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A Plus Federal Credit Union
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for A+ Mobile

4.61 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Patrick Shaunesy O'Hoolihan
Saving my bacon
I joined A+ in December of 2009 and they have always treated me and my family with great respect! When a problem would arise they would assist me in fixing it! I have been a member of other Credit Union’s but I have never been so completely satisfied as I am with A+! I went from having very little if not almost nonexistent credit to being able to get the things I need and their trust in me to pay my loans, well it means the world to my wife and I! Thank you A+ for being there for us! And now with this update and all the friendly people at A+ I’ve started a small business and I was able to purchase a 2016 GMC Terrain to replace my wife’s 1999 Chevy Tahoe LS! I love A+! They have repaired my life! And still today the pleasure is all mine doing business with A+ It’s now 2023 and A+ is still the best financial institution I’ve ever had the pleasure doing business with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+
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4 months ago, Andria1977
Great Product
First of all, I love this credit union. I have been with them for 10 years and I don’t even live close to a branch. I think the app is super easy to use and we can transfer funds by the next day in most cases. I do have a local bank but I will be closing that account soon. We have financed several cars, home repairs and have a credit card through A+. We have multiple accounts including a child account for our grandchild and will open another one soon, as we have another on the way.
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2 years ago, sam_speaks
They’ll charge you wrongly, worst bank ever to do business with
Better find yourself a different bank if you don’t wanna be paying for their mistakes. They don’t take responsibilities, mistakes done as a result of their poorly built app will cost you $$$ and no one would listen to you, they won’t answer your calls or emails. They will double charge you and when you complain you’ll get ignored. I made a payment on the 28th via this terrible app that I still think it’s a demo app but on the 1st the app charged me same amount. I complained, they pulled the payment and then charge me return fee as if it was my fault. After this none of them would talk to me or even answer my emails. This isn’t the first time I’m going through this mess with them. They don’t care about you. Don’t even wanna talk about their rude reps. So outdated, regret banking with them.
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5 years ago, ffghhhjhjgt
Not intuitive or real time
Many of the main features the Mobile online user Is going to use most frequently are buried within the left or oddly even a right side bar. This requires the user to dig for them. Also, the bill pay does not closely interact with the account. Meaning, if you use the bill pay in other bank apps, the account will show you your balance but then also your “available@ balance as it automatically subtracts what you paid in your bill pay. Additionally, it’s very delayed with regards to real-time transactions with a certain amount of inconsistency. For example, if I use my debit card it immediately shows a pending transaction but deposits and withdrawals don’t always show pending on the app. It’s it’s honestly difficult to truly manage your account using this mobile app.
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5 years ago, MostlyMerry
Glitches in mobile deposit
I have been using the app since March. The convenience of mobile banking is the reason I decided to try it. I have an iPhone 8 Plus. Which has a top quality camera. Yet when I capture photos in the app. It fails to correctly read the information on the check/money order. Many error messages have popped up the 30 times I’ve tried to submit the money order. It’s amount is clearly printed and my amount does match. Yet I keep getting the error stating the amounts do not match. Kind of defeats the purpose of convenient mobile banking when I have to drive from Houston to Austin to deposit. Or snail mail my money order and wait til it gets received, cleared and deposited. I love my credit union and most of the app features. But it definitely requires some updates.
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10 months ago, hgfjkkcc
Organized web site
I have gone through all information on this app/website. It is organized and easy to navigate. 1 challenge, whenever I am shopping for loans I want all information and terms easily available. A+FCU doesn’t give you that information until a loan application is filled out, then you get a call from the loan department employee who is processing the loan. I have to ask all important questions sometimes if I forget a particular question I do not have that information. I want to know up front what the terms and conditions are of a particular loan agreement first.
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1 year ago, Crixus512
Anything short of 5 stars is due to user error. All of the complaints are simple minded nags of people who’s opinion we are better off not acknowledging. Almost everything you can do in the bank you can do through the app with ease. From transferring funds between accounts to depositing checks from a picture and even requesting loans. Every feature was designed for easy access while maintaining security. I highly recommend not only the app itself but the system of banks it was set up to accommodate.
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2 years ago, 💙Sailor Mercury💙
So glad I switched to A+!
I have had NO issues with the A+ app so far! 🤍 The app smooth and has many features!! One of my favorites is the reoccurring transfer from checking account to savings account!! It is perfect because it does the transfer for me. As someone who has trouble saving money, it’s a habit to not be consistent with putting money away in my savings. With this amazing feature, it happens automatically! I can change how often the transfers occur as well as the amount whenever I want!!
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7 months ago, charliesee!
