AccuRadio: Curated Music Radio

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AccuRadio LLC
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for AccuRadio: Curated Music Radio

3.98 out of 5
496 Ratings
2 years ago, Ms. SC
Needs listener feedback
I absolutely love this app. I used to have Pandora and was glad to remove it when I learned about AccuRadio. However, one of the things that annoys me is that I like to select channels as my favorites and I like them organized. The app doesn’t allow me to organize without turning on a song which I’m sure they would appreciate we didn’t do because of royalty fees. I’d like to be able to organize my channels without having to turn on the song. Also there isn’t any way to give feedback or make general comments to somebody if you have a suggestion or a comment to make. I know their website indicates that they do but I’ve never ever received a response. And so for that I only had to give it four stars. Plus a paid option would be nice too. An example for suggestion would be: have you ever considered putting children’s music on? When I have children in my car—and that’s a lot of times—I would like to put children’s music, you know, for little kids that would be a great way to entertain them on long drives. Also, I have to give prop for all the foreign language music. Thank you for opening up my mind and heart to new cultures! 🥰
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3 years ago, Rooster Carson
No more purple mattress ads for me
I just deleted the app after being a faithful AccuRadio user for years. I actually don’t know how long it’s been but definitely before Windows 7 and the iPhone 6. I understand free always comes with a price and ads are the price you pay for using “free” AccuRadio but the the incessant ads have gotten out of control with over a dozen Purple Mattress ads an hour with a handful of Geico ads is too much. I’d be willing to pay for AccuRadio but apparently they’re happy force feeding me their advertising but I’ve gotten up from the table. Are they really that stupid that they think people are gonna rush out and buy something they’ve gotten nauseated hearing about? Costco had a Purple Mattress promo and the sales rep asked if I’d like to feel the most amazing mattress ever. I said I’d no never! Thanks to their ads on AccuRadio I’d sleep on the cold rocky ground before I’d ever allow one of those things in my home even if it were free. Then she grimaced and said, I hear about the AccuRadio ads all the time.
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5 years ago, tbor_App
Great music channels
Really like this free music app. Probably my favorite right now. With its curated channels, with tons of genres to choose from, it's like radio for your phone - but with the added bonus of unlimited song skips, and you can create your own channels by blending several of them together. Tip: Sign up for an account (free) and you can mark your favorite channels and songs, ban the songs or artists you don't like, and (most importantly) you’ll get fewer commercials per hour. They really don't play a ton of commercials if you're logged in... Blows terrestrial radio and other free streaming services away in that regard. My only complaint is sometimes the app hangs and I have to close and restart it to get the music flowing again. Other than that this is an awesome music service.
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6 years ago, mvassal
Accuradio is truly outstanding, with hundreds of channels and within each channel thousands of songs. In short, there is plenty of good music to suit the taste of everybody. All free, with unlimited skipping. Some reviews contain complaints about commercials - true, there is a visual banner promoting the installation of other apps, but it's not invasive, so it can be ignored. Invasive commercials are audio buy-this-buy-that between songs or sets of songs. There are no invasive audio commercials in Accuradio, while virtually all other free Internet radios have invasive audio commercials and very limited or no skipping. What else can we look for? To conclude, for me Accuradio is truly outstanding, so I give it 5 stars, actually, I would give it 10 stars if it were possible.
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6 years ago, Robo tussin
Pretty good
Compared to other, more popular music radio apps, AccuRadio is pretty good. There seem to be very few, if any commercials in between songs. Being able to blend multiple stations, or banning a specific artist or song from a station are both really nice features. My only issues with the app are that a station sometimes takes up to a minute to start, whether I’m on WiFi or not, and that the sound quality is just okay. An option for higher quality streaming would be great for me! And adding a paid option to remove ads might be a good idea.
