60 Seconds! Reatomized

4.7 (1.1K)
414.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Robot Gentleman sp. z o.o.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 60 Seconds! Reatomized

4.73 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, F1NH0VES
Love the game!
60 seconds is definitely worth your 3.99 don’t even hesitate it’s amazing there’s so many endings and multiple challenges to do! now I don’t wanna be one of those people who are like I love the game but this needs to be fixed this needs to be fixed there’s this this this this and this but I do have one thing I just want to talk about, the med pack. I know you guys are very busy and don’t read every single review but if you happen upon this one here’s an idea. The med pack has lots of things in it but you can only use it once, like if Dolores needs the sleeping pills then everything els is just gone do you just throw the other things away? I have two solutions for this. (keep in mind you don’t have to listen to either of them) but the first one is that the med pack last twice so that you can heal Timmys sickness and also give Dolores her sleeping pills. The second one is that you don’t have the med pack you have sleeping pills bandages or whatever else they might need then there’s more things to collect in the 60 seconds and if you have them you don’t just waste the whole med pack. Anyways thanks for listening to this (or not)this was a great game! And I hope you keep up the good work! (Maybe a version with the twins as the main characters?)
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3 years ago, for the love of gosh
Awesome game!
I play quite frequently! And I find it extremely well-built. The fact that they are able to use four of the same characters, and the same storyline, and keep the player entertained for hours, is really phenomenal. The developers and the creators did a very good job in creating a very well polished game. I really like this version of the game compared to the first one. There’s a lot more artwork, and there is more things to do in this game than there is in the original version. I think it is nice though to start at the first game and then work your way to this one as you get a more well-founded appreciation for the reboot. My only suggestion is I wish there was a little bit more artwork and some more of the visuals.I’d love to see some more story arks, but I understand that can be a bit hard to incorporate into a game such as this one. I wish there were some more items and some things that we can do with them, and I wish they were more endings as well. However I I think all in all, the game itself is very well done and there isn’t much that needs to be changed. Highly recommend for somebody who is looking for a casual game to play in between work or chores.
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1 year ago, 7kqx
Very Good Game
I love 60 seconds, from the silly encounters from the wasteland, such as a woman hunting a giant spider who is asking for ammunition to the final countdown while your waiting for the military to rescue you after doing a bunch of chores for them. Another thing I love about this game is the narrative of the journal, and in some of the interactions, we learn some about the characters, such as Delores somewhat mysterious life before she married Ted. Another thing I love is how this game can really screw you over in one way or another, you can have the perfect game, but run out of items to fight back raiders with and potentially get your shelter taken over. Some gripes I have with this game are how there are a good amount of encounters, but the game needs more encounters, or the lack of variants for items, such as the rifle not having variants of things such as a shotgun, or maybe the soviets tried to invade America after the bombs fell and you can potentially have a rare encounter where you take a Kalashnikov off a dead Soviet soldiers body. But, all in all, this game is very worth it for the price and the fact that it doesn’t take my personal data, and is available on the go.
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10 months ago, whmadboi
I love this game!
I really love the concept of this game! I love apocalyptic type survival games and this game checks ALMOST every box to make this a perfect game. I think this game just needs a bit more depth and exploration for it to be perfect! Maybe have more interactive items in the bunker like with the deck of cards and checkerboard, maybe you can actually sit and play with them instead of clicking it and just seeing that they played it in the journal. Or maybe with the gun, bug spray, axe and just items like that make it more interactive where you can control the weapon, sim and fire at whatever you need to use it on. I love the concept of this game but making it more interactive would be so much fun and it would be something more than just clicking items and reading what they did with it, it’d be better to see it in action rather tk just read it.
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2 years ago, sus🤫💀🥵🥶
Best game ever.
I play this game 24 seven and I absolutely love it, the animations is so great! I’ve been playing this for about a month now and I just had to write a review, I have not noticed any bugs in the game so far so I’m Pratt I’m pretty sure that there are no bugs in this game especially the fact that I don’t have to watch ads makes it 100 times better! I also love the fact that it’s not that much for a good game, overall this game is so much fun to play and to trade the challenges they give you I like playing it on hard mode because it gives more of a challenge thank you for reading my review thank you have a nice day bye-bye!
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2 months ago, AP33160 second
Best game on the App Store
This is easily the best game I have played on my phone. I had the pc version already and they have ported it very well. Get the reatomized version and not the original, they are the same price and this version has everything the original had and more. This game never crashes, runs perfectly, and has good and simple controls. I’m not going to lie, this game is frustrating sometimes just because of the things that happen in the game, but overall it is a blast (no pun intended) best $5 you’ll spend on a iPhone game.
