Capital One Mobile

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Capital One
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Capital One Mobile

4.85 out of 5
8.1M Ratings
6 years ago, Rick904
Love it!
I really like this app. Love the Credit Wise feature!! It’s given me some awesome tips on growing my credit even more. The app also gives me FREE weekly credit score updates. That’s neat! I am really enjoying my new credit card with Capital One and this cool app. I have called customer service to help me activate my Apple Pay and literally I was connected to someone within 10 secs of my call. I was dreading a long wait... Surprisingly, no wait time, no automated menus, the agent was already aware of the reason to my call and offered me fast, courteous service right on the spot. I am very impressed. I have been a loyal member with AMEX since 2010, but I have got to say, you really surprised me. I’m glad I decided to give you guys a shot. I heard lots of great news on the Clark Howard radio show. I heard a caller discuss a restaurant charge an exorbitant amount for a tip and you guys caught it before he even left the restaurant! THAT is excellent service! I have had that happen before so I could IMMEDIATELY relate. And then it dawned on me... maybe if I would have had Capital One, I could have had a COMPLETELY different experience and never had to go through that nightmare to start with.... So, I am here. Thank you!
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3 months ago, Buster 2023
Dishonest bank
I filed a dispute regarding a double charge on my Capital One 360 debit card. Jan 10 I had funds in my acct $85 to pay the merchant, the merchant swiped my card and the merchant stated the charge was declined, they swiped the card again and stated it was declined again so I gave them a different card from another bank and the transaction went through just fine. Laster that evening I received a notification from Capital One 360 that the transaction went through to the merchant. The next morning Jan 11 at 9am I received a notification that the transaction went through again. I contacted the merchant and they told me to contact the bank. I did contact Capital One 360, so they gave me a provisional credit after 10 days of my complaint. April 11, 2024 Capital One 360 reversed the provisional credit sending my acct into the -$85. I have proof where I paid the merchant with another card when the merchant advised me that the card declined twice on Jan 10 and never even swiped the card on the April 11th because of the declination on Jan 10. I have proof of where I paid the merchant on April 11 with another card as well. I called Capital One 360 to have the reversal of the provisional credit removed, they placed me on hold came back to the line and stated nonsense, they do not know why the reversal of the provisional credit was done, and they need more time put me on hold again and eventually hung up. Reported to BBB Will allow the account to close.
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4 months ago, Melpomm
Needs Some Tweaks
Been using over a year (credit card), still don’t understand how this banking app doesn’t have a pin login! Having to enter my entire password every time to log in is inconvenient when checking an account in a pinch. Also, no dark mode…weird in this day and age. And the amount of adverts and pushing branded partnerships is kind of gross. Using their HYSA intermittently and a credit card consistently, I also just opened a checking account but the ACH is expected to take a whole week, which is fine because it’s going to take an estimated 11 days to even get the debit card so my money there is tied up! If it takes more than a day to receive my deposits (currently takes overnight to my A bank if requested by 4p PST), I’ll definitely not be using them for checking! Very sloooow, outdated banking. I do like the ability to lock my credit card at least - but most cards have that option now! UPDATE: Yep, takes 2-3 business days to receive a payment sent from work, whereas it’s in my account next business day with my main bank. Which is fine, I guess, because I requested partial payment and I STILL don’t even have my debit card (almost two weeks after opening account). Will definitely not be using this bank for checking account, BUT it’s currently the most decent for HYSA so my emergency fund will still live here!
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6 years ago, jeremy1927
App”ic” Fail
Capital one app is a convenient way of tracking expenses and making on the spot payments. In our business it was a great card, with multiple users we made payments daily if not twice daily. Apps are made for convenience. However, with the C1 App there is no way to remove draft accounts. Some what Defeats the purpose of having a mobile App. We had someone break into our office and forge checks . Our bank(s) closed our accounts-as we have 3 dba’s. Just as our daily capital one payments were being drafted our accounts were closed. using the Capital one App, we added our new accounts- the only difference in draft account numbers were first 3 digits. The capital one App only shows the last 4 digits. So if you are traveling as we do in our industry, living by our smart phones, you are stuck guessing what account is the correct account to be drafted. Capital one closed our account and refused to reopen it. After 2 years of multiple weekly payments and 10 of thousands spent on the card monthly , our Capital one app failed us by not showing which bank account was which. Make sure if you change bank accounts you are near a desktop to immediately change draft information because the mobile app will not allow you to delete accounts. We changed over 30 payable accounts due to this forgery nightmare. Capital one is the only card that failed us and closed our account- App is incomplete and still needs work.
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2 years ago, Mitzi the Ditsy
Not A Helpful Lender
I have my car loan with this company, due to the fact that in 2016 I lost my job and didn’t get a permanent position until 2018. This caused my credit rating to go down. I was grateful that in 2018 I was able to get my car thru this company even though it was at a high interest rate so it wasn’t like they were helping me out for nothing in return. I never was late or missed a payment in 3 yrs of having their car loan. However in November of 2021 I had emergency surgery and was out of work for 2 months with a serious health issue and I called them to see if they could defer my car payment for one month until I got all my bills situated. They told me that at the time, this was not an option. A year later, I end up in the hospital again for surgery (due to complications), again I call them to see if they can defer the payment and I was told no, this company does not offer deferments. I was so mad that I told them that after I pay this car off, I will never do business with them. I also have a small credit card with them that I intend to pay off because in this day and age of COVID and high inflation, I can’t fathom a company that is not willing to help out a customer. It isn’t like I was asking them to erase a car payment, I was just asking to defer it. I e had other car loans who have done it and they will defer it for at least 3 request. Yes, I paid it off too!!!!
