5point Credit Union

4.8 (3.5K)
39.7 MB
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Fivepoint Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 5point Credit Union

4.84 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
1 year ago, abhillman
Business account review
I’ve been very pleased with my business accounts at 5 point credit union. The management has been extremely kind and accommodating with any of my banking issues. I highly recommend this credit union.
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3 years ago, M@ggie02
Nice customer service, Bad app
The app is mostly straightforward to use; however, my check deposit section glitches and denies me access to it. I have talked to customer service to get it fixed and they tried to but it still doesn’t allow me to access that part which means I always have to drive over there to deposit checks. Not to mention that their online money transfer goes through Pop-Money which takes multiple days to receive money through as opposed to ones like Zelle which are instantaneous. The people who work there are very nice and convenient, the app is not.
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4 years ago, Mr.Rodriguez23
My 5Point experience.
Love how easy the 5 point app is always easily displayed between my accounts, my loans, and credit cards. Super easy to pay and move my money around. Also, always full of friendly and helpful staff at their establishments.
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6 years ago, Miss Who Dat
User Friendly
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. It's very user friendly and the navigation is simply however it gives you exactly what you need. I also love the different tabs is has ... this app does EVERYTHING except give you the winning lottery numbers ... lol 😊😊😊
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5 years ago, Bonnie140
Best employees in this area
I mainly use the drive thru convenience at the Bridge City branch. The tellers are the nicest employees that I deal with on a regular basis. The loan department at the Nederland branch is also the best. Our privilege of working with them has always been extremely enjoyable.
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2 years ago, Red Hot Pepper13
When a scheduled bill pay goes out it should appear on the pending section of the account the funds are coming from.
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10 months ago, WayneRichard66
Ricky Richard
Excellent top-notch service everything that I need in 5Point Credit Union thanks again
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3 years ago, Jessica1111w
Works great!
I haven’t had any problems with this app! I can’t wait for y’all to have Zelle Pay options (or another payment app) built in so I can take care of small business payments easier and in one place!
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4 years ago, StormxAlien86
Glitch on money
Takes to long to load sometimes. Doesn’t show my deposits when they are deposited.
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3 years ago, keawelch
Easiest online experience
So easy to manipulate and find answers instantly
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3 years ago, T-Ray1822
iPhone 12 Pro Max
Have always loved the app until I got the new iPhone now I can’t deposit checks with the app. Please do an update to resolve this.
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2 months ago, ALPHA_DOG12
The app runs smoothly and its easy
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3 months ago, Spiderman 99
Not working
The app won't allow me to login any longer. My password works on the website but not on the app.
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2 years ago, Charlie Lewis Jr
The best service out there. Tonia Jones is amazing and very helpful.
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5 years ago, Dgibbens
Love the App...and FIVE Point
Love the App..makes banking so convenient. Employees are always so nice and helpful.
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3 years ago, Get a different service
Loan Officer
My loan office Jodie Bartley from the Lumberton office is amazing.
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3 years ago, kw wayne
It’s real slow sometimes
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3 years ago, Tee1986!
Not reliable
5 Point will send emails encouraging the use of the mobil app, yet the app has CONSTANT application errors. Not reliable at all.
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11 years ago, zachStelly
Great app
This is such an incredibly convenient app, I'm able to do everything I need. Transfer from checking to savings and vice versa, view my balances and check my recent debit card history. The only improvement it could make is to make it easier to transfer the money to other accounts, but other than that, I highly recommend this app
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9 years ago, 19thcenturyhorses
Love the App. Have used it for quite some time and never had a single problem! Sometimes have to take more than one picture of my mobile deposit checks but the App lets you know when you get it right. I highly recommend this APP.
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7 years ago, JoMulv16
Could use some tweaks
Overall it does the main thing: access to your accounts and mobile deposits. But it would be AMAZING if I could see linked accounts with the names they're given by the account holder. Instead of "money market", the default, the account holder specified that account as "baby supplies". I would love to see the latter title rather than have to try to remember which account is what.
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11 years ago, Chad McLeod
Very Useful App
This app is user friendly ! Very easy to maneuver thru the app. This is much faster than using website. Highly recommend !! My only complaint/request would be, please come out with a version for the iPad. Thanks, Chad
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11 years ago, CalebW8
5 point credit union
This is a good app. It makes being an out-of-town student way easier. I can take care of the things that I need to right on my phone without having to move to a larger bank or credit union.
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6 years ago, JRenee👑💋
5 Stars for 5point
This app is truly amazing! I use it daily to keep tabs on my accounts and/or to locate ATM's or stores near me. You may also use the app to apply for loans. Everything is right in the palm of your hand, SERIOUSLY! If you don't already have the app, download it NOW!
