AAA Mobile

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American Automobile Association
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3 weeks ago
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14.2 or later
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User Reviews for AAA Mobile

4.64 out of 5
90.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Sfritz17327
This App gives me a feeling of security!
I’m a first time user of the AAA app. Last Friday while on the interstate our truck overheated and so did the transmission, blowing fluid out of the dipstick tube, so I called AAA for assistance. While on the phone they walked me through installation of the app. While I was on the phone the truck cooled down and my husband was able to put transmission fluid back in the truck. I was able to cancel my call for assistance easily using this app. Yesterday I went out to go to work and my car cranked but would not turn over. Today I used the app to schedule my car to be towed to our mechanic. They kept in touch with me through the whole process with text messages and a map on the app that showed me where the tow truck was at at all times and it’s ETA. These are wonderful features! I keep thinking about what if I was alone and stranded on a dark road? I would know that help was on its way because the app also has the ability to locate me, and if I’m remembering correctly it asked if I’m in a safe location and gives me an option to call 911. SECURITY :-)
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2 months ago, Lamc jsj
God to know
Since doesn’t exist a place where I can share my experience with AAA I’m gonna do it in the app review with the hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else, 8 months ago I needed a towing service, I called them at 5:00 pm and they told me that everything was late and it was going to take at least 2 hours. 4 hours passed and no one arrived, when I called again they told me that I could wait or I could pay for a service on my own, then I could upload the receipt to their website and they would gave me a refund of what the service would cost because the ETA of the tow truck that they where sending was for 11:00 PM. I hired a service on my own, and uploaded the receipt to their website. 8 months have passed and I have not heard anything about my supposed refund even though they only towed me 3 miles and my membership is Plus. But the insulting thing is that when you call the number that they gave you, you literally spend hours on line and no one answers. So I call the regular number asking for an email address where I can explain my case… the representative tells me that she doesn't have any email that she can give me for that, that if I want to apply for a credit card 😂😂. The level of disrespect and the way they handle the situation is regrettable. There is no contact information were you can address them for this matter, your paying for a service that they’re not providing.
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2 years ago, S. Coffman
App generally ok, but timer is flawed
The app is generally ok. It provides a space to put your member card so you don’t have to carry it around, links to other services you can buy, and the roadside assistance link. Generally, the request for roadside assistance is easy to use - just a few clicks and help is supposedly on the way. The issue is that the “arrival time” timer isn’t really based on any actual information for your case. It’s an average of all of their service calls. My 20-min wait has turned into a 90-min wait, with phone support stating they don’t really know where the service techs are or when they’ll arrive or if they’re really on their way to me. First time user of this app and the roadside assistance service of AAA. Honestly, my next round I’ll continue using USAA. Their communication (app, text, and phone) are much more rooted in reality and don’t set up false expectations or hopes while you’re stranded on the side of the road. **Edit to update that we’ve now been on the side of the highway for two and a half hours, and the phone tech finally shared that A)They haven’t found a driver yet and B) they’re not sure they can because all of the orgs on their list aren’t affiliated to AAA anymore. So, yeah - the timer in the app is a gimmick. There wasn’t anyone on the way when it started counting down. I’ll give the app five stars for setting false expectations, thou!
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3 years ago, Mark Verizon customer
Improving but still some issues
The app and content are improving, especially with the addition of tour books. I cannot get the app Feedback to work on my iPhone with latest iOS. The Feedback takes one to a browser window, but then at the window I cannot get the button or whatever the icon is to work. I tried Safari and Chrome browser apps. Here’s what I wanted to give feedback on - the tour book for Puerto Rico seems to have a lot of sightseeing content missing for the city of San Juan. Like it seems to only be a page and things like Old San Juan are not listed. And I don’t seem to see a summery list of Gem attractions for the Caribbean tour book so one can easily see all the Gem attractions for place like Puerto Rico. And while I like the tour book format, I’d still like for tour book data to be made available in a map based search view, so I can search for a place or area and see all the tour book sights for a place like San Juan Puerto Rico. What I seemed to find was a search that gave me lots of Activities, which is great. But I’d also like On the map view, I can filter by Gas, Auto Repair, Dining, Shopping, AAA office locations, but not by tour book sights. And the map view is called “Near Me” and under “Discounts and Rewards.” There should be a “Map Views” under “Travel.” I’m in the Mid-Atlantic club area.
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2 months ago, radiantfleet
Poor status tracking and glitchy
So I have used the app a few times recently to get my son's beater towed to the shop. The experience has been uniformly terrible. First, creating the request seems easy each time, gives a map with gps corrdinates and nearest address of yoir current location. The problems start almost right away. If you are in a spotty cell data area, good luck getting the ticket submitted. Calling will just trigger a link to the app to be sent to your phone. You have to dig through three levels of menus to get a human. The operators are dumb and you will have to go through 1-3 people to get one that can manually create a service order. If manage to submit a ticket, the app cannot show you status. You get a link sent to your sms, that shows status but usually becomes unusable due to various programming errors such as invalid dates. After this, assuming the work order isnt corrupted and deleted (with no notice btw), you will get a robo call 45 minites to an hour later saying you are in queue with no eta. At some point, up to eight hours later, someone will call saying they are on the way. This can take another hour. None of this is shown in the app. So in recap, the only use it has is capturing your location. It forces you to be at the cars location when opening the ticket, so dont leave the location without a workorder submitted.
