88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games

4.6 (127.9K)
253.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phantom EFX, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 88 Fortunes Slots Casino Games

4.57 out of 5
127.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Dennisthemennis 56
UPDATE-The developer is a greedy money hungry disgusting, worse than Vegas casino level scum of the earth. They will lure you in and use every dirty trick in the book to squeeze every last cent out of you! Do not give these walking pieces of human garbage your money! 1000 times worse odds than a real casino!! This game has some of the funnest slot games out there but simply put the payouts are terrible. In fact much worse than real casinos. I have downloaded and deleted this game probably 10 plus times retrying it to see if things have changed and they never do. I thought maybe with a new owner purchasing the app recently maybe things would be different. Let me tell you right now they are no different and you should run away while you can. This app could be so much better but the developers are too greedy. Please don’t let the fun games sucker you into spending money! It’s just a trap! You’ll have WAY better luck at an actual casino lol run run run 🏃
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6 months ago, AHeardVoice
Fun Games, but they are a bit Greedy!!!
Just take in to consideration what your paying for, nothing!! There is nothing to win other then just having fun, entertainment and some frustration. The developers claim to have the same odds as the real deal, seriously doubt that. I admit I have spent some coin on this game and they always seem to take it all and ask for more. The coins they give you 200m/2hrs when 1 roll is 74m, wow 2 rolls, what a joke!!! Come on!!! Also, when I do pay I win for a bit and it seems to win better at the beginning when the deposit is fresh. In my opinion the games and odds are controlled. Another little tidbit, when you open the app they have all the statistics on you, each time you win & loss and how much you have spent$$$, this isn’t to discourage you from playing, well maybe it is but just keep in mind it has the potential to nibble at your pocket book, just don’t let it get away from you. Also, this type of app is designed for customers with DISPOSABLE income, winning is just entertainment and that’s all! Eventually your money will just become their money!!! Just think about that and they do this without remorse, no refunds and you can’t get it back after it’s spent. Maybe they could give you MORE!!! FREE COINS! Drop prices! I know what I have spent, multiply that by many others out there, I know there buy ins are low but at the moment your buying how many others are doing the exact same thing, making them rich!!!
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2 years ago, Oujg00
Not worth it anymore
I played this game several times a day for many months before they made these last changes. Somehow the changes they made for “more fun” have made the game virtually unplayable. I’m only on level 280 and now it takes 20 BILLION coins to level up every single time and the level up payout is 9.6 MILLION COINS. That’s hardly worth it. Before the changes, my level up bonus was over 30 million and continuing to increase with each level. Plus it was much easier to achieve so I could unlock more games. The slot are much tighter now, too, with far less large payouts. Multiple times, I have wasted billions of coins trying to hit one bonus or free games that never hit. The daily missions need to be rebalanced again. Win 400 times and receive 5 million coins?? Do you know how many spins it takes to win 400 times now??? The tournaments are impossible to win and have a weird scale to them. How is a 10,000 coin win portrayed as a 1 million coin win in the tournament?? A 100 million coin win showed as 10 billion, but of course didn’t move me up in the tournament rankings at all?! “More fun” to the devs means play more for less chips. It’s so much “more fun” that I don’t even play anymore.
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1 year ago, liars83
The amount of daily login coins doesn’t do a darn thing for the player compared to the minimum bet. If it takes three weeks or more to gat a single bonus then you’re seriously missing out on what the player wants and missing out on money. The more stingy the game the less people who are middle class are going to spend. Now playing f you want your game to appeal to the players and get them hooked, than you need to drop the minimum bet at least. 500 mil and then minimum bet is 75,000. Is your team really trying to get customers or are they all about money? You need to have a healthy balance for your game to be successful. You’re game screams only about the company and not about the enjoyment of the players. If you want some tips from a player, you need to at least listen and learn from the players that are in it for the fun. (Rather than some yes man type of people. Yes man, yes man. You’re honestly not tired of people telling you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear???? Run you business the way you want and make sure that the people around you are not just out for themselves. They will run your company into the ground as long as they get what they want. “More money, more problems.” -Biggie & Tu PAC-
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2 years ago, AliceMayce27
WOW! So disappointing!
