99.1 JOY FM – St. Louis

4.9 (4.7K)
26.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gateway Creative Communications
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for 99.1 JOY FM – St. Louis

4.94 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
5 years ago, kim the Cub fan
A note of thankfulness:
I thank JOYFM for the Word of God, His Message of simply and easily loving each other and faith to Him being shared with US each and every day! Not sure when I found the station, probably around 6 years ago after the death of my second sister. It was the music, the energy and the strength I needed right at that moment. I was a fan!!!!😌. Not only the melody but the MESSAGE I received through that little black box in my car gave me instant peace with many songs still bringing a tear to my eye. I’ve given several years to help keep our beloved station on air but was unable to participate in the “final round” due to a major change in my health and finances. Thank you to those who did make it possible for us to continue listening!!!! While my physical condition is deteriorating I know Jesus is holding my hand and heart. Just as I KNOW He will guide me to grow stronger physically and mentally so I can walk down the aisle at my sons wedding in October of next year. I don’t like asking others for prayer as I feel there are others who need His help more than me. But a little boost would surely not hurt. Once I can get health insurance back I pray for the strength to push through and get stronger-on many levels. God’s peace and love to ALL of you, fellow listeners and staff at OUR precious JOYFM!!!!!🙏♥️🙏
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4 years ago, Tooblessed43
Gives me so much encouragement
I love listening too this 99.1 joy! The music and the testimonies give me so much joy, hope and a sense of peace. The other day I heard Zach Williams song “feat is a liar” as I was driving too work and I began too cry! Because the devil will try too cripple us with fear in our minds. It took me back too when I had anxiety so bad I couldn’t drive my own car or sleep but God came in and delivered my mind! And Zachs song help me too remember that The Lord is with me and I have nothing too fear! Thank you for encouraging me everyday 99.1
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5 years ago, Tweety"Birdie"
God my Rock
I have listened to this music since “The Bridge”. I would guess since January of 1994. I don’t listen to any other music. God uses the music to help me worship him every day. I have been fighting cancer for the last 7 years. Last time it was stage 4 in 4 places. I am in remission but still on treatment. I choose Joy in more ways than one. Trusting God and leaning on His Word through the Bible and the words that come through the songs that you play on the station. Trusting Him for healing. Blessings, Birdie
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5 years ago, meyers s
I absolutely love this radio station, that’s all I listen to and support, and will ALWAYS support! The music is amazing, the people that work there are just as inspirational as the music, my grandkids love the songs and have been singing them since they started talking, even thou they’re only 6 twins and 5, and working on the others who aren’t talking yet but will listen and love as I do! Ok done rambling just can’t say enough about it..... a listener since the beginning Sandy Meyers ❤️💜🦄🌸
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4 years ago, Alejondro armstrong
Best Christian Radio around
I love that it is commercial free. I love that it is straight music and not sermons. Not that I do not enjoy devotions but when listening to the radio, I want music :-) I love how other listeners share their stories as a way to spread the faithfulness of Jesus. It allows listeners to understand that we are all just hurting humans in this world together. Doing life together-so let’s spread JOY together as this radio station does. I do not know what I would do without it.
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5 years ago, God's house 777
The only thing I would like to see on this station that could make it better would be a flashback time or day. Christian music was a big part of my growth in the 90’s and I don’t think just because a song is a few years old it should disappear completely. The youth today knows Toby Mac and Michael Tait but could tell you a single song from DC Talk. If it could help me then it would probably be the same today.
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3 years ago, Grifgrunt
I thank God for this station. The amount of prayer and anointing of the HolySpirit shows. The words of praise puts my heart into worship mode as soon as I get into my car. Even though I have studied the Bible all my life I am still learning spiritual truths through the words of the songs. Thank you for being God’s messengers of hope, peace and joy through God’s Word put to music.
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5 years ago, MrCBaker4Math
Family loves the app, but it keeps crashing!
