Intuit Credit Karma

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Credit Karma, Inc.
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User Reviews for Intuit Credit Karma

4.85 out of 5
6.2M Ratings
10 months ago, Anime Hokage
Great Company
I've been using the Credit Karma app for a few months now and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The app provides me with up-to-date information on my credit scores from two of the major credit bureaus, as well as helpful tips and suggestions on how to improve my creditworthiness. I also like how the app sends me alerts when there have been any major changes to my credit reports, which gives me peace of mind and helps me stay on top of any potential issues. One of the best things about the Credit Karma app is that it's completely free to use. I never have to worry about hidden fees or charges, which is a refreshing change from other financial apps I've used in the past. The app is also easy to navigate and use, even for people who may not be very familiar with credit reports or financial terminology. Overall, I'm very happy with the Credit Karma app and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly tool to manage their credit. Whether you're looking to improve your credit score, keep tabs on your financial standing, or simply learn more about your credit reports, the Credit Karma app is definitely worth checking out.
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4 weeks ago, faunling
Not impressed
I used Credit Karma maybe once every few months. It isn’t an app I need often and I thought things would change when I heard I was being forced to abandon an app I’ve used for decades to switch to this. Since CK is only bringing features every other generic spending app will bring as well, I have to say I’m confused. A lot of people used Mint for the budgeting features and CK doesn’t even have them. On top of deleting my favorite features, I’m now getting 3x the amount of emails from CK asking me to check back in, to finish this or check something else out. I am not interested. Everyone knows what your app is for and what it does, and the “best of Mint features” you are adding are *not* in fact the best features, they are leftover functions that again, any basic spending app will have as well. I have had to continuously unsubscribe from different CK emails and I’m considering shutting down my account entirely at this point. I am so incredibly disappointed, Mint was an incredibly original and useful app. Now I have CK that will tell me what car insurance and credit card is best for me. I work from home and don’t have a car, and who buys insurance through a phone app? Did it not occur to whoever made this setup that people used the original Mint features to help improve their financial life, not find ways to open more credit cards or lines of credit that will make their credit score worse?
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4 years ago, Asia Lovey
Need more credit offerings
I LOVE Credit Karma! I only wish they had more diverse credit card option. As my credit score gets better, I keep getting offers from Capital One. I have two cards already and when I accepted an offer they (Credit Karma via email) recently sent me, I was declined based on having too many Capital One cards. I have no problems with my Capital One cards, the app makes it so easy to manage and pay my balances. The in app reviews seem to be spot on so make sure you take the time to read them before accepting offers. They seem to be partnered with a company that offers credit but the reviews are pretty much “consumer beware” I’m glad to have Capital One in my wallet so if your looking for a go to card with awesome reviews on rebuilding your credit, they are a good place to start. I recently also started receiving auto financing offers from a company that basically sells their cars via a vending machine concept. The reviews are absolutely horrible and the cars are severely overpriced. It is my opinion that some partnerships are just not a good fit for Credit Karma. Someone with bad credit would have a better chance of getting a better deal at a lemon lot or car auction. Credit Karma has helped me set reachable credit goals. I just wish there were better in app credit offerings as ones scores improve.
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1 year ago, Capitalism?! FUN!!!!
0 stars if I could
Few things. First Credit Karma may give you “some kind of idea” where your credit is. But it’s not accurate. Second they have a feature where you can use credit karma money. I had it for around 7 months. I opened it when I did my taxes last year as credit Karma and Turbo Tax partnered up. Well I had my paychecks set up to Credit Karma Spend. I received my first check. Didn’t receive my second. I called Credit Karma they informed me my account was locked. They told me they would have it unlocked or contact me in 24 hours I emailed them everyday for a week and they had not fixed it. I couldn’t get a new check until my account was closed or unlocked so I had to close my account. I tried to open a new one because again I HAVE to have one for tax purposes. They informed me they can’t open a new one or the old one. “It’s just the way they work.” My fiancé as soon as he set up his tax refund to go in there received an email saying his account will be closed in 15 days with absolutely no way to now change his tax stuff. So we will have to wait for months for him to get his refund. They have the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. Which is my third thing. Their customer service is awful. They won’t let you speak with a supervisor immediately. They have to “contact you back.” And then they never do. Stay FAR away from credit karma. And until Turbo decides they aren’t partnering with Credit Karma stay Away from them.
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6 months ago, french fina
Don’t trust this anymore
They recommend credit cards with a promise to pay you $50 if you are denied. According to their recommendation you you have an excellent chance to be approved. Not only was i denied the card they recommended but my credit score went down 42 points just for this one credit I applied for based on their recommendation. I attempted to contact them via their chat but as soon as I explained how my score was extremely negatively affected they responded with we will contact you by email and they abruptly closed the chat window . The drop in my score was instant but it didn’t show up on my credit karma app. I was notified by lending tree via email that my score dropped significantly from the hard inquiry. I am highly suspicious about the relationship credit karma has with the credit card companies they recommend. I don’t apply for credit cards that charge a large yearly fee. I applied for this particular credit card which had a yearly fee of $39. When I applied and was denied , the same credit card company offered me the same card for a $75 yearly fee the first year and then $99 yearly after the first year. This is a bait and switch. I intend to report them to the BBB and I also intend to leave negative reviews on every possible platform I can use . My score on all three bureaus decreased. My new low scores are reflecting on the lending tree app and the kikoff app I subscribe to but still is not reflecting on credit karma.
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4 years ago, The 649
Inflated Credit Scores Beware
I have been using Credit Karma for the past three years and Credit Karma is constantly indicating that you qualify for a personal loan that can save you interest. It states that you can check now with no impact on your score. Both scores on Credit Karma shows 800 plus respectively. After applying you receive multiple email notifications and regular mail indicating that you do not qualify for lack of credit, insufficient credit activity and history etc.. In addition, both credit agencies that Credit Karma shows/uses have my credit score showing 90 points less respectively. I know in their verbiage they indicated that each agency uses it’s own scoring system. My concern with Credit Karma is that it is misleading when it comes to displaying accurate credit scores and it appears as if scores are inflated whereby consumers can feel that they have good scores to apply for products being offered on Credit Karma. If you are going to collect our data and provide misleading scores to create a false positive for us to apply for credit/loans whereby the advertisers will pay you then you should be upfront and truthful with your credit scoring. Be ware of the inflated credit scores on Credit Karma.
