A Dark Room

4.8 (2.3K)
100.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Amirali Rajan
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for A Dark Room

4.76 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Max 71530006
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I just finished a Journey And got lots of new stuff like iron swords and steel swords and after I embarked I decided to review this application even though I haven't played it in a while. It's... it's like... so real. In this very unique Story, I had a theft in the village. Just today, this evening, The villagers, my slaves, found the bad guy and killed him and I got over ten thousand of my supplies back. Get this and go far into this story and You'll get to the guts of this incredible story. The best thing about it is before long, you're kinda combining a bunch of things together. I first bought this game because I was going on a very long trip to upper peninsula of Michigan and it first was this boring game where all you could do is stoke this fire you have lit. The cool thing about it is when the fire isn't lit, it will show it's title, a dark room. If the fire is lit, the header will show a fire lit room instead. I've beaten the game several times. But after upgrading to iPadOS 13 every time I try to listen to one of the parts of the commentary of secrets the app will crash. I am a voiceover user which makes this game a lot slower but I like it anyway.
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2 months ago, desigirl5
This Simple Task Brings Comfort
I’ve had ADR since it first released and I’ve played The Ensign and A Noble Circle too. Many many many times. At this point, I’ve completed the game so many times and I’m so used to it that I can beat it in about an hour start to finish. Somehow, even…what? A decade later? I still enjoy playing the game even though I know precisely what will happen. It has become my bed time mantra. Somehow, playing this game, stoking the fire, running through the motions, has given me a way to quiet my mind and go to sleep. I literally play it every night before bed. The small lines of dialogue have become even more relatable and this game now truly brings me a sense of solace. When I first started, I had a sense of wonder and horror and imagination strike through me when I played the game. It’s a brilliantly done story. Done perfectly with so little. I have loved it from the start and hope to have it for years to come. Please play The Ensign too. It’s worth it. Enjoy the little Easter eggs that were planted in there. Question your morals. Embark in chaos. Go forth and conquer.
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6 years ago, Hornet.72
Absolutely Phenomenal
Myself and 4 of my cousins have always been very into various types of gaming. Personally I had never experienced a game similar to this in any way. At first I was indifferent about it, It wasn’t as if I had lost interest seconds into it, but I wasn’t sure what it was all about. I took my time, I read every little message that popped up and carefully progressed through the game, soaking up every little detail. I finished the game for the 7th time earlier today and decided I would leave a review just because of how extraordinary I find this game. I want to say a huge thank you to Amir and Michael for all of the time, effort, and thought put into A Dark Room. I 10/10 recommend this game to anyone who wants to expand their gaming genre and explore a text based, time extensive game. Please take your time and try to appreciate everything about the game, and I promise you it will be worth it and you will love it. P.S. The Ensign is also a very great game and once I have ventured farther into it and beaten it just a couple more times I will be sure to leave a review there as well.
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6 years ago, i_am_froot
Honestly, give it a chance
A friend of mine introduced me to the desktop version back in March of 2016. I thought it was kind of far out there and wasn’t too intrigued. After playing it for a second day, I got hooked. Ever since then I’ve been trying to play it, but I’d misplace my save file and my laptop broke. When I saw this was offered on iOS three days ago, I had no hesitation in buying it. I was so eager to play, I finished it in 3 hours. It may not seem like very long, but I knew what I was doing. It was just as frustrating when I played it the first time, but even more enjoyable. I had beaten it twice on desktop. It seems vivid and confusing, but if you notice the different nuances and patterns, it all becomes clear. You don’t get a parade upon finishing the game, it’s better, you get wisdom and insight. I plan on finishing it 3 more times this week. This game is perfect for those who want a game that allows you to explore a landscape on a limited plane, or for people who just want a game to play on the train or during a union break. I highly recommend it
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7 years ago, YaBoyGt
Challenging but fun
To be honest I had no idea what the game was before purchasing it. I read on a list somewhere that it was a good game and decided to give it a shot. It was out of my normal scope of games but after playing for a period of time I really got into the progression of everything. After quite a bit of progression, things just kinda stopped. I wasn’t sure how to make the next step happen or what to do. I put the game down because of frustration and went onto the next app. After about a month of not playing, I picked it up this morning figured out a few things and finished it tonight! Point being, give the game a shot. It is different than most you will see but it turns out to be a lot of fun. After finishing, I actually was disappointed it was over. I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want it to end. I will say, that I think I could have shaved quite a bit of time off if I knew how it would end. I guess that is what a second play through is for although I’m not sure whether I will or not. Give it a shot, it’s only $.99.