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4 years ago, QueenB Pepper
E-Bills Don’t show accurate status
The app is generally great with two exceptions (and I can’t find a way to DM these complaints/suggestions) 1. E-bills are useless on the app. The app always indicates 0.00 is due on my e-bills. to see what may be due...even when a bill is overdue. At the exact same time, the website (or Safari) view will show an actual amount due and red warning that the bill is overdue. It has been like this for years. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet. It’s very misleading and caused me to miss bills because I thought the weren’t due yet. (Lazy, yes. But I came to rely on my other online bank with which I also have e-bills because they display my bill status correctly) 2. In older versions of the app I could see many months of historical transactions. Now it’s very limited and sometime you need to look for something older than one month. CapOne - your are my third bank on these accounts and I’ve gone through NetBank (which had great online bill pay (pre apps), to ING which would not support e-bills at all at first and forced me to another bank for e-bills, and now to you. If you’d get your e-bills better managed in the app, I could finally move away from the other bank. Please fix the e-bill status displays in the app. Look at some of your competitors for best practices.
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6 years ago, Crystal Pystal
Inaccurate-do not trust!
Never trust this app. They can claim to update often all they want but it’s not true. They are currently in the process of closing ALL branch banks! That includes every ATM attached to those buildings. I travel ALL of the time and switched from Citi to even crappier Cap1 HUGE mistake. They make all these claims about convenience but I’ve had nothin but problems. All I want to do is make Instant transfers from my Cap1 checking account to pay towards my credit card while traveling. I should be able in todays world with all the technology out there to move money from one account to another at the touch of a button. Instantly. If I take out too much cash and do not spend it and decide to put back into a Cap1 ATM before getting onto a plane I shouldn’t have to go to 4 freaking locations only to find NONE of them have working locations AFTER having checked the app and the CapitolOne website Repeatedly to see it said those locations confirmed and stated they had working ATMs that took deposits! Are you kidding me? Why can’t this be updated at the minimum of midnight every night for accuracy? I officially hate Cap1 and want to take my business elsewhere. By the way multiple people and myself passed each other while attempting to frequency other ATMs and branch locations. At first we laughed then we cursed as we passed each other the fourth time. We all were fed up. I spent almost a habla tank of gas doing this today! Absurd.
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6 years ago, kdbourque
Ok app
For everyday stuff, the app does what it needs to do. For transfers (both paying people and transferring money to external accounts), lord help us all. Cap 1 has been painfully behind Chase’s curve for nearly a decade now when trying to send money to people. Not only is transferring through Zelle a giant pain (Chase uses them too and it works fine, so why such a bad experience with Cap1?!), trying to know what automatic transfers have been set up is an act of futility. In the past, I could go to the website and see all of the transfers I have set up. The app shows them, but I can’t edit or cancel a series of transfers. Now, their website is just stupid with transfers and doesn’t even show them all even though the app shows them. I can’t cancel an upcoming transfer because it has gotten so far off target for when I actually need the money to appear in another account. So now I have to check back on the website (and risk forgetting) just to cancel a recurring transfer. I’ve had a transfer not show up anywhere, so I scheduled another one only to find out that caused two transfers. I tried to cancel one, they both disappeared. Set up another transfer only for there to be two transfers again. Get your *ish together Cap 1! Stop trying to redesign your website into the stupid boxes and make it functional!
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6 years ago, brandybrandy
I love the app + credit wise feature
I’ve been using the Capital one app for about a year and a half. It’s easy to use, easy to make payments, easy to redeem cash back rewards. It’s a great and easy app. I like it way better then my Bank of America app. I also love the credit wise feature. It has help me go from mid 700’s to over 800 in a little over a year. It helped me understand what would raise my score and how simple patience and keeping balances low would lower my score over time. I loved he simulators. I plan to buy a new car eventually and I want to be over 800 when I do it and I understand once I buy that car my score will go down a bit. I’ve turned down every offer to open a new credit card as I know it would lower my score for a while. I opened a few accounts at the same time I got the app and then I realized that was a mistake and I should not have done them all at once as I really didn’t need to I could have paid cash for one of the items so now I just have to wait for them to fall off as “new accounts” I think will happen in about 5 months and my score will go even higher! Thank you capital 1 app designers. Thank you credit wise people!
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5 years ago, xoxoselenaaaa
Capital One helped me rebuild my credit after I made the mistake of co-signing a vehicle for my boyfriend. He lost his job at one point and I was financially unstable due to being a full time college student to aid him in paying for his motorcycle that he purchased. The voluntary repossession, hurt me for years. I got denied for almost everything I tried to do. Years later, I decided to look into different companies to see which companies offered the best credit card to help me rebuild my credit. Again, I got denied one after another. I was very hopeless when I stumbled across Capital One. I then applied for the secured credit card and paid $99 because it was worth it to help me rebuild my credit and it sure helped! Within 6 months, with responsible use for emergencies only and paying on time. My credit limit went from 300 to 650. After a year, I decided to apply for a second credit card through Capital One, and my credit limit went from 1k to 5k in 6 months, again with responsible use and paying on time. Thank You, Capital One. For helping me rebuild my life, and credit after one mistake I decided to make. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Lesson learned.
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4 years ago, Davesusmc
Missing components
First, y’all need to add electronic funds transfer that allows checking account to checking account electronic deposit transfer this eliminates paper check delays in the mail; such as with regular web bill pay, and makes things far more efficient. Please add this feature other banks do, I’ve had this feature before thru other banks, Capital One should have this as big name as it is Secondly, why can’t I see my recurring transfers or any transfers in pending status and why isn’t there an ability to add or edit as such on the app. I have to go to the website to see and/or edit my transfers, otherwise the app just allows you to make a one time transfer and set one up . Features need to be enhanced to allow display of current transfers n the ability to set up recurring transfers and to edit. Aside from that, I’m happy with Capital One... another feature that would be nice, would be to add categories to the savings in which you can direct portions of your savings to go, car maintenance in one stash, vacation in another stash, a date night stash, emergency funds stash we could edit each stash to make it our own... this would be fun n convenient, but the first two paragraphs are about business and are high priority on my list as I’m sure it is for others also
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6 years ago, Accounts!