I purchased a coin pack in 88 Fortunes. Boy was that a mistake. My balance was $25 billion. Yes BILLION with a B! I was so excited to play Huff & Puff. The excitement lasted for all of five minutes. I LOST $15 billion betting $75 million per spin. Do the math. Not once did I get a bonus game or even a big win. You guys say the odds are the same as a real casino? Impossible. One of the main reasons people play slots is for the bonus games. How disappointing that these slots have been designed (rigged) to take all of your coins wether given or purchased. The other apps by this developer were not designed (rigged) like this one. I mean, cmon guys, this is fake money we’re dealing with, not real. There is no way I spun that many times and did not get a bonus game. It appears, after reading other reviews, I’m not the only one who experienced this travesty. I don’t mind spending money for entertainment but this was sadly, not entertaining at all only infuriating. I learned a valuable lesson though so that one good thing. 88 Fortunes could have been the best because the graphics and machine choices are top notch. Sciplay should really think more of their customers instead of how fat their pockets can get. Hope this reaches the right people
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4 months ago, historicalhound
Lucky Paw High Roller game on 88 Fortune Slots
I really love this app! Th e only thing I do not like about it is the Lucky Paw High Roller portion on the game. You win coins to advance to win more credits by a cat, who picks the number assigned to the Lilly pad. If the fish is under the Lilly pad, it jumps into the fish tank. After how many ever fish are located, you win the prize. The draw back is the cat pick the #, everywhere else in the game you make the choices. I want to be able to decide which Lily pass I want to look under. Because this is a computer controlled game, it decides how many coins you spend (from 1-20), before you find a fish. And, for every fish it’s a 1-20 chance. If the goal is to uncover 5 fish, it may cost you 100 coins. It takes a while to accrue that many. I would my ck prefer to pick the Lilly pads. If it takes me twenty tries for each pick then it’s my fault for not finding the fish. But when the games decides you will not get the every time for 20 tries for 8 fish. It gets very aggravating. Thank you and I hope this issue can be changed.
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2 years ago, needsatifaction
88 fortune
I keep getting charged for purchases and not receiving my purchase but they don’t hesitate to charge my bank account I keep asking for a refund. It will tell you purchase was unsuccessful then still charge my account right now I know of at least 6 times they hit my account sometimes it will go through and I expect to pay for those charges but not when I’m not receiving what I’m being charged for I would appreciate it if they would check and see what’s going through before they charge my account then they expect me to wait to get what I paid for or my refund!!!!!!! Very upset with your services it’s one of my favorite games to play
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3 months ago, awardens
Beware of losing your hard earned credits!
I love this game I play it too many hours in a day. I have to maintain my top-tier fish bonus, so I make sure to collect my daily bonuses and earn enough chests to get the lucky kitties paw to go up and down. I had accumulated 5,300,000,000,000 and was very proud of it. I was able to play without worrying about going bankrupt. One day I put it on auto spin and I got a FaceTime phone call from my daughter and when I went back to the game all of my credits were gone. I have no idea what happened but needless to say I was crushed. Now I have to start all over trying to accumulate enough just to play, and I don’t even get to play the nice lots because I can only play the minimum amount. There is no place to contact customer support, so I am going to leave this review and hopefully they read it and reach out! Fun game, but it feels like a job. I should delete it as it takes up too much of my time and attention. It feels like I was robbed…all my time…gone. Definitely very suspect.
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8 months ago, djbraker
Delete The App
How do you have a 4.6 rating when almost every review is HORRIBLE!?!? Obviously someone’s paying someone off for fake review ratings because this app is made by greedy developers that are gonna have an generic response by telling me the odds are the same as the casino and I can win free coins everyday by connecting and inviting everyone I know through social media in order to get them. You guys are worse than the actual casino owners who will pay me more money than you guys with real money!!!!! You guys are a rip off a scam and smart at the same time for suckering so many people to buy your coins because of the slots you have that appear to be just like the casinos. It’s not real money so let us win every now and then you greedy developers!!! Hope you guys can make it right with me and everyone else that feels robbed by your app.!!!! Until then I RECOMMEND EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP. IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK AND ITS NOT WORTH SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON IT. Play the Dancing Drums, Planet Moolah, QuickHits, Lock It Links,,. Etc at the casinos. They will just take your money and try to continuously rob you here. YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!
