3.4 (276)
24.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Triniti Interactive Limited
Last update
12 years ago
Version OS
3.0 or later
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User Reviews for AC-130

3.43 out of 5
276 Ratings
12 years ago, PISSED OFF1458
Good, could be better
I'm impressed by this game. Especially being free. I have not paid to unlock levels, but It's about as real as u can get w/iPhone. 1 exception, training. No military simulation should be w/out a training module. Ppl need to know how to identify targets & friendlys, and how to Nav the terrain, & track progress. Sitreps are also necessary. Typed instructions will allow gameplay w/out sound. Also, if you can move either the ad banner or the try again button would be useful. Need to fix gyroscope calibration. Once these issues get addressed, this will be a 5 star game
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11 years ago, Signal 30
!!! Game play/reality !!!
Is war a necessary evil? Does simulating the taking of a life desensitize one to such a degree that fantasy becomes reality; where in one's reality becomes nothing more then the stage in which reality is the theater in which our fantasies are presented.
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9 years ago, Bruno j's
More creativity
It has no battle chat, no zoom in and out with each weapon, no flares, no turbulence, once you start attacking they don't try to shoot you down, no rapid fire with 40mm, it takes an year to reload 105mm, if you shoot right next to somebody they go prone then get up and keep walking like nothing happened, no large spread while using 25mm they collapse to their death all the same way, no extended mission, no large load of shells please make a new ac130 game with some action so I can but it cuz it is my favorite game
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7 years ago, PP Rules!
Won’t even work cause you aren’t updating this games iOS which must be 11 and I even played this game and it was cheesy even little kids make better games than this when you’re shooting the terrorists they don’t even try! To take cover .... bruh and the ac 130 glitches are just unbearable this game is very in need of improving folks who read this don’t waste money on this crappy game I’m very disappointed in this app and the developers and company for not updating this for FIVE WHOLE YEARS!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON MAN! Sorry for rage just please fix the app!!
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10 years ago, Crashstart
Haven't had for a while
Ok so like the title say I haven't had this game in a while and now that I'm on the iPhone 5 I'm surprised this app isn't updated at all so it looks crappy on my 5 and also doesn't run that good no more so I hope there will be an update along with getting rid of the popups that is once a paid app is well free for a few years now I'm guessing so update please
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10 years ago, Matthew mayer
Just one small problem.
The game is great for the price I paid but the only problem I feel is that after every level there is an ad and when you click the X button it still brings you to the App site to purchase it. Other than that it is a great AC-130 game!
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12 years ago, Michelle.C
Great game. If you've ever played a game like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1, Modern Warfare 2, or Modern Warfare 3, this app is just like the AC-130 levels in those games. If you're too young to join the Air Force, but want to, this is a great way to get practice. Just like real AC-130's too. Love the app and totally worth the $2.00.
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7 years ago, wy4tt_34rp
A classic favorite.
This is one of my all time favs. It's simple to play and is very realistic. I have kept it on my phone for close to 5 years. It's the only game that has stayed that long. This review is also a shout out to the devs...please continue developing the game!
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11 years ago, Pheener
Waste of a time waster
Normally I play games like these to occupy a few minutes during my lunch break. However, that's very difficult to do when the game doesn't even register that you finished the level, half the time. On top of that, the animations are horrible when they don't need to be, and the level design is bland and boring. Zombie gunship Is certainly the superior game.
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11 years ago, Scott123456
Needs Updated- UPDATE NOW!!!
This is a great game and I love playing it. It's been a long long long time since it's been updated. It has not been updated, expanded and improved in spite of my pleas so this new rating is now one star. If you have not yet tried this game I say go for it...but for those of us that have been playing it for awhile we need an update quick! .........No update so you get a one star rating. It's been years update NOW!!!!!!
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7 years ago, jd19484729
Favorite game to withstand test of time
This is my favorite offline game I can use in airplane mode. I can play for hours or use it to pass a few minutes. Had it on my fine for years now.
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9 years ago, Brokerdan
It's sooooo slow! And radar is pfft!
Pretty much says it all it's fun if you don't play shadow strike or if you are looking for a top 3 gunship it's alright. Very slow game! So slow I haven't gone far enough to even say if it's another overpriced freemium game like the rest. I have to presume it is I'll try another few games for now it's a 3 star at best. The ad on the continue screen is absurd now down to one star and deleted.
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12 years ago, Chemaandwhotookit
Huge potential
It's got a big potential it has a lot more variety than zombie gs however it lacks controls voice actors and also graphics I wish the ppl from zombie gunship would of have gotten this idea and created a much more diverse game
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11 years ago, Texas Torch
Demo level game for $
While the visuals are pretty good it looks like the developers got bored and just quit building levels. Once you've mastered them, you'll get bored as well and regret spending money on the game.
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12 years ago, Bricka318
It's fun, it's amusing and most importantly, it'll help you escape from boredom. If that's all that matters, then this is THE app for you! There are some problems though. As a person who knows a lot about the military and world events, I have to say that this app is HORRIBLY UNREALISTIC and narrow-minded. The enemies are dumb, and dont react to rounds landing near them. Also, the "commander's" voice is high and sounds like someone recorded it in their basement. I would still recommend it though. Its fun and passes time. Check out ZOMBIE GUNSHIP. it's another AC-130 game, only you kill thousands and thousands of zombies instead!!
