911 Operator

4.5 (1.5K)
218.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Games Operators
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for 911 Operator

4.49 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Veggieleezy
Enjoyable game, one big problem and one smaller problem.
I’ve been hoping this game would come out on iOS, and I quite like it so far. But I really wish the sound options were more clear. Mute Operator? Does that mean mute the player’s voice? Muffle Normal Calls? Does that mean you’ll hear “mwamp mwamp mwamp” rather than voices when you receive calls? And why is there no option to mute the radio chatter, which gets repetitive within the first three minutes of a round and never ends, without also muting your units? These aren’t explained and I feel like they ought to be. That’s really my only big problem so far. There is a learning curve and you’ve got to put yourself in the mindset of someone on that end of those phone calls, which is really interesting. Also, it’s really cool to see so many towns and cities across the world. However I would personally prefer there was a loading bar rather than the spinner when downloading maps. I feel like it’d make it a bit clearer if the game was still downloading the map or if it were just stuck.
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3 years ago, Jdvera731
Pretty good game but gave up due to money issues
Hey so the was very good and scenarios are pretty realistic and pretty good emergency vehicles and equipment however there is one issue I had it’s the money I get that if you’re making the pay realistic but whenever I play and finished the duty the pay for some reason it keeps getting short I don’t know whether of the penalties I had for missing calls,making wrong decisions,etc but it was negative which I can’t be able to spend and the one time i send all my units to one scene and most of the paramedics are injured and since I had less I gave up on it I tried to do other maps but then got bored out from having few units especially with a significant amount of units and equipment I hate to say this but can you either make the pay remain positive,make a money cost shop,or unlimited money from the expansion I understand you’re mostly developing focus on 112 operator but can you think you put all the expansions here too?
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7 years ago, PackPride22
Good game, could use some improvements
Overall I really like this game, it’s challenging and make you think about each individual call and what units you should send. The ability to download any city and play on that map is another really cool feature, I like playing in my own town. I would suggest a few things that could use improving: Some levels are so challenging, even on easy, that it’s almost impossible to not get fired. While I can appreciate a challenge, if you get fired and have to repeat the level, you do not get to keep any of the money from that level that could toward buying more emergency assets, so you revert back to the money you had before. It would be nice if you could keep that money so as to help defeat that level next time. I can’t believe I’m saying this: but I would like to see an option in the DLC for more money. Maybe $50,000 for $.99? $100,000 for $1.99? Also, be aware that this game, at least on my iOS 11.2 on a iPhone 6S plus, is a complete battery killer over a short amount of time. I’ve also found the phone heats up to a noticeable level that makes me a little nervous. Again, could just be my phone, but I’m sure this is a major GPU and processor hog that is accounting for that. Other than that I really enjoy the game, it is a lot of fun and I look forward to future updates.
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3 years ago, Hypnopathic
Very fun!
It’s really fun to play! I enjoy playing as the dispatcher a lot, and it’s especially fun when you download your own city. The Voice Calls are fun, there’s actually quite a few, and there’s lots of different incidents that happen. My favorite part is that you can switch between the call and your dispatcher map screen so you can direct the emergency vehicles while chatting with the caller, adds a bit to the realism. The touch does get a bit wonky from time to time and I find some of my units won’t attach to the incident I’m trying to direct it and it stops beside it and it eventually fades or the vehicle goes where I tap instead of drag and makes it hard to direct them. Last complaint is it’s hard to establish how many units are on top of each other if they are the same when looking at the map. Spend a couple hours here and there playing. Worth the money, great app.
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6 years ago, thebesttjj09
Fun but...
This game can be really fun but it is a ton of information for one little screen. I’m currently working in Boston and having to handle the Boston riots. Around a riot is a ton of different crimes/emergencies happening so you can’t even tell where each unit is and what is happening there. Therefore, it is extremely frustrating when getting a call from the national guard to return all units to their stations and you can’t because of all the on screen information. Failed this part of the game probably four times now (that’s about an hour or so of gameplay!!!) and it’s not because I can’t handle everything or I’m not good enough to pass it. It’s simply because of all the info in one area of the map that even when you do command someone to leave their area you get a “we can’t do that now.” You’d think they have just a button next to each unit on the incident screen (incident screen tells the state of each unit... whether they are fighting, off duty, injured) to tell them to report to their station.