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1 year ago, PattGavin
Too Annoying
I would love to rate this app higher, but because of their ads, I just can’t. Ads play about every 15 to 20 minutes, which would be fine except it’s the same ads over and over. I’m tired of hearing about the decision to choose Capital One being easier than hiring Slash for my band. No commercial should ever play more than once an hour. Ever. If you don’t have enough advertisers yet, donate the time to public service announcements. Just stop playing the same commercials over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Get it?
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2 years ago, bryfitz1
Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll likely find it here.
First off, I’m a bit biased here. I actually created one of the playlists here (Beaches, Guitars and Tiki Bars). But I listened to AccuRadio long before that. I’ve always listened to streaming audio the way I grew up on radio - namely, find a cool station, leave it on, and go about your business with a nifty soundtrack. However, that’s not as easy in the corporate radio world that we currently live in, where it’s all about appealing to the lowest common denominator. That does not happen here. Whatever your taste in music typically is, or whatever your taste in music is at any given time, you’ll find it here. More so than Pandora or IHeart.
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5 years ago, Susann R
Disney lovers, this is the app for you!
I love everything Disney! If you do too, this is the place for you! There are three separate Disney channels to listen to, that run continuously. They are all based on Disney movies, so you can listen to all of your favorite songs, for free! This is the best app for Disney lovers everywhere! So happy I found this app, I can play my favorite Disney songs continuously, day and night! And I can switch from one station to another, and back to the same stations again for different songs, unlimited skips! Fantastic, thank you, Accuradio!
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4 years ago, KY Mapper
Highly recommended
Been using AccuRadio driving to and from work. Over the last year, I’ve built a 4-5 star list of over 400 songs. Sometimes I listen to my blended stations, sometimes to my favorites. Either way, I get to listen to the music I want. AccuRadio preloads about 5 minutes of music so that when I go through a low signal area, the music still plays. Take a little time to mark songs you like and you will always have access. Highly recommend this music service.
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3 months ago, Nein64
I had this particular app once and loved it so much! But I got another iPhone and haven’t downloaded because in the AppStore it shows it hasn’t had an update in a year or more. Why is that? That’s the only reason I haven’t downloaded it yet because I strive to follow best security n privacy practices on my phone and that’s one way of getting hacked is with non updated apps and software. So if ever you do provide an update for this really gorgeous app, I will be the first to download 🤗!!!! Thanks
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5 years ago, mansourlaw
Blending genres and amazing variety!
The ability to blend genres on this app is sadly missing in many other music apps. Definitely the best feature along with the amazing variety available. So called “stations” on other apps play the same tunes over and over again. Also, other than Pandora, there seems to be no other ability to blend genres. This is my new go to app when I want tremendous variety! Thank you and please keep up the good work. I certainly don’t mind ads when I have unlimited skips. Kudos!!
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3 years ago, Viddkid29
Its Not Pandora!!
Unfortunately, Pandora no longer works on my out of date IPad Mini. This is the only free music app I could find for my IPad. Lots of ads, but I'm used to that with Pandora. The worst thing for me with AccuRadio, is that I can't look at a list of songs that I have heard already. You can only see channel history and not song history. I also listen to a lot of Broadway show tunes, and the selection here is so very limited. Mostly older stuff. Very few shows of the past 10 to 15 years, and of those, only very successful award winning shows. I have tried looking for specific shows, with absolutely no success. Just not happy with this app.
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5 years ago, Precisejr
The music stops playing by itself sometimes when I’m not on the app. It plays the same songs quite too much even after I put one star. It’s only after I ban some artists and songs that I finally get to hear other artists or songs that I didn’t even know were there. Also, the app continues to play the song or artist I banned. Ex: I ban the song....two songs later it reappears. I ban the artist...the song after the song playing has that artist. I’m not talking a feature on a song. I’m talking the artist by him or herself or featuring some other artist. The app has so much potential, but its errors like these that prevent the app from living up to what it could be.
