Achieva Credit Union

2.9 (119)
82.7 MB
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Achieva Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Achieva Credit Union

2.89 out of 5
119 Ratings
4 years ago, Friend4v
I cannot download Bank feeds or statements into my bookkeeping program.
I can no longer reconcile my bank account with my bookkeeping program. I also cannot download statements because I do not own a computer or laptop. If this app does not get fixed I will have no choice but to leave and go to a bank that allows this for my bookkeeping. I have both a business and a personal account and I am not about to put every transaction in by hand. I do not have that kind of time. When I opened my account I received nothing for well over a month. No debit card no account information whatsoever. Opening the account was a total inconvenience. Once I did get it open I did enjoy the bank because I can snap pictures of my business checks into the account. I also love that there are no fees. But if these issues don’t get fixed I will have no choice to either leave the bank or by computer. If I buy a computer I will then have to use different software. Very inconvenient. The security question is also a real nuisance and I don’t even understand why you’re supposed to save advice because it always ask the security question no matter what which is the way it was designed.
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2 years ago, beccxd
Great bank, buggy app
I personally love banking with Achieva. Every time I call in for some kind of help, I am treated with excellent care and customer service. However, the app underperforms and can be frustrating to use. Now I will admit, the app is a lot better than it used to be with the newer updates. That being said the app still has many bugs and crashes frequently. I tried adding a memo to a transfer today and it would not save and when I tried restarting the app it crashed. This happens quite frequently.
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2 years ago, Kat_trina27
ACU needs to catch up on their tech
ACU is a great credit union, but the app capabilities are sub par compared with other financial institutions and credit card companies. It is not compatible with Plaid due to the type of multi-factor authentication used. Many functions are only available on a PC including statements, and support hours are Banking hours which is very inconvenient for those who work Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, particularly those who work for other financial institutions. Not to mention they require you visit a branch for most major functions?!?! I can go online an open a new account for just about any other Bank or credit/loan company. This will not force me to leave ACU but I have opened an account with a major bank and will probably shift MOST of my banking needs to that account due to its OLB/Mobile App, phone support & after business hours support.
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2 years ago, CU Member99
Bill pay bug
Using IPad 6th Gen IOS 15.7. When using bill pay after a time the page will say Opps something went wrong. There was an issue loading this page. If you are quick you can pay a bill or 2 before the error at which time I have to leave bill pay and come back. Members services said it must be our browser settings. Also said IOS 15.7 is out of date when in fact IOS 16 has only been released for iPhones. Used Safari and indeed I had to turn off prevent site cross tracking. Bill pay then worked fine in safari but continues to give the above error in the app even after removing and reinstalling. Will use Safari for now but the app was somewhat easier to navigate.
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2 years ago, Alisonrose04
Mobile app !
By far the best bank I’ve had however the online mobile app needs a big update 😇
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3 months ago, Charlie49006
One of the best
Small banks and credit unions usually have very bad mobile apps, this one is one of the best. I like how easy it is to see my accounts and transfer money. The card manager alerts and controls are very good and mobile deposits is easy to use. I don’t use the bill pay often but it looks simple and I like how it works on my phone. The whole thing works like a big bank app.
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6 years ago, ATrain777
I’ve had many banks, credit unions. This app is easily the most user friendly, intuitive one I’ve used. There have been some good ones, but Achieva app is hands down my favorite. You can label each account with a color and name. Mobile deposit is a breeze - takes the picture automatically. Schedule transfers for one time or recurring for auto withdrawal. The list goes on - can’t speak highly enough of it.
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2 years ago, kamwauldron
I have banked with Achieva for 20 plus years. They are a great bank but their app leaves a lot to be desired. Every app update requires you to sign in again, not use the password saved. Many times I have tried to use the app it gives a very generic error which makes it seem like it’s your phone or connection when all other apps are connecting and working fine. So I find it hard to believe it’s my phone. Call customer service to find out it is an issue on their side.
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3 years ago, Zysabella
This app fluctuates so much you wouldn’t be able to tell if it got hacked
Logging into this app is a total nightmare. Face ID access only shows up 1/5 times you open the app, and when you login with your username/password the app simply resets the fields and doesn’t tell you if you’ve made an error, keeps doing this until you’re locked out. I have no idea how this app keeps getting worse, but it does. By this time next year I expect to not even be able to open the app anymore.
