Aces of the Luftwaffe

4.5 (24)
41.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Aces of the Luftwaffe

4.5 out of 5
24 Ratings
10 years ago, Major Kohler
iOS 8 update
Really glad to have AoL up and running again, but with the update, there are a few music bugs as well as screen bugs. Hope you can fix these. Either way, the game is still pretty awesome
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2 years ago, love the world war 2 planes!
Good at first
This game will not stop deleting my progress.
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11 years ago, Sollicitudin Dapibus
Solid shooter
Honestly, I haven't experienced the crashing issues others have mentioned on my iPad 3 (knock on wood) and I'm on the third "world." There is a little too much grinding in the game as you're leveling up your planes, but it's a pleasant enough gameplay experience and hasn't lost me yet. Dig the graphics and challenge... Reminds me a bit of Jamestown, except without the volume of content. Controls are a bit driftier than the controls many iOS shooter fans have come to love in Cave's games, but they still feel good (they don't feel laggy or slow, like the iOS version of Raiden). Overall, I hope the debs continue to develop this game. It has great potential and is totally worth the $1 asking price. UPDATE: Just beat the final boss and not a single crash. Assuming those experience crashes are on older devices. Anyway, I seriously hope new content is released eventually. I'd totally pay for some new levels & planes. Pretty burnt out on the three included worlds after all the grind that was required to upgrade my planes (and I didn't even max them out). Again, this is a solid shooter and I've really come to like the controls and play mechanics. Well done.
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11 years ago, Omnitron
Don't expect too much.
It looks like it is good game, but some of the graphics is not that high res. It has a tendancy to crash repeatedly -- It did for me 4 times before the first game, and 3 times trying to play the second level. It looks like a 1942 clone -- but they use the collecting of crosses to unlock things -- which you can also buy if you don't want to do it the hard way. An all to common method of paying for free games. Not sure it works here until the stability issue is handled. The crashes add frustrasion that overwhelms the nostalgic shooter fun that was intended.
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11 years ago, stanlry
Not worth it
I had some issues when I first started the app, including a few crashes. After that, I had to figure out some of the mechanics myself, as it's not a super-intuitive design. After spamming a boss fight for some upgrade coins, I got stuck on a level with no instruction. The difficulty curve is somewhat ridiculous, to say the least. All in all, I figured I could be generous and buy a new app to try, as it got 'featured' on the store. I regret the decision, even for just $1.99, and would love a refund, even if I'm sure they won't offer one.
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11 years ago, LeaseBeast
Do you want my money?
Game play is good (classic vertical scroller) and I enjoyed it enough to make an in-app purchase ... BUT,when attempting to make said purchase I was horrified to see that none of the bundles of currency for sale actually had prices listed. Thus meaning I had to blindly purchase an item without knowing how much it costs!! Needless to say I was not willing to do this and sale was lost. Not smart if you ask me, but what do I know, maybe they don't need my money.
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11 years ago, Tryintobuyacar
Really nice
I appreciate the look of the planes and the characters. It's nicely balanced for a casual game. I have a number of iOS 194x shooters-at the moment this is my favorite. As an aside, I've had no stability issues over several sessions on an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5.
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11 years ago, hashtagNOEN
Love this game!
One of my favorite shmups on the App Store. No issues with crashing or anything. Playing on iPhone 4S.
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11 years ago, Gunner Stahl
Pretty decent
It's a fun, entertaining game for the price.. The only problem I have with it is, after every mission restarts you must get all of your power ups, weapons over again.. A bit annoying, other than this, great game to pass the time..
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10 years ago, NickyVir
Achievements don't work
Decent game, brings back memories if 1942. Fun enough to play although it is not very deep. Ship upgrades are very easy to obtain and most levels you will conquer in one try. The bosses are more difficult and and some will take a few tries. Biggest issue is that the achievements do not work proper, you complete them but do not gain pts.