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2 years ago, Swagby019
They never honor their promotions
This is the second time that I’ve done a promotion through Credit Karma that they said they would pay me some money as soon as I had completed it and once again I’ve had to call and talk to customer service they say they don’t even know what the promotion is I take a screenshot of it makes no sense as I did it through the app this promotion was letting them track you and you’re driving habits for a certain amount of time and instantly you get $25 and your spend account still haven’t seen that money and I keep asking for screenshots whoever takes a screenshot of a promotion that an app asked you to take part in? because you need proof later maybe for them but most apps just honor their promotions that one before that was a promotion that if I opened a checking account and savings account and funded a dollar in each I get $25 in my account I had to fight tooth and nail for that they told me the same things we don’t recognize promotion we need screenshots and finally because I hassle them so much they actually did what they said they were going to do and gave me the money to be another negative is there odds for credit approval they’re promoting upgrade for a while which would just turn 1 million people down after being preapproved and all the outstanding yards end up dinging your credit report get it together credit Karma
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3 years ago, I just want to play geo wars
Credit karma is a must!!
I can’t say enough good things about credit karma. Having the accessibility and visibility to my credit report and associated factors allowed me to take control of my debt and actually get on top of my finances. Plain and simple. It’s extremely hard to understand your financial position without having the full picture in place, and credit karma provides that full picture in an easy and intuitive interface. When I first started using credit karma, my credit was in pretty bad shape. Credit karma taught me the impact that certain factors have on my credit and provided the guidance I needed to focus on the factors that have the most impact. I’m fortunate to say that my credit is excellent now and I’ve always recommended credit karma to friends and family that have expressed concerns about their own credit score. When my younger brother was thinking of buying a house to start his life with his family, he didn’t know where to start and had no credit to his name. I turned him on to credit karma and within a year he was able to establish enough credit to get approved for a mortgage loan. If you want to get serious about your credit score and need some guidance, credit karma is your friend!
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4 months ago, foshx
If you have bad credit please read
I figured I would write a review, I normally don’t do this. 5 years ago my credit was so bad it rated at the lowest it could possibly be. In fact it was likely below the lowest rating. I got this app and finally I learned how credit worked. Prior to the app I had no clue. I immediately started making the suggested changes. This app helped me understand how Credit works and what you can do to immediately take action. Within a month my score increased. It was still terrible BUT I saw it work. Within a year I moved up to Fair credit, I never imagined I would even get that far. It motivated me. So I kept on using the tools provided. My credit was so bad it did take time, however as of today I have excellent credit at nearly 800. I no longer had to search for co signers or be concerned that I couldn’t get a loan if I needed it. (My Fico score is also excellent). Had I not bothered getting credit karma because I thought I couldn’t fix it I would have still been drowning in bad credit. If you think you can’t fix it and your credit is so bad it can’t be repaired you are wrong. If I could get out from under it so can you. Get the app. It works.
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3 months ago, 3-21 Review
Kent Butler
Seems like there is a too much time fluctuation in balances and also inconsistencies . If a person temporarily puts something on a card, it seems the scores go down immediately whereas if one pays the card down, it has to crawl back up the chart at a snail’s pace. Also, one has long term debts as well as credit card debts that affect one’s score. I’ve noticed one might pay a lot on a long term debt and affect his score very little in comparison as a credit card debt. Granted, more than likely, this debt is spread out over time, but if one pays off quicker, the score should follow quicker. I also, realize the situations I mentioned are more just passed along as the rating companies do as they want, but it still adds to or takes away from the working experience on CK’s site. Adding to the above review, which obviously doesn’t get read anyway, I have a card that I use that has no credit to it whatsoever— I get paid on this card and transfer money from it as I use it to purchase things as one would with cash. Anyway, my card information was compromised and I had to utilize “credit”cards until a new card was issued and the situation was addressed. Of course my score took another hit because that’s the way it works. It immediately goes down but takes forever to go back up even if the card is immediately repaid. Exactly, how can a person use a card and not get punished even if he pays off often?
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6 months ago, Indigenous Beauty
I’ve always heard people say this isn’t real. It doesn’t work, go pay for someone to “fix your credit”. I have been using CK for almost a year and they really help you understand credit, advise you on what to do, gives you suggestions and it has helped me raise my score by almost 70 points. My score had tanked because I lost my job, made some car payments late and got behind a bit. It helped me keep track of my payments and also allows you to dispute information that isn’t correct or is outdated FOR FREE! I was even approved for a 1000 credit card line because of the work I have put into rebuilding my credit. I really wish they started teaching this in 8th grade and carrying it into grades 9-12. I never knew anything about credit, credit scores or how it truly affects your financial health. My goal is to buy a home with land, and I see that dream getting closer and closer. Thank you CK for offering the tools to help people and being genuine about it because not everyone can afford a $100 payment monthly to do something you can do on your own if you are literate and learn how to control your credit. Take back charge over financial well-being. I have!!
