Abradoodle: Live bingo games!

4.8 (22.3K)
193.8 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Abradoodle: Live bingo games!

4.82 out of 5
22.3K Ratings
2 years ago, mad and sad 96
My best bingo game yet
I don’t usually rate games, as soon as I do it seems like it goes downhill from there. However I’ve been playing bingo for over 12 years on my phone, I love this game one because, you can use your coins to buy boosters, except you can’t use them to buy tickets. If you’re trying to finish a challenge and your buddy is slacking and you don’t have enough tickets to do it you either have to break down and purchase them, or trade in your avatars which I forget about the avatars often, actually is an awesome idea. Today was my second time purchasing tickets because I believe my buddy does the best they can to complete as well, but sometimes it just can’t be done. However regarding the game some of the things I am not happy with, is that it takes so long to level up, and then when you finally level up the prize for the tickets are at a minimum. Like 14 or 15. We work too hard to just get a small amount. Also, while I am venting, when we use our coins I feel like we should be compensated with either tickets or stars. Also I do have to give kudos to customer service, on an issue I had and the fast response. Again I love the game, the adventures that are offered, I feel like we should be more challenged in some. I play every day, to keep up with my streak so get enough when I spin the wheel, but again, I just feel we should be compensated a little more.
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4 years ago, Ahhh Hmmm
I really Enjoy this Bingo
It’s a pleasant bingo for the most part. Except tickets are very expensive and very hard to earn enough to play in the higher levels. Example: daily collect is 23 tickets but Avatar room is over 200 tickets for 1 round using 4 cards (maximize bingo chances) Like the graphics, the various callers, the tasks, the avatars and other features to individualize it. So in general it’s pretty good. Should allow tickets to be purchased with coins. Currently, if all means of earning tickets have been exhausted then cold hard real money is the only option. Even if you have thousands of coins sitting there doing nothing, you can’t buy tickets with them. You can purchase everything else but NOT tickets. This leads to the erosion of that “goodwill” I mentioned earlier. Folks will spend more money over time if they feel they are getting a fair deal, a GOOD value for their HARD earned money. Otherwise, sure you’ll get big bucks in the short run, then you’ll have huge loss of customers due to frustration leading to deleting you game. I understand you are in business & profits are the main goal. Although goodwill is actually much greater value in long run. So if game was much more generous with tickets or lower the tickets per card cost, it would allow for longer, much more fun and therefore greater recommendations to friends and family. Hence higher player volume = greater revenues.
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4 years ago, Shadow iPhone
Loved it at first but didn’t last
I played for a nice amount of time on initial free tickets, was fun, and for once the hours for when things started each day weren’t in the middle of the night. I bought tickets and they lasted a decent time. I made a second purchase. Then they’ve made all these changes. Tickets run out quickly, you can’t get the last few stamps, the hours are now in the middle of the night (many do work & need sleep). To participate in the leaderboard you really need to be present for start and finish. Now its impossible. If you play more than 1 card you will forever run out of tickets the way they have how you can get tickets set up (quick example...minimum 1 for each card, play 4 cards, if lucky win a bingo, get 1 ticket, you’re out 3. Ticket boost only gives 1 ticket should you get that number. So imagine playing 24 or 36 or more tickets and not winning or just getting 1 win). There should be bonus for max play, not a penalty or stamps not so hard to get. Oh the pink chest which is supposed to be rare and great and costs 2 keys? That’s a joke! Rarely is what’s in it better than a normal chest. At minimum it should be double to whatever is in the regular chest. The buddy challenges can be downright impossible so you lose and start over, even when you try every combination possible and numerous games. Still looking for a game that embraces players and doesn’t run on systems that over optimize for them so players wont get what they need.
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4 years ago, 2blueyes52
A bit shocked!
I was a bit shocked as I had downloaded this game for 2 reasons, 1. For the children to enjoy 2. To keep my sanity when there is no internet, they can still play! The first night of are vacation I could not fall 😴 asleep!! UGH! I got the laptop💻and started playing this game. I TRULY enjoyed playing this game. It holds your interest AND instead of losing your last Bingo because THEY say your pressed Bingo too late, when you know better😠. This one calls bingo for you. This game also allows you to make sure you didn’t miss any, allows you to have any you missed along with giving you any Bingo that goes with those missed numbers.😝 When you have children, trust me on this, that one little perk saves a night of fighting🤼‍♀️, name calling🤬, tears 😭and children stomping off in all directions.. What a wonderful sound of children laughing,🕊 getting along and not under my feet or screaming “MOM!” So I say to you, “THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!” From our family 🌻👨‍👦‍👦🧍‍♀️🦮🧍👩‍👧🌻to yours!!✨🌎💫
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6 years ago, SadieJ34
My favorite bingo game!
