Absolute Bingo! Play Fun Games

4.8 (43.1K)
149.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Absolute Games
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Absolute Bingo! Play Fun Games

4.79 out of 5
43.1K Ratings
6 years ago, lisacline
Awesome Customer Support!!
First, I just need to point out that I literally never leave a review for apps, I either like the app or I don’t, and I have never contacted customer support for an app ever. But I really enjoy this game, so I inquired about a small problem I was having in the game, and I was incredibly impressed by the quick response and solution to the problem!! I had assumed I wouldn’t even get a real message back, but I was wrong. Thank you for your awesome customer support and for fixing the problem I was having! Second, I have been playing this Bingo game everyday for a while now because it is so fun and simple! I have tried several other Bingo games and none compare to this one! This game does not require internet, so I can literally play it wherever, whenever and I can choose to play without any crazy animations. I also love that I can pause it for however long I need to, and be able to come back to it! The layout of each location and the achievements needed are easy to understand, and not all over the place! I cannot say enough good things about this game, it is literally my favorite game ever! Thank you!!
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4 years ago, CJM0407
I really love this game. The majority of other BINGO apps are very busy and there’s too much going on...but this one is great. The only problem is there are not enough ways to earn free coins and power-ups. Playing 4 cards each round is the best and most fun way to play, but if I’m paying 100 coins to play 1 round and I don’t get a bingo, I either have to wait 4 hours for 70 coins, or hope that I completed enough quests to open a present box (which isn’t always feasible unless you buy power-ups and coins). I understand that you (the creators of the app) want to make money from the in app purchases, but I don’t think the amount of coins or power-ups are fair for the price. In addition, I personally can’t afford to spend $9.99 in one shot to get tokens or power-ups. I suggest there be alternative ways to earn coins and power-ups, and I also think there should be an in app purchase special every few days or so that is like $2.99 for 500 coins and 50 power-ups or something similar. There are many people at home during this pandemic and we need to play games like bingo to distract our minds for a few hours each week, but not everyone can afford to buy coins and power-ups. If there were other ways to earn coins and power-ups, and the in app purchases were better, I would give this app 10 STARS!
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2 years ago, TaylorMcAvoy
Great Relaxing Bingo
This is the best Bingo game. Has all the features of other games without the pressure. You can choose ball calling speed by levels, there are power ups, great graphics, smoothing voice, can pause the game, multi card, bonus games, and my favorite feature which is once all the balls are called you can mark your bingos then before pushing end game. I have a hard time seeing them during the game so this is a nice feature. And if you miss a bingo it gives you the option to use a power up and claim it. There are no penalties for pushing the wrong number. And if you run out of coins to play, it’s super cheap to purchase more. I play about three times a day and played for month on $5! It’s just an all around great bingo game. So much so that this is my first review I have ever written for an app, but just wanted the developers to know how much I enjoy it! Thank you
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6 years ago, Wwdove
Great bingo for relaxing
This bingo is great because you play all be yourself. No rushing against other players. As you go up levels you get better card levels, high payouts and more power ups. It takes a awhile to build up, but there are daily goals to help you get more power ups and other ways as you progress. I like this game because I don’t have to play others, I either get bingo or I don’t. And you can wait until the very last number to call bingo, so you can get multiple bingos on one card for extra power ups. Early on I bought a small amount of coins (0.99) to remove the ads, but that was a while ago, I don’t know if there are still ads every few games any more.
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5 years ago, Jamonem21
Calling every other number besides the last number for Bingo
I love how easy it is to play this Bingo and get coins to play more cards and easy power up however I think the algorithm is a little to much because 8 out of 10 times I play it is always one daub away from bingo and it goes to every number around it that happens with multiple numbers. I understand fully you don’t get to win every Bingo but calling every single number around the number needing is a little too much and happens so often. I usually play 4 cards at a time and I can not tell you how many times everyone board is one away with all the numbers above and below called this is very frustrating. I know you guys have to make money but that is kinda terrible. I’m guessing that is the compromise with no playing with other players Other than that the game is wonderful and awesome to play. That one thing is a very hard thing to ignore.