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1 year ago, Jimi Leigh
Good peeps
Unfortunately, I’ve had to use the tows cuz I was screwed over on a car I bought (shocker, right?). The tow truck drivers were both very kind and helpful. Then, at the AAA shop (Thomas/36th St), both Scott and Keith were very kind and patient. They made sure I knew what I was paying for and gave me a discount for the awful start I’d had to the new year. They both patiently listened to my sobbing lunacy as I got the worst case scenario (car edition) handed to me. Keith lovingly explained why flex seal, duct tape and some new hoses were not only NOT as good as a new engine, but why it was dangerous. He told me that I didn’t have to make any decisions about the car right then, or even that day, and that I could take a day to figure things out and not have to worry about getting the car towed again right then, and it was safe. So I took his advice, and a nap, and another one, and then got my head together and got a game plan. I called them the next day (this morning), and Scott knew who I was by the sound of my voice and I could immediately hear the, “I’m so sorry you’re going through this” in his voice. Although they couldn’t fix the fact that I was out of a car AND $3800, they did help just by being decent and kind.
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2 years ago, Poor Rich
This app is pure garbage in a moment of need
Here I am stranded trying to get roadside assistance and this app is worthless! Everything about it is a struggle even though it looks slick. This app seems to be more of a bombardment of sales attempts instead of a help summoning app. From the very start I cannot tell whether I am logged in or not. Then as I wander around trying ascertain that, I keep getting an error message when I try to summon roadside assistance and the app tries to load my member info unsuccessfully after multiple attempts. The navigation features or too limited for the phone app, I cannot access my member information button in order to verify my account info either. I am struggling way too much just to see my account information. The roadside assistance feature won’t launch even though I have full cell phone signal in the city. After having to call for roadside assistance instead of using the app, I then cannot check on the status of the roadside assistance being summoned. Update this app with user input AAA! and fix this garbage app so that it works when we need it while we are on stress overload with vehicle problems worrying about our car not about an app that won’t function! While we have car problems is not the time to try to ask to sell products. The last thing on my mind is your incessant offers for home security, insurance or travel!
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2 years ago, Just Jeanine
Vacation Tragedy Averted!
A young female deer came out on interstate and was struck by my daughter ‘s vehicle! It took some time for my family to review where to take the damaged car! Once finding a place to assess whether the 2017 equinox by Chevrolet could be saved or totaled. Problem was the air bags were deployed and the front of the equinox was completely torn up and the radiator was leaking fluid all over the ground and steam filled the SUV which frightened the occupants! After waiting 5 hours on the interstate, the tow truck operator from Atherton Body Shop in Council Bluffs came to the rescue and was able to bring our family together again at the body shop. His family; wife, mother and two children were able to bring my two daughter’s and their significant others to the car rental center in Bellevue, Nebraska. We were so appreciative for this family, who went above and beyond to save us and put us back on the road to our family reunion in Colorado. Triple A (AAA) were catalysts that brought the best outcome after such a unfortunate circumstance! With the rental vehicle, our family was able to continue our journey rather then have the reunion cancelled and everyone having to return home! We are eternally grateful!
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5 months ago, Retired n lovin it
Long time member:
Very good for road side services. However, sometimes the dispatcher can get confused and then the time waiting gets longer and longer. The drivers suffer the consequences by having to listen to the member complaining about being told a time a tow truck is to arrive and then the driver has an issue by NOT BEING ABLE TO GET THERE ON TIME STATED. The tardiness is NOT HIS/HER FAULT. IT BELONGS TO THE DISPATCHERS. That’s my opinion. We were broke down near INDIAN LAKE OHIO, I called AAA and explained our situation (on side of VERY BUSY HIGHWAY), and was told a driver would be there in couple hours. Those hours came and went. Several more calls later, we were told the driver is on his way. When driver arrived approximately an hour and a half later he arrived. We talked on our way to our home which is an hour drive and he explained he was west of us near the the state line. Approximately 3-4 hour drive. Why AAA didn’t get a driver closer has never been explained to us. OVER ALL HAS GOOD DRIVERS. It’s the dispatchers who need more training.
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1 year ago, Not today AAA
Stranded and no help
So this just happened today. I got a flat tire on my way to work (on the 60 near the 605) on the freeway. I tried to make to my job but air was escaping to fast so I was forced to pull over on the LEFT shoulder of the freeway. I managed to get 4 of the 5 nuts off but just couldn’t get the 5th one off, it was too tight. I called AAA which they dispatched a mechanic to assist me, yet upon discovering that I was on the LEFT side of the freeway and not the RIGHT side he was unable to help. Leaving me stranded on the freeway. So after having a police officer stopping by to see what was the trouble I called AAA again which they dispatched a tow truck to tow my vehicle. I told them over and over again I don’t need a tow I just needed help removing that 5th nut. Yet as I was telling them this a random car pulled up to help me. To this point I’ve been stranded on the freeway for over an hour and a half!!!. The guy saw was wrong and pulled out his tools and very quickly helped me by removing that 5th nut. From that random stranger helping me to me finally leaving to head to work it all took 2-3 mins! So thank you random stranger and a very POOR performance on AAA. It shouldn’t matter where you break down or need help because we can’t control that. We can’t control where we break down it just happens…..just help the customer AAA.
