Wells Fargo Mobile

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Wells Fargo
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wells Fargo Mobile

4.85 out of 5
8.9M Ratings
3 months ago, AceOfBaseLoL
Has options that are unusable
Things like ‘report your card lost or stolen’ and ‘replace your card’ after nothing your app can actually do. They will give you an 800 number to call, where they then try to force you into using the sentence “my voice is my password please verify me”. Big mistake! Don’t do that I have in the past and it locks you out of your account plus anyone with a voice cab impersonate you easy enough to trick their kindergarten-level-security-system. Next, Good help you if it’s the weekend because they will make you talk to people for hope until they tell you claims department is closed on Saturdays and Sundays so ordering a new card, disputing a charge or unlocking you’re card won’t happen until Monday-Friday (regular business hours; probably closes at va 5pm, can’t recall). So don’t este your time, they are all good at pretending to help then after half an hour or more, tell. You thru can’t help. And they get all confused and offended if you breathe. I’m thinking about changing my bank but I’ve only had this account open for a week and I’m already having so many debit card issues. Last Thursday or Friday I disputed two .97 cent charges from Facebook and they said they’d have to shoot my entire card down which I had for several days, I see today a new charge went thru and I’m wondering why why the card supposedly was cancelled indefinitely last week! So these liars wasted my time in the phone and during this review!
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4 years ago, whitewolf361
Very Nice App, Minor Quirks
The Wells Fargo app is a very good one - you can nickname accounts (even ones from Greenhouse by Wells Fargo), send and request money via Zelle in-app, and add external accounts and initiate transfers from the app. The colors are nice and vibrant, and the iconic stage coach graphics are nice. There are some minor quirks, of course; certain options are given names instead of using the description (i.e. card lock/unlock is under “Control Tower”), so it can be a bit difficult to find certain options or features, at least when you haven’t used the app in a while. Some suggestions for the app - incorporating pictures of bank cards (debit and credit) within the app would be a neat visual; being able to rearrange your accounts within the app (like Chase and Capital One) would be awesome; and maybe some trivia in the app would be nice, including historical trivia about Wells Fargo bank, being one of the oldest banks around (US). When clicking/tapping on the last four digits of accounts numbers to see the whole thing, seeing the routing number would be awesome, so you know are what it is, and being able to copy it to the device’s “clipboard” would be awesome. And finally, being able to view product information would be really nice; ie. view information for checking/savings accounts, as well as credit cards & certificate accounts too. Hopefully some of these things could be implemented in the near future.
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2 years ago, 2a2o
Overall meh, still lacking useful features.
I’ve been a customer for several years now and have used their mobile nearly since opening my accounts. Yet their app has really only been good for basic functions such as checking balances or making simple deposits, withdrawals, or payments. The app itself has always lacked an intuitive interface. It’s always been confusing finding several functions, or straight up lacking, like searching for old transactions. It took them years for you to simply view your bank statements other than logging in on a desktop or even viewing your own account numbers or routing numbers. The biggest glaring, missing feature is a useful budgeting/spending tool. Recently a monthly spending report has been added, albeit within layers of unclear tabs and options. This spending report is pretty useless. I’m guessing it categorizes transactions based on the institution classification that the charge went to, and then shows an overall amount spent on that category. It doesn’t show you the transactions in question so you don’t know what you spent on which could help in managing your spending in the future. Bank of America has a great budget/spending tool that clearly shows what you’ve spent on and not just dumping everything into general categories. As a long time customer I would like to see something like this added. Pretty soon the lackluster services provided by Wells Fargo will soon outweigh the hassle of transferring accounts to another bank.
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5 years ago, Patti's 1# Fan!!👆🏻
The Patti Effect
I’m very app challenged, especially with the Wells Fargo app on my phone on how to do a bill pay. Patty has helped me on several different things including the bill pay and she made it as easy as tying your shoes. She has been “our” favorite banker for a very long time and I made sure my son went to her, my Pops is the one who said to try Wells Fargo and so now allot of our family go to Wells Fargo. I will be totally and completely honest, there have been some cashiers or bank tellers that were not even close to being as helpful or as welcoming as Patty has always been but she is so good she makes up for there short comings!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to have her in the little town we are in. She has taken a personal touch to some of the terrible things that I have gone through and made them A lot easier by giving advice or a easy tutorial in how to use the APP that I was glad I could even take pictures. I Sincerely from the bottom of my heart I thank her and Wells Fargo for helping my kinda of people!!! Andrew was another great guy! He helped my son when he was under age about how to go about this money that he was getting from an accident when he was 18. He definitely helped me as a single mom how to make sure he doesn’t blow it all and so forth. GREAT EMPLOYEES FOR BOTH!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING THAT TYPE OF BANK/ BUSINESS WHEN I NEEDED IT RHE MOST!
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5 years ago, Explorer-dora
Need to improve on the mobile check deposit
It is convenient to use it. I can do mobile deposit for my paycheck. But draw back is it is very easy to deposit the check to the wrong account since I have one business account and one personal account. Today I log in to my accounts and click on the Business Account, then press the check deposit, After I finished the deposit the screen went back to personal account then I realized the check went to the wrong account. I went through the operation one more time, then noticed the after press the check deposit button, the screen has a place that I need to select which account the check goes to, otherwise it will go to the default account of personal account. Tomorrow I will need to go to ATM or bank to do the deposit, that defeats the purpose of mobile deposits. The other drawback is the monthly limit for mobile check deposit too low. I have have paychecks once every two weeks, I have to deposit my second check to my other bank account due to the limit. The 3rd drawback is the account transactions. The withdraw and deposit amount not quite easily distinguishable. I wish the withdrawals can have negative sign at the front just like the deposit with positive sign.
