Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest

4.8 (5.6M)
374.7 MB
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Current version
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest

4.83 out of 5
5.6M Ratings
6 years ago, dangityourecute
I love the chase app
I’ve been using the app for over 4 years now and I’ve had no problems using anything. Mobile deposit checks works great, everything gets updated and I can pay off things whenever. The only problem I had was recently where I got a new phone number and my old number got disconnected, and I didn’t go into my chase app or the chase website to change it right away. I got locked out of my account for a total of 5 days. I called chase and got transferred twice and then had to wait for a call from one of them which I missed. Just because the only way to confirm it’s me is to send a text to my phone number that’s on chase which was my old number (which is disconnected). They kept saying that’s the only way to get into chase. This only got resolved because I got a “fraudulent activity” email. So I call them and then they finally confirm it’s me. And I’m able to change my phone number this way and get a new password for my chase app. That was definitely a hassle which was my fault in the end. But it’s good that the security is so good on the chase app.
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2 years ago, margaret widgrem
Glitch in your system and I notified you in august 2021.
My card was changed several times due to identity theft in February 2021. I had a balance of about 7600 dollars and chase bank worked with me I made several payments via phone in July 2021 via phone and check. When I looked for addresses on truthfinder to get addresses to file my hate crime my credit card balance jumped . I keep a running total of my balance in my head for august 2021. I called in august 2021 and spent many many months explaining everything over and over going back and forth fraud dept to customer service until finally I was told about a glitch in the system telling fraud and customer service representatives that there are duplicate charges and I have to Manually find them by self I asked for a program that a bank can use for this certain situations again I was told No Again I was given extremely poor service I even went to my local chase bank and again a representative no we cannot help you the credit card was closed and now again I have over 700 dollars in charges I was told no new card just apply. With this type of Poor Poor bankings and poor customer service and fraud department I refuse to pay anything on that card get an attorney for federal criminal charges I intend to prosecute. I do not train new employees with all of these poor communication skills. I will never reapply for any chase bank credit card. I am not your problem solver
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3 years ago, zdelf
Never allowed to use chase again
I use to love chase and the chase app but I opened a bank account way back in 2016 with them and one morning I woke up and decided to check the app and come to realize that all my money from my savings had transfer to my checking accounts. I was confused as to why this was happening because I never made any transactions or anything like that so I called the bank and let them know what was going on they decided to close off my account and they reported it as “fraud” and sent me a check in the mail and that’s it. Fast forward 2 years later I tried to open another account with them and when I go in for my appointment come to find out they put a restriction on my account because of the “fraud” they reported and told me I’m not allowed to ever open an account with chase ever again! And that the decisions was by the security team and it’s irreversible so there’s nothing I can do about it. So aslong as I’m alive I’m no longer able to back to chase😒 I don’t understand why they would make that kind of decision when I was the one who reported the mistake. It’s not like I WAS COMMITTING FRAUD!! It could’ve been a glitch or something in their app and I just wanted to let them know just in case and they decided to put a restriction on my account and never tell me until I tried to open another account 2 YEARS LATER!!!
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3 years ago, nonicknameavailable123
Do not get a credit card here, customer service is the worst
Last year I got a credit card and now Im not able to use it, limit is $2000, i bought plane tickets and paid them right away for 1500, so I had $3500 available since plane tickets have not been charged yet, yet I was not able to use my card for three small transactions of $28, $13 or $2. They blocked the account even when I have enough credit available to use, which means services that I have scheduled payments will bounce because of this, and I was told I have to wait a whole week to be able to use the card again. Customer service supervisor Norm H. Just hung up the phone and yelled he could not do anything, it has been the worst customer service call of my life, I used to work in a bank on the IT side managed AML, fraud, etc. You DONT do this things. If you are considering to open a credit card or account just dont! This is by far the worst experience I have had with a bank, customer service was so bad, I asked to be transfer to a manager but they refused and I could listen to him posting notes in the account and he just hang up the phone, I wish I could get some help to be able to use the credit card since I make payments early and used it very often. They dont value good customers so better get your service elsewhere.
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2 years ago, orlypmusic
Highlight colors…
I’ve been a Chase customer all the way from the beginning even before when it was Washington mutual… With that being said I absolutely love this app but in recent updates something that maybe wasn’t considered when you’re using your this app was when you select an account .. for example if you have multiple accounts like your personal business or savings it highlights it in gray which I’m sure you never thought of people with dyslexia it creates confusion… So the account that’s highlighted is Gray I think you should stick with your generic colors of blue and whatever account you select should be highlighted in blue just like everything else not gray .. I’m sure you never thought of people with dyslexia it creates confusion… So in another words the account you’re on is not necessarily the one that’s highlighted in the highlighted one is in gray I think you should stick with your generic colors of blue and whichever account you select should be highlighted in blue just like everything else is… Just an observation to maybe consider on your next update.. it would be a very helpful thing for people with dyslexia..
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3 years ago, Nedvan
New Update INTRODUCES Bugs
I really don’t understand when developers roll out a revision that is not thoroughly tested and destroys original functionality (which clearly was intended to remain). I have had an auto loan for a couple of years which I have consistently paid additional principal each month. Suddenly, although the fields still appear, this no longer functions. (How coincidental is it that this increases profit for Chase? ) After clicking to include the normal payment I would simply enter an amount into the “Additional Principal” and enter the desired amount. One transaction would easily accomplish this task. Now, when you attempt this the app no longer allows this task to be accomplished. I have literally over 25 times. I even attempted closing and restarting the app, trying to fill the fields in a different order and any other idea that came to mind. All were unsuccessful. Once I click on the regular payment and then try to fill in the additional principal it takes me to “Other Amount”. It will not let me move forward with anything in the additional principal field. Now that I have paid my monthly payment as a solo act it does not appear that it will allow me to make any additional solo payment. If it ain’t broke, DON’T BREAK IT!!!!!
