777 Slots Casino – New Online Slot Machine Games

3.3 (108)
72.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Appchi Media Ltd
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for 777 Slots Casino – New Online Slot Machine Games

3.27 out of 5
108 Ratings
3 years ago, slotneedstobefixed
Connection lost?
What’s going on? This slot has been down for several days. Please fix
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6 years ago, Loves Lighthouses
Unresponsive Developers
The daily bonuses are not competitive with other games of this type. Also there always seems to be an error when you try to contact for support. A friend sends me free spins and if I don’t accept it within 8 hours it ‘expires.’ I’ve lost hundreds of free spins this way and no matter how many times I’ve tried, the developers don’t respond or there’s an error and I can’t contact them. I’ve basically given up and just check in to respond to my friends who send me gifts.
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2 years ago, Shine2324
Once loved
Used to be one of my favorite slot games now idk what’s going on can’t log in to Facebook anymore and it only show have of slot board when playing it been having a bad glitch over a year now still not fix what’s the problem wish I can get back all the money I did spend while playing this game
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3 years ago, nonababyZ
Not happy!!!!
I’ve been playing this specific game for a very long time now, and lately it’s not been letting me log into my Facebook account with it, says to get an app admin and it’s under development mode. I’m soo upset about this and the issues it’s causing me!!! I can still play with e mails that I jus make up and I have a lot of them🤷🏻‍♀️.
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3 years ago, Martin Fouth
Can’t Log in Anymore
This used to be my favorite slot game for years. Now, I can’t even get logged in to play it. Can’t even contact customer support since Facebook login doesn’t not work. When I was able to play, the slots became defective only showing two squares at the bottom left of the screen. App is junk now. Will you ever fix?
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4 years ago, ddmaddox
Not working
Not working. Have a glitch. Over two weeks
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3 years ago, tallison58
Too Long Of Ads
Can’t even collect the daily bonus without watching a 1-2 minute ad. Ridiculous. There are so many slot games, even with better graphics that don’t do this. Deleting the app. And I’d give it a zero rating if I could.
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3 years ago, zz zzzsssss
Connection closed??? Why?
Connection was closed - is message I get - It’s been about a week since was closed - send update Was a good app It’s been almost a month and still get connection lost and it won’t open!!!!!!!!! Do something 10/1
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7 years ago, Brodiewinner
They fixed a glitch within a few days. Much more responsive!
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11 years ago, Love Slots 123
Not Competitive with other games returning/ no points for returning
It is a fun game. Don't understand why credits are not given daily to continue to play like other games. When you get 3 Scatters while playing a bonus game, they are not added. This needs to be fixed. Takes too long to get to the next level without daily points/credits given. This is one of the better games, but needs some work to keep players playing! Now I have not been able to get my daily extra bonus points....ugh!!!! Fix it please. I am so upset that again today I did not get my start up bonus points of over 2,000. Do you want me to stop playing?
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4 years ago, uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhh
Game won’t load
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now and it hasn’t let me play for 2 days. I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re-downloaded it and nothing is working. The game needs a new update, it’s been 3 years.
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5 years ago, cindytbs1234
Been playing this game for years and now I am unable to see all my lines on this game. Only 2 blocks are coming up. Would love for the developer to fix the problem. I don’t want me name to be displayed I want the game to be fixed so I can play.
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3 years ago, Beachlover75
777 slots casino
As of today 1-5-21, I cannot log into my game that I have been playing for years!!! It won’t accept my Facebook log! Keeps giving me an error message!
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4 years ago, needhelpwithslot
Is it closed for good.. if not what’s going on??
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3 years ago, oepla01
777 Slots Casino
I have been playing this game for years. I just LOVE IT. Why does it keep on asking to reconnect????? Please respond to this request as soon as possible. I have it on my cell phone and IPad. Thank you Patti A
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3 years ago, plb1949
Game quit connecting
Been enjoying for 18 years and suddenly lost connection and will not reconnect. Is there a fix? Extremely Disappointed. Cannot access Appchi website. Doesn’t exist? WT….
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4 years ago, Longtime panelist
What’s happening
I’ve played this game for years. I have over 100,000,000 and all the sudden it keeps telling me there’s a problem with the connection. It was 5 stars until today.
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4 years ago, Fuzzball2013
No connection
What’s going on with this game. Haven’t had a connection in almost two weeks. Love the game but can’t play.☹️ Please respond time soon.
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5 years ago, mitzygamer
Bug and rip off
This game does not credit you for the advertised credits you pay for and got no response from them. Don’t waste your time or money.
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4 years ago, tedybear25
They do not credit you for the number of coins advertised. This is a total rip-off. They should refund money due to this error OR fix the problem!