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10 months ago, Ahman Shamar
Just Wow 😮
Credit Karma is phenomenal!! Let me just start there. Ever since I’ve downloaded the Credit Karma app through recommendation, it’s been one of my greatest habits. It makes it so easy to stay on top of your credit score, watching for increases, decreases, hard inquiries, new credit accounts, and settling disputes or debts of formerly delinquent accounts- Keeping a better score has become effortless at this point🙌🏾🔥🔥. Like my score has so significantly improved since I made Credit Karma the watchman at the door of my credit house!! It’s amazing! Just prepare for times when your score decrease because that will happen, that can be attributed to life and no fault of the app- However because you’ll be so accustom to you score increasing, due to the efficiency & assistance of Credit Karma, it will be emotionally unsettling. Enjoy the app, and treat the person that recommended you to Credit Karma… Trust me, you won’t thank them enough( you also should recommend the app to others, so you can be a part of the Credit Karma! You’ll get several of thanks & applaud for just referring them lol). All thanks be to the Most HIgh God and my lovely wife that referred me. You guys are awesome!!! 👏🏾
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12 months ago, VictimofAlly
Welcome to Your Existential Crisis
On the one hand, this app does a great job of helping you build your credit score. On the other hand, it just kinda emphasizes how dystopian and ridiculous this mandatory-participation credit score game is. Why are we allowing these corporations to place our ability to access basic human necessities in a chokehold based on things like, oh no, you used 31% of your available credit limit and not 30% (even though you pay it off entirely on a monthly basis) so now we’re going to drop your corporate-sponsored grade point average that determines whether you’ll be allowed to live inside? Try harder next month! And like the worst App Store puzzle game of all time, this game also requires constant attention and monitoring that is, of course, uncompensated time. No gold coins for you! Also the chat bot auto fills your questions for you, so you never get to ask questions like, “why do these corporations exist in the first place?” “What even is the origin of credit scores?” Or even “Who voted that these corporations get to control our lives in ways even our government won’t, isn’t this supposed to be a democracy?” So yeah, this app is great but also… help?
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6 years ago, Credit Karma Fan!
Complete game changer !
I received a nice amount of money from my father Christmas, and I had credit card balances all over the place! My boss loves credit karma and told me to check it out. This is the most amazing, amazing app I have ever come across in my entire life. Not only did it help me get my balances lower, by showing me my credit score report. The simulator showing if you pay certain cards down what your score will be is honestly a life-changing component. It also help me find unclaimed money without me even asking, and then I was able to get a point added on to fix my credit score. If you’re looking for a car, a home or personal loan credit karma is truly your best friend! I could not live without this amazing app. The fact that it is free is incredible! Do yourself a favor and all your friends and download the app it will truly be a game changer in your credit and credit card personal loan car loan history well done guys well done! Oh one last thing, the positive emoji‘s and telling you great job is really exciting even at my age! Get credit karma now! Thanks guys. Make sure you check your score with a different source tho , because my score was way lower with credit karma than it should have been.
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3 years ago, FRAUD ALERT!!!!!!!!!
I thought uploading credit karma would be a good way to learn, monitor, and work on improving my scores. I’m just confused because neither Transunion or Equifax track your exact information the same. Transunion has a lag time in reporting updated accounts. They don’t seem to track all of your accounts and they definitely take double the points then they give. Hence the difference in scores for me. Sad part is lenders love Transunion and probably for that reason. Just Sad. Equifax I do like but today they informed me an account closed. Well this closed account was a 10 year student loan that finally has a zero balance. I never in the 10 year paid it late. Well today because of the closed account my score dropped 3 points. How can a system know every bad thing BUT not a good thing. How do I loose 3 points for reaching zero balance and finally having a closed relationship with a Student loan. For anyone paying off student loans that’s cause to celebrate not be punished. I can’t know how to be better at understanding if they are not consistent with reporting. What I learned with tracking? 1) They slap you on the hand for every single thing. 2) I’m not their client.
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5 years ago, DMLaguna
A Game Changer!
This app is for anyone that is serious about improving their credit. This app increased my credit score dramatically after a few months because they make it easy to dispute derogatory items. They also give you recommendations as to what you need to do to improve your credit score like paying down balances etc. I made the mistake of downloading another popular credit app through Experian and that was a big mistake. It gave me a credit match with a credit card that it claimed I was likely to receive an approval with, so (as the company claims), I could “apply with confidence”. That was completely false! I was declined for that card and it left a hard inquiry on my account which dramatically affected my credit score. I will never trust an app like I trust Credit Karma. Credit Karma will allow you to be matched with credit cards that you are likely to be approved from plus, the credit card companies will check your credit without doing a hard inquiry and allow you to see if you qualify without negatively effecting your credit score. I seldom do reviews but I this time I felt it was necessary to give Credit Karma the ‘credit where credit is due’.
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2 years ago, Matt the Engineer
Can't login and crashes when trying to reset password
I love the phone app. Unfortunately the MacOS version does not allow me to login. I originally thought I may have forgotten my password and tried to reset it through the app. The app crashes the moment you click into the text box to enter your email in order to receive a password reset link. I tried twice and it crashed instantly both times. Lastly, it turns out I didn't forget my password. It works fine when logging in on my iPhone. I hope you all can fix this, I was excited when I saw the app was available for downlaod on my MacBook and look forward to these issues being resolved. I gave the app an extra star solely because I appreciate that they inform you that the solutions they recommend are partners of theirs. I really appreciate a company that's honest and upfront about this. They even put it at the top of the page, not hidden in small text somewhere you can't find it. Because of this, I have given the app an extra star even though it's unusable on Macboook at the moment. I know it doesn't make much sense and they have legally inform us, but you'd be surprised how many apps, content creators, etc. choose not to inform their users/audience anyways. Take an extra star for honesty! :) You'll get 3 more when the app is fixed.
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2 years ago, Peno.1
A Really Wonderful and Robust App
I mean honestly, Credit Karma is the perfect financial tool for everyone, whether you’re just opening your first bank account or you’re a vet that just needs a quick glance at your current credit health. Pros: -Check your credit for free -Get an extensive yet easy-to-follow look at your credit health and the things affecting it, both positively and negatively. -Get helpful suggestions for increasing your credit -Equally helpful credit card, personal, home, and auto loan recommendations -You can do your taxes for free or for a small fee depending on your fiscal situation -You can open a checking and savings account for free. These accounts have no fees. -Amazing interface/UI -MANY bells and whistles, incentives, etc. The only suggestion to improve this app I have is that in the banking section, you show the new balance after each transaction in the activity tab; that is, when a debit or credit is made to the account, you show that along with the new balance it creates right under it. Take an example from the BofA and AMEX apps. It’s more transparent and helps to manage budgeting and such. Credit Karma is one of the few apps that does it all AND does it all really well. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Ubanium_Rosarium
Mostly helpful but there are a couple of annoying things
1) I wish they’d change the update note. Every update says it is “updated to include” the same exact thing. It makes it sound like they keep forgetting to actually include it in one update so then the next update says it is included, oops they forgot again, lather, rinse, repeat, ad nauseam. Sort of like if saying the latest iOS update now included some native app that has barely changed since iOS 1.0 like Clock or Calculator or Phone. 2) I wish there was a way to turn off the thing that keeps asking me about my finding out my driving score. I do NOT drive. So the whole save money on car insurance stuff is moot. Just let me disable that. I’d give the app 3.5 stars if that was an option. Edit: someone at CreditKarma must have read my review, because they finally got a sensible update note instead of the one promising they had now added that same thing they now added last time and many times before that. Still not going to give Transit app a challenge in the best app update notes, but greatly improved. Give me, who does *not* drive, a way to opt out of the app about if I want to know my driving score and maybe I’ll add a ⭐️.