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3 years ago, Fd up Apple Feature
Chase unknown hours of operation + Online internet Related Disputes
Don’t give Chase a bad review. They WIIL F with your credit. Alsi when you try to start a valid dispute their recording will say the following. Please call back during normal business hours and you will be disconnected. Not having any idea when you may call back for a dispute. Chase has also replaced my credit card numerous times without telling me complete specifics regarding their decision to stop all my reoccurring charges. F credit cards. Can’t wail until Bitcoins put companies like Chase and Experian completely out of business Previous review This App is excellent. Chase is a good bank. It’s what surrounds it that should be looked at closely. Visa disputes regarding internet purchased services products can be throughly frustrating. There reps are unprofessional. I no longer plan to use associated credit card for protection against misrepresented product and services. Once your ripped off, they may not support you as expected in their agreements. Also Chase recently changed credit report monitoring from Trans Union to Experian. Well... Experian recently abused a large number people’s personal information. Can’t believe Chase is tarnishing their brand name associating with this company. Nutshell - looking for another way receiving protection from internet purchases.
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4 years ago, Zoeyxoxoxo
If I could I’d put no stars
This app is TRASH. Matter of fact throw out the entire bank. The online app and site make it IMPOSSIBLE to manage your money (that you have on a card in your bank account, not cash lol) because transactions will take days to process -even though any charges would ALREADY COME OUT of your available funds- but once it processes you’re negative because the app is saying you have x amount of money when you DONT. I’ve been charged 5-7 $34 over draft fees in the same month (in may) because I kept going negative from all my transactions being switched up. They switch the order of transactions as well. Last night before I went to bed I had $370 in my account. Today I went grocery shopping and spent $115 (including on once cream after.) and once I got home I had $4. This is because of how bad they mess up your transactions and when it says you have an amount of money in your account, know that it’s wrong because it will change without you knowing and then you’ll have no money because you thought you had 350 and spend $115 bearing in mind you have 350 but then go and check your funds and there’s $4. Do not use this bank. They steal your money and mess up your transaction history making it impossible to actually manage your money. I’ve been dealing with this for about 2 months now.
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3 years ago, KatielovesBob
Chase banking services
Chase banking services, particularly their business services, are absolutely horrible. All through Covid I tried to reach someone to help me with my Covid problems with my business line payments. I made several trips to the branches.I was told I had to call In. I was given various phone numbers to call. I called each phone number for months, I left messages I talk to people I got absolutely no help. If it were not for the SBA my business would’ve gone under and Chase would not have cared except for what their profit could be. They definitely do not care about any humans, so don’t expect it from them. I have a particularly rude person assigned to my business account, I have asked to have this person removed and they have refused. So, until the people who owe me money pay me the money, I cannot pay them except for small amounts. This is all due to Covid and supply distribution problems. But they have treated me like the absolute worst person on earth. I honestly do not know how they are still in business.
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8 months ago, moc33
Generally works well, but Alert History Notifications Awful
I’ve been a Chase customer for almost 20 years and have been using the mobile app since I’ve had a smart phone. It’s easy to login via FaceID, access your accounts, pay bills and folks via Zelle, transfer money, see transactions and more. My only big problem is the Alert History section. You’ll get an notification badge (number in red dot on the app icon) when an alert that meets a rule you set occurs. However, while it tells you from the Profile & Settings area of the app how many notifications you have (same as the notification badge), once you go into the Alert history, you have to hunt through each account and the Security & other alerts section to figure out what the alerts are. VERY briefly a month or so ago there was an update that had all the alert in one list with an option to filter them by account. This was SOOO much better and quick & easy to see everything at a glance. Then it went back to the awful by-section view it’s been before Please bring this all-at-once list view back!!!
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6 years ago, Madstoney
A fantastic app when I can actually access it
I have used the Chase online banking app for 7 years now. I have always raved about how convenient and secure it is. I have never had a single issue until the last couple of months. I have had to reset my password more times than I can count. I will reset my password, write it down somewhere where I can remember, allow Touch ID, and then I am able to access my account for a glorious 3-5 days (maybe). It’s awful. This problem has gotten so out of hand that I will most likely be switching my bank. The resetting process is ridiculous. Security questions, SSN, credit card info, other personal info, etc. After a few days of going through the process again, I will start to log in to my account, only to be told the password is incorrect. It is never incorrect- the system just has a glitch. Has anyone else had this issue? I pay bills with the app, including my credit card (which is through Chase). It’s not just a problem with the app either. When I try to login with my computer, my information is still “incorrect”. I don’t always have the time to sit down and reset everything again. The app is wonderful when I’m able to use it, but the fact that I barely can cancels out any great feature. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, slicklypod
Chase Journey is a Journey to use!
To whom it concerns, Earlier I called Chase journey to try and talk about a concern of mine. I’ve had a Chase account over 10 years. When I called Chase journey spoke to a female representative. Three times she asked me how to spell my name even though I spelled it phonetically 2X! Then she could not understand my email name either even though that was also spelled phonetically twice. Then for the second time she had to ask me what Internet provider I was using. EX: AOL, Google etc. further she asked me three times for the last four digits of my Social Security number and stated she could not find me in the system. Then she asked me did I even have an account with Journey which I stated naturally yes. At this point she asked me for my entire Social Security number which I did not feel comfortable giving it to someone who seem to have an IQ of about 20! Lastly I asked for a supervisor to which she advised that she needed my email address for the supervisor to contact me, as well as my phone number. If I stated I was highly disappointed it would be an extreme understatement. I really hope somebody at Chase reads this and would call me back ASAP. Because as a major name in the banking industry as Chase right now on a 10 scale being best you are reading about 01. Maybe. Rgds...
