ABC Games for Kids-EduKittyABC

4.2 (8.9K)
44.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cubic Frog Apps
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for ABC Games for Kids-EduKittyABC

4.19 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Jay41274
Excellent teaching/learning app!!
Edukitty is so easy and understandable that preschoolers to do on it their own! I normally never pay for apps especially not for my four who is constantly deleting everything but this app I just had to and when she deleted it by accident like I KNEW she would we actually went back and reinstalled this app. It's amazing and I absolutely recommend it for any busy parent for their little ones!!
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4 years ago, Dylan Jacob Amadure
EduKitty ABC by Cubic Frog Apps
Hello and welcome to EduKitty ABC from Cubic Frog Apps. This app comes from tracing, games and you are having fun. Buy your full version of this app from Apple Pay. And now the payment has successful and you are ready to be playing. Learn your own playful interactive alphabet from 26 different letters from A to Z. Play in 12 languages and other Cubic Frog Apps to download. Download this mobile app called EduKitty ABC. Available Now on the App Store or you can Download on the Google Play. Play this game and we will you see you guys next time! Bye Bye!
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6 years ago, .XXI.
My kids love it, but...
The tracing seems to have a problem recently where my kids aren't able to fully finish tracing letters it accepts it too early and moves on to the next letter. If someone could take a look at this and the sound issues as well that would be great and would get me to give this app 5 stars definitely worth the money for the full version.
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6 years ago, Knachy1
Great app but
Edit: Thanks for the response, developers. But seriously, that is completely unnecessary. Children don’t need to explore other languages if they’re not even fluent in our first language. They need to focus in the ones we as parents decide and honestly it doesn’t help in any way. It actually frustrates the child AND the parent when the kid goes into a complete different language and can’t go back to their original one. It really needs to be changed. When that’s fixed we will be buying the apps. First Review.: The languages should be locked so the kids won't change them. My kid keeps changing it by accident. It would be great if that feature could be chosen by an adult and kept from the kid. The child gets stuck in different languages and can’t go back sometimes. Everything else is wonderful
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5 years ago, VanessaMurphy
Please fix the sound
Overall it’s a fun game. My daughter has enjoyed playing this game. My only problem with this is that the narrative voice doesn’t play and just plays music. I would always have to reboot my iPad to make the narrative voice come back for my l.o to understand how to play.
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4 years ago, Game excerpt
Not ok
My daughter loves this app when it works but sound is never working! So frustrating to pay for an app and it doesn't work right! Support? Would love to hear back? Have rebooted restarted redownloaded. After support responded I was able to use this game. It is great for letter recognition and is really fun now that sound works!
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7 years ago, TaraTügą
Like it but
My daughter is learning to write lower case at school and the lower case letter "a" on this game (tracing letters) is not the way kids learn at school. She doesn't understand why it's like that and I honestly don't either. I do like how my 4 year old and 18 month old can both use this game. Younger one is learning alphabet so he likes the song and flash cards, older child learning to write and practices with tracing.
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2 years ago, AnyiGoris
No sound
Cannot hear anything. No sound. All other apps are audible, not This one! Highly frustrating. Have tried everything. Even buying full version!
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4 weeks ago, Dbhqiejhdkqje
This game is perfect for toddlers! In this game you can trace letters A-Z and they also have flash cards and ABC songs! This is a great game for little ones and kids too! My kids love this game! It’s so fun and educational for the little kids! Please try out this great game for children!
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8 years ago, Ookamisama
Great practice but pop ads a problem
It's a great tool for my daughter to practice with on her way to school, traveling, etc... However, the pop up ads make it confusing for her and unfortunately it's a bit much for a four year old to deal with. I understand it's free and the creator needs to pay bills, but they need to consider who is using the app as well.