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4 years ago, rickmyred
Love the game, but iOS version needs a little work
I LOVE this game on my PC. So when I saw it was available on my phone, I immediately bought it, along with all of the add-ones. After just a little while playing, I’m noticing a few issues. 1) When trying to recruit new employees from the Shop screen, clicking on their faces displays their stats, but you can read most of the stats because the text box appears partially off the left side of the screen. So a whole lot of it is cut off. 2) It is tough to route a vehicle from one side of the map to an incident on the other side of the map because the Portrait orientation only allows you to see a limited portion of the map, even when you’re zoomed all the way out. Maybe allow us to either zoom out even further or try Landscape mode maybe? 3) The number of calls seem to ramp up way faster than in the PC version, even on normal mode. I had WAAAAY more calls than I could handle with my initial teams in the beginning of the game. I don’t remember that happening right away in the PC version. It was tough but manageable, and it got tougher as it went on. But I was also then able to afford more units and equipment to handle it. The iOS version just seems to start off in ludicrous speed. Those are the main things I can think of right now. I am still really enjoying the game. I just think it could maybe use a few tweaks to make it even better.
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4 years ago, Joel145
New Update
Absolutely love this game and I am especially excited with the new update. A problem though with the new update is I am playing on Expert mode, on chapter four of the first map allowed, and there is a earthquake event. At the end of the shift, my game will be stuck in an indefinite time of waiting for it to clear to move on. I get new updates mean new bugs, I just wanted to point out this bug that does not allow you to advance at this particular event. Edit: Chapter 4 Earthquake sequences on any map is not loading when you complete it. You can’t go onto the next day as referenced earlier. New edit: Still cannot get pass the earthquake scenarios at all! I love this game, I just want to be able to play it to it’s full extent but it won’t allow me to move onto the next shift after completing the single city run on the hardest setting when it reaches the earthquake scenario. I get stuck in a loop that says, “Please wait...” but it never passes through.
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5 years ago, GTARolplayer
Game’s Great, but it Needs More Chapters
I think the game is awesome in general, but it does need some work. First of all, when the units get too close to the incidents or calls, but they aren’t actually “on-scene”, I can’t even re-route them to the incident because the incident overlaps the unit. Also, I really think that the game needs more chapters in career mode. Sure, there are 6 chapters and it gets harder, but personally, I think there needs to be just a few more, I don’t want to have to redo the career mode and deal with the same stuff, it gets boring. But still, great game and keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, ImSoFunnyAnt
read 2nd paragraph for suggestions
I love the game I don’t have a problem with it but I just spent $13 on the game and 1 and 3 dollar items because I bought the dlc on the lite version thinking it would transfer them to the real version but it didn’t I would enjoy it if you fix that and I agree that I should’ve checked the original and bout them on the real game first just to be cautious but no one should have to deal with that. Other than that I actually would also think it would be cool to have a sandbox mode so I can start with the stuff I would want and have as much money I need and put in a part where you can put your own situations and calls at specific times and places also it’d be nice to be able to get this on another divide and still have all my data and add one
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6 years ago, ThinColdLine
This is better than the TV show!
As a 911 dispatcher, I eagerly awaited for this game to be available on iOS. I needed something to help keep my mind awake during the (I won’t say the ‘q’ word) moments of the night. Within the first 5 minutes of playing this game, I realized just how realistic it is. I dispatch units to a call and they take FOREVER to go enroute, just like in real life. I also really find it comforting when I have more calls pending than I have units available. Is it because of staffing shortages or lack of public funding? The world may never know... Getting up on is also one of my favorite experiences. Being able to call someone an idiot sandwich without getting written up is an added bonus. Plus, no denied vacation or forced overtime. Can this game be real life?
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6 years ago, Motiv3One
Touch Screen Fail
The game concept is great and the use of actual actor recordings for the voice calls brings a nice touch of realism. However, this game is killed by a very problematic touch screen interaction. When I send a unit to an incident, 75% of the time the unit gets on the block, they show they have “spotted” the incident, and they get right next to it but aren’t actually “on-scene” handling the issue. This is because i directed them to an area that is literally 2mm away from the incident. With touch screen, it’s really difficult to be that exact and once the unit is so close to the accident, the icons actually overlap so it’s now impossible to correct the problem. Even when you zoom in, the icons stay the same size so the issue remains. The icons should resize based on the amount of zoom. The game is unplayable because of this issue.
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9 months ago, jaime-rivera
Love it, but needs work.
