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User Reviews for AARP Now

4.81 out of 5
114.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Sharon Branyon
Life saver
AARP is a life-saving tool, especially, when it comes to scamming. I am the caretaker of my 86 year old Mother who has dementia. Before being diagnosed with this disease she was a brilliant thinker. She loved working with computers and on them. However, after my Dad died, she would sit on the computer a lot actually conversing with someone that we found out later was a scammer. Fortunately, the gentleman she spoke to was not able to get any money from her. I am an avid reader of AARP and fortunately I read an article on how these scammers work to make you think they are from Microsoft. My mom and I became one of your stories on the saddest occasion of our lives it was after the death of my brother. My mom purchased a computer and while I was working to create an obituary, someone claiming to be from BestBuy called demanding additional money from my mother in order for me to download the needed software to write the obituary. Fortunately, I had read about this technique and hung up on the guy and called BestBuy that had me speak to someone in their Fraud department. They helped me clear up the situation and I was able to relay what happened to my mom which taught her a very valuable lesson. Thank you for these articles they help.
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2 years ago, PamPrice62
Keeping the public informed
Keeping 55 and older up to date in the world. I enjoyed reading your article and it not about being Democrat or Republican. We are all humans and feel we can read your article at ease. Thanks for the updates. Note: I have found more and more corp doesn’t take calls…they want you to go to there website and feel out information (20 minutes) . Only 2-5 minute question. I think there should be a contact person and separate number ( answer the call) for people that do not have phones, tablets and can’t afford internet.
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4 years ago, jeffm23
Is this 2020 or 2010?
‘Cuz this app — the NEW app, replacing two no-longer-supported apps (AARP & AARP Member Benefits), looks like it was designed for iOS 3. First of all, a non-Universal app that doesn’t even support landscape and must be viewed at 2X on an iPad is, IMO, pathetic. Who’s advising you on this stuff, some Windows programmer? And Universal is the minimum. No iPad version is just poor policy, especially for an app that wants to be as much as this one seems to. But here is what really bugs me: If you are working in the app, filling out a form or registering for something, and need to switch to another app for some reason (e.g., to look something up), when you switch back to AARP Now, it opens back to the home page, all entries one had made being lost in the process. That is completely unacceptable. This happened to me just the other day, as I tried to sign up for the driver safety course thru the app (my fundamental error, should have used a browser). I was almost all the way thru, then needed to check something in another app. When I switched back to AARP Now, I was backat the home page as described above. Meanwhile, my credit card was charged, but I cannot find any access to the course, and have not received a purchase confirmation. Because the app reset to home before the process was complete. Fix these please…🤔😉😊
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2 years ago, xhat1964
Easy Fixes
TL;DR: Not optimized for iPad’s bigger screen real estate; Keychain functionality missing. I really blame Apple for this. I’ve seen a lot of this; Apple allows a developer to say their app works on the iPad. Technically, this is true. But what that means to you and me and millions of other users is that we expect the darn thing to not be the iPhone app running on the iPad. We expect orientation modes to work, and the full screen to be utilized. Not a tiny window that renders your big, beautiful iPad into just a mirror of your iPhone screen. But Apple lets developers claim it works on the iPad when really it doesn’t. Next is Keychain, the super helpful iOS built-in password manager. This isn’t Apple’s fault, but the developers. A big, rich organization like AARP ought to support the automated filling in of login credentials on their app. I mean, AARP is constantly warning seniors about the dangers of weak passwords and phishing scams etc., yet they don’t even optimize their app to support using Keychain, which is a great way to create a really strong password without having to memorize (or write down!) a random string of characters! Do better Apple and AARP. We know you have the resources to manage that.
