Abiding Radio

4.6 (72)
7.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kory Nakatsu
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Abiding Radio

4.61 out of 5
72 Ratings
4 years ago, Mrs mmmommy
Sadly crashes*updated*
Update::: I’m so sorry. I believe the issue was on my end- problems with data. This app is a blessing!! ***I really love this app because the music is great! I want to support this app but every time I open it, it sadly closes itself within seconds. It worked the first day but I have had the app before and had to delete it because of this issue. I reinstalled probably 6 months later (now) and still same issue. I’ll wait a little to see if it resolves but if I can’t use it there is no use of keeping it. It’s sad because I really love the music!! I have an iPhone 6 of that helps the software side fix this in any way.
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1 year ago, trains4one
Great app
My wife and I love this app and all genres of music. It is relief from the bombardment of contemporary Christian music. Found out two week ago that it interacts with CarPlay. While my wife and I listen to both, Instrumental is our go to stream for our quiet time.
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4 years ago, Eccl1213
Almost Perfect
I have been looking for good, Godly, conservative music that truly glorifies the Lord. I have finally found it in this app. The music is phenomenal and the choices between instrumental, vocal, and seasonal is awesome. The reason I say it is almost perfect is because there is one big thing that needs changing. I can tell this app was made for the iPhone instead of the iPad because the only view it has is portrait mode. I use my iPad like a laptop and would really like landscape mode view. This would make it easier to view when I want to listen to music while I’m studying. App devs, please fix this!
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3 years ago, Muzical84
Lacks features common to most audio apps
I do like this app, but it doesn’t function like most people will expect. For example, if you lock your phone, you don’t get any audio controls on your lock screen. If you want to see what’s playing on another stream within the app, leaving your current stream page stops your audio. These aren’t deal-breakers, by any means, but they do risk confusing users used to different functionality.
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8 years ago, Emerqueen1
Great diversity of music. Very conservative. We regularly listen to the kids option because my kids are always requesting kids music. No commercials is one of the best features. Awesome app that is very easy to navigate.
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6 months ago, lover of God and His music
Steve Williams
To put it so simply, this music is such a blessing. I’ve never found anything objectionable, it’s all been edifying and uplifting. Thank the Lord and thanks to whoever made this music available to us.
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3 weeks ago, Kevinobie1
My new favorite app!
Thank you for this app! It is exactly what I have been looking for for a very long time. Praise God for your work in providing this for us. Blessings!
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3 years ago, betxis
Great when it works.
Crashes on first song every time. Have enjoyed it for a couple years without problems until recently. Hope you can fix it.
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4 years ago, MB live for Jesus
Thankful for a conservative music app. Song just played sung by Foto sisters was not necessarily conservative to me - had a modern, worldly sound in some aspects. We like old music and new music that does not mimic the world. That was the first song I heard that was borderline. Please don’t change!
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4 years ago, the grey kitten
Family lives this
Love it when my children and grandchildren enjoy each song. Thank you
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6 years ago, jklm45
New listener
Very cool just found this app keep up the great music. We r called to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and this helps me throughout the day. God is so good to give us this technology to His glory
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4 years ago, anybody244
Very good Christian selections
Several categories. I prefer instrumentals, but I’m sure you can find what suits you best.
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7 years ago, kpatricio
Great content, but app has bugs
I have been using this app for a long time, and while we love the music, it just randomly shuts off all the time. I'd love it if they could fix that!
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7 years ago, Cece283
Love the app
Love the music, easy to use.
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12 months ago, Oceanaiyy
So Cool
This is the best radio!
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9 years ago, Bill1003
Great Listening Music
I have been listening to Abiding Radio on the internet for over a year - this app makes it so much easier to now. I can listen to great instrumental music of the great hymns and songs that will bless and uplift your soul. I play this music at work and find that others appreciate the peacefulness and calmness that the music brings. There are NO commercials except for a 30 second request for a donation about every 2.5 hours of straight music. There are several “channels” of music to pick from: instrumental (my favorite), Sacred (this has the words being sung), Kids (Bible songs for the kiddos), Bluegrass, and Seasonal (depending on the time of year - Christmas, Easter or Patriotic). I don’t think you will be disappointed. Enjoy.