This game truly is fun and an intuitive experience; however, on iPhone 14 Pro and I’m sure other devices equipped with the notch or dynamic island, are improperly optimized and are not displaying correctly. The notch or dynamic island in my case impedes certain aspects such as assigning personnel, assigning vehicles, and tools. I hope this issue can be resolved soon, as it does severely hinder playing on smaller screened devices. I also do play on my iPad which has no issues due the screen size being optimized properly. Even with all said, love the game and hope to keep playing till I can’t! 😆
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5 years ago, Rigyogy
Recommend over all
I can’t even say how terrific this game is. The game has smooth gameplay, great calls and awesome elements and DLCs. The 911 calls are so detailed. In the calls you hear things in the back, you here situations and there are a bunch! The squad selection is great and the gameplay has just the amount of difficulty. The DLCs are definitely not expensive either. They do not go over $4 and that’s great. The calls have many different endings and the choice is yours. I really recommend this game over everything on the App Store. This is the only game I’ve given 5 stars to in my life and probably the only one I ever will!
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4 years ago, officer Jackson. NYPD
It’s ok but there is one big PROBLEM it needs an update
I love the calls on there I wish there was more because I here the same people a lot . I think things in the game should be cheaper as vehicles and guns. But the big problem is that if you ever have someone die it’s going to be hard to work even on easy mode I tried this in I bought some new people for my company and they would always say invalid invalid teams and I would have to reset my game in order to play it again I love this game but if that one problem gets fixed it will be one of my favorite mobile games and you’ll get a five star review this game has really good potential I wish I was an update soon. PS make the vehicles in cosmetics cheaper.
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5 years ago, KPToddman
Please add this!
Amazing game. I think you should add something like an active shooter special event to the game. There should be multiple reports of the same thing, only in different places, where it might not actually be. There should be calls where you hear people are panicking, shot, or just eerie silence. I also think that with this, there should be an officer killed in this, so there is a radio transmissions of the officer down, and his last words as he dies on the radio. I also think you should add SWAT gear and increase the amount of items a team member can hold. Please add these!
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5 years ago, Keloj85
Progress Storage
I want to say first that this is a great app, I never had a issue with the app. It’s great in multitasking. Although I do suggest one thing, for the users to login into Facebook through the app to save their progress. Whenever I get a new phone or phone reset and have to download the phone app again and have to start over. Can you guys consider this?
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4 years ago, swissed_up
This game is AMAZING in my mind this game is perfect ( I literally know nothing about 911 so I’m not an accurate source of data ) some of the calls can be a bit scary like the hostage where you here people in the background and no talking. It can also be a bit funny like some of the prank calls I also love just the calls in general idk why. Some suggestions I think there could be some more calls because I get sick of one call after hearing it 5 time in thirty minutes. And make more emergency’s and free vehicles.
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6 months ago, Mr. Hagrid
Might be abandoned
The game is a fantastic dispatch simulator but desperately needs some minor updates and fixes. The game still runs just fine but the graphics/ui have never been updated to accommodate for different screen shapes so things end up getting covered or cut off by the Dynamic Island and stretched out by the taller aspect ratios of newer phones. I get the game was finished long ago, but the last update was over four years ago. I feel like a minor update to fix display issues isn’t too much to ask for, especially since it’s still being sold and theoretically generating profit with little overhead now that development has finished.
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5 years ago, OKOK1212121
I really enjoy the game... but.
This game is extremely realistic, fun and addicting. To go with the realism it would be great if you could add a female dispatcher voice. Also, to focus on suicide prevention, perhaps a call from someone who may have suicidal thoughts. The game provides tips on cpr and other medical emergencies. It would be nice to step into the shoes of someone who has to speak with a person having suicidal thoughts. Also to read the tips on what to do if you know someone who is suicidal. Food for thought.
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4 years ago, 【´• ‸ •`】
AWSOME But some problems
I have downloaded the LITE version and made me want to pay and download this game however I have no regrets of downloading but for some reason the game crashes a lot making me lose my progress when I’m in the middle of playing a round, this is a slight issue I have that it crashes a lot but besides that I recommend this game a lot! So I don’t know if this crashing issue is just my phone or it’s a app issue.
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6 years ago, Chipsonic
Endless strategy game
This game has so many nice features that it’s hard to put down. Even if you’ve completed the career just search up your home town and keep playing. This game also have a long list of calls, with differ ways to approach them as well as DLC (in the forum of in app purchases) that extend the useable resources and calls in the game. To wrap it up this game is fun and engaging, plus with 5 extra bucks you can add more to your game.
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1 year ago, huhujhu
Very much worth the price.