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3 months ago, Long time gamer 78
Recent update killed the daily challenges
Well, the daily challenges before this update were fun to do and not too bad to achieve (other than the “win 6 times in a row on a single slot”) now however they have made it to where you basically have to pay real money to achieve the daily challenges. They have added things such as “complete any lucky paw tier” which may not sound bad, BUT in order to do so you may have to play for hours to achieve this. There are 20 “spots” that could hold a fish. The low tiers have 5 fish you must find to go to next tier. Now that is a possible 100 spots you would need to flip over to find the fish. Then to further complicate THAT, the game itself chooses the lily pads FOR YOU so you have zero control over what pads are flipped. Over 85% of the time it’s ALWAYS the last 5 or less that’s left to find the fish. You could easily go through 60-70 chips to complete a tier and the chests you unlock only give you 2-7 chips at a time. This means you’d need to get 10+ chests a day and WAIT 30 minutes to 2 hours to be able to open a single one. Pathetic.
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2 months ago, Bachnoid
Just the Facts - Losing is not a bad thing?
As I previously mentioned, making a purchase does not guarantee a win. Actually, a purchase does guarantee you will be offered less credits on your next purchase for the same money!? So your asking why? From a sales point of view, never made sense but they are a real casino sort of speak, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe 1800gambler has something to do with it? SciPlay is a company expecting to make a profit so keep that in mind when playing. Will you lose? Yes. Can you win and make more credits? Yes. Is relying on daily credits and two hour bonuses help? Maybe but seriously doubt it unless you have a lot of patience. Every time you login is Happy Hour? Every single time? I have yet to feel happy about these small coin deals that you will lose in seconds. I can prove it! Be cautious on Mondays when the weekly awards are collected and the payouts are the worst. SciFi also gives you a bonus with daily 200 million credits which will give you 1 spin on a 135 million minimum bet on a new slots. Good Luck!
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1 year ago, Faith1964
Not worth your time or money
Not enough bonuses or free plays in relation to the required amount of the minimum bets. Plus, they are just lying about “the higher the bet, the higher the payouts”. After several months of playing this game, it is really the more you bet, the more you lose. Please Do Not purchase any packages, unless you just want to throw your money away. I got ripped off for the last time when their customer service refused to credit me with the full amount of prize money I earned on one of their tournaments. The results listed me in 4th place, even though my score was more than the person in 2nd place. The prize was 823 billion and they act like they are doing me a favor by crediting me with 115 billion. Nope, not fair. You owe me the balance of 708 billion. They respond by telling me this was just a “visual” issue and it has been referred to their developers. So now I guess they expect their customers to not believe what we actually see with our eyes. This experience is the last straw with this game. A total ripoff. Very disappointed!
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3 months ago, PoppieALAM
All this companies games are rigged
88 fortunes, jackpot party, goldfish and quick hit slots are all the same company. The fill the games with ways to mess with the RNG. They will show some big wins in the beginning and then pay nothing ever. No way they are not cheating. Someone needs to hold them accountable for this. Casinos are regulated and so should they be. If you’re stupid enough to purchase coins, you will win first day. After that all gone. If someone was looking to try games before going to the casino, the casinos would go out of business. Payback rates are NOT what they should be. Any games by this company should be avoided. Only positive is they have the best platform and games BUT thats it. Update: I was able to gather 10 trillion coins soon after writing this review. Hmm….anyway, was short lived. All 10 trillion gone and all on Saturdays. All week…did well and on Saturdays always lose and lose big. Lost 10 trillion PLUS within 1 hour this morning- no hits, no bonuses NO NOTHING
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1 year ago, wickedstonah
It Was Nice… At First
I liked this app more than any other slots app. Events are nice, payouts are okay, games are nice and just like the ones on the casinos… HOWEVER… when you raise your bets past 3 billion, you don’t win. I won the mega jackpot on the exploding drums game. 2 billion bet. I decided to spin on Kronos and did okay. I then decided to spin on the mega fire links at a 6 billion bet. I spun over 150 times and didn’t hit a bonus feature once. When I bet up to 3 billion I win frequently. I barely get to 20 spins before I hit a bonus. But as soon as I raise it higher than 3 billion… nothing. This has happened multiple times. I used to make in app purchases but I will not spend another penny on this app. I may even uninstall it. I understand you can’t win all the time, but really? I have never won a bonus feature on any bet higher than 3 billion and there is no way that is just a coincidence.