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3 years ago, bfchris
If you have trouble connecting to your membership
I had missed the deadline to renew, so as soon as I restarted my membership, I installed this app. When I tried to set up the app, it asked me to enter my membership number to “connect my membership with my AARP account.” That is confusing, as what would be the difference between my membership account and my membership? The app showed my membership as having expired, despite my logging in with the same credentials as on the web (where my membership was good and expiration was years in the future). SOLUTION: I followed the activation link in the renewal-success email ON my iPhone. (I had already followed that link on desktop, but that didn’t activate my account on the app.) That link in the email on my iPhone brought the app up directly (no side trip to Mobile Safari!) and instantly activated my account on the app. That’s actually very cool, as many developers don’t connect straight to their apps. Hopefully this helps others.
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2 years ago, RageZro
Horrible App & Company
The App doesn’t allow you to cancel your account! Oh it has the feature to do so but when you click cancel the app pops up a “are you sure?” pop up that prevents you from canceling your account. Then to add insult to injury they show that their call center is open until 11pm EST, nope, closed before 8:15pm EST when I tried to call them. Since they want to continue scamming me then I’m calling my bank in the morning to have any future charges denied! Guess that is the only way to stop them from scamming me further. Why would anyone belong to AARP? I get better discounts from anyone else! As an example; Valvoline Oil Change, with AARP discount $146, even the dealership only charges $78! Spend a little time researching this company and whatever you do don’t believe these glowing reviews, they must be by fake bought and paid for shill’s. Go ahead and keep my $16 you scammers, it’s a cheap education as I now know how you’re just another for profit company taking advantage of the elderly and not about helping protect the elderly.
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3 years ago, Duboislaker
Stepping backwards
I used the old app to read the magazine and newsletter. I downloaded the new app and see that it’s only available in portrait mode and is really a phone app, not an iPad app. I read reviews that are well over a year old and saw the same complaints I’m writing here. Developer responses said (back then) that they are always looking for ways to improve their app. Clearly no one on the developer’s team is actually listening because nothing has changed. AARP, as your members become more tech savvy and have greater expectations of tech products, why do you continue to ignore us? Don’t bother responding to this review with the same old “thank you for your opinion, we are always looking to improve our product.” No, you’re not. By the time you read this I’ll have already deleted your app. I’ll check back yearly from this date to see if you finally truly have listened to us and have improved your app.
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9 months ago, GailaY
Wrong info, locations change and keeps resetting
Difficult to use this app as it keeps resetting back to home screen every time you leave it to check out something without closing it. You have to go through steps finding what you were looking at all over again ... if you can remember. Provided with a wrong non-existent address for Denny's!!! I have been a member for almost a year and haven't used a single benefit so far. Live events are all offered during working hours. Some of us still work! Location of services with discounts (e.g, oil change) keep changing. Why not make them available in all locations all the time, so people didn't have to check and recheck every time and drive farther than the closest location to them? How is that helping elderly people?
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2 years ago, UNCSAM
CHECK OUT AARP and see what I found out.
Have always liked AARP ever since I joined this great organization. Also love the way this organization has a supplemental medical plan after retirement. I checked into so many plans till I found AARP Plan. I’ve been so happy with this plan I signed up for 7 years ago. They’ve been very go to me and sure they will when my wife retires in December 2022. Check out AARP and there retirement medical plan compared to all those other companies out there. You’ll find out what I found out how they charge for there medical retirement plan. I owe them so much. THANKS
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2 years ago, CarolynSr
Just plain good information
Reading the information I received from AARP not that I didn’t know this before AARP just brought it home in a good nutshell. I Holy Spirit get me up at 5 AM and I begin to read about health issues good brain health and medication and other things that don’t quite cut it and those that make things better. I found out that I am in conflict with my meds and my healthy eating goes against the meds. but with this information now my doctor and I will work this out thank you AARP.
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1 year ago, DucksoupSD
Fails on iPad
I tried to write a comment to a story on the iPad app and it was simply too difficult to complete. The text of the comment simply scrolled off the single line input to the left, so you couldn’t read or edit what you’ve written. You could see one or two of the previous words you entered, but that’s all. I tried dragging the cursor back on the text, but had no success. Additionally, the virtual keyboard on Apple products has three words above it that you can choose as your input. The app has three words, but only displays the final three characters of the words, so there’s no way to know what the choices actually are. If you want to interact with AARP using an iPad, don’t bother with this app!