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5 years ago, S.Rutland
Only one time before have I been so impressed, enough so to take the time to leave a review instead of only rating. Having this app is helping me improve my credit! I have been using it for 9 months, and my results are increases of 18pts last 3 months, 36 pts last 6 months, and 68 pts total increase from what my score was 9 months ago when I started using the app! Before, I was like the commercials letting my credit run wild with me completely ignoring it, rarely thinking about it. But now, the app is so easy to use and convenient, I click on it maybe once a week or every other week, take a few moments to review it, and check my new higher than before credit scores. I like seeing when something on it ages and comes of of my report or is about to come off. I’ve also been able to find charges negatively effecting my credit that I am about to call the creditor and inform them of mistakes of billing me instead of our health insurance company. I like the praises the app gives me for doing well with my scores. Thank you so much, credit karma! Soon I will be able to buy a house with a low APR, instead of being trapped in a long term high APR loan!
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5 months ago, Access truth
Credit score !!
The credit score ratings are old and outdated information that is at least 3 months old !! I had credit inquiries almost a year ago that are still being used against my credit scores ! I hope that by November that will be eliminated and no longer be a mark against my credit!! They continually are sending me messages to get new and more credit cards which makes me wonder if the recording agencies get a kick back from the credit card companies!! I refuse to over extend my credit allowances for anyone’s gain or profit!! Especially when they want me to get a credit card or personal loan for an interest rate that’s higher than I am currently paying!! Seriously ??? My credit is good because I manage my credit, my money, and my future responsibilities appropriately!! I always have and I always will !! Period !! So, as licensed credit reporting agencies ,they should be giving good credit advice and guidance to the people!Especially the young people just starting out and need guidance on how to use their credit responsibility and to not ruin their lives by over spending!! That’s called leadership by example and education!! The future leadership of our country is the elders responsibility!! Grasp that and follow through !!!
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3 years ago, Stuck on it! Cool game
I am grateful for credit karma. Although credit scoring is highly confusing to many, many people, and can be frustrating, being a mortgage underwriter, I do understand that there are different scoring qualities that affect different finance options differently. I do feel like this could be, and should, be explained better, via Credit Karma, without having to dig foe the information. Perhaps associate it with the home page of credit karma, titled “Credit Score Differences - It pays to understand this aspect better.” - so that individuals realize, first of all, which score auto populates when you open credit karma, and secondly, you should list the different scores, as they are associated, so that if someone is applying for a mortgage loan, they have a clearer picture of their score, for that particular product. Or auto insurance, or a personal loan, etc. Other than this issue, which has been an issue for many many years, I am completely satisfied with Credit Karma and appreciate the sincere, authentic, level of security and customer service that you all provide. Respectfully, Terrie Gentry (Fka Terrie Waddell)
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4 years ago, Idiadia
Free credit score! Plus tips to Better It
I had been paying for my credit score through experian until someone else told me i could get them for freeeeee. I canceled my experian and just kept credit karma. I have been working hard to better my score and honestly credit karma has help. The showed options of cards and the chances that i would be approve if i applied. I took their advice and was accepted now i just read all tips that pop that can help me get a higher score. I started off at 520, had 480 when i first started on Experian. Im currently at 684 and ive only had credit karma for 3 months. Honestly if anyone is wanting their score for free. Go to credit karma. Also just a note experian would show me all 3 bureaus that gave me my scores but kredit karma only shows transunio and equifax. On experian they also have the boost option where you can litterally raise your score by reporting on time utlity bills, phones bills and bank account. Also your fico score on experian. Overall really happy with the change. They can also give reminders on your cara registration. If you plan to buy a house what you must do...etc a lot of information that everyone should know
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5 years ago, Camarota
I love my Credit Karma’s app, it’s part of my everyday life, I can’t imagine not having my credit karma app, it’s helped me so much in watching my credit, it tells me what could help me, and I can see if there are things in my credit reports that may be fraud, I found the app after I was a victim of identity theft, something very difficult to live through, I strongly recommend those who don’t have credit karma to give it a try, and browse the app to everything they have to offer for free and see how it can help you improve your credit and dispute something in your credit report that doesn’t belong to you, you’ll see your credit score rise in this app as you use all of the free options, and access that they have, so if you don’t have credit karma, I strongly recommend that you give it a try and use what they have to offer, you will see the difference in your credit therefore a difference in your life, someone once told me,” you can be poor, have no money, but if you have good credit, you’re rich”, I never forgot that and I found that it’s very true, thanks to credit karma, I’ve come a long way in bettering my credit. Thank you Credit Karma.
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6 years ago, JeanSe7326
I Love Credit Karma
I can’t tell how much I just live CK! Honestly, is so so so much better than dealing with massive 20+ page reports from the credit bureaus. CK is user friendly and I can see my whole credit profile in one place. If they would and the other credit bureau and even business credit profiles that would make them even better. Since finally downloading the app and creating my account my credit score has resined. I’m still a long way away from where I wanna be, but baby steps. As I write this (Jun 24, 2018) I still need my new car to be reported and get rid of my ugly 24% interest rate and upside down car balance. My new lease and 0-6% interest rate should jump my credit scores up significantly and by November of next year my nearly $80k student loan debt will drop off too! Well at least that’s the perceived idea anyway. My credit is on the rise finally and after 7 years of under bankruptcy and years of financial mistakes (no credit cards) and debts keeping my credit down, I’m now on the rise and thanks to Credit Karma, I’m finally doing and learning who to improve my scores and stay out of debt and bad financial decisions. Thanks CK! Love for real!