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3 years ago, Dude 37707
Fix the scavenging
The game is great but the issues during the scavenging portion really hold it back. There are no options to change the look sensitivity and that goes along with the fact that items are extremely difficult to pick up. It seems that the area you need to touch to pick up an item is extremely small and you can tap on an item over and over without being able to pick it up, even if you’re standing right in front of it. Maybe there could be a dedicated button to pick up green highlighted items or a more generous area to tap on them
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7 months ago, this is it. l
Favorite game
This is such a fun game. There are so much different scenarios and options. The game can be challenging and it is a fun way to occupied. It’s perfect for long car rides as it has no ads and doesn’t require wi-Fi. My only issue is it is a bit repetitive and you get the same scenarios. It can get boring Overall this is a great game and is very much worth the price. It may be repetitive but sometimes there are still new outcomes to scenarios you never even knew about. It is worth the price and I recommend you get it right now!
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2 months ago, XxcutekittenxX
Love the game, but Grabbing Mechanic is Horrible
The game itself is great when played on pc, switch, or any other device than an ipad or iphone. However, the grabbing mechanic is horrible on touch screen devices. At first I figured that I just had to get used to the slightly funky angle everything had to be grabbed at and I was fine with that. However, even when things are highlighted green like I’m suppose to be able to pick them up, I have to tap them multiple times to actually get the item, or sometimes can’t pick it up at all. Which in turn wastes time, which time being precious is the entire point of the first part of the game. People have been writing reviews about it for at least 2 years, yet it hasn’t been fixed. I start to think perhaps my fault for not reading too far into them but I figured the game would at least work, especially since it cost money and is by reputable developers. I should only be hindered by my own skill, not faulty game mechanics. It’s not fair and I feel as if I wasted money because it became frustrating rather than fun.
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4 months ago, Link 🔗
5 Stars🤩
Awesome game. Well worth the 4 bucks. There is so many endings like the military saving you, the bad guys taking all your stuff, or you die, I love them all. Especially the one I just got. The scientist dude flew us into space! I guess giving him the 4 bottles of water was worth it.🫠 Anyways, good game. I do have a suggestion though. Maybe you can add different maps to scavenge other than the house. For example, you could maybe do a different house with a different layout. ⭐️5 stars ✨
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9 months ago, Anamai Gashi
Love the game
I’ve watched multiple YouTubers play this game, so then I decided to get it myself, and I love it still! I love all the features and game modes, but I really wish that we had the option to play with controller. I’ll get better at using the controls, but I feel as if it would be easier if we could connect our controller to the game just as an option to have of course.
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5 months ago, Ibrown39
Grab touch controls are awful
Fun game, it the scramble to get stuff at first is so hard because even tho things are highlighted, the touch to grab detection is hit or miss and I’ll be running and things either will or won’t break sometimes. Heck, even the move joy stick sometimes takes a sec to to detect I’m moving it. Please, please a grab button or prompt instead of “touch anywhere” because it doesn’t work reliably and the seconds matter. Not fun when you ran out of time because the character just refuses to pick up an item for 3 seconds.
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3 years ago, GrainASalt
Fix Scavenging
I really love the updates this version gives to the game in terms of graphics and gameplay. As far as the bunker part of the gameplay I have no complaints! But, for the scavenging gameplay, it is significantly harder to pick up objects. Not harder as in intentionally more difficult, but as in you can tap the same object 10 times without picking it up. I’ve tried increasing control sensitivity, but the issue is still there. Please, fix this feature
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2 years ago, Doctor Strange for some change
Waste of $
So I played this game for hours and hours and hours and figured absolutely nothing out. the only thing the game allowed me to do was to sit there and ration food out. then when the food was done being rationed out, there was absolutely nothing to do at all except read the diary over and over and over again. It’s definitely a waste of money. do not buy this game. I genuinely have not found anything to do in this game. not a single thing. you can’t interact with any of the items besides the diary. you can’t interact with any of the other people in the bunker, but you’re not 1 of them either. you can’t do anything but sit there.
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2 years ago, trite kaleidoscope
Scavenging NEEDS improvement
I’ve seen plenty of gameplay so I know this game is great BUT it feels up to luck with the current scavenging. As others have said it’s way too difficult to pick items up (you can’t be standing in front of them, you have to be at a certain angle, there is a lack of sensitivity). I get gathering is supposed to be somewhat challenging, but it seems like there’s only so much you could improve via practice with its current state.
