89.7 WTMD

4.9 (30)
45 MB
Age rating
Current version
Your Public Radio Corporation
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 89.7 WTMD

4.93 out of 5
30 Ratings
2 weeks ago, Thurm33
Great station and evolving app
This is a well-designed app, especially given that this is a nonprofit station. You have easy access to two station options in the app, and you can view the playlists to discover new songs and new artists, which I’ve found helpful. You can also donate from within the app (wink, you should). The app has improved over the years. I’m happy to support my local station.
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1 week ago, kingofallchili
Keeps me connected to the Baltimore Sound
Great looking interface. I love that the iPad version will also run on my M2 MacBook Air. I lived in the DC Metro area for 30 years and now I live in RVA. We have great public radio in Richmond, but it's so great to spend time listening to WTMD. Keeps me connected to the great Baltimore sound!
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12 months ago, JIMMY FROM THE REGION
The new app is not as user friendly as the old
Between 10-20% of the time the app does not launch from my updated iPhone and the circle does not fully rotate. There were no instructions as to how to use it. I’m a sustaining member and want WTMD to remain a powerful and influential force in the Baltimore Community . If I am doing something wrong, please let me know if I should call someone at the station for technical support.
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10 months ago, Queenofthealmost
Makes Every Day Bearable & Better!
Just can’t say enough what a pleasure it is to support and listen to this fantastic radio station. Loved you for years. Keep being true!
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10 months ago, half-halt
Love WTMD. Love this app. I can listen all around as I travel. Even listen in while I chat as relatives in Canada also listen. Can have a family affair and enjoy great music and great variety. 5 stars from me and mine👍
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10 months ago, BigAlexL
One of a kind music from a one of a kind station!
This is a gem of a station and this app makes streaming it that much more enjoyable! Happy 20th, WTMD, and here’s to many more!
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3 months ago, DaraQW
App improves Streaming
Such a pleasant surprise! App displays track/artist info on my older (no Airplay) Toyota! So glad I bothered to d/l after several previously “meh” experiences with radio streaming apps. Thanks, WTMD, for a premium experience!
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1 year ago, Derick1965
Long time fan
App gets better and better. It’s great that I can listen to my favorite radio station anytime anywhere.
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1 year ago, Jean in MD
New titles showing during play
New updates look fresh and are helpful. The best station.
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5 months ago, Lindab303
Good App
So nice to see what song they just played. Love the music variety and the promotion of local music.
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1 year ago, jjsim64
Great app
Works perfectly. Great station, of course. I need the app since we don’t have radios any more!
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1 year ago, C3Chords
Great upgrade!
The station recently upgraded it’s on-air and streaming sound and its app and all are great! Kudos to the the management and staff.
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2 months ago, HowardBealLives
Good station. Went from being an underground (literally) 60w college station to a 'commercial free' station playing good music & providing music/art events in the Baltimore DC area.
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1 year ago, highstrung1979
Nice app
Works very well. I stream a number of radio stations and WTMD is probably the best app. Plus it’s a great station!
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1 year ago, Cayman716
WTMD - The Best in Maryland
WTMD is always improving the app. It’s great I can listen wherever I go. The best mix of music and informative DJs. Listener supported radio is the best!
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1 year ago, 3556773217
WTMD rocks,
Great station now with an even better app!
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1 year ago, RussM-DC
WTMD…..listen and learn
The app performs about as well as the stations hosts, who are great.
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12 months ago, Giunt001
Now works with CarPlay!
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12 months ago, Mark Miller iTunes
WTMD is Awesome!
Love the app as much as the over the air station.
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1 month ago, Briscoe0626
Old Man Approves
What a mix of music!
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11 months ago, *Da Man*
Great Station
Great app great station!
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3 months ago, Steve in London!
Steve in London
Great app and the best radio station on the globe!!!
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1 year ago, FrankG84
A great app for a great radio station
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14 years ago, awsnyde
Good App
I listen to this station all day at work, over the air, so I think the station itself is great. I was going to rate the app lower, because the HD-2 stream hasn't worked in the week since I loaded the app. However, I just tried the HD-2 stream on a Logitech Squeezebox, and it doesn't seem to be working at all--so that's not the app's fault. The main station lately has had way too much sports (boring!) whenever I try to use the app, but what I have heard sounded good. Note to app creator: There is a typo in the app. When the HD-2 stream is selected, the app tells me I'm listening to WTDM, instead of WTMD. Granted, with that stream not working, it may indeed be "tedium" (TDM), but this should be fixed.
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15 years ago, Dissident Drummer
Respecting the elderly while craving new material!
