93.3 WMMR

3 (2)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beasley Broadcast Group
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 93.3 WMMR

3 out of 5
2 Ratings
6 months ago, Listening in Yardley
Lost control of app using air pods.
With the update I can no longer pause the app using my AirPods. I’ve reset and re synced AirPods and problem still exists. I also checked other music apps and the problem only exists with this app. I have to remove AirPods to communicate with people when I’m listening to your app. I might as well move on to another app that works correctly. Please resolve this issue as I live the station and it’s personalities and music but this is a real hassle.
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2 years ago, Dangerella13
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I miss previous interface, no DJ interruptions & Song/artist info.
I want to give a 5 star rating and hope I can come back to change it but for now… Since the app change, I don’t see the transmitted titles & artist info to songs. The commercials are area based to wherever you are so it cuts off the regular live-streamed programs! I hate that the commercials cuts off the DJs before and after heading into commercials. I like how simple the app format was before the new change when it was 93.3 WMMR that I could find the categories like station DJs, events/concerts, Philly region events the radio station was involved with… The previous interface was great. I’ve been using the livestream app and website since I first discovered it back in 2006! I am a iPhone user. The app has been in pretty good running condition through all the changes. I know it went through 2 down periods but the tech seemed to have improved. I don’t listen to other Beasley stations. I just listen to 93.3 WMMR!
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8 months ago, Don't ad me bro
Every notification stops the app
I deeply enjoy the station but this app is a bit annoying to use. Any notification stops the app. Texts, email, FB notifications, locking the screen. Full Stops playing and then doesn’t play again and have to wait for it to load again most times it will not load forcing you to have to close the app re open and hit play again. Then you go to lock the screen have to hit play Again. I just want to work, listen and not have to touch my phone every time I get a notification.
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11 years ago, Exnokia
Works, mostly
Great for listening live, but when you are listening to a P&S podcast and switch to a different app, the WMMR app will have to configure. It then forgets where you were in the podcast and you have to reload it. Also the podcast vault shows cause the app to crash every time.
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1 year ago, Servo2
What did you do?
This upgrade is terrible. It’s nice that I can customize the home page, I guess. But I didn’t need to customize it until now, because you added a bunch of irrelevant filler to it. (Other stations? Why? The app is for WMMR.) You’ve taken away the descriptions of the podcasts, so unless I know the exact date that something or someone was on, I can’t find it again. You’ve removed the highlights (I just went looking for Kathy’s Fall Activities. They’re nowhere to be found on the whole app). You also took away the “table of contents” screen when a podcast is playing. I don’t know what it’s really called, but the screen used to allow you to start and stop the podcast at certain labeled sections. That’s gone now. If your goal was to make the app more cumbersome, nice job! You did it. I have no idea if the connectivity has improved, because I’m listening through the web page now. Please don’t “improve” that the way you did the app.
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6 years ago, Imw080976
Ugh this app!
Edit: the app is still terrible. Today it kept crashing, playing the commercial about three times when I just decided to give up. If the presence of the annoying commercial improved the stability of the app, that would be one thing but it doesn’t! I’ve had the app for a long time. It would crash all the time. One day I got a message that the app may no longer be supported so I went to the app store looking for a new version. I thought it was weird that the app didn't update automatically but I thought whatever and downloaded the app again. Omg that Steven Singer commercial every time you hit the play button is so f'in annoying! And the app STILL crashes or the stream isn't available from time to time. If we have to sit thru that repetitive commercial, at least improve the stability of the app.
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2 years ago, DeNorth
WMMR overall personal review!!!
I personally do enjoy this station way more then any other station in Philadelphia .The only thing that gets old is the Fliers games that chops Bam Bam’s program all up even though it is only select games they do air but that’s plenty enough when the music is the medicine it just stop’s the whole vibe and leaves Bam Bam a bad way to go that’s it , but I’m sure it’s most definitely in the stations best interest to air these games and nothing against the Fliers or fans I would prefer music but who am I just a thought WMMR Rocks!!!
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4 years ago, JohnsReviewName
Better than nothing, but that’s it.