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10 months ago, havskdu
Great game but…(Developers pls read)!
(Developers pls read!) This is a really fun game and I would definitely recommend! I love the story line and I really like how there’s different endings. The only problem I have with this game is that sometimes it glitches and it kicks me out of the game. And usually when it does that it will reset my progress. And yes I’ve checked to see if I need to update it and I don’t. If they could if this glitch it would definitely be five stars!
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3 years ago, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh
It’s okay
I really want to love it cause I enjoyed the first version. I was excited cause it does offer a lot more stuff to do so that’s awesome. What stops me from really giving it a high score though is the fact that I have to tap my screen like 5 or more times to get them to pick up items or drop them in the bunker. I thought that maybe it was my iPad so I opened the older version and didn’t have that issue at all. Luckily there are other challenges so you can still have a lot of fun with the game.
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5 months ago, Pwanperson
Honestly, real fun
I’ve seen this game on and about so I decided to buy a mobile version, and I’m so addicted. The main mode is fun and one play through last a really long time. The challenges are my favorite though. I find the rewards very satisfying to get but I don’t know about anyone else. Thank you for making such a great game!
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11 months ago, layneboi88
Creative and fun! Many endings and choices!
I think the graphics are good, the story the game has is very put together, and the overall plots and characters are great! I love the theme of the after-world survival. I wish the game was updated a bit more, but overall, this game is like no other! Creative, pretty, funny, and entertaining! :)
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2 years ago, MayaBeatrix
This game is really great and I have no complaints. It’s definitely worth your money and I would definitely recommend getting the Reatomized version. If you are having any second thoughts like, maybe this is a waste of money, well no. It’s not. Please get the game and find out for yourself how awesome this game really is!
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2 years ago, linkthegsd
I play this every now and again, and it is so worth the price. This game is very addictive if you are into survival games, and it is a real time-killer if you are bored and want to keep yourself entertained. It can really get you thinking too, and there are endless possibilities!!! 100% recommend to buy!
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3 years ago, HooperNoah21
I. Love. It.
This updated version provides a lot mor gameplay than the original. I love that I can easily use the cosmetics from the challenges. The art is beautiful, and the story references are as funny as ever. This game can provide a lot of fun for anyone, and can be fun with friends. Definitely worth the money.
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2 years ago, Note for you:
This Game is Amazing!
I love all the schemes and all the theories in this game! This game is worth the money and very entertaining. I am so happy that I actually have my name in there but I am a cat 😭 but it makes me so happy to watch people play this game and all the modes and different difficulty it makes the game so challenging and so fun to play!
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3 years ago, 173736=3
I loved it
I bought it for my daughter cause she likes these kinds of games but when I saw here playing it my whole family wanted a try -I would make running better things block you from getting passes sometimes.
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2 years ago, History_Gamer
Worth the money
Lots of fun. Please don’t look up when to food your people. Experiment to see what works best. Do the tutorial first and read the description of the Boy Scout book a lot the tips are very helpful. Tip give people water at least before you send them out.
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2 months ago, fanny200958
Adding Timmy mode to the scavenger hunt
I think added Timmy to the scavenger hunt would be cool because you have 3 minutes to get stuff and be in a tricycle during it and only have 3 slots and only pick up :soup water checkers scout hand book med kit and more small stuff
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2 years ago, yessir!!!😁
This game is so fun and creative I love this game I could spend hours playing it and never get bored trust me it is that fun! It is so fun to play and You can do so many different modes and it is cool to see how long you can survive!!! If you get the game I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!
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2 years ago, ID0NtKn0wwwww
Great game but…
I honestly play this game everyday and I hope the developers see this. I play this game in mobile and I don’t kill the spiders. The goo is nit dealt with. The bugs can stay. But I cannot mutate Mary Jane! Like I said, I play on apple on mobile. Help?? Or can you put in an update??
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2 years ago, lol hucksters
Please make scavenging a bit easier
I love this game overall but the scavenging is severely lowering the game quality. At times ill spam tap the item to no avail and it can waste upwards of 10 seconds. Either fix the pickup issue or extend the time or amount of items you can pick up.
