8tracks - Best Playlist Radio

4.3 (1.4K)
46.2 MB
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Current version
BackBeat Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for 8tracks - Best Playlist Radio

4.26 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Tatihana
Actual complaint and free users advice.
8tracks current glitch: putting my account as free user, when I’m a paid user ( for a freaking long time) I loved 8tracks for a long time. When it was free worldwide, my international friends and I would share different playlists that we liked. When they closed their doors to other countries, I was sad but you can’t keep up fees to pay for servers and other things when a free service isn’t given love. When they went to subscriptions I was so freaking relieved, no more ads! For the people complaining about ads, this is one of the cheapest subscriptions that allows you to find music based on your mood, or kind of day you want. If your complaint is that it’s not good enough as a free version, then please don’t even write a complaint. Just skip yourself to another service. A one month subscription costs, less that a normal fancy coffee at Starbucks, less than an allday bus pass in L.A., less than a pack of beer, less than a trip to the movies, and the list goes on. For something that you will enjoy on a daily bases, the 1 month subscription is really affordable. Don’t belittle this app just because you can’t and/or won’t pay for it. It has been worth each month I paid.
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5 years ago, BeccaS03
Advertisement Problems, But Incredible Program
I began using 8tracks a couple of years back and immediately fell in love with the interface and community. I left after the obligatory paid membership introduction, and have once again returned at the announcement of the free-with-ads membership. I do not mind the ads at all, but have been experiencing a problem (both on the app and the website interface) specifically with the Home Depot ad. If the HD ad plays first, the second ad will be silence with no picture of a company, and the timer will sit at 0:30 indefinitely. I am then forced to clear the app and re-enter (iPhone XR) or refresh the page (website) in order to continue listening. A strange problem that I never experienced in my early days of using 8tracks, but not a big enough problem for me to not use the service.
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5 years ago, Raybillzz
ideal music service for me
I have had an account for many years. It’s a truly unique streaming service where the focus is on creating playlists, and the music on the playlists is secret (typically). This allows me to discover new artists and new genres that I wouldn’t have normally decided to listen to. We’re all guilty of listening to the same 10 songs on repeat. 8tracks lets me break free from that cycle. I especially love the playlists that cater to specific fandoms (mostly anything you can think of, there’s a playlists for it. a certain video game, a character, a book... season...). They might not be my preferred music, but it gives me a sense to understand someone else’s interpretation of *insert whatever here*. At some point they imposed a listening limitation that made me stop using the app for awhile, but it seems to have been retracted. This is good, however, I think it’s about time I fork over $30 so i can listen to these playlists without Home Depot ads LOL. Truthfully, it’s a relatively cheap expense, and since I love this app so much I think it’s worth it. My recommendation? If you’re a nerdy, fandom-loving, need to find some niche subject to express via music, or simply an “indie” music lover, this is a great app. Download it and you’ll understand. If you aren’t any of those, there’s still plenty of playlists you can enjoy. Thanks 8tracks for the great times!
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6 years ago, Lol_Punkie
Fav app, until...
I was listening to one of my playlists I made, and then next song stopped playing. It wouldn't let me play the next song at all. I force quit the app, then opened it again, and it kept saying there was an issue loading my account. It kept saying this over and over, and then finally loaded my account, but then said there was an issue loading playlist/track information on every single playlist I tried listening to. Updated the app to see if that would fix it, but now it won't let me in at all, saying "Oops! We had trouble loading your account". Never had this issue before. It's my fav music app so I hope this gets fixed soon.
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5 years ago, katiekjoo
Love 8tracks but app has many issues
I love 8tracks and have been using it to listen to music for several years now. The desktop website works great and rarely has any issues, but there are WAY too many bugs with the mobile app. Unless the app is open, the songs don’t play continuously and I need to click play after every song. This means that every time I want to listen to the next song, I need to unlock my phone, open the app, and click play. This is a major issue especially when in the car, and I’m sure it’s not good for my phone battery either (because I need to keep the screen unlocked and the app open in order to keep songs playing). The layout of the player also has a lot of room for improvement. The play/pause button is so small that I have to try really hard to click it precisely, which again is an issue because of what I mentioned above. I love 8tracks and really want to use it as my main music player, but PLEASE work on improving the app.