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1 year ago, LUFTAUFT
Top 5 error messages you can enjoy when attempting to use the rewards portion of the app and website… 1. Sorry, no points this time. We are experiencing longer then expected delays in your points awarding. 2. Oops! An error occurred. Please refresh your browser to get back on track. 3. Sorry, no points this time. We are experiencing longer then expected delays in your point redemption. 4. There was an error. Please try again. 5. You have already entered this secret word. *** Points awarded SOMETIMES reflect in transaction history yet not reflect in actual rewards balance. ***First of the month the entire system crashes!!! *** Extra Credit exercises needed to redeem member only rewards NEVER work! But the caveat is you don’t know that until you’ve finished the exercise (video or quiz) and the system gives you one of the error messages referenced above. ***Calling anybody on the 800 number is useless as they are not empowered to do anything other then apologize over and over again for the “inconvenience” and thank you for your “patience” while the system is in a constant state of UNDER DESTRUCTION!
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2 years ago, HNL Holly
To the point!
I like that your articles are short into the point.I just read the article about five items that will be scarce at the grocery stores this year. I like that I could read it and not have to go around the history of the world before you got to the point. Sometimes I don’t have time to read a long article or I have some health problems and I can’t read for a long time .thank you
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3 years ago, Quiviran
Is AARP trying to make members feel old?
The functionality of the collection of iOS apps with AARP in the name is not apparent to the naked observer. What do each of them do, except demand different orientations which are mostly at odds with different devices? I’m sure there is actual good intent behind the various offerings, but I’ll admit to my mystification. Perhaps a one page roadmap or just a chart: Name of app : intended information for the member : target device : which way to hold the device? Or a list of all official AARP apps with an estimated time to grasp the functionality and links to explanations of why they exist? I gave this app a middling rating because I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to do, or if it wants me to do something, but it does have an entertaining collection of endlessly spinning beach balls. I don’t know. I don’t usually think of myself as tech challenged. I could be wrong about that. Please tell us where the clues are hidden.
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6 months ago, Ghostbuster1983
Great app but….
This is an excellent app for keeping track of my membership, reading the articles, but I took notice recently that a lot of the features are unresponsive when tapped, for example I tap account details the load thing came up and spun quickly then it disappeared and didn’t take my to the account section, it just stayed on the screen I was on, is it a bug maybe?
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5 years ago, ND Fan4Life
I’m Really Tired of Tilting My Head!
When I searched for the App and saw one for an iPad, I happily downloaded it. I figured, like many of the Apps, it would just ‘accommodate’ to whichever position in which the iPad was being used. I, like many, have a keyboard attached to my iPad. It’s very inconvenient, as well as uncomfortable to attempt to position my iPad for viewing in the portrait position while everything is in the landscape position! Please! These reviews read as if many others have the same issue that I do! Please upgrade your App to be able to be used either in portrait OR landscape modes! If you do, I’d give you a 5.0, just for the relief of my neck and shoulder pain from trying to work with this App in portrait mode!
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1 year ago, Jim Sanchez, Tarpon Springs
Why AARP matters
There are far and few noble organizations which provide the trust, utility, and value that AARP provides to citizens of the world. AARP stands for truth, they are a shield devoted to the protection of our vulnerable and refreshingly the advice they give is never self serving; they truly put the interests of common people first. The content and advice they provide is holistic; they care about our physical and mental health, they care about our financial well being, they care about helping us protect and enjoy the most of what we have, and for those of us less fortunate they provide sage advice for overcoming our respective hurdles and improving our quality of life. I can’t think of any organization I’ve belonged to being more worth the cost of membership than my AARP membership. Thank you!
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3 years ago, C101481
App doesn’t show spouse as secondary member
I can’t rate it because I just downloaded the app today. But there are a few differences from the website you might fix. The app profile doesn’t show my spouse as secondary member even though the .org website does. The app also doesn’t show auto renewal but the website does. I don’t see a way to give feedback about the app except in this review. You might add app feedback in the contacts section.