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2 years ago, Theirishman81
Horrible Service and Waste of Money
I feel cheated by this service. I got a flat tire coming home from work at 5:30. Open a ticket in the app. The estimated wait time is until 4:15am the next morning. I called in after 15 minutes to confirm the accuracy and the service offers to call you back instead of waiting on the line. Well, they don’t actually call you back. The estimated wait time was 10 minutes. After over an hour I called again and stayed on the line. After another 20 minutes of holding the very nice person on the phone checked with who the ticket was sent to. They said they didn’t offer the service needed; SO THEY DID NOTHING WITH THE TICKET! Had I not called in, literally nothing was going to happen. My wife had picked me up at this point and they wanted me to drive back out there at 10:30 to meet someone. Which would not work so I had to cancel the ticket. Re-opened the next morning and they said they were sending someone out. I have time to write this review because it’s been 2.5 hours and I’m still waiting. The current estimated time of 7:30 tonight after they promised me less than two hours. This is the absolute worst service I have received from any company. RUN, and I mean RUN! (Mostly because you won’t have a car to take you anywhere).
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1 year ago, Gatorceri
The app is alright other than the AAADrive Score. It’s so inaccurate and when I emailed about it I got told it was not. Like I can set my car to cruise at the speed limit and I still get pinged for speeding. I also use a hands free device and put my phone in a phone holder for the hold time and get hit for using my mobile when I’m not. I can literally have everything set up, like music and gps, before I even turn on my car and get hit for phone use. Like today on my short route from the store to my house I get a bad rating for mobile use when I didn’t even touch my phone. Fun fact, I have two other things that track me using my phone to help me find cheaper insurance and my Geico app that does not detect me speeding even when I am set at cruise control for the speed limit and they don’t ping me for phone usage since I don’t use my phone while driving. 😤 On top of that my phone goes automatically in Car Focus, a do not disturb mode, the moment my car turns on and it syncs with my cars Bluetooth so something is really mess up with the AAADrive Score part of this app and I don’t like nor agree with the answer I got in my email when three other apps that have the same access as AAADrive Score does not say I am speeding or using my mobile.
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3 years ago, Nicoletta Bridgeta
Terrible Experience
To send a request did not go great, as the request went through on the third try, which should have been an indicator of the bad experience to come. As the request goes through, the eta says that the roadside assistance will come in 2 hours. This was fine, as it was known that it was a relatively busy day and we know that it is not easy to provide service for everyone right away. So, the waiting period starts to go over the eta and after an hour passes since the eta, we start to make phone calls to AAA’s representatives. None of the phone calls were productive whatsoever, especially since we were repeatedly put on hold, and my family member was left there for another two hours. He continued to wait, as the app said that they would be arriving soon, yet there were no improvements made. After no help, false hope, and waiting for five hours, my family member ultimately resorted to a different company. This experience was quite awful and stress inducing. I would not recommend, especially if you are looking for a company to depend on, as this company is not dependable in the slightest. My suggestion is to look for another company before you are stuck out there with no help and frustration.
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6 years ago, jaxnole04
Stalk much?
The app uses location services to, among other things, tell you you’re driving by another Hampton Inn or Pearls Vision and you can get a discount there through AAA. It’s great if you’re driving around looking to randomly get hotel rooms or prescription glasses. So, then just turn location services to “Only while using the app” and problem solved, right??? Well, I’ve never seen an app so determined to track my every move every day. Every time I open the app I get this message that says I should turn on location services on to use the app, with a link to the phone settings saying to turn location services to always. Open the app, try to find a repair facility and get directions? Here’s your admonishment that the app won’t work unless you set location services to always. Wanna turn the notification off? Sorry, you can only ask to be reminded again later or go to settings. It’s annoying and really shows how desperate they are to gather sell data points on their membership. It’s unnecessary, I can use the app just fine with location services enabled while using the app only. I’m reconsidering deleting the app, which is the opposite of what they want. Im pretty sure using their services and discounts is a bigger revenue generator than membership dues
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5 years ago, tyo1970
Great idea, poorly executed
The AAA Drive part of the app is a great idea. I like to save money on my insurance. The AAA Drive part of the app is poorly executed though. Metrics for distracted driving does not make sense. How does one earn a score of 100? The phone is face down in the center console of the car, the phone has do not disturb turned on, the radio is off... and I score a 91 out of 100? Not cool. Smooth driving is mostly dependent on how you have your phone secured. If it is hanging and swings about, expect a low score. I find flat works best, but it’s not perfect. I scored a 60 in a parking lot and I was going slow and not accelerating or stopping hard. The map showed that I was accelerating hard and slamming on the brake. Really? Phone was in my jacket pocket. The funny thing was that distraction metric was 99 on that test drive. I received a phone call in a parking lot. I answered and pulled into a parking spot. I got dinged hard for that handsfree call while parked. Might I make a suggestion to the dev team and just use the do not disturb as an over riding metric. Also, have an OBDII BT option to get the correct metrics from the car’s system. This app doesn’t have a way to detect if one fully stops at a stop sign either. Create a way to note on the map where it shows sudden braking why that happened.