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6 years ago, amponce
Terrible new user experience
My process: -Downloaded the app knowing nothing about it. -Tried to auth with google. -After Authentication and accepting privileges for the app to view my basic info, I was redirected to create an account where I was asked to pick a user, add email address, and pass. -Error. Email already in use... -Ok, well then... I’ll click sign in. Prompted with another google auth button.. clicked. -prompted to again accept privileges for 8tracks to view my info. And guess what. I was redirected to create an account yet again. -this time I changed my email address and finally I’m in! -Nope! Instead I’m hit with a product page already trying to up-sell me before I even see what the app has to offer... -Click the X and close the ridiculous modal asking me to pay for an app that I’ve yet to see. -at this point I’m frustrated with everything about this process but I decided to be optimistic and at least try to play something... -clicked on a genre, and then I clicked the first recommendation... -oh... of course. A 30 second ad for something so irrelevant to music or the genre or anything I would give a second thought to. -10 seconds into the ad, I closed the app, deleted it. And wrote this feedback so the marketing team can collect some insight on how new users should be treated and why I feel like one star is too good for this app.
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2 weeks ago, kowaiSUPREME
No fix 1 year later
I wrote a review almost exactly one year ago about being unable to log in to my account on the app. my account is (and has always been) linked to my Google account, and as such I do not have a password for traditional login. They have an integrated “log in with Google” button on the website, and I can log-in fine if I access the site via safari, but—for reasons unknown—it is missing from the actual 8tracks app. In the YEAR since I made that review, this issue has not been fixed. I love this website, I have a lot of nostalgia for the time when it was my main source of music listening, and I regularly check in, wanting to revisit playlists or search something new—only to find that I still can’t access my account. I understand that streaming and hosting a site like this is not a cheap endeavor. I am at a place where (if the functionality and UI weren’t literally impossible to use) I would willingly pay a premium to support the app—if I knew it meant I’d be getting a usable service. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it to anyone in its current state. I’m honestly shocked that it isn’t completely defunct at this point in time. It was a great service about a decade ago, and it’s really disappointing to see it get less and less functional as the years go on.
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6 years ago, Chswdg
Pretty awesome :)
As a user of 8tracks for many years, I’ve been with this app through all the growing pains and I’m so excited to see them coming out on the other side of things unscathed. While many other apps may have given into the temptation to chase dollar bills, 8tracks has hung on to the virtues that made it a great app in the first place- namely putting music and users first. However above all, 8tracks actually listens to its users and seems to be working extremely hard to provide improvements and changes based on the feedback from its users. I absolutely love that. Barring some massive change, 8tracks will remain my go-to app for listening to my favorite playlists and searching for new music :)
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6 years ago, Just... No.
Solid|A haters conversion review
All I can say is, finally. Quality listening app with super unique playlists. The streaming site had a few bumps since their beginning that was sad to witness and they did fall out of favor for me. Now they’re back and for a small price of 4.99 a month you can listen without ads or listen for free with the ads. I think both options are definitely a small price to pay for the unique listening experience that you really can’t get from other streaming sites/apps. I’m happy that I can listen to the playlists I haven’t been able to listen to for a couple of years. 8Tracks is finally back to what made them so great in the first place!
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5 years ago, melekinh
Too buggy to use
I’ve had an 8tracks account for years, and really love it as a way to find and share music. However, the app rarely functions as it should. For one thing, the songs don’t play on their own. I have to individually press play on every song, and unless I have the app open, the ads between the songs won’t play. I used to listen to playlists on 8tracks while driving, but now that I have to manually play everything, I’m unable to do that. I also had a premium subscription for a while, but got rid of it because the app still functioned as though I hadn’t, making me listen to ads anyway. I’ve been a supporter of 8tracks through the years, and I appreciate all the work that’s gone into keeping it running, but I’m not going to pay for, or even continue to use a product that just... doesn’t function.
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2 years ago, Liv-G
Bare bones
Always loved 8tracks, barring the changes tp subscription and all that fallout, and tbh i still like it. However, ever since it was shut down and brought back it seems things are missing? On the app I can’t search a tag AND sort it by newest/popular like before. Playlists in a tag seem to be in some random order. Also om the app activity text is missing on profiles are missing or in white font as to be unreadable. Only links are readable. Not to mention the bot accounts and hacked faq and who knows what else thanks to t-w. Im glad its still mostly working, and usable as an archive for playlists from years back, but im really terrified for the day the site is ruined beyond repair and its all lost. If who ever is doing bug support could reach out and show there’s SOME life working on this app still that’d be great.