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11 years ago, Bernardo Espanol
Pay to play trash
Your plane starts off beyond worthless and upgrades cost a ridiculous amount. Try and suffer through it and then grind when you are allowed to for a game that really not balanced right at all. Unless you cough up some cash or make this your second unhappy job this "game" won't play right. Avoid this.
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11 years ago, Airteez
It's like the old school arcade games of the 80's. awesome game with definite replay ability! Can't wait for the update!
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11 years ago, Halnet 3000
2 months after reporting crashes and no fix
Spend $ for upgrade coin to buy more fun.m game crashes all the time now. Developer wouldn't even respond back. Don't waste any money on this game until they fix the disappointing deal busters. One star was a half star to much.
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11 years ago, Kbone2000
More Levels!
Awesome game but you run out of levels way too quickly. 5 stars if more levels were there.
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11 years ago, Zombie2004
Best game in the world!! Now I'm trying to get pass the boss level; very challenging game, get it now!!
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11 years ago, Bever game
Best game EVER!!!!!!
This game is sooooo addicting... But still pretty hard. I play it ALLLLLL the time!!! Get it right now u won't regret it!
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11 years ago, Moomoomooommoooooo
I can't even try the game! It loads to the first screen and then crashes! I paid for this so it would be nice if you guys could fix it so I can actually use it. So far my money has been wasted.
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11 years ago, sojfett
Great game
Great game don't let anyone stop you from getting it very fun
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11 years ago, Azieser
Excellent game
This game is fun to play and well worth the price. Great replay value.
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11 years ago, deronde
Fun, little too easy
Fun little time passer game. Hope new levels come soon.
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11 years ago, TradenCards
Fun shooter
This game is decent and passes the time, it's lacking graphics and more voice over. 99 cents is a fair price. Enjoy
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11 years ago, Ugur75
Pay as you go?
Kind of difficult to advance to some stages.
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11 years ago, garybc
Tie should go to the player.
Really enjoyable, but a bit difficult. Tie should go to the player...
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11 years ago, 911 911@911
Good but NEEDS more
It's good. But could need more updates like multi player and strongly needs more levels
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11 years ago, Cody Wang
It's fun!
Cute game and addctive.
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11 years ago, Road King
This game worked only once now it crashes every time after starting.
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11 years ago, Cytotone
iPod touch don't buy
iPod touch 4th gen barely playable. My iOS is up to date, but game constantly crashes. If I could play longer I would like it. Frustrated!
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11 years ago, sid1971
Don't buy
Worked good at first now will not open and shows an error message every time. Waste of money.
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11 years ago, B-Boy-A6
I would love to rate 5 but can't lags and crashes and shuts off not even five mins into the game fix it! I'll rate 5
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11 years ago, Kevinjt4
Garbage! Works on my Windows 8 phone but not my iPad 1
Crashes almost immediately upon starting game. I rate NO stars, if possible.
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10 years ago, Hehahoe
Does not work
I have an iPhone 5 with IOS 8. The game crashes everytime I click on it. I want a refund!!!!!
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11 years ago, Dragon Master Zero
No sound
It's a good game but I get no sound.
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11 years ago, Onceupo
Fun at first, but now it crashes all the time.
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11 years ago, Guterkamerad
I'd appreciate a refund considering I bought this and it crashes on the 5s on startup...
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11 years ago, lfsiq
Great game
But it crashs all time on ipod touch 4.
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11 years ago, Do It Now
Graphics are disappointing...
The game gets repetitive. Of this genre I prefer AirAttack HD.
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11 years ago, Utica44
Levels plz!!!!'nnnnn
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11 years ago, Jetrocm
Please, more leves!!
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11 years ago, yasser hasan
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11 years ago, Az2hot2day
Horrible game
Waste of money.
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10 years ago, Dpool603
get yer crap together handygames, what a waste of two dollars, can't even play the game on my iPod 5th gen, crashes instantly,gimme my goddamn refund.
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