As a former news writer and broadcasted musician of the Towson's former station in the late 80's, I enthusiastically promote this app. This is an excellent resource to tap into new and interesting media and a great way to keep in touch with the school that elevated your lifestyle through new friends and mostly memorable experiences. Let's face it, good and bad memories don't always advance themselves to top-shelf memory clusters. Funny how, though, that good music has a way of jarring said memories. Give this app a try - you won't be dissappointed.
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6 years ago, BagelBeagle
Love this radio station
I absolute love this radio station and the app, but I would love to see a button or some other means to save a song to purchase later. Money is extremely tight right now and would probably buy each song everyday if I had the means. I currently use notes on my iPhone to keep a list, but having the ability within the app to save the song and not rely on my memory as I am an old guy in his mid fifties could be useful So if you app developers at Towson can work that i would be eternally grateful
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15 years ago, WTMD
Music that Matter
Gang. thanks for the kudos. I love our app. I had it on all Christmas morning on my phone in my apt and it never dropped out and sounded great. As Has been noted, a music app is only as good as the station it streams. WTMD has no commercials and asks our listeners to help select the music. So tune in and hear tunes commercial radio just won't play. You won't be disappointed in the app or the music.
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14 years ago, Blad-de-blah
Love it!!!
The HD stream doesn't seem to work. But having access to the most amazing music radio station at all times is priceless. When I heard this app advertised on their radio I literally cried out for joy. This is awesome and thank you for offering this to your listeners and everyone else!!
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4 years ago, Wodehouse Reader
Awesome Music
We’ve been listening to this station through this app for years. The best music and DJs make this app indispensable. Downloaded and enjoy!
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2 years ago, Mdcooney
Love the station, app needs updating. Issues listed below.
I’ve been using the app and web streaming to listen while I’m traveling. I love the station. My problems with the app are thus: -Does not integrate with car play to have its own app on the screen in the car -Does not stop playing when a call comes in or will resume playing during the call. Fix these two and it’s almost perfect. The app for Radio Paradise works like a charm. Don’t see why this one is not. Thanks!
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3 years ago, TaoEntropy
Track listing are not updating
The track listings have been the same for weeks. It would also be great to be able to see the upcoming schedule so we can see when the short news brief breaks will be on.
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11 years ago, Sizerth
Great radio station, anywhere!
Now you don't have to be in earshot of Towson to hear the best radio station around! App works perfectly to boot. Goodbye commercial radio!
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11 years ago, Seansh44
Best radio station
I love being able to listen to my favorite station when i travel away from Towson
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15 years ago, deejay78
Awesome App!
This is an awesome app for the best radio station ever. It works great all over the world, so I never have to be away from my music!
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13 years ago, Suza1234
Love it
Can't live without it! This may be more important than my morning coffee!
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15 years ago, Michael Ivan
My favorite radio station
It is awesome to be able to listen to WTMD anywhere I go! It worked great in Atlanta.
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13 years ago, Jomami
Great app for greatest station
I read about this station, and now listen nonstop from DC. I even subscribe!
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15 years ago, Seanryan58
The app works great, loads quickly and the music is out-freakin-standing!
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15 years ago, Artmunkee
This should have 6 stars
WTMD is awsome. It's one of the things I miss about Towson, that and Sushi Hanna. Download it and turn it up to 11!
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11 years ago, GarrettAndersonMusic.com
Wtmd for the win
Yea bud! Great for my morning commute when I drive out of range... Love the tunes! Love the support of the local artists.
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7 years ago, Spathi4tw
Buggy and Battery Draining
Tried to use the app to buy a song I just heard. Instead of taking me to the App Store I was sent to iTunes streaming service. 6 hours later I check why my battery has drained down 80%, and the sole culprit is this app. Great station, horrible app.
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15 years ago, BillWET
Great station
One of the best stations around. This is a must have app!!
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12 years ago, ArchiRoz
Awesome app
High quality app and great music of course. I strongly recommend this app!!
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15 years ago, wonderbread
bmore to the core
nothing out there like this station. nothing out there like this app. wtmd cannot be beat.
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3 years ago, oxysafe24/7
Not for music
The WTMD apps stream at 64k which is a level suited for voice not music. I find it’s like listening to AM radio. Even their HD version streams at 64k. I don’t think either app streams the individual track names. Overall crap, technically speaking.
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14 years ago, billyzero
Radio Bliss!!
The best radio station jammin on my iPhone. This application loads quickly and doesn't crash. The app, however, is just the conduit to the music and the staff that truly loves the music that they play. WTMD is listener supported and commercial-free. Get hooked!
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8 years ago, geekgrl21
Does not seem compatible with the latest iPhone update. Streams initially, but freezes immediately. Disappointing because I've been looking for a way to listen to this amazing station.
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8 years ago, Catonsville
Fix app
Needs to add newer songs if you want younger people also add weather into station
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12 years ago, jonbrick09
Best music station ever
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15 years ago, natedlee
Works great!!
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