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4 years ago, Canasoda
A Final Goodbye
I’ve been using 8tracks for a little over 3 years and I’m very grateful for it. It was a little frustrating once there was a time limit on how much we could listen, but once that was removed, everything became great again. I’ve discovered so many different types of music and artists through 8tracks that I wouldn’t have otherwise and I’m extremely sad to see it go. 8tracks has a great variety of music to listen to and the search option really helped me narrow down what I wanted to hear (whether it be based on my current mood, on the weather or fandom based). That being said, thank you 8tracks, for the wonderful years of music 💙
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7 years ago, jane.taylor
Great collection of playlists!
I enjoy this app a lot, even with the recent change to one free hour of music a week, but I can't seem to get the app to work on my phone. I have an iPhone 6S, and after an update a month or so ago the app stopped playing playlists. The updates since then haven't fixed it, and I've tried all the solutions suggested on the help page. The app still works on my iPhone 5S (I decided to stop updating it until it started working on my 6S again though). I'm not sure if this is happening to other users as well. This happened a while ago as well, but it was eventually fixed with one of the updates, so hopefully this time it will be fixed as well! On a more positive note, I really love the set up of the app. It's so fun to listen to playlists that fit into such a wide variety of categories, and know that each one is full of songs that someone loved and put together. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app!! UPDATE: The problem has since been fixed, and I’m enjoying the app again!
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6 years ago, Kaserl
It’s Great
I love this app, even with the decreased number of new playlists since a lot of people jumped ship after the listening limits were imposed. I have a Plus subscription, though, and plan to keep using it as long as I can. My only real issue is that the option to stop playback at the end of a playlist was recently removed from the mobile app. I used that particular sleep timer every time I listened to a playlist, and using the app without it is a little annoying. I’d love to either have that sleep timer back or an option like on the website to automatically stop playback at the end of every playlist.
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5 years ago, Ellamcd12
Great app! Only one complaint....
This is an amazing app and I love it so much it’s a great way to share music and find different kinds of music you can listen to I love it so much, expect for the fact that you can’t listen to same playlist more than once if you want to listen to that playlist again you have to wait 8 HOURS! Which I think is unnecessary and it’s my only complaint I really want to bring attention to this and I hope this is something that can be fixed soon!
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6 years ago, Xxmissalicia
Thank you 8tracks!
This has been my all time favorite music site/app since 2009!!! (before the ads!!!) This is where I would go to get lost... to find new music, my favorite artists have been discovered here. THANK YOU so much for bringing back unlimited listening time! I’m so excited to start discovering new music again. One tiny suggestion: when searching for playlists using the tags can there be an option on how the playlists are filtered? Sometimes I wish I could pull up playlists that are brand new, just added. I can’t seem to figure out a way to do that! Thanks for everything!!
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6 years ago, jessiuss
I missed 8tracks
I redownloaded this app cause i heard they got rid of the pay to listen stuff but i cant even log in. I tried to log in with facebook, but it just loops me. I click log in with FB, it takes me to a safari-looking page (but im still in the app) that asks me to login with facebook, i click ,it redirects me to the FB app, i click yes log me into 8tracks, it says ok, and we’ll send u back to 8tracks too, then sends me back to the safari-looking page without logging me in. Great app. [edit] i was able to log in on desktop, then change my pass and log in on phone from there, so its cool, but it still needs fixing. Haven't used app yet, but things are looking up. Changed the rating to something less terrible.
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6 years ago, cmp621
8tracks is my favorite app
I’ve been listening through 8tracks for a few years now and I must say that it is my all time favorite app for music. I tried other apps but nothing really compared. 8tracks really cares about its community, and listens to its concerns. I have never had a way to listen to music that so perfectly fits my mood before I had 8tracks. There are playlists for literally everything. I’m sad that 8tracks is not yet available outside of the U.S. & Canada, but will continue to use 8tracks for as long as possible!!! Thank you for creating such a fulfilling music experience. 😄
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5 years ago, Tella Thorn
I love exploring music on this app. Every genre and sub-genre never fails me to listen in to someone else’s playlist and become immersed in their taste of music. I have found great instrumental soundtracks for studying that on occasion I’ll listen to clean my room or write me book. With a few complications that the soundtrack can only be played once after 8 hours, I enjoy the star button on each track that helps me catalog new catchy songs. I have been using this app for more than 3 years and I cannot be thankful enough to have found this diverse and interconnected app.
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2 years ago, theoddguy
Unusable. (Both iOS app and website.)