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5 years ago, Jbelanger80
This review is only for the AAAdrive portion. I don’t understand how this app really knows what’s going on in every situation. I have been getting perfect scores on almost everything except for the fatigue and time of day portions. I love how I get dinged for fatigue for driving a 15 minute drive to work and for time of day. People should not be in trouble for driving at 1030pm when just getting done with work or going to work. Everyone has different sleeping times of the day and should not be judged and get a reduced score for working the late night shifts. Just because one person might be tired to drive doesn’t mean everyone else is. Same goes for fatigue. I don’t see why I would have 3 out of 5 bars for a score for driving 15 min. I could see driving a long period of time but seriously if you can’t drive 15 min and get marked down for that maybe one should t be driving the . This app is totally unreliable and unrealistic. As soon as my premium is done I will be going to a different company. Never connects to the internet. Always says offline check internet connection. Don’t understand why this is the only app that has this issues when every other app I have works just fine. So stop telling me to check my internet connection and fix this stupid app
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2 weeks ago, Jslipaway
Count on AAA
It’s good to know AAA just a call away . I needed a jump an I even had the cables I was in a parking lot with many business in it an it was mid afternoon I had just come from a Dr appointment so I knew I didn’t look scary, I couldnt believe the number of people that walked by got into there cars all around me an not one asked if they could help , I made it obvious to know that I need a jump hood up jumper cables attached . It was so disappointing where we have gone as humans that help your neighbor is no longer around . It took your guy from start to finish about 30 minutes that’s to get there hook up his car let it run a few minutes unhook get everything put away hoods down an riding out the parking lot . The peace of mind to know e that AAA is coming an it’s not a all day process is worth every dime Thanks to you an the gentleman that came out I can’t remember his name it was in Rome, Ga. In front of Harbor Freight . Again you are still dependable an I know when I call all will be ok
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5 months ago, MD18
Trip-Tik maps is a joke
I have been a plus member for over 35 years. I have used serval items on the AAA app and older versions worked very well. This version doesn't even come close to the last one. The Trip-Tik for directions is terrible. It doesn't show you the way you are heading. It wouldn't correct the map like g maps, apple maps, or waze. Waze is the best so far. With waze I could listen to another app like pandora, or Tunein radio. With the other mapping systems, it announces the next direction over the other app. With AAA app it shuts down when going to another app. It would be nice to have it running with other apps. Also when I was in an AAA office today I tried to use the app for identification it scanned. The old version worked just fine with no problems. The use of an electronic devise is to keep the wallet/purse with extra clutter. Now I need to carry my card all the time and remove this app from my iPhone 5. So much for technology at AAA.
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1 year ago, jersery girl J
Ms. Jessica Reid
AAA is the most amazing creation ever done in the service industry I was stranded 4 hrs away in another state and was at my wits end and I was told to apply for AAA I immediately jumped at it and almost instantly I was relieved. From the agents to the tow truck operator was so professional and pleasant. everybody in whichever industry should take a page out of your book, they’ll learn a thing or two about professionalism and customer service, infact if you were to look back I posted a review on your website and personally called the lady agent and expressed my absolute satisfaction. Remember the Kia soul that broke down in Philadelphia and it was towed to Bristol that was me, O and I couldn’t retrieve the vehicle until a week later and they kept it on their compound at no additional cost. Some other unscrupulously company would have killed me with storage fees. I have used AAA at least 3 times since then and as usual the service was outstanding.
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6 years ago, Lucky.Mojo
Hardly works; useful features aren't there; useless features abound
When I open the app, it's very good at wanting me to enable Location Services (no thank you, but of course there's no Dismiss, just Remind Me Later). When I'm actually in the app, it lists my name and my account number but says Membership Expired with a link to renew my subscription. When I follow the link, I have to enter my email address and password, although I'm already logged into the app. (And BTW, Touch ID would be a nice feature, but it's nowhere to be found.) When I signed in, the screen flashed about 20 times before talking me to a page that advised me that I'm on Auto Pay and I currently have no payments due; my subscription actually renewed five months ago. So why does the app think I'm excited? Who knows? Where do you see the details of your plan? Under Membership? Nope. Who knows? Do you know how many miles your plan covers? If not, you probably won't find out in the app. There are many features in the app, like Insurance, Add a Driver, etc. But since I don't use those, I can't comment on them. Honestly, I went to try them just now, but when I tapped the menu, the app crashed and closed. So there ya go. One star rating, because 0 doesn't seem to be an option.
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2 years ago, Connierick7
I have been a member since 2010 and have used the roadside service many times for the multiple drivers and vehicles on my plan. The last four have been horrible. Two were battery issues, both of which took over three hours. One was a flat tire and I sat stranded in the truck I was driving for three and a half hours. Today I had a Porsche on the road when a wheel speed sensor failed rendering the car immovable. The app would not function and I waited for twenty minutes for a human to answer, followed by a five hour wait for a flatbed wrecker to haul it four miles to the shop. AAA, like many soft and flabby businesses, has lost it’s way. I also use AAA hotel discount frequently but have found that most lodges will give you the same price if you ask for the “Manager’s Special” at the desk. So I really don’t need that old perk. The wrecker drivers tell me that most contract haulers will not work for AAA anymore because they pay very low and are slow to pay. I am shopping for a better roadside service provider but may just fire AAA and pay as I go. There is no more peace of mind with AAA.
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5 years ago, PNWAL
When it doesn’t freeze up
I downloaded this app so we could plan a cross-country trip with stops approximately every 10 hours. I have not found another app which allows this except for this AAA app. I find this feature extremely important for our trip the only issue I have is their application likes to freeze. I don’t use this for my insurance discounts. I think you’re a complete fool if you let your insurance company track your driving habits because things happen on the road which you might have to speed up or slow down abruptly. I can’t imagine getting dinged on my insurance because the application thinks I am speeding or swerving or driving reckless. Farmers insurance wanted to track my driving and I also thought this was a ridiculous notion. Why does everybody think it’s a good idea to have a watchful eye over your driving habits. Dumb dumb dumb idea. I’m just saying, if you plan on using this to track your driving for insurance purposes I think you’re making a foolish decision. Who the hell wants their insurance agent riding around shotgun with them all the time!