I am absolutely in love with this game! I’ve been playing various bing games for years, but I always end up deleting them when the creators get greedy and make it so that you can’t play unless you’re constantly spending money. But with this game, there are so many ways to continue to play, that it creates an atmosphere of carefree fun. Also, since it is a free game, it’s refreshing not have ads being shoved down my throat every time I try to do anything, which make me more inclined to watch the available ads. I like how the game is paced well, power ups are easily replenished with coins, and there’s time at the end to daub any missed tiles. Not to mention, the quests, leaderboard, stamp collections, daub and avatar design always keep me engaged and coming back for more. The character designs are adorable, as the name of the game implies, and I love unlocking new ones! I absolutely love this game in every way, and I can’t wait to see what the developers will add next!
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3 years ago, igfsftjkddjjdggdh
Best Bingo ever!
I love this game and I’ve tried a lot of bingos! You can play 4 cards here without having to switch the screen back and forth. I love that. Might need to upgrade your glasses! Ha but that’s a huge plus to me! Also you are allowed to daub ALL your valid numbers after the game ends, another huge plus. The game has many features that add to the pleasure of playing you don’t find in other games! Also lately they have added addition secondary games that you can play that have really upped the enjoyment of playing. Hands down this is the best bingo game I’ve come across. I have played free for most of the entire time. I have purchased tickets on occasion but over a years time only spent maybe 20 dollars. A cheap price for the enjoyment of playing daily such a entertaining game.
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5 months ago, Ms One Teach One
The Support Team is Great
I have played this game for about 10 years! It’s fun, it keeps me engaged and the good part is that there’s no push to make pay to play. They have frequent events to help you build coins to play. And the have affordable packages to buy coins if you desire. I recently contacted customer service, because I wanted to have my account transferred from my cell phone to my new tablet and in less than 24 hrs I got a response explaining what needed to be done. You have no idea how many times I reached out to game support teams on other games and it’s if they were nonexistent and got no response and had to uninstall the games. Thank you for being a responsive and helpful group of real people!!! From a loyal and grateful customer!!!!
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2 years ago, Mochabean74
Fun, but is it really worth it?
I have been playing this game for a while. I’ve tried others but was surprised to find that in some ways, this game had me spoiled. Other games wont allow continued play on multiple cards once you get one bingo. You even have to scan your cards and identify and call your own bingo- yuck. Lol. BUT, those games do give you plenty of coins or tickets upfront to play the game and opportunities during the game to collect more coins to continue to play. This game, however, does not. You barely get any tickets for playing. Even with the number you get each day, the games cost so many tickets that you can only play once or twice…even if you do get Bingo. Grant more tickets to play, include more tickets in the purchase packages and give more tickets during each level up!! You would think that you’re actually giving out real money the way this is setup.
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6 years ago, Nana Russell
Abradoodle Bingo
This Bingo game is great fun! You must use a strategy that will allow you to have the tickets you will always need and gain enough coins to purchase daubs which allow you to reach those goals! The goal of leveling up gives you the satisfaction that your strategy is correct. You need coins to purchase Daubs and keys. Getting the correct balance gives you a feeling of playing the best Bingo you can play, you have to be aware at all times how much of each component you will need to be in first place to gain all the supplies you will need to reach your goal. It takes constant playing to achieve daily goals Set for your game. It is very challenging and you use all skills to play Bingo Abradoodle! The best Bingo game I have ever played.
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6 years ago, KK4UCF
Love...but would be better if...