As other reviewers have said, emails to 8tracks support go unanswered. I hate leaving a negative review on what was formerly my favorite music streaming platform, but the team has left critical bugs in place for months that have left the platform unusable for us. I will not list the bugs I’m encountering because if any of the support or engineering personnel cared at all about their product, they’d use the product and see these bugs for themselves. But they don’t use the product. They don’t care. So it’s time to say goodbye to 8tracks. What a sad legacy to leave. At least have the courage to know when to throw in the towel; Leaving a mortally-broken piece of software online is just pathetic and demonstrates how little you care.
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6 years ago, BrookeAnaKing
Has problems
I love this app and everything, but somethings need to be fixed and added to make this worth $5 a month. 1st I can’t upload my profile pic (no matter what picture I use) which is REALLY frustrating and 2nd you should be able to make playlists on the app as well and not just on the computer. Also, it’s really annoying to have to go to your computer when you have the app right there in your hand. You should also be able to edit your profile on the computer site too (don’t know if you actually can though, I’ve been looking and haven’t found any button for it). So yeah....other than that, pretty good app.
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6 years ago, the_OG_danklin
Fav streaming service
Why? User created playlists offer a broad selection of great tunes and an easy way to find new stuff. Less ads more music. Are there downsides? Yes. To me they are that you can only listen to a playlist once in 24 hours which I could do without but it does force me to find new stuff. The search functions could be better. And I still don’t know how to create my own playlists. Other than that it’s one of few apps I’d rate five starts. Been on 8tracks for a solid few years and never been disappointed.
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6 years ago, Misselsalouise
Love this site!
I have been using 8tracks since 2010 (wow!). I love this site. I have found so many new artists I enjoy but I also have found playlists that speak to me more than albums by my favorite musicians. The study playlists I found honestly got me through college. I turned to some more angsty playlists to get me through my first year of teaching. Now, I turn to 8tracks all the time. I only have ever had to contact support from 8tracks once and it was the best customer service I have ever had-prompt, personal, correct. I love 8tracks.
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7 years ago, Ravenesta
Weird music for the weird soul
I’ve used 8tracks since my freshman year of high school and beyond, for writing inspiration, for homework, for background noise, etc. Almost all of my favourite artists today, I’ve found through some weird aesthetic playlist in the back-end of a search tag. Despite some clunky UI and the occasional bizarre glitch, it’s overall a smooth and incredible service, and well worth the price for exposure to so much good music. Just glad I’ve got the space for it on my phone again!
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4 years ago, tw_185
Feels like home!
I am absolutely thrilled for the return of 8tracks this year! I have been a DJ on the site for over seven years and have loved every minute of being a part of the community. You can really tell just how much the founders and team really cares about this project on both the desktop and mobile versions. The app is perfectly simple and allows the user to find old and new mixes to enjoy from their handheld device. Looking forward to more updates in the 8tracks community and app in the future:)
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2 years ago, JEB987654321
I used to love a tracks, but for months and months I am unable to consistently select a new playlist to start playing. It wants to play its own selection and its own order. Text Support I suggest to uninstall and reinstall the app. This will allow me to select a playlist, however it will continue playing its own order after that and will not allow me to change playlists on my own. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app every time I want to change playlists is not a solution. Really hoping I can get actual tech-support beyond automated messages soon.
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5 years ago, Secutina
Amazing App!
I've been using 8tracks for 5 years now and haven't missed making a monthly playlist since I started. This app is so simple to use and works wonderfully. I always discover new music on here very easily, but the best part is being able to play my own playlist through this app without downloading them onto my phone and taking up space. The only option I think would be super rad would be a shuffle option for all of my playlist songs. THAT WOULD BE SO GREAT. Keep up the great work guys!!
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4 years ago, Ugggghh
All stars
Let me start my saying that I don't even write review but i LOVED this app so much that I don't even know what made you guys think to make these decision and changes. I'm so disappointed because you guys will be loosing most of your audience to freakin pandora, fees are ridiculous for people that just want to enjoy music. I will be instilling your app from my devices & I hope you guys rethink you're decisions. I really hope I can re-install this app in the future with it being as it used to be before.
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2 years ago, Periwinkle24
My favorite music app, turned into a massive disappointment.
I hate leaving a negative review for something I just want to support, it’s still my go-to source for good music, but I feel like an idiot, paying for a Plus account only to be completely unable to upload new music, and being completely ignored when I ask for help. I literally just want to support a site/app that I was really sad to see shut down, and thrilled to see come back. I know I’m not the only person who still loves 8tracks, but with all this, its turning away more and more people. PLEASE fix this, because the Contact Us section of the site literally is unusable and no one will answer my emails requesting help.