So far this morning the app has stopped literally six times in about 2 to 3 hours. I have no idea why. My phone is connected to my local WiFi too, which doesn’t have the same issues. In addition, the way that commercials are delivered is really bad. Middle of a song? No problem, Steven Singer has an ad for you to completely interrupt it. While I can understand using commercials, why are they in the middle of a song? After more use, I’m taking away another star. WMMR, this app is embarrassing. It literally stops all of the time! I stream TV with less issues! I wouldn’t publish this app in the state that it is in. I love WMMR. Why would you punish your loyal listeners with this?
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5 years ago, Parker243
Too many bugs NEEDs patches now!
As of April 2019. First the good... I can listen live with a simple click at the bottom of the app. The bad... everything else. I’m a podcaster and this app is horrible for downloading and finding episodes. 1-when you click download, it instantly starts playing that episode, 2-it will not remember where you left off on the episodes. It starts back at the beginning when you open the app back up. 3-you can’t organize your downloaded episodes. 4-the daily rush video usually does not play or pops up an error 5- links randomly don’t work. This app is currently trash for a number one radio station. Fix it or throw it in the junk drawer and hopefully Preston never finds it.
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8 years ago, sharonrox
Thank you!
**Update*** Thank you for addressing the problems with the app crashing! I can now listen to the app without issues. I love the new, simplified design of this app. It's easy to find archive sessions (I do wish newer sessions were available) and I like that the Preston & Steve podcasts are readily available. I just updated the app to the newest version, and it's rendered the app completely useless. When I try to listen love, I hear the commercial, then the app completely shuts down. Will change review when this is fixed, but for now DO NOT UPDATE THE APP, folks!
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9 years ago, ddero45678
Great App
I don't really know what people are experiencing but mine works fine. I put on live or the podcasts and will just listen, even while doing other things on my phone. Even some games will play their noises while I am listening. The app could have a better user interface because it seems out dated but it is very simple to use.
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8 years ago, Fox348
Works fine for me...great app.
Born and raised in Philly and have been a die hard MMR fan for as long as I could operate a radio. I've moved away but this app has allowed me to stay connected and listen to good radio where ever I am. I have not had any problems with streaming or the app crashing...either it's fixed or I'm just lucky. Thank you WMMR for being awesome.
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4 years ago, Two Big Bouncers
As Bad as Their Programming
Clunky and slow. Half the time the app fails to open properly and sometimes it doesn’t recognise that I’m on LTE and tells me that I “appear to be offline”. The only saving grace is that it forces me to put on a CD in the car, which means: (1) the quality of music is better than their stale and tired old playlist (no Bob Marley - yay !); (2) I don’t have to listen to those morons on the Preston & Steve Show; and (3) I don’t have to hear that insufferable, pompous old bell-end, Pierre Robert !
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6 years ago, Rizzle008
No CarPlay - Too Cumbersome
Apple CarPlay no longer supports this app for streaming on long road trips. Also, the new app itself is way too cumbersome. It was much simpler and easier to use before. Also when a song is streaming, the app used to give you the artist, song and album (and even sometime album cover photo), but not anymore. Only reason why it gets two stars instead of three is because the streaming appears to be improved.
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3 years ago, MightyMrAwesome
Fixed the old problems.
I’ve used this app for a few years. It used to be awful, and I was using iHeartRadio for a while to stream hem. But, they’ve fixed whatever was the issue with dropping the signal. So, now the app works great, and I don’t need a login to listen.
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12 years ago, Hawtymcspindler
Works fine on iPod touch 4
Plays in the background while I use other apps and unlike the actual station comes though clear as day. Unfortunately WMMR hasn't worked where I live in South Jersey for like 4 years since we had a bad storm and all sorts of radio waves still don't work clearly. Awesome app
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10 years ago, DougB_withasmile
The app doesn't buffer if it's not the only app you're looking at. I have to start it and make sure the screen stays on until the stream starts. Then, randomly it'll just stop playing and you'll have to reopen the app to let it buffer properly. I had to stop using it and switch to another radio app. Still listening to MMR, but more consistent. I would've given it one star, but it's MMR! MMR rocks!