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10 months ago, tekman2000
Finally found the BEST bank
I was at US Bank for MANY, many years up until a bit more then a year ago. I stayed with them for so long because of there name; total patriot here. Anyway, US Bank got slowly worse and worse, first there debit cards were poorly made which forced me to request a replacement at least four times in one year. Then US Bank locked me out of my account simply because I stayed for two days at a Holiday Inn just five miles from my address AND I was told rather forcefully that I had NO options to reduce or cancel the security fraud settings. Then there branch drive through ATM’s were falling apart making me find and travel to other branches. And other problems as well. I have had NO problems since moving to Wells Fargo… ATM’s are TOP of the Line, much better design. Branches are spotless and almost no lines 99 percent of the time. AND… tellers make a special effort to be EXTRA friendly. It means a LOT when employees are SUPER friendly. There app works flawlessly. I have NOT had ONE single problem since switching to Wells Fargo and I HIGHLY recommend Wells Fargo to everyone that uses banks for their financial transactions. (Smile)
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2 years ago, CChamberlain4444
Like the app with a couple exceptions….
The over all app is great….. It’s easy to use, gives lots of options immediately displayed so you don’t have to search for things, and it’s easy to switch between accounts (if you have multiple ones)….. However, the biggest issue and constant annoyance with this app is that every single time you log in it wants you to update your personal information. It doesn’t matter if you update this information or not as it always pops up asking you to update it again. This is very frustrating when needing to access the account quickly. Also you have to be sure you are constantly balancing your account because the app doesn’t update most debit swipes or things paid with your debit card over the weekends so all of the sudden after the weekend everything comes through at once. If you are not keeping track of every banking transaction then you may think you have more money than you actually do which then might end up overdrawing your account. Not sure if this is the same for online banking as I don’t use that but to me a bank should have things like this immediately listed as pending/posted in the transaction history and reflect on your overall availability right away. If they could fix these issues then this app would be one of the best banking apps out there.
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12 months ago, ToSailWithLuv
Good App so far…
Wells Fargo has been banking services to consumers since the 1800s so it’s no surprise to see them prevalent today in the banking industry. They have kept up with technology and utilized it in a very user friendly interface for its consumers. The online bill pay option is amazing and saves thousands of dollars each year alone, in shipping costs. It also allows users to transfer money through accounts and in using Zelle, for free! So, although they have excelled in their online presence for their customers, their chain stores/branches, have lacked the proper customer service since 2020. Which brings me to my next point. After the 2008 Crash, Wells Fargo Bank tried to recuperate itself and its constituents and associates to reinstitute itself as a leading lender, banker and financial distributor to the public. Unfortunately, the persoanl customer service in branch has depleted and is very hard to get an appointment to speak to any banker or even manager for that matter. It’s difficult to conduct proper business banking protocols without having that freedom to speak to a human being at any given time during working hours. I only give Wells Fargo 3 stars for this matter. Also, on the app, how about reminding customer to go paperless every other month or every month at least once instead of every-single-time- you log in? Very annoying.
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9 months ago, SunDevil86
Recent Changes Removed Functionality
I wish companies would consider not rolling out an update to their apps every month just to release an update. I can only imagine the cost of these pointless updates. The most recent one removed functionality for their Bill Pay feature. We used to be able to enter payment amounts for all our bills before confirming payment then issuing the “pay now” once for all the bills. The advantage of this was you could get a running total of all the bills you were paying and then note all the confirmation numbers for each bill at once, OR print the confirmation showing these bills all having been paid at once. Now you must pay and confirm each bill one at a time. Takes much longer. Also, the confirmation screen showing the confirmation number and date paid shows most of the pertinent information in teeny tiny print. Like 10x smaller than the amount paid. Huge amount of white space (and I’m on an iPad mini); no need to make the font so tiny. This was supposed to be a new and improved Wells Fargo app for the iPad, but it’s a bust as far as I can tell. Good news is these guys update their app every friggin month, so maybe someone will read this and make some “continuous improvements”. (PS, app feedback within your app would avoid a user having to resort to writing a public review in the App Store).
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3 months ago, Kimahely
Still Awful again.
Another update:: July 18, 2024 repeatedly I am getting error messages, That is Wells Fargo‘s fault on my iPad. It doesn’t happen very often on my Samsung phone. But sometimes I need to get on the full site on my iPad. Your updates are useless. I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t think you guys know either. Wells Fargo there are other banks I don’t have problems with Provident Bank, Bank of America, or TD. Update 3/9 : STILL AWFUL!! Every time you update the app I have trouble. I don’t know what happened to this app? I have problems slowness app loading.I I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice . I am on an older Apple iPad and even on my new Apple ipad has problems. I have no problems with any other sites including my other bank accounts . If this continues I’m going to take all my accounts at Wells Fargo and move it to a bank that has a website that works for me. God forbid you try to use the brokerage site to get any money out. Update November 17, 2023. I still keep on getting error signs telling me it’s Wells Fargo fault not mine that I can’t login to my account while this doesn’t happen every day. It’s really annoying when it does I don’t want to have to wait to get on my account. I do not have a problem with other banking just with Wells Fargo. Why don’t you try fixing it so I can use my iPad to access my account?
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2 years ago, lucy loves this game
Just wrote a huge check and thought it was OK because I would be getting two more checks this afternoon of course the app is down and I can’t make a deposit so I tried to make let SOMEONE with online banking know about the problems with the app. After trying several times to authenticate my voice as my password the stupid phone system didn’t recognize my voice and finally let me move on only to tell me no one’s available and let me know that they’re going to disconnect the call. Please, please Wells Fargo, do better!! If anyone with Wells Fargo actually reads these reviews, which I highly doubt, please hire more people. When I’m having a problem with your app and call your online banking number, I do not want to be stuck in a merry go round of you trying to get me to record a voice authentication I want help with my problem. I want a representative. I want to live human to let you know there is a problem with your app!! Whoever had the idiotic idea to interrupt every single caller with a demand that they record their voice should be FIRED!!! People call you for help. Not to enroll in voice verification.
