8mm Vintage Camera

Photo & Video
4 (280)
22.1 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 8mm Vintage Camera

3.99 out of 5
280 Ratings
3 months ago, мгьзбнг
App Design & Subscription
It's sad this app offers a subscription now.. but at least you can disable those filters and not be bothered by them. But one thing I really wish was reverted is the app design.. I loved the previous maximalist design, I know the functionality did not change at all but in my opinion the older design looked better and more sincere if that makes sense. I still absolutely love this app but pls bring back the skeuomorphic design!! it's back in style now..
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1 year ago, totallyfrozen
Another greed-based update
UPDATE 2022: Whoa! Greed happens! I bought this wonderful, 5-star app a few years ago and had a great time making Halloween movies. Now, suddenly, it’s a subscription based “update”?! Why is this subscription model taking off like a rocket in the App Store? Too many photo editing apps are going this route. Do the developers realize that these apps are NOT necessities? Professional photographers buy software packages for work. The rest of us tinker and play and amuse ourselves with photo/video editing. I won’t be updating this app, and when it finally stops working, I’ll simply delete it and go live my life without it. I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same. Original review: I had to update my review to 5 stars because the complaints I had were all my own fault. After looking further through the app, I found what I needed with just a couple of exceptions. First need: I’d like an update to allow control via a selfie stick through the lightening cable port (as on the newer iPhones). Second, a zoom feature! I couldn’t figure out how to zoom?! Come on! Even the actual 8mm cameras in the 1960’s had a zoomable lens. Otherwise, I love this app. It’s just hours and hours of fun!!
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5 years ago, Mr Memetic
Value for money
In an age where a “decent” app requires a monthly subscription including a quart of your blood, an app like this is amazing. Firstly, the effects of phenomenal, especially if you’re into making arty / edgy style movies for creative reasons (my favourite filter is the 1920s). Secondly, it is long supported by the developers though they’re not sucking dry the people who originally bought the app as a once-off purchase. The only way we’ll get apps like this again to be common place is if we only subscribe to services that deliver significant content regularly (like streaming services) and turn out backs on apps that initially started off as a once off buy but then changed it into a subscription model basically forcing you into B s subscriptions. It’s a “Greed is Good” mentality and it only works if we let it. Rather, for innovation’s sake, support apps like this, then look into their latest pay once apps and support them that way. Otherwise app tech just stagnates and grows incriminately.
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1 year ago, putermcgee
Used to be good
I won't be as dramatic as other reviewers, but this app really took a nosedive towards the end of 2022. It used to be a fun way to make retro-style videos, and had a unique interface that set it apart from the rest. Now it's as generic as they come. The app/company didn't ruin my life or affect my love for making videos with my phone. It's just a disappointment. I can deal with an interface change, but what finally drove me away from the app was the baffling multi-app release and underhanded move to a subscription model. They released a separate, subscription-based app as the "new version" and then apparently dumped that one and updated the old, paid app to have subscriptions. My options are to update (losing the former originality, and invariably getting pestered with notifications to subscribe in the app), or stick with the old version (and forever have the update pending in the AppStore). Or a third option: give up on them reverting this business model, and just delete the app.
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2 years ago, isskaddiss
Used to be a great app, now less usable
Used this app for years, it was robust, full featured, stable, and best of all was that I paid for it and had all the features. Now my iPhone X can barely run the app for 5 minutes without overheating… This also feels like a predatory update and I believe that it should be against Apple Store developer guidelines… They developed a version 2 of the app (with heavily subscription based features) & released it about a month ago, then took it off the App Store, and instead they decided to force the version 2 onto us (replacing the original, stable, full featured version that I purchased years ago) and now giving us this buggy, over-modernized version with a paywall to get any of the cool new filters/features… we shouldn’t have to pay another 30$ or monthly subscription for the full featured version of an application we purchased years ago. If you want to leave it as it was I think most of us would prefer that to your new app…
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4 years ago, NeithOfTheWays
Worth it!
Worth the money. This is the coolest app I’ve ever bought. The filters are great. The borders are great. The manual jitters are great. It’s easy to upload video to it. You have flash and front-facing camera. It’s an aesthetically pleasing design—and a design that strikes the perfect balance between plenty of effect options and button minimalism for ease of use. Also, there are no pay blocks once you’re in the app like other vintage filter apps (it doesn’t demand you upgrade to a pro service or subscribe to anything; every feature is unlocked). Not disappointed in the least. Will be using this for fun and for art projects.
