos but you cannot click on anything or select anything. You want to upload a cover picture to your profile? Nope, can’t do that either. Sorry, your upload has failed. Gallery Favorites? Can’t see any of the photos you’ve uploaded to even create a gallery. Sorry, but 2 stars until I am able to actually use to apps full functionality. 🤷🏻‍♂️ please fix.
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2 years ago, peanutbuttercupeatingyankee
Questioning the future with 500px
My portfolio was blank for a few days on the app but worked on desktop. The mobile app also regularly disconnects , and am not sure why. Seems there are many bugs on this app and as far as UX goes, 500px has missed a huge opportunity to connect and build the global community of photographers. Ways to engage and discover are extremely limited and it is challenging to interact with others. Why do they also think everyone cares or relates to American politics? Are they putting photographers wants and needs first? I used to love 500px…the app has seen better days. I honestly don’t see a point to renew nor post more photos.
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4 years ago, Mangospapi
App is broken
I have had this app a few years and it was great the last few updates have actually broken the app, for once the app is super slow now and constantly freezes. What was once an easy task to like photos by touching the heart is now a task on its own. You have to touch the heart in the photo a few times because it seems not to want to register your touch. This is impossible to like photos now which i stopped doing. The new look is great i love it but before that like bug is fixed theres no way im going to spend time liking photos it’s absolutely infuriating. When will this be fixed? It’s like the developers do not care the app is unusable. Has not worked on iphone in a year.
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6 years ago, sewollef
Deathly slow on desktop.
I used to enjoy using this platform for my photography but have recently stopped using it since it’s excruciatingly long load time on desktop makes it difficult to use for me. [when at home I have a 50 up/300 down connection.] This renders the platform virtually unusable since I need to post images from anywhere in the world and unless I’m actually at home, in the US it either fails entirely to load, or takes at least 60 seconds to load a page. Totally unacceptable. I’ve proved this problem in testing, through spoofing my address as if in Europe, and the site fails or loads times are 60+ seconds, if I disable the spoofing, it loads normally.
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6 years ago, jpdphoto
Love - Change from Love/Hate
Had originally given a Love/Hate review of app because the Next button was unresponsive after choosing a photo to upload. However, I discovered that swiping screen allowed me to move onto the next step. Also, really love being able to see/like shots of those I follow while not at desktop computer. Integration of suggestions for other photographers that I might be interested in is great.
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5 years ago, miamisailor
Worldwide Input
I start most days with a coffee early in the morning when things are quiet and spend some time on 500px viewing new images and also periodically posting my own work. The level of photographers on this platform is exemplary and allows me to view wonderful images, photographic styles & techniques from around the world. I benefit also by viewing the exif data as to camera and lens used, aperture, shutter speed, ISO.
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5 years ago, Rod Neil
Much Improved
The only gripe I have left is that you cannot replace an image after seeing something that may need to be changed without losing your Faves & Comments. The 500 Team keeps improving the site, and maybe they will come up with a solution. Other than that, there are many great photographers on the site with lots of inspiration to draw from, and I highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Fgr1111
I love the quality of some of the work you see here. Lots to learn from. Great contributors from all over the world. Now, when it comes to a “fair” scoring there seems to be huge discrepancies. For example, there are some photos that are very impressive, technically, artistically and in every way, and yet they get low “Likes”. Conversely, there are some really “Basic” pictures that get hundreds of Likes. It just seems very inconsistent. I am convinced there is some hidden bias in their grading algorithms. So if you don’t get hung up on getting inaccurate ratings for your work, then this site is great!
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4 years ago, VictoriosaenCristo
There is a problem
I am unable to search for pictures with an specific topic because when I try to do it, unfortunately it gives me this message: A server side error has occurred and it’s very frustrating. I’m hoping this issue gets resolved because it’s been going on over two weeks already.
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4 years ago, John Palacios
Was really good; last update deleted my account
I have been using this service for years. 1 of my photos was even selected for use on Getty images. The issue started when I updated my iPad app. It asked me to login, which I did - only to discover a ‘new user’ walkthrough. Yep, my account was then reset and when I went to the website to login - my account was gone there too. So no more 500px account and now that I have to decide if I really liked the service enough to bother to set everything back up again... and the answer is ‘No’ - not any more. Your mileage my vary.
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10 months ago, mostafiz.net
Frequent technical glitches, major UI/UX issues
The app logs me out so frequently. And now it continues to show “Something went wrong” error in the bottom of the screen, although I’ve logged out and retired. Now deleted the application and came to install it again. \n In terms of UI/UX, the number of reactions and comments should be shown in the bottom of the photo when it’s tapped, currently to view them it requires to click on the info icon. The app can use a basic user telemetry on which information users are viewing the most and bring them in the front if possible. \n Besides, gallery view should be changeable, i.e. it should be changed between grid view(small, medium, large etc), list view, slide show etc. \n 500px is an amazing community for real photography lovers, I really want this app doing much better! Best of luck!