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4 months ago, Rock on accuweather
Please fix this hot garbage
First of all. It's not app. It opens a browser and if you so much as look at it cross eyed you accidentally close out of the app, and have to start your entire search over again from the beginning, from the very beginning, entering every single thing in again every single time you wanna look at something. This has got to be one of the worst apps I have ever used. Constantly forced to reenter my entire search due to accidently swiping down to fast or fails to load or won't filter without freezing. I dont have time to sit here and type up all the problems with this terrible app. Having to enter my search over and over, first you have to select the date. Then the time. Then the date. Then the time. Then it only picks cars from certain places and whneyou want to add others you end up kicked out i’m having to start over from the beginning every time it is the most annoying absolutely terrible app I have ever used in my entire life it’s horrible fix it my God I pay you people a lot of money to be a member the least you could do is provide an app that works and isn’t hot garbage
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12 months ago, ladyp113
Keys locked in car
So I came to south hill va for my class reunion and on Saturday evening some how my key did not register and locked in my car well called AAA to have someone come guess what no one ever came at all bc there is only one man here and I never got help I am still waiting for help bc I have to go back to NC but he sd he might not get to me until 4:30 we’ll I have to sleep I am so upset that AAA u guys have no one here to even unlock my car. Suppose I had a battery problem this is not good at all I am really ready to report to BBB bc this man is in va beach back and forth but not here in south hill this is ridiculous that I am still waiting from 6:45 to now at 12:30 and still waiting omg this is just crazy I am out of money and an entire trip. Reporting this to BBB. In addition my friends who won gifts now have to wait for the items to be sent to them. I mean 6:45pm to 5:30am for a job of 10 minutes. Nice guy but just help for me. I mean I lost time and money from my reunion. I am still upset could not enjoy my reunion bc I was told 9:45pm I can’t complain enough about this experience after all my years never had such a bad experience as this.
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5 years ago, D.Edwards76!
Worst App Service EVER!!!
If I could give no stars I would! I downloaded the app today because my truck stopped on the side of a an extremely busy street. I was told by the automatic messaging system “for faster service, download the app”. I downloaded the app at approximately 10 A.M. this morning. An hour later I called to check the status only to find out that my service request was mysteriously canceled. The customer service rep added my request back in but of course I fell further back. It’s now 3 P.M. and I am being told that they will be here at 3:40 P.M. My original time was 11:52. I expect better! Westland Car Care has continued to push the time back. I understand it’s bad weather but this is ridiculous! 6 hours in a car!!!!!!!! They told me 2 hours in the beginning; words cannot express my frustration. I work a great distance from home and I depend on AAA. I am going to recommend that no one uses this app to request service. It’s not dependable!!!!!!!! I have had AAA on and off for over 20 years and I have never encountered anything like this. Too bad my car wasn’t further down the street. The AAA provider in Ypsilanti is always fast. It’s past 3:40... no updates, no tow truck!
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2 weeks ago, Hanke25
Family Tradition
AAA has started my cars for me on many mornings when my car would not start. Towed my car from north of Guthrie Ok to Oklahoma City when the torque convertor quit working. Whenever I need help AAA was there for me and my family in our car emergencies. Recently AAA came to help me start my car and the battery would not take a charge and they replaced my battery. No charge. Also that same month I had a new battery in my Subaru that would not crank or hold a charge. The expert from AAA told me the battery I purchased from a auto store was the wrong battery. I drove the car to the auto parts store and told them the story. They thought I was lying until they searched the serial number of the battery. The AAA driver had already told me it was the wrong battery -he could tell by just looking. Triple has saved me And my family many times . My father started me on a Great AAA tradition.
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4 years ago, KM31219
Terrible for insurance
I have had this app and used it to report an accident I had at midnight. Not only did I have problems getting into the app - no matter how many times I entered it, it would not remember my password. Then, it took ages for me to get proof of insurance to come up. The app seems to be mostly for the roadside assistance and keeps defaulting back to that instead of the insurance part. I had to click on and wait for the documents repeatedly to no avail- which is not what an officer is wanting to hear. So much for having them at my fingertips - I now print out a hard copy for my glovebox. This is app asks you to file the claim online (through the app) but took literally DAYS for anyone to call me about the claim to tell me what needed to be done. They told me that I should’ve called instead of filing on the app because the app way take longer?! No idea how well this works for roadside assistance but I definitely wouldn’t get it for the insurance. Not to mention that the insurance has terrible customer service so don’t waste your money. I spent more time following up than my adjuster did working my case.
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3 weeks ago, Bama8
Saved by AAA
Having just arrived at the gym, I heard air exiting my tire. Upon examination, I saw metal protruding from the tire. No problem. I thought. I will change the tire when I come out from my workout. Wrong! I had put new wheels on my winter tires and forgot to put the new wheel lock keys in the car. Meanwhile it started to rain and was getting dark. I remembered I had just registered mine and my wife’s cars with AAA. Immediately used my app. Was notified they were 10 minutes out. I think it was Cheryl. She showed up with a flatbed,assessed the situation, loaded the car, drove five minutes to my tire shop and drop the car off for tire replacement the following day. Realizing, I had no way home five miles away, I asked if she could drive me home. She smiled and said sure. How totally professional and kind! AAA you now have a lifetime family membership! Thank you. Stevan Strain Parker, Colorado
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2 years ago, NOODLESJOJO
So disappointed
To say I was disappointed with my experience with AAA would be an understatement. After hitting a pothole and having my tire blown out on May 10, I called AAA immediately after around 4:20 pm. I was parked in a residential driveway because I had no choice. The associate I spoke to on the phone said the tow truck would arrive at around 5:45 pm. An associate named Drew also assured me that AAA would cover my free Uber ride home since I had no one to pick me up. I thought it was a bit of a long wait, but I had no choice because It would be unsafe to drive home on it 30 minutes away. At around 6 pm, I still heard nothing back and began to become hopeless. I called Drew back but my call immediately went to voicemail. Since I had to feed my dog and I had to use the restroom, I had no choice but to drive home on my flat tire, which was not a great decision. I finally received a call back at around 7:20 pm from the man who would have towed my car. I told him that I had no choice but to go home. No one should have to go through what I went through, especially being a young driver. I will not be renewing my membership with AAA again.