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1 year ago, Graphixx Girl
Closing Account
After 8 yrs of membership, I’m closing my acct. Any transaction I’ve ever made with or through Wells Fargo has been debit, not credit, with my own funds I deposit into the bank. During the holidays last yr, I made a quick, impulse transaction but well needed in that moment, with a service provider. I quickly cancelled the transaction with Wells shortly after & did not use the service I purchased. After explaining the situation to the bank, My account was credited that amount back. But months later, I was told I owed Wells the money back. My acct went into the negatives until I submitted proof that I actually didn’t use the service. After I emailed the documents, the claims rep confirmed & promised me that the claim was settled & complete for the final time. That was wrong information bc I received yet another letter informing me the credit I was given would be deducted from my acct. Bc of the miscommunication, lies, & sketchy-ness, I am closing the acct. the charge back the merchant received was bc I didn’t use their service, and the money Wells “paid” them came from my acct as a debit, not credit, so I’m not sure why this bank thinks I owe them or anyone else anything. UPDATE: I’m currently battling them to reverse this claim but they’re not budging & neither am I. So I asked can they clear the balance based on their involvement & gain in slavery of my ancestors. Looking forward to that call back.
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2 years ago, Paul Lisker
Leaving this bank
I have had my ups and downs with Wells Fargo over the many years I have banked there but this is the last straw. What a horrible bank with even more horrible employees. Okay I think that my most recent experience was no one’s fault but they messed things up so poorly that I cannot keep my money there any longer. I needed a new debit card and so I ordered it and now it’s been way over the amount of time and I still have no card. They don’t give temporary cards anymore. And I am in the process of selling my house and getting a new house. The fact that I can’t pay my appraisal has slowed down the process to the point where I am about to be homeless. And what is amazing is that they put me in this position and they couldn’t care less. I ordered the new card and that was supposed to have been mailed out nearly 2 weeks ago. Still don’t have it. I could pay the appraisal if they were able to provide the payment information but no that’s asking too much. They don’t even act like they care and I am certain they don’t. The appraisal can only be paid with Visa and my only Visa is lost in transit. But WF doesn’t care.
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4 years ago, Greg Bell
The app takes time getting use the layout.
The Wells Fargo App works really well from a first time users standpoint. I use to be very much against doing banking online and having my account numbers on the web. I set up my account in the branch closes to my home and the banker who set up my account also helped me set up my online sign-in and how to download the app. She did a wonderful job explaining everything about my online and in store experiences and very much to my satisfaction. She was excellent. Every time I come into that location I am greeted by my first name and helped very courteous. The online app is very much the same way. Once I learned where certain information was on the homepage it was a breeze to navigate and accomplish my banking goals. I am not a super tech savvy person and I found this app to be very easy to learn. If I ever have questions I go into my local branch or call the 24/7 number and I am helped almost immediately. I enjoy the personal touch that Wells Fargo offers me. In a world dominated by computers and automation it’s nice to see a smile and hear a non-computer generated voice on the other end of the line. Thank you Wells Fargo. You made me a lifelong customer.
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2 years ago, Roadjockey
Why change it if its not broken !!
for the life of me I just don’t understand why developers change apps ?? Instead of asking the people that have the assets deposited in your bank, what they think you just think that your way is the better way and unfortunately I being a customer and having my assets in your bank do not like the new look changes. while the app has cleaned itself up it also removed vital key components that really don’t make any sense to why they were removed. what I hate the most about this app is that there is no way to view how much you have spent in one day but if I go online with a computer I can see what I spent that day using my debit card but on the mobile app you can’t see that and that is just dumb there is no reason why that had to be removed it just doesn’t make sense !! My other problem is that when it’s 1 o’clock in the morning and I’m laying in bed and I’m doing my banking I’m blinded by the screen because this app still don’t have a dark mode on it can we get with the times it’s 2022 not 2009, Again don't listen to your users we’ve only been asking for a dark mode for years 🙄 stop making changes and removing useful information and listen to the people that make you money !!!
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2 years ago, POOHANMG
I went to a Wells Fargo in Charlottesville, VA to open up an account for my 16 year old son and was denied. My son had a valid unexpired state ID, a copy of his social and birth certificate. I had my license and my retired military ID. She was able to see that my mortgage was there, I have a checking account there, and both my sons have had accounts previously. She told me that she could not open his account without a school ID. She stated that this was company policy. I called Wells Fargo to complain and was told it is at the discretion of the manager. So not only did she discriminate against me, but she also lied. I put in a complaint to Wells Fargo. They have yet to reach out to me. This occurred almost a month ago if not longer. If the VA would let me do a refinance, I would refinance my black behind right out of your company and gladly incur the fees. If you don’t like my brown skin then you don’t like my money. Wells Fargo should be so ashamed that they nurture a racist culture. It starts from the top. My son’s ID was at home but I shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place. If I could give negative million stars I would. I opened an account with Truist bank.
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6 years ago, A. Wright0120
Wells Fargo Mobile App
The Wells Fargo Mobile App is very Convenient & Easy to Use!!! I like being able to check my account balance at anytime and anywhere I go. I also like being able to send money through “Zelle” into my mother’s account without the added hassle of going to the bank and withdrawing the cash to pay my portion of monthly bills. My only dislike of the Mobile App is the fact that sometimes the available balance shown on the account is not always accurate. Due to the fact of ATM fee charges on withdrawals being taken sometime after the transaction instead of when the transaction is posted & done. I have had to keep an extra written balance on my account to make sure that I don’t overdraft my account and even then I have had to go back and deposit money to keep my account balanced. The email alerts are super helpful as well. I get alerts for any activity is done on my account and when my account reaches or drops below zero balance enabling me to be aware of any fraudulent use of my account or overdrafts. Overall I think it’s a great way to keep track of my banking!!! Definitely satisfied with the mobile banking app.