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5 years ago, Kyaecker
Meh? Flickr interface better
500 px is still a mystery to me after 4 years of using it. My photos reach popular all the time yet I never see them in the popular feed. Or any feed for that matter. Flickr has a tighter and better design. Flickr displays photos more ascetically, scrolls smoothly not like 500px app. Too bad it’s not better, it’s the better platform for photogs. You can’t access all features that you can with a browser, too bad there again. Listen and do something about it.
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6 years ago, DigiSage
If I go to my Profile (tap bottom right icon) and press “Upload”, I’m taken to a photo browser that completely ignores all of my taps (except scrolling, strangely). You can’t upload and you cannot go back. You have to force quit to do anything else. I’m running latest iOS on an iPhone X and the fact that this app has a bug of this magnitude on Apple’s highest end iPhone means that the entire company is morally bankrupt. That they would let a bug of this magnitude even exist. I would not trust them with your livelihood or even a few dollars. Bugs of this magnitude and obviousness are unforgivable.
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5 years ago, adjustafresh
You'd think an app designed to allow photographers to upload & share photos would actually allow users to upload photos. Kind of the main priority of the app, right? Sadly, after joining the community and installing the app, the upload feature doesn't seem to work. I tried 3x to upload my first picture, and had the same issues with the second (which still doesn't appear in the Photos section of my profile over an hour later). It's extremely buggy, not to mention the lack of clear error messages or intuitive UI.
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2 years ago, 84joe
Lately a let down
This app use to be great. I’ve had an account for several years and recently it’s gone way down hill. The app is constantly glitching and crashing and use to be user friendly. Now they’re slowly trying to make you pay for everything. You can’t even view the photos you’ve liked anymore. It’s a real bummer I use to really like this site but not so much these days. 😒
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6 years ago, Solo Visions LLC
The Professional Instagram
Coming from the IG platform, 500px is like the matured version with less ads and no sad selfies because Jim wouldn’t go out with Hannah on Friday night. Ironically, viewing the 500px account on Instagram is breath taking. After about 2 or 3 scrolls down their feed, you notice a pattern in different colored themed sections; the blending into each hue is borderline perfection. Well done.
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1 year ago, SFQigong
Great app for the photographers :)
Have been using this app for many years, always enjoy looking at other peoples work, and exploring the world. I wish they kept it as it used to be without limits on uploads, but I understand it’s progress;) anyway great app to share your photo work and explore the world through other eyes
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5 years ago, Snook57
What happened
When I first joined, the sight was pretty good. Now with recent updates...not so much. The views and likes are so messed up it is of no use. Out of focus and just generally crappy photos seem to be ranking much higher than actual photos. Seems they are going down hill. Save yourself the time and money. Try YouPic instead.
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4 years ago, delta772er
Pretty good, when it works
For a long time now I’ve noticed several bugs in the app that make it less than useful. One being search, it simply doesn’t work. Secondly, when changing orientations on a larger screen device the layout gets messed up and it never fixes it self. The only way to fix it is kill the app and restart it. Other than that, its nice for browsing, viewing photos, and uploading from Lightroom for iPad.
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7 years ago, jsnt1
Nice source of high quality photos
The new updates are making the app better. They finally got rid of the ridiculous logo. The app still doesn't have the black background that made it elegant and easier on the eyes while moving between photos, but it is good enough for now.
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7 years ago, Jxfdgm
Amazing app
The app presents 500px in the best possible way, the one thing I see lacking in the app is searching for pictures, could you make so that you will be able to refine your search based on recent, most seen, most liked and so on, I can seem to find this feature in the app, thank you
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3 weeks ago, bc0001
From great to garbage
This app used to be very user friendly, and easy to navigate. Scoring was easy. Now, changes to the user interface make it quite a bit more cumbersome to navigate and find what you are looking for. Quite often I find myself unable to get out of a picture on iPad. Too often I have to completely exit the app to be able to return to top level navigation. Shame… used to be real easy.
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6 years ago, llkgjkl
Not what it used to be
The app is getting buggier all the time. And as a subscriber and photographer it is not what the online web version offers. One user complained about trying to find notifications, yeah that took some time, but the stats section is just not mobile ready, and the details do not even show up enough to see the titles and other photo information. Responsive design must be an afterthought. Two stars only because they get the photos to the app.
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6 years ago, Falcon7x$$
I love the app and pictures one can select, view and upload. I look at it solely as a great picture book. You assume that the post is of the poster. Pictures are seldom labeled and people are seldom identified. You never really know what or where a scenic area is or who a man or woman is. But if you like lots of mindless photos then this is your app.
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5 years ago, TheIronFish
Crashes ALL the time
I love 500px, but this app literally crashes every single time I use it. Every time. Without exception. Update: the new version somehow manages to function more poorly than previous. The new interface is deathly slow, crashes often, and is more difficult to navigate on the iPhone than the prior version. I used to love 500px, but it appears that corporate is making negligent and substantial efforts to frustrate the consumer experience. Everything has been a disaster for this company in the last year or two. Really unfortunate.