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4 months ago, Gamefish823
What the f#*€k
Of course the developers and owners of these games are greedy people but this game takes it to a brand new level!! I love the games and mechanics cause they are just like the casino games, however when you spin 47 times and zero payouts, ridiculous!!! I thought I would spend the $9.99 because I like playing them. Apparently I just removed dinner from their table if God forbid it were to actually pay something back so I could keep playing!! I’m not joking! Anyway, its a cool game but only for those who want to pay real money and get zero back to keep playing. Don’t waste your time or money on this one!! I saw the “Delelopers Response” said the payouts are the same as the casino games! Hahaha. Like we have never played the casino game!! What a bunch of idiots!! These people count on the first purchase to make their money cause there are few who return! There are plenty of other cool games with normal payouts! Don’t waste your time and money!
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7 years ago, Mestiza1976
Love Love Love
One of my favorite slot apps. Really cool because these are not fake slots, but slots that are actually at the casinos! Very cool to see how the bonuses are on here before you actually try your luck with real money at the casino. It’s like being able to preview a slot before actually sticking your hard-earned money into a slot that not only has a low payout, but also a weak bonus round! I’m hoping this developer comes out with more apps and more exciting games! Hands down, one of the best slot apps out there. Kudos to the developers for keeping me entertained without having to leave my home and spend my money because this is EXACTLY like the real thing, especially playing on my 12” Ipad! Please create more apps like this.
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5 years ago, Giz2393
Waste of Money
So I conducted a month-long experiment playing the game. Sometimes I would make a purchase and sometimes I would just use the free coins. Interestingly, I played with the free coins for five days straight and never got any of the bonuses once. In fact I would run out of the free coins in less than five minutes so the game ended up not being any fun at all. That tells me that it really is controlled and not left up to chance as the developer would have you believe. When I contacted the developer they replied back and suggested that the game uses the same system as a real casino and that I was just on a losing streak. Read this to say that the only thing that changed my luck was purchasing coins. If you don’t mind losing (real) money and spending it on these games then this is a fun game. If you are on a budget then you should delete the app and try another game as there are many others that provide free coins and a better chance.
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2 years ago, anns done
Real bummer
I have been playing this game for a really long time, spent a lot of money buying credits, always frustrating to spend so much and not get a lot of credits for the money, my choice obviously and my stupidity, now they change and give you way more credits for the money, and all the games win very minimal, and not just a few games but all win crappy. So I am deleting this app for good. I understand making money is the obvious goal in this, for the creators but I find it a real shame that a person can’t buy credits win big for a while and then buy more credits and everyone is “winning”. Just a real shame. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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4 years ago, typhipps
Great Slots
I have played this slot game for years and it is my go to game! It’s fun and fair. I love the graphics. During this quarantine time, they have added a lot of bonus stuff like tournaments and chances to win extra coins. The only thing I wish, I could access the bonus stuff info on the main page. It tells you about the new daily stuff when you sign on but to access it again (like to check your progress) you have to close out the game and sign in again. There are so many slot games, I wish you could create your own room to add your favs or have a search to find games you like.
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3 years ago, neat reet
another money grabber
Sciplay has done it again. The same games as goldfish casino and hot shot casino and quick hits, with a differant foremat. Great games that you cannot play unless you pay, little at first and then you lose fast and the coin packs go up and up and you will never win like you did the first time you play, that is how they pull the bait and switch game, they lure you in with alot of wins at first, and then you lose it all fast and up come the coin packs. Just be aware that it is not random that you win, they let you and then flip the losing switch so you will buy token, caution!!!!
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5 years ago, Xris Jay
Purchased coins and never received them.