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5 years ago, Myassits4u
Poor communication
I have a small business. I rely on this account. Yesterday I was inconvenienced and embarrassed, I attempted several times to login and also call it was very upsetting to hear a recording that states no one can help you and simply hangs up on you. Thankfully I had cash and was able to make my purchases to continue on with my busy day. As a member of Wells Fargo for many years I am sad to say time to go I will withdraw all of my money from four of my accounts and go elsewhere, this has been a very very bad experience for me, I’ve traveled out of the country. had I been on a vacation and needed to transfer money into a special account for business or pleasure, I would not of been able to online or phone. terrible terrible service I understand that things happen. When you can’t get through to anyone for assistance it is very upsetting shame on you Wells Fargo this is to all the higher-ups you know who I’m talking about you know who you are. The news reported that the problem was fixed that is a lie I am still not able to log into my account it is already 845 in the morning on a Friday this is ridiculous
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6 years ago, Suzsuz1000
Best Banking App Ever
l've been a Wells Fargo customer for 30+ years. Wells Fargo pioneered & perfected online banking. Banking & bill paying used to be time consuming & tedious chores. Now all my banking can be performed instantly at any hour of the day on my phone. The app is reliable, responsive & very intuitive. And they are always making it easier to use & more functional. If you are not enjoying a similar experience, I suggest that you use another device or change your ISP. I still love using this banking app! It saves me so much time & energy that I used to spend paying bills and balancing my checkbook. I rarely have to visit the branch to conduct business. What I love the most is how responsive the app is at all times. Unlike so many other apps, there is never a delay to login or log off. That is incredible considering how many customers are sharing the system at any one time. From the outset, Wells Fargo recognized the importance of online banking and dedicated the resources necessary to stay at the forefront of this technology. It’s the reason I still bank here despite the negative press they have generated.
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3 months ago, Littlevinny1
Transactions Delayed Appearance and Lack of Auto-Pay Communication
Love their credit card, but the app can be annoying to deal with at times. While I love that payments made to the credit card are applied and deducted from balance immediately, transactions made using the card are not as quick to appear. I will get a notification a charge was made, but it can often take days for it to appear on my recent transactions list (other cards show it as pending immediately). While the app does have an Auto-Pay feature, it does not allow you to customize when the auto payment can be made. It forces the payment to be made on the exact day payment is due which makes me nervous. It also does not give you an email or notification saying the payment is set and will be taking place. I ended up manually entering a payment because it didn’t tell me the payment was deducted until the day after the due date, so I ended up double-paying my balance. I didn’t want to take the chance of a missed payment dinging my credit score, but this was very frustrating. I know I probably have nothing to worry about, but I don’t like to take chances with stuff like this.
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3 years ago, Tha law
Terrible App and Service
Can somebody please explain to me WHY the app asks me to verify my contact information EVERY SINGLE TIME I log onto the app?? Wells Fargo already has my cell number, why does the app annoy me with this nonsense EVERY time I access the app?? It’s so overbearing and unnecessary. My cell numbers isn’t changing from day to day. Next, Wells Fargo and this app have a terrible feature: you can only make five payments from a non-Wells Fargo account per month, and this is the only credit card complaint or bank that I know of that turns down opportunities to receive payments (and get a ton of money) in some weird attempt to pressure or coerce me into getting a Wells Fargo checking account so that I can……pay my credit card balance. Lastly, although my card has a cashback rewards program, the app only lets me access my rewards balance in increments of $25, an unintuitive, borderline dishonest practice. This clearly is an attempt by Wells Fargo to get out of paying people their full cashback rewards amount. Every other credit card company I have ever been with has let me redeem ALL my cashback rewards at once. With Wells Fargo, I get to redeem my balance in $25 increments or I can use the entire amount on some gift cards or some other scam-like practice. Wells Fargo is a terrible company and the app is just as bad.
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3 years ago, Rtkean
Poor Search functionality
On my Mobile I-phone7+ the search magnifying symbol disappears when the phone is turned to landscape. Wasting a lot of time because in order to read all the information on the statements you need to be in landscape. Furthermore while I was searching for a transaction, Which is the most used functionality needed on the mobile phone, The search function did not allow me to broaden my search for a date. I had to know the exact date I was looking for in the transaction. For example if I needed something in May, I couldn’t find something in just May. If I put it in something with only the dollar amount the App could not find it and there is no way to narrow the search down. This is more is more important than can be first imagined because the main use of the app on the iPhone as for functionality such as this: finding a specific transaction. In summary: I could not find the transaction I was looking for using only the date; nor could I find it using just only the month & year; nor can I key in only specific words in the description and find what I need.
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5 years ago, Monstersinhouse
WARNING! If you ever upgrade your phone you will locked out of your accts. They will send you in circles. Tell you that you have to go to an office so they verify your id and then the office will not know anything about updating ID. then they will blame your phone company and then they say all you have to do is go to Atm with debit card and then your acct will work. 10 hours later I am told after doing the 100 step process that I will be locked out of my accts for up to 5 days. Bye bye wellsfargo! My money is coming out of your accts. And you will never have my business again UPDATE: I HAVE BEEN LOCKED OUT OF MY ACCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS USELESS. NOW I HAVE TO DRIVE 30 miles out of my way tomorrow to CLOSE THESE ACCTS!!!! So you will get your identification requirements when I get there and then you give me my money so I can take it to another bank. If you forget your password then you go through 3000 steps and none of them work and you get locked out. I know user name and password but this app locks you olanyway. Only had this acct for a few months and I have had this issue at least 10 times now. I am tired of being locked out of my accts.
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5 months ago, Bingersol
Nerdly bug if two accounts
Problem for years and despite reimagining WF hasn’t fixed it. Too hard to easily see which of two or more accounts is “up”. Have to set default account. Fine. I log in to deposit check in other account— two different nonprofits I’m treasurer for. Ok now in correct account. Hit Deposit button and I’m focused on check pix and amount etc. but the app has SWITCHED BACK TO OTHER ACCOUNT! I almost always catch it but not yesterday. Even with endorsement stamp For Deposit ONLY in 2nd account the app credits wrong account. And help won’t do anything. Too bad sucker. Yes I made mistake but more importantly the app defeats common expectations because nerds never had two or more accounts and probably all use Apple pay anyway. I now have to pay from wrong account to right one and account for that to two boards of directors. Btw I can’t directly transfer money between accounts! Because they are separate but violating this fundamental banking rule I can deposit in wrong account notwithstanding restricted endorsement stamp. It is also impossible to find anyone in vast WF bureaucracy who will discuss the problem.