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6 months ago, debialdo
Great app, 1 suggestion
Hi, I really think this is a great app. I much rather read things online much easier more convenient. Lotta good articles. The only thing I would recommend is that you create a way to let people increase the font size. I find that the font is a little small, and as people get older, the need for a larger font becomes greater. Thank you.
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3 years ago, danawwa3
AARP’s website is cumbersome and antiquated
I went on to book a trip for the first time on the AARP website and spent over 20 minutes just trying to get a hotel which I already knew which one I wanted and a flight. It took forever because you couldn’t find things and a lot of places after entering the information there was no done or enter button so you had to figure it out yourself. It also was about $600 more than the other sites I went to. My first and last time using it. I hope the rest the website is not as bad and if it is, I’m just going to get on the phone instead.
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3 years ago, Miles D III
Can't access AARPBulletins or AARP Magazines
I cannot view either copies of the current or past AARPBulletins or AARP Magazines. Previously, there was a AARP Publications app that gave access to these issues, are you going to give that access to these publications? This app is a step backwards for those of us that have difficulty reading the small pint in the hard copy publications I receive. I believe many people would prefer to read theses publications online and cancel the hard copy issues. You could save a lot by providing digital versions rather than sending print versions that many probably discard without reading.
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11 months ago, JC0675
Not Very Social
With all their great articles, some are important for seniors, there is no way to share an article with a spouse or friend. Not even if they also have the app. Sometimes we miss things and a friendly reminder from a friend is all we need to stay aware and safe. Sometimes while reading an article on my phone I get interrupted and sit my phone down, when I return wake up the app, the article is gone and there is no way to pick up where you left off, and sometimes you can’t even find the article. Very frustrating!
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1 year ago, ninja_660
If you want to work with AARP, make sure you have 💰💰💰otherwise it seems to hat you’re a nobody as was demonstrated by their team in my state. The job opportunities were hokey too because when contacted some had no clue about any employment. Volunteers were the same most if any when contacted had no clues what you were talking about. If they shaped up, it might be worthwhile what you invest in them and not just get a cheap piece of luggage or such to keep one interested or that they actually make it seem like they are genuinely interested in what you bring to the table and not just a membership fee. 🥲🥲🥲
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3 years ago, cheme75
Terrible app for such a big org
Absolutely the worst app I have for any org. It’s not even optimized for iPads so you get a tiny phone sized screen in the middle of a big black, wasted screen. Your are then limited to the few icons at the bottom to navigate the few things Aarp allows. There is no linkage to the Medicare advantage plan, not sure I’ve found how to get into staying sharp. It’s an abysmal app that they dumbed down way too much, I guess they think seniors are too to be able to a full featured app. This is really sad. If not for the Medicare advantage plan I’d probably cancel my Aarp membership. I really get very little from it because it is so user unfriendly.
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7 months ago, BadBrain13
Wow - you have to call to cancel your account?
What a scam. All AARP does is sell your info and try to make money off you. I already canceled auto renew but was dumbfounded to see AARP makes you call to delete your account?? Sorry, if I can sign up online or via app its only sensible that I can close/delete my account the same way. It’s super scammy to force users to call - they know people hate doing it and are just trying to nickel and dime seniors. Really disappointed in AARP for using such dated and unfriendly sales tactics. If people are not happy with your service you should make it easy as pie to cancel to earn good will.
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2 years ago, law4jesus
The best app for older adults
I love this app. It has lots of advice for folks my age. Lots of advice for mental health, physical health and advice for those of us who have grandchildren. There are games for your entertainment while waiting at doctors appointment. You will no longer feel out of the loop because AARP has you hooked. Keep creating information for us; it has come in handy. Thanks. From Coach Sonia 411
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2 years ago, crinkster54
I have been a member of AARP for 15 years. I love everything about it (could use a fewer emails). The app is unbelievably great. Everything I use from the organization in one spot. Awesome! Unequivocally recommended. And for the folks who are having trouble with charges, memberships or anything else, use your computer to go on the website. That’s a function of laziness.