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3 years ago, Vikki's Chase
A review about the Chase Bank Mobile app
This app is easy to use and convent when it's up and running properly! Easy to get checking, savings and money market updated balances any time of the day. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 “I love banking with Chase Bank! They do a great job handling your hard earned money, checking, savings, money market, retirement planing with your 401-K ... and so much more. The staff is friendly, professional and there to help with many products they offer including a financial advisor! Chase Bank you can count on them for great service. If there’s a problem they’re right there to assist you and answer any questions you may have! I enjoyed working for Chase Bank for 11 1/2 years in the Processing Center that use to be off Grade Lane. Great co-worker I still keep in touch with. I say this to say, You can count on JP MORGAN CHASE BANK and the services they offer. Buying a new home or car? Need to open up a checking or savings account, IRA, CD’s... go in to Chase Bank or give them a call! Go Chase! They will have you covered.” 🤗🌈💕👍🏽
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4 years ago, Serge s...
It's excellent, packed with technology
I have done a review of the chase app over a year ago and had a lot to gripe about. I hated the fact that you had to accept quickpays. I also hated the fact that you needed to login to conduct transactions after you used your finger print to get into your app. Both of these annoyances have been fixed with this update. I absolutely love the way chase deducts the money for Bill pays right on the spot. It makes your balances so much easier to manage. I love the freshness and the high-tech feel of the app. One area for improvement would be to allow a direct dialed phone call to a representative right from the app having already completed the authentication process. Also, allow the app to show images of all transactions, including deposits just like BOA does. Other than those 2, the app is perfect. Update. I also love managing my brokerage account right through the app with the ability to move money quickly between my brokerage and checking account. This app is really the best of the best in the banking world.
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3 years ago, skippz14
Closed my account for no known reason
Do not use this bank. I’ve had an account with them since 2012 and had no issues then right when I was depending on a few deposits to pay my bills they decided to restrict my account without saying a word to me and set it up to be closed. Didn’t find this out until I went to use the card at the grocery store and the card declined. When into a branch to find out why and they tell me its being closed. Won’t tell me why. Gave me a phone number, and on the call they don’t give me a real reason other than they decided they cannot maintain my account. I can never use chase again. Well what about my stimulus and other deposits I have set up for this account? No answer. I call the IRS and they say if the bank rejects the deposits I’ll eventually get something in the mail. That’s all they can give me. So now I won’t be able to pay my rent on time and will be putting myself in debt to play catch-up because chase didn’t tell me they decided to close my account. Literally if I would have gotten any kind of notification this was happening I could have filed my taxes to go to another bank and make some arrangements but they left me in the dark. After years of being a customer they just completely ruin me financially with no explanation.
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5 years ago, EdMac48
Changes should be improvements
The predominant use of gray text on white background is not an improvement. If a person has multiple accounts, monitoring activity has become less user friendly. The fact that on an iPad the display area is larger than it was previously, is an improvement but it is out weighted by gray text on white. The fact that more “taps” are required for simple operations is not an improvement. Wanting to sign off the app. is not abnormal however it requires a screen change and possibly a scroll. These are only a few of the issues. I understand software developers whether subs or full time are required to produce. I also know they should have adult supervision. This is a “mobile” app. text clarity, limited user intervention should be of paramount concern. Really, folks people are using this app. in high speed traffic on their phone while drinking a coffee trying to figure out if they can afford the coffee. Everything should be simple. All of that said the app. works however it did before.
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1 year ago, honestinputonly
The top rated 5 star rating is hilarious!
This app should just be called banking for dummies… if you’re bad with money this is the app for you. If your an accountant, this app will just frustrate the heck out of you. Luckily I have 3 checking accounts and I don’t have to rely on this app so much. You really need to keep track of your own finances still. If you are relying on this app to know how much to budget each month your already in trouble and probably shouldn’t be trusted with money. If you don’t realize how much your spending on “fun things” your spouse, parent, brother or sister, cousin, or friend should handle the finances. Or you have to much money and it doesn’t matter. If you work for your own money then you are aware of how much you are spending on what. Also how would this app help you with the amount of your new car payments and the interest rate unless your financing a loan through chase… other than that, the app is slow to update, nothing is ever current. There’s always payments or charges pending so the only way to ACTUALLY keep track of your spending is to actually keep track of your spending- but on your own.
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6 years ago, GP17dzw2
Mobile Deposit NIGHTMARE
The in app mobile deposit feature is a nightmare! It totally destroys the convenience its suppose to provide! It is so annoying trying to deposit a check when the feature only relies on the camera to capture the other person’s account # on the check. I’ve gone through retake after retake and the camera constantly captures only a partial account # and it won’t allow you to manually correct it. I’ve used it multiple times before, but today was worse of all! After trying about 7 times, I went ahead and sent it through with the truncated # by accident. However, I quickly called the Chase to ask if they can see the full account # of the check because the app keeps truncating it, and they said yes. So I asked could they correct it on their end because the camera keeps picking up the wrong #, and they said no. I asked why can they override the # the app picked up since they have full pictures of the check, and they said they can’t, but will have to return the check with a $12 fee. UNBELIEVABLE that a bank of this size can’t override a mistake their own app makes when they have the full check in front of them! So no one can override the mistake this apps makes and the customer gets charged! So annoying and inconvenient!