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4 years ago, xXDjBlazinAznXx
My favorite Mobile game in over 13 yrs
This has by far been the best gaming experience on any mobile device I have ever experienced. For context, I have been partially gaming on this platform since the first iTouch came out in 2007. I generally do not review titles, but felt compelled to leave my thoughts after just completing this one. The creator ensures that there is never a dull moment. The pace is constantly increasing. I honestly can’t think of a time during my play-through in which I wasn’t constantly doing something or trying new things. I was fully invested from start to finish. Overall the game left me feeling very fulfilled, on the same level as some of the best console games I have played. If there was any game that I could recommend to anyone on mobile, it’s this one. You will not regret it. Thank you to the creator for the time you put into this game and for giving us an experience that is rarely achieved on this platform.
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3 weeks ago, Elise Ekland fan
I love it. But I’m having one problem.
So I got this game a few months back, and I’m already in love with it! It was kind of boring at first, but once you really dive in and get your stats up, it’s really fun and interactive! My only problem is that I cannot obtain for or meet. I know for a fact I have at least 200 for. But it only says I have six. and whenever I try to buy something, I can’t afford it because I need more. Like I said, I know I have enough for. I just got 100 for for example, but now it only says I have six. I have at least 300, but it only says I have 19. And then it’ll go down to zero without even taking any. I don’t know if this means that someone’s trying to steal my fur, if this is just part of the game. But, I don’t know what to think. It’s been happening for about two days now. I don’t know what to do. but I really love this app! If the first thing didn’t happen, I would’ve given the rating five stars. But then again, maybe it’s just part of the game. If anyone can give me advice on this, that would be really helpful. Thanks, love the game!
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1 year ago, Kasey Mic
Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back!
I bought this game a while ago and I finally decided to pick it up. I stoked the fire and wondered, what is here for me? I soon found out through a satisfying drip of information that there was more to this world than meets the eye. Secrets revealed, new shocking dialogue said, and a need to discover more pulled me through the game. I literally gasped at a certain part of the story (for those of you who have played it, you know EXACTLY the line). I was crushed at times but I pushed through to get to the end, and what’s this? A way to play the game that could make things turn out differently? Yes please! I began again immediately. Don’t let the minimal aesthetic fool you…there’s more here than meets the eye. Thank you to the wonderful devs who brought this game to life. It is an experience that I will never forget.
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6 years ago, Thendikfnidi
Took me 182 minutes to finish the game and it was fantastic, I found myself drawn in and not wanting to put it down. It can be slow at first, and making a functioning economy can be difficult but it’s all about the challenge. Every time I died on the dusty path made me a little upset but I just wanted revenge and to see what was farther out. Game can feel grindy at some times but picks right back up after a little bit. Going to play through again with different styles. Worth the 2$ for sure. If you have trouble justifying the price, think about it as a three hour movie for 2$, that you control, that you can play over and over again, and that you own forever. It’s a good investment I think. I might try to play the web version. Overall, great game and good developers. Worth the 2$ and has replay value. Good game 5 stars
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2 months ago, McZukas
Something Worth Experiencing
A Dark Room is one of my most recommended apps when someone asks me for a game on the App Store to play. It starts as a simple resource management game but builds into something much more than expected. I can't wait to see what else Michael and Amir have in store. Thank you to them for making such a worthwhile experience. The ending is truly something special. I purchased The Ensign minutes after completing this. If there is any game worth playing on the App Store right now, it's this. From the moment you press light fire to your thousandth death on the dusty trail during your hundredth play through makes it all worth it for the second you see your starship fly into the unknown the game holds puts you on the edge of seat. To reiterate I cannot recommend this game to people enough.