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3 years ago, MedicFrantz
Login error/no accounts showing
Won’t let me login in with Face ID, it says “unable to authenticate, an unexpected error has occurred”. When I log in manually it won’t show my accounts, it says “unable to retrieve your accounts, something went wrong fetching your accounts”. My wife is able to use the app without any issues whatsoever (she’s also using it on an iPhone). I would love some help with this. Please and thank you.
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4 years ago, erynnnn9
Worst banking app ever
While I love banking with Achieva, this app is the worst app I have ever used. It never manages to remember the device (even after you select it each time), app crashes, and you can’t link it up to budgeting apps because it constantly unlinks itself. The app is so annoying to use and isn’t worth even having installed. Achieva please fix your banking app so that customers can bank with ease from their phones.
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6 years ago, Afkarj
Crashes when trying to do mobile deposit
1) takes too long to log in 2) you scan the front of the check and you get authentication error -unexpected error, then it crashes. Useless for mobile deposit. Last version did the same but occasionally. This version crashes each time you try worse than a beta version. Previous 2 versions seems to be the most stable.
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4 years ago, doodlebobbyhill
Never remembers my device and crashes
I login to this app daily and every time I do, it asks my security question, then asks if I want the app to remember my device. I always choose to do this and it never remembers me. Then when I login, the app freezes and I have to close out the app, then do this all over again. It’s ridiculous. I just want to check my bank account sometimes and this app makes it very difficult.
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5 years ago, RiverIglesias
Very unreliable
This app seems like it spends more time down for fixes than it is up and live. I’ve had it for years, and it’s progressively getting worse. It constantly gets stuck on loading screen and won’t be fixed for days. It asks me to re-validate my password almost every time I try to use my Touch ID to login. You’re better off driving to the actual branch to figure out your account balance 🙄
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3 months ago, Bill Pay nightmare
Bill Pay Upgrade is not an upgrade
The new Bill Pay system is very disappointing. There is no longer a way to receive E Bills, which makes it a very basic system. Where did the e bills go and why are they removed? The new Bill Pay system also has removed the features that allow you to receive email reminders at different times as regarding due dates for your bills. The changes in the Bill Pay system are not helpful to us, the customer. It was a poor decision to make these changes to the “Bill Pay” system. Unhappy customer after being a member for over 25 years!
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3 years ago, Pandorelle
Great App and Bank
I love the features of the app! Update is a lot better. I like that I can check my bank account on the app from any state. Great credit union bank!
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2 years ago, Q2U2
Easy to navigate
Meets my needs and easy to navigate. The process of check deposit is simple and convenient.
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3 years ago, anneabelle3
Worst app ever
In today’s technology there is no reason for a bank to have such a horrible app. I use it on my IPad. It rarely works. Gets locked up constantly. When you set up quick launch, it works once, then nothing. Almost never logs out. It is a piece of crap. I have other bank apps than run so smoothly, and very easy to use.
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2 years ago, MiayeRose
Customer service is rude
The customer service is rude everytime I call and when they’re not rude, they lack knowledge. Also, the loan transfer option needs to be more noticeable.
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2 years ago, PeterPan's Lost Girl
Not Able To Open My Account
It will not let me open my account without a verification when I've been logging in without one just fine before. Can you fix that please? I'm getting really sick and tired of that.
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6 years ago, Sarah VD
Love this app!!
I have been a member for years and love using this new app. It makes banking so easy. The new look is awesome too.
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6 months ago, PresidentCRAFT
Terrible app
This app is very slow and full of useless features. Find a new I T company to develop this correctly. The Zelle feature within this app is so bad and the UI is disgusting. This bank should be ashamed to have this product streamline their company.
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3 years ago, Foxhollow6712
Hot Garbage
this app is 10 years behind everyone else in terms of services/convenience/performance. This bank is great in person if you are local to them . This app is not for those looking for a seem-less well polished u.i use a pc it’s much friendlier...
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4 years ago, Thewatchmakerfl
Great when it works, which is rarely
The app works great when it remembers login credentials. I constantly have to enter my security questions and password but once and a while (if I’m lucky) it will let me use FaceID
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3 years ago, Infernumcore
I love how user friendly and easily accessible it is!
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1 year ago, Justastupidname
It’s broken now
Have to go through verification every single time I open it. Did work with Face ID. That’s not working. So if you want quick, l and easy. This ain’t it.
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3 years ago, Flachild96
Always locks us out.