My family loves listening to Joy FM all day long! My boys choose the app during their screen time in the afternoon to listen to their favorite artists and songs while they play games. HOWEVER - with the current version, the app keeps crashing! I've tried restarting the iPad and also uninstall/reinstall and neither worked!
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4 years ago, Waay8
refreshing to listen
I just moved to the IL side of the metro area and since being home I found the station when watching TV. Normally I have another Christian Station when I drive north to work but listening to this station makes me feel connected to the area. I appreciate the conversation and new music. Glad to have found you!!
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5 years ago, cherie hunt
Thank You all
I cannot tell you how many times Joy has gotten me through some serious depression. I should say how GOD through Joy has gotten me through my depression! I am indeed a supporter, make a very small social security but God , I believe continues to tell me to trust him and support the station. God bless you all and I thank my GOD for each and every one of you!!!🥰😇
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5 years ago, KG Kelly
Love the Ministry
This Ministry has meant a lot to me over the last 9 plus years! The songs are up lifting, meaningful, and really quite enjoyable to listen to! As so many have said in the past songs seem to come on just when you need to hear whatever that song’s message is. I love this radio station!
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4 years ago, TandemM
JoyFM impact
I can’t tell you how much of an inspiration the station is for my family and me! It is almost exclusively the only station playing in the vehicles (we have 6 drivers) and I just loaded the app on my phone. Not sure why I just got it...??!! Thank you Thank you Thank you
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4 years ago, j&k missouri
Love Joy!
We recently moved to Springfield MO and missed our favorite radio station, JOY FM. Then one day in the chaos of the car ride to school I remembered the Joy FM app. I turned it on and has been a game changer ever since. I tear up multiple times a week as I hear my kids singing in the back of the car!!
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4 years ago, savanahbarton
Love the station but...
I love this station. They started airing February 2001 and I was born March 2001 so I’d say great timing. I’ve been listening to Joy since I was born. The only issue I have is with the app. After it’s been playing for awhile the app pauses every 15 seconds. It’s constantly stopping. I’ve already uninstall and do everything I could. Still continuing to stop
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4 years ago, Bee a blessing
I love JoyFM
Not only do you hear the right song at the right time, you get a laugh at the right time too! Listening to JoyFM makes you forget about what’s going on in our world and gets your mind on Jesus!
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5 years ago, Garvels
I love Joy fm
I really enjoy your station I just wish you would of been available when my kids were young. And I’m really happy about boost so kids have good moral lyrics to listen to without giving up the trendy beat. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who paid the price for us all to have this opportunity.
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6 years ago, smickie765
I didn’t know I could get the app on my iPad. When I did a search, nothing came up, but going through the website link worked. I absolutely love this radio station.
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4 years ago, Bays Gma
Best Station
This is the best radio station ever and the only one I listen to. It inspires me with the music and stories. I love the staff! They are really some of the best people. Thank you for believing in this station. I am a proud supporter and always will be ❤️
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5 years ago, 12j13
This is my favorite God centered music. Love this station I’m from Trenton mo found this station by accident driving to TN and have listened to it ever since and it’s going on 3 years! Always right song at the right time!!
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4 years ago, 4tomove
I am always put in a better mood when I tune in to the station. Bless to have it on St. Louis airwaves and also on my phone. God Bless to all that make it happen daily !!💕
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4 years ago, #Jesusfrek
What a blessing!
Always uplifting! The songs they play keep my mind on God and helping others. I am proud to be a Joy 99.1 supporter! May God richly bless the people at this station and those who listen!
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4 years ago, katgirl32
Joy fm
You guys are so uplifting and always play the right song at the right time. Everyone should have this app.
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8 years ago, Noetloj81
Love it
I love being able to listen on my phone. The app is easy to use and will play in the background well with other apps.
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5 years ago, SueNettie
Joy 99.1
So extremely blessed to have not only the love of God, this amazing station but your entire crew. Always the right song at the right time. Thank you and God Bless
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4 years ago, lauri1962
I listen to this station at home, work and in the car! Thank you for this station!