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3 years ago, mz sta
Bingos too hard to get
First, I must say that while I play many games, I’ve never written a review, simply because I feel it will have no affect and no corrections will be made. Also, I’ve read other negative reviews and the developers don’t even respond whereas they almost always respond to positive reviews. However since I really enjoy this Bingo game, I must put my two cents in. I like to think of this game as an adult game. Most other Bingo games seem to be geared towards children with their various games of building farms or traveling around the world in order to win coins or power-ups. While all of these additional games, bells and whistles are annoying, not to mention the numerous ads, the payouts are more generous. Realizing your goal is to make money, bot I would be more inclined to invest a little if I received a little in return. I know Bingo is a game of chance and I don’t expect to win every time. However I find it hard to believe that 4 Bingo cards can consistently need 4 or 5 different numbers on each card and none of them are ever called. Also, why are there more experience points given than Bingo or power-up points? At any rate, however you’ve developed your game, no matter how much I like it to until some changes are made, and you can be a little more generous with your free Bingo rewards, I will no longer be playing one of my favorite games. Thank you ABG
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6 years ago, Kay Seraa Seraa
Great Game But Powerups Are Too Pricey!!
This is a great quality, no fuss no muss Bingo game! I found it very relaxing and great for chilling. Also the Developers are very customer-friendly and quickly replied to an inquiry I emailed them about. However, the Powerups and/or extra coins for purchase are way too costly in real dollars! Of course no one is holding a gun to my head to regularly supplement my coins and Powerups, but it’s difficult to play for any length of time without needing a fresh supply of extras. I accept that there is some rigging programmed into the game’s algorithm to make it profitable for the Developers. But they are way too pricey! Sadly, I had to delete the app due to the pricing. I probably spent over $100 in the past month (about how long I’ve been addicted to the app, lol)....$10 for Powerups here, $10 for more cash there, another $5 here, another $5 there. It’s not the Developer’s fault that I lack discipline....but they DO have control over their pricing...Fortunately, I did have enough discipline to remove myself from this otherwise cool app! If you only play occasionally and are able to wait for the Free Coins that are replenished every four hours, you will not need to buy any extras. I would give it 5 Stars except for this issue!
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5 years ago, screamer44
Not so happy with update
So when I first started playing this game I loved it. No ads unless you wanted to watch them to get more daubs. Bingos were not too hard to get and getting free coins every 4 hours. I was totally addicted. Very fun and loved that you could play and not have to spend money to get more coins, daubs. But I am very, very disappointed with the update. It is way harder to get bingos. You have to use a lot more daubs to even try to get a bingo, even using all the daubs you are lucky to even get one bingo playing 4 cards. The rewards are not that great at all. If you continue to play and play and use all your daubs and reach the reward you get ONE OR TWO DAUBS and very few coins!! Wish it was like it was before the update. Thinking about deleting this game even though I don’t want too. I also recommended this game to my friends but they also are not happy with the update. Please, please go back to original game.
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5 years ago, LED1009
Disappointed with the update
I have never left an app review before, but I am now. This is in regards to the update 2 days ago. While I love the updated graphics and the fact that we can still gain coins (plus the new locations, and a bonus to watch videos for power ups), there has clearly been a change in the algorithm for actually winning bingo. This game has gotten me through a large portion of my surgical recovery, and I have played it every single day. I have also had others play it at my suggestion. It’s as if this update was mostly to drain our coins and power ups, so we’d have to purchase. I get you want to make $$$, but losing constantly now is rather disheartening vs the fun pick me up it was before. Who wants to play when you lose FAR more than you win now ? That’s not fun, which is the entire reason we downloaded in the first place.. fun.