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2 years ago, jvdreghisbidn
I love it!! :D
You should get this game it is the best of the best if you don’t like this game you should watch people play the game so you can start to get to know it I recommend Gloom of course you can see other people play it but anyway I recommend this!! :D
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2 weeks ago, [email protected]
So good worth the money but a little to difficult
It’s nice lovable and good I can get stuff easily but the bad thing is that it is very hard you have to feed your family and keep up with stuff most of the times when you win is if your very very lucky
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4 months ago, Carmela 13
I’ve seen my favorite YouTubers play it so I knew I had to it’s only 4 dolors and I’m obsessed I’ve played it with several friends they helped me make decisions and now every single one of them are also obsessed highly recommend
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4 months ago, Anniechristinewall
Worth it
I absolutely love this game. Doesn’t get boring with all the different ways to play the game. I have 33 of the achievements working on the rest. My 10 year old son and I play this together and we love it so much.
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3 years ago, *678
Only one small glitch;good otherwise
Whenever the daily journal is open, you can still change the hats on characters. Kind of annoying but still amazing game!
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4 months ago, Wastelandxpss
Great game!
This wacky survival game can take hours of my day by just purely existing. If you want a mobile, offline game to make you smile. Here this is! And as a fan of apocalyptic games, this is just what I’m looking for! Great game, sure to make you laugh.
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3 years ago, landon that dude
Great game, buggy however
I’ve had reatomized for around 2 days now, and its great. However, I have noticed some glitches, most notably in the final countdown challenge. I finished the challenge, with 4 hours of effort, and did not receive my radio, checkers, or harmonica, which really ticked me off.
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3 months ago, Laundrylover627
Great game
The game was fun and in my opinion definitely worth buying, but it does get boring quickly because of how repetitive it is. Overall it is a good game, but if you are interested in getting it just keep in mind that it will become boring relatively fast.
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2 months ago, namacamora
Great game worth the money
This game is so fun! And with so many endings to get its a game you could play for a couple hours will you watch tv or play with a friend! I got it to play with my friend it’s a great activity for a game night!
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2 years ago, rrrrrreito
Please defer home screen gesture!
We know that is a unity game, and please, in player settings: 1. Toggle ON "Defer system gestures on edges" on all edges 2. Keep toggle OFF "Hide home button on iPhone X" That will make the game not easily goes into pause menu if user accidentally touches the bottom edge and makes the game pause.
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1 year ago, XxxSubbuGxxX
Very good game improvement
So I got 60 seconds but it had a lot of problems it kinda just was not as good the Reatomized version I just beat normal mode because of the gameplay improvement
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2 years ago, dantecarlson15
Fun but could tweak
Very fun and addicting game to just pick up and play whenever. Wish you could still continue with the kids or your lost family member could come back or be more interactive with people who left the vault
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3 years ago, Prof.Jfat
The game is unplayable right now...
The game keeps crashing and I’m 100% sure it is not my device it is only this game that keeps crashing I’m very disappointed with my purchase the game is fun and all but you basically can’t play it the creators need to fix this immediately because as I said it is unplayable
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2 years ago, Boooooooiiiiiiiiii
Funkin good game!
This game is so awesome! I only got it yesterday and I already love it! However I can’t complain about it not letting you be able to pick something up while you are in the exploration time.
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11 months ago, Nazair Brown
Don’t listen to others
This game is wonderful and the controls are fine don’t listen to everybody else who says the controls need to be changed
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1 year ago, wdcatster
A game from my childhood
I loved watching kub scouts play this when I was younger and as soon as I saw it was on mobile downloaded it! Been playing it while rewatching kub scouts a lot. Thanks for the amazing game
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5 months ago, marilyn___23
Please add controller support!! :)
I love this game so so much but I’d much rather be able to use a backbone on my phone & ps5 controller on my macbook instead of using my thumb (phone) & mouse (macbook). This is the only reason I’m giving it 3 stars, other than that, the game itself is so fun & amazing, and would be a 5 star rating :)
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2 years ago, Encanto3440
Really fun but needs more updates
This game has been a blast and I can’t stop talking about it it’s so fun and the quality is great and so is the style but I think it needs way more updates like new houses and new hats and challenges
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2 years ago, big man rixk 69420
Best game ever
This is one of the best game I have ever played and I have played a lot a game I have been playing since the first game came out and this one is even better than the first one
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3 months ago, Jedi-JA
Absolutely beautiful
This ga,eh is very fun and entertaining but the controls are a big annoying but it has many fun elements and funny lines and is Shure to be a good game for eating, plane rides, car rides, even trains.
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5 months ago, LolaBklyn
Extremely difficult to pick up items
Game has potential to be great but it’s so difficult to pick up items on a iPhone I enjoy the story telling type of game it is but it makes it so hard to retrieve items for bunker smh it’s so iffy and u waste so much time trying that ur clock … we’ll it clocks out
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