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3 years ago, Simple Solutions.
Results are ridiculous.
If I get to a traffic light and the light turns green, I am dinged because I use my accelerator to pull away from the light. If I drive along a road and see an accident in the middle of the road and ease around it, I get dinged for not being alert and adjusting my speed and drive direction irresponsibly. We have a mile long dead straight road near us along side corn fields. It has a 40 mph speed limit. If I drive behind a cop car at 48 mph I get dinged. I readily admit that this road is dangerous at night due to dear crossings. Then too everyone sticks to 40 mph when they see the cop at the top of the hill trying to make up their revenue shortfall for the month. My car has safety features that automatically shuts off all iPhone technology except for hands free telephone calls. And yes, you guessed it, I get dinged for using my phone for texting or answering emails, something that is near impossible to do, but AAADrive dings me for doing this even if I never do it. Bottom line, this is a very immature app that needs lots of work to record valid and sensible results.
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6 years ago, HAK3141
Terrible Customer Service
First, I was very concerned about allowing the app to know my location at all times. Fine, I understand I guess people can move their car if they are in a dangerous spot waiting for assistance. I login and enter in my data after waiting on their phone line for over 30 minutes, THOUGH THE CALL ONLY SAID THERE IS 10 MINUTES OF THE WAITING. So good job triple a, you made me down load the app. Second, the estimated arrival time of help and the request detail is beyond terribly calculated. The app suggested that a technician should arrive by 45 minutes. I sat and waited. It was past 48 minutes I got a call saying that the technicians should be on there way in about 45 more minutes. At least be honest about the estimated time of arrival. Just say it will take 1:30 minutes. This is what happens when monopoly takes place. The top companies will not try at all to satisfy their customers because they have a long history or they are the only go to car assistance service. I am truly disappointed in this app and the company. Who knows when the technicians will arrive now. That last 45 minutes could turn into another 45 minutes.
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1 year ago, CC RIDER Zc
AAA has been really good to me. This is the third consecutive year I have had triple A. I’ve had a car that has had issues here in the cold in Iowa. There has only been one issue with them that my car sat over night. It must have been some kind of miscommunication because the tow company here was under the impression that their driver was dispatched to me. Thankfully I got a ride home and my car sat overnight in a gas station parking lot. I still give them five stars because I didn’t press them during this communication error. I’m sure if I had called them back they would have made it right. I was tired from driving 15 hours from Georgia to Iowa and was only three minutes away from my destination so I called for another ride and dealt with it the next day and AAA took care of the problem. All in all I will always utilize AAA for as long as I drive. Thanks AAA.
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2 years ago, CreativeGenius
I love this app! (Mostly)
I used this app for the first time today to place a road side assistance call. I’ve used it in the past for triptiks and random information and it’s just fine. 2 issues with the roadside assistance. It doesn’t FORCE you to clarify your location, so the tow truck was sent a few blocks away from me. Before the truck came I noticed the address discrepancy and called customer service via the app and corrected the mistake. Second, in the “where do you wish to be towed” it gives the option of using your contacts, but not SEARCHING your contacts. They’re also not in alphabetical order. :-/ I have over 1400 contacts. Had to look up the shop by opening address book, searching and copying it by hand. I’m sure these issues are easily correctable if AAA was aware of them. Ya can’t test everything in beta. :)
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2 years ago, lion.
AAA took 6 days at a cost of $500 (travel insurance denied claim) to change travel plans!
Remember when AAA used to be customer friendly. When you could walk into any AAA and get relatively quick one on one travel advise/book travel at a discount/count on them to help you when travel plans changed. Well no longer: most travel agents work from home and if you ask them unless you ask them a simple question like “what’s the time”. They will force you into a snail email exchange where they will ignore you then pass you off to another travel agents. I was passed from one travel agent to another 3 travel agents in all. By the time the third one made my travel changes which was 6 days later I was forced to pay over $500 in travel fees. My original flight cost $600! When I called the airline which would have cost $150 to make the changes they said I had to go thru my travel agent! I would learn later that if I had simply canceled my flight I could have made a claim for the AAA travel insurance I had paid for. Not a single one of the 3 agents explained that to me!
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3 years ago, Retired-frustrated
App is behind the times!!! Only point A to B!!!
Note: Review is on the app not local AAA office. I thought the AAA app would have been a leader in automotive travel and trip planning. I couldn’t build a complete trip with multiple stops. It would only do point A to B trips. I went to local AAA office and “travel agent” said that the app would not do multiple stops. She was aware of many of the app weaknesses. Frustrated, I finally used Trip Advisor, Google Maps and my Calendar App to complete my trip planning on my iPhone. All of this should be on the AAA app and easy to use! The app should provide a full itinerary with every stop, dates, hotel reservations, site seeing stops etc. It should also tie into your calendar app and include hotel confirmations, reservations etc. I also think it should have a driving tour guide option on popular scenic or historical places that would blue tooth with your car and give informative information as you drive or when you stop, hike etc. Summary: The app is useless and I will definitely review to determine if there are any other benefits to AAA membership.