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3 years ago, Nell Glass
Chase has changed for the worse‼️‼️
I have been banking with Chase Bank since it was Liberty Bank. I have never been as disappointed with your way of watching after my money as I have been this past week. I started using electronic bank in 2010 when I had foot surgery that was going to keep me from driving for three months. One of the Bankers at your Holiday Manor branch told me about the great convenience of doing my deposits, electronic check writing, & transfers while not having to show up at your brick & mortar buildings. I have been using my Chase banking electronic services for over ten years. This past weekend I paid several bills before I realized that the Available Funds amount had not changed since I started the bill paying chore. Fortunately I did not accidentally send out several checks for which I would have had no available funds. PLEASE return to the system where the available funds sum is an accurate reflection of how much money is available for use. Thanks, Nell Glass
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3 weeks ago, Granny Robbie
You can “BANK” on Chase!
Prior to being a Chase customer, I banked with two other institutions. I began banking with Chase after my second experience with a bank. I have been a customer of Chase for 12+ years. From my first interaction until present, I have not been disappointed in their services, customer service representatives’ interactions and their accurate account coverage. All of my issues were handled efficiently and accurately. Because of the courtesy extended, I will continue to be there “satisfied customer.” I really appreciate the Fraud Prevention department, because my account is monitored, and they recognize when fraudulent charges are being attempted on my account. I have not had any negative experiences with Chase. I recommend Chase above the other two institutions that I have experienced. That’s why I titled this review as such. Thank you for the opportunity to express my satisfaction. I am so appreciative for the OUTSTANDING services Chase provides. The Credit Monitoring is a PLUS!
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6 years ago, FATveggie
The Chase mobile app works great, except for one thing that is honestly the simplest thing to include in a mobile banking app and its extremely frustrating that they don’t have it. With every other banking app, the TOTAL is calculated for you after every single transaction. The TOTAL number is displayed in a smaller font under the transaction cost - how else are people supposed to keep track of their total payments? When you submit a payment to Chase, the only thing that changes in your current balance - how the hell are you supposed to know what was posted, what was included, what was deducted. It’s SO SIMPLE to include TOTAL minus WHAT THE CUSTOMER PAID, so they can SEE themselves and actually KEEP TRACK of their credit card payments. It’s ridiculous to expect customers to calculate themselves. Please open the BANK OF AMERICA mobile app and copy how they provide customers with their TOTAL remaining costs. BOA has it for their checkings, savings AND CREDIT CARD accounts. Honestly, it seems a little SHADY of Chase to not provide a simple calculation per transaction to help their customers keep track of their expenses. I love the Chase card and I don’t want to cancel it but this makes it very difficult to keep track of my MONEY, which is just ridiculous.
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1 year ago, aanb904
Poor Zelle integration
No major complaints about any aspect of the app except the Zelle integration. There isn’t really an easy way to see all of your previous transactions and what exactly those transactions were for. I find myself having to zip through menu after menu and then going back and trying again just to figure out why I sent $25 to so and so on the 14th. Plus, the app doesn’t show you requests’ descriptions without some fiddling around, so when my friends request me for money I have to spend some time looking for the reason why they’re requesting before I send. My recurring purchases (like sending my roommates money every month for gas, for example) doesn’t list what each amount is for unless I click into a different menu, so if I want to remember what this $15 recurring charge is for, I have to open my budgeting app to remember. All in all very clunky. It feels like it wasn’t designed with the user in mind at all. I also wish that the reward points page was integrated into the app instead of navigating to a web page - but it’s not awful. Not ineffective, just a little tacky.
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6 years ago, Esgar Moreno
Replacement debit card has taken weeks
I don’t know if this is some bug in your system or just careless human mistake, but I ordered my replacement debit card through your app on August the 18th. I have now been waiting for about two and a half weeks and still no debit card. After the first week and a half I submitted another request just in case my first one didn’t get processed correctly. Here I am a week after that and still no debit card. Your email states that the card will arrive in 3-5 days. 3-5 days!!! I just called your customer service representatives and they told me my card won’t arrive until the 10th of this month. That’s almost an entire month after my first original replacement order! Needless to say I am furious. I have not been able to pay for bills or other things simply because I don’t have a debit card. Now I have to go into a branch to try and get a temporary replacement while I wait for the card to come in. This has been a huge waste of my time and one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with a bank. Now I have to go waste even more time. Its seriously making me considering leaving chase and finding a different bank to do business with. Thank you for ruining my payment schedules and wasting my time.
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2 months ago, UpdateSucks()
Chase Business Review & JO Morgan
After years of our acct being hacked at US Bank, i called Chase and many others. Wells Fargo told me to listen to their promo and decide what I wanted to do, and call tgem back. B of A scheduled appt and we met with two of their employees. All of our information got mixed up including our names. We called Chase and I talked to Business Banker, Eric Martin. Chase came to meet with us and that was over a year sgo. All security breaches were stopped with the Chase secure banking system. Eric was constantly available to help us transition that first year. We now have multiple JP Morgan accounts plus our investments. Without the business banking being secure and efficient there would be no other accounts. I call our business banker, Mr. Chase. I cannot say enough good things about the bank and the security of their system, to Eric Martin our Business Banker snd Ted Lord our personal banker. We have been n business over 30 years, and Chase is the best!!!!