Purchased coins and never received them. 83M for 4.99. Emailed and got a response from Sean McNabb basically refusing to credit me the coins. He suggested I speak with iTunes about the purchase problem. Another example of a customer getting screwed while the business skates off with my 4.99. Totally unfair, dishonest and not customer friendly. I will never purchase from this game again because when something goes wrong they point the finger at Apple and refuse to make it right. I provided receipt and everything and still they blew me off. Unbelievable. -Chris
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4 years ago, PQtime4Greatness20
One in a Million
There are millions of apps in this world and countless ways that fitness trainers are trying to incentivize people to work out. However, this app is up there with the very best in this world. Fitness & Slots is revolutionizing the way that people work out and achieve mental & physical health. Easy to access, intoxicating to use, and enthralling to play, Fitness & Slots is a must-use for anybody who is struggling to get in the gym or struggling with their fitness. Shout out to Craig Ramsay for his unbelievable work in helping craft such a life-changing product. If I could give it 10 stars, I would give it 12...
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1 month ago, Vooch21
They just added a game called Ruby Link “Peacock Maiden” which uses the image of Buddah’s head this is against all Buddhist beliefs and just insulting. The odds of having fun on this app or winning are probably worse than in the casino, daily challenges are unreachable as are bonuses within the games just dead spins there is no customer support for any issues I actually got a coin bonus on Dancing Drums Prosperity picked the minor was awarded an extra pick and also got the mini this should have been huge and a chest bonus but the game failed and I didn’t win anything it’s just trash. Played 88 Fortunes it should be called “Misfortunes” over 900 spins a loss of 1.5 trillion coins and never got the coin pot to pop once! If we want horrible odds of winning or having fun we can go to the actual casino 🤯🤗🤣
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8 months ago, Coffeefirst
No Different From ANY gambling-based App
Be smart & be aware of the patterns of gambling apps: Starts with fun wins, your account (coins) grows, then winning slows w/sporadic big wins.. improves slightly with coin purchase… then wins get fewer & farther between - even with coin purchases, until you stop winning and ultimately run out of coins. All designed to get you to buy more coins- but without the wins you had at first. Play, have fun, make a minimum purchase or 2, then let it run out of coins, delete your account.. and find a new app. The process is the same with all of these apps - but stop giving them your money. If you must gamble - go to a casino where you might actually get a little back. These apps go nowhere. If you are fully aware how their process works - then you’ll play smarter.
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1 year ago, louispg
Favorite game
I’m updating for the second time in about 10 days , I’ve been receiving about 900million fee credits at midnight every day, and usually manage to win the four daily missions and the two daily bonus missions easily!!! That’s what I really love about this game and yes some slots are really really tight and the minimum bets are either 36million and 75million but when they hit the bonuses the payouts are huge!!! You get 200million every two hours and on some days you get either 300,000,000 or 400,000,000!
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4 years ago, slot baba
Stupid , waste of money time
I have paid n lost all coins with in 10 min ,,, I hate this game how much they make !! Wish I gone to real casino to play n win cuz of lockdown I can’t go !!! I spend to play here for no real money but they take money from us n don’t give us proper winning coins always they just make a lot of money without we win ! Why do u all make this type of apps well of course to make money haha by cheating innocent people instead of rich people I know I deleted this app several times but again downloaded cuz I am bored hoping to make the app developer rich haha Such a waste of time n internet and money crappppppp!!!!! Don’t pay or lose money here they already making money by click on this app just delete it or do what u wanna do haha Waste very despondent of not wining any coin always losing !!!!
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7 years ago, Sandpiper-N121PP
Just another Money Grabber!!!
First of all let’s start with the positive... The game is very beautiful graphically The user interface is very easy to use Now the cons... Payouts are extremely rare. It is the old pick you up to slap you down routine. You will get payouts but they will only be about 5% of what you invest. Every now and then, far less than more, you will get a big win. This will give you the confidence that you might be winning at this game... but in fact the Game is set up to nickel and dime you to bankruptcy. With this being said, I have no problem paying to play a game and help the developers make awesome games like this could be, but not when it’s in favor of the developers taking actual money from your pocket, which is what you will have to do if you want to continue to play it on a regular basis and even then you will not be able to make any realistic advancement in this game without spending actual money to play. Yes it is gambling and it is like the real thing, but in this day and age it would be nice to see a game that makes it a little bit more fair for the user so the game is fun and not as frustrating. for the end-user.
