95.5 KLOS

2.2 (10)
110.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for 95.5 KLOS

2.2 out of 5
10 Ratings
3 years ago, Faislon
Not working
Please, fix whatever is happening, it’s not working here.
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2 years ago, B D R
App constantly quicks then plays commercials on restarting
This app is very frustrating and I’ll probably stop using it. It constantly and randomly quicks for no reason several times a day and then I have to restart the app which then you have to listen to a long commercial before you are back to the live stream. Is this because the radio station wants to force the listeners to hear more commercials so they make more money by force playing a commercial when the app restarts…hmmm
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2 years ago, Aero 1957
The music does not sound the same anymore.
Ever since the station was sold the music played no longer of the caliber, I now hear artists that would have never gotten played on the station. 👎🏼absolutely the worst… 💔
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2 years ago, Double D Downey
Need to update more often
Love the show but the app keeps kicking me out and off in the middle of the best parts
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11 years ago, Kinderkat78
App Commercials?
Are you tacking on 5 extra minutes of commercials when the app opens? Because sometimes when it finally gets back to the show, (h&f) it's mid sentence....that bulls$&@! No cool. the normal 20 minutes of commercials after 10 minutes of show is bad enough. The only reason I downloaded this is to listen to Heidi and Frank. God forbid my phone rings and I have to start the app all over again! Why why why go back to radio, Heidi and Frank?
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3 years ago, Amsw66
Waste of time
Disconnect all the time...don’t bother
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7 years ago, Jamie the H-Hole!
Crashes a LOT
Unfortunately, this app crashes quite a bit. When you get it back up because it crashed in the middle of FHF and you want to get right back into the conversation, you'll get to enjoy another ad for 30 seconds. And then, the cycle continues. Lately, it is unclear what is happening as there is music that plays, and it is obvious that when your directed back to the show you where listening to, you're put in in the middle of the conversation. You don't hear the bumper music going in and out of commercial. Yesterday, only ads would play, and the show was dead air. Also - I'm not sure why there's a pause button. It appears that it will work, you pause, then play, and the show continues where you left off. Then, guess what? The app crashes and you're brought back to live anyway.
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14 years ago, Gadget 6
A must have if you live outside the KLOS network
After moving to Saint Louis, I missed listening to KLOS live. After 5 years, I was very happy to discover the M & B show simulcast on the internet. Now this iPhone app makes it even better. Good interface, and also the lyrics during regular music hours on 95.5 KLOS are a nice touch.
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14 years ago, Point_Mugu_Apple_Fan
Loyal listener since 1971
Longtime KLOS listener. Yes, their playlist is 5% of what it once was, but nonetheless it is great to hear some great classic rock from LA, where I grew up. Listening on my iPhone is like listening to my old transistor radio when I was 12. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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14 years ago, DaveyJake
I've been listening to Mark & Brian since the age of 3. Just being able to access their large amount of Podcasts from this app is reason enough to pay for it. The fact that it's FREE makes it seem almost too good to be true!
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14 years ago, Joe Bob Halley
Cynthia Fox
Cynthia Fox has listeners all over the country who've followed her since her KMET days. Now they can hear her again with this terrific app, 10-3 PST. Plus her SPOTLIGHT ON THE COMMUNITY show Sunday mornings, 6 -- 7 AM. SPOTLIGHT is the best almost unknown community affairs show in the country, like a local Frontline for Los Angeles. I'm listening in Texarcana, baby.
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14 years ago, Agnapot
Offended by ads
This does a great job of streaming klos but it's getting two stars because the ads they play are horrlblly offensive to me, preaching fear and spreading lies. "Be afraid! Your children might dissapear at any moment! The world is going to hell! You need money so sign up for this pyramid scheme!" Why not just use the on air ads? Or at least some less offensive material.
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5 years ago, Coast Guard Ron
Register to use the app?
I downloaded the app, then deleted it. If you have to register or login just to listen to this radio station, you’re not worth my time. Here’s a perfect example of why celestial radio stations are dying. Why should I login just to listen to the radio? Because they want to track you. They even conveniently set it up for you to use your Facebook login. Just to listen to their station. Not worth it. Bye KLOS!!! What ever happened to KMET??? This is what killed it.
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12 years ago, SuperStar LizzieP
Streaming Limited
Enjoy listening to KLOS on my iPad. The only glitch is that the music stops streaming when I switch applications. If I check an Email or play Words with Friends the music stops. Please don't stop the music...I want to hear it in the background all the time.
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13 years ago, Capt_Victor
Quick fix
Delete and reinstall. Fixed and took a second. Would be nice if there was an update tho.
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12 years ago, uscbob
No longer works in iOS 5, but works after reloading
Loved this app, but it stopped working after upgrading iPhone to iOS 5. I read these comments and can verify that if you delete the app, then download it again, it will work. AirKast needs to do better with updates.
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13 years ago, Jason Miller
LOVED this app on my iPhone 3GS, but when I upgraded to iPhone 4 it no longer worked. The fix is simple; just delete the app from your iPhone 4 and reinstall from iTunes App store. Sweet!
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12 years ago, B.G.Warner
No Multitasking
I had to laugh when I heard one of the DJs say they wanted this to be one of the best apps of 2012. Obviously they weren't serious, but still. There's a weird roundabout way to stream in the background, but c'mon guys update this thing to WORK with all the modern functions. We're a multitasking generation. Catch up.
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13 years ago, OpusMeinart
Problem Fixed! It Works!