Ok, so I consider myself a Bingo addict. I love to play bingo and have multiple bingo apps. I came across this one and love it. I enjoy all the different daubs and avatars you can win. Bingos come somewhat easy, however, you don’t get but 1 ticket even if you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I think you should win a little more tickets for that. Also, I love the daily and weekly achievements. I have lost track of time trying to get in the daily top 3, lol. HOWEVER....what would make this Bingo game 5stars is if the developers could make fun unique rooms to play in too. By unique I’m talking about rooms like blackout or some type of filling in a Bingo column with juice or whatever. Give us more variety of bingo games other than just another room with same type of bingos just with a different name that costs more tickets to play.
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5 years ago, Kelliebellee
Lost a customer.
Love the game play. It is interesting and fun.. in the beginning. I have been playing for awhile and the daily allotted tickets just don’t keep up with what is required to play as you advance. I even did something I almost never do... I bought tickets. First the cost of tickets is ridiculous. So recently I splurged on the 150 package. Figured that would last a while... nope! Gone in a flash because mysteriously I couldn't get a bingo or if I did it was one miserable bingo per round... not enough to keep going. There is nothing more frustrating then sitting through half the round with none of your numbers being called even with the maximum number of cards. Top that with it seems the instant bingos and extra daubs are not as frequent as they were. It’s the same as any other game... you reach a point where the reward is not worth the cost. Feel stupid for breaking my cardinal rule of not spending any real money. Will be deleting... it is more frustrating than fun. I am done.
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12 months ago, pattpus88
What is not to love…?!
This is one of less than a handful of other games that is on my “Must play Daily”. The games are fast paced, with bonus options, changing achievements that are fun and challenging…The graphics and verbiage are very easy on the eyes of a sight-impaired older player. And free, to boot! Of course, one can spend money in ANY game, but Abradoodle Bingo is never pushy about players who never spend a penny…the level oh enjoyment shows no favor, so I will continue to play this site as long as it is offered. Thank you to all the people responsible for bringing some mindless fun to us, when this world weighs too heavily upon us…Good on ya!
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2 years ago, Luvbean
Great game BUT….
I LOVE playing and this is the best BINGO game in the App Store; HOWEVER, you need to make earning tickets easier. You don’t earn enough during game play to keep playing, you can’t buy them with your coins either ☹️yes you can earn them but is a VERY SLOW process and once you have 100 or more it’s gone quickly depending on how many cards you to play or boosts you add. I’m NOT spending real money but even if I wanted to you $4.99 starter packs only include 25 tickets. So again, 1 or 2 rounds and your out of coins. Yes I can trade aviators but you don’t always get ticket either and you need 9 of the common ones to spin once so you run out of those quickly as well. I ALMOST spend more time and often days waiting to get enough tickets to play a few rounds of bingo. Make some changes
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5 years ago, Katz123456677
Loving this so far
Lots of great things about this game: can play offline, daubing spaces after all the winners have won, can close the app (ie switch to another app) and your progress is the same where you left off, daily and weekly achievements to get freebies, daily spin, and daily leaderboards. However, there are a couple things that could be better: increasing payout when you come in 1/2/3 place, less time to grab free tickets (or add a bonus to give you daily tickets), being able to use coins to get more tickets, longer than 20 mins of unlimited power ups when they are awarded (and the same amount of time to charge them as regular power ups, instead of at 50%). Overall this game is pretty fun and I really like it. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Waitdontbother
Fun but...
This game is really fun and entertaining... however to advance on the leaderboard to get to the top 3 and win a chest, you must play 4 cards and raise the boost level almost to the max which usually costs a lot more than the bingo cards themselves. That gets costly and you burn through the tickets pretty fast. Once you run out of tickets bec you rarely get the same amount in wins, you must BUY more. That’s how this game gets your money like basically all the other bingo games on ios. The more you play, the more you will have to spend. If your kids are competitive, you will be spending money at least once a week possibly more. It’s a cute game but you WILL spend actual money...
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4 years ago, Widow S.
Rhonda ....
This game is nothing more than a greed fest ....I only had 7 rooms for the 8 months I played .....I spent lots of money and wasn’t even getting all the rooms ....I also have a screenshot that says that 1st 2nd and third place winners get better prizes ...but that doesn’t happen ...they want 16 tickets on most games if you want to get that 1 bingo .....and it’s 10 dollars for 150 tickets per game for 4 cards , once you get through the first 2 rooms ...or you can get 300 tickets for 20 dollars but again they run out quickly ....also you have to pay for everything boosts power-ups and I’ve been playing for 8 months and I’m only on level 42 ...it takes at least a month or more to get through a level .....there’s so many more things ....if you think I’m kidding think again ....when I contacted support yesterday ....they gave me a whole 20 tickets .....now wasn’t that sweet ?? Have a nice day all !!!