Mr. Capital One
Well, I would like to entertain the idea that someone or thing will take the time to read this. I would like to state for the record that “ I Bobby Jackson “ will continue to be a loyal consumer to the entity, We’ve had some ruff patches and yet we’re still together. My credit cards that I have with us have taken a turn for statement balances above the status quo. Yet, I’m willing to continue receiving emails pertaining to financing our/my new vehicle. I’m not ready to purchase . I know that you or us should see that I have broken away from the semi constant balances that I kept. I hope that more attention is paid to my accounts and that I’m able to quickly get back on track. The app on my smartphone has been very helpful. The only downside to the app is that it takes several days for my funds to transfer to and from my external accounts. While avoiding the hassle and delays, it causes me to inadvertently save money. Having a snap view of my credit on credit wise has also equipped me with the knowledge I need to continue my journey towards bettering my credit. We’ll see ow it plays out. Bobby Jackson Jr
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7 years ago, Graxper
Good app-4.5 rating intended
I only manage a credit card they the app. I like they keep it simple and is easy to pay, see recent transaction and super easy to log in. They keep it current with the new technology something I really like and is optional. You can choose, depending your device capability, lo use your password, finger print or Face ID. I think you can connect with others account and have a lot more options but I personally haven’t explore it. I love the customer service- is exceptional every time I had call them. They are also very proactive in the account security, they notify you right away if there some unusual activity in your account. I don’t give five star because I think it will be very useful if after each transaction they can give you the remaining balance instead of only a big number after all the transactions on the top of the page. Also I think it will be nice have some type of resource to plan your budgets or stuff like that to help people be more effective in managing their accounts- maybe they have it but not what I am aware off so far. Overall: is a great app and I totally recommended from the credit card point.
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2 years ago, newlife2006
Capital One is why Finance is Moving to Decentralization (blockchain/cryptocurrencies)
They thought they had a right to money and held it hostage for a month and a half. They held my $ captive & had the nerve to not give me a reason why costing $ in late fees & such and negative effects to my credit. This is exactly why banks like Capital One are on the way out, while decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general are on the rise to replace their VERY flawed centralized systems. So, I signed up for a 360 checking acct a couple months ago due solely to the fact they were offering $250 to do so. I completed the qualifying steps and just today found they froze my account for no apparent reason; held my own $ captive. They caused me to miss some bill payments which will now cost me $ & negatively effect my credit. Then I’m told they’re closing my account, again for no reason as my financial situation was unchanged since they approved me for it a couple months ago! And they do this with impunity!! Had me go through the trouble and time of transferring my direct deposit income to said account, and now I have to get it transferred back to my other bank account which takes a month or two to be processed back. And now after fully completing the requirements for the $250 bonus, they are reneging on their word/obligation, again, with impunity. This is a despicable, money-grubbing, deceitful company!
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2 years ago, lex patrick
To capital eins
I am grate full for your contribution to my necessary and required services! Thankyou so much for helping me and making sure that I am not in fact insane! You will be rewarded for your investment in me as I have been rewarded by you! I will not let humanity down and I will continue to take the necessary steps required of me to see my family and continue to prosper! I feel hungry now and I’d like to make some food while I “wait” and prepare for what might come next! I will wait to be told what to think by the tv tonight before tomorrow happens and I will not plan a single day ahead of tomorrow because I’ve just been given a golden ticket to success and I need to make sure that I am not questioning myself nor my very own thoughts themselves! I have been blinded and now I can see clearly that the rain is gone!!!!!!! I love whoever is responsible for taking notice, I cannot quantify the amount of love I feel right now! And I do not regret a single step I’ve taken this far because I am a product of my environment and I have been reacting to things I knew would happen! This is liberation day mark my words!
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8 months ago, KittysRevenge80
There have been a few disappointments with this bank. First, I somehow went over my limit on my credit card and they immediately shut it down and reported to my credit, before I could even get a chance to make a payment, 3 weeks before a payment was even due. I made payments every week, let alone monthly, I thought that was going all right, until it wasn’t. So I’m still making payments, and it’s still restricted, and counting against my credit. Thanks. As far as the debit account, it’s a nightmare trying to keep up with the balance. There’s money missing all the time, then it pops up, I’ll have a balance of 2$ deposit 50$, go to McDonald’s spend 10$ then Walmart for a 15$ purchase and it tells me insufficient funds. And I look at my transactions and there’s no explanation as to where it went. Now I thought pending transactions were already taken from the account balance to make the available balance and if there are no other transactions, where is my money going? It may or may not all work out, but I’m seriously thinking of changing banks because it’s too stressful to put money in your account, go to make a purchase find your money gone, and your sitting there adding stuff up, trying to make sense of it and failing every time.
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5 years ago, Ahmad tarabichi
Phenomenal speed great customer service
I am absolutely appalled 😮 at how Affective fast decision and constructive this bank has been thus far; with all sincerity Opening my 360 checking account was the greatest financial decision I ever made; I always love to be objectively unbiased in my reviews so I will say that in comparison to the other mobile apps I have tried Wells Fargo is much more user-friendly and accurate and I do not just say that because I am used to it I say that because I have tried all of them from Chase bank of America to Wells Fargo to TD now this (Capital One) And without question capital one is ranked number two in terms of mobile app support however in terms of live customer service; it may be easier to contact Wells Fargo 24 seven because of the malleability & fungible Mobile app; at the end of the day I can take solace knowing that there are live representatives who operate with absolute a hundred percent professionalism. I am very pleased thus far as my 360 checking account has gone. I would appreciate the mobile app being a little bit more scalable in terms of its functionality however I am not one to complain just pointing out the obvious.