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6 years ago, Ahren81
Similar Issue
I like the game. My wife and play these types at the casinos. My issue is that the bonuses you get throughout the day are small compared to minimum bets. Another is the low win rate. However, my biggest issue was one that was reported by a few. I won about 4 million coins and after the bonus was complete, I saw it add to the total and then I turned the game off. When I came back to it later that day, the coins weren’t there. I won’t worry about jumping through hoops to get back 4 million. With the other issues, I’ll just delete the app. I don’t recommend this app. There are plenty of others, including the Cashman series that are way better.
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9 months ago, Chiefgreg89
So it takes days and days to get 1 bonus and then you play another game and it takes all the money and then I play for days again before another bonus comes around. What’s the point in playing a game that gives you 1-2 bonuses a week. On top of all that I’m paying for all these billions of coins and for what just to take it all and not give 1 bonus. You say the odds are like a real casino well I can tell you that is a lie as I have lived in a town for years that has casinos and I can promise you it’s not the same. Your game is trash as the creator is also trash for stealing money and not offering a fair gaming experience for the money spent. Will definitely delete as this is a giant scam. And if I could give it zero stars I would.
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10 months ago, Erik"s Grandma
88 fortunes
I like your games, but it seems that every time I have an hourly bonus boost, the games won’t play. The line under the dragon only goes about halfway and will not go any further. This happens very often, and it is distressing, because I cannot play and I am losing points. I also wonder why sometimes a big win earns a trunk and sometimes not. I used to purchase points. but no longer do because I often don’t get my free points. I also wonder why certain games pay fairly well sometimes and other times just eat up my points.
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3 months ago, N2DaveMatthews
Not fun…
Apps like this need a healthy balance of wins vs losses to encourage people to spend money and to return. The owners and developers of this app have gotten too greedy and the balance is off. Very rare bonus rounds, even if you spend money on the app. At least throw a bone to those who are spending money. Overall, very disappointing. And before some developer responds that their odds are similar to casinos, yadda yadda, they’re not. Why would we trust you? I played this game daily for a long time and loyalty gets you no where. Paltry daily bonuses, I’ve never hit anything over a minor jackpot, and am lucky to get to do a bonus round 2-3 times a day. Don’t give them your money and find an app with better odds, even if you have to watch ads.
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10 months ago, russian_girl_allie
Lowest odds ever
This game is cute and bright but let me tell you this - you will never win. I live in Las Vegas and I play often. This game has odds that are so much lower than a real casino. I’ve been trying to like it but it’s impossible. Play for hours and get bonus that will pay you close to nothing. The more you bet and the longer you play - the lower your chances to win anything at all. If you complain to customer service they will send you automated reply and maybe some coins that will be enough for one spin. This game could be fun if it was not greedy. After a year of playing and leveling up to level 7938 and tons of money spent I am deleting this game for good. Do not download it so you won’t get let down like I was.
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3 years ago, Cmick2
My Main Facebook Account Not Working
I have to say that I am very disappointed with this app. My main account that is tied to my Facebook account is no longer working/available! I cannot even retrieve my account number. I have over 45 billion coins I cannot use. No one is responding to the tons of concerns on Facebook. I’m not the only one complaining. This App needs to respond and compensate those locked out after paying for coins and loosing progress for the daily rewards. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!
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5 months ago, Real review trust or not
Money robbers
I spend money to buy coins this greedy developers double my credit card payment , plzzzz do not download this app they will cheat you all , and they never refund you run away !!!!! Even they won’t reply your emails and calls soooo fake and fraud app!!!!! I just try to play for fun and I don’t care about money but cheating is not good broooo just be nice to people and don’t steal !!! Hope all people understand how app developer do this things to cheat innocent people crazy world.
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2 years ago, actropical
Music abruptly stops after spinning.
Beautifully done graphics. Wish there were more options where I could play 10,000 coins like some other slot games. A lot of these you need to bet over 10,000 per spin. My one big criticism is that I like listening to the music that plays in each of the slots in the background but, after the slots stop, the music suddenly stops playing. You should be able to continue hearing the music in the background. When it stops it’s pretty jarring on some of the slots.