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5 years ago, bestSHANNON
I love this bingo game the only reason that I would not give it a 45 stores is simply because it freezes up sometimes therefore you lose queens if it freezes up in the middle of you having winning coins for example if one of your boxes gets open with the key and it cuts out and freezes rafting in and you have no choice but to bounce out of the game and come back whenever it’s ready or whatever it’s OK to play and then the coins aren’t there anymore, that’s not fair! So that is the only reason I wouldn’t give this game five stars it is Because and only because of that! This game is very very addictive it is my favorite of all of the bingo game so far and I believe I’ve just about tried them all!
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4 years ago, Pat VN
To creators:
I would like to pay it forward and give away $100,000 coins away! I would like a request from persons who need coins to continue playing this wonderful game. I just love to play!!! I would also like to see the “X” go away when I like to play in the same area(game). I love to play “Bingo” when I can’ sleep. Mothers could also play while nursing their baby, but still give a lot of attention between games.i would like to see the achievement “ Buy a booster” because I never buy anything that costs money! I would also like to see less”New Avitar” in chests for rewards because I also like to use the same one I already have!!!
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6 months ago, lilybethpad
Great Bingo Game!
For yourself I’d like to say I love this game and I’ve been playing it for years now and I love some of the new updates that you’ve done where you can share with your buddy. Also, I didn’t realize about the avatars till just recently, which is great. So here’s the bad news. I’ve been playing this for years and the spinning wheel. I think your roulette wheel is rigged because I have never gotten the 15 tickets never. I find that hard to believe for as long as I’ve been playing this game. Otherwise, I want you to know it’s the first thing I do in the morning with my coffee !! It’s great!
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5 years ago, Dauphin9674
Love, have 2 suggestions
I have played every bingo game and this is one of three I play regularly. I like how you’re not spammed with ads and pop up. Great job there! I like how you can spend coins on power ups. I like the achievements and tournaments. I do have 2 suggestions that would make this the best of three. Bingo games should win more if you are the first, second, or third person to bingo. This one does not do that. You have to get 3 or 4 bingos to even get the money back that you spent to play. I would also like to see some different events that offers different types of bingo play. That would make it not as monotonous and awesome! Thanks!!
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4 years ago, IamGreemy
Where are all my B’s, I’s, N’s......
Been playing this game daily for over a year...maybe two or three...time goes by so fast, and noticed yesterday while playing with my bingo buddy, that I am not getting credit for all my daubs. Noticed that when I daubbed 12 O’s l only got credit for six. Then I began counting daubs every game and am constantly getting short changed every single game. One game, today, I received NO credit for daubs. I’m playing 4 cards most of the time. Also getting fewer and fewer bingos and now scrapping the bottom of barrel with coins and thus, can buy fewer power ups and keys. It all began when one could trade stamps for coins and tickets. Got a lot at first and then rapidly dwindled. Anything to force a player to spend money. Well as an old one on a fixed income, I’m not going to do so. Will slow my playing, give up my great buddy and look for a new game.
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6 days ago, Tpatt5
The best Bingo LOVE!
I see old reviews…many negative….I started playing a few months ago and after trying several…this is the BEST! At first …I contacted from the app…the support was real people and very helpful. The booster shop…you can get free tickets faster and so much more. I have a lot of coins..lol! I get tickets in basically half the time with coins. Power ups w coins… I have 400,000 + coins…haven’t been playing that long.. Try it again… Contact support through the app. Theres nothing I can say negatively about this game. With the faster ticket through booster shop…I just wait a few days and it adds up. I don’t mind purchasing from time to time…not often…because they are worth it and nothing is free… With all the coins you get for free gives you option to get tickets faster… I downloaded so many bingos…kept deleting… This bingo is by far #1… Disclaimer….not affiliated with this company in any way… Try it again…and email support w questions…amazing!