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6 years ago, Publikprofiler
Cuts out
I love ❤️abiding radio. But the app constantly cuts out.
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8 years ago, Thomas3217
Such a blessing.
I love the bluegrass stream my wife and kids love the sacred stream and the kids love the kids stream. One app that has beautiful conservative music for the whole family. I can't emphasize the impact this station has had on my family enough.
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10 years ago, Ivory Master
This is so much more convenient than having to pull up the station in my browser every day. Thank you!
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10 years ago, Wgdirector
This is a nice looking, simple app. However, it is rendered useless because of the constant buffering. It's difficult to listen to one whole song without interruption. For now, I am using the Tunein app instead, as this is never an issue with that. I hope Abiding Radio keeps trying and is able to perfect this app. For now, however, I can't use it.
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10 years ago, xint
Works well
I was wondering about an app for this. Seems to work well. Only complaint is that nothing is shown in the lock screen as to audio status. App does keep playing though.
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10 years ago, vwelectric
Simple, to the point, God honoring!
I really appreciate this app! I've listened to abiding radio for a long time and this enables me to listen to it even more while on the go! Thank you so much!
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10 years ago, AGT1201
Coolest app ever!
I love the music! Like,best app ever! I use the app all the time. Steve Pettit,the wilds,and BJU for spiritual building. I use the soft instrumental for book reading. The app is truly a Blessing. Keep up the good work of God, Abiding Radio!
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9 years ago, GelinGelin
Great App
Very good app! Difficult to find a good radio station and this is an excellent station for old fashioned music.
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10 years ago, Ben__A
Awesome app!
Praise God for this app that streams sacred Christian music. I've been an Abiding Radio listener for several years. Thank you Abiding Radio Ministry!
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10 years ago, StephLevings
Great motivation
Listening to this throughout the day is so encouraging.
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10 years ago, Lady Gal
Thank you
This is perfect to have on my iPhone! I love it!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Betharoo0
Love it
Love it! No problems for me! So relaxing!!!
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7 years ago, Marlowe Robles
I love this app!
It's hard to find good, conservative Christian music. Spotify, Pandora, etc. are very limited in this area. This is the best. I'm very grateful for this app.
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10 years ago, MJ-IndyRN
Long Time Listener.
I've listened for years to abidingradio.org. This newest application is excellent. The sound quality is awesome. I've had no crashes or unexplained cessation of music w/ the abiding radio application as I did streaming the web site on Safari There are several listening choices: Instrumental: Relaxing, no lyrics accompanying the arrangement. Sacred: Mostly music w/lyrics & a sprinkling of instrumental. Seasonal: This choice used to be Christmas all year round. Now this choice includes music for Easter, Patriotic, Thanksgiving, etc. I enjoy Christmas being played longer than any other seasonal music, yeah! =) Kids (I prefer calling the choice, children's music.) I'm certain in future updates the abiding radio application will add the Recently Played, Request A Song & Stream Detail dropbox. Thank You Aboding Radio for your ministry & this excellent application.
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7 years ago, Steve Henderson
Wonderful music but screen orientation won't lock...
I have slept on the right side of our bed for years... nay, decades! When I can't sleep, I like to read/use my iPad that I charge on my nightstand as I'm lying on my right side. A VERY high percentage of my favorite apps comply with and support that feature so that the home button is on the top. Unfortunately, Abiding Radio will not, and I have to (try) to read upside down. It's frustrating, I tell ya. Could this not be fixed with a few lines of code so that Abiding Radio conforms to the iPhone/iPad feature set? (Please?) When that happens I'm a 5-star fan and Abiding Radio evangelist! Thanks for the beautiful music, my friends! - Steve H
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