1.3 (13)
115.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cumulus Media
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 93X RADIO

1.31 out of 5
13 Ratings
13 years ago, stixerz46ers
pretty sweet
I love this app, although you can't multitask and it looks a little awkward in my dock since it only plays in landscape. I knew I could get 93X on the internet but this app makes listening to my favorite station while I'm 300 miles away at school so much easier, since I now have it handheld. The best part of the app for me, though, is the "recently played" and "favorites" sections that I can't get on a traditional radio or in the web version (favorites, anyhow).
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4 months ago, Notsoniceynursesheesus
Better app now
The new app is SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I listen to the morning show podcast regularly and it was such a pain before but the new programming actually works, you can actually pause and resume. Thanks much!!
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4 months ago, Schi0529
Still Drops all the time
Yes the app is better with the update but it still drops all the time. Very annoying. I have two different phones work/personal. It happens on both of them so it’s not just the phone.
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1 year ago, huffjason
App needs to be fixed
First off I think HAMS is a great morning show. But the app makes it so difficult to enjoy. It would be a much better app if you can see the download progress when downloading podcasts. Or showing download complete. Another thing is when I listen to my HAMS when I download it and play it when on airplane mode (on a plane) it would randomly stop playing 35 min-60 min into listening. Last thing is when I am driving I will download a podcast so I won’t use my data and most times it will play my downloaded podcast but than randomly stop and start playing whatever is currently on and start using data.
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13 years ago, Wolfpack9
Portrait Mode?
love being able to listen & see the lyrics. Hate that it does not support portrait mode
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6 years ago, terriblegame2292
Good the bad and ugly
Love that they have the app but I have better luck listening to this on safari and just go on their website and play it on there. This app crashes every time I listen to it and switch to texting a lot. And also whenever I open random apps where it shouldn’t stop. Once the app is fixed it will be great for sure. But for now has its bug problems.
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5 years ago, jon62795
Good station, terrible app
I love to listen to the morning but this app is getting worse and worse. I’m getting so annoyed by it, it shuts off on me all the time, I can’t open my phone up or else it will stop playing, and now with the new update, you have to watch a dumb ad when you open it. So after it crashes multiple times, you have to watch the ad multiple times when you re-open it. Not impressed
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14 years ago, badfishman
just found it!
After hearing that someone in Virginia was listening to 93x on her Iphone I finally found this app!!! All this time I was trying to listen while in school.
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13 years ago, Fireballer122
Great app!!
I have been away from the Twin Cities area for almost 10 years and this app is awesome!! I get to hear 93x again! Thank you to the developers and the 93x crew!! 5 stars all the way!
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14 years ago, backstroker02
Needs multi-tasking
I love the app (works on my iPhone 4) and listen to it all the time. Loads fast and there is almost no delays from buffering. The reason I give 4 stars is that this app does not take advantage of iOS 4 and does not allow the music multi-tasking ability.
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14 years ago, Larpas
Great app
Finally I can listen to 93x anywhere! Should advertise this a little more though, I only found it by messing around on the app store.
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11 years ago, Bob21m
Iphone 5
Better audio quality with latest update
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3 years ago, Macgyver_Pants
Great content podcasts ruined with awful app
Podcasts drop out CONSTANTLY (iPhone). Forcing you to reopen and click through to find where you left off. Does not allow you to replay where you left off if you move to another app even for a moment. You have to reload the app.
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5 years ago, 755470
Black screen
Upon opening the app a 30 second advertisement starts playing and then goes to a black screen. Sometimes at the black screen it will still play audio, and it seems to be a battery drainer. I’ll use it for 15 minutes in the morning and the battery will drop about 30%.
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10 years ago, Tom Hasselburger
This app is exactly what it says. You only need Internet and you have direct access to the station. I personally enjoy it a lot!!!
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6 years ago, ...:::-//
I love the morning show and your app keeps crashing and now wont even open —- FIX THE BUGS
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12 years ago, Drew0125
Latest version
The latest version does give the option in the podcasts to play in the background and it constantly stops the podcast if your going between wifi and 3G so you have to restart all the time. The previous version worked so much better
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12 years ago, Doesn't matter who this is
Can't hear a thing...
This used to be one of my favorite apps until it recently. When I open the app, all it does is opens to the airkast screen and says "fetching station data" and never leaves that screen. Tried deleting and reinstalling but didn't work.
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12 years ago, Gimmemyrootbeer
Needs an update or something
Every time i open to see a song it gives me "your station data is loaded" along those lines and it stays there. I never do find out the songs. ):
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15 years ago, MWMatter42
Needs faster forward and rewind
I love the idea of this app I'm a huge fan of 93x but my only problem is that on the podcast you can't fast forward or leave the app and keep listening to it... Please fix!!!!
