Abandoned World - Urbex

Photo & Video
3.3 (98)
50.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maxime Gerbe
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Abandoned World - Urbex

3.33 out of 5
98 Ratings
9 months ago, Trash Game Reviewer (TGR)
Good app, needs work
I love this app and can see it being very useful for adventures. My main problems are that you can’t close out of some of the GUI’s that take up half the screen causing a difficult and frustrating time navigating the map, and that you cannot zoom out all the way out of the map. This causes frustration. Also, I think a feature that should be added is the ability to let the OP remove their own photos/contributions from certain locations. I also believe there needs to be a better filter for photos being posted. There are some places where people just spam fake photos and others where people spam unrelated photos. There was an area in Virginia where someone had spammed a location with rock concert photos. It was very annoying to report each and every single one. Those are just some critiques. I love the app and it’s very useful when used properly.
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4 weeks ago, Ishitonthesehoes
Good Idea but not well executed
I love the idea of this app, don’t get me wrong. I wish you could add a feature where we can mark an abandoned place, I live in a very rural area, where i see a bunch of abandoned houses. But they don’t show up on the map. I would love too mark areas for people who like to explore too. Speaking of the map, the things at the bottom is kinda annoying and is hard to navigate because it’s there, why not add a feature where you can remove it? The idea itself is awesome and has so much potential.
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10 months ago, Dbeidnd
Places need be constantly updated
I really love the idea of this app and seems pretty fun but there needs to be a way to take off places that were once abandoned but no longer are or are torn down. Theres been so many times I’ve tried using this app to find new abandoned places and the places would always end up being renovated or rebuilt or torn down. There has to be a way to keep these places updated but maybe there just is not any or enough people or resources to have someone check up on all of these places. Maybe if we could at least have a filter for places of what year they were first posted it would help prevent this from happening is the only other solution I can think of at the moment. Otherwise cool idea, just beeds some work. Thank you.
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4 years ago, kinokokid
Pretty good
I do really love the concept of this app and still use it but it needs a bit of work around the edges. It’s just kinda rough cut and feels flimsy in an app making sense. It’s hard to scroll at times and it’s a little annoying to add places and photos and text. Some images and places aren’t existent or just some random person putting and image there. But I do appreciate the report button for these purposes. It’s a little hard to use since it’s a tiny bit broken but honestly it’s a pretty good app if you’re looking for new abandoned places to find. And a lot of it is pretty accurate.
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3 years ago, Commander Sisgo
I love the idea for this and was super excited to see what it was about. However the actual experience is weird, only a handful of places on here in my city of 1 million people and one of those was a can of soup. A CAN OF SOUP. This app has so much potential but it’s just not there yet. I also think it is hilarious that every review mentioning how the places on here aren’t abandoned or don’t make sense, just gets an auto-response about thanking them for their input. Way to make your user feel unseen and unheard.
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3 years ago, S-WangA
How do you add places?
I wanted to add some places near where I live but I have no way to view my account or see my submissions. Also the pictures crop a little much. So far I like the idea
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2 weeks ago, ParanormalAnonymous
Add a feature!
I love this app, usually I can’t figure out where to go or what’s around but this app helps. BUT, pair it with an Uber type function, but better. Have a driver pick you up, the. You and the driver go to these locations together and have some fun! You would kinda be renting an urbex buddy for a while, and might even make a friend doing it!
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2 years ago, 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔☺️☺️😱
None of these locations have actually been scoped out, and most of the pictures for the locations are not accurate. My friends were taken to a completely different place that was incredibly dangerous we were stopped by people. They tried to get money from us and wouldn’t let us leave. Please do not go to any of these places they are not safe. You can get hurt please! (Update) the app developer responded very rudely and disgustingly accusing me of putting my friends in danger there are no verified rating do not trust this app or the developer.
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2 years ago, BlakeyPfeel
Crowdsourcing Urbex exploration? Count me in.
I’m so grateful to have discovered Abandoned World. As an avid Urbexer with a complicated podcast that requires heavy research, I rely on the app for my travels. It’s also such a fab way to kill time if I’ve got it to spare. Highly recommend uploading your own spots / photos for others to see. Well worth it!
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4 weeks ago, Mattie MacC
Needs Updating
Me and my friends went to multiple sites from the app and when we actually got to the marked location on the app there was nothing to be found, literally no buildings or anything and if there was a building it was a house that was being actively lived in. The app needs to have people to go an make sure some of these places are actually still there before I waste gas and time trying to find some abandoned place that doesn’t actually exist anymore.
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3 years ago, tom sachin
Awesome concept, awesome App
Fast and useful App to discover abandoned places 📍 Good design and user friendly, I recommend to everyone to check out places. It seems that the content and the community is growing fast as well in Europe. The developer is very responsive and considers end user input via email 👌👍
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3 years ago, luis366262
Genius idea, finally some innovations on the store
Amazing helps me a lot with urban exploration. Fast and useful App, I recommend it to everyone to check it out. Big community and daily updates 👍📍 Developer is really responsive and considerate end user input via email 🙌
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3 years ago, Arcadia845
Great app!
This app is amazing. I never knew so many abandoned places were close by. Adventure awaits! Only thing that would make this app better is the ability to search by keyword or search places by categories (eg “warehouse” or “factory”) Glad to have found it!
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4 months ago, Grizzly_Mishka
Good concept, janky execution
This app is really good, but the way you navigate the map makes me lose my marbles. Also, when you wanna add your own place, the devs were evil enough to make you go through the map yourself, and not allowing you to put an address in. Great app either way.