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2 years ago, Nade2000
Best out there
I tried most of the Bingo games available (and theres a lot of them) looking for an uncomplicated game with minimal hoopla, and ads. One where I don’t have to wait for the next round to start, and I don’t have to spend a fortune for tickets just to play the game. And one BIG plus is you’re not insulted with ads constantly thrown in your face! Long story short this is the Bingo game to play. There are a small number of ways to win tickets, coins, keys etc. to keep you playing. If you want a Bingo game that’s simple and uncluttered this is the game. For me this one is the best of them.
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9 months ago, B!NGO•G!RL
Fun and unique!
Best bingo app I have played. It’s got fun and customizable features, you will love. I am so addicted to Abradoodle Bingo. I’ve been playing this bingo game for about 8 years now. It’s really exciting and rewarding. Support has always helped me with any issues I’ve had. Which aren’t anything apart from the game crashing mid play. My tickets are always reimbursed. I love how there’s NO ADS!! Except the option to get free tickets, but never during the game-EVER! This app has the coolest features I’ve come across. You need to download it to see for yourself. Too many to list in a review! Download it NOW!!
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6 years ago, recoveringaddict69
Love this game!
I downloaded this game while on a train to my grandmother’s house for the weekend. It was only a 2 hour ride. But after a few quick wins, I was on a hot roll and couldn’t be stopped! It has now been 4 days and I haven’t moved from this seat. I don’t know where I am. I’ve soiled what underpants I packed and spent every last one of my dollars on these precious tokens. The waiter cut off my supply of complimentary peanuts, and I am forced to eat passing bugs. And just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom, I get another free daily spin and my spirits are lifted. Thank you Abradoodle!
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4 years ago, Ilovesupermario
This is the old Bingo Lane updated and with an animal theme. It's basic Bingo with rewards chests, random power-ups, and coins to earn both. You get a full set (14) of tickets refilled every 9 hours and 20 minutes; my advice: if you're going for leaderboards and big prizes, regularly check on and save up tickets for a few days and then blow them all at once. Feel free to join a team for freebies, too. This game is pretty smooth; I've had calls come in during and notifications interrupt the game, and afterwards it continues the game from right where you were at. I've had to swipe the app up to free up battery for a Zoom conference, and it refunded my tickets. Enjoy your game. B-)
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5 years ago, poop i like this game
Boost Means to Lift (Yours Do Not)
I love this game as a whole. The frustrating part is, this is just a game, we know, but if I use 29 tickets to boost my game and I have 12 places I could bingo with 1 more call, and I get no bingos it’s irritating. And we know it’s fixed because when you get close enough that one number could give you multiple bingos, it will not call that number! That is just an example, not real situation, but I hope you get the message. I also realize you are trying to get people to spend money to buy more tickets. I will never spend more than $5 buying tickets for any game. I will delete the game. I think everyone is just saying be fair. Boosts should up your chance for a bingo.
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4 years ago, Rkc8500123
Abradoodle Bingo
I have been playing this bingo game for a long time and I do enjoy playing it. There are a lot of different rooms to play in and the ability to play with a buddy makes it even more fun. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that when playing with a buddy and you say for instance need to get 31 letter G’s, the app does not always give you the correct number of G’s that you actually got for each card played. This is even more noticeable if you are getting close to completing the task and collecting the reward. This even gets worse the higher streaks you get to. I would hope this is something you would want to correct to keep your player coming back.
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2 years ago, pajgus
Fun fun fun!
This is by far the best bingo game on the internet! I love the challenges with my tournament partner and the fact that when you get a bingo, you don’t have to press “bingo”. I’ve lost out on other internet bingo games where it went so fast and I had to press bingo to win the game..wasn’t quick enough apparently. I’ve been playing this one for years and it has become a part of my daily routine and at night if I can’t sleep. It’s like an old friend, always there when you need them😃
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9 months ago, Lacey Caryl
I really enjoy this bingo! It is inexpensive or free….your v Choice depending how you choose to play. I like Abradoodle the best. The more levels you get the better it is. I would like to be able to chat to certain players. Eventually, I’m sure that will be made e. I love the avatars, dauber, and frame addition added a few weeks ago. Some players are very talented in their choices at matching. As you progress in stamp collecting, the next game rewards more than the previous one. Gotta go back to the game!……Alyce
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2 years ago, Fix them please
Except for every few months..