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11 years ago, subhuman1013
Update and needs more levels
Great game needs to get updated and more levels game play is good one downfall is the stupid app advertisements between levels is irritating.
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12 years ago, InertiaDriven71
Rip off
Neat game for a while, then runs out of levels. Also, this game throws up apps (which it should not as it is a paid game). These apps come up and are hard to close with a small 'x' in the top corner. This often results in the opening of the app webpage, removing you from the game. It was likely intentional- would not recommend purchase.
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12 years ago, ThronedFall4
Great game, but I'm still waiting for the continuation. Hope it has better graphics, more options like White Hot/Black Hot and variable zoom. The story for the next game seems to be quite interesting.
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3 years ago, Bbrock1313
Please update
I loved this game on my old iPad. I hope they update it to work on latest is,
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12 years ago, AbandonedSniper
Kind of slow
It's a bit slow and I just experienced a glitch in one of the missions where after destroying the 4 armored vehicles and killing all 72 plus an extra 11 terrorists the game glitches out and didn't end. I'm not that impressed with it.
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10 months ago, DJ Love-y2k15
No compatible version has been available since I had it on my iPhone 6…what gives??!
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12 years ago, Ryan1118382&;&;
Great game
I really liked it, it was fun and cool. When are you coming out with the next one
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12 years ago, Netkid_100
Good, but...
I have a good amount of fun considering I got the app for free, but more levels would b appreciated. And I only use the touch feature.
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8 years ago, Pickslider
Good needs some work
I had a lot of fun but no instructions is a BIG issue overall, I loved it
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12 years ago, Great!!!Gamer Guy
Good game
When is next part coming out
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12 years ago, Pretzel106
What could be
The concept of piloting an ac-130 just like in Modern warefare Is cool but this game doesn't pull through at all. The missions are bland and boring, the maps look atrocious, and the ac-130 you pilot is weak and limited. The ai is terrible as well.
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12 years ago, Skip1248
No Sound
After updating I no longer have sound! Doubt I'm the only one who has had this problem so please fix. But otherwise an extremely fun game!
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10 years ago, T.J.Noir
Best Game!!!
This game is fun and very well made. For some one like me who loves the Call of Duty, this game is just a must have.
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12 years ago, J.Usmc96
Its okay but they should add more stuff you just have campaign and some missions but i wish i could get a refund
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7 years ago, Hunter650
A few things to fix
Some missions can't be completed with the weapons allowed, and the tilt often does not calibrate properly
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12 years ago, KFrati
Needs an iPad update. I'd like to see more levels and better graphics too. Hook it up guys.
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7 years ago, Taterheaddd;D
This game sounds great until you find out that it has terrible ai and they spawn in the same place every time, not to mention it is god awful hard to get an angle on your shots. Final note, not worth your time.
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6 years ago, bb1970
The Game needs a update
The Game needs a update for iOS 11.
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12 years ago, aipuser
Not Happy!!
I had the free version on my 3GS and had no ads. I paid for this one and it has ads. I want my money back! What a rip. I would not advise to download this game unless you like to see ads on a paid version... :-(
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6 years ago, Texas snowplow
Please update
AC-130 is a good game. Would you offer an update please or create a new version.
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8 years ago, Keyser Sosze
Used to be fun
I paid for game and haven't played in a while. Now after every level some Asian writing comes up and takes me to App Store page. What a crappy thing to do triniti.
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12 years ago, texasean
Have had this game about a year now. No update. At all, ever... Cool game but getting tired of same crap.
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12 years ago, captainshellback
I wish I could get a refund. Sorry but troops don't walk in formation while being mowed down with a gat gun. A lot of potential. I like the c130 taking zombies better. It's actually more realistic. Keep working it fellas.
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9 years ago, Murphy John
Why no up dates?
Isn't time to update your game!
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7 years ago, Summerofsam99
Won't let me advance
On first level, I kill all targets plus over the 38 is said and no red dots show up and when time runs out, keeps saying I failed mission.
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12 years ago, :) so much fun
This game use to be free now its 1.99??? Wth not good if they make something free it should always be free not change it later on when more people play it just so they can take there money !!
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11 years ago, Anomunouys
Great app but needs update
The game is awesome but needs update then ill rate 5 stars :)
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11 years ago, John Sutton
Boring and way to easy. Make it more realistic like zombie gunship and you'll have something. soldiers and tanks don't go around in single file in a combat zone!
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6 years ago, Acillatemkid
Update please
Update please
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11 years ago, IshHead
Don't waste your time
Sure the AC-130 is cool. So obviously a game involving such would be cool. Nope. This game is choppy, and predictable. Zombie Gunship is a better game. And that's not saying much. But if you're playing this, just download zombie gunship.
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10 years ago, 345689764224322125677680
Very good
Love this game, but needs more missions!!!
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12 years ago, Nycboy386
Please add more levels or something.
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12 years ago, (Ranger)66
Two thumbs down
I didn't pay 2 bucks to have a game with ads on it,plus game does not live up to what is described. One big fat BOOOOOOOO!
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7 years ago, MOOREngineer
I love this app but not compatible with iOS11
Please update!!! It’s a 5 star game but is not even usable. Once y’all update, I’ll submit another review.
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11 years ago, J2Beeez
Don't buy this stinks...I want my money back...this game should be free...zombies is way better totally different experience
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