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2 years ago, 1299100
There is way too much white in the app, when it comes to money I want to be able to concentrate on what I'm doing and with all the white background in the app all I can focus on is being blinded. In stead of telling me to turn the brightness down, please put the option to change to dark mode in the future up date. Don't make dark mode mandatory for all because some people like the white background but simply take into consideration that plenty of other apps support this option and so should you, unless of course Chase wants to stand out by being less than then so be it but this drastic change will make people happy and from some of the other reviews I'm reading that might not be a bad idea. Hopefully time is invested in reading this review because it is the simple things that keep most of us customers happy but for some reason big names want to play the control game and go against the people that keep these places in business.
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4 years ago, daisy craft
Where’s my deposit?
I never write reviews for anything ever. I’m usually a happy customer when it comes to Chase and had not had any problems before but just this week I tried to make a deposit which never appeared on my account and I have bills to pay like every other adult so this deposit was crucial for me. The next morning I find out that my balance went negative which never happens to me as I stay on top of my finances and I tried to reach out to customer service by scheduling a meeting as that’s how they’re doing it now. The phone call meeting was set for this morning and absolutely NOBODY called me!! I stayed near my phone hoping they were running late but it’s already been an hour and a half since it was supposed to happen and NOTHING!!! I’ve never been more disappointed in Chase. Not only did they not make my deposit but they also charged me an overdraft fee!!! AND you cannot get a hold of customer service so please save yourself the stress and stick to another bank.
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3 years ago, AlxReview07
Over decent, needs improved budgeting tools and design
App could use dark mode and a widget feature. Importantly, id include improved personal budgeting tools. "Todays snapshot" is good, but needs a major upgrade & maybe a new section or its own app. There should be a "cash flow" feature, reflecting both "money in" & "money out". This would be best in the form of a single bar chart reflecting both income & expenses Additionally, there should be charts reflecting historical data. Cash flow and net worth should be displayed on a linear chart with historic data available. Also, in cash flow and money out, expenses spent on credit cards during the current month should already be visible. Money out should not reflect only my checking account. It would be great to have a live look at expenses for the month, instead of only money that exited my checking account, (Should include $ that is already a "liability"). Nice bonus would be showing total gain/loss in external investment accounts. Would also like to not be signed out so quickly. I am a bit fan of the net worth/balance sheet feature & the today snapshot (even though it’s limited). Thanks
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7 months ago, kalebcooper
The Chase app simply “checks the boxes” in terms of offering support to access important information. While that is good, there are many competing apps & services that are placing a heavier focus on implementing “native” UX, whereas the Chase app is filled to brim with generic & cross platform UI, and it shows. Selections, gestures, scrolling, etc. feel janky and unlike native UX. I appreciate that the scale of the app makes this difficult, but core fundamental experiences (like checking a balance, or scrolling through the home accounts page) should be made as great as possible. The AMEX app does native UX wonderfully, it eats the Chase app up for breakfast. You guys could learn a thing or two from the AMEX app. The UX quite literally puts this app to shame, and frankly results in me opening & using more of their services over the long term because they give me confidence that my primary UX (mobile apps) is important to them. Chase needs to wake up to the younger generations who will make their financial decisions based on the quality of the primary method that they access their money through, the mobile app.
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2 years ago, lainama
Wish I could give 0 stars
Chase has a few good customer service specialists but they’re otherwise worthless. I have had chase for over 15 years, and have multiple accounts and credit cards with them. I have had issue after issue with them. It used to be so easy having chase, but they have seriously declined over the years. They have literally stolen money out of my account (over $600) and I have had to jump through a million hoops to get it back, and I still haven’t seen a dime, it’s been 2 months. The customer service department is stupid and aren’t worth a dime. They can’t do anything right and consistently tell me they’re doing something that they never do. I wait in line to talk to someone for 40 mins, then get disconnected, I ask to be directly connected to someone since I already waited, they say yes, but alas, I end up in a line again, this time for 50 mins. I’m absolutely furious. As soon as my money is given back to me, I’ll be canceling all of my accounts and moving to another bank. I can’t believe a bank can act like this and get away with it. DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE! They’ll steal your money and then give you excuses as to why they can’t give it back.
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5 years ago, Vonnie Mama
User Interface
User Interface is very user friendly. Options are easy to find and use. Always new offers and options. I would, however, really like to see a pop up window with instructions/explanation of use in instances where the user continually gets an error of some sort and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong or need a definition of the option they’re trying to use. For example there are some that I’m not sure what they are and therefore I don’t use them. Whereas if there was say a question mark button that I could tap and and a definition of use window would pop up, I might find it’s something that applies to my needs. Also, is there a Savings Account that does not charge a monthly fee. We are disabled seniors and my husband is also a veteran and we are both on a fixed income. Five dollars a month is not much to most but when you’re on a fixed income it is. I do, however, highly recommend Chase Bank. Sincerely, Yvonne Gonzalez
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4 years ago, Crazykimo2
Having come from America’s most convenient bank I was so disappointed with what I was able to do with the chase app. I only use chase because I have an auto loan and setting up payments couldn’t be more annoying. First of all half of the things you can do on the TD app you just aren’t able to do on the chase app. Instead they make you open it up on a computer which basically makes the app use irrelevant. Literally all I have to do is pay my loan and the app makes that difficult. Also I have at least 2k in my account and I set up auto pay ON THE COMPUTER two days before it was due and I chose the closest date and it charged me a late fee and most likely lowered my credit which is really irritating. I even have a picture of the confirmation for setting up my auto pay and the date I did it is in the corner of the picture so I have proof of chase screwing things up. I do not recommend using this bank in the slightest bit. Honestly get you auto loan and bank account somewhere else. I do have to admit chase has great credit cards but that doesn’t make up for everything else it’s lacking on. Also speaking to an Indian guy on the phones who I was struggling to understand is not convenient at all.