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1 month ago, factaddict25
Exceptional service
Everything is right at my fingertips i really enjoy being with Capital One. This may stem out to every credit card service but the only thing that would be more helpful is that if the help line also had an option to connect with a person and not just the automated computer. I needed help with something specific an the prompts I was being shown wasn’t compatible with my needs during that time. So I continued to search for a little bit trying to see if I could be connected to someone and I had no luck. I did finally get thru but I had to play around with my options and when anxiety it’s harder for me to formulate a solution (ex.) “wording what I needed help with using key words.” I give you guys a 👍 deff great service but I really do think there should be an exception to speak with a person for certain problems you come across. Especially if the problem your facing is more detailed and can’t be explained with only a few words. But once again other than that tiny adjustment I’m very satisfied with my choice in going with Capital One 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, _WolfSpirit
The worst handling of multiple cards I’ve seen
This company is ridiculous. It’s 2023. People are unable to barely afford living day to day with how expensive it is. And this company expects you to have a $80 phone plan just to be able to use 2FA. For context, I tried to open a new credit card cause you know… I need it. They sent me the card but first of all it made me open a BRAND NEW account to be able to use it. I have an account. Why should I have to have even MORE potential breaches of security? Second of all, I can’t even GET into that account because as soon as it set it up, it immediately locked me out and demanded to get 2FA and it won’t accept my mobile number. It’s 2023, like MOST people under 60 I have a prepaid service to get 30GB and unlimited phone service for $25. I’m not going to pay MORE for LESS from a ‘traditional’ phone. But yet this company expects it. It won’t authenticate my account. Won’t let me get into my account. I haven’t been able to even activate the card because I’m not about to have a card I can’t use. No I do not want to have to call them for this. They need to get it together. Each new credit card shouldn’t need a different account and they should accept what makes up a majority of Americans phones. (Though I understand this is likely just a shady tactic to discriminate against people )
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6 years ago, tigersfunnyface2
Best Decision Ever!!
We had identity theft and decided to find a new bank. Very skeptical about the small number of brick and mortar and none in less than 8 hour drive from us but the customer service that we received from the very beginning won us over. Not once did anyone make us feel that our tiny paychecks were not worth their time. Capital One 360 has made us feel like we are catered to like millionaires and ALWAYS easy, fast, affordable banking with AMAZING customer service. I can’t remember the last time I have been impressed by a bank let alone the app, customer service, and quality of products and services offered in one place. We even got our car financed with them and again online using auto navigator. Now a savings account that is super easy to take from checking and put into savings. It’s so easy and the app is the most user friendly app that I’ve ever used. I’m so happy with the company and the app. I definitely recommend. I also recommend visiting one of their “cafes” we loved it and can’t wait for more to open closer to us!!!! Thank you so much Capital One for making our banking needs stress free!!
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3 years ago, Talk to it
Perfect bank account. No. Seriously.
I started my bank account 3 years ago with capital one. I am so impressed. I scan a check on a Thursday night at 9:00 PM, 3 hours later it’s deposited. How? I have no idea. I run out of money in my checking account and need to squeeze a tank of gas in my truck… no problem, keep $1.00 in my account and no overdraft fee. Forget that pesky subscription comes out the 20th and bounce a check? No problem. No fee. Want to create 1500 checking accounts in one day? Easy. Want just as many savings accounts? Done. Want to send money to Taiwan via zelle? Seamless. So it’s 6:30 PM on a Friday and your card gets declined for to big of a purchase? Say a down payment on a high demand truck. No problem, they will answer if it is 3 am on a Sunday. “ hey, can you increase my spending limit just for today? Yes sir, no problem.” Bet. The solution to all personal banking problems. In person banks are annoying nowadays anyway because of COVID… not sure why exactly you would ever need a bank visit anymore tbh… unless your technologically challenged I guess. Thank you capital one!
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1 year ago, Mitch Na
Half Baked
Capital One has an interesting intersection of all the things that I want from a bank. They offer a competitive savings rate, they offer both checking and savings account while some competitors only offer “money” accounts, the majority of business can be handled digitally but they have physical branches if needed, and finally they have very competitive reward credit card offers. The only thing holding Capital One back in my eyes is the app. The options across the bottom are extremely basic, with the digital assistant being something that should live within the settings/help menu, not warranting its own button across the bottom. I think other banks have optimized their navigation bar slightly better, with an option for credit cards, banking, loans, investing, and more. Ideally, a home button, a banking button, a credit/loans button, an investing button, and a settings button should be the five places to navigate to through the navigation bar. Additionally, adding a feature to have vaults where I can create sub-accounts within my savings account so that I can customize and control how I save for specific things would be an incredible addition.
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3 years ago, Izzsolo74
My favorite bank
They don’t charge you any money to keep your money, the capital one venture card it’s very easy to use and the rewards are good, the people are friendly whenever you have to talk to themAnd it’s not very difficult to get one of them on the phone. Capital one is my favorite bank I also bank with Bank of America and Chase and I do quite a bit would be a VA but I still don’t like them as much is capital one. Chase Bank and everybody else have a long way to go to catch up. The only problem I can find is that there are very very very few actual locations where you can go inside and do any banking. There needs to be a few more locations to make capital one competitively accessible. I also live in a very densely populated area (Dallas Fort Worth ) and there is still only two and I have to drive over 10 miles to get to either one. And all I would say if you were a person who needs a bank account and you do not have a capital one account you will be making a mistake. Even if you already have another these are very easy to get and highly convenient to have cheers!
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6 years ago, kbthankful
Best App Ever!