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10 years ago, Amanda Bakay
Crashes constantly
This app is forever crashing at random times, which is frustrating when you're just trying to listen to the stream. It also seems to buffer a lot when played in the background and only restarts when you open the app back up. Overall full of annoying bugs.
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9 years ago, 2s3rn
Not an upgrade
Big step backward with this latest release. Stream cuts out frequently. Camera can not be viewed while listening. Odd app was much better. Wish I could get it back. This needs a lot of work. Went from 2 stars to 0...after a few weeks of working poorly, I am now having the same issue as others with the app just simply not opening. Very disappointing.
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9 years ago, GK Daddio
Someone needs to fix this app
The app used to work decently for me in the past but within the past six months it has become a disaster. Its the only way I can listen at work but now the app crashes within minutes of opening it. Tried deleting and reloading and that did great the first day bit its now back to crash city with a record of 30 to crash. I have now deleted the app its so bad meaning no more P&S.
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7 years ago, Djh11488
Needs some help
It was great before the update. But when you are listening online, during commercial breaks, it switches to other music, but then when it switches back to live broadcast, their is a 20-30 second delay of silence.
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7 years ago, flyerzhockey94
The past 2 weeks the app has worked terribly. It cuts out and loses the feed at least once every 10 minutes. Some of the audio doesn't come through, for example the intro music during Preston and Steve. Hopefully these issues can be fixed so the app can be used as it was in the past
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11 years ago, demoderbydrvr
Check out TuneIn radio app
I agree that this app could use some work to help keep it from crashing all the time. I recommend using the TuneIn radio app until it gets fixed. I never have a problem with that one, it allows to always listen to Preston and Steve live in Milwaukee!
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6 years ago, Lakota84
Buffering and Crashes
This new version is just about useless. I have tried to use it at least ten times in the last week and it freezes/endlessly buffers every time. Using iOS 10 whatever. I’ve given up and gone back to my 4th gen iPod Touch running iOS 5. Works every time with the ancient mmr app- no issues & imo the audio sounds better running over Safari.
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1 year ago, Ortho the lawn
Must be open all the time to work
App must be open with screen on to work. Can’t do anything else with phone if you want to hear live broadcast. Also music info not displayed now whereas it was before
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8 years ago, SteveHaller
Please fix asap keeps crashing and nothing plays
This is a fantastic app I love listening to the podcasts but the app keeps crashing and it froze on me last night and now nothing plays there is no sound whatsoever. I need my Preston and Steve fix
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9 years ago, mattishere31
I love MMR, and I use this app to listen to it when I'm not in my car. However, this app is soooo buggy and broken. I don't think it's had an update in years. The stream CONSTANTLY pauses itself, and none of the podcasts download for me. Furthermore, I can't do anything on this app (aside from listening to the show and leaving the app alone) without it crashing altogether. Horrible app overall. Devs, please fix!
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6 years ago, Kenjob
First it seems when u are streaming you can’t do anything else like it takes up the entire bandwidth of data. Try to google something and google just buffers until It stops he stream then it searches. But worse is if I “download podcast” it still buffers. The whole point of downloading is I want to listen offline. That’s some bs right there.
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5 years ago, Somyoungguy
Doesn’t Seem to Work
Well, like the title says, the app doesn’t seem to work. I push the “LIVE” button that comes up and get a little “wait. buffering” type circle for a few seconds and then...nothing. Silence. Waited a week, tried again, same thing. Uninstalled and re-installed, same thing. Live in-Studio Webcam didn’t work either (“Unavailable”). Screw it — I’m uninstalling
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1 year ago, LookingToUninstall
Bad; killing my battery
Suddenly my battery drains down to 1% within a few hours, even when not streaming! Makes me wonder what they (app) is tracking that it would drain my battery even when not using?!?! Very bad; wish I never updated, wish I could go back to previous version!
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7 years ago, Kateeeexx00
Best show in the world
But the app needs a little help. Downloads are not picking up where they were left off at, some aren't playing at all, need to click one and then another to get one to play. It was working great before the update. You guys rock!!!!!!