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6 months ago, Captain_Brandy
The app that you payed for a a “lifetime” of updates by paying for while others used a free version supported by ads thus putting your money towards funding developing the app and that you’ve used maybe 3 times is now a subscription! And the money you payed to help said developer has disappeared. Poof. By clicking “update software” that “needs to be updated” you have hither too forfeited any rights you have payed for henceforth. We “said app developer” have “NO” intention of hoodwinking any future suckers (CURRENT COMPANY EXCLUDED) into throwing their hard earned money into making HD 4K digital video look like it was shot on outdated hardware. I’m sure it has to be constant grueling backbreaking work to update the software. Every month must be so labor intensive I can not believe you are brave enough to charge this monthly fee.
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2 years ago, film8krDude
Great Tool
This allows you to not only shoot within the app, but you can open other videos you shot on your iPhone IN the app. So you can give any video previously shot, a Super-8 “film like “cool look. You can add a film projector sound, film skips (as if you recorded it off a projector as it played on a screen), and you’re able to add some projected film scratches. Try it out, it’s free and you’ll make videos with a very unusual look that you can call your own.
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3 years ago, Pennypalooka;<3
Great product, reliable support
I’ve had this app since I owned an iPhone 3GS. They have continued to support their app throughout the years which is extremely commendable, especially for an app that is just a one time purchase. No microtransactions. The video and filter quality is impeccable. You can record vintage style videos without sacrificing sound or image. 10/10 will always recommend this app as long as the company continues to support it.
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12 months ago, Tangy Goodness
Money hungry!!
So I paid for this app and I’ve had it for a couple years. After not using it recently, I see that they’re making you pay to use extra features? When I first paid for this app there was none of that. And now I have to pay for things that used to be free? This is completely unreasonable! And I’m disappointed in this app!
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1 year ago, 
Having trouble
So I think this app is not exactly easy to use. Clarification on the buttons and what everything means would be helpful…..and also….my biggest complaint is that when you want to spice up a video that was already taken on the iPhone regular camera….the audio does not come over with it. So you can’t edit a video unless it was taken with the app. Kinda strange unless someone can help me with that. It definitely a bummer. This app is a lot of money I should be able to do that with already existing videos. Help please!
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3 years ago, Isaiahtheboyy
The only big complaint I have about this app is how I’m not able to play music from my phone in the background as I use it like I would snapchat, why would it not have that feature? It would be so convenient to film with music! Would be nice if that feature is added!!!
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3 months ago, jeanguyquebec
I actually love it but…
This is app produces beautiful video images. Amazing colors. I actually love it and use it a lot. BUT, the app purposefully removes stabilization when filming, it is so shaky. Looks terrible when filming from a moving vehicle for example. This should be an option, not forced upon us. My phone has IBIS. I would like to take advantage of it. I even enjoy shooting at 18fps because it looks older, but the forced camera shake is unnecessary. Make that an option please. Will gladly change my rating.
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1 year ago, $$$$$$$$M1
Changed app without permission; it’s horrible now
The app developers without asking anyone installed a new version of the app with paywall extras and a weird new interface. I am strongly thinking about deleting this. Where do you save a video? What happened to the buttons? Is this now for selfies? The filters don’t look like they used to. The new app is so bad I recommend people to download alternatives but the disturbing part of all of this is how without any permission, the old app is gone and this replacing it! For privacy violations alone, skip this!
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2 years ago, GimmeDatThang
Long time user and still loving it
Just want to drop a note to say that the app is amazing I’ve been having it feel like forever and it still works as it was intended. And now that the vintage film look is really in.. again.. I’m using it more than ever. Thank you for such an amazing application.
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2 years ago, louloulikbk
Mostly good
As others have said not having a subscription is really great. I do wish I had more control over the amount the filter is applied. It looks great in app but once it gets used online somewhere it’s further reduced in quality making it very pixelated and blurry. If I could tone down the basics like the amount of grain it would be perfect!
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4 years ago, Firing Tank
A couple of suggestions
First off this app is great. What I would like to see though is an option to add retro style camcorder text such as a customizable date and time. It would also be nice to have a different camera modes (portrait, landscape, etc). Other then that is app is amazing.