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5 years ago, SHOOK 😩😤😤
The app is user friendly and a pretty good app in general. But, it could be better. I would like to see an update where I am able to see transaction history that is updated immediately once a transaction occurs. When I was with a credit union I was able to do that with their app. Though we are already able to get some of that info via text, I would like to have an option to view that on the WellsFargo app. So for example, let’s say I spent $20 at a movie theater. I would like to go on the app and have the option of viewing that purchase; how much I spent, when, and where. With the credit union I was able to do all of that by going to my available balance and from there I was able to see my account details where I would find my recent transaction history. Emphasis on details. So far with the WellsFargo app I get some of that info via text only, but it is not detailed at all, which is okay because it’s text. I just get a text weeks after a transaction(s) telling me I spent X amount of money. When it’s multiple transactions I am told I spent “a total amount of X”. I don’t appreciate the lack of details. Having that option on the WellsFargo app would change my rating to 5 stars.
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3 months ago, AmyDrinkie
Mobile Deposit can’t read checks!!
I’m currently on my second call with Wells Fargo tech support regarding this app’s inability to read our check endorsement stamp and check amounts. Today I tried to deposit 5 checks via mobile deposit - 2 checks were deposited without issue, 2 checks were kicked back because the app couldn’t read the endorsement stamp (same stamp as the accepted checks), and one because my keyed in amount didn’t match the check (which was wrong, the amounts matched). There is no consistency in the error messages generated in this app and tech support is unable to diagnose the problem. They have blamed the ISP, the color of the countertop underneath the check being scanned, the fluorescent lighting in the office, the amount of white space around the bank routing and account numbers on the check stock, the font size on the check stock - everything other than their own app development abilities. I literally just asked if my ticket could be escalated to the development team for resolution since this was the 2nd time I’ve called about this issue and was told “no” and that I needed to go to the branch to deposit the checks - which wouldn’t be a big deal if the branch had enough staff to support their customer base in the first place. That’s why we’re using the app!
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3 years ago, Cuong195609
Wells Fargo website user interface feedback
I was a wells Fargo customer for many years. I love the classical Wells Fargo website. The early version of your website was very well visual to interact with user. The web was very easy to navigate and very user friendly. It didn't take long for user to learn your website and easy to remember all features which are necessary for user to identify all offered features which give user all complete banking features Your new website is not as user friendly and easy to visualize all web banking features. And your website have to illustrate the lion in the banking industry. Your biggest competition is BOA they also fall in to the problems of losing their image in the American mind as the classical big 500 fortunes. They was the pioneer in the charge card the BOA charged card was an American status of meddle class American. With college degrees and dual income families which make American the leading country in highest standards of living and the only country with the goal of improve the global human standards of leaving Regards
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2 years ago, 1jnsc
Lost functionality
I used to love this app, but it has lost functionality that was a great help to me. For example, there is no longer a way to press and select text to copy it. I used to be able to manually process repeat Zelle payments very easily but now it’s frustrating. When I send Zelle payments, I make a memo on certain ones that has a format. I copy the memo from the previous payment, edit certain details, like the invoice number, and then send the payment. This is important for my record keeping. I can’t do that at all in the WF app anymore. First, I can’t select text to copy the memo from the previous Zelle payment. Second, if I do copy text from somewhere else and put it in the memo field, I can’t edit selected characters in the field. The memo field deletes characters from the end of the character string every time. I would love to see this corrected to the functionality this app used to have. I will not use other apps to connect to this bank, because of security.
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10 months ago, Well Fargo Victim
Worst Bank Ever
Worst bank ever. In recent years I got over draft fee several times because of insufficient funds. I am okay with that because it was mistake. However, Wells Fargo do not accept its mistakes. I tried to receive Money with Zelle. Zelle took the money however I couldn’t see money on my Wells Fargo account. Then I called well Fargo and they said due to system maintenance you will take the money after tomorrow. I can’t use my money due to WF and WF doesn’t pay anything. After this call I filled a complaint form and I told “please” send me a information email before system maintenance because every company do that. They said “okay”. Today I had same problem. Is Wells Fargo doing system maintenance every week ? Well Fargo is a kind of bank that holds your money with no reason. Hey Wells Fargo when I do that you gave me overdraft fee, so, is there any fee for you for holding my money. No. Is there any improvement, no. Worst bank ever I will close my WF account soon. I can’t believe myself for using Wells Fargo for 4 years. Do not use wells Fargo unless you have to. Because there are many banks which has better customer services. WF has many customers, so, they don’t care about you. They charge you all the time with stupid fees. Not: I called customer service and they hung up on me.
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7 years ago, Princemershian
Running Balance from previous month
This is app is not honest! I always pay my bills in full every month and this is the first time I let there be a minimum balance to flow through the next billing cycle. I just got off the phone with a Wells Fargo Banker and she agreed that this is not right. She told me to be aware because you would have to shuffle through to find out yourself if there is a previous balance that can’t be paid in full until two billing cycles when it shows on the statement. WELLS FARGO NEEDS TO INCLUDE A CONSTANT RUNNING BALANCE THAT SHOWS THE COMPLETE TOTAL OF EVER CENT. They confuse you by putting “out standing balance” making you think that it shows everything that is owed. Don’t be fooled, there is an “running balance” (I know I’m not teaching anything new, but In only regards to this app) that is hidden that if not paid get charged interest!!!!! Anything to make a penny. I’m frustrated and I Hope Wells Fargo adds this as a feature that whatever balance or purchase (excludes pending transactions)should be part of a running balance. That when it’s time to pay off the credit card in FULL and the options it gives on the amounts to pay off that one of the options is to TRUELY PAY IT OFF IN FULL and not Gove you a balance of thinking your paying it off but leaves a surprising balance on the next statement.