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8 years ago, D. Scott Young
Exceeds all Expectations
I've gotten use to this app, and had begin to take it for granted. I don't think I've purchased a Postage Stamp since I begin using "Pay Bills" included on this app. Then comes "Make a Deposit". That's right, this utility allows the user to take a
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7 years ago, Coopntx
Great app
This is a great app and let's me do my online banking. Including deposit checks! Also, I have been with this credit union for 30 years and it is better than any other financial institution.
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9 years ago, the4ndy
Decent app with terrible mobile deposits
This app worked perfectly fine for balance checking and balance transfers. When they announced a mobile deposit function I got pretty stoked as I live pretty far away from any branches. Sadly, this portion of the app is terrible. After trying with several different checks I finally gave up. Potential for great mobile banking but it falls short.
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11 years ago, Jewelzinfinity
Great App!!!
Convenient and easy to use. There just is no reason NOT to get this app-unless you aren't a member of the 5 Point family. If that's the case, drop wherever you bank and run to 5 Point as fast as you can! Them, GET THIS APP!!!
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11 years ago, D K Sam
Five Point Credit Union App
App needs some work, especially on the history portion of accounts that shows checks. Need to have check numbers on history without having to download actual check to review. Many times I cannot download check. Called credit union to complain and person I spoke to did not understand.
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10 years ago, AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken3
Well Developed App
This is the easiest to navigate App I've ever used for a bank or other business involving financial transactions. It includes nearly every aspect of online banking that would be used on a daily or weekly basis.
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11 years ago, Debbyanng
5point app
Love app but would be nice to not have to change password except on my laptop. Also would be better if we could see credit card info
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11 years ago, Xraymed
Great App
Great app only one drawback! You can't view TFCU Credit card details! You have to go to another website! would be nice to have this feature, it would be much more convenient!
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7 years ago, AnnieLovesTheBeatles
Love this app
I use it all the time. My favorite thing is the mobile check deposit! So easy and convenient! I highly recommend it to all users!
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10 years ago, D333z nutzzz
Love itttt
Very helpful, everything I need to do with my bank is right in my hand which is made even more useful due to the fact that I live in a city without this particular branch. Love it
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10 years ago, Maeguin3
I like the app!
I like the app! It works great. The only thing that would make it better is being able to make deposits by taking a picture of the check like some other financial institutions offer! :)
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9 years ago, Jllebroc
I personally havent had any issues other than the mobile deposit portion. I can never get the picture clear enough for the app to accept it. Other than that it works well.
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7 years ago, Star1925
Great app
Really great app! No problems so far! Like that you can use your print for quick and secure access! Just used the transfer part of the app today! It's works great! Kudos to y'all
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6 years ago, Lstanley5780
Love this app
This is a great app. I have all my balances at my fingertips. I can move money, pay bills, whatever. I never have any issues with this app either. Great!!
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11 years ago, Junebugrms
Very plain
This is a very plain Jane app. You can do very little through it. It's great if you need to check your balance and nothing else. You can transfer money. Cancel bill pay and that's about it. No check deposit options or any other features.
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8 years ago, Savedbytha1
Great App!
App provides everything you need from the credit union at a push of a button from your phone.
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11 years ago, Pookie251
Great app
Finally I can keep up with my finances on the go without having to call the bank. Thanks 5 point.
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11 years ago, ConleyFam
Phone App
Great App very easy to use . I like that I can pay my bills , transfer money and take care of everything from my phone!
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9 years ago, Hoss409
No glitches or system errors. Everything is extremely simple. An Obama voter can figure it out.
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6 years ago, FatherHoff
Credit card history
There should be a view of transactions on your credit card purchases
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11 years ago, StarlightWitch
Couldn't be without it!
This app keeps me in control of my account and finances on the go! I use it all the time! Simple and well written!
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11 years ago, Drt.woodard
The best thing they have ever come up with! Love to be able to move money around, and to be able to look at what bills need/are paid!
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11 years ago, Sanderee1
Overall a good ap
I like this ap as it is a lot more convienient to do my banking from my phone. I do not like that you can't see you're balance after every transaction.
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11 years ago, Ts0042
I live five hours from any 5point branch! This app makes it super easy to manage my accounts on the go and if I ever need to locate a shared branch it's right at the tip of my finger!! Love it!
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11 years ago, cryball
Can't live without it
This makes keeping track of my account super easy.
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10 years ago, Asjleeeeeeeeew
Very convenient!
Works very well and perfect for a quick transfer or to check your balances! Love it!
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