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4 years ago, prushinfox
Clunky and junky
Don’t waste your time. This app is counterintuitive and a complete hassle on and off the field. You can’t load a profile. You can’t filter your own finds. Images are heavily artifacted after uploading and can only load one image. You can’t use satellite view. Images of a particular area don’t load smoothly and map scrolling is quirky. No lat or long coords. People are also loading images and map spotting things that have nothing to do with urbexing.
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3 years ago, Tdragon50
Contact email no go UPDATE
Good ideas but when I tried to get a hold of some support the emails do not work. Update!!! Awesome feedback very quick as well. Look forward to adding more local places.
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3 years ago, GAJeepers
Pretty cool app, just one question
It’s a really cool app and everything. I just am wondering if you could add a feature to where you can search by description or something of the sort?
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4 years ago, Anelise P
Pretty good
It would help if you made it so they were all abandoned places or along those lines instead of some being stores or just random streets 👍
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2 years ago, Bekebblz
I love This app!
I’m really into Urbex and I love sending places in, due to very little people sending ones in my city, I’ve done a lot myself! Very cool app and easy to use.
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2 years ago, KatyPishellaAwes0me
LOVE the idea of this
Actually a decent amount of posts on here, and it’s just a very cool and helpful app if you’re into this type of stuff!
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9 months ago, Kyle3999
Love the idea makes exploring easy
Love the app wish there was more ways identifying what is still abandoned. Possibly add a box to explain how to get into the building. But overall great.
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3 years ago, niightshade
Concept is good
I like the concept but i don’t understand the “listings” in my city. One of the “abandoned” places is an open restaurant, another was pictures of a man sitting on a bench and stickers on a light pole. These are not abandoned locations i’m not sure what is going on here
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4 years ago, Lock_Dude
Some places don’t exit
There are some places on here that no longer exist. Is there a way to delete it? I’m sure I might run into more places that are wrong.
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2 weeks ago, 123abcgrf
It’s ok
The app has a good idea but there isn’t many places in my area
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3 weeks ago, Jason C Wagner
Verify properties
This app is telling people to go on property that they do not have access to. People do not just have automatic permission that what they wish if someone isn’t there. It’s wrong. Trespassing applies to everyone regardless of an app. If I have anyone else on my property they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
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5 years ago, JohnR14
A search bar or some form of help?
I’m happy with the app, it’s a brilliant concept. Although I’m having a hard time finding anything in my area...
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4 years ago, NOLA Diogenes
5 stars
Any app that helps me find awesome stuff is a ten in my book!
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5 months ago, Michyyy12
No Florida locations ?
I used this map and noticed they only are in one certain area is this correct or is my app being weird ? Cool concept
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3 years ago, bigdog1199
It used to be great
Years ago it used to show these house symbols which represent abandoned places and now there’s none at all but there was a lot of them I think this app is having problems fix it now
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4 weeks ago, Ushsjshe
how do i
it is cool and all but i need to figure out how to find the gps thing to go to the place it shows the location but not a option to go directly to it
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3 years ago, Fdcisdcnfgdkcvkd
Pretty good but could you add a satellite view?
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3 years ago, Deeashley
Good Start but Needs Work
Abandoned App: This is a helpful tool that I’ve used when in an unfamiliar area with some time to kill, but it needs some improvement in areas. The issues: 1. Inaccuracies. As far as I can tell, this app looks for keywords with GPS data and adds them to the map. The result is a LOT of inaccurate or irrelevant information that you have to sort through. 2. No ability to comment (more of a suggestion than a complaint) or edit locations. I think this ability would help a lot so that other people can correct some of the errors that are posted. 3. This app would be far more useful and save a lot of time if the map included an option to view in satellite view. As it is currently, to view in aerial/satellite (like to see if the place is even still there), you have to exit the app to do so. This is a huge pain. I would suggest either more (human) curation of the locations and/or allowing the users to interact in more useful ways with the locations that are posted. As it stands, perhaps 30-50% of the posted locations seem accurate or interesting enough in reality to be worth looking into further. But, hey! That’s something at least. Despite the above issues, I would say it’s worth a download if you’re new to exploring or a stranger in a new land. This is one of only two apps that I’m aware of that cater to this niche. Last but not least... The new pop-up ads are intrusive and need to go! There is no feature in an app that will make me delete it faster off of my device than pop-up ads that keep unexpectedly popping up and forcing me onto their site. Nope! Cheers, DA *UPDATE: The devs did actually include an edit (after review period) option for specific locations it looks like, so hopefully that’ll help with some of the issues listed above!*
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5 years ago, The Vulf
Not many places
There’s not many places on the app yet
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5 years ago, Megans84
Great app love it good job!
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3 months ago, shelbeelanningg
so i added a house to the app but i want to remove it, since i wanna kinda keep it to myself since its nice and clean, and probably isnt fully abandoned which i wasnt aware of, how do i remove it? and when i added it i didnt have a account so made up a username, but later made a account and made the username the same thing, is it possible to get it removed? its in pine city mn and its named something like “abandoned farm and house”
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3 years ago, Mobile V Gaming
Good so far
It’s a good app found a couple of cool places and documented them on my YouTube channel but it would help if it had updated places in California near gold country hopefully some abandoned mine locations? That’d be a cool add on
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1 year ago, Kranko13
It’s a good concept but a lot needs more Work !!!! A lot of places are not updated or the locations Are off and some places are just a bust.not everything is even a place the pictures weird and no description and it could get someone in a real pinch.
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