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6 years ago, kaylaluvbug
Favorite Music App!!!!
I’ve had this app for years. I downloaded it before they had the whole pay to listen thing, and it was my favorite way to find new songs because there’s so much there that people have never heard. I was so disappointed when they started limiting how much music you can listen to, but of course I still used the app as much as I could. I’m so excited that unlimited listening is back!!! Can’t wait to see where the next updates take us.
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3 years ago, Ace28471958
Fav music app since day 1 ish
8tracks is a great idea, not just algorithms picking your music, it’s playlists people make and you sort through those. Tags and individual (real) people make mixes. Can get a generic thing or a really awesome creation, almost like the person’s mix on 8tracks is an album itself. Found some of my fav music on here, so bring on some new playlists people it’s nice to share xD could also take my own advice and make a mix or two...fine
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6 years ago, DarkaLarka
Do plus subscribers have to listen to ads?
I just got your email about the new free listening and I’m hoping the answer is no. I use 8tracks when writing and drawing so to suddenly hear an ad will kinda break my focus. I haven’t been using the app as much with little time for it so I haven’t tested it yet but I’ve been a plus subscriber for over a year now so I hope I don’t have to hear the ads! (Though yay for you guys!! I’m glad you’re on the up and up I love you guys)
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6 years ago, Clary Manning
Terrible (No longer terrible!)
I used to love this app, I found some of my favorite artists because of this app. All of a sudden I have 1 hour of listening per WEEK. I uninstalled the app and will find something else to listen to music with. Update: I got an email today that all listening limits were gone. Unlimited listening, how it was before! I’m so excited and immediately downloaded the app. I’m so happy to start exploring the app and new music again.
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6 years ago, FlameShaow
good but needs work
Good app, glad they fixed the old issues. That said! These new audio ads are fine and all, but instead of just interrupting playlists, they're actually skipping songs! If I click on the playlist I want to hear all of the songs in it and these new ads (be they actual advertisments or those weird replacement song ads that I hate) are literally ruining the craftsmanship that people tend to put into these playlists re: mood and song order. Ads are fine, but fix them so they don't delete our songs.
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5 years ago, Black_Rabbit143
Really good but has its flaws
I’ve been a long time user/member of 8tracks and have loved a lot of the music on there! My only big issue is as of recent, I would have to hit play after EVERY song and that’s an issue because I use this app to help me sleep. I’ve reported it to Support or “Chris” twice and have gotten the same “ reinstall the app or restart your phone” script email in reply. I really love this app but might not be using it for much longer if the playback issue isn’t resolved soon.
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6 years ago, symphonietta
Perfect on WiFi, Doesn’t Work on Data
I’ve been using 8tracks for years, making and sharing tons of playlist. The desktop and mobile versions are great except one thing, when I leave my house and don’t have access to data, I constantly get a notice that there’s something wrong and it can’t play music. I wanted to upgrade to unlimited listening, by if I can’t listen outside of work/home i.e. when I’m driving on road trips, I don’t think I will. Is this just me??
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5 years ago, Yuh Yee Yee
Issues with player
Love this app - I’ve used this app for a of couple years now! I always recommend it to friends when I get the chance. However there’s a new glitch, you’re not able to continue a playlist when the next song on the list won’t start. Each time this has happened I had to open the app up and hit the play button for each song. Other than that everything else works great!
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5 months ago, Gizonzille107
So Slow and Difficult to Use
My goodness, I've spent three hours straight trying to upload my own playlist using mp3 files, but the website and app are horribly slow. I've managed to wait out the long loading pages, but uploading songs give me issues as well. It always tells me there's been an error too, and I've looked everywhere to find a solution. All other solutions fail too. I don't know if I'm using this app correctly but there aren't great options online to find out how to properly work this. Apparently I'm the only user having this issue and it's very frustrating :(
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7 years ago, Dlh19003
It's Like All the Music of the World in One Place
Where else can I find a 21st century K-Pop cut and a Korean pop song from the 1950's in the same place? 8tracks has music I would have never heard otherwise. There are cuts from my favorite 60's groups that I never knew existed. From ABBA to ZZ Top and their counterparts from around the world. They are all here. Everyone likes free, but this is still a steal for less than a cup of Starbucks joe each month.
