Abilene Teachers FCU Mobile

4.9 (4.5K)
73.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Abilene Teachers FCU Mobile

4.86 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
7 years ago, KellyMHewitt
Great app
Lots of very useful things on the app especially for those of us who live out of town. My one suggestion would be to beef up the bill pay process for the phone app. It works great on my laptop and ipad, phone could be a little better.
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2 years ago, Tyren D.
Horrible mobile banking
Though ATFCU (Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union) is a good bank to go with if you’re looking for a bank that actually cares about its bankers. This review is about the mobile app, this bank is constantly updating this application, and you are not able to view nor move your finances. This is not beneficial at all, especially if you have an emergency and need to access those funds immediately, ATFCU needs to work on a big update for the mobile app, and notify bank users at minimum a day in advance. And make a feature where you can choose to update your application, but still be able to use your funds and move them when necessary. I do like using this bank but this app is completely ridiculous. P.S The application does not work in all locations for Cricket Wireless users.
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11 months ago, mdsmith0914
Most Reliable App on Phone
ATFCU not only has excellent in-person customer service, the app for online banking is parallel to their team. The app has been the most consistent, reliable, easy to use app on my phone. Love it
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4 years ago, kbibbers
Great app
I live about 80 miles away from the bank and it is very nice to be able to use the app to take care of most banking business and not have to call in or stop bye
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3 years ago, Colm777
Bank app
Amazing and very efficient and I always have the routing number available just by a click of messages and there it is. Thank you
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3 years ago, kkdott14
Overall a really great tool to have, I use it daily! Sometimes there will be a glitch in the system not allowing you to log in, but that’s not very common.
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6 years ago, theGREATJohnathan
Great app but....
Great app. Nice functionality. Everything a banking app should have. The only flaw is that they do updates right in the middle of the day!? I’ll be at the store wanting to check my balance/transfer money. I’ll open the app and it will be down for maintenance. ANNOYING. If they stop doing updates during the day then I’m happy.
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3 years ago, liz77hill
App problems
The app always doesn’t work sometimes it takes me days to get into my app
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5 years ago, MimiClause
Viewing deposits
It would help if items that were deposited were able to be viewed, as I receive several checks for the same amount and if one is rejected I have no way of knowing which one to re-submit.
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4 years ago, TXWHTGUY
Always handy
I travel for work and the app allows me to control my payments and transfers easily and quickly.
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4 years ago, True gaming reward
Useful but inconvenient
App is very useful, but it’s very inconvenient when the app gives an application error due system updates and they’re no announcement on the app or the actual website and having to drive to an atm or pull out money from an nonmember atm.
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3 years ago, chickendirty
I love Abilene teachers federal credit union! Best bank I’ve ever had. Everybody there sure helps you if you have a problem! Thanks to all the employees for doing a great job.
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6 years ago, DGannaway
I love this app and the bank so keep up the great work thank y’all for your service
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6 years ago, Sicamar
Banking app
Easy to use, simple layout. Accurate
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5 years ago, souixzan
Susan Wilson
Most awesome. Michelle you are the bomb. You’ve helped me and mine so much ...you should be proud
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1 year ago, Big Large Man
Depositing checks is horrible
It makes me take pictures of the back of the check a million times before it accepts one. Too hard to use. Pick another bank.
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4 years ago, Sifuentesst73
This app is always offline and unavailable so when you go to check your account or do anything in the app it won’t let you. It is very glitchy and slow. This app needs a lot of work.
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3 years ago, bsjaiebs a
App Down
It is very irritating that probably 7/10 times I try to access the app it’s down.
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5 years ago, adamzlucio
Five stars, but would really appreciate Apple Pay
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3 years ago, satified member
Great Credit Union Have been a member since 1986.
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6 years ago, Thelit1
Great customer service Every Time fees are Reasonable. Only place to BANK
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4 years ago, JTCBOOM
Why does this app randomly stop working and say application error. Like I need it now when I am trying to use the app. This needs to be working all the time please fix.
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4 years ago, Tons of Gunz
No Apple Pay
STILL no Apple Pay integration... I’ve been calling my branch requesting this for years now and yet still nothing. Step up your game, guys.