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4 years ago, Chromium54
Update: the game is dead
All I get in the last week is an error message, something like "connection reset". This game should be pulled from the store.
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3 years ago, ms ambrose
Love this game but it’s not working been playing for years Now it won’t connect game won’t let me connect with Facebook now I can’t play
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4 years ago, lucero+
My game no work help me
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4 years ago, Cgimezl
Fix it
Please fix it, it says that connection was closed
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4 years ago, Not Buying Appel Again
Won’t load.
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5 years ago, dnjrjfjjekdkdkr
Upset very upset
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11 years ago, Judyjri
Weird happening since update
Liked this app but since updating, instead of getting 1,800 points for signing in daily, only get 800 now. Now weird thing, while playing, noticed a camera icon popped out on the left hand side randomly. What, is the app taking my picture. Gives me the creeps and will uninstall app if I see this again. Really weird.
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11 years ago, Steve civilla
Agree it freezes
Stay away from these guys. There is no way they will let you win except for very short periods. They have this figured out so your odds will change after a while or I you have won. I promise you after nearly a year of using this it happens every single time. I also have identified bugs in the software that cost the user money. Here's what is aggravating. You can log in easily to purchase coins but when you try to use their contact link to get help the link does not work. If you get free spins sometimes you will get 5 in a row and this stops the spins because they pop up a stupid message telling you that you got 5 in a row. This freezes the remaining free spins and while you can back out and resume the spins it resets the coins you were betting to one. Thus if you were betting multiple coins you lose considerably on all winnings for the remaining spins . I have tried in vain to contact them to reimburse me me for my losses over this but cannot do so. Let me also warn against Dragon poker where they will also change the odds on you and it is far from a game of chance.
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11 years ago, Strangedaze-PDX
A good game ruined
As with many casino type games you have the in-app purchase but slot machine games seem to take advantage of the situation. They give just enough free coins to keep you playing IF you bet with the lowest amount. The catch is that you then don't get to unlock any other slots in the app, at least not in quick order. This one is no different. It's as pretty as the real thing and takes your real money just as fast with no real pay off. For $30 you should be able to unlock the all of the slots in the app, not simply get more coins. And now the latest version requires a login which resets any previous progress back to zero. This app was pretty and even fun for a little while but it's not worth it anymore.
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10 years ago, Voborara
Slow, Buggy and Improvements Aren't
This app is SO not ready for prime time! It can take a minute or more for a game to load. If I can stand to play the game a lot in a day I'll have to quit it at least once a day and sometimes 3 or 4 times. The game loses connection to the server at least once a session. (It used to deduct the points and present you with the same losing spin. I haven't noticed if it still does that.) The "improvements" they've made to Bonus Rounds result in more time spent and fewer points, so as they apply the changes to games, I stop playing those games. Eventually I won't be playing any of them.... There are much better slot apps out there.
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9 years ago, T. Yvette A.
Slots 777 casino
Love the game but some days it doesn't give all you friend points. I haven't received my points in about 3 days and you suppose to get them everyday and the game freezes up while playing and those are coins just gone cause they don't make up for them, there's a lot of problems dealing with the game. Most games shorten the bonus time not this one, always if you buy coins they will give back in a hour but that doesn't always happen either, these things need fixing
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10 years ago, Crobin4963
New mini bonus games
It takes entirely too long to collect your bonus winnings on the mini bonus games. Took me over 25 mins to collect my winnings on one of the mini bonus games that I hit. Here lately several of the games are crashing. I would hate to have to stop playing your app but you have got yo fix this problem with collecting your winnings on the mini bonus games. Takes entirely too long to collect your winnings
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10 years ago, Preciouspreschool
Since last update
I have not been able to enjoy this game since last update on my iphone. Been disappointed because I love this game. It says that some resources are not available but to try again later. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling I've tried shutting my phone off and turning back on but still doesn't work. Hope u can figure this out soon!
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10 years ago, cillaloveee
Chandra best on slot 777
I really like this app it keeps me coming back to play either i can play slots which a new slot is always opening up for me to play so u dont get tired of playing the same one over and over again which sometimes becomes boring never here always something new to play plus u can play poker also if u choose which is also fun too play too.
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11 years ago, Was a bust
This was my favorite app. But they need to fix the bug... When I collect the coins they do add but when you exit the app and renter the coins you collect are no longer there. They are subtracted from your coins. This has happened for the last four day. I will not play this game until it if fixed.