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4 years ago, Dominoplayer
I’ve been taking screen shots of my bingo cards, I only play 2. It has come to my attention that when the countdown on the bingo game is done, brings up missed bingo and I can see spots showing I missed.......and check the screen shot and all of a sudden there are missed spots when there really aren’t any. This is a cheap way to get people to buy power ups. Bought my last ones.......matter of fact I am done with this cheating setup. Start buying my word find books from the store and screw this cheating game!!!!!!!! People open your eyes and watch how your money gets taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, levabandit
I I know you guys let us get free help By spinning the wheel but I think it would be awesome if we could also get free help by watching and to get our coins and the other help then I would mark this as a five I know you offer that you could buy the extra helps and that’s what I called extra helped but people like myself can’t buy more help because I’m on a limited budget very tight one at that and I would like to play it more often but I can’t play it more often because of the limitations I can do to get my free ones such as waiting for three or four hours before I can do it again which is awesome I do appreciate that I love this game I have it on my other cell phone and I loved it but I have the same issue I just want to explain why you got got a 3
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7 years ago, Im2mhutch
Love this Bingo! But.....
It is by far the best bingo I've found to play! At the beginning it was difficult to get my coins up enough to play- & I could not for the life of me get any power ups. But then out of no where I started gaining both & then it was really fun! You win some you lose some. & now I got my coins up over a a thousand- & 12-15 power ups- & when I choose the number of cards to play- like 90 or 120- it goes back to that same screen & it takes that amount of coins- sometimes twice before it lets me play- sometimes 360 coins for one game? That is making me mad so I close the game out & play the other bingo I have on my phone- why cheat me out of the credits I won? You could replace them for me- then I'd give 5 stars- but I'm gonna steal from you & give 3.
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12 months ago, Perkylurky
Relaxing and fun
Enjoy playing while waiting at an appointment or watching tv. It’s a great game to play while other things are going on because you can adjust how fast the numbers are called and it’s also easy to pause the game and resume later. It’s sort of mindless but you can always use some strategy in how you apply your “power-ups” to fulfill the daily challenges. Lots of ways to gain extra coins. No need to spend money but there are inexpensive packages of coins to extend playing time. Winning bonuses can be quite generous as you complete new levels.
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3 years ago, BettyG1936
Absolute bingo
When I first started playing this game it was my ultimate favorite. I actually won enough times to find it the most challenging but rewarding game. Now, however, when I shop and get extra money for the game,I rarely win, and it’s to the point that I am very dissatisfied. I usually play 3-4 cards but now I’m quitting in total disillusionment. I feel the additions have been fun, and I’m enjoying the changes very much. I don’t play as often...I try to let the playing amount add up and then play the eight cards. Thanks for making the games more fun.
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7 years ago, Titionike
Ideal bingo.
Just playing by myself, not in a room full of people who win all the time and make me envious! I have not spent any money but still I am having fun. Many ways to earn coins, power ups and just by watching a video you can get more coins instead of waiting many hours. A big plus for me is when I use multiple cards I tend to overlook the fact that I actually have Bingo on a card, but unlike some other games, there is a notification that you overlooked a bingo just for a power up . I am not playing the games to get rich, just for the thrill of it, and it does thrill me!
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5 years ago, PunkChik
Hate the update
So I loved this game until the update came out.. you can’t even win a bingo anymore and all my power ups are almost gone and I had a lot 200+ because I would play this game everyday before bed! This new update makes me want to find another game because instead of being relaxed, I’m frustrated with how fast my power ups are going and I can’t even win a bingo. Even if you do win some power ups, it’s only like 2 and that’s it... thinking about removing this game that I’ve had for a very long time... even had it on my old phone. My coins are going down very quickly and I had 33,000. It’s hard to even play a bonus game because now you have to daub it in order to play, same goes for the double experience and double coin power up. If this game doesn’t go back to the old version I will be removing it.
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2 years ago, Elliern
Not perfect with iPhone
I really enjoy playing this game, however there is no way to easily get out of it with my iPhone 12 Pro. The only way is to completely shut down my phone and reboot. And yes I have looked at online and game suggestions but nothing works. Very frustrating. I also run out of coins quickly too. It takes 10 coins to play a card and the only way to get that many coins is to win a bingo. Each day you do get bonus coins to get you started. But unless you get a bingo forget about it. Seems like the developer should set the winning logarithm higher. But I’m sure that won’t happen because he wants you to pay to play.
