ACNB Bank Mobile App

4.4 (400)
27.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ACNB Bank Mobile App

4.36 out of 5
400 Ratings
2 months ago, Rmhpa13
The app does most functions but I’m frustrated that all my accounts don’t show. I’ve asked the branch several times for help with no resolution. I also until recently could not transfer funds between accounts online. It took at least 2 years until that finally was fixed. Overall the app is okay but there are still big bugs that need fixed.
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3 years ago, LindaStoner
Unsatisfied Customer
Being that your drive ups close at 4:30 it makes it impossible to make deposits/payments. Most people don’t get off early enough to get there before it closes. That is not customer service. When making deposits through the mobile app you have to wait until your deposit is approved and then wait again for the deposit to get posted until you can make the loan payment. This process length is ridiculous. I have accounts at another Financial institution and there mobile app is AWESOME!!! No waiting for approval or for the deposit to be posted and I can conduct any transaction I want within the dollar limits they have in place which is within the transactions I conduct. Since the process is so cumbersome, I called your call center, they stated there was a charge to make a loan payment using my checking....Again that’s not customer service!!! You may want to consider changing something to make things easier to conduct business. I gave two stars because your app does allow access to view account/loan history.
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3 months ago, ACNBLola
App review
Love it! Have loved it since the Dillsburg branch opened, so long ago. Very simple for one who is not computer comfortable. So much nicer than Members 1st. They, Members 1st, keep changing theirs and making it an issue and complicated to pay a bill. I now will transfer money from family account to ACNB to pay bill automatically. Please don’t change it. All security can be increased on the back end without making more complicated on my end. Thank you.
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5 years ago, sketchman33
Don’t hate the employees, hate the app developers
More transaction errors than I can count via this app. Have had to leave work and go to a branch location to have the bank manager physically deposit my check at least 5 times because “for mobile deposit only” basically voids the check outside of the mobile deposit feature. Also consistently having trouble making account transfers. Call center is polite but essentially useless when it comes to trouble shooting. If it weren’t for my student loans being handled through acnb I’d probably close my accounts and take my business elsewhere.
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4 months ago, Insuran
Great App
ACNB has a great app I really like everything it has to offer. I would have given it 5 stars but I can’t seem to get it to accept a mobile deposit.
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3 years ago, duuuuubbbbbbbbs
Love this app for my account
I love this app. I can check my balance for free move money from checking account into my savings account. And It has great protection. And they notify me every time my card is used or money taken out of my account or if someone try’s to log into my account. I like how serious they take you and your money!
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4 years ago, Steph5454545454
a so-so app
This app works — most of the time. But the bill pay feature is absolutely awful, and the app does not always accurately reflect actual bank balances Update: over the last few weeks I have had trouble logging in to the app, and once I do, then pages refusing to load until the 3rd or 5th time Update as of July 2020: Mobile deposit feature is clunky and unreliable -- & only works (about 2/3 of the time) on iPhone. The feature is completely absent on the iPad. Developers are aware, but no one seems to care that lack of basic features like mobile deposit are the reason why most of my business has gone to a bank that has a friendlier user interface. If it weren't such a hassle to open up a business account elsewhere NWSB Bank would have lost my account within a few months of being acquired by ACNB. If another bank offers the right incentives, I'm outta here
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4 years ago, han4235
Deposit Errors
I deposited a paycheck, the atm asked if it was accurate amount, I said yes, and when I checked my receipt a hundred dollars was missing off the deposit and I know for a fact I was not in the negatives of my account and had not overspent my account balance. I am very frustrated. Plus the offices are not currently open so now I have to wait until Monday and I’m really concerned because my app has two different balances, one current and one available and the current should equal the available amount. But it is not.
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5 months ago, James B Note
Banking Needs.
James B Note: The Adams County National is an established institution that has consistently represented themselves with an essence of high quality of banking professionalism. We’ve been clients for over twenty years and have always had our financial needs addressed appropriately by a courteous staff. We highly recommend their service for any banking need.
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1 year ago, Shanay1964
Consistent crashing
I’ve had this app for at least a year now and I’ve had to delete and reinstall several times to stop it from crashing and logging out when I’m in the middle of a task. I’ve called customer service to alert them of the issue to which they said it must be my phone but, in reading other reviews, it appears it’s an app development issue, not my phone. The app is convenient when it works but it’s super frustrating on the more often occasions that it does not.
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5 years ago, 👌👌👍🏼👍🏼
The employees are always kind, nice and friendly with there customers, There is one teller that I deal with almost every time, here name is Angela Boswell, she has been working there I think 15 years or more, I like that if I have any questions, she doesn’t mind helping me, and I really appreciate that about her, Angela works in the Hanover area on Eichelberger Branch
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2 months ago, Twotenthsjr
ACNB app makes account access easy
I’ve been using the mobile app for some time now and really like it. I can access all accounts, manage transfers, and initiate bill payment through the app. Update as of 6 February 2024 - no change in my rating.
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4 months ago, GUNLESSRECK
app isn’t that good
between the app and the actual bank, they are not that good at all. rude customer service and horrible service in general. when FCB was it’s own thing and wasn’t bought out by ACNB it was fine i’ve been a customer for over 10 years. ever since they swapped names and got taken over everything has gone down hill so fast. no one can give me the answers i need and when I do get answers they are pretty rude and stand off-ish as if Im bothering them for doing their job
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2 months ago, 0ldasdirt
As it should be
Quick and easy to access, all information is available and at my fingertips. Very glad I downloaded it and now use it all the time!
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4 years ago, dcfgw
Deposit Rates...
Other websites make it a lot easier to find deposit rates, because they have a “Rate” selection on the front page. Just one stroke gets the customer to all of the deposit rate info, which is what many people (customer, or not) are looking for when they access our website. More direct connection would be helpful.