Mrs. Angelle
The A plus app is a tremendous help to my daily life. However lately the app always continues to give a message that the app is not working, try to log back in later, but then later it’s the same message. Otherwise when it is working properly i can review my transactions but I’ve had an opportunity to set up bill pay. I have my auto loan and holiday loan all bundled into one account. I look forward to possibly securing my mortgage with Aplus, because I love the service from the Aplus team when I call the call center, and I love being able to quickly access the things that I need when reviewing my account.
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1 year ago, CLZ8
Love this app and this bank!
I’ve been a A+ FCU member for many years and love it. Their team members are always courteous and helpful. Their Audi auto phone service is handy, easy to navigate, and provides quick access when needed. And their phone banking app is super easy, secure, and convenient. They go the extra mile for their customers, offering not only all the usual banking services but free online educational classes covering helpful topics to make navigating your financial life smart and easy. Lots of reasons to be a loyal customer 👍
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12 months ago, Peace can love
Great review
I have been with A + since I was in high school. I do NOT have one bad thing to say about this close, family, loving bank. They have always been there for me when I needed help, was in a bind, and or had fraud issues. I have NEVER get judged or look d down on. I have ONLY been helped, encouraged, and supported. I recommend any one looking for more than a bank but a family to join! Thank y’all so much for always being a positive influence in my financial journey.
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2 years ago, RMCameron
It’s ok
Not a big fan about the app. All the issues I have with it is more of a personal problem. I don’t like that there is no option to save a payment method on the app. I don’t appreciate the fee they charge you to pay online especially when it helps cut down on paper but I guess they have to make money somewhere. It is ONLY a bank. I don’t like that they are constantly changing the look and operations on it and it doesn’t say that they did anywhere. I’ve spent 5 minutes in the past looking where I can pay my payments because I couldn’t find it. Honestly not a “big fan” is a nice way to put how much I dislike this app. Do better
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8 months ago, what goes up...
Well designed and Reliable
A+ is a class act. They hire and train very well, never losing sight that we’re member-owned. My 30+ years of continuous patronage have seen countless improvements, and innovative programs and processes. If a problem is discovered, it is quickly remedied. Customer service remains top notch. Credit unions are a better choice than banks for most consumers. A+ is better than most credit unions. I know from personal experience and many reviews read.
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3 years ago, JS Joy
A+ app is A+
This has been a great credit union, and the A+ app makes it so easy to bank from any location. I’m so thankful A+FCU was recommended by friends several years ago, and I have been recommending A+ to others since. I have had good, helpful and professional interactions no matter which branch I’ve visited. The app is quick and easy and accurate. It’s all the more why I would always recommend A+ for all your banking.
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6 years ago, I'mJustAGlitch
Pretty good honestly. No complaints
I really like the app. I like being able to check my balance whenever I want to and it doesn’t take long at all. Some of the features within the app are nice too. The one thing I wish though would be for it to be a little bit easier to use the other features, but that could also just be my lack of knowledge on it. I’m new to debit and credit cards so it’s likely the other features would make more sense to someone who’s had a card for a while. Either way it’s a pretty good app
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5 months ago, JMcSanAntonio
Actually makes banking easier
The information I actually need is accessible through the app. And I can make reasonable transactions. There are a few actions that require a signature and we were able to work those out as well. When you need a human interaction, they respond in a reasonable time. Just missing the lollipop I used to get in the drive through. It loads easily and feels secure. Thanks A+
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2 years ago, fdfhiteess
App is very poor
I’ve been a member for a little over 10 years now. I’ve appreciated the move to online banking but the app has had issues since it was started, the latest being it won’t let me view my secure messages and reply to any of the messages from A+ that I manage to be able to view. This app also crashes fairly often. We have pretty fast internet but I notice these crashes happen when I use data or when I use WiFi. In many instances it’s still just way easier to call A+ rather than depend on the app even if I have to sit on hold longer.
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5 years ago, Livlalo
Logging in and accessing bill pay are terrible. Getting to credit card also difficult.
Very often I have to enter my password two or three times before it recognizes me and I know I have entered it correctly each time. Once I do get in sometimes I am still unable to access my accounts. Also, when I do get into my accounts there are problems opening bill pay and credit card. Howevee, when it works right it is easy to move around in and find what you need.
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6 years ago, El MiraMontes
I feel good every time I use this app because It works and I know exactly what my money is supporting with all that A+FCU is doing in the community. Unlike the big who support bad things who knows where. This is the most easy to use banking app I have experienced. I have tried all the big banks apps and I really like how A+ has done so much with way less resources than them. This app mimics the website access so you can do it all from your phone. I love it!