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5 years ago, Brit50
Not fun anymore
I used to love playing this bingo game - but since the update, it’s too staged. It’s nearly mathematically impossible to just need one number in every direction and call 25 more numbers and not hit one. It can place numbers all over the card and not get a whole line anywhere - even when you have the automatic win daub it can still get around them - The older version was more fun to play because you could win and lose the same amount of times. This version you can win once or twice out of every 35 games. It’s just not fun playing anymore because you know the computer knows exactly what numbers you need and will not draw them. I’m going to look for another Bingo app.
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7 years ago, Ishtah89
Finally a bingo game worth having!! I don't feel rushed to get in a bingo before all the bingos are gone. I don't have to wait 24 hours to get coins to play, only to have them gone in one round! I had missed a bingo and was given the option to use a power up to receive credit for it. I love the board on the side so you can check numbers you may have missed. Love that you can pause the game. Love the mini games. Love that you can watch a video to reset your daily goals. This is just an all around great bingo game! I absolutely love it! Great job!!
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7 years ago, tcarughi
It's ok
This game is just ok. I play a lot of bingo games and the rewards for this game are not good. You end up having to buy power ups because they don't give you but 1 or 2 in your rewards. You can't use your coins to buy anymore. I can do that on other bingo games. This game would be a lot better if they increased rewards or let you use your coins to buy more power ups. In response to the developer's comment. You give 52 coins a day and charge 100 coins to spin for power ups. Your rewards are pathetic! I play monopoly bingo, clue bingo, bingo bash and bingo blitz. They are by far better than your bingo game! I won't buy power ups so you can make money! I did that once and never again! If you want to compete with other bingo games you should revise your game!
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5 years ago, I am so impatient
Had to delete
I loved this game before the redo. You will notice the reviews are older, before the redo. The pop ups on other games were constant and I could get through them but then they froze could not x them out because there was no x. I would just go to something else and then come back later, it would still be there, could not even try to write for help on the site, no x, nothing. Had to just delete it. So naturally what points and how far I had progressed are gone. Maybe I will try again, before the improvement haha it was a great game. I don’t think the programmers know the basic bingo because if people have to delete the game, it is not being played for us to even see the commercials. It used to be a 5, not a 0 there to click on, Sorry Absolute.
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4 years ago, Naanaa54
Although I think the game is rigged lots of times?… Because when you use your power ups?… The game never picks the numbers that much that your power ups are on… And if you win one or two Bingos?… There’s usually six or seven other Bingos you could’ve won during the same game! Once in a while I’ll win three Bingos or four during the same game with four cards…With that being said? I still enjoy it because I love the game of bingo I find it relaxing after a long stressful day and I have had this game on my iPad for a few years now…
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3 years ago, jazmyneskye
Great game
Love this game, numbers are big enough for my stubby fingers, slow enough to mark all four cards, a pause button wich is so cool, for when the phone rings, And No pesky ads. I normally don’t rate things, but some of my favorite games have updated themselves off of my devices, this game is good as it is, no changes are necessary. There are little bonus games that are themed for the different card packs, other than that it’s All Bingo. Wich is what I want when I sit down to play. Thanks for a good game
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7 years ago, FredandEthel
Finally found THE Bingo game
I've tried others on my iPad but this one is everything I want in a Bingo game. Take some time from the beginning to build up your coins and power-ups and you'll be glad you did. Free coins every 4 hours, and you can spin on a slot to try to build your power-ups. The game itself is what's great about it though. No racing to claim bingo (like Bingo Blitz). Each game has a certain number of bingo numbers it calls. So relax and enjoy the game! I'm deleting Bingo Blitz - I want a game I can actually enjoy!
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3 years ago, jeffw395
Game Player Expert
WELL WELL. I come to add a comment to a previous review and what do I find? The review I wrote four days ago ready to be “sent”. Well the reason I was writing was to take away another star. Why? Because I realized that you will NEVER win anything that makes it worthwhile. So even if you bingo twice you’ll only receive 20 coins while you spent up to 100 to play. The point is the fact that you will NEVER make anything more than what you spent. Spend 50 coins for two cards-get two bingos and you only win 20 coins as an example. So you will NEVER get ahead by playing this game. It puts you in as a perpetual loser even if you do spend real money.
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4 years ago, polarman4
Issues that need attention.