I usually do not have notifications turned on for most of my apps because I work in the operating room and they would be going off all the time. But I kept this one on because my three kids have their own card on my account and it helps to keep track of when they use it (which is suppose to be for emergencies unless they ask). This App helped me to know that my daughter was in jeopardy one night when I got a notification at 0234 in the morning that a charge on her account was at a bar that she wouldn’t have gone to. The card was taken by a man who assaulted her and we were able to track him down based on the notifications from this app that are in real time. It gives the location and the time of the transactions as they go through. And the awesome customer service people were so helpful in how they closed just that card and fed-ex’d a new one for her the next day! I thank you for making this app easy to use also. I pay my balances and check my activity and have never been so up to date with a credit card before using this app. Thank you, thank you!
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1 year ago, whyshedothat
Hear me out
This is my first (very first ) credit card I got them last year nov2022 and honestly I thought after I got sick and lost my job they was going to harass me (They did not) I told them what was going on and they let me get back on my feet kid you not I just paid my card off in full with no hard feelings from Capital!!!!! They suggested a low payment $67 bucks but at the time I couldn’t afford it I’m a single mother… so they offer lower but this time I had it to pay it off in full the customer service I want to point out was more concerned about my health (I love it) my agent didn’t start the conversation off with you owe this nor did she say “I’m sorry for or unfortunately… she was actually asking how I was and made small talk it made my day I read all these bad reviews it’s many ppl that need to stop BSing and pay they bill. But my experience after 2 months missed payments they still cared about me and waiting me to stay and catch up is why I payed full and I still get to have capital on my side Thx for reading YOU ROCK CAPITAL ONE WALMART REWARDS
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7 years ago, Spacedoutzephyr
Can’t trust them
I got a credit card through Capitol One as a way to help build my credit. When my first payment came along, I tried making a payment through this app for my minimum payment. It was returned a few days later, so I was advised to try again since the funds were in my other account. Well I tried again, and again the payment was returned. I called customer service again, and was advised to try and use my other accounts bill payment. They assured me everything was fine. Well I tried that, and the payment took, but then my account was promptly closed. When I called the customer service team for the third time, they advised that I had had too many of my payments returned so they closed my account and there was nothing I could do. So now my credit has been affected, I have a bill for $400+ dollars, and they refuse to even apologize or offer any kind of solution. After this, I turned off my autopsy immediately. I was going to wait for when I had enough to pay it in full and be done with it. Not long after I find that my autopay wasn’t turned off, the app had kept my info, and despite having cancelled my other account it was still trying to make unauthorized payments. I emailed customer service several weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. Don’t trust this credit card company or their app.
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6 years ago, First time with Capital One
Yay Capital One!
I’m writing this review immediately after capital one got me some of my money back from a shady company. I was unwittingly signed up for a subscription service that I did not need or use after making a $2 purchase from them months ago. Today capital one notified me that my card was being charged as it does with every purchase DO NOT TURN OFF THIS FEATURE!! At first I didn’t see it’s value but it notified me immediately that my card was being charged. I did not expect this at all so I call Capital One through this app. After a few voice prints I was connected with Cici who got in touch with this fraudulent company as I was on the phone with her and fought for me to get my money back! No it wasn’t the worst fraud there is but money is money and I’m glad she took my complaint seriously and made it clear we were on the same team. This is my first experience with capital one and I am very pleased. I highly recommend this app and their company. If you have one of their cards YOU MUST GET THIS APP. I don’t know what you’re doing otherwise and why you wouldn’t have this app.
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5 years ago, Kimjohnsoncpa
All the access I need
I love the options available to me in the app and at my fingertips. I can make different Types of payments (one-time, recurring, etc), and each can be divided into payment and/or principal). Being able to add the additional funds to principal is going to make a huge impact on my payoff. Another feature is the ability to make bi-weekly payments (another bonus) that is going to help me payoff my loan even sooner without paying any additional funds/payments. And it will coincide with my paycheck so I don’t have to put the money aside every payperiod, it will just come out and be reducing my loan at the same time, leading to less interest being accrued. Win-Win! You can also view previous bank statements too. It has the payment coupon attached so if I decide to mail a payment instead, it will be easily accessible. You can also see your balance. This is especially important near the end of your loan and your watching the final payments be made! This is our first time using Capital One so we are new to the app, but so far so good!
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9 months ago, bigtaesku
Do not be fooled by the 4 star review
This company has the worst customer service you could ever imagine. I was making an online purchase with my capital one card and the website told me I would be charged a certain amount today however i was charged 12x that amount. I called customer service and provided clear evidence that I was overcharged (sent screenshot of what they claimed I should be charged vs what I was charged) and they ended up siding with the merchant on the amount charged and reversing my provisional credit after I was guaranteed it wouldn't be reversed by a capital one manager. When I called today after noticing my provisional credit was revered, they told me they would have to reopen the claim which would take an additional 55 business days look into, which is also holding up my money for an additional 55 business days. Keep in mind this was a no brainer investigation, the screenshot I provided clear evidence that a 3rd grader could investigate and conclude quicker than they can. They have proven themselves incompetent to me. The cards they provide don’t work for most merchants because its master card and customer service might as well be replaced with kindergarteners, wouldn’t recommend this bank to anyone. Use at your own risk and dont say you werent warned!
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3 years ago, MnKK1
Forced upgrade
Bad enough they want the latest version of their app but that they also want you to keep buying a new phone along with it? The latest version they didn't make for the latest version of earlier iOS versions and unlike other banking apps such as wells fargo, citi, bank of america, american express, which work and provide updates, Capital one somehow insists on some feature in the latest version of iOS that is just imperative to function. I think not. Fix that, not everyone has a new phone. Even spare phones that one uses in the mean time just to get by when they lose ability to use their phone (lost/broken/etc) cannot do any banking. Don't tell me you have more security than all those other big-name banks either. Note that there isn't a "new update" released they want you to use that came out arbitrarily rendering prior ones useless, but an internal decision to just make prior versions no long work after phoning home. They only want to write an app that uses stuff in iOS 13 and 14, which nothing exists that is required to do banking, i'm sorry! There just isn't. Lazy programmers. What this does, is just have me use the banks i can actually use-your lack of thoughtfulness and consideration just shoots your own self in the foot! Bye!