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4 years ago, vinny zip
Commercials interrupted by music
This app has REALLY changed in recent months. You get two (maybe three) songs then there are two or three commercials. I’m glad that the developers are making money but they’ve killed their product by over commercialization. When I first used AccuRadio it was a delight to listen to mostly uninterrupted music and the occasional commercials hardly interrupted the flow of the music. It used to be an absolute delight. Now the commercials are so frequent and obtrusive that it’s hard to enjoy the music. I’ll keep this app for now in hopes that it changes back to streaming music in stead of streaming the praises of coffee shops and insurance companies. If it remains unchanged I’ll be gone.
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5 years ago, JRHouston
Love AccuRadio but..
I love AccuRadio on the internet on my computer.. The app is great it just has one small problem. It repeats songs and get them out of order with the album artwork from time to time. It never does this on my computer running from the website. Fix it and I’ll give you that 5th star.
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3 years ago, scot_s
Love AccuRadio!
I love AccuRadio! Awesome selection of channels and songs! The commercials aren’t the worst compared to some services I’ve used with commercials, but would be willing to pay a small fee to have commercial-free - maybe something like LiveXLive’s $30/year option. The only thing AccuRadio is missing that I REALLY wish it has is compatibility with Apple CarPlay. I would use it a lot more if it was an app on my car’s display.
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2 years ago, Mark-in-Mn
This app has an excellent variety of music genres, and I love being able to blend stations together. that is my favorite feature. The problems I have are with the app’s functionality. Many times the app freezes when I try to load a station. When that happens I have to either reload the station or close the app and reopen it. There are also many times when the app will not play in the background. When that happens I have to close the app and reopen it. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, mjbuzzy
Advertisements every 3 to 4 songs. Cannot avoid them.
I downloaded the app and enjoyed it for a short period of time. But I also deleted the app the same day. Once I realize that for every 3 to 4 songs is 2 to 3 advertisements. And you can’t even pay to stop the advertisements. I understand that everyone Has to make money and that’s fine. But they should let me know before I download it and give them all my personal information to sign up. That’s this is the prerequisite for using their app.
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5 years ago, Odinorway
Login procedure needs update
Been using this platform for a very long time. Have it on my handheld and smart tv as well. TV version is extremely tedious to scroll through to get to your desired station, can you make it a little more intuitive please. On my phone I have to choose my music preference before I can log in- how about people like me that enjoy all kinds of music? I don’t want to choose and I shouldn’t be forced to. All in all a great app but it works a hundred times better on computer/tablet than it does on TV and phone
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4 years ago, Dude123abczzz
New version for iPhone 11
I use to love this app with my last phone an iPhone 5. I was able to search for the artist of my choice and play genres I asked for. This new version only permits me to choose the genres of their choice. I’ve started using Tunein radio and it’s allowing me more freedom of choice. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep this app on my phone yet, I’m leaning towards removal. My suggestion is to bring back the features of the old version and let me decide what “I” want to listen to. I don’t use Alexa for my music for much of the same reasons, they let you choose the artist, but they only have a couple of tracks for each.
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4 months ago, C Black101
It will become one of your Favorites!
I have listened to Accuradio for years and the amount of music that you can listen to with such interesting playlists and such a small amount of commercials is amazing! You will hear your favorites in a station of your choice and then discover so many more. It is a blessing and I wish Accuradio the best for years to come! Thank you.
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4 years ago, 2019October30
Incredible variety of stations covering every decade of popular music in the 20th and 21st centuries and many cultural niches with an endless catalogue of songs, this is my favorite music app by far. I don’t even have any complaints about ads and I really appreciate that it lacks a paid “premium” subscription sort of thing. I hope to keep listening for many years, thank you AccuRadio! Harry :-)
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6 years ago, Lexi Jones 94% boss
Great but have recommendations
I love this app this is my go to music app. Their is some issues with crashing, but overall I love it. I have a few recommendations for your app. 1.) I think you should be able to pay monthly to be able to listen data and add free. 2.) I think you should be able to search a song to add to your 5 star radio or one certain station.
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2 years ago, MGLechner
I Love This App!