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5 years ago, shaneyzz
Credit card payment
I’ve tried for days to pay my credit card on the chase mobile app and every time I do it says something went wrong thanks for your patience, well now I’m late on my payment so they’re gonna charge me a late fee. I had no troubles with this app until 2 months ago. The first issue I went to pay my credit card and it accepted and gave me a confirmation like normal, 5 days later I get a bill in the mail saying my card hasn't been paid because I had insufficient funds in my account ( I had plenty in both accounts to pay for the card charge, it was just an excuse) and they charged me interest and late fee, I spent HOURS on the phone trying to explain on the date up till the day I called I had plenty of cash in the account I used to pay off the card, they did wave the fee and interest but it took an act of Congress to get in touch with these people, and they acted like they didn’t believe me,an hour on the phone with these people I ended up going to my local branch and they couldn’t help me much either but the lady did contact the credit card company and she fixed it. Nobody should have to waste their time like this to get their money, I felt scammed, I will be switching banks now.
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12 months ago, Disappointed!!!!!!23
Issues booking motel rooms
I reserved a room in June in Missoula Mt. when I got there they did not have my reservation and were sold out. After 30-40 minutes on I phone with chase rewards I was told systems were down. I eventually got refunded my points back. On 8/4/23 I was on the the phone for 56 minutes. I was told they were getting the same error that I was each time I tried to book a room. I would hit book the room it would think, and then it would log me out of your system. So after 47 minutes waiting for a supervisor to do the same thing I was trying to do I got told they couldn’t do it and that if I needed to book directly through the motel to just do that. Which meant I wouldn’t be able to use my points, the whole purpose of having this card!!!!! I then talked to Devon who was the supervisor on duty. He finally said maybe I need a new card? That it might be my card? Why would it be my card number causing the issue. So long story short, two different times I’ve tried to book a room through the Chase rewards and have not been able to book a room. I am a very frustrated consumer. What can you do about this? Thank you for your help MeLinda Nearman
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2 years ago, DonJeaWil
Chase does not have their customer’s backs
In February 2022 I had two large unauthorized charges totaling $4020. Because I had done business with a specific auto mechanic shop in January they told me I was responsible to get the money back. But the shop lied about the charges being valid. I found out after the fact that this shop rips people off. I filed around 5 disputes starting with the Fraud Department, then the Dispute Department, and finally the Executive Office. I had filed a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. By this time Chase said I no longer had “Chargeback” rights. I know, from working at a bank and also talking to another bank that Chase could have chosen to give me the funds back and write it off as a loss. That loss for them would not have hurt them as it has me. I had to scramble to get the funds as I didn’t want to pay interest in this amount. I may have to go to Small Claims Court which will be more money. IF this had happened to one of Chase’s employees or their family members, you can bet they would have ruled in the employee’s/family member’s favor. I was a customer for many years and a good customer and this was the thanks that I got.
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5 years ago, Kattak0903
To the Daily Snapshot Team...
...And everyone who supported the effort of launching Daily Snapshot... I’ve been working with the Financial Gym for the last 8 months and my finances have significantly improved. But there was one part of my financial workout that I kept failing at - maintaining my BUDGET! Ugh! Any trick, habit, method, app, etc. was just not working for me - I couldn’t get consistent. All I need to know is a quick snapshot/report/graph of my finances, my habits, and what I need to change. I login to my chase app almost every day to ensure I have no surprises, or give myself a chance to manage surprises immediately. So I’m SO glad I don’t have to go through the change of adopting a new app or habit or method. I just get to keep on working in my chase app and know exactly what I need to do to improve!! WOOHOO!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for creating this! AND you launched it at a perfect time in my life, so thanks for being in sync ;) Sending all the love and prosperity to you great folks!
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2 years ago, C030222
Not able to fetch keychain passcode correctly
I had trouble using chase mobile app for months because it can’t fetch the correct keychain passcode, nor will it allow me to manually enter the passcode that works perfectly on the web browser. I usually don’t need to use their mobile app until I really need to deposit a check to keep my account from being charged service fee. Called Chase customer service, reinstalled the app, changed passcodes, nothing helped, so they escalated the issue to their mobile team. After 7 days waiting, I got a phone call, repeated reinstall the app, changed passcode, and then told me still can’t help, but to escalate to another team, and I might need to go to Apple store to ask them to fix my phone!!! This is the most disappointing thing I have ever heard! So your mobile app is the only thing on my iphone that is not able to fetch passcode correctly, and instead of looking into fix this on your end, I need to book an appointment with Apple and ask them to take a look at how to get your app working on my phone??? Very disappointed with the quality of your customer service and mobile app development team.
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3 years ago, 0cj0
i don’t know.
this has been the first and only bank since i first got a credit card in high school. i haven’t had too many problems but there is one thing more recently about the app that is really bothering me. the transactions get processed in a weird order… currently it seems to be taking out more than it should causing me to go in the negative. now not only do i have to wait for everything to process through in my checking account… HERES THE REAL KICKER THAT I DONT UNDERSTAND. over a hundred bucks was taken out of my savings BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE IT WENT. i don’t touch my savings anymore or try not to. but the description is making me more concerned because it should say it’s transferring to an account right? no apparently not. so I don’t know what is going on. and back to the checking account, i calculated everything that it has yet to process, even with the standing balance before all the transactions that need to be purchased, i should still be well above a hundred bucks and counting. it should not at all be going into the negatives.