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1 year ago, Nbg01
Works consistently well!
Easy to do banking in app. Go to bank maybe once a year! Deposit checks when needed. Transfers works well. Great to use. If I have trouble I call the phone help and get problem solved.
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4 months ago, Iloveeasyapps
Good app rarely glitches
App is great for all my online banking needs. I still have to make additional mortgage payments from the desktop site but other than that it’s great
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8 months ago, Jalharing
Great app
Easy to use and every detail available immediately. Only feature needed would be account to account transfer without using zelle
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3 years ago, erasedbygrace
Easy to use
I love that I can transfer money from checking to savings an vice versa easily. I used to call to find out my current balance. Now I just log in to the app. This helps me keep better track of my account.
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5 years ago, ExecGlenn
Touch ID
Update: They fixed the two minor issues I noted below. Nice job. Finally they added Touch ID. Makes the app easier to access. Two notes for developers: When you open the app, it says NW$B Bank. Also when you close the window it says ACNB BANK TEST.
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3 years ago, mugsy885
Skip the App, better yet Skip the Bank
I have been a customer of ACNB for 30 years from when I was kid now nearly 40. This app is just another in a long line of disappointments. From fees, to closing local branches, to an abysmal mobile deposit feature you would be much better spent skipping the app and the bank. Find yourself a nice credit union that cares!
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4 months ago, lrutter
Review for acnb
It works fine. It’s very nice to be able to deposit checks without having to go to the bank and New Windsor Bank has always served us well and now ACNB is doing just as good.
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2 years ago, Joyful525
App is missing you key features
My son and I have accounts at the exact same bank, but his app allows for money to be sent via Zelle, but my app lacks that feature. Other than that, the app works well and is nearly always up-to-date.
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4 months ago, Grandme70
Easy all the way around
This banking app is easy to understand, easy to pull up, easy to assess information and easily trustworthy. Thank you!
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6 months ago, lucycatlover
I need help getting online on my iPad. It says I am putting in the wrong password. I use the same password on my iPhone and I can get to my account. Please contact me.
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3 years ago, galaxyturbo
Needs to provide modern capabilities.
Some capabilities I wish the app would provide: - able to use the app to deposit a check - able to add my debit card to my apple wallet - able to manage my debit card through the app like locking/unlocking card, set parameters when my card could be used, creat a temporary only number to use securely for online purchase
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3 years ago, KatienCease02
Great Banking app
This app is wonderful! It shows pending transactions and any credits that have come to you and makes it very easy to manage your money!
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3 years ago, Diazlimon
Simple and fast
It’s simple to use. I can make a transfer right on the app and be available right away. I like how all my accounts are listed and balances available.
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2 years ago, MBg924
IT is 100% better since you able to deposit a check using your mobile phone. Much improved!
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3 weeks ago, PoncePat
Best thing ever
I love that I can transfer, deposit a check and check my account anytime from anywhere.
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5 years ago, Allstatesteve
Pretty Good
It’s a pretty smooth app with Touch ID enabled. Not bad for a smaller regional bank! It has all the features of your big bank apps offer but I prefer supporting a smaller bank that has its roots right in my neighborhood.
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1 week ago, kimba5009
Use it all the time
An easy way to check on banking- love the mobile deposit
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3 months ago, Nobody Worthwhile
Great app
Easy to use…never glitches out… shoot downs are usually done during the night so as not to interfere with using it
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4 months ago, mikerholland
Excellent app
This app is quick and easy and does everything I need to do with the bank.
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6 months ago, eca_47
Best bank app ever
Super easy to use, if i ever need help with something, the people are very polite and take their jobs seriously and i really appreciate that!
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5 years ago, S.Vanik
Slow Loading Process
Overall this app is great but sometimes there are times where the app lags and it takes it awhile to open.
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2 years ago, Mtn Dew 4 life
Gr8 banking app
This app is working very well 4 my banking needs. Very up 2 date with transactions n other info.
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2 years ago, shaneo/Like steveo!
Everything has been sufficient and accurate. It’s a tremendously helpful app, that I would recommend to everyone.
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3 years ago, S.SHUPE
Phone App
This is convenient and easy to use. Helpful when I’m needing to see my quickly.
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5 years ago, JosephMBlack101
Love the banking App
I use this app daily . Like any other app it’s sometimes under construction, however it works great for me and don’t know what if do without it
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3 weeks ago, Moja
Awesome App
So glad to see this from my bank! Sooooo simple to check balances, track transactions, etc. Thank you, ACNB.
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6 months ago, Bob Lexi
Clear and informative
I get a clear picture of my bank statement and it is easy to navigate. John R
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8 months ago, Rosenberry Brady
Friendly app
Easy to use and navigate
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5 years ago, Candjarentz
Great Bank!
Love the personalized professional employees! They have always been helpful!!! Brenda helped me with such care and concern through a dispute with a business. She was great to work with!
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1 year ago, GettysburgFarm
Very easy to use to check balances, pay bills and deposit checks.
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3 months ago, i❤️broadway
Mobile deposit
So convenient!
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3 weeks ago, Lipsofsugar
Easy to use
ACNB makes accessing info through the App easy to use.
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5 years ago, Jntbear
I love this app
I can keep up with my banking while on the go and their card valet really keeps me informed keep up the good work thanks millions
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5 years ago, remitch
Not always up to date
Sometimes I look and things are posted and the next day they won’t be. Cannot trust it for being accurate.
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4 months ago, Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing
Not user friendly
Practically impossible to deposit a check with the application. I have been waiting for ACNB to improve on that. The ship within debit card did not work, when replaced: the second card was also useless.
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