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4 years ago, jacqcc2020
Good but needs some improvements
I like having the drive app to help save money but there’s been a few occasions that I get dinged hard for mobile distraction when I’m not using my phone at all. A few times if because my music connected. Once was from a hands free call (learned from that to never take any calls) and then I got a 67 because I parked in my garage and then answered my phone (after I parked). Also I’ve been knocked to the low 80s before but all my scores are at the top level and no events listed, so if it is going to knock any points I think it should be able to show you why. Overall it’s a good concept and works best on highways. Fatigue is temperamental also but does not take off enough to fuss over. AAA is good so far. I do think the app could be a little more user friendly so you don’t have to log in multiple times or online rather than the app to view your documents, but just some personal statements I feel towards it that should be worked on to enhance that app a bit.
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1 month ago, MinnieB93
You don’t get what u pay for, don’t buy the membership!
I pay the annual fee in case any issues arise. I actually needed a tow this year and of course when I called no one ever showed up. It was an estimated 1 hr, then it turned to 2, then 3+ hours. I can’t imagine being stranded somewhere extremely late at night or in a dangerous area, because no one will be coming for you. This was in broad daylight on a Saturday in Massachusetts with no updates. We had to call every hour. The app/service agent would just say someone would be on the way. We needed the car towed to the dealership approximately 15 minutes away and were told the car would be too dangerous to drive on the road. Paying over the $100-$150/yr for triple AAA to not serve its purpose was extremely disappointing. We ended having to attempt to drive the car to the dealership ourselves. Luckily there was no traffic on the weekend and the car actually made it with the engine light flashing and the car seizing/stopping every few minutes. Can’t count on them! Your money is just going down the drain!
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2 years ago, oneoddruby
Frictionless experience
Signed up for AAA because I locked my keys in my car and the annual cost for the service is less than a locksmith trip. Downloaded app to request roadside assistance; the app is amazing and worked seamlessly. Only downside if the service was that it required me to wait 48 hours after account activation to request assistance. But once that activation window was up, I was able to make the request for roadside assistance with a couple of clicks, and immediately got a confirmation text that a truck was in their way. It took less than 30 seconds to make the request and the truck was at my driveway within 10 minutes with real time tracking updates available the entire time. Seriously the most user friendly, seamless app and experience I’ve had pretty much ever.
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1 year ago, baseball champ9892
Worst insurance app ever
I have been with 3 carriers for insurance in 5 years and AAA by far has the worst customer service regarding claims of all 3. Your information never automatically updates in the app like Geico or State Farm and you will always have to write down or remember everything with your claim like it's 1982 because AAA claims will tell you everything is a different department. So good luck if you need your claims agent you will most likely get a different 1-800 rep on the east coast that is no help. I tried calling 4 times into claims and they don't even know where they had my car towed. I am in communication with the auto shop to attempt to get them into contact with AAA to begin the work/claim process. Its already been 7 days after my claim and AAA has done nothing. Most likely switching carriers again due to this experience and complete lack of customer service. And worst app ever in comparison to Geico or virtually any other carrier. Nothing is updated in claim info or your roadside section. App does not track or update roadside/claims when all others do.
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1 year ago, WMAps108
DARK MODE and other issues
Recently switched my insurance to AAA after becoming a new member. Have yet to have a chance to use the services. I am exploring the app, but everything is so bright - there really needs to be a dark mode option in the settings to make the app experience better. Additionally, the Request to Limit the Use of Your Sensitive Personal Information section is buggy, both in the app and on the website. It seems difficult to get passed the email verification page. Intentional? I hope not, but makes one wonder. I’m hoping this isn’t indicative of the level of service provided. I was pleased with the sign up process and had questions answered to my satisfaction - but insurance companies are notoriously good at this part. What matters is how they show up when needed. Time will tell here and will report back for good or bad experiences. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Garoozis1981
Our driver was exceptionally patient with us
Best customer service during a pandemic. Boy... if I say when it rains, it pours... that saying really means it. “When it rains, it pours!” Not only did my car need a tow from inside my enclosed community garage... the darn garage door didn’t want to open anymore. Needless to say, the driver & my vehicle in tow, was stuck inside the garage. This poor driver waited patiently while he waited for me to obtain the garage door release key from a locked room on the other end of the building, then obtain a large A-frame ladder from a separate room down the hall, then return with both items in hand to open the large heavy garage door with my spouse. Finally he was able to get out of the garage and take my vehicle literally down the same block to the repair shop. What an adventure. Thank you for all your help!!
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7 years ago, 68isGreat
Differences between phones
My husband & I use the AAA Drive app because the higher our score the bigger discount we get on our car insurance premium. However, it seems that my iPhone5S records a lower score for the same trip in the same car at the same time than my husband’s iPhone5S. The phones were right next to each other in the same position. On one trip, my phone started recording 2 minutes later than his phone. In addition, it does not seem right that I always get “dinged” on “steady driving” when I drive in Madison, even when my Prius ‘score’ is high regarding acceleration, stopping, cruising. Starting & stopping is what city driving is. It is necessary to stop for stop signs/lights & to start again when it’s my turn or the light changes. I’d like to know what the algorithm is to calculate the composite score. Is it multiplied by the number of miles? So longer trips = more steady driving weighs more than the shorter trips with lower steady driving scores?
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1 year ago, BGailD
Very much a shock
Having been an AAA member for many years I have to say that the service has gone far downhill over the last couple of years. They used to be completely reliable. Great peace of mind with membership. Not anymore. I actually experienced a no show last year. They also declined to provide a tow because they said it had already been towed once for the accident. That was true, but it had been towed to a wrecking yard rather than a repair shop. It was an hour away from me and left me in a bind. Now I have received a notice of non renewal due to a disproportionate number of service calls. We had the plus membership. And yes, it was a rough year for car troubles. We did use all of our services. But we had no warning whatsoever that this would put us in jeopardy. To make matters even worse, it’s a lifetime ban which also applies to my son since he was on the membership. That’s a pretty harsh blow for loyal members like ourselves. I would have understood if they wanted to raise the cost of membership. But this is over the top.