I, like everyone else, was very disappointed that the app stopped working. There is a fix so you can listen to Mark and Brian in the morning again. 1. From your phone, delete the app 2. In iTunes, delete the app (move to recycle bin) 3. In iTunes, go to the app store and download the app again 4. Install the app 5. Start the app on iPhone and viola! Enjoy! This worked for me on my iPhone 3G with iOS 4. Hope this helps!
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12 years ago, El Clucko
Very buggy and crashes and you can't fast forward to the place where you were. Very frustrating.
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12 years ago, che717
Restart it
I had the same problem nothing happened when I logged in but when you reinstall it , it works perfect .
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14 years ago, JennyExmile
I love this app
I love this app because now I don't have to miss breakfast with the beatles by tunning into 95.5 klos now I can just turn on my iPod touch early in the morning
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14 years ago, Randolfski*
Cool, now I can listen at work! Couple of things: landscape mode is the only option and the cd image takes a little while to update while a new song starts .
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12 years ago, Ryer
Works fine, but...
You have to delete the app then re-install
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14 years ago, RideRed530
Super Cool
Love this app! Used it every morning up until I got the latest software update. Now it doesn't work.
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12 years ago, twukken
Having problems with this app?
Just delete and reinstall it and you will be running. At least it worked for me using IOS 5
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13 years ago, Scorchin52
Multitasking please
Please fix the app so it will will run in the background like pandora so you are able to do other things on your phone while still listening. Plus it crashes A LOT!!
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5 years ago, Beetlebug73
Crashes have to keep logging back in bombard you with ads so annoying they should have left it as is much better app before the upgrade they have you create a user name and password for what? A bunch of adds and kicks you out when your phone sleeps. About to delete this lousy app.
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14 years ago, Huntersmommy14
Mark & Brian !!!!
OMG !! How amazing is this that There is an app for this So Cal great station ! I cannot belive I can listen to the boys Mon-Fri 5am-10am it's like being back home again !!! Another awsome thing is the app is FREE !!!
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14 years ago, Akbiv
Works as advertised.
The background function is key.
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12 years ago, TeacherAddict
iOS 5 Works
I had to uninstall the old app and reinstall it again. It worked like a charm and sounds hi def!! Don't panic, it takes 1 min.
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13 years ago, Migssss
Hey if ur klos app doesn't start up try deleting and downloading again. It worked for me.
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9 years ago, Shaboola23
Buffer and Ads
App is ok. Only annoying issue is that the app will buffer, then bring up ads when re-buffered. Regardless if you heard the ad 2 seconds before. Also the app will occasionally stop audio.
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12 years ago, Nope_213
Finally updated
Finally updated! Thank you
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5 years ago, Thisisnottheeasiestnickname
With the new update, you’re required to register. Login or register. To listen to a radio station that I can listen to for free on the radio. And can still listen to for free on the website. But no, not the app anymore. So might as well not listen on the radio as well anymore either
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14 years ago, Scottait
Listen to KLOS again!!
Since these guys are not fixing their app for the OS 4 I found that the app "tune in radio" for 1.99 will play klos and has lots of cool features. I'm listening to klos now as I'm writing this
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6 years ago, ChrisDavis
I have to say I can only give Jamie the H-Hole about a C- for the grammatical and spelling errors in his review. His sentence structure was unclear and his play by play was very difficult to understand and he never even mentioned music. Ever. Weird right? As for the App, it plays music from the KLOS Radio Station as described. A+. P.S. Joneseys Jukebox is perfection in an imperfect world... 👍
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12 years ago, Dendog69
Klos Radio
App seems to have a problem loading since updating to IOS 5.0. Ran fairly well before update! Please fix this as I cannot live without hearing Mark & Brian in the AM.
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13 years ago, Huffamoose2k
Problems today 6/20
I love this app but I couldn't listen to Mnb this morning. It's not working. Please fix it!!
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12 years ago, Christine Ferrara
Used to work
This app used to work better...since the recent update it stops working at least five to ten times an hour! Please fix!
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13 years ago, LVLobo
App no longer loads!
What happened in the last update? All I get now is the logo. Please help!
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14 years ago, M&b fan
Will u make an update so we can surf the web and listen :)
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12 years ago, PtotheMax
Heidi and Frank
Awesome guys! Congratulations! So looking forward to you guys being back on the air waves! Follower for life! Thank you for all the great years Heidi and Frank!
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12 years ago, Juicemann
App not loading
I have installed and uninstalled to try to fix this loading problem. I used a few diffrent i phones and the same loading problem happens
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12 years ago, rb_3425
A must have
With Heidi and Frank coming this app is a must have for people who do not live in southern California or are not VIPs
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12 years ago, HF fan
Heidi and Frank show!!!
Great job bringing in people like Heidi and Frank to take over for legends like Mark and Brian. They're going to knock it out of the park!
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12 years ago, Rlausen
Like the idea, but app is buggy
I really like being able to listen to klos all over the state, but the app is very buggy. I've had to download at least six times when it won't boot up. Kind of a hassle.
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5 years ago, topher22b
I can’t even get the app to work
I deleted and Re-downloaded it a few times. Says having trouble connecting to network.. same network I’m writing this review from. Haven’t been able to listen for over a week
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13 years ago, BadAppleDesignz
@ Migsss - I reinstalled and it works again!!! Thanks
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12 years ago, Uhtomik
Needs work
I've deleted and reinstalled this app 7 times and still can't get it to play in the background. Someone needs to get their crap together and fix it
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