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2 years ago, Jackpot307
AARP is good info and good reads!
It is hard to find good info for health and general upkeep of a senior lifestyle. ASRP provides good updates and clear easy to read info on much of what you should or want to know. They also offer great discounts. We just saved a ton of money on our rental car from our just passed 2 week vacation. I am glad to be a AARP member and will continue to do so.
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1 year ago, tfusare
Huge Improvement
AARP has come a long way in the past 20 years. I’m truly enjoying my membership. For a very few dollars a month, there’s tons of articles on almost every topic you can imagine. I love the games too. They also have a calendar that allows you to see what is going on for the month.
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3 years ago, sarachadeeznuts
Mobile App Login Issues
I recently joined AARP. I downloaded the app and during the 2-3 weeks I’ve been a member I’ve only been able to access the app once. I am constantly receiving an error message “Sorry. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few moments.” I’ve deleted/re-downloaded a handful of times. I’ve reached out on AARP website to an AARP member over chat without resolution to the login problem. If I cannot access the mobile app, I cannot access the deals my membership offers. Defeats the purpose of being a member. Please fix the app.
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1 year ago, Frannella
Seniors who ask for help.
Thank you for all the good information for all the questions I and all seniors have . It’s like there is so much help for seniors they need , and don’t know how to get it. I’m 74 and things have changed. But I’m still interested in helping myself so this is we’re I can go any time, with any question . Thank you.
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4 years ago, Goddess Natia
Will it ever work?!
Haven’t been able to sign in since joining. Looking at reviews, it looks like it hasn’t worked in a long time! What the heck are we paying for??? Also, always a canned “so sorry, we’re fixing it” or no response at all. Looks like one guy running this out of his shed (can’t even afford a garage to run it from, despite all the paid members). I think I’m more angry that this is a long time unaddressed problem, than I am that we just wasted money on it. You have a lot of seniors you are taking advantage of by not fixing the problems. You owe every one of them their money back!!!
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3 years ago, Cat-in-CA
Poor execution
I just received my packet with my cards. In the packet, underneath the new cards, it shows two ways to access your membership. One is to log on the website. The other is to text a word to the number listed and it’s supposed to give you a link so that you can download the app. I did that… And got a message telling me that I should call the 800 number. Additionally, I have used this app before and found it deeply lacking. News articles are somewhat helpful but there’s not a whole lot else. I see the discount section, but it’s really not impressive. From other reviews I’ve read, it would appear that iOS is not supported or the developers are not focused on this app. It doesn’t appear at this time that the developers are interacting at all with those who write reviews. This is an obvious clue that the user is on their own. Disappointing at best.
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2 years ago, MrzVia
Becoming 50
One of the reasons I was so excited to turn was because I couldn’t wait to become a member and receive my AARP card! When I got the invite shortly before my fiftieth birthday I smile! Then once I did I called in with filling that I finally arrived! Thank you AARP! You’re making my 50’s fun, engaging, and educational in every area of my life!
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2 years ago, Angiemine
New user
I’ve been a member of AARP for 10 years and never really knew all the things I had access to. Scrolling through the app I found so many things that I have and never knew I could use AARP and discounts for. Also being able to get information to help me through Medicare enrollment.
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2 years ago, queen68va
Long Before
Five stars. I enjoy all the information provided by AARP. Long ago before I was at retirement age my older church said I got my red card. What read card I asked? She was so excited, my AARP card. You know if asked what’s that? She began to tell me some of benefits that was provide by AAPR. Now I too enjoy them,My mobile home insurance is the best. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Spunie
What a site to use in thd internet that actually improves your life . I dint feel as lonely or isolated from my family , friends and my friends now on the internet I play games with. Great videos, games , interesting tips to live a full life that is full of exciting things to do or things to think about . Thank you AARP!