Makes me change my password about every week. It simply locks us both out. Doesn’t accept security answers etc. please update this app!
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5 years ago, Goalie16
Mobile check deposit always crashes
Every time I go to deposit a check in the app the entire app crashes.
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4 weeks ago, Snicks1
Worst Banking App
Continually have to delete and reinstall to use it. Absolutely horrible and definitely not reliable.
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4 years ago, that guy in america
Errors on Mobile Deposit Service
Can not access any check images or deposit information for mobile deposits that occurred prior to or since the update.
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11 months ago, annearcher1
Fed up
I’ve had more issues with this app, that it’s downright sickening. Now it’ll only open vertical! I don’t use verticals. It’s harder for me. Horizontal was the best. Why take that option away?
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4 years ago, Elssieieieieiei
Cant deposit my check
The new update for the app doesn’t have an option to let me deposit my check!! So frustrating! I’d rather deposit it to my other bank
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5 years ago, EC0278
Timing out
Keeps “timing out” on iPhone 7 when trying to make a mobile deposit. Works ok on iPhone 6.
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5 years ago, Pic??
With I could give no stars
I can’t even register to make a account says it’s not right called y’all and they said it would work. Still doesn’t I’m really annoyed about.
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1 month ago, Hucklebucj
No real mobile banking options
Where I live the banks close even the ATMs at night for the weekends and advertise that the app can take checks which it DOES NOT.
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1 year ago, Nanette N
Not intuitive at all
I recently took a car loan with Achieva and am shocked at how poorly setup this app is. I normally bank with Discover and am used to ease and flow throughout the app. The Achieva app is a nightmare.
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5 years ago, Not_Sure_
No VPN allowed
You destroyed your app by not letting people logon with a VPN. I want to protect myself when I login on my phone or tablet, and you took that away from me. Now I have to delete your app because it’s worthless
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4 years ago, GRS21
New update makes the app absolutely useless. Can’t deposit check on mobile, won’t let me pick account to deposit.
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1 year ago, MariaBor3son
Awesome app
Easy to navigate and self serve
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3 years ago, Afsdkjh
Achieva stinks
Always logs me out and makes me reset password, constantly down for “maintenance”, you can’t even get cash half the time here
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1 year ago, Amy1234!?
Doesn’t work
Half the time this app gives an error . It’s so frustrating!! Please fix!
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3 years ago, Augustgirl1961
Can’t open
It was great. Note it won’t open.
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4 years ago, ShawnBest
Can’t Deposit Checks!
Absolutely horrible! Customer service and tech support also useless - they all think it works. 😂😂😂
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3 years ago, Mee II
App stopped working
I can no longer log in! Keep getting error message.
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3 years ago, C4eTo
I try registered new account but never sent me back temporarily pass. Horrible app! Registration mission impossible!!!
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2 years ago, imanon9
Not even worth the time
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3 years ago, Gunner the runner
Cutting Edge 10 Years Ago
This was cutting edge 10 years ago. Limited features, poor yields compared to Marcus.
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6 years ago, cloudflower926
Problems with update
Updated and now I can’t use my Touch ID.
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11 years ago, DBurg07
Achieva is a good bank, but the same cannot be said about their mobile app. CONS: The application is almost completely useless. Want to review your transactions? Forget it! You will watch it load for 15 minutes, only to be greeted by a blank white page. Feel like logging in? Yeah right! Being able to login to this "app" is basically a matter of pure luck. I could have opened my own bank if I got a penny for every time I encountered an "Invalid login" error message. PROS: If you are looking to waste some time or simply enjoy that daily feeling of ultimate disappointment and helplessness, then look no further, because Achieva's Mobile Banking is here to help. Cutting edge technological features such as "Blank Statement 2.0", "Infinite Load" and "Platinum-Login-Denial" are just some of dozens available that make this the best application in its category.
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9 years ago, Srqemily
Love reading reviews from people who clearly don't open their statements or read the online banking website that has been notifying that new online banking has been coming for at least 2 months. I've had nothing but success following the directions to register online then use the app. Don't criticize what you don't understand fully. And don't blame the bank for your not reading. And for the poster commenting on touch ID, name one bank that has this. They don't. Biometrics are expensive technology and considering a credit union is not for profit and not a big bank, I wouldn't expect biometrics any time soon. Wish more people took time to be positive than negative and critical. This app is so much better than the basic app Achieva had before.
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