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2 months ago, MTuser223
Travel Portal needs work
I ordered the venture x because I thought it would be a card with good benefits. I knew before ordering that I would need to use their travel portal to get 5,10x miles when booking flights/hotels/etc. What I didn’t know was that the portal does NOT allow you to book flights! It’s designed to do so, but as of now, I’ve booked flights to Sweden and to Mexico and haven’t been able to use the travel portal. My flight to Sweden showed options that were considerably more expensive compared to google flights, my flight to Mexico I wasn’t able to book on the portal, called customer service (very profesional,) they offered to wave the $25 dollar fee they charge if you do it over the phone (due to the fact that I was having issues on the portal.) After short time, I was told the times I had chosen to fly were not available and I needed to choose different flights(price increase.) I ended up booking the flight directly through the airline with no issues. Long story short, if you are getting this card for the promised miles they offer when using the travel portal, don’t rely on being able to access all flights that you can buy directly from the airlines or expect to pay more when booking flights through the portal.
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8 months ago, Jaysteag
Is this a scam?
I created a 360 savings account and 6 days later I am trying to transfer funds to the account by adding an external bank account through the app. First method I tried is the text message verification. It always comes back and says it can’t verify my phone number so I can’t use that method. Why not? It texts me just fine to do other things on the app but that same text verification number isn’t good enough to transfer money from an external account. I then try the other method which is to take a front and back pic of my license and that errors as well. I called customer no service and the guy says something about how it can take over a month for my text number to be officially verified in their system. What?? My text number is my US mobile phone number that I’ve had for 25 years. The guy then says the only way I can transfer money into the account is for him to do it over the phone since the app can’t do it with my account in some sort of limbo. NO WAY am I going to give him my bank information and transfer money if it can’t verify who I am!! If I tried to do anything with the deposited money it probably would say I’m sorry you can’t have your money since we can’t verify who you are. This is incredibly frustrating!!
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2 years ago, Jaden loves to shop
I wish they had more bank locations to make cash deposits
Unless you live in the DTLA area or wherever this bank location is located, you can only visit a participating CVS PHARMACY and make a cash deposit there. Otherwise, you are muffed and have to figure out another way to make a deposit to prevent an overdraft charge. Mind you, that you are only given ONE TIME ONLY reverse charge. That right there would have been a red flag for me to not have opened an account with Capital One in the first place. But I still have my account till this day. And in search of another option to take my business. I mean Capital One advertises NO FEES in big bold lettering, yet I am still charged with a $35 fee. I am not saying Capital One is not a good bank at all, because they are pretty good bank otherwise my little behind wouldn’t still be doing business with them. All in all, I am pretty happy with Capital One and I would refer my friends and family to come aboard. The app is user friendly and easy to navigate through.
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3 years ago, gingeroux
Useless App
I am happy with the bank but extremely disappointed with this ‘Updated’ App. Things started to go downhill in January 2021 when an upgrade was made. I was left with a message that popped up saying I needed to download the latest iOS version (which I had done 1 week prior) The App supposedly supported 12.0 and above. I called support and spoke to several people in the bank branch and no one could explain why the pop up message continued. Now I can no longer use this App because it supports 13.0. Every other App I have considers the need for 12.0. I don’t understand why Capital One developers made This change but I’m certain I’m not the only one affected by it. Not everyone has a new phone or should be expected to buy a new phone just to use an App. I imagine Capital One is going to lose a lot of customers for lack of consideration by the App designers. Extremely disappointed in this (non) service. Do the developers even read the comments? There are an extraordinary number of dissatisfied and disappointed customers that have written reviews here re: the inability to use the App because they can’t upgrade their phones to iOS 13. Probably soon to be ex-customers if you are unwilling to rework to App to include everyone. Thank you
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5 years ago, Nkenky
What’s the point?
I’ve had the Capital One app for a while now and it was just to keep track of my 360 Money Market account. I did not use it heavily and would sometimes go months without even opening it because it was not really necessary for my needs at the time. Recently, I decided to add an external account to my money market account and of course tried to do this through the app. I had such a hard time trying to find where in the app I could add another account and got so frustrated that I just went on the Capital One website in Safari instead. On their, website it was so easy to find where I needed to go and was able to successfully add another account. I thought I missed something in the app but I went through the same process to get to the “Add External Accounts” page in the app as I did on the website just to discover that the option is nowhere on the app!! What’s the point of having the app if I have to go to Safari each time I want to actually do something?! Other than that, the app is fine, it just doesn’t make sense that I have to go on the Capital One website in Safari to complete a task when I already have the app.
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3 years ago, Ms peepers
Lost faith in capital one
About two months ago was sent a Walmart capital one credit card. Used it 4 pr 5 times and than all of sudden was rejected at the check out. Had use another card. 1st call to capital one about the situation was like a 2 1/2 hr call. The girl kept putting me on hold. End result was the needed proof of identification. This included copy of social card, drivers license, and utility bill. A copy of the social security card really scared me. You are always warned about about keeping it confidential. I expressed my concerns about the sending the the card. Now I have two other accounts with capital one. Which they aren’t questioning me about. Same email address. They won’t give me any more information. Was told they would send me a special email encrypted, so I can email the copies back to them. Basically this conversation went on two more times. NEVER got the emails. My email address is good. They never had their IT people check out why I couldn’t receive the special email from them. Never heard from them about my other accounts. Why this one, if I don’t call them, the never call me. Everything is so secretive . I pay my bills on time. The way this whole thing is being handled is very scary to me.
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4 years ago, Tiered of waiting.