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3 years ago, ohhhhhhhyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh
Brilliant Game
I highly recommend this game to anyone with an active imagination or anyone who loves falling into a story. This game places you in the middle of mind-bending twists and forces fate upon you in a way that leaves you wondering what could have been. The writers and creators of this game have done an incredible job building a world that reveals itself the more you play, build and explore. I wish I could review every aspect of this game, but there are so many twists that I would not want to spoil the surprises for anyone! After becoming invested in the story and completing the game the first time, it is so fun to go back and figure out how you could have pushed the limits even further. I greatly enjoyed this game and have purchased the prequel to enjoy as well. Super high recommendation for this game and anything this developer comes out with! Download this game!
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6 years ago, RosieRosRo
I played this game a few years ago, on the old version which is funnily enough, no longer available in the states. Even after all of this time, I am still just as in love with this game as I was when I first started. The storyline is very interesting and the subtle shift from villagers to the enslaved adds even another level a story depth which I just adore. Overall I love this game, but if one thing were to be improved, I would love if there was more locations or different enemies, since after a few cities, you know exactly the order and difficulty of the foes. But, besides that, I don’t really have any complaints. If you’re looking for an addicting game with a subtle, yet mesmerizing plot, this is for you~ Thank you Michael and Amir for making such a beautiful game, you really did an amazing job.
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7 years ago, _la.xoxo_
Please give this game a chance
Please give this game a chance it only asks for so little bit gives you so much in return. Playing in 2017 most games are all about having the best graphics, character development, and what not. But this game stayed simple. It allowed me to create my own world and question the reality around me. This game is strange. What world was this? And many others (thoughts) came to mind. It starts off slow but have patience. Patience is key. This game has taught me that. It has made me cry, smile, and feel lost. But remember if you’re every feeling lost... Stroke Fire... and keep playing. Note the developers: thank you for such a great game. You have sent me through a world of emotions. And am hopeful to the future. And once again thank you ~from a simple girl whose has been inspired.
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7 years ago, jdv13
A Simple but Enthralling Experience
A Dark Room is a game that takes a simple premise, and finds a way to make it interesting and engaging. There's no need for any highly developed visuals or cinematic sequences - the limited amount of information the game gives you is more than enough to not only build a world worth exploring and understanding, but to keep you invested until the end. The game may not be for everyone, as it lacks a lot of the superficial details that many modern games focus on, and this may be a characteristic that can be hard for some to engage with. But if you can compensate for the lack of superficial detail with you own imagination and curiosity(we do that with books all the time), this game will provide a truly unique and memorable experience, and is well worth the price point.
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5 years ago, Re2101
10/10 would recommend
This game is a beautifully written story with phenomenal structure. It seems to start out slow, but is only the beginning of an eerie story that can be anything you imagine it to be. I’ve bought this game, thoroughly enjoyed it and redownloaded it years later to enjoy it again. But as the maker of the game states, you can really only experience your first experience once. My first experience will always be the best. Another respectable aspect to this game is the physical format of its layout. An easy to follow screen with understandable tabs makes the game comfortable to run and leaves out anything that could possibly form an image for you. The game is literally what you make it. Give it a chance. ~May the fire burn brightly for you, may it keep you warm~
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4 years ago, McDanks8
Still the best app on the App Store
Recently I redownloaded this app not having played it for about 3 years. I remembered the general idea of the game and the end result, but I forgot a lot of the major sequence events throughout. Just like the first time I played it, I had a surreal experience. This game is unlike anything you will see. It does what a lot of games fail to do- it does not only provide entertainment, but it interacts with your life outside of the game; it makes you feel something very profound that works its way into your thoughts outside the virtual world. I have thought about its message countless times and it amazes me to this day how such a simply designed text based game was able to have such an impact. Worth every penny.
