98KUPD: Arizona’s Real Rock

3.5 (59)
28.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubbard Radio
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 98KUPD: Arizona’s Real Rock

3.51 out of 5
59 Ratings
6 years ago, pistol packin peggy
Don’t forget you password !!
I love this app ! Just don’t forget your password ! I still can’t recover it from the app and still haven’t been able to get back on
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3 years ago, allstate75
Blank Screen
I can’t open your app. I get a blank white screen when I want to use the app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it 5 times and it works the first time I open it but only for a minute, then it goes blank again. It used to work fine but I think it stopped working around the same time that I updated to iOS 15.1. I don’t know if one has anything to do with the other but it’s annoying me to no end. You fixed it. Thanks for putting in the effort. This app works phenomenally now. Good Job.
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5 years ago, jiffwah
IOS 13.1 Update
Haven’t been able to open the app since the iOS 13.1 update was installed. Have deleted and reinstalled but to no avail. App opens and then closes remaining open in the background but not functioning. Guess I’ll go back to listening to the podcasts until it works again.
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3 years ago, Rokr X
Great channel, app is stuck
The app works great, except that it is stuck on the screen as playing girls, girls, girls by Motley Crue. It actually continues playing live music, but the screen stays on the one song. I’ve even tried reinstalling the app and that hasn’t fixed the problem. I hope this problem is resolved soon. I really like the music on the channel. It deserves to have a solidly designed app.
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3 years ago, vly1987
Latest Update Causes Paused Playback Every 1-2m
I don’t leave reviews, but will update this one when fixed. Started on the latest update, iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.7.1, app will pause playback of podcast every 1-2m. For other iPhone users with the issue, website plays fine.
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4 years ago, Kittykitty lover
I love it <3
Ive been listening to rock since i was little, and with super rock fan parents i heard the talk show every morning. it bring back the memories and nostalgia, i would recommend it for an Arizona rock fan.
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6 years ago, Farmed to Oblivion
Works for me!
I use the app to listen to HMS when I'm out of range (out of state). The wake up feature doesn't always work though.
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5 years ago, JaysinC76
Latest update broke app
I listen to this app every single day while I’m working but this update just completely broke the app now. It won’t even load. Upon launch it immediately crashes. Please fix this ASAP!!! 😫
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3 years ago, xdevilsnight
Great station and good app, and the app worked perfectly for a while before It began to crash everytime I liked a song. Playback and login works decently though
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5 years ago, Meana78
New update bad
I love this app but since this most recent update I am not able to use the app. I tap it to open and it’ll open then close right away. Been trying to listen for a few hours now. I’m very sad.
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12 years ago, Heroe86
Needs alarm feature but works great
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7 years ago, MaybeAfterLunch
I want to win
Facebook registration fails even though login is correct. Also 98 KUPD seems to be a bit heavy on battery usage, compared to other audio streaming apps.
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2 years ago, willije3
Last update
Ever since last update, its stopped working. Get a big white screen of nothing, save for 4 boxes in the lower left hand corner. Tried deleting, reinstalling, and nothing. Boo
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7 years ago, Broken on iPad 2
Broken on iPad 2
Past two versions have been broken for iPad 2. Crashes before audio plays.
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3 years ago, Dry heave
Doesn’t open
Since the new update, the app doesn’t open unless I restart my iPhone.
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7 years ago, smnolz
Just like another reviewer, my app was broken on update; it will no longer work on my iPod Touch I have to listen via Safari if I want to hear it.
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3 years ago, whyare all nick names taken
App doesn’t work still
Can’t get into it on an iPhone
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5 years ago, Roughmeck crazy
Won’t open
Will not open on my XS Max...
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12 years ago, gotdurt
What happened to the "Background" option?
Finally switched to the new app, which looks good and has some neat features that I'll never actually use, but for some reason they did away with the option to switch the stream to background (through Safari) so other apps may be used, etc. I'll just keep using the old one until that feature returns...
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12 years ago, Tonimus
Background play works!
Background playing doesn't have a button anymore. I just hit my home button and it keeps playing. Very awesome. I had to get the new version when the old one wouldn't even start up anymore...
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7 years ago, Uhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggg
So far, the app is amazing! My only issue is the streaming service not working. Luckily, it's not such a big deal since I can simply listen to the radio in my car, but it would be nice to podcast it while I'm doing homework and such.