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2 years ago, pmpri
The app 500px seems to actually care about the quality of the photography, that might sound strange. However, most of these applications are more concerned with the quantity of photos rather than quality.
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5 years ago, cheik1
Why does the app keep freezing and crashing on my iPad?
I love this site in many ways. The uploads are of high quality. The photographers are great on this site. I love the way my photos look, unlike on Facebook or instagram. However, the app freezes and crashes on my iPad. I have no idea why this occurs. Can anybody out there please tell me why this occurs? I have an iPad Pro. I am really frustrated by this and my rating reflects this.
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2 months ago, Vively
Terrible bad the last update 10.2.0
I’m an user of 500PX for more than 15 years and enjoyed it very much! But, nowadays the app and site have a very bad function. Each time we have an update it is worse than before. The new update for IOS we can’t manage using the device on horizontal position to make comments and appreciation. When in vertical it is possible but can’t see de information from the photo. Please, make it better or go back to the former version.
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3 years ago, Needle And Groove
ALWAYS buggy
This app is perpetually buggy. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And when that gets fixed, something else goes wrong. For the longest time, pictures I uploaded via the app never actually posted to my account. This time, it’s not displaying pictures you click on. Instead of displaying it, I just get a black screen. I can swipe up and see the picture info but the picture is absent, effectively making this app worthless.
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4 years ago, JGBog
Wanted to like it
Would love the app ,but after I started using it and uploading photos it stopped connecting to my photos and only has a blank page that says you account has unlimited uploads without any of my pictures to upload. Fiddled with the setting on my Iphone11 pro my gallery came back uploaded one photo went back to upload again and blank app page with black banner saying your account has unlimited uploads lol!? Buggy I guess?
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6 years ago, Ikhtiar
Good app with little issues
The App is fine and do most of the things that is required. I am giving it a 4 star because it does not have an offline mode. In some cases I need to show my pictures but lack internet. In situations like these, an option to download the pictures for offline viewing will be nice to have.
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6 years ago, photocarvajal
No adds thank you
First of all thank you for not allowing adds, is incredible app so we can share our passion for photography without have people following as with the purpose of sell something, this is just for us photographers, thank you
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5 years ago, OnceOccupied
Uploading Photos not possible until logged in for a while.
Tried reinstalling and still doesn’t work. I click upload and I cannot select any photo to upload, select any gallery, no back or submit buttons either. Not like supporting a flagship phone is a big deal. Update: 1 hr later I got a notification to upload my first phone and now it works.
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5 years ago, Step Back and Aim
I absolutely love 500px. It has given me a wonderful platform to show off my amateur photography and to learn from the critiques of others. I have been on the site since May and have turned anyone on to 500px that shows an interest. Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, Dakota_Of_The_Sea
Poor “explore” and broken photo upload
The method of exploring something new isn’t well developed and the photo uploaded is broken. Tried uploading a photo and once it finished I checked my profile and it said I had no photos. Closed the app and opened it again but nothing. The app seems like it’s trying too hard to imitate social media instead of being an art discovery platform. It’s like an awkward mix between Flickr and Instagram.
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4 years ago, Ctmcfunk
Developing Better Photographers
I joined years ago (subscription) and have learned from some of the comment or followers. I learn by suggestions, by reviewing other photographers’ work. I would and have recommended 500px to others. I will renew my subscription to learn more and hopefully be worthy for sells.
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9 months ago, RobertKW
Frustrating app
I have use the app for a few years and lately more often than not I get the cryptic message “Something went wrong. Please try again“ message. There is nothing you can do to resolve it. Apparently it just appears at random and then goes away and then comes back again. It used to be better, but now I find it to be unreliable.
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3 years ago, AuejshakUd727soab
Login bug
Love the community but the app needs some tuning. There is no “login using Google” on the app Home Screen like there is on the desktop website, so I can’t log in to the app. When I launch the website on mobile it redirects me to install the app. Plz fix 😫
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6 years ago, mnmscribe
Don’t waste your time with this.
Easily the most useless app I have ever downloaded. I just wanted free photos to use for educational purposes. When I found a perfect picture, I tried to download it. There is no option to do that. So I emailed it to myself—or so I thought. Turns out I emailed myself a link. Click the link and I go right back to the page where I found the photo but couldn’t download it. Please. Save yourself the frustration I just endured. Life is too short for this absolute crap.
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3 years ago, sortaloquacious
Crashes way too often for a perfect rating
Strictly speaking as a site lurker and photography enthusiast, the 500px app is a decent way to discover photography with a small social component and a good way to categorize and keep track of favorites. Every day, however, the app crashes. Usually more than once per day. It’s as if it’s intended mostly for uploading and browsing is an afterthought
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1 month ago, RajatRD
The latest update has broken the app. It is now impossible to return to the gallery after viewing any picture full screen while holding the device horizontally. The return button does not exist in this orientation. The only way out is to return device to portrait orientation to get the return button to appear again.
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