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11 years ago, GalacticaBoy
The old app worked perfectly but this new one is very inconsistent. I can only connect and listen about 40% of the time. Mostly the app launches and then hangs or freezes. Please update this update and make it work again!
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2 years ago, AshenOblivion9
Podcasts crash fairly often!
With the new app update, the live streaming and on demand works perfectly fine, but the podcasts for me now crash almost every 10 to 15 mins while I’m listening. That needs an update/patch ASAP!
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8 years ago, T Snacks
Amazing Station! Update bugs
I love you guys! WMMR Rocks. This update doesn't let you listen when phone screen is off. Also it doesn't save your spot on Podcast. Otherwise cool new features looks Office!
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11 years ago, Geo2601
Great station. App blows chunks
Don't confuse people liking the show with how the app works. Probably one of the most unreliable apps I've seen in the App Store. The only thing that is consistent is that the ads will drain your battery. Guys, it's 2012 not that hard to have a good player. You rock. Why not have a rockin app? PS please stop playing the same songs all the time after commercials.
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7 years ago, Jbeanofkop
Keeps Crashing
I love being able to listen to WMMR on my phone. However lately the app keeps crashing with the message "there was a problem downloading the audio". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. I have had this app for a very long time without previous issues. Very disappointing.
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11 years ago, Engrassia
Update - finally works.
Sigh, I now cannot get into my app after the update. - next day - My app can configure now. It took a while, but now it works. Would be five stars of it didn't take a day to work.
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4 years ago, BPC9183
Love the station but...
Best radio station there is but the app crashes A LOT and it is very delicate. If I switch between apps and some other audio/video comes in, the app will stop working and have to be restarted.
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4 years ago, mkegt
Megz k WV
Ok I love being able to stream my favorite station!!!!!!! I love so far away now and being able to drive down the road listening to this station is like having a piece of Home wherever I go.
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10 months ago, Crazycook99
Getting worse as time goes on
Double commercials when initial streaming starts, locking you screen when starting the stream stops the stream, commercials overlapping live stream and/or cuts off live stream, lots a glitches and streaming quality is poor, mediocre at best. Please fix!!
Show more
11 years ago, DREWJERZY
Works just fine for me. Maybe there was no live video to stream for those who said it doesn't work
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12 years ago, Jlclark6
Hope updates make it perfect
This is a very good app. I use it every morning to listen to Preston and Steve. I just wish that they would add the old alarm that they had on the old app.
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11 years ago, Blk vel
Anthony E.
Love da show nd now i hve da app sweetness i lived n Philly all my life just do'n me nd wmmr helped me along da way for a while so yes I'm happy i thought to get dis app rock on long nd hard for all da rockers out there somewhere n space \m/(0.@)\m/
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4 years ago, dionysusx
App still Crashing
Even after recent update on 6/19 the app still crashes multiple times per day.
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11 years ago, Leslie7139
Needs Work
After the update, this app keeps crashing. Really annoying. I missed almost the whole Bizarre File this morning because it crashed and wouldn't reload. :( Also, can you PLEASE make the play button bigger? It's ridiculously tiny.
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11 years ago, Kdawg31
Stream lost frequently
I listen to the stream everyday, but lose connection a lot, and when that happens, I have to restart the app all over again. Pain in the rear! Last edition of this app would regain connection automatically.
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2 years ago, jan542
Not good!
I listen to the morning show podcast and now there is NO WAY to fast forward. I don’t even see a pause button. I turned off my headphone and when I started to listen again the podcast started over. Don’t like this at all!🤬
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4 years ago, john lotta
Lose feed constantly
The app loads, but it just loses the feed. The app just stops. Can’t restart without going back into the app and pressing the play button again. The problem repeats over and over.
Show more
6 years ago, Jacklame22
New update
The new update they implemented is nice because it streamlined a lot. However, now I cannot lock my phone while listening to live radio because the feed will stop. I can’t even listen anymore please fix this STAT.
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7 years ago, JK2719008
Love WMMR, this app is terrible.
Ever since I updated the app I cannot stream live audio, it throws a cannot download audio error. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times with the same error. There does not seem like a way inside the app to report the bug to the developer to get it fixed.
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