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6 years ago, piptm
Absolutely worth completing.
When you begin playing A Dark Room, it seems on the surface to simply be a text-based survival and accumulation game. It is a slow start, extremely minimalist and not immediately rewarding, which will turn most app game players off. As you keep playing through, it becomes clear that it is so much more than a survival game - it contains a powerful story that is intimately affecting and confronts the player’s preconceptions of accumulation and progress as being inherently good. The gameplay is frustrating, almost claustrophobic at times, and the plot is bleak and disturbing. Beyond this, though, the game contains its own sort of haunting beauty that stays with you long after completion. The secrets at the end of the game are worth sticking it out for!
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1 year ago, knya333
No sound- BUT still an awesome game
I was obsessed with the browser version of the game so I had to get the app, but there’s no sound! The sound was my favorite part of the game. I was promised sound and that’s nonexistent. So disappointing I feel like the excitement has been ruined. — That was my initial feedback, but I was too curious to obtain the lore so I played anyway. I miss the spooky atmosphere of the desktop version HOWEVER I LOVE this game!! The lore is incredible and I love how each different dialogue and ending challenged my preconceived idea of the world. It was so fun to put the puzzle pieces together. So yeah, I miss the infrastructure and sound of the desktop version, but I stayed for the storyline and I’m so glad I did.
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5 years ago, Danie017
Great game!
The only reason I gave this game 4 instead of 5 stars was due to the lack of any visual/audible stimulation outside of words, symbols, and lettering, which I know was the point of the game, but I personally, would have gotten much more satisfaction with some brief, but additional sounds and visuals. With that said, the developers did an outstanding job creating this world using the simplest of artistic concepts to drive home the ultimate vision and goal they had in mind for this game- to stimulate the mind and create an in-depth world for the player to visualize through words and simplicity- and they did so very effectively and beautifully. Overall, very addictive despite the lack of visuals or sounds. It was an OCDer’s HEAVEN when venturing out to reveal every last inch of the map. Kept you on your toes and guessing over and over. Bravo!
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1 year ago, Blinking Betty
Minimalist wording andlayout
First the good, the game is fully accessible with voiceover. It turns out the developer took special effort to learn about that and do it. Also, ad free. It also doesn’t have in app purchases that basically make you feel like you’re wasting effort if you can’t afford to pay a lot, which makes it stand out from the other games because they like to nickel and dime you to death. the minimalist interface is a good thing. The minimalist wording is not because I am a grammar nerd and like complete sentences, more options and clear plots.. I also don’t particularly like the plot after my first Playthrough and I have to enjoy the plot to wanna play again. Therefore, it only gets a four-star, even though it probably does deserve a five.
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2 years ago, Super man9999
I love it. But
I played this game for two weeks and completed it. Very fun to play and I love it. I only have one small complaint. The fact that each time you die on the dusty path you lose everything that you gathered. There were many times where I would gather so many important things and new ones to that I forgotten where I found them and I would die and lose all of it. This makes the game boring and frustrating to . I don’t know if the sequel of this game is like this to, but if it is, I am not buying it until this issue has been fixed. I consider this an issue not a challenge. Thank you very much for your understanding and I hope you read this review developer. And thank you once again for this great game
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2 months ago, ka1jah
Wonderfully unique
Truly a unique game. One of a kind. I love this approach to a game, it is very simplistic yet fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like it before and never experienced anything like it before. The only thing I would say could be better is adding sound effects (even just button sounds) but the quietness also does liberties to the unsettling feeling throughout. Playing your own music playlist in the background is fun too. I think everyone should try this out, it’s so fun to figure out the mechanics as you go on, and the story, though vague is so interesting. I hope to get the prequel game and I hope to see more games from the developer one day!