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9 years ago, Nsbdhwjzh
Works great iPhone 6 +
I don't know what everyone's taking about it took 3 seconds to download and instantly started playing my Az rock-- boom.. No probs, ads banner at the bottom are constant but it's not incapacitating.. \m/>_<\m/ solid check.. Best radio around been a loyal ear for 10 years
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8 years ago, Fun game! Got to try it !
Needs some love.
App is aesthetically pleasing and has potential. It needs some help in the bug department, however. One particularly annoying bug is how the album artwork will not update between songs on the lock screen, or even from within the app itself. In other words, it is showing the wrong artist, song, and artwork for the song that is playing.
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10 years ago, Dj2kewlblue
Update Ruins this app
I am all for advertisement, however since the new update every time I launch the app I get a 1min commercial. Normally I launch the app and walk away, however now I have to keep this app open and make sure the screen doesn't lock. If the screen locks or you wanna multitask during a commercial you're gonna have to start all over.
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8 years ago, Kelmock
Enjoyment to disappointment.
I've been a restocked for decades and loved this app for listening every morning but lately it's been pausing in mid stream and the app is also using all of my phones power constantly searching for a stream. Please correct this miss fortune.
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8 years ago, Chupycabra
Plays but has issues
I only downloaded it to see what songs are and have played. Unfortunately, is shows neither the song playing, nor the past three hours of songs played. Quite useless when it comes to anything other than hearing what the radio station is playing.
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10 years ago, BIG ver 2.0
The look didn't need to change
What needs to change is the way the app never reconnects after a phone call. Because it used to do so. iHeart Radio is the standard bearer for radio apps. No, I won't quit listening to HMS!
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9 years ago, The Real Monda
Used to be great
I love the show and the app used to work great, but as of a week or 2 ago anytime I open the app it only buffers and never plays. I'm at places with great internet speed, so it's something to do with the app. I tried deleting it and re-downloading, but that didn't work either. Please fix this appholes!
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12 years ago, mrkennedy4439
Great app from active rock legend!
It's so great to be able to listen to the world's most legendary active rock station anywhere on earth. Thanks for the great app!
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12 years ago, Dino3456
Holmberg on the iPhone
Great app! Nothing like listening to the morning sickness without getting in my car.
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10 years ago, Skeezixxx
Mandatory ad at startup is annoying enough...
But the fact that the app crashes if I plug or unplug my headphones (and randomly while l am listening to HMS) and then forces the ad to play again on startup is VERY annoying!
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12 years ago, James K. Mills
About time!
The other app was in serious need of an update. Looks and works great!
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10 years ago, Dioak
This app is self serving and worthless. If you can get the app to run without crashing you will be blissfully filled with ad after ad after ad. I love listening Holmberg and thought I could listen to the show at work but no dice. Can't you break even for a change?
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8 years ago, G.stclair
Still needs fixing!!
Yet another update and yet another disappointment. Still doesn't play live stream unless I'm connected to Wi-Fi. With no radio in my commuter vehicle this app is my lifeline to not going crazy on my 30 mile commute. Please fix the streaming issue.
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8 years ago, SAMCRO-Original
Can't connect
Ever since the redesign, I am unable to connect while I'm at work. Before, I was able to connect and listen to the station. This needs to be fixed or bring back the old app. That one always worked.
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8 years ago, Lspop09
So sad
I used to stream through my phone in my car, with the new version I'm unable to do so 😞 I haven't found a better radio station since I left AZ 5 years ago!! Have been streaming to Philly and now (well was) Cali.
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12 years ago, Womp015
If u like the big red radio then you will love this app
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11 years ago, Joeblow45077
Low quality
Old app had better quality sound fix this app I need my holmberg morning sickness
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8 years ago, Sueangel28
The new app
Love the new app. Looks awesome on my iPhone.
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8 years ago, Nuke La Loosh
Still not working
The stream cuts off after a few minutes. This app is unusable.
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9 years ago, Praexx
I love the show but this app just buffers constantly regardless of my connection.
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12 years ago, Sundevil99
Works like a charm!
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7 years ago, Verylongtimefan
Awesome for years but, wish I would not have done the last update. CRASHES!!!! Please fix this for the iPad. Missing your app.
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12 years ago, Lilmnky
Just a screen!
I was excited to get this app and when I opened it, only the logo is there!? No music, no nothing.
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12 years ago, Daisy1377
Great app!
Well done :)
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9 years ago, Brosey80
Love HMS but this app...😖
The continuing buffering of this app is irritating.
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8 years ago, xxtraPickles
Stop the vague updates
Release notes or 1 star
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12 years ago, Reddog762
Just a logo, nothing else... :(
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