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10 months ago, PhillipsOB1
Very dependable, Great Customer Service
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3 years ago, CRainwater
Best Support
Great listeners are the best problem solvers.
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2 years ago, mig4555
Old school bank does not work with Zell
Old bank old tech am going going to Chase
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3 years ago, CWM IV
Charles Martin
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4 years ago, kjkirbster
Too many adds and cash advertisements Have to clear it daily! Redic
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5 years ago, Fyrball
Not working
My app is not working.
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4 years ago, tfrrdsaff
To many maintenance
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4 years ago, cosmo5871
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9 years ago, RADycus
Simple, elegant, and user-friendly
There's really nothing I can list as a negative feature of this app. Granted, I don't use many of the features offered, but I have never had an issue with its interface or functionality. The recent update is aesthetically improved, too. I very much enjoy ATFCU and I'm glad to be a mobile user, as well.
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12 years ago, Mochochoco
Busy budget
This app is great bc it keeps my husband and I from getting into trouble . We are able to see right away what our remaining budget is even before the purchases previously made post to the account, we get real live balances and save ourselves from panic
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10 years ago, Mommacakes 2010
Easy and love it !!! Best ever
So easy to look at bank account information check account information transfer especially when you're on the go and busy all the time this is so convenient and love this app so much!!!!
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12 years ago, Arrhidaios
Life saver!
Ive used my app since I've had an account with Teacher's, and I use it almost everyday! It does everything I would want in a bank app, and I don't have to waste gas just to drive to the bank. I can't live without it!
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10 years ago, Sic-Em-Bears02
Great app!!!
The new remote deposit function is awesome and easy to use! Since I don't have a local branch in my town, it gives me the convenience of depositing checks without having to mail them in!
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12 years ago, CrunchyNinja
Wonderful app
I love that I'm able to easily access all my account Info, but it still be safe to have on my phone. I like the "session time out"function and that I don't have to save a pw or acct number to have the app.
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14 years ago, tr.ttu
Fantastic App! Easy to use, and all the information I need. I especially love the map that shows the ATMs I can use when out of town. I've been waiting a long time for this!
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12 years ago, Tuscola50
I really like this mobile app because I can do all of my banking on the go. I'm able to transfer money between accounts as well as checking on my balances and paying bills. It's been very helpful!
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12 years ago, Sam.Hunt.59
Great App!!!
This is a great app! I travel so much, and even when I am out of the country I can still pay my bills, verify account balances, and even see what exchange rate I am getting for foreign currency. Thank you Ms. Parker for recommending this app to me!
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12 years ago, Fafoftheworld
I just got this app, it's great!!! I live out of town, so it would be even better if I could deposit via this app, but hey I'll take it! It's better than having to wait for my laptop to balance my checkbook!!!! Thanks ATFCU!!!
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7 years ago, SmallzyA
Glitches Galore
I'm constantly annoyed with this app! I'm not always at my desktop to do my banking, so when it's down several times a week it's very frustrating!
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9 years ago, Wesgiddings87
The only thing I wish was different... I wish the app was completely connected to the full site, that way we could see our balance and transactions
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14 years ago, jonkrake
Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union
Absolutely awesome app! Tells me everything I need to know, just wish I could deposit checks from my phone :-)
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8 years ago, SisiRaindrop
Changes often, but it's aiight
Minor changes frighten me, and when I get used to them they change again!! But I get to see how poor I am at the touch of a button so it's cool
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11 years ago, Flomiles
I really do use this app alot and it is very easy to get on to. I check my balances and check what had cleared my account Keep up with my account all the time
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8 years ago, Jay Odom
Responsive and Easy To Use.
Love how well it runs. Like an app should. Thumbprint integration is great. Simple interface. Sometimes servers are not available, but it only for short periods of time.
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12 years ago, Abilene iPhone
Great App
Love this app!! Very easy to maneuver through. The only change I would suggest is to add check numbers and who check written too in the areas where you now only see "SH DRAFT" and the amount.
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7 years ago, Kmoo17
Great app
I really enjoy this app and love that I can deposit check through it since I live out of town! Thanks for always protecting my account too!
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11 years ago, elarmstrong
Love it!
I use this app all of the time and love it. It is a lot more convenient than having to go online with your phone and it is really easy to use. Get it!
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