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6 years ago, melapearl
Love it
I played this game once on the web a couple of years ago and purchased the iOS version, but I never opened the app or finished the web version. Today, while looking through my purchase history, I saw ADR and was immediately thrown back to the intrigue I felt when playing the web version and proceeded to download it. I was sucked into the story again and even restarted a couple of times when I realized there were perks that assist in exploring the world in the hopes of getting them earlier. While it is a simplistic game, there is an in-depth story that leaves you kind of unsettled but definitely needing to know more. I only wish I could play it for the first time again.
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10 months ago, yaaroti
something changed for the worse
A few years ago I would have raved about this game. Today not so much, what’s changed is that the text is so very tiny when playing on an iPhone SE, no matter what I do in the phone settings, the typeface isn’t scaling for the display… well it is if you consider the size of the iPhone SE display and yet, I’ll say again adjusting any and all “font” sizing on the device has no effect and the game is unplayable. Well I could play if I wanted eye strain and headaches. For now if you have a smaller display like the iPhone SE I would say pass on this game, Sadly this developer has no contact email that I could find in order to bring this to their attention. I guess they are too good for that, so here is How I am reaching out to them, and warning all of you. Hope this review helps, perhaps it will change into a rave review when the issue is fixed.
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5 years ago, 0)7xpytl-01
Thought for your thoughts
I’m a simple man. A Dark Room was a quiet, simplistic, and addicting experience. I fear the deeper meaning of ADR was lost on me the first time around but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. I got ADR today and finished it today (a testament to its addictive powers, not my speed running skills, of which I have none.) I was completely pulled out of my real life whenever I opened this app. About to start my second play through and I’m honestly excited to see what I make of it this run. Let me end by saying thank you to the creators for the time and effort you put into A Dark Room. Your passion and care really showed and I look forward to gaining even more appreciation on my next pass. Good day.
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3 years ago, Dissapointed1316
A letter to the Creators
I have loved this game my whole life. I played it when I was younger for the first time, and listened to all the audio after I completed it. It meant so much to me to hear that audio, and this game will forever hold a place in my heart. This game gave kid me a different perspective on the world, while also giving me hours of entertainment. I think in total I’ve completed the game 4 or 5 times. Now that I’m an adult, I’m currently in college, I don’t have time to play it all the way through anymore. I hope everyone gets this game, and considers donating. The creators put their heart and soul into this game, and I will forever love them for it.
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6 years ago, LoganO380
There are no words
There are no real words to describe how you will feel after you complete this game. Your experience is your own, but I had chills for a while. I became so attached to this world, and I greatly appreciate the graphics. From what you catch and understand to what dialogue goes right over your head. Your experience is your own. I played through this game once several years ago and didn’t think much of it. I played through it again and I’m speechless. There’s so much I missed and so much more I understand through the beautifully done dialogue once you complete the game. May the fire burn brightly for you. May it keep you warm. Keep wandering Wanderer m
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4 years ago, ag!:)
New Layout Blues
Was my favorite. Could play it for hours. New layout has cart wood and check traps buttons annoyingly close and shoved in corner. Seemingly they wanted to expand middle area info. I don’t know how it could be possible, but these layout changes have shifted this from a game I would play back to back to back— to a game I can’t force myself to get through one time. Seriously, I go back to it and think maybe I just haven’t given it a chance. But having the buttons you most need to tap so close and or so high up, makes it feel like a tedious clerical task instead of an intuitive journey. And I love this game. Want to contact programers and ask them to please change it back to the original. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with hope that they might have changed it back, but no luck. Dear Programmers: the past layout was perfect. Your game was brilliant. Please restore it. Thank you.
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6 years ago, giaface
Beautiful, immersive game.