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5 years ago, Carnivalworker
This app is useless, because it’s difficult to see in portrait. Older people, who you represent can see better if the screen can rotate. (Or perhaps it’s the advertisers) Please do not respond with your usual “landscape is not available at this time.” JUST FIX IT. If you can’t then get a more qualified IT team.
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8 months ago, 17tcp
Can’t even create an account t
I'd love to rate this app but it won't let me create my account. I complete all steps successfully and when I click to agree to conditions a screen comes up that says sorry something went wrong on our end. Have retried too many times. Tried deleting the app and redownloading. The phone number for support on the app is not in operation. Called the main aarp number and the gentleman said he resubmitted my email and try again- doesn't work. I just deleted the app permanently.
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2 years ago, DPresas
Thank you for all your updates, always!
If it wasn’t for AARP I’d never know of the “news” that’s solely available for Seniors. I’m a former journalist and informative news for Seniors is essential. It can be a life time to the “time” left and how to make the most of it. I’m not trying to be dramatic just a realist. Thank you…
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1 year ago, SLP641
Can’t ask app not to track
This app starts off with a pop-up that asks you to allow it to track your activity across other apps. I don’t want to allow that, but if you don’t agree, you can’t close the pop-up and use the app. It says you can change it in the settings later, but I don’t want to do that, I want to refuse it from the beginning like I’ve done with every other app I have. So now I just can’t use it at all.
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2 years ago, Myline2
I enjoy reading all the information they have on the app. It’s convenient and easy to use. I wish they had a save or bookmark so I can finish where I leave off reading, otherwise I have to search for the place I left off and the article I was reading.
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2 weeks ago, WanderingHB
Great information but...
Frequently, when I bring up an article of interest in the AARP app, I am distracted with another task and need to come back to finish reading. However, upon returning to the app, I'm taken to the home screen and then have to find the article again. VERY ANNOYING! Otherwise, great information that is timely and relavent.
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2 years ago, Grama318
New Opinion
Before using this website, I didn’t have much to do with AARP. Now I’m reading the informational articles, playing games, learning new ways to make aging easy and enjoyable. There is a lot to see, learn, save, etc. on this site. Hope you enjoy it, too.
Show more
2 years ago, Zwiebble
Not really ready to provide comments since I have not used many of the services
As i begin using these services and am no longer primary care taker of my deceased husband I will or plan to provide reviews as I begin using the features of this aarp app.
Show more
3 years ago, d'lily
I received email to advocate for fair drug prices by calling my congressional representative. I dont phone my government reps. I have sent emails. You have no provision for sending emails (audubon provides letters/emails to send as is or you can add your comments). Plus, when I looked for an email address for AARP, there wasn’t any. I would rather send comments than talk. Don’t you receive emails? Also, i had a problem when trying your link for more RV info.
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1 year ago, Jer.29:11-14
Earning points from the card
Even though my wife and I share the same account I used my card for savings at a local restaurant. They honored it, but we didn’t see if it was applied to our account or how many points we earned from the transaction. How do we know if it was or not?
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8 months ago, melanie rocks!
AARP Has Great Information
Why do I enjoy my membership with AARP? 1. Excellent and timely information that keeps me informed of any potential issues or problems ahead of time. 2. Low Rates on yearly membership dues are reasonable. 3. Rewards, Rewards, and more Rewards! Love! 4. Benefits for us! Lower prices on excellent companies in many areas, travel insurance, help with trip planning, car insurance, excellent travel accommodations, flight reservations etc… love! 5. We can celebrate our age and vitality without breaking the bank when it comes to travel expenses. Thank you AARP
Show more
3 years ago, Angel-o-baby
Wrong times for events listed under events
I just downloaded the app and all the events are basically listed in the middle of the night. Just thought you might want to fix that. Also when I clicked on “get tickets,” nothing happens. Hope to see this stuff fixed, so that the app becomes more useable. Thank you!
Show more
2 months ago, MadZack
Missing some key features
* Search for articles * Ability to bookmark articles * Return to where you were if you switch out of the app and come back to it. Frustrating it doesn’t have these basic features. Would give it five stars if it had these features.
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