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4 weeks ago, Katrina Gi
It’s good but not perfect
I only switched because Mint was going away. Overall, I like Credit Karma and it has some positive features especially Credit Score & Report. However, it’s missing one key thing…. I CANNOT edit the date of a transactions under Net Worth . Transactions can be take days to Post (especially on weekends) and then it shows up in the wrong month and messes up that month’s calculations where I had budgeted the funds. CK already lets me edit the category which is a must but please developers let me edit the date too!! What I like most is that Credit Karma simply shows overall how much you spent by category, how much you earned, and what’s left over at the end of the month. Again coming from Mint I had a bunch of custom categories but I don’t miss them (to be honest it’s simplified my life to have less). I also had rules to remember merchants to be recategorized but that didn’t always work anyway. I also had a budget tool but I was constantly shuffling funds (i.e. I spent more at restaurants so had to reduce shopping budget) so wasting time. I don’t miss mint too much and I’m happy with CK but not being able to edit the date could be a deal breaker for me.
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3 years ago, Cookie Jammer Family
Great Credit Monitoring and Management App
Great credit monitoring and management app. I only wish they partnered with Experian for a full experience. However I have a feeling that’s Experian’s refusal to work together for the greater good of the consumer. Anyway, my credit improved using Credit Karma. I used their recommendation and approval odds to apply for a credit card. I was approved (to my surprise since my credit had been jacked up since I was 18 - my mom told me don’t max out my first credit card but didn’t tell me why). Anyway I was approved for $500 to start. Over the next two years my limit was increased to $5,000. I appreciate Credit Karma being free. If they ever offered a paid subscription or paid tools, I would DEFINITELY pay - and I don’t do subscriptions. been jacked up since I was 18 - my mom told me don’t max out my first credit card but didn’t tell me why). Anyway I was approved for $500 to start. Over the next two years my limit was increased to $5,000. I appreciate Credit Karma being free. If they ever offered a paid subscription or paid tools, I would DEFINITELY pay - and I don’t do subscriptions.
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10 months ago, B3ACHBA11
Credit Karma has been an AbSOULute GODSEND!!! Credit karma helped me discover a $20,000 DEBT(reported as a charge off)…FRAUDULENTLY reported. The lender reported a… $20,000 DEBT-CHARGE OFF(reported AUGUST 2022)…while the vehicle was STILL in my possession(prior to ANY notices). The vehicle was not repossessed until January 24, 2023. $16,000 CASH was put down day of purchase. I had even made payments September, and double payments October. The lender accepted the payments while too…my online account reflected a completely different status.I had ZERO KNOWLEDGE when making those payments and still having the car… that the lender had reported a $20,000 CHARGE OFF, in August of 2022. The dealership-lender have created an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. It’s the most CHAOTIC and DISGUSTING experience, I’ve experienced as a consumer. Words are not able to express the ANGUISH , DISTRESS & TRAUMA their… ill doings….have caused me. The vehicle should have been, PAID OFF, in full…LONG AGO. The dealership led me to believe, that I was signing for/put into a $10,000 LOAN after having put $16,000 CASH DOWN. if not for Credit Karma, I would not have discovered the ADDITIONAL FRAUD. I Thank God for Credit Karma 🙌. ~Grieving Consumer
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3 years ago, W84motion
Transunion only now. No longer useful.
I’ve used this app for several years and while entertaining, its usefulness has always been limited due to the scores you see being significantly higher than the real scores a creditor or a new potential lender sees and uses to determine creditworthiness and interest rates. It’s been a good way to get a vague idea of ups and downs in your teal scores based on new accounts being reported or items falling off etc, but when you are given a “score” that is 40-60 points higher than reality, the tool’s practicality comes into serious question. Additionally, the app itself advertises in its fine print that its primary function is to expose you to new credit cards that they want you to apply for so steer clear of the “recommendations” to open a new credit account with its advertisers. Finally, Credit Karma has never offered access to an Experian score in the time I have used it; only Transunion and Equifax and now, Equifax has pulled out so it’s 50% less useful than a few weeks ago. Not worth the memory space on my phone anymore.
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5 years ago, LA.WEST
Best App to Keep Your Eye on Your Credit
Credit Karma does a fantastic job of helping you to track changes in your credit report. There are tons of other apps that do similar things and I have tried many (Credit Journey is one example that comes to mind) but none I’ve seen has been as complete and polished as Credit Karma. The App is very quick with updates. I have received notices almost instantaneously when an inquiry has hit. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. I love the app for that and use it regularly. Just one word of caution: do not dispute an inaccuracy through Credit Karma, submit the dispute directly with the relevant credit bureau instead. It is easy for things to get lost in translation and you may end up with an unexpected outcome. In my case a mishandled dispute dropped my Credit Score by 40 points. When I contacted the credit bureau they told me they couldn’t fix the issue because the dispute was not registered through its system. Other than that little snag, however, the app has been awesome. Highly recommend using it for monitoring your credit report activity.
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3 years ago, ElegantScience
Has evolved into a mega app
I’ve had Credit Karma on my phone since it first launched. It was useful then for tracking my credit score. But over time the developers have repeatedly added new, impressive functionality and services that kind of have blown me away. For instance, today I enrolled in Karma Drive, which will track my driving habits for 30 days and then advise me on car insurance that could hugely reduce the cost. It’s also tracking the market value of our two cars, as well as the equity we have in our house. It now strategically advises on what debt to pay off to raise my credit score, and to what amount we need to lower our credit card debt in order to refinance our house. And the new services keep arriving every update. From the user experience side of things, it is beautifully designed and has excellent usability - and that comes from a software interface designer (me) - and has clearly been thoroughly vetted for issues and bugs and simplified to the extreme. All in all this app, and company, deserves 5 stars for effort, expertise, design and value.