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5 months ago, You should buy the game
From z
It’s really great I love learning and help me learn. It shows me what’s correct and what’s wrong I really really really love the matching kites making animal with letters connecting letters it’s all really great the balloons the game and yeah that’s why I really love it so you should go buy this game
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1 year ago, Ducky Ok
A childhood memory
Ok so I don’t remember this learning game at all but it has the iCloud to re get it so I guess I had this game btw I am 10now and I must have had this game wen I was 2 sooo ya this game is full of memories that I don’t really remember but ty for helping me learn wen I was so little! 💐🧸
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4 years ago, jamiec4285
Good game but tracing has flaws
When tracing some of the letters end early so they don’t look like the letter your tracing. It cuts it off too soon. Example o looks like u because you can’t finish it completely. There are other letters that do the same
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8 months ago, Ssyaw
Your amazing
I love your game. It’s so encouraging to little kids ! My children love it!❤️❤️ you could write make more games my children would love those too!! thank you for all your doing and we support you!!🥰
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4 years ago, Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllooooooooo
Lovely learning app
This is a fun app for kids to learn their abcs a fun song that is about first words and activity abcs in lower case so a so much fun app for kids especially edu kitty is one of the great app company I never knew in my kids life learning skills.
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7 years ago, Tweekly10
Great set of apps
I love this app for my pre k girl and my 1st grade girl! I love the set up as well as the design, it's also very easy to navigate! One improvement that would make it even better would be lesson plans ! Thanks great set of learning games !
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1 year ago, anrv1234
Sound doesn’t always work
I have had to delete the app and reinstall it because the sound doesn’t work sometimes. The sound in setting says it’s on and my volume is turned up. It’s just blank
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6 years ago, Not eg
It does the job
When you're pulling your hair out and wanting a brief moment to yourself after your 2 yr old constantly bugs you to ride the "horsey" this does an ok job at giving you those precious few minutes
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6 years ago, ICxManny
Still needs bugs fixed
They need to fix this bug so the kids can finish writing the letter. For example, lower case “b”. It finishes prematurely and makes it look like an “h”. It also includes many others and capital letters as well.
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6 years ago, Misst725
Is good but can be better
Love the games concept is one of the FEW BILIGUAL games that are easier on early stages of learning yet challenging for kids in pre k. I would love everything would be REALLY translated into other languages. The flash cards are only in English.
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6 years ago, 79Asp
What’s up with all the pop ups?!
I really wanted to like this app and buy the full version but will all the pop up games I will not. I can not give my kids the phone and let them play and not being worried that they will press on the pop ups.. one was a sniper shooting a man in the head 🤬 🙄 I mean what the heck... I guess they just want to make money and not caring about the kids OR us parents.. Sad and annoying!
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7 years ago, Onebox user
Irrelevant ads
I love the app! I feel like it's a great learning program for my three-year-old. However, I do not like nor appreciate I don't advertisements popping up while she's playing on this game. She's not old enough to even read much less gamble and play slot machines or violent video games. I do not want these types of ads in front of a three-year-old child. For this reason I am giving it one star.
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5 years ago, ugh33
Would be great if
When I bought the full version it actually worked. I’ve bought this twice and my daughter still can’t access all the games and it keeps asking me to buy the full version again. It’s sad cuz these games are really great.
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6 years ago, Almmommyof4
Exactly what I was looking for
My toddlers just started pre-K and one of them is having a hard time writing. I was looking for an app to call her attention and be easy to use. This app is great. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Chev2020
Awesome App
Love this app had it on my phone since my son was a year old and it made his phonics and reading impeccable! He is 4 years old and reading at the 2nd grade level.
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7 years ago, ygfyuhhhhh
Inappropriate content !!!
The games are fine, but in the free version it constantly pops up ads for other games. Then it links them to a trial of those games. The other day it linked my four year old to a very realistic game where the player is supposed to shoot people with a gun. He held it up to me and said "we have to kill the man." I was horrified!! I will not use anything from this developer again.
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6 years ago, krysouza
Love it!
My daughter is 3, so at first we tried ABC mouse for her. But it was too complicated for her to navigate through. She loves this! She will actually ask me to do it! Totally worth buying the full version.
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5 years ago, Jesstifiablyme
Random mode
Have been loving this app for my four-year-old. She is actually choosing it over some entertaining apps which makes me really happy. I paid for the full version and still have not been able to unlock all of the games. Please help!
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5 years ago, Macolicous
Ok at first...
The sound on the app stopped working and it’s not bc it’s muted within the software. All other apps on iPad work fine. Value isn’t that great. You pay for the app and it only gives you partial access. You have to pay for more letters. Will not continue with additional purchases. Would rate 5 stars if he sound worked and they gave you full content.
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6 years ago, UNiiQUE BABii
Tbh rip-off game
Only 3 different activities for 5$ I tried to set it up in Spanish but it would still sound out the letters in English. I started by downloading a sister app and thought the 5$ was for all apps from this company.. But it scammed me to buy this app also. As basic as a kids needs are this apps did not meet my kids learning needs. Wish I could get my money back...