I love this game except for every few months if i am not on playing regardless of the reason I lose all but between 50 and 100 bingo tickets. It doesn’t matter if I have 500 saved up, they just vanish. It’s frankly quite annoying, since I am currently dying slowly and painfully. It would be nice if it didn’t happen, but I seem resigned to pain and torture and lack of pleasure on my way out no matter what I do or how kind I am in the end…
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3 years ago, debtish
Abradoodle Bingo
I just enjoy playing this game. I may not have friends to play with. But one day! I find relaxing and the characters are cute 🥰. I can’t put the game down. You could add a little thriller to it. Smile 😊 Still I haven’t change my mind about Abradoodle Bingo. When I get frustrated with other things I will whip out my game start it up!!! I am in a different mood. Hopefully I will meet some people who feel like being game friends and sharing that would be great 👍.
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4 years ago, iufoman
Great, but slightly skeptical
This is a fun way to play bingo. I do enjoy each game... but I am slightly skeptical about one thing. I think most of the time I am playing fake players. I never see anyone get more than 1 bingo during a game, yet I get them all the time. Luck maybe? Also ran across a player that bingoed right when I did that had the same name, same character with the same effects, with the same bingo dabber, but a different effect on the dabber. Very odd to me. Again, maybe a coincidence? Who knows...
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4 years ago, Kristi Aldridge
This is the BEST BINGO game EVER!!!
I love bingo in general and had a very difficult time finding an online game that game that was worth playing, until this game! I have it on 4 devices and it is the by far the most REWARDING, EASY and MOST FUN bingo game online! They take away room for error without penalizing you and refill tickets very quickly. They also have a daily drawing, teams, buddy challenges and ads, as a way of earning or receiving free tickets! I have been playing this game for almost 2 years now and it is the only bingo game I play!
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1 year ago, Chance600
No Ads
I really enjoy this bingo game. I have downloaded and played so many of them. So safe OK some are downright awful. I like a lot of things about this one though. It’s cute. It’s fun you can earn things as you go and not be forced to buy everything. And what I like about that is that there are poor people who can’t afford the special items and then there were other people that can afford them and do buy them. Win win.
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5 years ago, Vperki
Fun to play, but.......
You pay to play with tickets. It says you can receive tickets by turning in stamps you’ve collected, however, I can’t figure out how to redeem the stamps for more tickets. So I clicked on Contact Support, and the only option there is to add your email address. I added my address thinking that somebody from Support would contact me but nope....it’s been over a week. In other words, there is no way to contact Support to ask a question. Pretty sucky to have a Contact Support button that doesn’t put you in touch with Support. I’m deleting since I have no more tickets to pay for bingo, even tho I have plenty of stamps that are supposed to be redeemable.
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5 years ago, Scott Lemaster
Abradoodle Bingo
I have played different bingo apps for a long time. I usually have three or four bingo apps on my tablet. I have to say that Abradoodle is my all time Favorite bingo app. It is not a cash cow. In other words you have the opportunity to get important power ups by doing correct money management and correct playing skills to progress through the game. The people who play the game on my pad very quickly come to the same conclusion. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone interested!
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6 years ago, DesGracieBray
L💜V this bingo
I will admit when playing other bingo apps I sometimes forget to hit the bingo thingy when it’s time to, but this bingo game does it for you and I also kid the fact that even though you bingo on card you can keep dabbing it an bingo again on the same card.... this bingo is the BEST one of all... just wish I could use the “fake” money I have to buy more tickets to play I have to wait soooooooo long to get enough of them to play a game 😞... You will NOT be upset when you dl this bingo app it’s definitely the BEST....
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5 years ago, Miss Clout
Abracadabra bingo
I saved and collected over two thousand tickets. I started playing those long gathered tickets a week ago. I am now down to 21 tickets with WINNING MANY Games . I would NEVER BUY INTO THIS GAME THAT I LOVE SO MUCH, simply the best game out there. The other bingo games aren’t near the game quality , however; I’ll just play them all beings I know there’s no way to really win. Very disappointing that when I win four bingos I’m reimbursed what it cost me. Isn’t that odd to anyone else? Shouldn’t there be SOMETHING to WINNING?