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2 years ago, Herr Hans-Dieter
Your new app is very good overall. However the features for transfers among different accounts could be made more clear and better. My deaf friends and I have found your app very helpful and useful to conduct our financial transactions without leaving our homes, except for transfers of funds which are okay as mentioned above. Keep up the good work! Thanks again. Hans-Dieter Baumert A+ Federal Credit Union Member since August 1996 (Formerly Austin Area Teachers’ Federal Credit Union) Retired High School Teacher at Texas School for the Deaf
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2 years ago, shaun.greenfield
Decent but glitchy/busy interface
The app does with every other banking app does there’s nothing special here. The interface is a little bit clunky and as somebody who works in software development there are several places where I would’ve taken different design decisions. That said the most major complaint that I can make is that on a regular basis the face ID does not initialize properly when the app gets started so you constantly have to kill the app completely and restart it: then Face ID works.
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3 years ago, Jacob_Gonzales
Best app ever!
I absolutely love the user interface! Everything works flawlessly. I was so happy when they updated the app years ago- best move a plus has ever made and I have been an account holder for about 10 years. I love that you can move accounts around and aggregate accounts. I love that you can nick name accounts and don’t even get me started on the financial management tools- they’re the best!!!! This app is why I stay with a plus.
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1 year ago, Mrs. J R
An A+ for A+
I have been with A+ since 1991 and they have always been there for me. They have taken care of my needs and have helped me through some rough spots and I have never had a bad experience with any A+ employee even when they could not help me out. Always polite and easy to talk with. That’s why I will stay with them no matter where I live. Thanks for all you do.
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2 months ago, La Palabra buena
Five Star!
Five Star! We recently had a crisis with our account NOT DUE TO A Plus and two clerks worked with both of us patiently and expertly resolving our situation for hours!!! They considered it a priority and even worked past closing time until all was good! Amanda Benavides and Jacob, we sincerely appreciate your kindness and expertise! You worked diligently to straighten all out and give us peace of mind! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Angela ATX
An APlus Experience!
The APlus app works just as if I am in one of the branch locations. I reside in another state and have for the last three years. I refuse to switch my bank because the app serves my purposes very well. If I need assistance I can always call customer service and receive the help that I need. I have banked with this credit union sense 2011 and have always been satisfied. If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Thank you APlus!
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5 years ago, TMEvans82
A+ App
Works well & hardly ever down. I’ve got everything I need at my finger tips. Balance reads a lot better then some... not mentioning any names... WF. Mobile deposits are simple, it just takes longer to clear then I’d like. I also don’t agree with $4 per transaction charges to transfer from savings when checking is overdrawn. Overall, good bank though & the app does what it’s supposed to do.
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3 months ago, crazy old cat lady
The Stassney branch is family. They remember their customers names, family members, pets, all sorts of things. They call you by name. Everyone goes out of his/her way to fix problems or at least, explain them. I cannot imagine having my money anywhere else. The branch reminds me of the attitude and family atmosphere at “the old Bailey Savings and Loan.”
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6 years ago, Mollye6
Really easy, really great!
I have 3 different bank apps and A+ is by far the easiest to use. I can see my and all my children’s accounts on the same page and transfer money quickly and easily. And the funds are available immediately. I love that the app shows pending transactions and available funds, no guessing! Other financial institutions really need to take note!
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2 years ago, dovijohn
Good App
Great app and very easy to use! I’ve never experienced any glitches or screen issues. You can’t, however, use it in the middle of the night (like 1:00AM +). It says there are issues with the account but nothings wrong, it’s just the bank not letting you access it. Not sure why though. Maybe for security purposes?
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2 years ago, Ibeatthemachine
Good service but slow updates
I enjoy the easy navigation and love that it’s able to provide all kinds of information on my accounts. The only annoying thing is the time between when I transfer money between accounts, to once it finally reflects on the app. It stresses me out because it disappears from my primary account and doesn’t show up in my 2nd joint account until the next day or so.
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1 month ago, Piedbald
Even in Hong Kong I used A+!!!
I’ve been a member of APlus for twenty years! Couldn’t ask for a better bank to do business with! I’ve been scammed -they took care of everything . I’ve bought cars - at a better rate. My business account - A+. I lived in Hong Kong for awhile - got my daily pin money from A+ in Austin, Texas! I’m living in Vermont now, and the name of my banking institution? A+FCU!
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3 years ago, Loading reviewer...
Good management app
The app works really well for when you wanna keep track of your money and how much you spend. I don’t have trouble with it too often, most of the times I have issues with it are during the days that there’s maintenance or something but otherwise it’s a good app and I’d recommend it.
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2 years ago, sarah21soccer
Only one complaint
I cannot access my A+FCU credit card via the APP. I’ve been told it’s separate & unable to link. I’m not downloading yet another APP so paper it is. Everything else: ease of transfers, online Bill pay, layering of sub-accounts for savings, all great! The mobile check deposit works well though does not like my Brazilian friend’s habit of placing # in front of numbers...
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2 years ago, 123456nickname654321
Love the App!