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4 years ago, Draconis Magnus
One suggestion
Great app. Only suggestion I’d recommend is to have a option for verticals phone recording. Not the video in vertical format but having the phone orientation be vertical to record the video. Sort of like the “old” Flip video recorders if you know what I mean. That would be an awesome improvement.
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10 months ago, Fantasticdaisy
Not Paying Yearly Subscription!
I’ve had this app for a few years and I’ve enjoyed using it. But I really hate when apps go from one time purchase to forcing users into a subscription model. The same thing happened with filmic Pro and even though it’s a great app, I canceled them too and I’m not looking back. Especially with AI coming in hard and fast. This app will likely end up in the waste bin of history anyway. You should’ve treated your long time users better. Goodbye.
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1 year ago, Director Lawrence
The free version did not do as much, but it seemed more straightforward and easier to use. The paid version has some nice features, but seems impossible to work with, and save projects effectively. I end up getting multiple projects saved, but only to the project folder, and not to my video folder. I’m not a technological idiot. This is just clunky.
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4 years ago, Danny_voorhees
Best vintage video app on the appstore!
Looks great and authentic! Only two things id like to be added is a film that looks more true to life in its colors. Second is a realistic film border frame, the one included moves a bit too much and just seems a bit off.
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1 year ago, Shashinka Ichiban
I use to love this app. Sure there were things that could use improving but now it just looks and feels like every other video app out there. Add in subscription!! No thank you. You know, I get it, developers need to monetize, and that people do need to eat for the work they do, but this app offers even less now than the old version. This version doesn’t even have any directions on the changes. Look, some of us just liked the app the way it was. I don’t know why developers have to completely release an all new app under the current name. If you’re going to do such a radical change then just release it as an all new app and leave the current one alone. This new app has killed my love for video entirely.
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4 years ago, arctuuruus
Love this app
I am a lover of old things, especially cameras. I don’t have an 8mm video recorder yet but this is nice. When I see something pretty I can just pull my phone out which is soooo so so convenient. The only thing I want so badly from this app is the option to take photos also. That would be awesome
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5 years ago, Antoneaux
I’ve really gotten into older photography and cinematography lately, but unfortunately developing and scanning old Super 8 reels has become extremely expensive. This app is a perfect alternative to it! The filters are so realistic, and the app is really user friendly. A+
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3 years ago, jessamrich
Good app but wish for different filters...
This is mostly a personal preference. the app is good but I find the filters are just too much and make my videos look bad. I wish there was a way to either change the opacity of the filter or use no filter at all but still have the super 8 / grain look. Or just some more neutral filters would be good.
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4 months ago, killers
Love the old video camera and camera
I love all the filters and video filters you have. Please add old date stamps as well like my old camera puts a nice yellow date stamp. Another feature would be to add the film strip for that kind of film. Regards and keep it up
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5 years ago, Mandypolina101
Fix Music option!
Probably my most favorite app, but honestly I wish I could chose where I’d like the music to play. Like what section I’d prefer for my videos. If there’s a way that could be fixed this app would be perfection.
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4 years ago, 14688473
Too Much film “Artifacts”?!
You used to be able to adjust remove the film grain artifacts for a flawless picture. Now you’re stuck with the cheesy film artifacts/grain noise which defeats the quality look this app once had! What happened? Need to turn that off. Help!
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4 years ago, voeuxie
amazing!!! wish there was a photo option.
This app is amazing a truly captures a vintage look in videos. However, I wish you could also take photos and not just videos. Other than that, it’s great!
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4 years ago, natia.khmaladze
Help! 😭
I just bought this app and it's brilliant, i like effects so much! ❤️ But it doesn't let me edit my old videos, i allowed access but app shows that there is no videos or photos in my gallery 😭 I have iPhone6, what can i do?
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4 years ago, Winter4everz
5 Stars is NOT Enough!!!!
long time Apple for Life person i can’t remember the last time i was moved this much to write a review, i use this app almost every single day to document the my life & my family’s life. i couldn’t be more happy with 8mm if i had to. this right here, this is what’s up. dig! i seriously don’t know why i didn’t do this straight away after first using 8mm consistently. “Blinded by the light” is a perfectly accurate way to put it :) thank you for this gift! keep up the great work!! cheers !! FIVE STARS IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!!
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3 years ago, Johnny peek
Best app but it needs a update
This is the best app for making old videos But it needs a new update so it can be better Try to make this app better with more graphics And more filters and that’s what I need but this app is the best one 👍👍👍
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1 year ago, Jessie is a metalhead
Loving the new update!