I downloaded this game as a way to pass time while flying. And I have noticed something quite strange, it’s a pattern. When the round starts, you’ll get one number that is called, then you won’t get another until there are only 8 balls left. Then out of 8 you might get 2. Also. As a for instance, the last round before I deleted the game, it called “B-8 “ close to the beginning of the round, when 3 balls were left, it called B-8 again. The coin balance thing is a bit of an issue as well, it costs minimum 10c per card, but the “ coin” dab or square or whatever , you’ll usually only get one called per 3-4 games and it doesn’t add up so you can keep playing.
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7 years ago, DmdCrzyPugLdy23
Love this game!!!
Normally I don't write reviews for games,but this one I felt like I had to ,so I could tell everyone how great it is. I love the fact that you can play offline,I have this game on my iPad and not every place has wifi,so this game is perfect. The daily goals are great. My only wish is that there was an option to speed up the bingo balls-faster or slower depending on player. I also love how this game allows you a bit of time after the last ball has been called to double check your cards.
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3 years ago, bad reviews get no nickname
Fun Game
This is a great bingo game. I play it a lot and really enjoy it. However, be aware that the daubs are not randomly generated. The game will tell you they are but it is very easy to see that some numbers and combinations of numbers are extremely rare and it has nothing to do with chance. For example, you will land on an “instant win” square maybe once out of every 30-40 chances. That’s not poor luck. That is by design. Extra coin squares cash in far more often. The odds should be about the same. It absolutely never works out that way. Just FYI. If that doesn’t bother you, it’s fun.
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4 years ago, One mad centaur
Don’t waste your time
In order to make a good review I spent about 3 hours playing this game. On an average 4 card round you may get one bingo. 2 is rare and 3+ is just abnormal. The game pushes “oh so powerful” power ups that do nothing. The ones that auto daub go in an area that does not help towards a bingo, EVERY TIME! I played 1-3 cards but mostly played 4. 4 cards should give you a x4 chance at bingo but I was consistently getting 3 and 4 bingos in 1 and 2 cards. You need 3 bingos to make enough coins back to back pay for the round you just played. Hope this review helps keep others from wasting the 3 hours I just did. Absolutely awful game that needs some serious work. Design is the best of all bingo games but it is pointless when the gameplay is this bad.
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5 years ago, MLamontagne
HATE THE NEW UPDATE!!! Tried to make it “easier” with daily goals, but made it extremely harder. Very bad decision to use a power-up (example: bonus game) then have to daub that square. Now the daily goals are 10x harder. And you didn’t want to make people use all of their power-ups in daily goals, but now you have to play 5 bonus games, but you can’t play the bonus game unless you’re lucky enough to get the power-up THEN daub the square. Also hating the fact when you win a bingo you get the same amount of coins back instead of double. The new update is just for people to spend more money. There was much more incentive and gratification of playing before the update. The updated bonus games are stupid as well. Some daily goals include “Win 5 bingos in Just Beachy” You have to spend ATLEAST 250 coins to win 5 bingos (if I get a bingo each round) and am not rewarded. Not even extra coins than what I’ve played. No power-up for multiple bingos on a single card? STUPID. Please please please make an option to play the updated version and an option to play the original game.
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7 years ago, Kashmarsh
Awesome!! But....
I love the fact that you are not in a room with soo many other people!!! BUT the power-ups are very disappointing. I have been playing for about a week and can not get any more power-ups. Any way to convert?? But over all the game is awesome!!! I have played many other bingo games, and this is by far superior than any other bingo games out there!!! Please? Please, figure out a way to convert!!! I have turned on many other of my fellow chemo friends, while we are getting our treatments!!! Thanks for the few hours of pleasure while I am getting my chemo!!!
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3 years ago, MoGrace2u
Best Bingo Ever!
There are so many great features in this gzame. The lastest addition signals when you have 10 balls left - a great idea. I like that you can continue to play the same card after getting a bingo, also the pause feature is a thoughtful touch. If I could ask for anything more it would be to let us have the option to use some coins to play some of those games at the of a round if we didn’t win it.