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2 years ago, incensive
Have to reset app to start a different playlist (Not sure how to report software bug)
I love the app, but I’ve noticed it’s quite buggy. When I listen to one playlist and look back at my search options, it doesn’t allow me to hit play on a different playlist, even if I click into the playlist; there is no play button anywhere. It only resets if I restart the app, and the play button appears again. It’s an inconvenience, and a bug to be fixed.
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7 years ago, Saraminicoop
5 stars to 1 to 5
I, like many of you, was outraged and disappointed when 8tracks ended its free unlimited listening. I deleted the app and tried to find solace in its competitors. I tried every music app's free version out there, and yet, here I am back at 8tracks. It really has the best music. And when you think of it, is $30/year, or $2.50/month really that much for unlimited listening of the best music? Nope. Not at all. I'm happy to be back!
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5 years ago, TheFancyRascal
It's really improved!
I love the way the commercials are now it's really more enjoyable than the limited listening time. Something I would like to request is if users can put playlist in different folders that are public to Users (maybe just like another tab on a person's profile) Also having back covers so it could feel even more like an album would be neat.
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5 years ago, Excellent714
These creeps had a data breach of passwords and email addresses and failed to ever notify me. My information was stolen from 8 Tracks due to irresponsible lack of security AND THEY NEVER TOLD ME. I just discovered this today from a different credit source. Millions of people’s information was taken and any of you could be sharing your password and email with the thieves and not even know it. There are ways to find out what these scammers won’t tell you. Stay away from 8 tracks totally. The app is not safe and your data has been given or stolen. Look online as there are sites that will tell you by email address if it’s been compromised.
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5 years ago, Mathwiz232
Bugs introduced in latest updates
The most recent updates have introduced new bugs into the app. The songs no longer auto play, so I have to go into the app and hit play each time. This unfortunately makes the app basically unusable, since I want the music to seamlessly play in the background without interruption. Even though I’ve had an annual subscription for a while, 8tracks auto cancelled it instead of auto renewing it. Having to set that up again is annoying. The ads are super buggy! The app plays the audio for the ad over the music, so that both are playing at once. Also, the layout for the ad is super messy and most of the time there is no ad image or video at all. I won’t be renewing my subscription until the bugs are fixed!
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6 years ago, MettatonEX
Unlimited again!
Now that the time limit per week is no longer in use anymore I will resume to use this app as liberally as I did before the limit was put in place. I'm glad that the developers got the money that they did, and one day I hope to become a member too. A really great app and I'm glad I can use it as much as before again because this is my favorite music streaming app.
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5 years ago, Jimb011223345
Good concept
Great concept but could be better. Ads are annoying but of course they have to be in there so they can keep up with pandora and the like. It would be a lot better if you see the entire list of songs on whatever playlist you’re listening to. I would use it a lot more if that feature was added and would maybe buy the premium service.
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5 years ago, mgarcia6373
This app is kind of trash now. I mean the playlists are great, but everytime an ad plays, it completely pauses the music and doesn’t play it again after, which is pretty annoying when I’m listening to music while cleaning or taking a shower or studying. And it has a lot of glitches. The app is constantly closing, it’ll skip music even when I didn’t press the skip button, and a lot of the times my liked playlists won’t show up until I close the app and try again.
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5 years ago, jshshshehddh
Old User
I uploaded a bunch of really good playlists back in 2010 and it was a good way to get what I was doing with music out there. Some of my fondest memories were finding the next unknown underground hit other services just pass by used in an artistic display that blends the perfect mix. Some of the playlists create a story where otherwise unrelated songs feed off of each other.
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5 years ago, VoxGirl67
Can’t leave the app?
I can’t “minimize” the 8tracks app or put my phone on standby to listen while I work, because the playlist will stop after each song. So either I open my phone every time a new song starts to hit play, or I leave the app up the whole time, which is a huge drain on my battery. 8tracks should also do more to equalize the volume between songs, because some are very quiet and the next blows my eardrums out. Maybe go for an app update that’s not a year old?
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5 years ago, MacGeek93
14 days? Disappointed
Used to be a big fan of this service, after it went to paid only I was no longer a part of it. So I saw an add promoting 8tracks, because I was familiar with the app I went to check and see if they had gotten away from only paid subscriptions. I was really excited that the description in about the most recent update said free listening was available again. Unfortunately, right after creating an account I get a pop up saying it’s only free for 14 days. Incredibly disappointed, and I think it’s incredibly wrong to state free listening is back only to get more downloads.
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