AccuRadio is my favorite music app! I subscribe to Apple Music but I can say without fear of contradiction that AccuRadio is the one I tune into 9 out of 10 times! The more I listen to AccuRadio the better it gets! It definitely leaves Pandora in its dust! Sure, there are occasional ads, but they’re never invasive or annoying. The bottom line is, I love this app! I highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, UsedToLoveTivo
Best variety of music anywhere
If you like to listen to different genres of music, there is no better app. I can listen to a mix of jazz, rock, classical, new age, Broadway, whatever. The variety is fantastic. App works fine. I would have given five stars if there was a paid version that removes the ads and has higher quality audio (the normal quality is fine).
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6 years ago, LolaGirl101
This is my favorite app wherever I go. It’s on all my phones, on my work computer and I have told family and friends about it. It’s darn near perfect. The only thing I would suggest for future upgrades is to be able to search for certain songs so I can add them to my own radio channel. Especially love how tuned in AccuRadio is to the community and how supportive they are!
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5 years ago, TheIrishMusician
A great app, and very very accessible!
I love this app, and the fact that it's accessible! I enjoy the fact that the buttons are not hard to find, and you don't have to go searching for all all the playback controls, and scroll through irrelevant ads. Plus, you can't go wrong with unlimitted skipps! If I had to choose a radio app, I'd definitely choose AccuRadio!
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5 years ago, Seekerofhappiness
Finally, the variety I have been searching for!
I am so excited to find this app! I have looked forever for a streaming service that provides other-than-mainstream music. Of course they have that too but also World! I can listen to anything from NatAm (!) to Japanese, to Klezmer and anything in between! And free? I would gladly pay! This is my new go-to app!
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4 years ago, Where were you in '62
This is amazing
Hard to believe something so good can be free, at least to the listener. Yrs ago when I listened to music all the time I had good stereo equipment. Now I listen on an IPad. You can guess the difference. So now I have to get some good stereo eq. again. Thanks AccuRadio for making me spend more money. Maybe I can find some good used Chinese stuff. Anyway I will be donating as I can
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6 years ago, cscott h-town
Good, but lacking
Great music and a awesome variety of stations. However there are waaaay too many commercials to keep a good flow and no way to pay to stop them. It’s like every three or so a commercial hits. Especially if you skip through a couple of songs. That’s way to much breaking up a good mood. Overall, I do use the app a few times a week, mostly early or mid day for a little me time. It’s worth the download, but could be better.
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6 years ago, mdlistener
Old problems return
The 2 latest upgrades have made performance much worse on my iPhone. It takes a very long time to load the first song and the program simply stops in mid-song and you have to start a whole new session with the same very long wait. Trying to listen on a subway where station stops with stronger signals are short is often impossible. The program was working better for a while; please figure out why performance has declined
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5 years ago, mrsdoc83
Great variety with lots of hard-to-find music!!!
I love AccuRadio for it’s wide variety of channels, including older songs that most media seems to have forgotten about. With it’s star rating system, available channel building and WIDE selection of songs, this is the BEST customizable streaming music source I’ve found yet! Thank you, AccuRadio!
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2 years ago, oooooooolooooooooooooololloooo
Since the Begining
Been with Accuradio since the beginning and don’t use any other music platforms because Accuradio is so versatile and I don’t have to download anything because of that versatility…..even with the advertisements….they’re fairly short and help keep Accuradio free for us sooooooo advertise away, I Love Accuradio!
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3 weeks ago, Delo3276
Thank You!
AccuRadio is easy to use, always available with minimal ads. As a senior, it does remind me of the times you heard more music than ads, but today I get to select what I want to listen to and for FREE! I have tried the others and usually have to end up paying for it!
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5 years ago, Tee-Wrecks
Better than Pandora
This is a gem of an app and service! Excellent quality of music, a huge assortment of stations and genres, unlimited skips and customization. Blending a station is awesome. Very little interruptions by way of ads. Better than Pandora! Thank you AccuRadio for all your hard work!
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5 years ago, RockAfegh
Great App
My favorite part of the app is not a function, but a great little detail! I love how this app includes the release year, this helps me figure out when a particular genre was popular. I also love the variety and the ability to blend multiple channels to create a unique listening experience.