I bought this game a few days ago, and I do net regret pay 5$ for it. With the recommendations, what to do during an emergency loading screen, and it’s realistic calls and aspects, it is a very fun game. If you download the Lite version, it can also give you a good perspective on what this game feels like. Definite 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Whistling Pete
Needs to be optimized for IPhone 13 mini
I remember this game fondly. I played the demo on my old phone and it was really cool the first time around. However, once I bought the full game in my new phone, I noticed the tip of the screen is blocked by the camera. On top of that, the game’s resolution is also way lower than you’d expect. Please update it! Great gameplay though, I recommend this for anyone who wants some good, quick stories.
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7 years ago, Saboteur163
Solid Game
This game is really fun. They released it for Xbox and mobile not too long ago. The Xbox version didn’t have any sound according to reviews but this one definitely does. Getting the call of shots fired quickly grabs your attention. Sometimes it’s hard to touch things since there’s a lot of info on a small screen but overall great game.
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4 years ago, wylmcc
This is a somewhat cool concept and it’s benefitted by the ability to play in your own city. But the execution is poor. It simply becomes a time management game, and not a very strong one at that. The central selling point of dealing with 911 calls is actually only a side game. You don’t get many calls and there is very little consequence for responding incorrectly. Most of the time, the game just takes over and asks the right question. The remainder of the game is sending units to calls and hoping they are positioned correctly. The central premise is complicated by the poor user interface that just doesn’t work on the small screen. If you have an emergency on the west side of town and a police car on the East, you can’t get them to the location because you can’t scroll the map. In all it’s just clunky and not worth the price.
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6 years ago, Dsbizz
Amazing game
I love strategy/simulation games and I feel like the App Store doesn’t have that many good ones. This is by far the top five must have strategy games to have on iOS. I find myself playing endlessly and forgetting what time it is. It also doesn’t drain as much battery as I thought. I do wish it wasn’t as repetitive and had more unique scenarios
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7 years ago, CeontreS
I’m surprised isn’t that popular on that App Store yet because it’s incredibly fun. Mad props to the developers. I like getting that feeling when I call comes in for help and I can feel for the individual on the line as if it’s real, it’s weird but I’m attached to this game. I wish there were way more phone call scenarios but I know it’s new, keep it up guys and gals!!
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2 years ago, MyExDumpedMeForATrashCan
Amazing game and great time passer
I saw this game from a few YouTubers playing it on their computer, and I gotta say it’s the best game I’ve ever downloaded. Even though it costs 5 bucks that really nothing and jeez was this game fun. It’s a little tricky but fun when you get the hang of it I highly recommend it. 5 star game by far.
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6 years ago, evonne1208
The app keeps loading
I am not sure what’s wrong with it. The game keeps loading the map and couldn’t be started. Thanks for your response. It’s the newest version. I solved the problem by reinstalling the game and disabling it to get my location and downloading the map of the city. BTW. It’s a great game. I already changed the rating.
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2 years ago, no0b45
Good but…
This game was great. I loved it, until I started to get bored. However that was an easy fix, just buy one of the DLCs. So I bought the every life matters dlc. And I got none of it. No prison van, no pepper spray, and no riot gear. Good game but please fix this glitch. The sad part is that I used to be able to get pepper spray after I bought this. Then one day I just could not get it. And don’t tell me to delete and reinstall, or to hit restore purchases. I’ve done all of that. Plz help
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6 years ago, Drews104
One of the best games I’ve ever played
My only complaint about this game is the money and how u don’t start off with a lot and it’s difficult to get better vehicles without selling other vehicles. Can we just start off with a little bit more money? Aside from that don’t change anything it’s awesome
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5 years ago, usamarcos123
What a good game buuuuut.
Ok one I get a officer to a site that requires a officer to the area and there’s 4 suspects then I get a other accident I deploy a officer to the location and there another 4 suspects as I have a unit left. Can you guys add a button for the other unit could go put them in jail while the other is taking over there position.
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2 years ago, Bradfordpunk
Awful on IOS. You can’t manage your teams. It says “invalid team” but theres no way to fix it. You purchase things but it doesn’t show up, just takes the money. You can’t zoom out to see the city. There is no way to see where the hospitals and police stations are. The icons are on top of each other so you can’t the right resource. There are no directions on how to anything. There is not much good about this app. Awesome concept but complete lack of execution.