For years, I’ve started and then forgotten about A Dark Room, but I always really enjoyed playing it. This time, I committed to finishing, and I’m so glad I did. Finally getting to experience the complete narrative was so rewarding and chilling. The secrets from the devs made finishing even more fun. Despite its minimalistic interface, ADR is surprisingly visual. Very quickly, I was able to see the village, the builder, the gaunt man, the mines, the dusty path and everything the game had to offer in my head. It added a level of immersion that I don’t often get in iOS games. Overall, I’m so glad I finally finished this game. Can’t wait to try it out without building huts!
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5 years ago, CaptDisgruntled
My first textie—addictive
I came to computer gaming later than many—my first was the “Myst” series, and when I found this one recently on the app store, I questioned why it was available. For the first 15 minutes I played it, I found it absurdly simplistic and uninteresting (with the display capabilities of my iPad, why am I staring at naked text??). I set it aside for weeks, then retried it, and finally ended up enraptured. Trying to figure out the most productive ratio of work allocation, gambling on improving my odds by loading up on valuables while not taking more than I was willing to risk losing, and trying to interpret the builder’s sorrowful commentary were really engaging and intriguing.
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6 years ago, Dovewriter
Not a gamer but totally hooked.
I've never been into games, but saw a review on HuffPost and thought I'd try it on a lark. I was hooked. I've never been addicted to a game before and I spent three days addicted- I slept less and avoided other things if I could. I liked it never told you what to do- you had to just figure it out. Towards the end it moved slower- didn't find/earn new things, so my interest lagged some. I plan to play it again now that I "get it". Now I must do all the housework I've neglected... Update 2018: have played several more times in past years, for the challenge, the uniqueness, and just overall what it says about us and society
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9 months ago, emoney63
Wowwww what a journey.
I just recently moved my life across the country and it’s been alright. every night I sit outside look at the stars and listen to the wind. Always thinking about the past I remember playing a game where I lit a fire embarked on journeys and finding alien artifacts, never knowing what to do with them. I scrambled for a week trying to find the game I played 8 years ago and here I am. At last I can say I finally found it, beat it and getting a piece of mind. I’m writing this listening the wind again wondering where my next journey begins. What an amazing game thank you for the experience again.
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2 years ago, FBU_Colorado19
Captivating and Addictive
I came across the web version of this game randomly after searching for fun games to play while bored online. After a short session, I was hooked. Realizing there was an IOS version of the game, I got it immediately. This is the perfect time passing game that keeps you enthralled and entertained the entire 3-4 hour journey. The game is both rewarding and punishing at times but never trades your enjoyment for frustration. The game begins like a resource clicker-type-game, and then expands into a mystery adventure. This game is for someone who loves indie developed games and simplistic designs. Excited to play the prequel!
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1 year ago, evday
Still go back to it every so often
I remember playing the browser version of this game several years ago, and being intrigued by finding it in the App Store. It might seem strange to pay for a game you’d played through for free but for the price, why not? The mobile game is a sufficient upgrade and worth the price a few times over. The simple, unique experience is something I find myself going back and reliving every so often. If you’ve never tried the game before and happen upon this, give it a shot, just try to be patient in the opening sequence.
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5 years ago, snugglebugparisa
Fantastic Game
I tested out this game a long time ago, played for a few hours, and didn’t really get into it beyond a piqued interest. I tried it again this weekend, and WHAT. A. RIDE. I had no idea what this game was capable of being, especially as you go further along. The game flawlessly teaches you how it should be played without a tutorial, or any direct indication of what you should do next. The story is told beautifully without the mention of any names, just small changes to details that you only notice after skipping past them the first time they came up. 5/5, would absolutely recommend to all my friends. Great job!!