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1 year ago, RedButterfly1515
Fraudulent Debt on my credit report
Theres some crazy debt on my credit report. I found out when we went to re-fi our home. I have called this cell carrier about 2 yrs ago explained Ive had Verizon over 6 yrs+ and do not have anything with them. They completely just didn’t care & refuse to remove unless I pay them over a thousand dollars saying I even have equipment with them. Ive never left Verizon. Unfortunately because of this fraudulent debt on my credit we had to pay a higher interest rate on our mortgage. I never knew Credit Karma had assistance phone# people can call when another party has your SS# & has put a negative debt against you on your report. Yea Credit Karma! Oct 5,2021 I spoke with Keith a very nice gentleman who's going to handle my dispute. Now it can take up to another 30 days & I don’t know If this cell carrier will cooperate with Keith since they have ignored all my attempts to remove the debt I never occurred. But just knowing Credit Karma is trying to help makes me feel like someone is listening to me. Im almost 70 yrs old and this is very frustrating. Not to say this report on my credit has hurt us financially.
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1 year ago, Seth BB45
Be Careful
Be very careful when making decisions using Credit Karma and there are much better credit guidance apps out there. I noticed a message from them the last couple of months saying lower your car payment with these loans. When I looked closely at the terms I could get a loan with a slightly lower interest, but it only lowered my payments with another 72 month loan effectively extending my payoff time for two years. When I looked at the loans closer to my 46 months left the monthly payments actually increased or were the same. Also be aware that Credit Karma is good at giving you an instant snapshot but they do not give you your FICO score which is what really matters for things like home loans and auto loans. Your FICO is not necessarily the same as your combined credit scores. I’ve also noticed that they keep pushing high interest credit cards when I qualify and have cards with a much lower interest rate. I like this app as they can give you a decent snapshot of your credit but closely scrutinize all offers they give you. Check other credit building apps and closely look at the details. The details really matter when you are talking car and home loans.
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2 years ago, loikmn
Love this app - so much help
Before I go into the LIKES of this app, I just want to note the DISLIKE. It only shows 2 of 3 credit agencies. Would be a PERFECT app if they added all 3 agencies. I like that there is so much information on how to increase your credit rating based on affordability. I like that they give you options for refinancing auto or mortgage or credit card mergers. I would like if there was communication with a real person to ask questions. Example being, if I have 4 collections, 1 being a lot more to pay off but the other 3 are way easier to pay off…Do I work on the collection that indicates “high impact” which is the collection that has a way higher balance to pay off or just work on paying the lower 3? For example! Overall, I love the app and want to thank Them for having it. It helps me a lot and since I have downloaded it, I have increased my credit score by 65 points. 595 was what it was 6 months ago. Now I have 2 of the 3 agencies giving me a score of 633 and 648. Without this app, I’d be in the 620 range - So thank you very much
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5 years ago, jessie2992
Alerted me to fraud!!!
I’ve had credit Karma for years. I love it. I use it mostly to check on my credit score since I’m trying to pay off some cc it makes it easier to see all of my accounts as well as feeling encouraged when I pay them off seeing my score go up. Well last night I checked my email and saw an email from credit karma asking if I had opened a new account with Verizon. I didn’t so immediately I knew that something was wrong. Was able to confirm with the app that there was in fact an account I had no knowledge of in my name. So I disputed it with Verizon and they confirmed it wasn’t me that opened it and closed it down and will have it removed from my credit report. With this happening I also put a freeze with all the cc bureaus so nobody else can make more accounts with my info. Had I not had credit karma I wouldn’t have had any clue about this so I’m really thankful I downloaded it and check it every once in a while. I highly recommend credit karma. It’s been nothing but beneficial to me. Probably one of the most helpful apps I have on my phone to be honest.
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5 years ago, Rock4Jesus777
Great Service and Beautiful App
I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It’s a great credit monitoring tool! Easy, beautiful design and really a lot of info at your finger tips. I really have zero complaints about using Credit Karma or the reliability of their services. I do however have one complaint and it’s regarding the app for iPad. I have my App Store filter set to only show iPad apps and Credit Karma still shows up. However after installing I noticed it responds like an iPhone only app. It can only be used in the Portrait screen orientation, has the enlarger icon in the bottom right and it is VERY pixelated. Granted I am using an iPad Air 2, so it’s a little older but I’ve not had any issues with other iPad/iPhone compatible apps. I use my iPad as a laptop (built in keyboard and such makes it just like a laptop) so to have it where it only works in portrait orientation means I can’t use it in landscape orientation, and the pixelation makes me want to use my iPhone, but when using the CK Tax Service, well, I don’t want to have to do that whole process on my phone! If this gets fixed, and this app is truly updated for iPad compatibility, it is well worth 5 stars!
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3 years ago, smiller816
Recommendations are crap
Good for keeping track of your credit report, but the recommendations they give you are absolute rubbish. They recommend cards I already have. Other times they tell me I have no chance of getting cards I am constantly preapproved and prequalified for. They also recommend cards I can’t get prequalified for. Not sure why they continue to recommend credit one and first progress despite the fact that I have nearly 700 score. They need to have a way where we can set preferences. I’m tired of getting recommendations that I will absolutely never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use. It wouldn’t matter if my credit score were 430! I would never use credit one or first progress or Merrick bank. I understand that they make recommendations based off of who sponsors their site, but you would think they would have the smallest amount of integrity in their recommendations since they claim to help people rebuild their credit. I would never recommend any of those places. So many fees, no grace periods, the list goes on. Please allow us to set preferences for our recommendations because I’m tired of getting them for cards I will never use.