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5 years ago, BobbyWages
They ruined a good thing
I LOVED this game before they updated it and did a total remake of the game. The free version was great and I liked it so much that I was about to upgrade to the premium, paid version and then they updated, upgraded or whatever they want to call it to feel better about themselves for totally screwing up the game. I wouldn’t even let someone else pay for it and give it to me as a gift. Not only would I waste the money on this game, I no longer will allow this game to take up anymore space on my phone. I deleted this app and suggest to EVERYONE not to waste your time to even download it to try. It’s a TOTAL waste. There’s too many other bingo games available to waste your time on this horrible game.
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2 weeks ago, Texas Bev
I love this game in this app & im low on funds right now but I am offered enough coins that if I only play one card at a time I can keep playing & I know when I get paid I will definitely be building up my coins on this app!! Very fair not as greedy at this level as other games which I’ve walked away from recently after 8 years of loyalty!! Greed will only cause a person to dump a game sight!! Thank you!! I have to get back to my game….im hooked lol!!
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4 years ago, Snugdust
No longer fun
This game has changed. I used to get at least two bingo’s per round but now 95% of the time, I’m lucky if I get even one. The game is no longer fun. Also when playing the bonus game, the game would not end after only only one round but again, 95% of the time, it ends after only earning one power up. It seems the power ups have become a thing of the past as well. The ability to earn them has become a lot less, unless I purchase them, I rarely have any. I will most likely delete this game and find a different bingo unless things change for the better soon. As I stated, this game has changed and is no longer fun.
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5 years ago, iamkimmyg2
i have been looking at other apps but when i found this one there was no question that i had found the perfect Bingo app! easy to play, no hoops to jump through, its just me playing the game. No trying to beat other players and no timer. i have not had any problems with this game, but from other reviews i had read just contact them and they fix it. Ok im sure ur tired of reading my review, so get the app and u will see what i mean = gotta go to get my free coins and power ups!
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5 years ago, Tankertons
I usually don’t leave reviews for any apps, but I really enjoy this particular app. I play it nearly every day and never get bored with it. I’ve never had any type of trouble or any kind of issue whilst playing the game. The only thing that I would like to see implemented would be some sort of way to earn/ collect coins to continue playing when I run out, and have to wait the 3 or so hours to re-up. Maybe send emails to your users, to claim coins/gifts. Thank y’all
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4 years ago, Lmnop.123
Daily goals
How can you be expected to get 2 or 3 bonuses in a game if it’s seldom given to you on that game board. If you are lucky enough to have power ups and one comes up you can use it, but it comes up few and far between when they’re needed in that particular game! I think it’s the most frustrating part of the BINGO game. I can play game after game for hours and can’t get a bonus to come up! It’s usually the last goal I need to complete the Daily Goal. I would have given it 5 Stars if it wasn’t for this issue!
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1 year ago, Xxgunman305xX
Absolute Bingo
Totally love playing this game! And you can speed up the caller or slow it down! It’s wonderful! Thank you!!! I really enjoy how you get extra time at the end of each game to make sure you have all your numbers marked and all your bingos! And the way it’s not like any other game, in the sense that you can play 8 bingos with it playing 4 automatically, it’s incredible! Thank you. Just a great game all the way around!
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6 years ago, DawnT63
I like this game. You do not have to spend money to play. They also have ways to earn power ups and other perks. It is fun and easy. If you like bingo you will like this game.i have tried several different bingo games and this one is by far one of the best if not the best. It offers different challenges and has many different sScenarios to choose from. I would like to see them allow multiple bingos on the same card. That would be nice.
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7 years ago, FemaleTaxLady
Slow going but determined to stick with it
Very fun to play as I am trying to figure out how it all works. I figured out that you don't have to hit the bingo button until the balls are done so you can try to achieve multiple bingos! I don't know yet how to get my coins replenished each day or how / when the power ups are earned but I will keep at it until I do. Maybe I'm just not as tech savvy as some! Playing is great fun though!
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5 years ago, Grndma J
Can’t thank you for updating!