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1 year ago, techsavvy93
Mobile deposit
DO NOT do mobile deposit through this app!! I deposited an emergency check I NEEDED for today. To my disappointment, it got out on hold. Called Wells Fargo customer support who told me to reach out to the issuer of the check. Issuer said there were no problems on their end. Told me to call WF to have them call them to verify. 2nd time I called rep told me they would not call and it’ll still be on hold for 9 days!!! My boyfriend walked to a bank branch and was told if I deposited the check in person, this wouldn’t have happened. Told me to call customer support to have them remove the pending check to start over. Called and they told me they can’t do anything. No one seems to know what they’re talking about and awful customer support with pushing it off to someone else. I was told this is done by a computer system and not a real person. This is why we don’t trust tech. I’d rather have a real human handling my money. He stated when it did a soft pull, it had an error and tgg by ants why there’s a hold. I’m out $1800 I needed for an emergency and they will not help. Why promote mobile deposit and how easy it is when this is what happens? Stay far away if you want YOUR money right away. Absolute garbage and I’ve lost so much respect for the employees
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12 months ago, kinetickutz
Pretty ok
Been with WF for over 20 years. They gave me my first real line of credit. They helped me get through a couple rough patches with very generous 18 month, zero interest balance transfers. Only complaints are once I overdrew like $3 for 10-12 hours, “my first n only offense” and the one mean lady would not clear the charge even after I threatened to cancel my accounts. She didn’t care at all. Unfortunately I needed the account and I reopened it a few days later. Also I paid interest once on just one month, the final month, on a balance transfer promotion. I could have paid it off in full with no interest but I really appreciated them providing the transfer and wanted to give them some profit on the loan. I thought they would want me to pay some interest but instead they lowered my available credit limit by about $10k-$12k. I was shocked!! Lesson learned. Lastly they could give a little more then $.0125 % interest on my savings account. But my accounts are free, my checks are free and I now have an 800 credit score w/ over $100k in available credit.
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2 years ago, Runner1983
Prefer Old App
The new app is bland in color, which makes it difficult to distinguish one account from another. I also had my bill pay set up for two different checking accounts and they were grouped. Now it is in alphabetical order and does not show which bank account should be used for payment. I don’t remember my bills by account number and you don’t see the default bank account until you choose a bill and go to the second screen. Overall, I really dislike the lack of color. To me, I thought the old version was excellent. Additional info after previous review. The top part of my review is for the iPhone and I hate almost everything with the new app. My iPad hadn’t been charged since last week, so the app never updated. When the iPad updated the app today, it is totally different than the iPhone version. The iPad looks identical to the previous app, which is a good thing. It appears that nothing has changed with the iPad version. So now, the iPhone and iPad look totally different which is a new problem. For ease of use, they should look the same and have the same functionality. The only difference should be the sizing. As I said, it used to be an excellent app, not any more!
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2 years ago, Kcampise
Terrible app and worse updates
This app was good, got worse as I have been a customer. The photo scanning software is horrible in this app! I am unable to scan my checks to mobile deposit them into my bank account each and every time they update the app. It takes several weeks into an update until they fix the quirks and even then many of my checks will not go in. I have banked with other banks such as M&T BANK, Chase Bank and other local banks in my community prior to working with Wells Fargo. This is the only bank that I have ever had a problem depositing a check through the app and this is since the dawn of the age of technology! That is saying a lot since I am 55 at this point and have been using mobile deposit for at least 20 years now. Also, when you have several accounts, the new app looks horrible. Your account or not right that way you want them. I like the old app the way it was. Don’t give me updates unless they are going to help me. All of these idiots thinking that they are making something better for the customers that aren’t asking for updates! Stop timer people to make things look better price is better instead! Give us more interest in our accounts!
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3 years ago, Lancelot du Lac 11/8
Unbelievable for a phone app!!!
Seriously, my computer was down for 2 months and my faithful multi-function HP printer had no more updates left. It stopped printing after 6 years. Planned obsolescence! Anyway I digress, I was left with my trusty iPhone 10XR. I panicked! My main concern was my bills, I had downloaded the Wells Fargo app but had never used it. I was handling texts, emails, on Safari, and on my Google side. The bills on my App were there along with Zelle which I use once a month and Wells Fargo kept me abreast of my balance regularly like it usually does on the computer. The month came and went and all my bills were auto paid on time and I paid the rest of my bills early! Not only did I do all my banking mobile I didn’t even come close to using all the tools available. Anyone who wants more is spoiled rotten. They will add more as the need and safety allows. Living entirely with my phone for 2 months including all my banking is mind melting. Congratulations Wells Fargo and thank you!!! Jeff S.
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3 years ago, gbrandtb
Some things don’t make sense, quirky
Every so often the ap won’t close on my iPad and the “circle of death” is the only thing I get when I open the ap. This until I reboot my iPad Pro. Also, before having the option to deposit a check I need to open an account. But the default to deposit is not the account I have opened. If i have to open an account before the option of deposit checks comes up then I should be depositing to that account unless I choose otherwise. If it is not going to be to the open account then have “deposit checks” be an option from the main screen before choosing and account. Also, the ap does not allow me to separate my account between personal and business on different services. So if a mistake on a deposit or transfer occurs it is not just in the wrong account but in the wrong legal entity. Mistakes between personal and corporate accounts can put me in legal jeopardy for mixing funds between the two. This could be avoided with separate logins, which isn’t allowed, or minimized by having deposits made to the open account.