Great app. One inconvenience
The only problem that I have with this app is that where it says WHEN your next payment is due, it does not tell you HOW MUCH is due. It would be really nice to have that info right next to it. I made a payment towards the end of the month to turn my balance into a flat, even, number as I usually do. Then when it was approaching my due date the next month, I was not sure if I had covered minimum payment or not. I called capital one and a representative mis-informed me my minimum payment was already covered. I did not make a further payment. Next time I checked, the account was past due and I was charged a late fee. When I called back the next representative was very nice and removed the fee from my account. BUT, it would be nice to be able to clearly see in the app the remaining balance that is due. Or if it has already been paid, $0 until next statement in order to avoid all of this confusion in the first place. If they do this, 5 star app for sure!
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1 year ago, Velvet 98
Tough times call for tough measures
I am so pleased to report that I had a sincere sympathetic representative name, Pedro, who listen to me for an hour he listen to me cry and weep on the phone about my financial burdens and about my personal life chaos, but even through all the darkness he was able to talk me through to reaching to the light and understanding that they were there to listen to me and all my concerns I’ve been a dedicated customer trying to pay my monthly payments for my vehicle and have yet to miss one payment and I’m hitting financial disability and employment loss that I just couldn’t breathe and was so worried that my car would be taken away from me next another failure in my life however Pedro talked me through everything and the exciting part was that we have discovered that I had a gap insurance coverage that I didn’t get to use and has not yet expired and I was drowning myself in another major car repairs as my vehicle has just recently broke down. Shout out to Mr. Pedro who took the time to listen to me!!
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6 years ago, Juana Felix
I am beyond happy with them
I could never say anything bad about Capital One after what happened to me today. I called last week to see if they would agree to remove late payment report from my credit. They stated that they couldnt do so; which I know isnt true. But that is besides the point. While on the phone the representative Brandon asked me why I had gotten behing on my payments. I explained that my husband passed away in October and due to funeral cost all of my orher payments got behind. At which point I proceeded to cry my eyeballs out while on the phone. Brandon never rushed me to get off the phone. He gave me all the time I needed to collect myself. Long story short, fast forward to today I get a knock on ny door and it was FedEx. When I opened my door it was a box with flowers inside with a note from Brandon sending his condolences and hoping to bring a little joy to me during this time. This might be that Brandon as a human being felt my sorrow and wanted to make things just a little better. But to him and the compaby as a whole. THANK YOU!
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12 months ago, Anthony Johnson. Ron ron
Trust 🙏🤝
Thank you for giving me a chance whenever we first started and for you trusting in me I will never do you wrong cause you never 👎 dead me wrong and I’m a member for life and I’m happy I gain your trust and I got into credit cause I lien be the best in wateva I do lol just like everyone else but we helping each other and I’m going goign to continue to show you I will never do you wrong on god and I want the same type love amen or we come in middle Yu know how it go whoever reading this and thanks 🙏 and one to be one your best partner you work with and when I have 10 to 15 in this wan tto talk to boss long boss or ceo 👩‍💼 👨‍💼 that all I ask for this my document to show you .and I agree to my part already just waiting 10 or 15 and Ima see how loyal you is to me as I’m is you you thanks 🙏 Anthony they call me ron ron and I speak only for me and I’m a carrying person and I just wan to prove to you I will never do you wrong just work with me and we will never have a problem nice talking to you lol 💯🤝
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2 years ago, ninety—nine
Never has this app not done what I’ve needed it too but…
Love the app ever since switching from pnc and have never had any hitches or anything of the sort. I’m really only writing this review to see if getting a dark mode is in talks from within the development team any time soon. Its only one of many select features that every app should be pushed out with especially now a days. As well as I’m not sure if it’s done it but just from what I’ve noticed my app doesn’t seem to notify with a notification when money either comes in from direct deposit or direct person to person transactions. More times than I can remember is only know because I’d get an email telling me someone has sent me money and then I’d check but I’d rather have my app push the notification out to me instead in real time. But other than that those are my only two gripes I guess that I would like to see added everything else works as intended and couldn’t be more happy with the app as is.
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2 years ago, Jim123345
Nice UI design and features; some improvements needed
The Good: Sleek designs in main page and once you select the card details, shows useful information at a quick glance like current balance, remaining credit line, rewards points. Even has a tracker for sign up bonus. Transaction details are clear showing merchant name, address, even phone numbers. Can do many things in the various settings like refer friends, add authorized user, see statements. The Bad: Unique among card issuers, only lets you pick 5-6 due dates for credit card bills? Also, doesn’t show anywhere in the app when your statement ends. Also, why are the Capital One shopping offers so hard to use, you have to click the link through the app and make your purchase immediately on your phone browser? Other card issuers like Chase and Bank of America lets you “activate” the offer in their app, and you can pay with the card anytime until the deal expires, on any platform, and earn the cash back. These features are standard among Capital One’s competitors so not sure why they refuse to offer these basics.
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2 years ago, madebymarie
I chose capitol one because it seemed so simple and easy and has so many benefits. But a little voice in my head was thinking, “so what’s the catch ? They have everything!” Here’s the catch: Any time I try to use my debit card I get an email saying there is fraudulent activity on your card. Every single time. How can I ever buy anything ? I tried to buy diapers at a regular store and nope! “We’re seeing some fraudulent activity on your card. We went ahead and froze your account. Go ahead and call us to resolve this issue.” I called and they simply said we can’t stop it from doing this on certain websites like delta. So I just can’t buy a flight through delta ever in my life I guess amongst other things. I had to call my father and use his card to buy something for $11. It’s so ridiculous if I could give 0 stars I would. So what do you want me to do capitol one? Call you EVERY TIME I need to simply buy gum or tampons at a store ? People need debit cards. Or is it just for show. I have called customer service so many times, but I shouldn’t have to do this on and on and on again. I just got the account and I’m already going to cancel it. I can’t handle being treated so terrible. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Hunter9975
Only cares about “credit wise” and dodges everything else
Got credit wise a while ago and decided to get a credit card through capitol one , got my first bill in the mail and went on the app and online to get it set up and pay my first bill and no matter what I do to sign in on make a payment it redirects me to credit wise and never takes me to the actual credit card account page/info all it does it show me my credit wise report and show everything about what todo or what to apply for with my credit even though I just clicked the link that says make a payment, also the website /app only shows things for credit wise and it’s very small and hidden under multiple tabs where you find credit card make a payment link and it just redirects you to credit wise , on the app you can try and add credit card to profile and the app says “something went wrong we hit a snag” and I’ve signed out and reinstalled the app multiple times and it still comes up with this error. Capitol one is a scam/dodgy sneaky company and i wish I never participated in there credit check/ credit cards due to this sneaky / dodgy frustrating structure they put together. STAY AWAY SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHES
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3 years ago, Dujffij
Cap One Fan for Life!