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4 years ago, MB2011qq
Wonder and exploration await
I distinctly remember my first play through, my 7th grade self found a dark room on a school computer and it slowly began to occupy my mind during the lulls in Texas history. The slow creep of new mechanics and mysteries about the unique world you’re dropped into practically beg you to explore the dusty path and the subtle lore hidden throughout all aspects of the game. The minimalistic nature of the game encourages you to fill in the lore of the world yourself, allowing each player’s journey to be their own, as well as providing very satisfying revelations when you stumble upon some knew knowledge. May the fire burn bright for you, may it keep you warm.
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5 years ago, Rainbow Heather
Such An Intriguing Game
At first, I was pretty skeptical of the game. Reading a couple reviews is what really pushed me to buy ADR. When I started playing, I admit was confused and was starting to doubt the game. But I’m not a person to give up too easily. So I continued with the game, the more I play the more I felt curious and engulfed by ADR. There are feelings that this game will make you feel that other games will not. It’s such a simple game but it can also make you feel such complex feelings. I definitely recommend this game to everyone, just give it a chance. I promise ADR will give you a new experience. May the fire burn brightly for you, make it keep you warm.
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2 years ago, Shhjdjd
I’ve played this game before, a long time ago. I beat it once but didn’t take time to enjoy the ending. Today after about 3.5 hours of casual gameplay over 3 days I beat it for the 2nd time. Taking time to listen to the developers words is great. Incredible game. Looking forward to starting the ensign. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Thank you for this experience. Some people will never know the time & work that goes into creating such an addictive game in this format. I sure won’t. But I appreciate it. GG , let’s see where the ensign takes us
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6 years ago, Ameome
Very Impressive, Great Game
I played this game for the first time a couple years back and loved it, just re-downloaded a couple days ago and already went through it twice. Really interesting concept and the program is awesome, the fact that one dude developed the whole app is super dope. I would recommend this to anyone that appreciates relatively simplistic (in terms of the layout) but engaging games. It’s not flashy and the visuals don’t stun you, but that’s honestly part of what makes the game so great, how plain he/she left the program with almost no graphics. I would rate this 6 stars if I could, easily one of my favorite games.
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4 years ago, ocp_001
Still enjoyable after all these years
I picked this game up several years ago and probably play it again once every year and a half or so. As the developer points out, you can really only experience this game for the first time once. But long enough gaps in replay seems to recapture enough of the magic for me. The game is quite unconventional and rewards those with enough patience to feel it out and explore. The audio logs after beating it once are interesting, but seem to be bugged now - The game crashes after each log completes and you have to restart to hear the next one.
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7 years ago, Cotton Raves
Simple yet not in the best ways.
This game is fantastic. If you've never played it before the 1$ price is trivial compared to what you'll get from this game. The story and gameplay is very well crafted in its own unique ways. I've had this game for a long time now and have played it a handful of times. Stuck at the airport or some other place? This is perfect for those situations. No need to be staring at the screen unless you can perfectly time hitting a pause button. If it even exists in other games. Bottom line is. Get this game. Enjoy it to its fullest and then some. And let everyone else know about it.
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4 years ago, omnipotentcg
Unlike anything I’ve played before.
Although I agree with most of the reviews, I’m not going to gush over this game and make you think it’s Gods gift to text based games, as this is my first, but I will say as a culminate experience, it is without a doubt worth your money and 5 stars. My only complaint would be I wish it had its own soundtrack. Just a subtle breeze blowing through the trees while you’re managing your village. Music, or even ambient sounds, I’ve found, profoundly impact video games, especially ones as meaningful as ADR. Outside of that, as my first text based game, it was enjoyable and I feel like I’ve been missing out on a very special genre of video games. At 35 years, I’ve missed a lot of good games over the years and thankfully ADR has opened my eyes. Honestly, after beating the game, the extra stuff in the menu from these guys would have provoked me to give 5 stars even if the game was abysmal. It was a very nice touch and something unseen in the industry. Thank you!