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3 years ago, jose66430
Doesn’t work
The app is fine if all you want to do is look at how much money you have in your account. It does that perfectly fine, but so does every other banking app. You can also set up transfers with zelle and send other people money which is cool. The problem I have with this app is that it gives you features you can’t use. I have tried multiple times opening up a savings account through the app and setting up a transfer into it for the first of every month so I wouldn’t have to come into a store (cuz covid). However, every single time I’ve tried, it has locked me out of the app and closed down the account because of “suspicious activity” on my account. It then gives you a number to call and you’d expect they could help you. It’s like a 20 minute wait just for someone to say “sorry, you’re going to have to go into a branch and unlock it in person”. This is very inconvenient because I go to school and I work full time so I don’t exactly have spare time to go into a branch to unlock the app for myself. I am very upset about this. It’s ridiculous honestly. Chase needs to figure out their app a little more before they try giving us features we can’t even use.
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8 months ago, Not-Mozart
Still no way to search transactions
The “Search and Filter” tool under “Transactions” has filter functionality but no search. This basic functionality is needed and weirdly missing, especially since it says “search”. A search allows the user to type in a word and search for it, that’s not possible and desperately needed. UPDATE: we are leaving Chase so we can have a bank that allows us to search our transactions. This is total negligence. Worse Chase doesn’t show returned payments so if your bank goes into the negative and you need to re-try some payments, you have no idea what they are because chase hides it from us. To make things worse the even send emails, but they don’t give you any information, so they’re useless - other banks actually communicate with me about my banking. This is absurd and after 14 years I’m seeing a non-incompetent bank. Oh also if you have an old phone you can’t download an old version of the app, what’s really a problem about that is they do not support the browser version of older OSs so not only is the website broken, they didn’t bother to build a door for people who need to downgrade phones.
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2 years ago, Oxananka
I’ve been banking with Chase for over 6 years and lately it has been nothing but disappointment. First, I had a dispute with a retailer for not returning my money after I returned merchandise and although I’ve submitted a tracking number to CHASE that showed that the merchandise was returned they still processed with charging me the amount for that purchase. Then my husband used his chase card bonuses to purchase me a round trip ticket. Note we have separate accounts with chase and neither of us are authorized to use the other’s account. When I had to change the flight date for the first flight I was able to do so. When I tried to change the return flight date they couldn’t do it since it was bought with his account and needed his authorization. He had to call and they charged MY card for the remaining amount. So I couldn’t change the flight date because I wasn’t authorized on his account but they were able to charge me $800 without my authorization…. Overall it’s been nothing but a disappointment and I’m planning to close my account as soon as I pay that $800 that I didn’t authorize them to charge. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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6 years ago, zeaKz
Worst bank of all time
If you’re planning to go with chase.. don’t do it. They are horrible. I’ve had nothing but issues with them and it continues to get worse day after day. I’m constantly calling because they keep charging me for insufficient funds when I have deposits that are pending. If you have a problem with a transaction that you didn’t authorized and need to dispute it, you’re gonna have a lot of fun dealing with it. They are the worst customer service, worst bank. Look elsewhere. I’m in the process of withdrawing all my money from them and changing all of my direct deposits to another bank as well as calling all the companies and subscriptions that I get charged for monthly so I can get them onto my other America First credit union. America First is so much better. I’ve had them in the past and they have always been amazing. I don’t know why I changed. It was a huge mistake. Also my credit is really good but yet chase won’t let me take out a small loan even though I have a stable income. America First will loan to anyone even people that don’t use America First and people that have poor credit. Sayonara Chase! Hope this corrupted bank goes out of business.
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6 years ago, I Ching guru
Needs Bill Pay Revision
When you go into Bill Pay to revise a scheduled payment, it brings you ALL the way out to the first step of bill pay. Then when you want to revise another scheduled payment, you have to go all the way out to the first step of bill pay, click on three different things to pay that one bill early. If you’re paying all of your bills earlier, which I try to do, it’s 15 bills that I have to change, change again, agree to change, then get logged all the way out to the beginning start of “Bill Pay”, instead of putting me right back into activity where I NEED to be to change the scheduled payments. After 15 times it feel like an extremely sophomoric app. What’s more is that when you’re done making “a change to your activity payment” it asks you, “ would you like to return to bill pay?” Well yes!.. to EXACTLY where I came from so I don’t have to start over every single time. Come on guys, get some professionals on your app. Bill Pay is huge. You use to be able to do all of this before you’re update about 8-1 year ago? The message center is better, although delayed on the messages showing up somewhere so I can get the ALERT off my cell phone app. I went back in three different times in the same day and could not locate the message that needed to be read. If you don’t have it ready to be read due to a pending transaction, then don’t show it as an alert we need to read on our app! Outside of that, good app
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2 years ago, Kirk1234
Pain to use
After a few years with this app, here are my complaints: -Signs you out, all the time. “For your safety and security” it signs you out quickly. The points system for my Chase Sapphire Reserve pays more points if i book through the app, but as I shop for flights, with other windows open looking at my calendar, and other travel documents, this one app is constantly trying to kick me out. Like you have to pay close attention to it, all the time. It’s very frustrating. Lengthen the time before this app kicks you out please. -Booking travel is a pain. There’s a lot of steps to get from the sign in page to the travel page, to actually booking a flight. Plus the site is a little slow in general. -Face ID keeps turning off, on iPad. I’m not sure why, but the iPad app periodically makes me sign in with my password again, and turns off the “use Face ID” setting. Then it makes me do 2-step authentication or whatever. Just a pain to have to do this all the time. -Can’t delete old cards from the homepage. My old chase cards remain on the home page, even though it says “this account has been closed” (or whatever) next to each one. You can’t get the old cards off your home page. -Changing flights you book through the app require you to usually call Chase, and it takes forever. You can book travel through the app, but you can’t change anything without spending all day on the phone. This is probably my biggest complaint. That’s it. Other than that it’s okay.