So happy that I can edit photos with this app now, I think it’s a wonderful touch! I’m a 60s/70s horror fanatic and I always think those films look best when they look authentically imperfect and grainy.
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6 months ago, TheDarknessManRock
After updating there is an error with cameras that they are blocked. You need to uninstall and download the application again. And the blocking will disappear from all cameras.
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4 years ago, nataushgejan
Great app
Amazing video effects, especially the 8mm 70s one. Would definitely recommend and purchase again. It also saves every clip directly to your photos which is convenient.
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5 months ago, Adelaide_
Doesn’t work - waste of money
This app doesn’t function correctly. I tried uploading videos I’d already shot to add the effects, and it worked once, so I know I have the steps right. However, after that it just stopped working. My videos won’t load in the app and I can’t do anything with them. I’ve quit and restarted several times, with no success. What a waste of money!
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Very Cool App.
Filters are fantastic! It makes your video darn near impossible to detect between a modern video and something out of the 20s! Better than expected, and highly recommended!
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2 years ago, ChiBurga
Cool Effects, Lacking Video Support
I expected to be able to upload a video and watch it, change effects, etc then render it. You basically have to watch the uploaded video (with no sound) with the effect you want on (so many recordings to figure out which effect you want). Not a logical or ideal user experience
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2 years ago, poshsoup
Photos App Rendering
The original release embedded the filters from this camera app into the default photo app editor. This was a very useful feature which is missing in the latest version. This allowed you to apply the 8mm camera app effect to already existing content on your phone without importing and exporting data. (A much faster way to modify photo and video) Can we get the filter render back in the photos app?
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4 years ago, alexaelectra
Microphone sound not working but beautiful filters
Seems like their website is down and they have stopped developing this app, so purchase in vain since the microphone feature seems to be broken. Too bad because I love everything else with the app, but can’t really find any use for it without microphone feature.
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4 years ago, Cali$Ofly
Upload not working
This has been the best 8mm app but for months now, they still haven’t fixed the bug of not being able to upload videos. Whenever you try to upload a video on your library, the app crashes. Please fix! Worth the purchase if all features work properly.
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4 years ago, eric phyo
Amazing but one issue
Can’t export videos from photo library!!! It would be better if I could edit videos captured with original camera or other external videos...😌 Thanks
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2 years ago, Hollywoodgoonie
i loved this app but new update is disgusting
i hate the new UI. also we can no longer film in 480p ? Why? Even if it wasn't a thing "natively", that compression made a huge difference aesthetically. i used this app constantly. now i dont even like to open it. whole different feel now. new interface is soulless. conventional and ugly. can we go back? 😩
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4 years ago, chskland
Just fix it..
This app would be phenomenal if it weren’t for the fact it literally doesn’t work right now. For months they have failed to fix a bug that makes the app crash every time you try to upload your own footage. Will be deleting if it doesn’t get fixed. Do not buy it right now.
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9 months ago, Vhs is cool
Great App
I continue to use it sometimes, mainly the X-PRO filter, which is my favorite. I was wondering. You think you can add a 80s & 90s filter to the app?
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4 years ago, Diegito Soto
Great app
I love everything about this app. Although it would be nice if you guys could add more filters and add an option to reduce the level of dots and flickers
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11 months ago, nnnyctophilia
going to miss this app.
my phone can’t even run it anymore. i miss the old interface, where everything was simplified and very user-friendly. it had just about everything you need with only a few clicks. i first downloaded this app during the covid-19 outbreak & quarantine, and it’s helped me make and transform lots of memories ever since. so it was really sad to see what it came to be. will be uninstalling this app, i have no plans on investing in the “newer and improved” version because of the whole subscription-based system. hope this reaches the developers.
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4 years ago, Abbyfulls
I absolutely love it!!
I adore this app it’s fantastic I love all the different filters and the sound quality is just like the old movies can not rate it high enough!!❤️❤️
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5 years ago, ChristophersRants
I love this app
This is my go to for after editing I use this app to add mood or even production value because the super 8 looks feels authentic looking film project
Show more
2 months ago, DapperSam
New tagged on fees
This use to be the perfect vintage video app, well worth the one time fee that it cost. Now the developers have decided to switch over to the subscription model and make users pay more for tools that were already at our disposal. A shady business practice and deserving of the recent influx of negative reviews.
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