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5 years ago, loralye_XO
It’s a decent starting point
I’ve used this app for well over a year and a half. It’s a good free starting point to learn what’s effecting your credit. After reading articles outside of this app, I learned steps needed to improve my credit. Credit Karma helped with the basics (account balances, when creditors reported to the bureaus, etc.). When I refinanced last year I saw that Credit Karma was showing 40-50 point less than what the bank pulled. So, I kept this in mind moving forward. A few months ago I worked on boosting my score 40 points or so, continued to use Credit Karma with the understanding their scores are not accurate... recently I subscribed to FICO for my scores, and yes Credit Karma is anywhere from 30-60 points lower than FICO actual (depending on which of the 2 scores CK provides). Bottom line, Credit Karma is a good starting point for people looking to improve their scores. Just keep in mind the scores they provide are not accurate but the other reporting data is pretty much on target (balances, dates bank report info to the credit bureau, etc.). Good luck, getting into the understanding of how FICO scores work and working on improving them really can change your consumer behavior for the best!!!
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5 years ago, Sljwatts
Credit Fixer
I love this app- while the credit scores may be different from other reporting agencies (there is a 50 to 100 swing) this app allows me to view things that my husband and I share in common. This app keeps me posted on how our bills are progressing allowing me to focus on repair. My credit score has improved from good to excellent in 4 years. While I have not applied for loans or cards suggested on this app, I have been working hard to pay down loans and cards recovering money previously paid in interest and/or principle. I have also learned a lot about how to improve my credit scores by focusing on high impact portions of my credit. My bank made an error in reporting that I had missed a payment and was 2 months behind- I was able to address this quickly- got a letter from them that it was their mistake and worked with the bank to correct it in all three credit reporting agencies. My credit score is now back to excellent. We have much more controls of our finances- and this is a pleasant way to check your balances and keep focused. Did I tell you I love this app?
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2 years ago, dazed disappointed
Don’t understand why?
Credit Karma has been great for keeping up with my scores I recently had a old account show up that had been paid for already and shouldn’t have been put on my report at all and it took away 2 of my points. So I decided to do a dispute through Credit Karma to have it removed and it was removed which was great to see. The only thing I don’t understand is why I didn’t get the 2 points back on my report?? This shouldn’t have been put on my report at all!? So now that this has been rectified I should have been given back the points that shouldn’t have been taken away in the first place and I’m not understanding why I haven’t been told anything about why I haven’t been given my lousy 2 points back when this was paid and shouldn’t have been put on my report at all!?. Why am I still being penalized for someone else’s mistake.?.?.... If it was my fault I would understand but it wasn’t because it was taken care of so it would Not go on it in the first place if I don’t get them back its just not right.???
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1 year ago, Queen Fe 🥰
No Advance, False Advertisement
If you are wanting to open up a credit karma account just to get the advance through turbo tax. Do NOT waste your time and money!! Turbo tax makes you open an account with Credit Karma saying that you can get an instant cash advance. That’s a lie. I was told I was approved for the loan. After I opened the account. I did not get any email about it, nothing. A few hours later my return was accepted by the IRS. So I’m hoping that initiates the advance information or something. Still no email. I log into my CK account. It has no information about rather I am going to receive the advance. Or no info that I even applied. Just the same ol’ FALSE advertisement. If you apply with us, you can get an advance. Five days later, no info. Just that my debit card was sent to me. If you are looking forward to the advance, go through someone else, they are using this as false advertisement so they can get ppl to open an account, put their tax money in it, and collect fees from them. I’m going to make sure I give them NO fees. Just transfer my money into my checking account, and I’ll wait the business days. We should be able to sue for sale advertisement. If there was no advance, I would’ve went through my Bank of America account. That was a complete waste.
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2 years ago, CBryan
Bryan Sanders
The two Capital One cards are cards that we use to put all our monthly expenses on. We receive points and money back by using these cards! Then EVERY Month we pay them off in FULL!!!! The two Auto Accounts are for Brand New vehicles that we use in our Delivery Business! We have 12 Vehicles, only two are financed and only 60% owing! All the rest, 10 are PAID in full!! The Sleep Number Account, is a 6 year No interest if paid on time, which we do and 80 % PAID off! What do we have to do? We make all payments on time, we have never missed a payment. We keep our charges down to a minimum! Our net worth is over $5,000,000! I don’t understand why we are punished like we are? But I am beginning to not care! No matter what we do it’s not enough under your system!!I I guess you just have to pay CASH for everything but then you would say we never have an Account that we made payments on so you can’t give us any credit ratings! I am sure this won’t change anything but it made me feel good writing it!
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4 months ago, Pso. Clark
Feeling of great improvements in life
To those of you that have credit issues let me tell you that Credit Karma knows their business! I was relieved to see what my hard work and dedication meant after seeing my credit score increase. There’s nothing easy in fixing what’s been broke with me financially but Credit Karma helped me with what i couldn’t figure out on my own. I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least however CK gave me options I didn’t realize I had before. They showed me more options with different car insurance companies and loan officers/banks that could lower my interest rates and to make my decisions on how to lower my debt and increase my confidence. Most of the time they could tell me and show me the who, the why, the how, and the when. They could answer my questions. One should always be careful when making major decisions even with a good company such as CK so don’t let anyone talk you into anything no matter how good it sounds. BEWARE: Do your homework first before making any financial decisions!! Good Luck!
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2 years ago, Tyragettys
So first of all you guys are promoting $100 promotion if you set up “direct deposit”… I did that a week before my new payroll started to ENSURE that I would get paid up to “2 days early” but WHY DOES IT TAKE UP TO 2 pay cycles to go by to even get enrolled into the “early pay”..???? NOW IT IS FRIDAY DECEMBER 10 and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY. I CAN CLEARLY SEE WHERE MY JOB HAS TRIED TO DEPOSIT THE MONEY ON DECEMBER 7, 2021 in the amount of $0 to make sure they account was “real” said by one of your supervisors named Shine. Then advised me to talk to my job about getting a paper check instead of direct deposit.. I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A PAPER CHECK FROM THIS EMPLOYER BECAUSE THEY DO NOT DO THAT… They want you to email them instead of actually speaking on the phone and they just say what they want and HANG UP ON YOU. This is so unprofessional I could have kept my regular Current account or Chime account set up if I would have known all this TROUBLE WOULD OCCUR!!!! I will NEVER USE THIS APP FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. I JUST WANT MY MONEY AND $100 promo that was promised for setting this DIRECT DEPOSIT up!!!! I do not recommend setting up anything with “CREDIT KARMA” also you have so many other reviews where people are having similar issues with your banking system. You guys do all of this promoting but CANT EVEN HOLD YOUR END OF IT! I WANT MY MONEY TODAY.