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6 years ago, Kyleo521826
Waste of time!
I’ve never bought any coins, which I’m sure is a big reason for the lack of winning! However, was lucky enough to get a big win and won over $500 million coins! Was up over $600 million in coins, and only betting $3 million, I went through all $600 million of my coins in 30 minutes and never hit a single bonus of any kind! Game is a joke and highly recommend not wasting your time here! One would think in over $600 million you could get atleast one bonus game, however, that is not the case! They occasionally let the non buying coins people win to keep you around and then take it all back to make you want to buy more! Do NOT play unless you like a waste of time! Removing this app after this experience this morning!
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1 year ago, Ci2400
BOGUS! Don’t waste your time!
This game usually does not pay out much anyway, but lately it has been even worse than normal. They say this game mimics that of a real casino in terms of your odds of winning, however, I find this hard to believe when I was able to lose 95 BILLION in under an hour betting 300 million and less without receiving a single bonus round on any slot that I played. That’s right, not one bonus was given between about 15 of the slot games that I played. And this is just my final straw with the game, but definitely not the only time this has happened. Even on bad days, a real casino visit does not have these outcomes. Save your money and time seriously! Just another money grab!
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2 years ago, Mellouan80
Bring back the OLD game!
I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years and it USE to be my favorite of all slot games! When they came in and changed up the bets per spin it killed it! I can get my daily login bonus and collect my bonuses and after 4-5 spins at minimum bet the DAYS gaming on this game is OVER! That’s sad! The only reason I gave it ⭐️ ⭐️ instead of ⭐️ is the simple fact that I’ve been playing this game for so long, I know how great it can be if they will just change the bets back to the way they were! Change them or at least modify them to be more like the old ones and I change my ⭐️ rating and update my review!
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1 year ago, kwan713
Games and pays
I have been playing 88 fortunes for years and your last modifications have been the worst. The games have been cut in half and the jackpots are almost nonexistent. I have started to go back to my old games like pop slots, my Vegas and Konami just to have a variety of games to play. I am really hoping 88 returns to its original format or at least changes the games more often. I get tired of playing and losing on the same games every day.
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2 years ago, meandbobbymgeee
Deleting the game
I am done playing this game, the game used to be pretty fun. Not a total rip off. When you use billions of coins and don’t get one bonus or trigger a free game, it’s time to get rid of it. The changes are horrible for players. The “ new” platform is the worst. All the games I liked to play have been removed, it cost three times as many coins to play and the wins are pathetic! Honestly, this is the worst game ever!
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5 years ago, sadShayDub
Didn’t receive my purchase
This is a sad situation because myself and my bf have this app on our phones and now iPad because we love it so much. Never had any purchasing issues in the past but we recently thought we were scoring a deal for some billion odd coins for $8.99 and although apple sent a pop up that the purchase was successful... it’s said in the app that there was an error. I was patient hoping I’d receive my coins but we never did and the purchase was “pending” for about a day and then I was successfully charged but still no coins. I see no where to contact anyone through the app so I guess it’s a loss and lesson learned because unfortunately apple cannot refund us. I guess no more money for you guys 👎🏼
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6 years ago, no fool anymore
I love how all these online apps justify how awful they are on letting people win stay ahead and not just buy buy, by saying “the Vegas experience we give you” What a silly thing to say. This is not Vegas , you do not give out real money, I have seen the same name win jackpots , please. I bet high I bet low never have I won a jackpot. I have spent thousands on online games and expect for one never have been ahead enough to NOT buy more. So please just be honest with the people. These are games are just for making money not for the letting people play and not pay!,, Even in VegS you can sometimes break even and play for a long time. I am not singling out this games just saying all online slot games are the same, except for one, that you don’t want people to win n get ahead cause then where would your money come from? But be honest.. it is NOT a free game. I personally would rather pay a yearly fee , like POGO, and play as long as I want for as long as I want!, If pogo had better slot games they would be perfect !,
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2 years ago, Freddy.be808
Game makes it’s own purchases- beware
I like the slot games a lot but some how this app is able to make its own purchases. All other apps or anytime I make a purchase on my iPhone, I have to double-click my side button to confirm the purchase but this app is making charges on its own. This happened more than once. It's been a .99 or 2.99 charge which I dispute and usually get my refund. I wasn’t sure, maybe I accidentally purchased coins but this morning it happened again. I deleted the app then after deleting it, I got a .99 cent charge notification. I am not sure if this is intentional or what- anyone else experienced this with this app?? Thought I’d share
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5 years ago, Wanda Boston
Barely Win
This is one of the games I play at a live casino therefore, I was excited to download and play. However, it just as bad or worse than the live version. You never/barely get the jackpot, you hardly ever get free spends and it eats up your coins to keep you purchasing if that’s what you do ... I don’t so I’m always waiting for my free coins. Also, when you fill the pot up, leave and come back it’s empty again and there’s no one to contact about the game when it doesn’t payout when you do hit a jackpot. Other than these issues it’s like playing at the casino sounds and all.