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4 years ago, Blessed Aunt
Best Radio Station in the St. Louis Area
Looking for a radio station that plays some of the best music, inspires you to be better, makes your heart smile then look no further than Joy FM.
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2 months ago, lagy bug
I’m new to Joy99.1, not sure how I ever missed this wonderful/awesome Spirit filled gospel in music!! Listening every day feeling the presence of Jesus. Thank you & Many Jesus filled blessing to joy99.1. Jeanine
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4 years ago, Ullamom
I always feel peaceful when listening to ahoy 99.1 I find comfort in reminder that God knows me inside and out and loves me just the way I am.
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5 years ago, Oweyv1
Service to God
This is such an amazing station! I listen to it in my car all the time! It’s a great way to get recharged throughout the day and stay excited for God!
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5 years ago, be good234&
Always the right music with inspirational lyrics which has blessed me and still blessing me over and over again🙏🏼
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4 years ago, pastors daughter
Just one thing
The only thing I would change is sometimes I want to listen to my choice of songs but other than that it’s grate
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4 years ago, TMausey
Joy to the world!
The words and music of The Lord bring joy to my soul! What a difference music can make in our lives everyday! God bless us all🙏✝️🙏
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4 years ago, tina larocca
Best station ever
This is the most wonderful blessed station we can all hear from. The station crew is amazing and so up lifting. Thanks to all Happy birthday Joy‼️
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4 years ago, ~Lion❤️~
I used to listen JoyFM when I lived in Manchester MO now I’m AR and I still listen to this station I love it it awesome. I don’t have to turn it off because of the language!
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5 years ago, Mocast2
Thank you from Colombia South America
I listen you guys from Colombia South America and it’s perfect ! I love listen to you and feel my heart fulfill with your music. Thank you and God Bless You. Marcela Mosquera
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5 years ago, Denver Carol
Listen in Denver!
I have loved JoyFM for many years so when we moved from St Louis to Denver I was thrilled to find a way to still listen to the station.
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5 years ago, blessed2listen
Long distance listener
We moved from Missouri to Central Texas almost 7 years ago. Most mornings here find me listening...using the app. Such a blessing.
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5 years ago, TBJJEL
Thankful listener.
Awesome!! Truly blessed each day listening to Joy FM. What a wonderful God we serve. I’m so thankful for the joy this station bring to so many. May God continue to bless.
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5 years ago, Psalm100-make a joyful noise
Life is better with JOYfm. Listening is like spending time with good friends. I always feel uplifted. I thank God for giving St. Louis such an awesome station. It’s truly a blessing to me.
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5 years ago, Erin D W
Awesome station
I used to live in St. Louis but moved to Ohio. I am still able to enjoy Joy FM in Ohio. I have not found a Christian station that compares. The DJ’s are awesome and the encouragement you get is unlimited!
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5 years ago, KrazyAboutYou
Love JoyFM!!
Listen to you every weekday morning and afternoon! You are my inspiration! Love the music and your personal spin on everything!
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5 years ago, 7twgirl
I’m going through cancer and kidney disease. If it wasn’t for you guys I would lose my mind. Thank you so much
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4 months ago, desxdjcgvvkgc
This is the best music ever everyone needs to this
This has to be the best music I’ve heard it’s so gooood
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4 years ago, derrsbestfriend
Great travel companion
So glad to have this app while traveling to see my daughter in CA!!! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Corrda
Works great for the most part
I can see offers, concerts, and other promotions. App is lacking AirPlay support though. Can’t play music through my HomePod.
Show more
4 years ago, kathykelly43
It’s the only station I listen too...my car and home. Thank you!💕
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4 years ago, Nowandthenstudio
Truly a blessing
I always hear the song I need.
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5 years ago, SLEE1965
Gets me through the day!
Very uplifting! Listen to it all the time!
Show more
4 years ago, stlmelonhead
Joy fm99.1
Right song at the right time best station ever
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4 years ago, Jennifer L James
Struggles and seasons
It doesn’t matter what I’m going through, good or bad. God uses Joy to speak to me!!
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