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7 years ago, Taytay beautiful
Love it but....
My 22 month old loves this app and likes to listen to the abc song but every time I u go home on the game an ad pops up and when u try to dismiss it it goes to the App Store! But other than that it's a fun game for my little brothers
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7 years ago, Me! 🤓
Took my money!
I downloaded this for my 4 year old twins. It didn’t let them get through the entire alphabet without buying the full version. Also the sound didn’t work. So I went ahead and clicked to upgrade and paid the $4.99. Well the money came out of my bank account but it did not upgrade me! What the hell?? I am not happy. And cannot find anyone on here to help me!
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6 years ago, azul moon
So helpful
Thank you for doing this it is so helpful helping children is the best they are going to learn so fast they are just in pre school and then they'll be in kindergarten very soon
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6 years ago, Lady Wan
Kids love it but..
This is how my kids learned to write the alphabet. Awesome little app and it entertains him. However...The letter tracing module doesn't allow my kids to finish tracing the letters before it accepts them, so the letters come out incomplete and it confuses them. :(
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2 years ago, Lubdha Pednekar
What’s your favorite activity in Edukitty abc?
This activity is kind of maybe fun and it says “oops once more” while picking the wrong answer
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7 years ago, Was frustrated as well
My two under 3 love this app and it's very user friendly but there are buttons on there I wish weren't there or they change the language. But it's a very entertaining app for the kids.
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6 years ago, Lieder Family
Amazing for toddlers
My three-year-old absolutely loves playing this I would say it’s up there close to any of the other leading games. She learned so much from this app
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4 years ago, Hasti Clab
Great app, but needs to fit in bigger screens better
So far it’s our favorite app to exercise with my toddler. The only thing is that i wish it would fit my large iphone better.
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7 years ago, gydgjujff
Adorable but same as the others
It's adorable but like the others you get barely nothing without needing to pay for it. At minimum, all letters for writing should be included.
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6 years ago, MetroplexAerials
Almost perfect
My kids do well with this app, but it does have one bug, it seems to terminate the trace letter function prematurely every single time. It’s a good app even if the music is a little too repetitive!
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7 years ago, Big bro j
My son loves this app!
My 3 yo loves this app! He has played it only a few weeks and can already recognize the letters N, K, and X. I am willing to pay the additional fee for the full version.
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3 years ago, Raj725
Great but there’s a problem
So the app is ok but there is a sound issue fix that please everything else is good for me love the app !🙂🙃
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2 years ago, Maisympa
Very Good for Learning
I used to play this when I was a kid. This game helps a lot for young children, activities are so fun! I just wished there were more free game options. Thank you.
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9 months ago, Ian Cloudet
When I was a little boy I used to use the app for my childhood many years and months ago.
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6 years ago, Jar3817
Meh, ads
Tracing a lower case A is a joke. Nobody writes a lowercase A like that. You guys picked the wrong font for the tracing. Way too many obtrusive ads. Couldn’t get past G before being prompted to buy the full version and losing progress when clicking the x to close the ad.
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2 months ago, TishLynne27
Interrupted after every game
The games themselves are great, but usually take only a minute or two at the most. Then an ad pops up to rate the game or upgrade. This is very frustrating as a teacher who has students constantly interrupting me to reset the game.
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7 years ago, MamaQ18
Great but glitchy
Son LOVES this. However, letter tracing counts letter as done 1 or 2 sec too soon. Lower case b ends up looking like h, j like an i, etc. When he finishes a new letter it shows you all the letters you've written and then he feels like he did it wrong.
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5 years ago, shhbhvrvdvwbensgbbebyrbdb
Love games but freezes and stops saying letters
Would buy if not glitching. Sometimes letters can’t be dragged and music still plays so toddler cries. I don’t like sometimes the talking saying letters is not working. The connect dots are too small. Now volume gone!
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6 years ago, Toughcowboy
Wonderful games
My 3 year old loves to play these games! He is getting to know his letters by sight! I will be buying all the games! Thank you for having such educational games!... Anna
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4 years ago, ewalkee
Fix sound
Would give 5 stars if the sound worked. I have it on in the settings and have reset the device multiple times and no sound.
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