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4 years ago, Play123987
Great Game but one big bug
This game is awesome. But on the mobile version for iOS there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete a team. I needed more fire vehicles so sold about 4 existing police vehicles to buy 2 fire vehicles, which left me with 2 blank teams (no vehicles). Now I don’t have enough money to buy any more vehicles and I can’t delete the 2 blank teams, so I can’t play any more and have to start over.
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5 years ago, OreDiamond
Amazing Game Just Hard To Multi-Task
This game has to be one of the best games on the App Store!! The only problem I have with it is it’s hard to multi-task. On the Steam Version, you can respond to a call while sending units to another call or send units to the call while on it. In the mobile version, you can’t. Apart from that, the game is great and I strongly recommend you get it.
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11 months ago, trasta*83
Please fix this bug or please update
When I press City of the Day or Random City, it gives me an error message that says Sorry, the server is not available at this time, please check your internet connection or try again later
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4 years ago, TalosPrime
Absolute fun
Love this game and play it a lot. The only complaint I have is in the earthquake level the game gets hung up processing the results, so you can’t progress past it. No matter which city it always gets stuck. Other than that amazingly fun and so much replay ability.
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4 years ago, Jay27363
In App Purchases
If you are the type of person that upgrade your phone a lot like I do, I wouldn’t recommend putting time or money into this game. I had almost two million dollars in this game and when I got a new phone all of it was gone. They could at least have it where you can purchase cash on the game. Something I would recommend is that all your information is saved and you’ll be able to sign in and have all your money and resources on any device you have.
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3 years ago, I like this type of games
I am wowed
This game is pretty good I have not seen glitches nor bugs and it is enjoyable. Usually the games I buy entertain me for 5 seconds but this game has wowed me. It also is not too addictive which is a problem for one games. So good job developers!
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2 years ago, Kyballinger22
Slight bugs
Great game overall, but when playing single city run the game glitches out after finishing the level with the earthquake and does not allow for you to go past this part, outside of that no issues with other game modes
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1 year ago, Craig A. Glesner
If I worked for the County.
My real life bill paying job is alarm dispatcher. Not quite as life and death as this but there are times like during storms it gets sick hectic. This handles that tension well. Plus I get to play in my hometown which is fun. So far, so good. Totes digging it.
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4 years ago, lyssducky
Needs An Update
This game is so cool! The only complaints I have are due to the top of the screen being cut off. I have an iPhone11 and the bigger screen seems to not suit this game. I wish there was an update that allowed me to see the entirety of the screen. Also, I am not able to delete teams that I accidentally made.
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4 years ago, Maxepticon
Little problem, but very fun and addictive game!
So when I looked at the “Closer Look” to see what the game was like and how you played it I was like. Woah that looks fun. I bought the game and it really was fun! I just wish when you get a call you could hear the person talking except for just text. That’s all!
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6 years ago, slava541
Overall great game!
Its a great game although the trailer needs updating, and events like the boston riots are way to hard to maintain even after national guard is called in. It still says to many casualties. And you shuld be able to schedule events like music festival for when you want on game
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4 years ago, oddur93
Nice game that will be nice to have a support with controllers doing gameplay on iOS devices
That is a very nice game but needs controller support for iOS devices doing gameplay please put that into a iOS update if you get the time to update the controls but I will try this game on my PS4 next you did a very good job but keep the good work going for multiple users on this game best regardsOddur
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5 years ago, edison1738
Sandbox mode
You guys should make a mode called sandbox so we can test the new thing that is add so we can feel how it works and I love all the updates and can you guys make more cars and have a riot officer to work with any high crime that will start a fight
Show more
4 years ago, jakajwbw
I just found this game a few weeks back I’ve purchased all the expansions and I’m truly addicted to the thrill of this game I’m truly looking forward to what you guys can do next
Show more
12 months ago, Viper2063
I’ve been playing this game for quite some time. Now it’s one of my favorites I’m a retired fire, fighter, and EMS and former special police officer. It is the closest game to dispatch that I have ever played. If I can give it seven stars, I would give it seven stars.
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6 years ago, Beltontx
Great game but the text is hidden sometime
The text for marksmanship and there last name on the iPad Pro is hidden behind a button and is unreadable. It’s very annoying when your trying to buy stuff. I also tweet at the dev teams playway and jutsugame with more detail and photos but haven’t received a response yet. Maybe I’ll try there company emails next.
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2 years ago, Someone :848282
Great game but there’s a few glitches
Amazing game, but when you accidentally click on “new team” and have nobody to put in there you will get an error when you try to start the mission. So pretty much you have to restart after all of that hard work because of one simple thing that should’ve been fixable.
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