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2 years ago, Musicologist PHD
It’s alright
The app itself is good and fulfills most mobile banking needs without a problem. I have been using it, I haven’t encountered any big issues. The app is stable, which is good. The issue for me comes in a minor but majorly annoying form in the UI update. Previous versions of the Wells Fargo apps (Web, IPad and iOS) had an account summary tab on the landing page after login. This row basically provided a total amount of all your accounts telling you how much money you have. If you wanted to get detailed, you can dive deeper in the individual accounts but this was a good “eagle-eye” view of all your assets. Very basic but very useful, especially if you, like me, have 5+ accounts with movement on weekly basis. The account summary allowed you to quickly glance and know the entire amount you had in the bank. After updating the iOS version, for some reason, this was removed without a trace. You can see your individual accounts like normal but no total account summary at the top. Every other banking app, chase, boa, citi all have this feature on iOS but Why Wells Fargo decide to remove it, I don’t know. Thankfully, it’s still there on the iPad and Web version, you can log in an click the grey customize button with the little gear and turn it on. But it’s still sorely needed in the IOS version and this simplified new UI shouldn’t have removed it. Please bring this feature back on iOS and please do not remove it on the other platforms.
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5 years ago, chbs0987654321
Wells Fargo Bank is number 1!
Prior to using Wells Fargo Bank I used a different local bank. I wasn’t happy with their disregard for the customers. There was no personal connection between the bank reps and myself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt this way. My son told me to go to Wells Fargo. He’s been with them for three years and he’s got no complaints; not one. So here I am. I sat at a desk of a very helpful gentleman whom took me through the steps of opening a checking account and setting up my personal debit card. That wasn’t all he did for me. We went over all my finances and he gave me suggestions for improving them. I have to say he was very thorough!! I didn’t think there was anything else to learn but he showed me differently. My finances are in the best shape they’ve ever been in and I owe it to the gentleman that sat patiently with me and taught me something new. Wells Fargo treated me like a person, not a number; and they know my name. The rep was very patient, courteous, respectful, and genuinely cared about me and my situation. Thank you Wells Fargo!!!
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1 year ago, squished the dang fish😄
Best Bank
Don’t know where to begin. I started with Wells Fargo when I came to South Florida first. Moved up to Panama City. Was born in Miami. So in some strange way I came full circle! I came 9 months after Michael and drove around just crying, although I had seen videos beforehand! My daughter moved to Greenville NC 6 months before I moved here. I was done taking care of all my loved ones. Done with chopping ice, shoveling snow, chopping ice off windshields etc… With all that’s going on there now I am grateful to be here! One day I will get a better job with better pay and better benefits. When that happens I will move to Greenville NC to be near my daughter! We need each other as we are the only ones who know what we have lost. All our loved ones! When the time is right God will let us know in our hearts! I know there are Wells Fargo’s in NC and that’s where I’ll do my banking! Kudos to all of you! Especially to Pete! Keep up the good work! Thank you, continue to stay safe and be Blessed! A very thankful Jeanie Irvin
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6 years ago, Tarrant Mineral Title
Tarrant Mineral Title
WF app kept saying I had to update my app. I’m okay w that. They didn’t offer me an update though w my iPhone App Store. I tried many times. Then I called customer service... the first person said to update your IOS, which I needed to do - that didn’t work. The 2nd person said to just reset your phone, & it had personally happened to him - that didn’t work. I thought it was a problem w my phone then the app suddenly offered me the update after walking through these hoops for 2 hours. Nothing changed even after I reset my phone. It just randomly let me update. Wells - why didn’t you offer me the update originally? Why did your customer service send me through these rabbit holes? I actually love Wells Fargo after switching to you after being w Bank of America for 15 years, but this experience this morning was ridiculous. This was my business account, I had to make a payment. I hope it was just a glitch bc I do a lot of banking on my app & Im not going through this again.
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2 years ago, MikiMilano
Latest version of the app
I got so many messages from Wells Fargo that they’ve “reimagined the app” and it’s a new refined experience. Really? That’s total empty marketing bull. The app is the same, but they have changed the login screen. Also, I keep getting a really annoying bug in which when I reopen the app, it goes to a screen that says “we are sorry but the Wells Fargo app is temporarily unavailable” and gives me an 800 number to call. When that happens, I have to just click again on the red logon button, and then it works. Just über annoying to have to deal with extra steps and errors / bugs. So bad that everyday I’m checking the App Store for an update… but the developer hasn’t released one. From a graphic design POV, the Wells Fargo app is wasting so much of the useful on-screen real estate, that if a user has multiple accounts (as I do), they have to scroll a lot to view all the info. Why can’t you provide your user an option for an expanded view, and a compressed view (reducing the vertical margins between the accounts, compressing a little the screen vertically). It doesn’t have to be such a mess. Please hire a graphic design specialist on staff, it is totally worth the $120k per year salary.
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2 years ago, mallarue27
What’s all the fuss?
I’m starting to think people don’t have minds of their own. Im looking through recent reviews, and it’s like everybody is complaining about the same thing. To see deposits you simply click your transactions history and you should see deposits there. Also people need to understand that this update was a huge overhaul, and WF technical team will work the bugs out eventually, we just have to be patient. Instead of leaving bad reviews, send feedback in to the dev team. People love to jump on a bandwagon of hate. I love the UI update. Modern, sleek, easy to use. My only request is for more features. I see the preview your balance without logging in feature has been taken away, that was one of my favorite features. Also some type of widget app to see recent transactions our to see your balance would be nice. The last thing is an APPLE WATCH app to check balance on Apple Watch. Other then that it’s fine, and I know it will get better over time. Thanks WF -Customer since 2014
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2 years ago, roguedux
Bad optics…harder to read
This just doesn't look good, its difficult to read with a dark gray font on a white background. The old app was much easier to read as each entry was separated from the next entry. This is outright horrible! Update: I still cannot stand this new look. I don’t get enough info on transactions without advancing to a second screen which is ridiculous. In addition, the new format doesn’t show enough transactions which means it requires additional effort and screen swipes when I’m looking for something. In order to confirm, I need to first click on the transaction to verify this is what I’m looking for. This means I need to use my Mac where I can verify the entire transaction (and multiple others) from a single screen. Stupid, requires more effort, poorly thought out, slower to use, and the worst part is somebody at Wells Fargo actually approved this. Bad move. If I could give it less than one star I would. But I can’t. ONE STAR.