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5 years ago, marinekidd2232
Better than I could have imagined
Finished in 144 minutes, and I wish it took longer. Played straight through with out putting my phone down once. It’s the best way to play this game. I was completely immersed in a text based game, emotionally attached to the characters and the world in my mind. The simplicity of the story line leaves a lot to the imagination, but in a good way. I was shocked at the twists that come along the way, and how addicting it became. The developers are geniuses. You truly can only experience the game for the first time, once, and it’s brilliant. May the fire burn brightly for you, may it keep you warm.
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5 years ago, Jacqueline '~'
Simple But Stunning
I love text based adventure games so when I found this I thought I’d give it a whirl. Here I am after binging on the game continuously for about 2 and 1/2 hours straight. The ending just left me wanting more, and I guarantee you if you enjoy text based games where you picture the story and the action playing out in your head, then this is simply a must for you. No ads, no glitches (that I found in my play-through), no micro transactions, it’s a gem of a game. My only critique is a lack of ambient music, but I just played my own in the background, otherwise a perfect game. 5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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6 years ago, draccoheart
Absolutely Glorious
I didn’t really know what to expect from this game when i first purchased it, but I’m so glad I did. The simplicity of this app makes it so complex, and it left me confused and wondering, but the storyline was so odd i couldn’t stop progressing. I feel that the simplest of games are always the best. The effort and detail was extraordinary. It was definitely worth the money I spent on it. I highly recommend this game, and it never gets old the more you play it. If you start again, there’s always something you find that you never saw before. I absolutely love this game, and I feel I always will.
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6 years ago, Vipul V Patil
A truly satisfying experience
Got the new iPhone yesterday. So wanted to play some new games to enjoy the bigger screen. Came across this text based adventure and couldn’t resist. It had been a while since I last played a text based game and decided to give this a shot. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. The game is simple to begin and has an amazing progression. This can be a case in study for tutorial done right, without making it seem like a tutorial. What this game lacks in visuals, it more than makes up for it with its soul. A truly amazing experience. Can’t wait to start a new adventure.
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8 months ago, H82BL8
Awesome start to finish
Started ADR a few years ago when I was in highschool workin on an island in the middle of a lake with no cell reception. Now almost a decade later I saw it again and remembered how much cool it was back then. Started it while on a flight cross country and finished the game a few days later (Today). It is just as good as I remembered, and then some, especially since I actually completed it this time around. Definitely recommend 100%, this is the first review I've ever written, but it deserves it. No if you'll excuse me, I need to see what's goin on with these huts...
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7 years ago, Navy non
Incredible story, unique gameplay like nothing else
I love this app. I have beat it at least 5 times, probably more. What I love is the story. It's not your typical click dialogue and interact story, yet it has that feel. Your trying to survive in this world, and yet this story progresses around you. It's incredible. The freedom of the player yet the solid storyline are beautiful when viewed through the minimalist game play. There are no flashy decals, or crazy graphics, because that's not the point. It's the story, and allowing the user to have the freedom to choose while demonstrating their theme. Beautiful, gaming and storytelling.
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4 years ago, The lone Spartan 434
No game can impact you like this one
After only my second complete play through a couple years later I am still amazed at how addicting this game is. Not only does it feed my addiction through progression, but through the hunger for me power and adventure. The actions I must commit truly question my moral character, who I am and what I’m doing in this wonderfully built universe. It truly was an incredible experience like nothing else on mobile. I am compelled to play the ensign again, listen to all the post game content and once again, thirst for me. Thank you for this incredible experience.
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1 month ago, mr.pena
Stoke fire - the line is back!
Thank you for the recent font and UI updates. This feels more like the original. I hated that other font, this new one is much easier on the eyes. Will the app icon get an update as well? First play through was back in 2014. I picked this back up a week or two ago and had to stop playing cause it was unrecognizable to me. Lack of the stoke line shook me. It is so iconic!!! The line is back with the update as well as some needed improvements - thanks for listening to the feedback from other “original UI” players.🫡
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