The new format isn’t real user friendly unless you want to spend money, which I don’t at this time. I’ve played a number of games, have yet to win a bingo. I have gotten a few powerups but unless you wait the 4 hours for the free coins where you get 100 and you can spin the wheel in hopes of getting 3 powerups you’re dead in the water. Then of course you don’t have enough coins to play a game because you just used your 100 points to get the powerups. Will wait to see if I feel differently later. Thanks for listening. Judi M
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4 years ago, Snails pace..
This game is sham!!!
It’s pretty sad when you just want to play a game, and have the opportunity to win every now and then, without having to “buy” it. This game makes you purchase “power ups”, which is just it daubing a number for you.. and if you don’t use them then you will not win... pretty sad.. I’m also extremely disappointed with the algorithm of the game. You will be playing a 4 card game and have approximately 4 different possible ways to win on each card and NONE of those numbers are called.. that is not coincidence. I am Not the type of person that has to win every single game, but I am testing the validity of a “true” bingo experience and this is not it. A true bingo experience is the ball is “randomly” selected with no outside interference. What is even worse is I use power ups to the point of having that many possible wins on 4 cards and to play 8+ rounds with not a single win. That’s when I know the algorithm is set. It’s not right... You really need to think about this..
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4 years ago, Berry Branch
I’m in love with this game!! But I’m wanting to add if you play this daily and more than 7days in a row then the prizes on the 8,9 and 10 day should get more of a bonus not return to day 1 and 2 like I was a beginner!! So this needs a up date as we as lovers of the game should be taken care of!! Or I might get tired and move on! Just saying take care of the players who come back for weeks!!! Thank you
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6 years ago, NannyMac
Great game!
I love this game and play it more than any other bingo game. It’s the perfect game except there seems to be a glitch in it. I have this game on iPad and Kindle Fire HD. All of the other bingo games I have on both tablets are synced up. This one is not. I’m starting from the beginning on iPad and am on level 38 on Kindle. Is there anything you can do about that? That’s my only complaint. The game is great, I’ll still play it because it’s definitely worth playing.
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2 months ago, BonnieBee10
Game collection
I would have given this game 5 stars. But when collecting daily it sometimes goes back to day 1 even though I was 3-4-5-6. I wrote to check out the why and was told that only playing do they keep track of. So I guess I can come in every day and only sometimes does the game keep track. When this can be taken care of I’ll change my stars and play again. Otherwise I’ll just collect on a game that cheats. I do like this bingo game as it’s not a stressful game. It very relaxing.
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4 years ago, Jo Jo me
Love the recent update and larger letters. Great work nothing to add Jan. Update took away automatic bonus games if you received a bonus item. Not very fair. Old system gave better chances and new daily challenges make no sense. Poor job on this Chances of bonuses are really reduced, even if more bonus items appear. The daily goals of the past were specific and for a specific amount. Now everything changes as to goals and the time to achieve them seems either unending or not definite. I do not like these changes,but thanks for responding Hate the new update. Reducing automatic bonus means greeted reduced chances to win. Now I will be playing much less or not at all. With modifications back to a great game
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2 years ago, RandomUser11223334444
Fun offline option, but isn’t great
If you’re looking for a bingo game you can play offline then this is one. My main complaint is with actual gameplay. It’s extremely difficult to get a bingo even with multiple cards. The cost of cards is pretty pricey and even if you get a bingo you really don’t make that money back. Probably done that way to get you to buy coins and burn through them quickly. Ex. You pay like 20 coins for each card, but then it takes you 4 cards to get one bingo. You’re still out a bunch of coins.
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2 years ago, Clm106at
Nice, no stress game.
This bingo game has lots of different rooms and each room has a different bonus game. You do have the ability to purchase more coins and power ups but it’s not often necessary. It’s easy enough to earn coins and power ups by winning bingos, daily bonuses, playing games, etc that you can enjoy this game without having to spend money.
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1 year ago, lmorgan2544
Some ads are hard to delete off the screen which is very frustrating. Secondly, WAY TOO MANY coin bonuses on the Eclipse game and that is also quite frustrating. Overall, the game is addicting. How long are you planning on keeping the power ups for watching ads? In addition, it’s hard to get to the diamond rewards without spending a lot of money. Could you consider opening it to the emerald group?
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