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3 years ago, Babower
Hacked Into My Passwords Security Breach
Do not apply for home refinance using Crdit Karma app. I was checking for rates and clicked submit which was sent to Cardinal Financial. Next thing I received calls from Cardinal Financials wanting me to lock in their rate when I’m rate shopping as everyone does. But the rep from Cardinal Financial was somewhat aggressive. First of all, I would not lock in rate to submit my application as I want the best rate for me. And you would do the same. Credit Karma seems to a sales app selling loan products. Just be aware. Always use other apps to check your credit score. And never apply for a loan product on this app. I received a developer response from Credit Karma via email from Apple today. The email came with a link. It said that Credit Karma developer response would like to hear about my experience with Cardinal Financial. After I clicked on the link, the link took me to Credit Karma web page and then exposed list of passwords list on my phone. On the phone password page, it showed passwords compromised. And my IPhone immediately alerted me of security breach of my passwords. So I immediately deleted my passwords. Cannot and do not use Credit Karma again. I’m going to submit complaint to Apple and Government for Credit Karma’s security hacking email link.
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3 days ago, azbbarnett
Overall Disappointed
I, like others, have used Mint for years for budgeting. In fact, recently I began to look at other budgeting apps to use and came back to Mint for its simplicity and utility. To quote the words I said to my wife, “looking at other apps made me realize how much I love this one.” When I saw that Mint was going to be switching over to CK, I wasn’t sure what to expect. CK has nowhere near the simplicity, utility, or functionality of Mint. Why can’t companies like this do what works? The way it comes across to me is that in the name of ingenuity and advancement, Mint has forsaken their original business model to pander people. Refusing to stick with what people want, they’ve partnered with every credit card, loan office, insurance agency, and bank on Earth to panhandle people who want to take their finances seriously. My family has relied on Mint for easy budgeting and has reduced the financial stress many months by allowing us to easily categorize transactions and delegate resources at a glance. Now, when I open CK, I get bombarded with loan offers, credit cards, and other advertisements and have to sift through them to take a narrow view at my finances. Mint was my trusted advisor and consultant but has now turned into a massive campaign of pushy sales people who won’t get off my doorstep.
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12 months ago, rikabika1
I thought I’d give the Spend Account option a try. I had a deposit go to the account. Ok cool. I spent my money where j needed it spent and what not, and I suddenly get a “confirm this was you” notice about a transaction I did the day before. Ok sure, no problem. I hit that I did the transaction—next thing I know my virtual card and debit card are cancelled because their system said I said I didn’t authorize it. I’m frustrated so I chat with them online, they say they don’t know why it did that and to call. So I call. Dude answers and says that I need to write customer service on the chat again because they don’t know, and my number isn’t my number. But it’s the only number on my account. So I write them and they’re telling me I have to wait 60 days before getting a new card and they for some odd reason put my old last name from 11 years ago in there recently. So I couldn’t connect my external bank. So I’ve been hung up on, and booted off the chat because I let them know I’m frustrated because I just wanna find a solution. I even told them I wasn’t upset with them, just their dumb system The service on keeping track of your credit is perfectly fine. That’s what they should stick with, because banking isn’t their thing.
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5 years ago, imsupersteph
Beneficial and harmful
I love this idea but they do have “bugs” to work out. The recommendations and dates they provide are often just suggestions. They assume when things will post or change but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. If you use it, just monitor your score and DO NOTHING THROUGH THEM. In my personal experience, the one dispute I wanted to do on their site ended up disputing ALL of my accounts, which led to a HUGE nightmare because I was working with a mortgage lender. Unfortunately I was told a bit too late to avoid 3rd party credit services for anything of this nature. I emailed credit karma and received insults instead of help. I simply wanted them to be aware that their one click dispute led to serious and unnecessary issues and they should look into it but I was immediately blamed and told I must have made a mistake somewhere. I pointed out I’ve used the service approximately 20 days and per their guidelines you can only dispute 1 account, and I only had 1 negative, but now have 11 disputes I’m trying to remove. This now takes 2-3 months to clear up. So thanks credit karma for pro longing my mortgage and disputing all of my good standing accounts in my one click with insults and blame instead of getting to the bottom and helping.
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5 years ago, vevashes
Your on personal Financial counsel credit app.
WOW!!!!!! This app. Is AMAZING! This even help you file your your taxes, from your 🙃 phone REALLY! This is a great tool to have it also show when you’ve made errors they will also show you how to correct it before sending. The app. Shows you other expenses that you could use to file on your taxes that I’ve never seen nor heard of before...... My human tax person couldn’t have know. There’s something new that comes to the app all the keep you on top of things. To me, going thru all the screens that Credit Karma has to offer is like going thru a toy store.....It shows you all the different credit cards that is, can, and will be available to you by your credit score only. I went thru a bankruptcy, my credit score was low 600’s and now my credit score went from the 6’s to the 7’s 😎🕺🏽💃🏾. IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION’S THAT CREDIT KARMA, GIVE YOU, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR WAY TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS.. Now, I’m going to apply for this credit card I’ve always wanted..... Good luck Credit Karma family 👋🏼 😃 We are in it to win it.....👍🏼
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6 months ago, 1194kiki
Getting Approved
Credit Karma is looking good so far I opened the link to apply for a Capital One silver credit card, i got to the verification section of the application which had me verify my identification, had to grab my state ID. Phone locks and the Credit Karma app restarts my entire application. While unlocking my phone the Credit Karma app is still on screen but went out of the entire link to Capital One credit card application. So, I retype my information in from the beginning to end. After filling my application out not twice but four times the application failed said I was unapproved for the Capital One Silver card because of my attempts to do it. Is there any way that the app can fix this problem? If I am not on the app for more than 5 minutes my information or application process will not be saved? iPhones can lock n 25 seconds. Doing the application four times is cool but getting approved first time then denied 5 minutes later through the application as it’s restarting the entire application isn’t civil.
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