I love A+ to bank with and they have a great app! Remote check deposit is a convenient feature and extremely easy to use. The app offers a lot of different services that make it easy to manage money and get an overview of your account(s). User friendly and hardly any bugs
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6 years ago, adan1329
Amazing perks!
I am a very busy person, so I truly enjoyed depositing just by using my phone. I am able to keep the checks and know exactly how much I have deposited. I also like the fact that every time I go into the building the service is always prompt and courteous. I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful bank. Thank you for all you do! Ella
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2 years ago, Babygirl31098
Being an adult and paying bills can be challenging. Having a option to transfer funds into a savings accounts that’s linked to my car loan is an awesome ideal! Each pay period I’m able to transfer money into it so I’m able to budget my monthly car note.
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4 months ago, 🏝love it
The best federal credit union around
My husband an I have been with A+ for over 25yrs at our branch in round rock, they have always been very friendly and helpful. And also the manager is Great, they treat you like family, I highly recommended. my husband is gone now, but I am still a member and still recommend. A. Lee
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2 years ago, DAC4422
Include alerts
Like the app very much except it does not have the ability to set alerts and notifications within this app unlike other banking apps. Do not want to have to download the Card Guard app in order to do this. Would like to see A+ incorporate this functionality into this banking app, so users only have one app they have to access. Once you include this, then the app would be worth 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Dezziiiii
Love this app!
the app has been super helpful, since my high school years till now. everything is at my fingertips which I love the most. the app is very informative and the organization is great plus, it let’s me manage all expenses by mobile. thank you A+ credit union for everything you do. ❤️
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4 years ago, dbwocketman
Good for the Basics
Perfect for quickly checking balances, making transfers, etc. Mobile depositing is clunky with poor information and integration regarding unexpected holds on my deposited checks, etc. Also, the messaging feature is basically worthless in that 90% of the time whoever is responding always just says, “Call the bank...” seemingly forgetting that messaging is often used especially BECAUSE I can’t reach someone on the phone or see someone in person the bank is not open on evenings or weekends even with CC matters.
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4 months ago, Southwesr
Best App
I joined A+ (Formerly known as Teachers Federal Credit Union) over 40 years ago and have been amazed with the customer service combined with a human touch. I am never disappointed when I visit any of the locations whether in person or through the App which is an extremely amazing tool.
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3 years ago, Katezter
Seriously best banking experience
I LOVE online bill pay, mobile check deposit, and the ease of using this app to manage my accounts. I will not ever switch to another credit union even despite moving away from the Austin area due to the ease of using this app. Thanks A+!
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4 years ago, B. Leyendecker
I love my Bank
I’ve been with Aplus since 1996. Then it was called Austin Area teachers federal credit Union. I’ve gone from checks to direct deposits to paying bills on line, loans for cars, my house and holiday loans. I’ve been so happy with the service I hardly notice until some has a problem at their bank and I say- That doesn’t happen at my Union!
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4 years ago, Money4days
It’s great for managing accounts!
Honestly this app gets the job done when either figuring out how much you have in you checking or savings account and if need be, you can make transactions to either take some spare change from savings or if you plan to save then from checking to savings.
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6 years ago, Raycjel
Not Happy
The app is not accurate in real time expectations. I have had many problems because the app will show me one Balance when I know that it should probably be more or even maybe less. And I will log out and log back in, and get a different Balance. At this current point I am negative because the app told me that I had one balance when in actuality it was supposed to be less than that and so I made a withdrawal depending on the application to be accurate at that point in time. To be honest, I am not very happy with the A+ online banking application.
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5 years ago, Dion_Whitr
A+ From me
I have been banking with A+ for a long time and they keep me updated on anything suspicious and keeps track of all my expense and transactions, and I get rewards for signing up with Sprint 100$ back just for that and being a loyal part of the family. I really do feel taken care of thanks guys again!
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8 months ago, robisnothappy
Deposit check issue
The deposit check feature many times fails due to the app not recognizing the amount of the check. This never happens on my Bank of America app. Look into improving this issue.
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6 years ago, Makayla Chamberlain
Deposit a Check
Everything about the app is great, if you rate everything except the way to deposit a check. Every time I try and deposit a check through the app it tells me that the action is not available. Something that was supposed to make depositing a check much easier is in turn making it a lot harder.
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5 months ago, pcrtn
Thanks for all you do!
I love you guys.! You’re always there when I need you. There’s never a hassle and you’re always prompt. I couldn’t have chosen a better bank. You are apart of my family. Aplus has taken care of me, especially during covid. Thanks for all you do. Precilla A. Howell
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3 years ago, LolaCscerola
Problem deposit check trough the phone
I like it, but what I don’t like is that sometimes take several times to deposit a check because it says that can not read it. I used to have an account with Wels Fargo and I never had that problem. As soon as I put the cámara in front Thec check it shoot the picture by itself I didn’t had to do anything and it always went through at the first time.
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