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6 years ago, Gagrrl
Not reliable, more stable out there
Used to love Accuradio for its extensive genres, for years it was the best Broadway radio, but with such an unreliable app I just can’t listen like I want because after the first minute of a song the app crashes. And this is not a new issue. Researching their support forum finds many people experiencing the exact same issue for more than a few versions and yet the issue still hasn’t been addressed. There are far more reliable music apps out there that are gaining users.
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3 years ago, Gerrygigi
Love this app!
I can deal with the ads and interruptions because there are so many genres to choose from. The biggest problem I have is choosing which station to listen to at any given moment. It’s outstanding!
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6 years ago, Dragon's Pack
Was great then....
I used to love this app. It was my go to music app (over Pandora and my iTunes). However now it does work on my iPad now and when I tried loading it back on to my rarely used (for anything but books), I get a message it isn’t compatible for my older kindle and when searched on my kindle 2017 there is no AccuRadio app. Very disappointed. I don’t really want to have to make playlists in my iTunes or use Pandora but will need to delete this app unless fixed.
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1 year ago, Bonefish Hunter
Great app, great variety, thanks for putting it out there!
What’s not to like? Big deal, Y’all have to listen to a few ads. On cable you have to pay for the content and you still have to listen to the ads. Boo-Hoo, quit crying!
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4 months ago, KrazyKrafty
Love AccuRadio, except…….
Absolutely love all the variety offered here and at no charge!! The only complaint I have is it shuts off at the end of the song that’s playing. This started a couple of weeks ago and I have to restart AccuRadio each time. It’s very frustrating.
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4 years ago, fhjffhij
I really like the app and the wide range of stations available. However the app often crashes. There are many songs I can no longer listen to because it always crashes during that song.
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6 years ago, JR78W
Banner Ad
It would be worth 5 starts if they would allow a small fee to remove the banner Ads. It’s a big turn off having them at the bottom and then showing up so frequently between songs. I know you make money off Ad revenue, but you could also make money with an in-app purchase that granted an Ad free version.
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12 months ago, scddmissle
I told all my friends and co-workers about this app
We’ve been listening to this at work for a couple weeks now. Every person that walks by starts singing. From people in their 50’s to people in their 20’s.
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3 months ago, Imthewherd
Spinning yellow circles
Listened to the web stream via Safari and it would play one song and the. stop playing until I hot pause and play. Rinse; repeat. So I downloaded app. It did not play anything, simply gave me spinning circles similar to another reviewer. I did not sign up for an account. For the record I never heard any commercials 😉. Hope others have better luck. Latest iOS
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5 years ago, mgsherman03211981
AccuRadio Review
I like this app. I like being able to skip a song, I do know they need commercials to be able to fund the cause but the only thing I would change is no commercials when skipping a song.
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5 years ago, Pd 183
I use this app a lot, it has so much variety. It would be a great app if for a reasonable fee we could listen offline and download some stations for off line, and also make it add free. I’m getting tired of Zyzel or whatever the wise owl is. There weren’t any adds for a few months and now they are appearing again. What has changed? Now it’s Geico the frog.
Show more
2 years ago, Miss Bino
Needs update?
I love this app and have used it for 10+ years BUT it only works now with my old iPad not my new one. Is this the rare app that doesn’t upgrade? That’s fine for people with old equipment but I’d like to listen to it on modern equipment. I can use the browser mode but it stops after every song. PIA
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4 years ago, Ok1814
Same songs over and over
I have 263 songs in my Five Star Radio station. I listen every day. They will play the same songs that I just heard the previous days. If I hit forward to try to get some variety, I just spend time listening to their commercials every 3 songs. Going back to IHeart and Pandora
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3 years ago, Mcmircle
Wide variety of classical music
Love the variety. I listen to classical while working because it’s less distracting. Wish I could select or tailor a no opera option. The concentration selection is fairly close. Also wish I could avoid the commercials.
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