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6 years ago, HeidiL23
I have always liked Chase Banks. They are easy to deal with and always very helpful. Even the staff when you go talk to them are all very nice & friendly. That’s what I like most about this bank. I have switched & had other banks but none are as good as chase. Others are rude even on the phone. The apps don’t provide good details on your banks as chase does either. I like the option they have to choose your card styles & how they have everything you mite need all in the app & it’s easy to find everything on the chase app so it’s not all confusing & jam packed like other bank apps. It’s easy to get to everything. They also have options to look @ loans and apply for other stuff. This bank actually cares & is helping you get stuff in life. If you would consider a bank you need to get chase. They are always friendly & helpful. I appreciate everything Chase does for its customers. No other bank will. Thanks 💕
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5 years ago, Jonathan_M.
Mobile deposits
Just a word to the wise, the mobile deposit is anything but convenient. I decided to give it a try with great confidence, only to have seriously regretted my decision immediately. Chase states that mobile deposits are usually available within the next business day. Upon completing my mobile deposit last week I still have not received any funds.. Upon Calling customer service they advised me that my deposit would not be available for another week & could not help me at all regarding the Matter & offered no solutions but to wait. Which isn’t exactly an option, Especially considering the fact that I was depending on a fast & convenient method of depositing my check. Meanwhile I did the deposit 3 days ago already. I am completely dissatisfied with the service provided. I never write reviews, but I particularly feel the need to share my experience so that no one else will make the unknowing mistake of expecting convenience and instead have been met with anything but that. I’ve definitely learned my lesson when it comes to depending on the chase app for convenient account management & will most certainly think twice about using it again.
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4 years ago, Kaya Artrese
Almost Fully Effecient
I believe banking on this app is easy. It’s also convenient that they have incorporated Zelle into it. Great partnership. However, one thing that is very inconvenient is that you can not access the settings of your account from it. More particularly, the “hide account” feature. You have to go back to the regular site. I also believe that with this hide setting, you should at least be able to transfer money into the hidden account. For an example, I’m pretty sure majority of people who use this feature hides their accounts from themselves as a savings. But I don’t want to have to go to a web browser to sign into Chase (while asking me to visit the app) change my settings to make the account visible, transfer the money into the account, then make it back hidden, sign out & then go back to that app to finish what I was doing. 1. Make the profile setting available on the app. 2. Allow for transfers into hidden accounts without revealing account amount. :)
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4 years ago, River's iCloud (Nickname)
I recently updated, previously there was no “account balance” when looking at transactions. After the update there is a balance to the left of the transaction, this is good because it helps you understand where your money is going/coming from in a step by step basis. It is also terrible because I am English native and we read from left to right, and the balance shown is “after” the transaction shown. This seems like it would be nice; but when I am reading it, I read “balance minus transaction” “balance plus deposit” but the balance is actually AFTER the deposit; so, to be clear, I would really appreciate it if the balance indicated was reflective of the balance before the transaction, or if the locations of the information were flipped (deposits or transactions to the left, and balance after transaction to the right) thanks so much for updating your application and keeping Your Users satisfied!
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3 months ago, Dedikno1
Good bank
I like chase Bank because it still help us when we need to ask something, and are more conscious to help than other banks where I was constantly missing-money but there was not explanation. Even a friend who worked at a branch tried to help and find the reason but couldn’t figure it out. But I live in a city where there’s not a branch for Chase Bank, and is inconvenient to travel 10 minutes in heavy traffic to use the Bank. I support people from any race or color and prefer to use a bank that do the same as you do, but because of the distance I have to use another Bank in the city I live and have various accounts with them when I could of do all in 1 Bank. Thank you for accepting people from any race, color or background Etc.I never felt discrimination when I go to Chase’s closer Branch. And best is I never have to wait 30 mins. Or longer to get help. Thank You. S.R.
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4 months ago, Diprotic
Not a great experience
It’s not the great experience that Chase once was. it’s so convoluted that I feel that Chase has ignored the most basic of things. For example you can’t refresh how much money you have after making a purchase or transfer of funds in general. There’s no pull down menu for refresh, there isn’t a button to refresh, you can’t just go somewhere and then click back and expect it to be refreshed. The only way you can get an updated amount of your funds is to close the app and open it once again. Another thing why aren’t we able to search transactions name? at one point I was doing business with changed names in the very first charge to my account made me panic because I didn’t recognize who was charging. The Chase app only allowed me to search for transactions with the filter options of dates and ranges of amount, which quite frankly makes absolutely no sense. These are just examples and there are a few more as to how Chase has declined in their app experience. ignoring the most simple things has made your convoluted app full of endless options, utterly annoying and unhelpful.
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2 years ago, lmperdue
Today William Wright fixed a problem in under 5 minutes after i have had 3 other phone calls for the same issue. My third credit card would not show up to my app- called the first time and was told it was because my birthday was wrong for my 3rd card- i corrected the information and waited- 2nd call it was the same thing plus the new card has my middle initial- again verbally fixed my birthday and waited- third call again my birthday was not fixed - this time after waiting i received a letter from chase telling me to upload a proof of my birthday - tried to do that and realized there is no where on your site i could do it - the drop down menus prohibit me from signing in to my account and doing that - today William linked my card using my SS# and within 4 min i was done! That’s customer service!!! Every company needs a few more Williams in their workforce!
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