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5 months ago, Tired Megan
Long time supporter disappointed
I have played and supported this game for many years, even started over when I got a new phone. Recently I leveled up to Sapphire status, which took a very very long time, and after a couple weeks it dropped back down to Gold status. Reached out to support for them to tell me you have to make purchases to maintain or exceed Sapphire level. Does that really make sense? You will never ever get further in this game without spending an insane amount of money. This fact makes me not want to support these devs. It’s too bad, they could make this app decent
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6 months ago, angora2
Fun to play but difficult to complete
I have been playing this game for a long time. I’ve complete each different area at least once. I’ve been working on the second round starting from the beginning again. The one area I’ve been working on now I’ve been playing for months. I’ve been trying to complete this but no matter how many times I play I can’t get the final 3 puzzle pieces I need. It’s a challenge but frustrating at the same time. Ugh
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3 years ago, syriver
The best
I have played many, many bingo games. I rarely write reviews. But, I have to say something about this game. I truly believe it is the best bingo app out there. First of all it’s relaxing. I love that you don’t have to push “bingo”. Some games out there shuts the entire card down if you accidentally daub a wrong #. There are a lot of ways to earn coins and tickets. Lots of cleaver little things about this bingo app. Good job guys
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4 years ago, AraKay64
This is absolutely THE BEST bingo game I have EVER played! I love it. Some of the higher rounds take WAY TOO MANY tickets to play, but I’m still here - not sure how much longer though, I have found myself buying tickets to play... I can’t do this any more, I’ll play with the few tickets I have, but can’t buy ANY MORE! This is an addiction! Amazing game, wish you could pick rooms to play that enabled you to talk and play with friends though. Love the game though!
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3 months ago, momoffurbabies
I am just wondering how some people bingo just after 4 numbers are called. No matter how many boosters I get, how many power ups I have, I have only called bingo a few times. Seems like the same few are always calling bingo way before any others. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but it seems rigged. I have had to buy tickets several times. The amount of tickets won doesn’t equal the number used to play.
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3 years ago, great granny of eleven
New games
Your team is fantastic, when I didn’t think it could be any better or more fun how wrong I was I have been playing two years now and it keeps getting better I love this game .Even love the idea that I can play it off line as every now and hen we loose cable Thanksagain guys great job .Great team work The graphics and little characters are so cute Many thanks
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6 years ago, BonnieVille
Love, but
I am a real fan of bingo and this app, however, it does become a little drab after a while. The power ups are typically a ticket, puzzle piece, or coins. It would be nice if there were a few more extra daubs and instant bingos. I know this is not the whole object of the game but there are so few of them it is disappointing, especially when they come at the end of a very unproductive game with no possibility of bingos. I don’t mean I am going to quit playing, but it is certainly in need of a bit of pep.
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4 years ago, robin3223
I am very carefull with my bingo tickets but it doesn’t matter because you’re going to run out because you’re not going to win if you get 3 daubs that’s it the game starts going crazy daubing it’s daunting faster then the numbers are being called I don’t understand these games they don’t want you to win and I don’t understand it because if you win you’re going to play more but I don’t want you to win your little precious game crazy I don’t understand what’s wrong with people nowadays none of these games are fun anymore there’s very few slot games that will let you win and play for a long time and it’s fun
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5 years ago, Gaddict24
I like this bingo, it’s very fair, allows you to use your own coins to buy bonuses (reasonably priced), there are levels and tasks, not like other bingo games in which you figure out very quickly that you cannot go further without making a purchase. You also are not hounded to make purchases but you’ll get a reminder here and there which I appreciate as I generally do make purchases at times.
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1 year ago, hthrstuvwxyz
Favorite Game
Been playing for year. The only thing I don’t like is the amount of “free” tickets we can earn through game play, trading in avatars, daily spins, etc are too low to actually play when I want to. I have to remember to log in every day (but not play every day) to earn up enough tickets to remember to even get to play when I have the time. I wish it was more reliable or there was an option to purchase the game for free play without ads.
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6 years ago, g d a
Lack of options to gain more tickets. Plus i used to buy daubs and i only win few items most of the times none. Difficult winning bingo. 1 last number hoping to be called and almost u get the same 3 more patterns in a card but different number will be called ending up losing all the tickets u waited to earn through long time period. And noticed that in daub there’s a free bingo and i was shocked it went to the number which I already blocked in my card. I even noticed that i win couple of tickets but the amount of tickets credited is less than what i won. Whenever i play offline its not updating once i go online. 😡
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