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1 year ago, Gouuch32
This is the worst and credit card account I have ever had
First of all when they tell you that there’s zero interest in transfers they actually charge you a $250 fee. On top of that if you have a bank through account not through them!! they will not except automatic payments. They actually tell you that they will and then they will charge your bank three times, for a total of 4 cents. then they say that you have to go back into the app. and except it. I have done, all of which they asked me to do to do an automatic payment. I have called them five times to help me out. They even told me to go to the Wells Fargo bank and the Wells Fargo bank says they have nothing to do with automatic payments for a credit card to help me out. I have had nothing but trouble and still cannot make an automatic payment. they told me unless I have a Wells Fargo bank account. They cannot help me with an automatic payment. Therefore, they can not help you in any which way unless you have a Wells Fargo bank account with them. May I also add I have had several credit cards through different banks, and I have never had such a huge problem in my whole entire life. I wish I can give them no stars.
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2 years ago, Zoelizzie2
Wells Fargo App Good not Great
We have savings, checking and investment accounts with WFB & WFA. Overall the app is easy to sign on with face recognition and somewhat easy to navigate. Depositing mobile checks are a breeze. Seeing and being able to name all your accounts helps them to stand out for easy identification. Couple things, I cannot understand why WFB does this in the app feature. Once you open after face recognition login in it constantly forces you to verify your information I just skip over since it’s been verified and updated numerous times! Why WFB forces you to verify your information every single login is crazy making just another click to navigate! Secondly, when utilizing WFA investment page it does not take you back to the previous page you landed on, you have to navigate back and go back into the home landing page for investments accounts, this could really be improved for reducing clicks and back buttons. WFB please simplify this. Otherwise generally speaking it’s a good app just not great!
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2 years ago, mmdrys
The worst app update June 2022
I have used the Bank of America online banking for years. This update has got to be the worst ever. Whoever designed this should be fired!!! It is confusing for older people or people with mental problems or cognitive problems. I can’t seem to find things easily there is no balance to the new format. It is not user-friendly. I hate the new format. It is all white and light gray it is hard to understand. I have already made some major mistakes. I hope that they change this format quickly because from what I understand people are calling in complaining about it. This is a huge design error. This is not user-friendly. An application is not supposed to be a website based on design but an app based on being user-friendly and easy to understand. Things should be all on the first page that you can get to. Please please please get rid of this format quickly the last one was much much better.
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5 years ago, Newbiesf
Bad design
Well, not bad design but not optimal design either, from a user interface perspective. The first problem is that the SAVE appears below the fold, at least on my screen, so I sat perplexed for several minutes before swiping up. Why apps and Web pages don’t have “Proceed” or “Next” clearly visible has always baffled me. The second problem is that the history of the payee in Zelle is not immediately apparent. Sometimes I can’t recall the exact amount of a recurring payment. Having access to what I paid last month and the month before, etc. would be useful. Which brings me to my biggest beef, not with the app but with WF at large. How come there’s no link to “Make this a recurring payment on the __ of each month” sort of thing? My payee wants her money promptly, perfectly appropriately, so having the online autopay feature on the Web site in which something is sent by snail mail is not an option. I know other large banks have the recurring payment feature as part of their Zelle. Why not WF? One would think that WF would be bending over backwards to maintain customer satisfaction, given its troubled past.
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5 years ago, FergieKelly
The send money feature is excellent. I will not be staying with Wells Fargo.
Due to the bank not allowing my deposited funds (in the amount of $2,300) to be made available due to “having overdrawn my account in the past six months,” and being in Europe when I received this information, I will be closing my account once I return to the US and will switch banks. This is unconscionable. I am entirely unhappy with the banks punitive action and had no forewarning that this could happen. I believe it to be a terrible business practice, and I had no idea that this could even happen. The check was deposited on the 15th of June and I later received a message that the funds would not be available to me until June 26th. Again, I was out of the country when this information was made available to me. I will not continue to place trust in Wells Fargo. I would imagine that after the unethical business practices the bank is trying to recover from, they would not pull something like this.
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2 weeks ago, Maggie Verver
Has become cumbersome and difficult to use
It used to be straight forward to log on and use the deposit feature but now it takes forever to make a simple deposit. Suddenly, the choice to use a thumbprint is gone. After choosing the account for my deposit, I used to be able to take a photo of the front of the check, then the back of the check, touch “deposit” and all was done - quickly and efficiently. Now, after taking the photo of the front of the check the site kept bouncing back to ask me which account I want to be the default - over and over and OVER. Eventually, after I tried to figure out how to get back to be able to take a photo of the back of the check, I did get back, but I have no idea how. After taking a photo of the back, I had to go through the same nonsense and eventually made it to the screen where I could tap “Deposit” and FINALLY complete the transaction. I understand the need for security, but that’s not what’s going on here. Instead of improving the service you have created a high level of disfunction and confusion. If it’s a bug in the new system, FIX IT! If it’s not a bugI can only ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!
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2 years ago, Rose3448
I’m dittoing “Very Nice App, Minor Quirks” by whitewolf361
I ditto most everything he said in his review that would apply to all the things I use or have tried to use on your WF Mobile App, especially labeling certain tasks & where to find them in simpler terms & when finally finding what I was looking for, again hitting a block wall which I can’t recall exactly right off the top of my Covid brain right now, just released a few days ago from Hospital, however I wanted to weigh in on the above review & totally agree with his concerns & need for the Minor Quirks he mentioned which seeing that it was from 1 year ago, some of these issues may be resolved but the one navigation one still needs better labeling & directions on just which tab to click on to get to where I need to go. Other than these Minor Quirk adjustments & this being said I also totally agree with him in giving your App a 5 Star rating & ease of using in General & more‼️🌹👍🏻
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