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5 years ago, stuck at Wendy's
Waiting for a tow truck
My truck broke down about 130 and left work because I was feeling ill driving down got about 5 miles from my house truck broke down believe it’s the alternator call AAA first time I had to use it probably last time it’s been four hours and I’m still sitting in a parking lot waiting for a tow truck called them on the phone they said the truck would be here in 13 minutes then somebody called me and asked me if I was still sitting in the parking lot I said yes and they hung up I called him back And they said they had no idea want to truck would come so personally I don’t see me or anybody I know ever using AAA At 6:10 AM somebody finally game and picked up my truck the driver that picked up the truck with her it’s a personal very nice gentleman but I will never ever use your service again please do not touch my accounts anymore to take money out to pay for this service don’t know that you realize that I get paid very big money for my hours of work and I only came home because I was sick because of the situation I was out for two days
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2 months ago, JStgo
Loving It!
Had problems with the battery. It was 11pm and raining. Used my app to call for help. Took the technical assistance 20 minutes to get to where I was. In less than 30 I had a new battery with one of the best warranty out there and at a reasonable price. The battery had been giving my problems and needed replacement. In less than an hour my car was running and the battery was replaced. This at practically midnight. The App kept me updated as to how far was the technician and how much longer would I need to wait. Which is good for my safety since I would know it was AAA who was actually there. Also loving having easy access to my card and membership number for the discounts I get with it. Got 10% off on a $185 part at NAPA Auto Parts. Great! Love it!
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1 year ago, Warmoni
Not the AAA of old, customer service is terrible!
I used to rely on AAA for my automotive needs. They were usually very responsive and customer service was always on point. Not anymore! I have the platinum service (the most expensive) and my car needed a tow out of my driveway to a repair shop 4 miles away. I arranged the tow via the app at 8am and by 3 pm I had used my insurance towing services bc AAA never showed up! Every estimate that a tow would arrive was wrong and then when I called, the calls repeatedly dropped! There wasn’t a follow up from them at all and when I complained about the crappy service, AAA response was to send me a letter telling me that they weren’t going to renew my membership. I called for the reason and was explicitly told that there wasn’t a reason! Again, this isn’t the AAA that my grandparents and parents used to have. Be weary if you need them bc customer service and responsive management is a thing of the past with them. I hope a decision maker reads this and makes some changes.
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3 years ago, pam1492
Don’t be without Triple AAA!
Our family has been members of AAA for as long as I can remember! It’s a great organization that provides fabulous service especially in times of stress and problems when you’ve been in a car wreck or do you need assistance on the road. They were great for us in 2012 when our children graduated from college and I was rear ended on I 85 on my way from Greenville South Carolina to Atlanta Georgia! A AAA member was at my car (it was a hit and run) Even more helpful than I can possibly tell you for making sure that I was all right to making sure that our car was drivable back to the suburbs of Atlanta but we live in. As I said don’t be without AAA if you want easy traveling safety in the knowledge that people are there for you when you need them.
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2 years ago, Soccer Coach
Was going to cancel membership but ...
The worst part about calling in for AAA was the wait times on the phone. I have spent 20 minutes waiting to talk to a human, only to be transferred to a club in a different state with another 15 minute wait. Along comes the mobile App. Punch in the relevant information, then you are queued up for service. I seriously was going to cancel my membership, but this App saved it. If you are frustrated with the absolutely terrible voice recognition service, the long phone wait times, the illogical order they ask questions, which adds to the wait time and frustration, try the AAA app. You still have to wait sometimes hours for service, but the App is a step in the right direction.
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2 years ago, Jenn15804
Needs redesign
This app is crap. Don’t bother with it. Save your AAA card to your phone wallet and call when you need help. The Trip Tik is completely frustrating. First, finding it is difficult. Scrolling theough a bunch of ads for trips to take, I found it. Then, even though you may be signed in to the app, you must login again on the Trip Tik page. Why? And when I try to create a trip, if I want to go back a step, hitting close closes the whole thing and I have to start over on the home page for AAA. I can’t tell you how many times I have done this and since I hadn’t saved the trip, I am reentering information over and over. Even when I finally saved a number of trips, some disappeared for no reason. I like technology, but sometimes the tangible, printed versions of things are best. I really want to go back to the old printed flip book. It had everything and when driving, it was easy to use; much easier than the online digital version.
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5 years ago, b.pak
Save Yourself
Don’t do it. Don’t waste your time. You will wait an hour for your service request just for your request be cancelled because it “cannot be completed”. I called to confirm that my tow truck was coming, and they gave me an estimated time. They kept pushing the time back, and neither the time on the app nor the location of the tow truck was ever updated. I felt comfortable driving my ‘85 Chevy long distances because I had AAA. I’ve never felt more stranded in my entire life after trying to get someone to help. I didn’t even break down in the middle of nowhere, it was literally in St. Paul at 6:30a on a Saturday morning. Thought I would get help fast because no one is out and about. After a 4 hour wait, I said screw it and drove 20mph until I made it to the mechanic. AAA, update your app, and don’t release it until you’ve worked out the bugs. It’s not fun sitting on the side of an interstate thinking you’re being helped when you’re not. I paid for your membership, it’s time you kept up your side of the agreement.
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