Capital One has a great app — Their app is very user friendly and best of all, they didn’t change it for the sake of changing it - they just made improvements! Competing banks make unnecessary changes as their tech personnel turn over — and the apps tend to get worse. Many years ago, they stuck with me through financial hardships and never cancelled any of my accounts, so they have my total loyalty! Also, Capital One was the first card issuer (five or more years ago) to implement phone calls text messages and alerts when unusual activity on credit cards occurred — very reassuring, and they rejected false charges, saving me a lot of hassle. This has prevented fraud several times years ago! I love the company and their automated services and account protection! Additionally, their platinum card was the first major card to offer generous awards. Also, the standard no-rewards card has an extremely low APR on balances. Their customer service is also outstanding!
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5 years ago, kimberkash
Capital One App
Love ❤️ the App Capital One!!! Thank you!!! It puts all of my Capital One card spending in perspective!!! It allows me to view each transaction even if it’s pending and I get notifications when a transaction on my card takes place!!!💕If I have an issue with a specific transaction I can dispute that right from the App!!! I feel the app would be a five ⭐️ plus if there were summary tabs for your totals after your account balance for your previous balance, for approved transactions, pending transactions and pending payments which would allow you to select any of the tabs to then pull the history for the breakdown that you already provide, for each new monthly billing cycle and a tab to view the history of the card activity to a date specified... this would allow us, card holders, to view are totals at a glance and could be a tool to help us view are spending habits and trends to help us better manage our spending over time! Also, if you’re disputing a transaction, I feel you should be able to view the transaction details before you have to request to cancel and mail a new card. I still ❤️ the app!!!
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4 years ago, Ruaceann
Great if you NEVER need to deposit a check
UPDATE: Deposit function is working again and it seems faster and easier than ever!!! Updating my formerly one-star review to reflect how ecstatically happy I am once again. Original review below for anyone interested: * * * Loved this app when I first installed it and loved my 360 account! I could literally check my balance, or deposit a check in seconds. Unfortunately, for the past SIX MONTHS the mobile check deposit function has not been working. The second I tap the deposit option I receive a message saying “We hit a snag”. After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, hard booting my phone and iPads both, getting a brand new SIM card for my phone and several calls to Capital one, the developers STILL don’t care and there is no eta for a fix. Basically the entire point of my opening a capital one 360 account, namely ease of use on mobile apps, is entirely moot. Sadly, I may need to bank elsewhere.
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4 years ago, JessMN.cs
Becoming More Buggy
This app used to work flawlessly for me. However, over the past few months it has been buggy. I’m working with an iPhone 6s which as of this review is still supported. Here’s how it’s buggy. I’ll try to open the app and it’ll take around 30 seconds in trying to load before it crashes. I’ll usually have to try to open the app at least 2 or more times before it’ll finally decide to display the log in menu. Once I’m in, it usually works from there but I’ve also experienced bugs after logging in as well where it says “sorry something went wrong try again later”. I’ve had instances when I’ll tap one one of my accounts only to find myself stuck in it and I’ll have to close the app and reopen it again. Assuming I get past the constant crashes before getting to the log in menu. I’ve also notice that it has to think a lot which causes the app to be laggy. I understand the security can sometimes make applications slow but this has been going on for quite some time and it’s getting progressively worse. It’s a great app and it does what I need it to do when it works. But there’s a lot that needs to be fix and optimized.
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5 months ago, Leader Bob
Mediocre programming
I have a business account with multiple separate cardholders. The mobile ap is disappointing, especially for handling business accounts. First, it does not allow me to modify spending limits for users. Second, the lock/unlock function was naively programmed. I unlocked a card and it was refused. Why? Because when I unlocked it, the phone did not record the unlock. It turns out that when I lock/unlock a card, a button appears at the end of the card list to accept and record the change. The button is not there until a change is made, and since it appears at the END of the card list, it is on a different screen than is visible to the user. So when I tapped the ONLY exit button on the screen to save the change, it discarded the change. This screen needs 2 basic fixes: the save button needs to appear on the page within view and state how many changes are being saved, and the exit button needs a popup when hit to warn if changes are being discarded. These are basic to making any user friendly ap.
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3 years ago, jcmarkhus
Love the bank and the app but…
My feedback in situations like this, for every app that holds me hostage for my opinion before releasing me to go about my business ,as I had planned, is evermore the same “Stop!“ Please show me the respect and common decency that I deserve by not hijacking my process and requiring me to answer a question before I can be free to complete my tasks. Please assume my intelligence and ability to find an use a “contact us” link to submit my suggestions and feedback should I choose to do so. I am extremely busy and have difficulty focusing on any one task in the midst of annoyances and distractions. It seems to me the reasonable question for your company would be: “do we want this individual using/exploring the benefits of our product or would we rather interrupt his thought process and cause him to forget what the heck he was trying to use it for in the first place, or would we rather have him click yes or no and then give us an answer that we won’t be actionable with anyway, and in this way end up with no changes to our annoying policies and now a potential upgrade gone, or a referral to new business is left feeling unappreciated and frustrated with nothing nice to say about the product?”
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