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5 years ago, Audyb123
Great games, but huge scam.
I loved this game until it was secretly charging me for purchases I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. Yes I have made purchases in the past but I know for a fact they weren’t the recent ones. One was made Aug 26 and the next was September 4. Which I didn’t even have my phone that day. Had to contact Apple support. If you get a receipt of .99 and numbers going up after that in between periods of days. Do NOT ignore it. Uninstall the app to avoid being charged is what I was told. !READ! Look at your purchase history in your settings to make sure they have not been charging you!!! For iPhone: Settings>tap on your iCloud name at the top>ITunes/App Store>Tap your blue Apple ID name at very top> view Apple ID> Purchase History.
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6 years ago, Hunter9666
88 Fortune Slots
I have been playing this casino game for a long time. Today, I was on level 167 and had over 500 million in my total. Tonight I got on my phone to play this and there was a message "that there was an error in the game and to retry." So I did. Now it says my level is 1 and I only have 2 million in my total. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Where did my money (over 500 million) go? It is so frustrating. I love your games, but I am getting tired of this happening. I don't want to start all over when I was already at Level 167 and had all that money in my total! Can you please explain why this is happening? Thank you
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4 years ago, mysterium5
You cannot seems to win ever!
It brings you up to a few million and then suddenly you don’t hit a decent amount until your money is all gone——it is like it sets you up to always lose. Very much programmed to bring you up and then it will subtly take allyour $$. I bought 2 x the $4.99 deal but the game took it all within 10 mins so I truly suggest: don’t waste your money. I am at level 200 so I have been playing the game long enough to see this pattern as described herein. Eventually and essentially it got too frustrating and defeating so I stopped playing (extinct due to consistent negative rewards). Playjng should be fun —- not predictable and a rip off after just 10,mins of playing real money!
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2 years ago, Bro Dippy
Bet Too High
You set the bet too high! I miss betting minimum at 89,000 to 90,000. Now it’s in the MILLIONS!! True we get more daily money, but no spin is worth that high of bet! Your money will shrink fast if you don’t get a big win, and you wind up needing to buy more coins which is better for you guys money wise, bet higher but lose money faster. Now I don’t play as much. I would give it 5 stars at the lower betting.
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2 weeks ago, MRACKERMAN
I reported this app to Apple as a scam and fraud for their slot activity. I bought a large coin pack the other day thinking that the slot payouts would change and watched 54 trillion in coins disappear. I bet 120 billion per spin on multiple different slot machines over the course of two days. I won on first day then lost on almost every single slot played on second day. I’m sorry, but there is no way your slots mimic a casino where at least you win sporadically. I could not buy a win yesterday and watched 54 trillion disappear one spin at a time. That’s hundreds of spins on different slots. I have one trillion coins left.
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1 year ago, sandy63065
Every. Single. Time
Although I love the selections of games here, every-time I pay for coins (I know, stupid) this game platform never lets me win anything. My money is gone within hours. I try all kinds of games to no avail. They simply do not let you win anything. I want to also state the fact that I have spent a few hundred dollars on this game. Don’t waste your time or money. Play with your free coins, because even with those you aren’t going to win a thing but at least your bank account will still be intact. No fun , up your gaming product 88’s if you want to lure people to continue spending money here!
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