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5 years ago, Luckeygirl009
Love the station, dislike the app
If I could give zero stars, I would. App cuts out quite a bit, requiring complete close and reopen to resume listening, and after recent update, you have to register to listen. Not happening. Will find another way to listen at work.
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14 years ago, 93XLISTENR
I LOVE 93x!!!!!!
i love this app. i listen to the morning show every day. it's the best. i love the music and everything about this app ROCKS!!!!!
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6 years ago, Are You The One Fan
Love Half-Assed Morning show
I love listening to the morning show podcasts, but the app interface needs a renovation. Crashes and loses my progress in the current podcast I'm listening to, very frustrating. Please give this app an update!!
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8 years ago, Parker557
Commercial, commercial commercial
Nothing like wanting to hear some tunes and opening this app to hear over 3 minutes of commercials in a row before the first song comes on. Then the app doesn't play the broadcast. Just download iHeart radio.
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6 years ago, Nogoapp
Wish it worked
I love the app when it works, unfortunately that has not been my experience on most days. I hope it gets fixed, I love the station and the morning show. Until then I will keep listening in the web browser.
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11 years ago, Nadrak2112
Works fine but too many commercials
Every time you touch a button it spawns a commercial which gets old real fast.
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9 years ago, Threchtcn
Force closes when deleting podcasts
Love the app only issue I have had is that it force closes whenever I try to delete old podcasts I've already listened too. Update...AppStore opens frequently and causes pending downloads to start over, annoying as hell.
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12 years ago, JSynn
What Happened
Twice now I have tried to load the app, but once the station data info is loaded it stops. I used to like it but now I can't have it on my phone.
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13 years ago, mapeterson2
Used to be great...
I had it on my 3G and worked awesome then got the 4 and hadn't worked since. This needs to be updated ASAP! Also, please make it so it plays in the background. I want to listen to my 93x in SoCal! Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, Trek1500Roadie
The app will not auto play the next podcast, it used to work and now it does not.
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13 years ago, Opp ya you know me
Awesome app.
Really cool I can listen live on my iPod. Maybe integrate a request feature of sorts?
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4 years ago, gairbear22
App gets worse with every update. Now after most recent update I can not download the podcast, I get a message telling me my device is low on storage which is NOT the case. Even listening live the app will crap out
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14 years ago, Coligirl
A great way to get my 93x fix since I don't live in mpls anymore! This is a great app!!
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14 years ago, Fischforlife
Great app
Now I can listen any time, any where.
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6 years ago, Star91400
No good
I can’t even listen to the app as when I open the app it says it can’t connect to the internet and force closes, even when I have full bars and can access other apps that require internet connection
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14 years ago, jmpb
Love it!
I moved away from Minneapolis and was so sad to lose the HAMS. So happy to be able to listen to the 93X boys in GA!!
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12 years ago, Evan Bauernschmitt
Great app, let's me listen to the HAMS which is great, but it stopped working to play in the background. Release an update and fix this please!!!
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7 months ago, ycucycycucucuc
Continuously crashes maybe 10 to 15 minutes tops of listing takes 20 minutes to reload or not at all don’t recommend his app
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15 years ago, emsazo
I've been waiting a long time for a 93X app. Thank you! :D
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13 years ago, D Smoke21
No background play....
Come on? Really? No background support unless u use the browser. Doesn't fit the iPad screen also sounds like a 33.6 real media stream from the 90's. What year do we live in? App needs some major updating.
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14 years ago, Jrb1996
It's good
I love 93x, and I love that they came out with this app, I just wish we could do more than just 93 at one time.
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14 years ago, Matt Meehan.
Does not work with iPhone 4
Used to listen all the time at work but now with the new phone it just says it is loaded but never actually plays.
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5 years ago, Izzyhigh
New update
Wow now you need to register with either Facebook or email to listen to the radio. Also app can’t work on cell so you need WiFi to listen. This is going to drop my listenship during hams. Sorry guys.
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10 years ago, Wick935
Love this station
Love this station. There is no one like them
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14 years ago, Lobwege
Very great. Now I can listen to 93x anywhere
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11 years ago, Smoooth04
Why can't I listen to the podcasts? Or why are there no podcasts listed?
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15 years ago, cerberus1313
About time
I love this my #1 app
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12 years ago, Gpuckguy
Doesn't work.
Used to work ok, but wouldn't play in the background. Now doesn't work and has been the case for awhile. They've forgotten about it.
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14 years ago, Chaska11
This app rocks
I love this app it's the best app that I have
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5 years ago, Magnuson
Do you need WiFi to use this? I like to listen at the gym, but when WiFi is down the app won’t work.
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