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8 years ago, Leadgoose
I was cheated out of millions of coins after winning while playing this game. I emailed support. (I am a VIP player). However, more than three weeks later, they have not responded. Have sent 6 emails/requests for help. I have begun a legal complaint against these guys/this company. Please do not download or play this game. It will ruin you financially. They control the game and if you win too much they will make sure start losing. Recently I spun the reels over 60 times without even the smallest win. This occurred after my harsh complaints. You do the math
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7 years ago, Flacoinohio
No Response From Support
I have seven open unaddressed issues concerning games taking credits won during bonus rounds, between spins, and during spins. The game took winnings as well as credits from large credit purchases. It appears users who make purchases within this app have no recourse when the app does not work properly. The games stopped having large winnings in mid January and bonus rounds occur only once every couple of weeks.
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12 years ago, Zeldawakeman
So far so good
I was prompted from another slot app, offered 1500 credits to dwn ld and run this app. I did, this app has worked fine. Played apps 30 min up to 3rd slot machine level, bonus worked fine on every game. Never got my 1500 credit offer though. Ran out credits, too soon to decide to buy yet. Graphics good. I'm using iPhone 3GS , giving 4 star for now.
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9 years ago, anisacoolkid
Slots games are exciting and fun, but this one is really just decent. Im sure there are better ones out there really. This app does have many games, but the graphics are kind of boring and plain. Update: Minor fixes here and there allow for smoother game play.
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9 years ago, Lighthouse33
Knowing I like slot games, A few of my friend's recommended this game to me. Nothing but prblms since day 1. The bonus wheel spins itself & lands on 250 coins each & everytine! The voice will then tell me to give it another spin. That is when it will take my coins to do a correct spin. I have read every review on every site I can think of & there was NO mention of this prblm. Is it just my cell that's the prblm? Or is this a different issue? Please fix!! Ty
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10 years ago, Bradywa
Fun game! Nice friends!
It is nice to exchange gifts with friends but why limit the number of friends I can have? Why are friends added without asking? Some of my friends no longer play Slot City?? That is my one annoyance that I can come up with.
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10 years ago, Vambo2
One of the BEST, but lately has an issue
The last update has rendered 2 (that I'm aware of) games to crash. POWER ANGELS and COCO BEACH. I'll open all of them a little later and post back. I tried to use the CONTACT US link under Help and Support, but I'm getting a 404 error.
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9 years ago, STLDish62
Need Bug Fixes!
This used to be one of my favorite apps. Now it is mediocre at best. No longer shows your total scatter win amount when the scatter is over. Also while playing games with bonus meter, if you spin and match for bonus meter it freezes up and you have to exit game. When you go back in you lose the meter credit.
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10 years ago, Zynn808
I wish there were better slot games available without having to reach such high levels. The better slot options are@ very high levels. Other then that Slot games are awesome.
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10 years ago, Super saver12
I use to enjoy the game but there's to many issues. First I couldn't log on it kept shutting down. So I waited for a update hoping it would fix it and it did but now the advertisements are so big u can't close them to play. I guess I will wait for another update to see if that fixes it or maybe just delete it. Not worth it so many other apps to down load that have no issues
Show more
11 years ago, AshleighKay24
The offers are the same amount everyday. Lame and too pricey for the amount. Like I am really going to pay 25 dollars for 30 minutes of game time since the slots have such a poor return rate!!!!! So stingy with coins unlike Texas Holdem. At least on the dragonPlay Holdem I can see all of my friends unlike on SlotCity. Needs to be fixed yesterday. Slots need to pay more.....
Show more
8 years ago, Taittyu
It takes your coins!!!
I like to play the cascading one and I noticed today that when I got free spins and have a big win, It will deduct the winnings within the next two wins. I was spinning a $600 a spin but somehow it looked as if I was spinning at 2k-5k. I would win 10k but somehow my balance was lower than it was before I won the 10k. BEWARE AND PAY ATTENTION NEXT TIME YOU PLAY AT YOUR COIN BALANCE!! I'm doing a video of it.
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9 years ago, Pyrut
Wonderful game
Hmmm. I looked at some of the other reviews. Honest?? Highly unlikely. This game has good graphics but lacks very poorly in gameplay and playoffs. Very small daily rewards. Very small payoffs. One of the worst slot games I have played overall. Oh and don't worry. This review won't show up because they are making a lot of money off people who are stupid enough to pay real money to play a fake game.
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10 years ago, Dvh1265
Cascading slots ruined it
I used to love this game and would have given it a 5, but the new cascading style slots stink. They removed the expanding wild feature from some of my favorite slots and replaced them with the cascading feature. Not cool. If they would give you the option to choose expanding or cascading, it would be better.
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10 years ago, Bam Jean
Two weeks ago I receive my bonus wheel and it's won't give me my bonus . The wheel spins and it's cut off and I never collect my bonus. So please fix it. I would love to collect my coins. Thank you very much .It's been a month and i'm still not collecting my bonus, HELP!
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